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Korean Indie Playlist: It’s the Disco

March 31, 2013


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Sultan of the Disco – Butterfly

I don’t ever think we talked about Disco or Funk before. We usually talk about how passionate we are about different songs or genres, and we touch on it here, but I don’t think we did a good enough job of conveying how much we love the Discofunk genre as a whole. It’s not something we say ironically, or for the sake of being hipsters who only like music of a bygone era. Disco music rocks. Wait: Rock music rocks; shouldn’t Disco Music disk? That’s lame. I don’t know. Really though: one of the songs that got us into Kpop was Uhm Jung Hwa’s “Disco.” Wow. I just realized that I feel like a Kpop old fogie now, because that’s a rather old video now. Wow. It just dawned on me. I always thought we were new to Kpop, but – hell – we’ve been talking about it for a while now, so I guess we’re not newbies.

Ok, I’ll stop going off on random tangents. Fact is: Martina loves Disco a lot. Anything with a disco beat, we dance the heck out of. Bee Gees, Hercules and Love Affair, and now Sultan of the Disco. It’s great, and hopefully you’ll like this song as much as we do :D

Space Cowboy – It’s Over

Okay, so to begin with, I give you this: 스페이스 카우보이 which is just Space Cowboy write in Korean, and the reason why, is it’s really hard to find this group on youtube without a million other English hits coming up first, so it’s best to use their Korean name. Now onto more stuff! I love these (this?) guy (guys?) This kind of of lounge vibe music is right down our alley. It can be slow sometimes, and sometimes fast, but always SMOOOOTTTTH. It has a very Clazziquai feel to it as well, which explains why they had Horan sing in one other songs, because I think they match each other very well. Oh oh, you know that song by Daft Punk “Something About Us”? Well if you like that, you like these guys. Also, you need to look up Space Cowboy’s song “Close To You” because it’s AWESOME AND FUNKY AND SEXY AND BABY MAKING MUSIC ARGHHHH!!!!!!!! I really like all their songs, I have yet to find I song that I was like, MEH. Check out Space Cowboy and go on a YouTube spree to look up some of their other stuff. Also, one of their albums is available on iTunes, “Cala Tarida” and it totally has awesome sauce on it, including “Close To You”. We just bought it! Support them if you love them! :D

The Tourist – October Nightscape

So, we’re kinda super excited about this video because of the coffee shop it’s filmed in. Coffee Kitchen: we spent countless hours there when we lived in Bucheon. That’s where we filmed, as we mentioned in this video, our Day in a Life video and our Peppero Video. Wow. Those are some old videos. I’m amazed, looking back at them, how much things have changed for us. Jeez! I wonder what things will be like a year from now, when we look at the videos now in our studio. Will things be the same, or will we say to ourselves “wow: we sucked so much back then!” I have no clue.

Anyhow, Coffee Kitchen is a great coffee shop. The owner’s super nice, the coffee’s great, and we met some really cool people there. Check it out if you’re ever in Bucheon. It’s right beside Hyundai Department Store, by the clock tower intersection, on the second floor :D



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Korean Indie Playlist