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Korean Indie Playlist: Handsome Glass Floor

March 2, 2013


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Garlixx “He is Handsome”

Martina here! We’re finally back to do our beloved indie updates! I feel like it’s been fffFFFFFOREVERAAAAAAAR but on the plus side, it means we’ve missed out on a lot of new songs so we have lots to choose from! I kind of went for a peppy playlist today because I felt like being uppity. First up is a band called Garlixx and I’m not sure who else is in this band since it just features the lead singer. At least, I assume it’s the lead singer but for all I know it could be a paid actor. He does remind me of one of the members of UV (you know, the singers of super duper awesome Itaewon Freedom?) but that’s probably just because not many Korean dudes have long dreads. I really like this kind of light hearted song because it’s perfect for when you wake up in the morning and you have to get ready but you just don’t have the energy yet. You don’t want to listen to something obnoxious, yet it can’t be too soft or you’ll just flop back into bed. This kind of light hearted song has that vibe to me, kind of like Vampire Weekend, or as I mentioned in the video, Jack Johnson. If you’re not a fan of Kpop music but you do like Korean music, then I seriously recommend hanging out in the neighbourhood advertised in this video. It really is the best place to catch all the Indie bands we’ve talked about! Okay, if you didn’t watch the video yet that won’t have made sense, so go watch the video!

No Brain “One Glass of Soju”

Next up is No Brain which is 100% the name of a punk band, but I still feel like it doesn’t quite fit into the punk category. I know they’ve been around for a while now and every time I see their videos on Youtube everyone says “korean punk” but I just don’t see the punk in these songs. But then again, old old school punk music did have a more rock and roll feel to it, so maybe they are more of an old school punk rock rather than the newer hardcore style punk bands. Anyways, there are so many sub genres of punk now, I think I just prefer the punk sub-genres of hardcore, oi!, emo, and punk-pop the best. Let me know what you think regarding the whole punk argument, I’m not a punk expert or anything, I just don’t know what label to use to describe music sometimes, ya know? Regardless of what genre they fit in, this is an upbeat peppy song (yay for peppy playlists) and despite this being a simple video, I wasn’t bored by it at all. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Idiotape “Even Floor”

Last up is Idiotape which is an electronica band that we LUUURRRRVVVVVVVVVV. We also luuuuurrrvvv Ryan’s request. That was pretty swagtastic. I didn’t realize you were at the top of the Gyro Drop until it was too late! WAHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHH!!! SHHHAHHHAHHHHHHHH! That’s what I sound like when I’m on the Gyro Drop. Anyhoo, Idiotape is on my list of all time fav Korean bands AND their stuff is available on iTunes! That’s fantastic. So the last time we visited Canada in the summer, I bought a whole smack load of Korean indie bands/kpop so that I could make a wicked ass mix CD (yes, my car only has a CD player and no fancy-smancy mp3 plug in slots) which included Idiotape. That great thing about Idiotape is that it’s just plain old great music and it doesn’t actually matter that it’s made by Korean peeps because it doesn’t have lyrics. I find that some of my friends that are hesitant to get into music from different cultures because of the language barrier (they’re just really into lyrics) but Idiotape is a great example of awesome Korean indie music that doesn’t require the understanding of lyrics! Just the understanding of awesome fast car driving music



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Korean Indie Playlist