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Korean Indie Playlist: Pink Hang Time

February 11, 2013


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This is a pretty rocking playlist today! Actually, there is a lot of good stuff coming out lately and it was hard to pick songs for this weeks indie playlist. We’re gonna dive right into it.

Yukari “Hang On”

Yeah, you guise might know about now that this kind of music is REALLY up our alley, and we’re super stoked to hear a Korean musician do it. Wow. Just wow. Washed Out’s last album we played to death last year, and this…this reminds us of it so much. So…Heavy Dreamy, you know? We can’t think of any other way to describe it. It’s music you really want to close your eyes to and just wave your head around slowly.

Also, we know this isn’t really a full music video, but we had to talk about it because we’re so totally amazed at how the song takes shape. This is live, but it’s not live in the way that someone plays a track on their computer and then sings over it. Oh no. She’s putting the song together, putting the loops together, on the spot, right there, and then singing over it. We just really wish we could find a cleaner sounding version of it. Crappy cameraman’s on-board mic isn’t that great (sorry cameraman! Your camera was ALL OVER THE PLACE!). Anyhow, we really want to find more of her stuff, available in ways that both you and I can buy it, because we’re super, super impressed by this.

Brick Slipper “Time to Ignite”

So I don’t know why I find this concept so exciting, but there is something magical about a Korean rock band made up of mostly girls. I think maybe because we’re used to seeing groups of girls as dancers/singers in the Kpop, and so to see a bunch of very pretty and talented girls playing and singing out their guts is just so different. I guess it’s also different in the kindie world too, because there are a lot of girls playing and singing along with the acoustic guitar, but not THAT many rocking out. Oh great, now I’m starting to think of all the kindie bands with more than one girl in them and I can already think of a couple…that entire point might be moot. I might just be excited about this band in general. NO! WAIT! I must save this point! I know that there are bands that have lead female singers, or bass players, or even a drummer, so maybe two female members in the band, but can you guise name some bands that have three or more and are not ballad singers? Frankly, this is a hard question even outside of Korea. GAH! Okay, so I apparently have no point but to say…I LIKE IT OKAY! I LIKE SEEING GIRLS BE STRONG POWERFUL ROCK TALENTED INDIVIDUALS!!! *Martina runs away*

Pink Elephant “낭만가”

Okay, really loving this band. I looked up more of their music and they really have a Franz Ferdinand meets punk feel to them. There other songs have a faster pace, more of a panicked ska/punk feel, it is VERY danceable. I’m a big fan of rock/punk/ska music that can get you up and dancing, and I love watching a band live that can get the whole dance floor turned into a sea of people bobbing their heads and then jumping around like happy school children dancing un-refrained with big smiles plastered on their faces. Also, I’d like all the musicians out there to help explain to me the technical term for what that clean sounding guitar is called. There is a very specific undistorted sound that you can hear, it sounds like the guitar is literally just a plugged in electric guitar with no fancy pedals being used, like a naked sound, and there are a whole bunch of bands out there that share that specific clean sound. Help! If you guise like this song, the pink elephant official youtube page has almost all their music listed on it, so check out their other songs too! I especially liked 피해망상증 (Delusion of Persecution).



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