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Korean Indie Playlist: Sailing God Universe

March 24, 2013


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Gogostar “God of Snowy Fields”

Holy smokes! What a great way to start this week’s playlist. Did we ever tell you that we like Gogostar? We like Gogostar. We’ve been to a couple of their shows, and we like to mention it just about every time we talk about Gogostar. One thing we didn’t mention: though we love their stuff, the keyboard guy with the mask always makes us chuckle. Not because he’s funny, but because we doesn’t move a lot, but he plays very danceable music, and we always imagine him behind his mask looking at the audience with disdain, like “Yes! Dance, you imbeciles! Dance because I force you to dance! I am your puppet master, you swine!” I’m sure he’s a really nice person in real life and doesn’t actually say that. But I think it’d make for a funny video if he did.

Seo Sang Jun “Sailing”

Ok, so this is more along the artsy fartsy lines of Indie Music that you get from time to time. It’s not something we’re against unless it gets too abstract. This was still a really pretty song with some pretty shots for the video, and timing the blinking of the lights to the song was cool. We checked out some of the other songs on Seo Sang Jun’s (label’s?) channel, which you can check out here, and one of the videos was a bit too abstract for us to appreciate. We’re happy we went with this song instead, but I’d still recommend checking out those other videos in case you do find something that tickles your fancy :D

The Solutions “Sounds of the Universe”

We don’t have any funny stories for The Solutions like we do for Gogostar. What we can say about them, though, is that we like their stuff live more than we do recorded. Does that sound bad? I’m not sure. Though we’re happy that the lead singer sings in English, it’s not really the band’s strong point. The music is the strong point. It’s really quite awesome. Seriously: how can you listen to the start of the song and not feel awesome about life? Point is, it makes for a great live set. I’ve never been to a set in Korea where the levels are right. Everyone’s voices are always drowned out. So, in a way, it’s a good thing to hear live if you like the music more thank you like the lyrics. In fact, his voice actually sounds better live. I think because you gotta yell when you’re live, maybe? This is shoutalong music, IMO. Great song still, though!



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