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Korean Indie Playlist: Motel Man Boy

March 17, 2013


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This week we’re doing something a bit different with our Korean Indie segments. It’s request week! We’ve fallen behind on so many requests, and we feel bad because some people have even deleted their requests after keeping them up for so long, so we’re trying to get through a few of them this week so you don’t feel like you made requests for no reason because we hate you so much. We don’t hate you so much! Here’s proof! So, here are the three request videos we’re talking about today:

Kim Ji Soo “Vintage Man”

It’s rather insightful for us, sometimes, to film the videos long before we actually write about them for the blog post. At first, when we filmed this video, we thought “Vintage Man” was just…alright. It was a cool song, sure, but not great. This morning, though, I woke up saying “nuh NUH nuh NUH nuh NUH nuh NUH…VIN-TUH-GEE!” It’s far too catchy. I’ve been singing it all day. First impressions last, but they’re not the deciding factor. I like this song a lot now. The video’s still hilarious, though. I didn’t change my mind on that…yet!

The Moonshiners “Motel Manhattan”

Describing music is such a pain in the butt sometimes. I’m not sure what the proper name for this genre is. It’s really short, so I want to say punk, but it’s not punk. I guess that’s one of the problems of not being a professional music reviewer. I can just talk about my feels most of the time and not know the proper terms. Well, whatever this song is, my feels say “me like.” It’s fun. It’s dorky. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. And it’s just overall feel good fun music. I just wish it was overall longer. Dear Moonshiners: please make a 20 minute version of this song. You can do it. I have faith in you.

Eniac “소년은 달린다”

See, one of the things that’s the most difficult for us to do with our Korean Indie Playlists is to have three songs that are similar. It’s hard enough finding three very recent Korean Indie songs on YouTube with proper videos. But finding three that have a similar sound? Even more difficult. I know some people prefer some genres over others, and though Eniac’s song isn’t any worse than the other two songs (we actually REALLY REALLY like this song), it doesn’t really fit in, sound wise, you know? But what’s your musical preference like? We don’t mind hearing a mishmash of genres. We can listen to Big Bang and Type O Negative in one sitting. I’m not sure how many people can say the same thing.

So, long story short: Eniac’s song might not be your thing if you like the first two songs, but hopefully you’re into many different genres of music like we are, and don’t find the contract too jarring, because this song’s great.



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