Hey guise. Sorry for not publishing this yesterday. Once every year or so I get a ridiculous migraine that completely incapacitates me for the day. We Tweeted about it yesterday, and thought that I’d be better soon enough to publish this on Sunday. But, here’s Monday, and I’m publishing this now. Really sorry guise.

Martina and I usually balance the workload, of one person editing the videos while the other writes the blog post and publishes the videos, but this week, because I couldn’t help, she couldn’t handle it all on her own. Good news is I’m better now and this probably won’t happen again for another year or so. Yay!

This week’s blog post is gonna be short, because – now that it’s Monday – we don’t want to fall too far behind on Music Mondays. Plus, we’ve got an important announcement video we’re working on as well (stay tuned for that for Friday!) So, for this week, we’ll just post the videos here without our in depth thoughts. Next week we should be back to normal (unless the other announcement video we MIGHT have to do – yes, two announcements – winds up coming to fruition). Damn! This month of April is pretty crazy for us so far!

Anyhow, here are the videos. Let us know what you think!

Sunwoo Junga “Song of Hero”


PandaRain “홍대아리랑”


Rainbow99 “Morning, Airport”


  1. Have to say “Wow”!! This is such a wonderful playlist (too bad it’s “accompanied” by Simon’s migraine :(… glad you’re feeling better! )

    Sunwoo Junga “Song of Hero” – that song warms me up to the core… she’s so cool and tallented to play so many instruments (and so well) and the video is so vivacious and colorful!

    PandaRain “홍대아리랑” – another awesome song and a hilarious video :D (Adrien, from Arirang and also “Catch the Wave” with HyunWoo from “ttmik”, should see it :)) )

    Rainbow99 “Morning, Airport” – This is the kind of song I’d listen to when I go to sleep :); also I have the feeling this is the song you guise would want to listen when you’re coming back to South Korea… like you’re going to your second home…since Simon said Korea is like a second home for you ;_;

    I don’t have any other advices for migraines, Simon, apart from pain relieving pills … usually in these situations rest is recommended… if you guise are sick or don’t feel too good we can understand so don’t worry.


  2. Have you tried any of those asian grandmother made medicines?

  3. OMG Simon and Martina even yous guise K-Indie playlist this week is sooo YG Biased. Did you know Sunwoo Jung ah writes and produces for GD, TOP, 2NE1, and others? It makes me like her more cause she’s so multifaceted.

  4. Rainbow99’s song reminded me of Jun Maeda. If any of you are j-pop/anime fans, I’d recommend his written songs/instrumentals, like the OST instrumentals he’s done for AirTV, Clannad, Kanon2006, etc. :3

  5. This may sound ridiculous, but the Rainbow99 song was exactly the type of song I needed to hear today. Thank you guys so much for making my day a little bit better. :)

  6. Rainbow99’s video does most certainly look like some was shot at the Grand Canyon. In fact, it looks like they’re in America the whole time. The road signs, the landscape, even the beers are American. Hrmm….

  7. the rainbow airport video definitely looks like they were driving across N. America– i recognized the bridges in New York, and some of those roads look like they belong in New Mexico/Arizona

  8. woot woot nice to see another utah nasty! the only other one i know is my roommate,

  9. I feel free when I listened to Rainbow99 :) Thanks for introducing him to me ^^

  10. I almost stopped listening before Song of Hero started, since I don’t like happy slow music, but then I heard TROMBONE! I played for many years so of course I had to see.
    It really looks like she’s actually playing the trombone. She’s hitting the first four positions right on. Usually if someone’s pretending on trombone they can’t resist going all the way out. Also, it was a little hard to tell, but it looked like her mouth was firm. The only thing that makes me questions is all the bouncing she’s doing. Bouncing like that would make it pretty hard to play. So I’d say she probably either practiced quite a lot or she actually played it in the song (therefore knowing the positions) but was faking it in the video. Just my two cents.
    But PANDA RAIN! I really liked them! The song was so fun and catchy!

  11. Hrm. Good point! I did a lot of acupuncture after the car accident I got in (when I was in high school) and although I doubted it would do anything for my terrible head pressure and pain, it actually worked! I’ll have to get Simon to try some treatments.

  12. Wait til you see her other dogs; Cosmololitan, White Frushin, Manfatten, Hai Tai and Molito.

  13. The first two songs were really cute but the last song resonated the most with me as it is 4 am here and I’m still working on my paper ^^”
    I hope you feel better Simon! Hopefully y’all will get a nice relaxing time in Singapore! (my used-to-be-homelandddd)

  14. Migraines are the worst!! Feel better, Simon!

  15. You just introduced me to RAINBOW99. Thanks for making my music taste grow. :)

  16. Simon are you getting medical treatment for your migraine? I do have a terrible migraine the way you describe it once in a while too but I have this miracle medicine, its called Rizatriptan. It makes the pain go away in 30 minutes and you feel re-energized! Woah this really sounds like some illegal drug right now lol but its not! Look it up! :D

    • I’ve tried so many different treatments, and none of them ever worked. When I was a kid, I’d get these migraines once or twice a week. It’s abated now to around once a year, so it’s not too bad. I’ll ask the doctors here, though, if they have and Rizatriptan. If I ever go to the doctors…that is!

      • I would have to say you are better off with the doctors in Korea. You know how the Canadians take there time in the hospital and i am a Canadian saying that. At least you will find out whats wrong or if they can’t figure it out actually till you in 2-3 days. not in 6 months to a year of surfuring.

      • I went through the same thing. I was on a whole bunch of different medications – antidepressants, mood stabilizers, nerve pain meds, etc – and I’ve finally found what mostly works. Oddly, it’s an off-label use of a anti-seizure medication, but it cut down my migraines in frequency from every day to a few times a year. I did the whole diet change and exercise and all that non-medication treatment stuff too, it didn’t help. I actually have an additional “supplement” of caffeine every day, about 1 can of Coke. I never had any withdrawals from it when I stopped drinking it to see if it was causing the migraines, and it does seem to help with just normal headaches so I’m ‘self-medicating’ with it ( with doctor approval! ). I still get headaches though, but they’re from all kinds of other things, like allergies, low blood sugar, spine being misaligned, etc.

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