HAYYY HAY HAYYYYYYYY…Martina here! We’ve got a special version of the Korean Indie Playlist for this week that we’d like to share. It doesn’t happen often that we make a themed playlist, so…this is special.

So, there’s a concert/tour happening soon in England and Wales that’s gonna be bringing cool a few Korean Indie bands overseas. That’s awesome! How often do YOU get to see Korean Music IRL? Barely ever, if never. Now’s your chance! Galaxy Express, Apollo 18, Goonam, and Gate Flowers are gonna be there. We talked about three of the four bands since we only do three videos per playlist, but we’ve talked about Gate Flowers in a past Korean Indie Playlist, so check them out if you haven’t already.

First up is Galaxy Express with “Horongbul”


Man, I love these guys. But, I must confess, I wasn’t a huge fan of their earlier stuff because I was never really into traditional rock music. For example, I love about ten Metallica songs profusely and sing them at noraebang when I get the chance, but I was never really into ALL of Metallica’s stuff. Except when they teamed up with the San Francisco Symphony because that was all just gold, GOLD I SAY! Anyhoo, the point is, since Galaxy Express has been around for a long time, they’ve changed styles over the years and I’m definitely more into their new stuff. I still encourage you to listen to their older stuff because everyone has a different taste in music, right? There is also an especially awesome clip you can find on youtube of the band singing one of their own songs at noraebang. Hahaha how cool must that be? Anyhoo, “Horongbul” is probably one of my favourite songs they’ve put out so far. The lead singers raspy voice sounds like it’s always straining to hit the notes (though we know he is not) and the franticness of this song makes me want to see this as a song on the soundtrack of Fast and the Furious. Also, love the drum change near the end, I really wish I was in club thrashing around in a sea of fellow rockers for that part. One day. One day I’ll see them live!

Next up is one of my new favourite Korean hardcore rock bands, Apollo18.


I wanted to include some of their stuff in our past Indie playlists but I was waiting for a playlist that was more rock focused. It would be kind of awkward to show you a cute Korean girl strumming on her guitar followed up by screaming. Not for me, but maybe for you! Or maybe not? I know hardcore rock is not for everyone, but I feel like Apollo18 don’t just scream and strum the same power chords until you fall asleep (I like strange lullabies) they really change it up all within one song.

Let’s slow it down with some relaxing funky rock music. AWWWWWWW YEAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!


I’m not sure why Goonam’s “Shadow Dance” reminded me of the summer time, but there was just something so mellow about it. Anyhow, we’re happy to talk about this song because it shows that there’s gonna be a good mix of variety in the tour lineup. Apollo 18 listeners and Goonam listeners, on a Venn Diagram, might not really overlap. Or you might. Who knows! We can say, though, that Goonam is more accessible, and something that both Simon and I can like equally, while Apollo 18 isn’t really his thing.

And, on that note, we promised to include the dates and locations of the tour so here they are:

KOREA ROCKS! Tour Schedule:

April 24: Kent, England @ Tunbridge Wells Forum [FREE SHOW]
April 26: Wrexham, Wales @ The Bank (Focus Wales)
April 27: Wrexham, Wales @ Yales Café Bar (Focus Wales)
April 28: London, England @ Barfly [FREE SHOW]
May 1: Manchester, England @ Night & Day Café [FREE SHOW]
May 3: Liverpool, England @ Studio 2 (Liverpool Sound City)
May 4: Liverpool, England @ Kazimier Gardens (Liverpool Sound City)

Lastly, this was not a paid post in any way. We got an email from the people running the Korea Rocks tour, and they thought it would be awesome if we could promote them in our K-Indie Playlist segment. If we didn’t like the bands…it would have been an awkward no…but luckily we already knew and like these bands and we were happy to spread the love! We really want to encourage Korean indie bands to drop us an email when they release a new music video so that we can include it in our playlists.

  1. You guys should make a playlist including Dead buttons ^^

  2. Since we are talking about Rock and Korean Indie music, perhaps somebody can answer a question for me.

    Does A-Tract still do shows? I’m not having any luck googling them in English.. :(

  3. I went to one of the gigs in London and it was just incredible!!
    I’ve been listening to them on Yt since but thank you so much for the playlist :D

  4. I have seen the show last Sunday at Barfly and the venue was well filled! I agree that Na Un from Goonam was captivating!!! I have done a video review of the concert but unfortunately I can’t upload in time…

  5. Saw the first show of the tour last night, and it was awesome!! Really got into Apollo 18, and absolutely fell in love watching Na un from Goonam, she was mesmerising. If you’re anywhere near one of these shows you must go!! Despite the small crowd all the bands put on a great show with lots of energy and enthusiam. Might even try to catch them again at the Barfly.

  6. Wish they’d come to Scotland as well :(

  7. That scream sounded a LOT like a Wilhelm…..

  8. Concert Wednesday, handing in essay Thursday, and handing in essay Friday. I CAN DO THIS!!!! It’s see them now or never ever gonna get to see them at all!!!!!!!!!!!!! Manchester is uber close to me. I just can’t miss this!

    (but why it has to come in the week i have most work to do and due T___T *rant*)

  9. I enjoyed this playlist. I usually avoid the indie playlists because I so rarely like the music that I just gave up. Galaxy Express was kind of fun. Although not something I’d listent to on my own, it was still enjoyable. I really liked Apollo 18, although I really didn’t care for 3:15-4:15. Just write another song!

  10. Apollo 18 was… A lot. Lol My friends have been trying to get me into hardcore music for awhile but I just can’t :P
    On the other hand, I lurve Galaxy Express. It reminds me a bit of my rock loving childhood (I went from adoring BSB to rocking out to Linkin Park. I never did say that my musical tastes make sense…)

  11. Oh yay! I know I tweeted you guys asking about some Krock, thank you for doing this!

  12. I was thinking how much like a demented muppet Martina looked while thrashing around when I had THE blinding realization and *now I know the secret*.
    Simon and Martina are next generation Muppets that will be taking over the world through creative dementia. Think about it… glasses, check. Interesting hair/ hair colors; check. An ever changing wardrobe that reflects current trends and includes hats. check. Funny voices, cuddly fluffy pet friends, and the color pink; all brought to you by the letters E, Y and K. I know all and see all. And shall be retiring to my bunker now.
    Liked Galaxy Express and Apollo18, The last band, not my cup of tea.

  13. it’s 18+ waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah why must i be 17

  14. “I got a fever, and the only prescription is…..more COWBELL!” Cowbells…. it is so true Simon, gotta have more cowbell in life.

    Martina, that is totally how I rocked out to Galaxy Express…I was lucky enough to catch Galaxy Express twice in the States…in fact saw them just a week ago for the last leg of their tour and earlier in the month with other K indie bands on their Seoul Sonic/SXSW tour (I saw No Brain too, thanks to you guys sharing them on K-Crunch Indie playlist, did some research on them, only to discover they were playing in my city in a week…I even got to meet part of the band after the show…so THANK YOU!). I definitely woke up with a sore neck both times…too much hair flipping and head banging. Galaxy Express are fantastic live…play hard and one can tell how talented they are. It was a shame the crowd wasn’t as energetic (SF Bay Area people are just too cool to dance…we are low key bunch)…but whatevs, I still danced my butt off when I couldn’t fight the music….which was most of the time.

    Apollo 18 is pretty good too…I like the music interlude at 2:30. I get mixed on screaming type rock, sometimes I like it other times I want to save my ears…but Apollo 18 seemed to balance the screaming well…the changeups are well executed too. I wish they had toured the states but maybe next year. *Crossing Fingers*

    I was really bummed when Goonam played the night I had work, but I saw some of the live recordings and I really love how funky they are. Not only do they sound a bit like the 70’s, but they look like they stepped out of the seventies.

    Great K-Crunch Indie Theme this week!

  15. Ahh so jealous – no Scottish shows! ):

  16. I want cherry filter . . .

  17. In London, less than an hour from FREE korea rocks concert………. and there’s an age restriction :'( :'( :'(

  18. O.O This is finally happening!! :O But why on my exam days of all days TT_TT

  19. Galaxy express is a great band, awesome live, and super nice guys :) my fave songs off their newest cd is how does it feel and the other side

  20. That last one is definitely a summer time song. Cruising down the drive, windows down, smell the lake air and the scent of suntan lotion and barbecue. Exit the drive and quickly roll windows back up and turn on the air conditioner when I see the corner meth head stumbling towards cars with hand out. Feel guilty and hope he reflects on his choices, drive on and roll windows back down. Realistic summer day in the city.

  21. Galaxy Express and Apollo 18 are right up my alley. I hope one day we get a full Metal indie playlist.

  22. OMG!!1! I might try going to the show in Manchester… no one ever comes up north lol.
    But omg!! Now I just need to find some money. XD

  23. Oooooh you mentioned Serge Gainsbourg in your indie playlist!!! France represents!^^

    I really like the first song, just… perfect! The second had a little too much screamo for my taste, but the music was pretty good, I love the changes of pace that still quite fit together (not giving the impression random music tunes were crammed in a single song).

  24. Oh my goodness!! Kent and London are both very close to me, within 2 hours on the train or in the car :D If I can rally a few people to go with me I might go to this event ^^ Awesome! Thanks for the info!

  25. O.o The intro splash screen for K-Indie segment is missing this week?

  26. First two were a bit too heavy for my liking. Not my cup of tea.
    But Shadow Dance made me swoon.

    Edit: HAHAHAHA what’s the deal with the confused guy dressed in black in the background? Brilliant.

  27. I LOVED ALL THESE BANDS! So happy you finally did a rock orientated playlist! I thought I was weird for listening to metal as well as KPOP but woahh, I’m so getting into these bands :D

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