Garlixx “He is Handsome”


Martina here! We’re finally back to do our beloved indie updates! I feel like it’s been fffFFFFFOREVERAAAAAAAR but on the plus side, it means we’ve missed out on a lot of new songs so we have lots to choose from! I kind of went for a peppy playlist today because I felt like being uppity. First up is a band called Garlixx and I’m not sure who else is in this band since it just features the lead singer. At least, I assume it’s the lead singer but for all I know it could be a paid actor. He does remind me of one of the members of UV (you know, the singers of super duper awesome Itaewon Freedom?) but that’s probably just because not many Korean dudes have long dreads. I really like this kind of light hearted song because it’s perfect for when you wake up in the morning and you have to get ready but you just don’t have the energy yet. You don’t want to listen to something obnoxious, yet it can’t be too soft or you’ll just flop back into bed. This kind of light hearted song has that vibe to me, kind of like Vampire Weekend, or as I mentioned in the video, Jack Johnson. If you’re not a fan of Kpop music but you do like Korean music, then I seriously recommend hanging out in the neighbourhood advertised in this video. It really is the best place to catch all the Indie bands we’ve talked about! Okay, if you didn’t watch the video yet that won’t have made sense, so go watch the video!

No Brain “One Glass of Soju”


Next up is No Brain which is 100% the name of a punk band, but I still feel like it doesn’t quite fit into the punk category. I know they’ve been around for a while now and every time I see their videos on Youtube everyone says “korean punk” but I just don’t see the punk in these songs. But then again, old old school punk music did have a more rock and roll feel to it, so maybe they are more of an old school punk rock rather than the newer hardcore style punk bands. Anyways, there are so many sub genres of punk now, I think I just prefer the punk sub-genres of hardcore, oi!, emo, and punk-pop the best. Let me know what you think regarding the whole punk argument, I’m not a punk expert or anything, I just don’t know what label to use to describe music sometimes, ya know? Regardless of what genre they fit in, this is an upbeat peppy song (yay for peppy playlists) and despite this being a simple video, I wasn’t bored by it at all. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Idiotape “Even Floor”


Last up is Idiotape which is an electronica band that we LUUURRRRVVVVVVVVVV. We also luuuuurrrvvv Ryan’s request. That was pretty swagtastic. I didn’t realize you were at the top of the Gyro Drop until it was too late! WAHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHH!!! SHHHAHHHAHHHHHHHH! That’s what I sound like when I’m on the Gyro Drop. Anyhoo, Idiotape is on my list of all time fav Korean bands AND their stuff is available on iTunes! That’s fantastic. So the last time we visited Canada in the summer, I bought a whole smack load of Korean indie bands/kpop so that I could make a wicked ass mix CD (yes, my car only has a CD player and no fancy-smancy mp3 plug in slots) which included Idiotape. That great thing about Idiotape is that it’s just plain old great music and it doesn’t actually matter that it’s made by Korean peeps because it doesn’t have lyrics. I find that some of my friends that are hesitant to get into music from different cultures because of the language barrier (they’re just really into lyrics) but Idiotape is a great example of awesome Korean indie music that doesn’t require the understanding of lyrics! Just the understanding of awesome fast car driving music

  1. Simon and Marina, could you please listen to the Royal Pirates? They haven’t debuted yet but they’re REALLY COOL. Please? I made this request video for you weeks ago! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hpc-Rc87Ek&list=PLcFHgVatFV0KePrgUUDYqL4ommabpxyLI&index=3

  2. No Brain sounds a bit like a tad softer Operation Ivy/Rancid so a mix between ska and punk or ska-punk if you like. So yeah not as loud as the Oi! or hardcore bands out there or bands like The Exploited. But there is punk music like this out there, although this is a tad more poppy.

  3. I think the stars have aligned somehow this week for me. I totally digged No Brain and was looking more into them to only discover they are heading to the states this week for a US tour before SXSW and their first stop is in my stomping grounds…SF!!! So many other great bands too from Korea to span 2 day concert series…about to pee my pants from happiness. Thanks for introducing No Brain to us and inadvertently bringing to my attention some great shows in my area!

  4. Awesome list! Your videos get more awesome every time I watch it ^v^ Go EYK Crew!!

    Loved Idiotape!!! Itunes downloading… Btw how awesome is it that they’ve used this ancient device called a ‘floppy’ I mean ‘floppy disk’ as there album pic ^=^ Thanks for sharing!

  5. “We’re finally back to do our beloved indie updates! I feel like it’s been fffFFFFFOREVERAAAAAAAR” yes it does > . <

    "oi!, emo, and punk-pop the best." yup :D

    "But then again, old old school punk music did have a more rock and roll feel to it, so maybe they are more of an old school punk rock rather than the newer hardcore style punk bands." yeah. that could explain it :D

    Such an awesome bouyant playlist! :D I especially like the first two songs… the last one it's pretty cool too…it's perfect for an action movie scene! (among the 3 videos, I think No Brain “One Glass of Soju” had the most brilliant camera work, not to mention it was hilarious XD) Thanks! And thank you for your hard work EYKC!(Eat Your Kimchi Crew) ^^


  6. Hello there ! Is video request the only way to ask a indie song ?

  7. so the guy who made the request looks really really familiar.. and the end of his request made me laugh ^_^
    I was happy to see No Brain in the line up :) i watched this video a few days ago and enjoyed it a lot.
    also, congratulations to the winners! you lucky dogs!

  8. a better way of describing more/less trumpets/trombones/horns, etc is “need more/too much BRASS” as those instruments are mostly made of brass. “horny” just means something else LOL

  9. The choices for this list were a little funny for me. A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were flipping through the kpop charts to see if there was anything HE liked. No Brain and Garlixx were two of the choices we both really liked and I KNOW he would have picked Idiotape (it’s totally his kind of thing) if it had been there, it’s only okay for me. Good to see that our musical tastes mesh so well with Simon and Martina – LOL!

    Cyber_3 – He’s sloooooooowly getting into kpop but guys are so much more lurkers on these kinds of sites……..

  10. Rocking Indie playlist! and I’m not just saying that because I submitted two of the three songs to the Kpop charts or am I? :P buahaha I love it when YouTube suggests random videos to watch and they turn out to be awesome songs. Though I have to admit that whenever I hear No Brain I still think of BIGBANG.
    Thanks Ryan (and S&M) for the Idoitape song, I think it will be the song of the day while I clean the house~

  11. You should review 소냐 / 진짜 이별.
    Kinda slow, but very good!

    And SMACKSOFT’s Marching Through The War. This one was awesome! =D

  12. I usually don’t watch Indie Playlist, but I did because of the Clazzi winner list, and…. You may have just turned me onto indie music – LOVED No Brain and Idiotape! Will definitely watch again. =)

  13. This was definitely one of the best indie playlists you guise have done.

  14. Yay…I’ve been missing the Korean Indie Playlists while you have been away but this was worth the wait. Now gonna go run to some Idiotape (finally can buy indie band on itunes!)…they are ridiculously groovy. Thanks for helping me update my workout/public transit playlist!

  15. this is one of the best playlists of all time!!!! and wow that was an amazing request video

  16. Does anyone know where i can get Garlixx’s songs? They don’t seem to be on itunes. Also S&M I would love more punk bands in the playlist. Love punk, but No Brain is really the only korean punk group i know, and like you said they aren’t exactly like most punk now a days. Thank you so much :)

  17. I really really like Garlixx’s song *_* I’m afraid to put it on iTunes because I know that “잘생겼잖아 잘생겼잖아 잘생겼잖아 잘생겼잖아…” will get stuck in my head evveerryy time I hear it xD I really liked the other 2 songs too. Really good selection this time!!

  18. Not gonna lie, when I saw No Brain, I immediately thought of BIGBANG… I’m such an awful fangirl. But hey, now I’m inspired to check out more of their music!
    PS Ryan, you are my hero.

  19. ok! loving “one glass of soju”, it’s fun to listen to and you’re head just automatically moves to the beat of the drum! YEAH!.. dawm.. and i can’t download it from my app.. can’t find it! ARG!! this song is perfect for when i’m driving to class……or while drinking soju with my friends? *smirk*

  20. I completely understand what Simon was saying about No Brain. It’s a very great catchy song but that sound is more Ska than it is punk. It’s to gentle, in my opinion, for punk.

  21. Hi guise!!… I’m not sure if you’ll read this but I just found a band that’ll be great for your next indie playlist. They’re call
    비밀리에 and this is one of their vids. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-EDYCSYK0A . And their NaverMusic page: http://music.naver.com/artist/home.nhn?artistId=207061

    Seriously I look forward to this segment every week! I live and breath indie music here in Seoul and its so great that you guys also have a passion to share that with the world as well.

    The Garlixx MV is great (and strange like you said seeing all those places during the day) because hopefully it will encourage people to check out indie music or even new bars they havent been to. Me for example… I had no idea 2 of those places existed!! I really thought I knew of all the spots to see live music, but i guess not. On the other hand they didnt include Salon 바다비 (Badabi) which is a GREAT little stand up venue near Club Bang that is super intimate and have showcased some great great bands! Another one is Label Market which doubles as an AWESOME indie store that sells hard copy albums and bands merchandise.

    I definitely agree with you Simon on the No Brain song. Not seeing this really in the punk catagory, but being someone who’s gone to quite a few Korean punk shows Im starting to realize that North American’s style of punk is a lot more heavy and….. well, “punky” haha. All that aside ive never really been a big fan of punk so this doesnt really do it for me anyhow.

    As for Idiotape…. what can I say? It was my request so if you want my opinion on it then WATCH MY VIDEO.

    Peace out. EYK 4 LYFE!

  23. Ryan should try getting a job with Pitchfork by pitching an Asia division.

  24. I don’t know how Ryan was able to film while being on that ride. My palms got sweaty just seeing him on it. And yes I may have a slight fear of heights…

  25. I enjoyed the first two songs, but that last one… I’m just not into that kind of music. Although, the guy who requested it has officially raised the bar!

  26. You were wrong there is three people in even floor lol

  27. When I read that today’s playlist is peppy I almost decided not to watch it because I’ve been feeling down since yesterday. But I’m glad I watched it! First two songs were okay for me. But WHOA! “Even Floor” was kickass! I’m definitely going to check more of their music. And there were 3 of them in the MV: the drummer (how awesome!), the guy in the middle and a guy with glasses on the left. Anyway, thanks for making me feel less miserable!

  28. Am I the only one where they playlists skips the actual music videos and just shows the S&M videos? Did I somehow mess up my youtube settings? Or is there a magic pony in my computer trying to make me upset? :O

  29. You guys should have Ryan in one of your videos. Btw where is the magazine from.

  30. Guys! Maybe you should include Ryan every week in the indie segment! Because first of all he’s pretty funny and second he’s got great music taste! Just a suggestion. :)

  31. The lead guy in the GARLIXX video a.k.a Mr. Dreadlocks is the drummer of the band. They’re in the same company as No Brain hence the cameo by No Brain frontman but then again a lot of indie band members/people known in the scene are also in it lol. They’re sort of new-ish? not sure (ETA: They’re new to Roxta Music, but I don’t know how long they’ve been around before they got signed.) but they had another “video”, supposedly a ‘making of’ video also featuring random No Brain members but the song is hilarious. Its about donuts? maybe? idk for sure but I get donut cravings after hearing it hahaha maybe cause the chorus goes “donut~ aaaah. aaaah. aaaah. donut~”

    The No Brain song is kind of “something new” they wanted to do which turned out to be…make the drummer sing. The lead singer is the guy that got jump kicked…which is why the drummer jump kicked him, to prevent him from getting at the mic heh. The drummer sang the entire song for real btw. And they performed this on Music Bank and the lead singer just laid there on the floor just like in the video while waiting for when he comes in at the last chorus.

    IDIOTAAAAPE~! heee ^^

  32. If you guys aren’t familiar with them already, you should check out The Music. They were an English band from Leeds who broke up in 2011, sadly, but their debut from 2002 is an absolute gem! They had a vocalist and they weren’t an electronica act but the vibe of the Idiotape track really reminded me of their early stuff, so if you’re into it then check them out!

    Yeah, wow. I just legitimately used the word ‘vibe’.

  33. waaa, all the songs are awesome! Garlixx are just asdfjjh XD(that hairstyle >.<) and No Brain, both of them very funny! Ohh and thank you, Ryan for requesting Idiotape! They are super! :) for me didn't work the last video from playlist, I had to go to youtube to watch it!

  34. waaa, all the songs are awesome! Garlixx are just asdfjjh XD(that hairstyle >.<) and No Brain, both of tem very funny! Ohh and thank you, Ryan for requesting Idiotape! They are super! :) for me didn't work the last video from playlist, I had to go to youtube to watch it!

  35. IDIOTAPE!!!!!! AMAZING damn that Ryan has excellent taste in music, they are often the only thing to keep me alive in college xD
    The other two songs were okay but didn’t make want to hit Youtube in search of others this may be partly down to me being ill soooo i shall return to this playlist again when i am feeling better.
    I think i will continue to suggest UNISEXASAURUS – Blueberry Dream here until maybe it gets picked. I know you guys PREFER video requests but i don’t have a youtube account to do it with sooooooooo just going to leave it here…

    • Well….if you really don’t want to make a youtube account, you can use the Epik Nasties’ account? A bunch of us just use it for random stuff.

      I love Idiotape, even though they’re a bit more hardcore than I’m used to. They remind me of a friend of mine from high school went on to become an electronica musician, and whenever I go see him perform, it’s usually at some hardcore electronica club with this kind of music ^^;;

      • Awesome :D
        I think when college is finished i shall make one and WE SHALL IF IT GETS PICKED!!! :D

        They are so amazing, i think i nearly wept (possibly an exaggeration) when i first found them because they were just too perfect for my music tastes xD I can’t even imagine what they would be like live

  36. it’s working fine for me


    • What the? I was in playlist mode, but it skipped Garlixx and went straight to Simon’s No Brain intro!! D:

      I remember when youtube playlists used to skip videos like this. I thought we were over that glitch. Ugh. :(

      • Weird…it worked for us! Did this happen to anyone else??

        • YES! This has happened me recently on other playlists as well :(

        • Yeah the past week it’s been happening. Weird.

        • Happened to me too. It use to do this awhile back when YouTube changed something and after about I say a month it went back to working.

        • yeah, it skips between your videos or the MV’s, depending on your clic selection, this happend from a month or so, not big problem at all but no so good for the PLAYLIST MOOOOODEEE kkkk

        • Worked fine until Idiotape, then it skipped the signing off video and went straight to the request video (really cool request video, I must say).

        • it’s been happening for at least a week now. for me anyway.

        • Okay it did it again – right after I saw the Garlixx MV, it went straight tot he No Brain MV. I refreshed the page and the same thing happened.

          But when I watched it on YouTube, it worked fine? It only skips when I watch it from the blog page :/

          Btw Simon….the Horny joke again? xD oh boy….

          Also, it wouldn’t play the Signing Off video, it said Embedding disabled by request, Watch on YouTube.
          Also, Ryan’s video isn’t in the embedded playlist!!! D: (it’s there if you watch on YouTube though…weird)
          But it was so awesome!!

          Watch Ryan’s request video everyone!!!

        • I have a quick and perhaps silly question…how/where does one request a song for K crunch indie..do they have to do a video or send email? Should i request on their site or youtube? I really want to request Galaxy Express “Horongbul,” they are a Korean rock band and currently just started their US tour where they are visiting 28 cities in one month. I just saw them live last night in SF and they were epic along with No Brain. Since Simon and Martina’s introduction to No Brain last week (in just the nick of time) brought to my attention a bunch of great K indie bands touring in the states for SXSW when I went to do internet research on No Brain …I thought it would help promote K indie and get more people to go see them live if they introduced Galaxy Express and let US nasties know they are touring the US and we can go see them live at bunch of great venues along with other k indie bands. I know they got reviewed last year for a different song, but this is a much better MV and its for helping to promote K Indie touring internationally!

        • I gotta go so I’ll give a quick answer – make a video, and post it as a video reply to their latest K-Crunch Indie video on YouTube.

          I recall them talking about Galaxy Express before, but if indeed their video is much better this time, go ahead and request it (via video ^^b)

          **in the light of Ryan’s latest request video, I suggest you record your video underwater. ^^b

        • Thanks Fuuko for the advice..I’ll see what I can manage on the video front…have never recorded a video and I’m a tad camera shy….but my determination is strong…I think.

        • haha youre awesome

        • Your link is for this page ^^
          Actually it’s been a few weeks the video requests are not added to the playlists anymore. Simon and Martina tease us saying ehmageeehd, this video request is sooo awesome! But there’s no video request coming. Frustrating.
          As for the video skipping, I have the same problem.

        • Fixed ^^;
          What’s strange is that the request videos are visible if you watch it on youtube. :$

        • FINALLY i see it, when i first watched the playlist his request video wasn’t on there and i was like YOU CAN’T MENTION HE DID ON A RIDE AND THEN NOT SHOW ME THE AWESOMENESS!!!
          So yeah its on there now xD So epic, Ryan has a similar music taste to me so everything he suggests gets me fist pumping the air because its either a band i already like or something new and amazing :D

        • thanks alot! Im glad I got another guy on here with similar taste as me

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