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Korean Indie Playlist: In Sweet Oblivion

January 27, 2013


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MFBTY “Sweet Dream”

We’re really interested in this song and group. We’re not sure what their history is in terms of making the group and the video, but it’s so difficult to pinpoint. It’s not Kpop music, but it’s not small-time indie, either. Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae and Bizzy are pretty popular. Yoon Mi Rae has, like, 600,000 followers on Twitter, which is more than lots of Kpop idols themselves. But she’s not Kpop. She’s not promoted the way idols are. I really almost never heard anything about anyone in MFBTY, apart from you Nasties sharing them with us. I know that they’re bigger in Korea than they are internationally, of course, and probably get a lot more coverage there. I just know so little about them, so it’s surprising to me to see a video that’s clearly hella expensive to make, you know?

Anyhow, don’t let my lack of knowledge about the history of the song get in your way of liking the song, because it’s so fun…and it’s the last fun song you’ll hear in this playlist!

K.AFKA “Disappear Into Oblivion”

I hope I’m not the only one who thinks this song rocks. I really like divvying up my music according to different times of the day. The songs I listen to in the morning are more energetic to try to get me pumped for the day. The songs I listen to at night are meant to be more relaxed so I can fall asleep better. Listening to “BECAUSE I NAUGHTY NAUGHTY” when you’re about to tuck in will get you too jumpy, you know? So I like downtempo stuff, like this, or shoegaze, or dubstep (not bombastic dubstep, mind you: more like Burial kind of dubstep).

So that’s one reason I really like this song. Another is, simply, because I don’t hear a lot of music like this in Korea! Seriously! Maybe it’s just our luck, but most of the shows we go to and videos we see are either dance-ey electro disco rock, or mellow acoustic coffee shop songs. Not that we’re against that kind of music. I’m just surprised to see something outside of what I’m interested in. It’s like this: I like cheese. Korea doesn’t do a lot of cheese. So when I see an import cheese at a shop I’m like “damn! You got import cheese? This is amazing!” Yeah man. It’s like that feel.

Kayip “In the End”

For starters, I’m terrible with accents, so my apologies if I got the requester’s accent wrong. When I first met one of our Swedish friends I thought her accent was French. AH!

Also, I’m uploading this from the home computer, and I saved the link of the request video on the work computer…so I can’t put that request video into the playlist until I get back to work. DARGH! Unless you’re watching this, British/Zimbabwayan Requester, and can send us the link here in the comments so we can put it up today!

Anyhow, here’s another great song worth sharing this week. It’s moody and atmospheric, but not dark moody like the last song. It’s a totally different genre than K.AFKA as well, but it’s still really cool. Hopefully you like it, too. Yeah!



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