Hey guise. Sorry for not publishing this yesterday. Once every year or so I get a ridiculous migraine that completely incapacitates me for the day. We Tweeted about it yesterday, and thought that I’d be better soon enough to publish this on Sunday. But, here’s Monday, and I’m publishing this now. Really sorry guise.

Martina and I usually balance the workload, of one person editing the videos while the other writes the blog post and publishes the videos, but this week, because I couldn’t help, she couldn’t handle it all on her own. Good news is I’m better now and this probably won’t happen again for another year or so. Yay!

This week’s blog post is gonna be short, because – now that it’s Monday – we don’t want to fall too far behind on Music Mondays. Plus, we’ve got an important announcement video we’re working on as well (stay tuned for that for Friday!) So, for this week, we’ll just post the videos here without our in depth thoughts. Next week we should be back to normal (unless the other announcement video we MIGHT have to do – yes, two announcements – winds up coming to fruition). Damn! This month of April is pretty crazy for us so far!

Anyhow, here are the videos. Let us know what you think!

Sunwoo Junga “Song of Hero”


PandaRain “홍대아리랑”


Rainbow99 “Morning, Airport”


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