Sultan of the Disco – Butterfly


I don’t ever think we talked about Disco or Funk before. We usually talk about how passionate we are about different songs or genres, and we touch on it here, but I don’t think we did a good enough job of conveying how much we love the Discofunk genre as a whole. It’s not something we say ironically, or for the sake of being hipsters who only like music of a bygone era. Disco music rocks. Wait: Rock music rocks; shouldn’t Disco Music disk? That’s lame. I don’t know. Really though: one of the songs that got us into Kpop was Uhm Jung Hwa’s “Disco.” Wow. I just realized that I feel like a Kpop old fogie now, because that’s a rather old video now. Wow. It just dawned on me. I always thought we were new to Kpop, but – hell – we’ve been talking about it for a while now, so I guess we’re not newbies.

Ok, I’ll stop going off on random tangents. Fact is: Martina loves Disco a lot. Anything with a disco beat, we dance the heck out of. Bee Gees, Hercules and Love Affair, and now Sultan of the Disco. It’s great, and hopefully you’ll like this song as much as we do :D

Space Cowboy – It’s Over


Okay, so to begin with, I give you this: 스페이스 카우보이 which is just Space Cowboy write in Korean, and the reason why, is it’s really hard to find this group on youtube without a million other English hits coming up first, so it’s best to use their Korean name. Now onto more stuff! I love these (this?) guy (guys?) This kind of of lounge vibe music is right down our alley. It can be slow sometimes, and sometimes fast, but always SMOOOOTTTTH. It has a very Clazziquai feel to it as well, which explains why they had Horan sing in one other songs, because I think they match each other very well. Oh oh, you know that song by Daft Punk “Something About Us”? Well if you like that, you like these guys. Also, you need to look up Space Cowboy’s song “Close To You” because it’s AWESOME AND FUNKY AND SEXY AND BABY MAKING MUSIC ARGHHHH!!!!!!!! I really like all their songs, I have yet to find I song that I was like, MEH. Check out Space Cowboy and go on a YouTube spree to look up some of their other stuff. Also, one of their albums is available on iTunes, “Cala Tarida” and it totally has awesome sauce on it, including “Close To You”. We just bought it! Support them if you love them! :D

The Tourist – October Nightscape


So, we’re kinda super excited about this video because of the coffee shop it’s filmed in. Coffee Kitchen: we spent countless hours there when we lived in Bucheon. That’s where we filmed, as we mentioned in this video, our Day in a Life video and our Peppero Video. Wow. Those are some old videos. I’m amazed, looking back at them, how much things have changed for us. Jeez! I wonder what things will be like a year from now, when we look at the videos now in our studio. Will things be the same, or will we say to ourselves “wow: we sucked so much back then!” I have no clue.

Anyhow, Coffee Kitchen is a great coffee shop. The owner’s super nice, the coffee’s great, and we met some really cool people there. Check it out if you’re ever in Bucheon. It’s right beside Hyundai Department Store, by the clock tower intersection, on the second floor :D

  1. THE SULTANA/TURBAN IS SPINNING ON A POTTERY WHEEL. Low budget music video to the max? ;;;;;

  2. Is there much Indie rock type music in Korea? I keep trying to find some upbeat fun Korean Indie rock but I didn’t find yet. I have only started looking recently though.

  3. bow-toe fly bow-toe fly bow-tor fllyyyyyy

  4. the hat is a turban, or more specifically (at least in India) a pagri http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pagri_(turban)

  5. I did not like the Sultan or the Space cowboy :/ I guess it was not my cup of tea, and the Sultan gave me a headache *around and around and around* which makes me feel like I’m in a roller coaster and about to throw up at the end lol While the Space cowboy lyric and music was good, the MV with the girl is confusing. I also do not know what she is even doing.

    On the other hand, the tourist was really good, and it gives a sense of being there in presence with a slow melody even though I’m not really a Korean Indies fan for a few exception like this one. :)

  6. This made me think Earth Wind and Fire, until they started singing… It was fricking AWESOME! I loved it. Can you DIGG ITTTT!!!

  7. I was kinda tired while watching this playlist, so when the last song came on I was like, “what’s with all the Korean people, you told me this song was French.” -_- I need to go to bed…

  8. All these songs seem to go into the trip hop genre ( almost my all time fav) .

  9. The creepy mask from Space Cowboy – It’s over looks similar to the Japanese vampire.
    You were scarred for life, that’s why you’re creeped out by the mask… Is my theory correct?

  10. Thank you. Definitely funk, jazzy funk more than George Clinton funk. But still funk.

  11. Today’s playlist seems to be the sexy and mature Korean Indie playlist :3 First the love making music, then the martini bar music (I was a bit skeptical when you said that, but it was very true), then the fresh baked breakfast/lay with my sweetie music. I like it ^_^ (But when do I ever *not* like one of your playlists XD)

    • That was totally my reaction to Sultan of the Disco…it screams “Sexy Time” music. Now that you mention it, the rest of the playlist does have a more “mature” feel too…lounge like music isn’t always my preference but this is a nice change of pace. The tourist is very soft/sweet and the inclusion of the accordion always makes me think of Paris…which always has a sentimental romantic feel…nice request Elizabeth!

  12. P.S.s: I didn’t notice the logo but I did notice the headers. They’re really nice designed! and someone can find the other segments of the playlist if he/she doesn’t watch it in playlist mode. (I always see them on your blog page and then on yt)

  13. First song reminds me of an episode in Dexter where he grew a bear and was walking smugly on the street… although I find it kind of funny …I don’t really like it… (I think it’s called a “turban” )

    Second song does have a Clazziquai feel to it… video is strange… it kind of brings me back to that episode you filmed with that “vampire” in Japan …maybe that’s why Simon is scared of the white head-masked guy

    Third song is a nice song..

    Great work!

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

  14. LOL….that Sultan of the Disco video, it was so…..dizzifying (is that a word)? xD

    Btw I’m subscribed to BGBG (their label) and I watched a few of their other MVs from the same album (The Golden Age?), and they are GOLD. They’re just hilariously ridiculous comedies, and everyone should check them out :p
    The Golden Age (I love how it features a ‘Bentz’) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_UZC6fbtQY
    The Card Game (are they speaking Hindi?!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qet9JDnVWY

    RUN!!!!!!! (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( > o<)/~

    Well I already talked about that Touris video…the girl who requested it is really pretty :D

    Ps. Martina, those earrings. I have them. Exactly the same colour and size. Were they sent from Australia?! o_O

  15. I really just want to say PANIC AT THE DISCO!!!!! WOOT~~~WOOT~~~!!!

  16. Huh? I swear I’ve seen that October Nightscape video before. Didn’t you talk about it before or something?

    *brb searching*

    – ok, it’s on the Kpop Charts. ( http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/the-tourist-october-nightscape/ ) And I considered nominating it for Artsy Fartsy. That’s why it’s so familiar…..
    So it was filmed at your beloved coffee shop? That’s awesome :D

  17. Oh and Happy Easter to the EYK family!

  18. Martina. I love your style.

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