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Korean Indie Playlist: Motel Man Boy

March 17, 2013


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This week we’re doing something a bit different with our Korean Indie segments. It’s request week! We’ve fallen behind on so many requests, and we feel bad because some people have even deleted their requests after keeping them up for so long, so we’re trying to get through a few of them this week so you don’t feel like you made requests for no reason because we hate you so much. We don’t hate you so much! Here’s proof! So, here are the three request videos we’re talking about today:

Kim Ji Soo “Vintage Man”

It’s rather insightful for us, sometimes, to film the videos long before we actually write about them for the blog post. At first, when we filmed this video, we thought “Vintage Man” was just…alright. It was a cool song, sure, but not great. This morning, though, I woke up saying “nuh NUH nuh NUH nuh NUH nuh NUH…VIN-TUH-GEE!” It’s far too catchy. I’ve been singing it all day. First impressions last, but they’re not the deciding factor. I like this song a lot now. The video’s still hilarious, though. I didn’t change my mind on that…yet!

The Moonshiners “Motel Manhattan”

Describing music is such a pain in the butt sometimes. I’m not sure what the proper name for this genre is. It’s really short, so I want to say punk, but it’s not punk. I guess that’s one of the problems of not being a professional music reviewer. I can just talk about my feels most of the time and not know the proper terms. Well, whatever this song is, my feels say “me like.” It’s fun. It’s dorky. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. And it’s just overall feel good fun music. I just wish it was overall longer. Dear Moonshiners: please make a 20 minute version of this song. You can do it. I have faith in you.

Eniac “소년은 달린다”

See, one of the things that’s the most difficult for us to do with our Korean Indie Playlists is to have three songs that are similar. It’s hard enough finding three very recent Korean Indie songs on YouTube with proper videos. But finding three that have a similar sound? Even more difficult. I know some people prefer some genres over others, and though Eniac’s song isn’t any worse than the other two songs (we actually REALLY REALLY like this song), it doesn’t really fit in, sound wise, you know? But what’s your musical preference like? We don’t mind hearing a mishmash of genres. We can listen to Big Bang and Type O Negative in one sitting. I’m not sure how many people can say the same thing.

So, long story short: Eniac’s song might not be your thing if you like the first two songs, but hopefully you’re into many different genres of music like we are, and don’t find the contract too jarring, because this song’s great.



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Korean Indie Playlist


Korean Indie Playlist: Motel Man Boy


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  1. Ok, I’m dating myself here, but when did video kill the Korean radio star? I hardly ever here music on the radio in Korea and not on any reasonable schedule that fits my life style. I really appreciate you promoting Korean indie music and I love listening to something new.

    3 years ago
  2. Great play list. The “hip swirl” is a “grind” from the burlesque move “bump and grind”. The “bump” would be what you all call a “crotch thrust”

    3 years ago
  3. Yes! The Moonshiners does make me thing of a fake old rock band. They are like a retro-group-sounds-meet-hint-of-ska genre…. is that a genre?

    3 years ago
  4. Hey guise! :)

    “Vintage man” is quite a catchy song… the video … dont know what to think of it although I burst into laughter when I saw the very low V cut shirt XD

    “Motel Manhattan” I like it! it has that Green Day feel to it.. no? (I cant find the reason for the girl in the video though)

    “Eniac sounds good but I’m not really into it… although I listen to a few songs of this kind…this one doesn’t stick…

    “But what’s your musical preference like? We don’t mind hearing a mishmash of genres.” well I listen music according to my mood or at least I enjoy it more then…

    Thank you for your hard work! ^^

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

    3 years ago
  5. As always…another great K-Indie week by requesters no less..woot woot. The crazy v-neck in Kim Ji Soo “Vintage Man” made me think of the SNL skit on V necks and with Ben Stiller (link: http://www.hulu.com/watch/287085)…I want to close my eyes but one can’t….such comic gold. I really enjoyed Kim Ji Soo’s voice…had this cool lounge singer kinda feel then breaks into spanish ballad-like feel…totally dig.

    The Moonshiners for whatever reason make me think of Weezer, as S&M said, they don’t really belong in a box but both are doing their own funky thing and don’t take themselves too seriously….already purchased on itunes now…thanks Meghann!!!

    Eniac totally has an 80’s feel…feels like song one should listen to while skating, as cliche as that may be but skating rocks! Totally wanna spin around at the climax when synths (at least I think thats what it is) takeover in the middle.

    Thanks fellow nasties for requesting such awesome songs and introducing us all to great K indie music!!! Also for those living in the states a bunch of great K indie bands are traveling around the states after their SXSW gig, I already caught a bunch in SF and they were epic, even got to meet the bands afterwards and communicate how awesome I think their music is…Galaxy express is hitting up a bunch of venues in the midwest/west, and others are heading to NYC and LA. Check them out and give them support so they come back to tour again!!!

    3 years ago
  6. oh my gosh adjusssi drummer is awesome!

    3 years ago
  7. I really enjoyed this week’s list! I wasn’t sure about the last song at first, but then it grew on me rapidly. Went and bought Motel Manhattan from iTunes because it was epic — if only I could get the music video too! Best drummer ever!

    3 years ago
  8. I totally thought of That Thing You Do, too!! Amazing movie. And I also agree with you and Martina on the adjeossi drummer. New favorite person. :D

    3 years ago
  9. I concur about the ajuushi and daft punk. The playlist this week was awesome.

    3 years ago
  10. I read the comments and the blog first before watching the video. So by the ton of the comments I know this selection will be good. Also Big Bang and Type O Negative, I have that (that voice singing Cinnamon Girl ohhhh yeah) how about adding John Bonamassa, Celtic Thunder, and Beausoleil. That is just a small sample on my MP3 player right now.

    3 years ago
  11. Holy Mother of V-necks, this is some what what I’d picture if JLo and Edward Cullen had a Korean baby “I don’t always have a slightly villainous mustache but when I do, I prefer to do so in navel plunging wearables whilst dillydallying about tree limbs”.
    Thank you Simon and Martina for having and putting together K-indie playlists thanks to you I have heard some really kick ass music and Thank You to this weeks requesters!

    3 years ago
  12. OMG awesome playlist!!! ^ v ^ And this might be the longest comment I might type just to share my thoughts on its awesomeness!! ^^’ Thank you for the people who requested and for Simon and Martina for sharing!!

    On the Vintage Man: The V-necks… I thought Martina was talking about the two awkward guys at the start… and i was like “omg, Martina you should visit australia coz most guys (and sadly that includes my close friends) prefer their singlets showing their MAN cleavage in different colours and patterns!”… until i saw the singer… Bwahahaha… that shirt! he would so fit in here and he might actually start a trend… *shudder*… but the part about his voice and that moustache, so get you Martina, I think it’s probably the similar feeling I got when I first saw Temper Trap ^^’

    Motel Manhattan: I so agree with you Simon! this could have been longer, for longer feel good rocky vibes! I love different sort of genres and favour some depending on my mood and season vibes and lately i’ve been craving for this type of rock songs ^v^ thanks for sharing and thanks to Meghann for sharing! Oh and they are just so awkwardly cute in this video ^=^

    On Eniac: yeah i can’t type korean on my laptop… but this song is awesome too! and it don’t matter if it don’t match the others… variety is the spice of life ^=^ this song can be minty cool for its smooth coolness in vid and vocals ^v^ yeah I tried that stop motion thingo camera trick before ^^’ mad props for making it look awesome! mine was not ~.~’

    3 years ago
  13. Leo

    I like this weeks playlist a lot. :)
    I didn’t mind that Eniac doesn’t really fit in.
    I’m actualy more into this upedy, punk, GoGo Star kind of music, but I still enjoyed Eniac’s song.
    I don’t really stick to one genre so I don’t mind if your playlists are a mishmash of different genres. :)

    3 years ago
  14. Simon you are so right! The Moonshiners Motel Manhattan is way to AWESOME of a song to be that short! I just want it to go on even longer. It’s like listening to Blur’s Song #2 and having to hit repeat because it’s to awesome to not be longer.

    When Eniac started it gave me a very 80’s synth pop vibe. Also I’ve been watching John Hughes movies all week so this may also lead to that feeling. I feel like I’m aging myself with these comments. Either way all three songs were great this week, The Moonshiners being my favorite though! ^_^

    3 years ago
  15. They show the winners names at the end of their video, in the credits.

    3 years ago
  16. OMG! I hope my friend never sees that v-neck shirt. He is hairier than Simon and wears tighter way more dramatic v-necks than Simon as well. I fear my friend seeing this shirt and sporting it with his suck your circulation off tight, tight pants as we all share a meal. O_O

    3 years ago