Gogostar “God of Snowy Fields”


Holy smokes! What a great way to start this week’s playlist. Did we ever tell you that we like Gogostar? We like Gogostar. We’ve been to a couple of their shows, and we like to mention it just about every time we talk about Gogostar. One thing we didn’t mention: though we love their stuff, the keyboard guy with the mask always makes us chuckle. Not because he’s funny, but because we doesn’t move a lot, but he plays very danceable music, and we always imagine him behind his mask looking at the audience with disdain, like “Yes! Dance, you imbeciles! Dance because I force you to dance! I am your puppet master, you swine!” I’m sure he’s a really nice person in real life and doesn’t actually say that. But I think it’d make for a funny video if he did.

Seo Sang Jun “Sailing”


Ok, so this is more along the artsy fartsy lines of Indie Music that you get from time to time. It’s not something we’re against unless it gets too abstract. This was still a really pretty song with some pretty shots for the video, and timing the blinking of the lights to the song was cool. We checked out some of the other songs on Seo Sang Jun’s (label’s?) channel, which you can check out here, and one of the videos was a bit too abstract for us to appreciate. We’re happy we went with this song instead, but I’d still recommend checking out those other videos in case you do find something that tickles your fancy :D

The Solutions “Sounds of the Universe”


We don’t have any funny stories for The Solutions like we do for Gogostar. What we can say about them, though, is that we like their stuff live more than we do recorded. Does that sound bad? I’m not sure. Though we’re happy that the lead singer sings in English, it’s not really the band’s strong point. The music is the strong point. It’s really quite awesome. Seriously: how can you listen to the start of the song and not feel awesome about life? Point is, it makes for a great live set. I’ve never been to a set in Korea where the levels are right. Everyone’s voices are always drowned out. So, in a way, it’s a good thing to hear live if you like the music more thank you like the lyrics. In fact, his voice actually sounds better live. I think because you gotta yell when you’re live, maybe? This is shoutalong music, IMO. Great song still, though!

  1. I laughed because this part “Not because he’s funny, but because we doesn’t move a lot, but he plays
    very danceable music, and we always imagine him behind his mask looking
    at the audience with disdain, like “Yes! Dance, you imbeciles! Dance
    because I force you to dance! I am your puppet master, you swine!” I’m
    sure he’s a really nice person in real life and doesn’t actually say
    that. But I think it’d make for a funny video if he did.”

    reminds me about gogostar’s tv and radio interview… every member
    talkactive, especially Lee Taeseon, the vocalist but…. Lee Yeon Seok
    a.k.a The Face, the FX keep silent and answer the question shortly or
    just nod or say “Jo… Jo… Jo.. Neun… Ye…”

    how about interviewing gogostar next time and make gogostar’s merchandise as giveaway? heheheee….peace… ^^v

  2. So addicted to this Gogo Star song!! I wish itunes had it. :( Good stuff though, thanks S&M!!

  3. Happy birthday Soo Zee!!!!!!!!!! =D


    What is a baboushka?

  5. fuuko4869

    I liked all the songs – as usual. I’m running out of compliments >_<

    Happy Birthday Soo Zee, I made you a playlist of birthday songs to savour :D

    There's some in Japanese, Korean, instrumentals, and Indonesian (pfft English is too mainstream :p).


  6. gogostar was amazing! First time listening it and allready in repeat mode ^^ They’ve got a new fan ^^ Thanks for this!And yea a bit late but better late than neva eva saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOOOOOZEEEEEEEE!

  7. TurnUptheAC

    Yay, K-Crunch indie to the rescue! I’ve been having not so successful day of studying for the GRE’s (too much vocab to jam into my brain) and this was a great pick-meup. Allowed myself a nice dance break to Gogostar in my bedroom, some meditation with Seo Sang Jun, and “The Soultion” solved my lack of fighting spirit….K-crunch indie is the antidote to any study woes. Thanks Simon and Martina, i will show that archaic english vocabulary now!

  8. Happy Birthday Soo Zee !!!! Know that you are totaly part of the Eat Your Kimchi family and that all of us Nasties from around the world love( we have only seen you acouple of times but yeah) and support you just as much as we love and support Simon and Martina. I hope you had an awesome day and that you enjoyed your birthday( Even do technicaly your birthday is over because its 11pm on sunday for me and 2pm on monday for you :) jeje) i hope that only good things happen to you this year. I send my love from Costa Rica!

  9. Happy Birthday SooZee!!

  10. Julianne Dupras

    Sounds of the Universe will most likely be stuck in my head all week. I’ve already replayed it like 4 times xD
    Thanks for sharing these ^^

  11. Simon and Martina,
    You two should think about doing a K-Indie CD giveaway. A large chunk of Korean indie stuff (I’ve found) is nearly impossible to find outside of Korea :/ I don’t know how readily available Korean indie CDs are in Korea, but just throwing the idea out there :) Thanks guys, this was a great K-Indie playlist.

  12. “Filmed on a potato.” xD

    Happy Birthday Soo Zee!

  13. Go Go Star is one of my fav bands now, thanks to you guys! I bought their last album on iTunes, so I’ll probably buy this one as well :)

  14. Happy Birthday Soo Zee

  15. The requester was so adorable this week! I got cavities watching her sweetness :P
    And you guise have officially sold me on Gogostar. That song was epic.

  16. hane_no_tsubasa


  17. Happy Birthday SooZee! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  18. Who knows where I could get Gogostar’s God of Snowy Fields? It doesn’t seem to be on iTunes, at least yet.
    Also happy birthday Soo Zee!!! ^.^

  19. Very few bands sound better live, but i love it when they do (Patent Pending are way better live IMO). Now I’m going to have to save up to go to Korea and see the solutions live :)

  20. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ God of Snowy Fields.

    Though waiting almost a month for the Music Video to come out after Gogostar released a teaser for it was excruciating. I’m a huge fan of their old….ish…. sound, but I think the addition of guitar was good for them (and I really like the new direction they’re going in). If I don’t make it to one of their shows in my lifetime I don’t know what I’ll do with myself.

    Also really enjoyed the Solutions song. I’ll have to look for more of their music.

  21. Yes! Indy ROCK!! Through I watch the KIndie Playlist every week, the electronica stuff generally isn’t my cup of tea (not really into club music). Rock, however, soothes the savage beast. Time to go watch and see what’s going to be added to my iPod later today.

  22. happy birthday soo zee!! hope you have a wonderful day and feel better soon :)

  23. IT’S HERE!!!!!

    MY WEEKEND IS NOW COMPLETE!! (maniacal laugher followed by some coughing from choking on a sandwich I was eating)

    Gogostar – Gods of Snowy Feilds
    Im totally with Simon on this one as Gogostar wasn’t really my favorite type of music to listen to (on the other hand I’ve been to their concert 3 times here and they are super fun live and the crazy fans make it so much more awesome), but this new song is quite promising for me to pay more attention to them. I really hope they continue on this path for their upcoming album. STAY TUNED ME!!

    Seo Sang Jun – Sailing

    I love this kind of ambient stuff. Its a really feel-good type of sound and that makes me…. feel… good (derp). I checked out the other songs on his channel and they are really great. I especially love the song MOTH which has a real backwards-y sound to it but not in a creepy way then it turns into a beautiful cut up piano tune with incredible drum beats http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWWLfTNMEIE

    • Leo

      You saw Gogostar perform live ?! Three times already ?!! O.O
      I’m soooo jealous !! > . <

      • I think if I were to count the number of indie bands ive seen live so far this past year its probably over 100

        • fuuko4869


        • Leo

          Now I’m even more jelly..
          You’re such a naasty person !

        • Magicimpact

          He went to one with Simon and Martina. Then didn’t give her a button, but only to (finally) clarify that later he did. Which frees him from his monster ways. (Why can’t I EVER FORGET that moment GRRRR)

        • two times actually… haha. the first time was they had an interview that went too long so they missed it (hence Martina being upset she couldnt go)

  24. kpopfan123

    doesn’t “babushka” mean “grandmother” ?

    • yes it does but it only in russian that people us that. Most people say Baba for Grandmother just not in russia it’s considered very rude. however in western culture the term is used for a woman’s headscarf tied below the chin in the Eastern European manner. it’s manly warn by Ukrainian, Polish, Russians, and other europian grandmothers. the best way to discrible it and i don’t want to offend anyone but it’s sort of like a hijab. However there major differences between a hijab and a babushka.

      One is a Hijab is warn by people who are of the muslim faith. Also Hijab’s are warn so that womans hair isn’t showen. Also a Hijab is never taken off by the woman unless she is in her home and around her family. When there is friends or other man that arent the womans: (brothers, husband, father) over at the house the woman or women have to put there hijabs back on it really depends on the family thought and how strick they are.

      But babushka on the other hand is a head scarf as will however any woman can where this, it’s not ment in a religous manner either. there is no proper way to wear a babushka either. Manly Babushka’s are large thin square scarfs however they can be any type of scarf really.

      • Hokkaido Fox

        I’ve used babushka to refer to little old granny types before. In English it functions as a loan word not unlike siesta or karaoke. I never knew it was used as a description for hair scarfs though. That’s pretty interesting.
        Also, ‘baba’ means grandmother in Japanese too. It’s pretty slangy and your grandmother would be offended if you called her that to her face but it means the same thing.

        • I remember when i am watch the drama tumbling the man character called the girls gymnastics couch baba. when they translated it in english it was translated as ‘old hag’

      • kpopfan123

        Thank you for the detailed explanation ^^

      • I mean’t poland** not polish

  25. Happy Birthday Soo Zee!!!! :D

  26. kpopfan123

    Hello guise! >:D< (hope you're having a nice day :) )

    Gogostar “God of Snowy Fields” – WOW… brilliant song O_O …in the beginning it starts slow and you don't know when or if the beat is going to hasten and just takes you by surprise (just like on a winter day when you think the wind is gone, gives you a sudden whiplash…*I don't know why I made that comparison – . -*). I bet this song sounds amazing on headphones… gosh and the drums… epic song; the video's cool too (I just don't like winter = . =)This is probably my one most Gogostar favorite!

    Seo Sang Jun “Sailing” – it's a cool song. Awesome song to fall asleep to. Makes me want to hear a version of the song with lyrics…

    The Solutions “Sounds of the Universe” – "Though we’re happy that the lead singer sings in English, it’s not really the band’s strong point. The music is the strong point. It’s really quite awesome." Yeah. I agree. maybe he sounds better in Korean… the instruments blend so well together.

    Amazing playlist!! ^____^ Great work guise!! :D

    P.S: *I wonder if Soo Zee got my message…. * Happy Birthday senpai! and get well soon!!


  27. Leo

    Happy bithday Soo Zee !! :D
    I hope you’re feeling better by now ! :)

  28. Hawa Hamza

    Exactly what I needed after a horrible Math Exam! :D

  29. Solutions! Yay!

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