MFBTY “Sweet Dream”


We’re really interested in this song and group. We’re not sure what their history is in terms of making the group and the video, but it’s so difficult to pinpoint. It’s not Kpop music, but it’s not small-time indie, either. Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae and Bizzy are pretty popular. Yoon Mi Rae has, like, 600,000 followers on Twitter, which is more than lots of Kpop idols themselves. But she’s not Kpop. She’s not promoted the way idols are. I really almost never heard anything about anyone in MFBTY, apart from you Nasties sharing them with us. I know that they’re bigger in Korea than they are internationally, of course, and probably get a lot more coverage there. I just know so little about them, so it’s surprising to me to see a video that’s clearly hella expensive to make, you know?

Anyhow, don’t let my lack of knowledge about the history of the song get in your way of liking the song, because it’s so fun…and it’s the last fun song you’ll hear in this playlist!

K.AFKA “Disappear Into Oblivion”


I hope I’m not the only one who thinks this song rocks. I really like divvying up my music according to different times of the day. The songs I listen to in the morning are more energetic to try to get me pumped for the day. The songs I listen to at night are meant to be more relaxed so I can fall asleep better. Listening to “BECAUSE I NAUGHTY NAUGHTY” when you’re about to tuck in will get you too jumpy, you know? So I like downtempo stuff, like this, or shoegaze, or dubstep (not bombastic dubstep, mind you: more like Burial kind of dubstep).

So that’s one reason I really like this song. Another is, simply, because I don’t hear a lot of music like this in Korea! Seriously! Maybe it’s just our luck, but most of the shows we go to and videos we see are either dance-ey electro disco rock, or mellow acoustic coffee shop songs. Not that we’re against that kind of music. I’m just surprised to see something outside of what I’m interested in. It’s like this: I like cheese. Korea doesn’t do a lot of cheese. So when I see an import cheese at a shop I’m like “damn! You got import cheese? This is amazing!” Yeah man. It’s like that feel.

Kayip “In the End”


For starters, I’m terrible with accents, so my apologies if I got the requester’s accent wrong. When I first met one of our Swedish friends I thought her accent was French. AH!

Also, I’m uploading this from the home computer, and I saved the link of the request video on the work computer…so I can’t put that request video into the playlist until I get back to work. DARGH! Unless you’re watching this, British/Zimbabwayan Requester, and can send us the link here in the comments so we can put it up today!

Anyhow, here’s another great song worth sharing this week. It’s moody and atmospheric, but not dark moody like the last song. It’s a totally different genre than K.AFKA as well, but it’s still really cool. Hopefully you like it, too. Yeah!

  1. Yo. I have an Indie playlist suggestion. Granted, I don’t think this band has ever debuted…but I like them. Check them out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hpc-Rc87Ek

  2. I really like MFBTY’s song. This is really awesome.

  3. I like “in the end” cool esp. for travelling. Thanks for the K-indie playlist.

  4. Hello Simon!

    MFBTY’s “Sweet Dream” is among my favorite Drunken Tiger and Yoon Mi-rae songs!

    Second song: the band has an unique name and the song is perfect for a horror movie and makes me crawl into the closest blanket (((+_+)))

    Third song: Love it!!

    I don’t have a driver’s licence either and don’t want to have one. Driving is so stressful…



  5. Hi Simon!
    I was the requester for Kayip’s In The End!

    Here is the link to my request!:

    Sorry I got it to you so late!
    And I’m Australian sorry! I wish I was British or Zimbabwayan though Haha!

    • AUSTRALIAN!!! YAAAAAYAAAAAAYYYY hahaha I requested a video before, but I did it using animation so it didn’t actually have my voice in it – so I guess they haven’t heard a sample of the Australian accent yet (strange considering how much I communicate with them. Thank you for giving them a sample!! Aussie Aussie Aussie!! :D

  6. Simon, did you say ‘internally indebted’?

  7. How come you don’t have your driver’s license Simon? I thought you had one to drive your scooter around.

    Crap! I was hoping for one song for the last 2 korean indie playlist and it never came up. So I’m going to plug back my webcam and try to do a video request somehow… Oh man! I might ask my cat to do the request since I’m so camera shy…

  8. Love to see MFBTY on music monday. I love the new video. Yoon Mi-rae is wonderful. Heard her on a remix with Far East Movement. JK and Bizzy are awesome as well.

  9. Loving Kayip’s “In the end”

  10. How different are korean students from your regular American of Canadian students?

  11. I really liked this playlist. I love love love MFBTY’s Sweet Dream and Kayip’s In The End. I didn’t like K.AFKA’s as much as the other two songs, but it’s still a really good song

  12. gasp! I love House too! It’s a great show!

  13. How awesome would it be if Simon and Martina could interview Drunken Tiger?!! Please….make it so. This was a great indy playlist. MFBTY, of course…..so glad you included this. It’s gotten so much hype (or maybe it just looks that way because of people/companies/whatevers I follow) that I was surprised to see if on the indy playlist – but really glad. Even though it has some WTH moments in it, it was really fun. I did have a moment of shock with the digi-tiger but a little shock is the fun of roller coasters, too. The K.AFKA….not to my taste, but I’m sure there are others that love it. I guess if the video had been anything other than a soul suck, I might have gotten into it….but it wasn’t…and I didn’t. On the other hand, thanks so much for the Kayip song. I hadn’t heard them before, and am really glad to have heard them now. They have such a deep but fresh sound. That with the chill video….and yeah. It was good. Totally agree with the “night time drive” music call….if you have a license. I’ll be looking up more of his/their music.

    Yay Drunken Tiger!

  14. That K.AFKA song reminded me a lot of Bassnectar’s more mellow stuff, which is awesome. I basically loved the whole playlist this week :D

  15. I would love to know if you or Martina know of international families living in South Korea. In the US we have ESL (english as a second language) instructors so children can get an education in our public schools regardless of native language. After being teachers, did your schools have anything like that? International schools are crazy expensive! It would cost us over $70,000USD a year for our kids when we move there in the next two years, so unless the public schools have helpful programs, we’ll have to home school. I would greatly appreciate any info you have on international families living in Korea, even if it’s just a reply to this posting.

  16. I love Jungle Entertainment, this song and video were AWESOME! That second one was a bit too mellow for me, I almost felled asleeps -_-Zzzzz…..anywho, that third one sounded ok, but just didn’t do it for me. I think I’m getting a lot pickier though. I am such a picky person when it comes to music now. I think I have to be because I love so many different types of music, you know, so I don’t go broke! Can’t wait to see your solo KMM! Have a nice day, Simon!

  17. Hmmm… Tiger JK/Drunken Tiger, Bizzy and Tasha/Yoon Mirae are considered K-Hip Hop. In fact, Tasha and Tiger JK are K-Hip Hop royalty. And Bizzy. Sorry Bizzy I still like you =)

  18. Awesome indie segment Simon! Side note: I actually really like when you compare Korean bands to American/British/more-well-known bands because I’m honestly not familiar with a lot of music. Even in my own country XD So if I like the style of the K-Indie song it’s like I get two new bands at once! You guys are like my music educators lol

  19. There’s Bluedawn (푸른새벽) that has a fairly sad and ominous feeling to their music.
    They actually disbanded a while back, but the music they made is really good either way.
    Here’s an example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PQyAiBurf4

  20. About the expensive looking video, Tiger JK also spent a ton of money on the debut of one of his artists, M.I.B

  21. i absolutely love MFBTY’s song!!!!!!!!
    I HATE SASAENGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wow…i just tried out that K.AFKA song…..if i heard that song at night in the city……i’d be freakin’ s*** scared and i’d run home!!
    anyway i gave it a try and it’s not my type of music!!! it’s too creepy for me!

    aahh man!!! i really want both CNBlue and MFBTY to be reviewed!!! i’m voting for both!!!

  22. I really like that MFBTY (moofbooty is an excellent name) song. I do think it’s pop though. Maybe there needs to be a new definition, k-pop and within that there is idol-pop. So moofbooty is not promoted like idol-pop, but they are still k-pop.

  23. MFBTY’s video is just WOW! Really, that electronic tiger blew my mid. But the song I liked the most was “Disappear Into Oblivion”. It’s not the kind of music I would listen to all the time, but from time to time I just love to listen to something moody, like electronica with ethereal female voice. As a huge Olivia Lufkin fan, I totally love her electronica/trip hop songs (unfortunately she only has few of them). Also her sister, Caroline is a singer and her songs are very moody as well- their mood is different, more chilling, but I like them a lot. I know they’re not Korean, but I’ll leave some links, maybe someone will like them :)
    Olivia – Bliss Forest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPe9XXNOyoY
    Olivia – Cupid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_icwOOWINg
    Olivia – Crystalline https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usUtnqa7U_g&list=PL3C22938402222B3F&index=8
    Caroline – Sunrise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5spChEdr1q8
    Caroline – Swimmer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTQT-g9U_88
    Caroline – Winter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLNrLROQvTU

  24. Hey Simon, have you ever reviewed The Rock Tigers for your indie playlist? Their new album, Shut Up and Deal, was released last night, and they are awesome. A bit different from your typical k-pop, but super talented (and great people, too). Check it out? The MV for the first single from this album is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiinUsinx4s

  25. Loved, Mfbty! As always Simon thank you for introducing us to new music. I need to add this to my play list so I can Moof my booty! *crickets, crickets* ~awkwardly walks away after trying to make moofbooty work~ <3U Simon. Martina will be home soon.

  26. For all of you that liked MFBTY’s song let’s be better fans and vote for them in the charts! They are in 7th place atm. http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/mfbty-sweet-dream/

  27. Ahhhh, I love you guys so much more! Interpol was one of my favorite bands in high school, I’m glad you got the same connection I did! But the lyrics, Interpol’s made so much sense, can’t make out some of the words he said… I’m going to be listening to Interpol way too much this next week.

  28. So first and foremost, I like to say to you Simon you are doing well by yourself before you know it , Martina will be back and you will be like… *hugs: What took you so long?” Anyways, I want to say something about the first Indie song that’s not really an Indie song but it is….MFBTY- Sweet Dreams. The video for this song was absolutely fabulous. THe graphics, the scenes…everything in it was awesome. I think what got me sold on the video was when, J***, I can’t remember her name drop the slab of meat on the mans stomach and ELECTRONIC TIGER comes waltzing in and just ate his a**. I was like….OMG NAOMI COME WATCH THIS VIDEO ITS AWESOME!!! Naomi is my 15 yr old daughter. Anyways, The song is catching, hip, lord…If I heard this in a club I would have glow sticks or bracelets doing my think like I was 16/17 all over again. This song is definitely one of my favorite Indie songs. By Far.

  29. I can’t help thinking about Old Boy whenever I see a Tiger JK video. Especially this one.

    PS: Where is the video request? You teased us but you didn’t show us!

  30. Moofbooty – Sweet Dream
    1. That interpretation of their name is +15 to the group’s awesomeness
    2. I think I’m in absolute love with half of the song, and absolute meh with the other half. I freaking LOOOOVE the rap portions, but the chorus turns me off of the song a little bit because it makes me feel like I’m listening to any american pop song on the radio :(.
    3. When I saw them flop the steak on his chest and open the door, I started squinting and leaning my head away from my monitor going “OH NO please NO let that NOTTT HAPPENnndkgjaghajghjahgkjdhg” but once it moved on to rotary saw blades coming out of his chest it was all ok again.

    K.AFKA – Disappear Into Oblivion
    1. Holy poops is this song awesome, I love triptastic downtempo music ^.^ /listens again after playlist is over
    2. I had to stop watching the video though, because it’s late at night and my lights are off (yes I’m 23 and it was too creepy for me, what of it).

    Kayip – In the End
    Oooooh his voooiiicce… you’re right, this is definitely great nighttime driving music. Now I’m gonna go listen to Interpol because it’s been way too long.

  31. well .. you have fans from all over the world Simon!
    Here is one from Ethiopia :)

  32. Hey Simon, you’re not the only one who thinks KAFKA is awesome ;) I think it’s *mindblowing* too! Anyway, I looked around the TUBE and watched some of their older performances (they’ve been around for sometime it seems [2004?]) and they’re just sooooo moooody (#v#) Thanks for introducing us to KAFKA ^v^ Btw, hang in there~ Martina’s gonna be back soon :) FIGHTING!

  33. SO HAPPY YOU DID SWEET DREAM! It’s my favourite song lately :D

  34. Actually, I’d really appreciate it if you did a TLDR about saesang fans and or fan culture in general in South Korea… if you wouldn’t fear for your life after releasing it, that is hahaha But yeah… you can’t really tell if it’s a large problem or not from outside Korea, and whether stories are true or not, do you two know anything about the issue? :L

  35. I haven’t watched this yet, but I have to say that I’m very surprised to see Sweet Dream included in this Indie Playlist. There are a lot of us (relatively speaking) voting for it on the Kpop charts right now. It’s doing quite well for a non-idol group song. Most of us don’t expect it to make it in for KMM, but we were hoping that it would make the next Kpop Chart Update. Yoon Mi Rae and Tiger JK are big names and the video is out of this world (literally). The first time I watched it my jaw dropped when the robotic tiger stalked into the room and ripped the guy’s torso open.

  36. Tiger JK and Yoon Mi-Rae (born Tasha Reid–she’s half Afro-American, half-Korean) are a married couple and probably considered Korean rap royalty (not necessarily in terms of sales but are considered influential). Yoon Mi-Rae was also the judge in the 3rd and 4th season of Superstar K. Tiger JK also runs Jungle Entertainment where this group is under, and is best known for his rap group Drunken Tiger.

  37. it’s okay Simon!! I miss Martina as well DD:

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