The … “Blue Story”


Sometimes I think about the way we talk about Music and Music Videos and realize how utterly unobjective and rambling we are. We sometimes talk about music in its context, how the artists grow, what the songs sound like, and do stuff that “real” reviewers do, but we find that it’s not as interesting as just talking about what we feel and what we think when we talk about songs. We like music, lots of music, and whenever we like it we do so because it speaks to us on a different level than just the aesthetic.

Same with this song and video. To us, we’re going to remember one of the biggest transition points in our life: we were moving out of Bucheon, which we lived in for 4 years. We were in the process of setting up Eat Your Kimchi as a business and jumping through all those hoops. We walked in on them filming this video at that time. So now, whenever we hear this song or see the video, we’re gonna remember the feels of that specific time.

Music for us is often how we dog-ear the pages in the book of our lives. We remember listening to Flying Lotus’s new album when we were flying back from California and Mexico, Hercules and Love Affair when we moved into our first apartment when we got married, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah when we went to the Polish Festival in Toronto, Battles “Step By Step” when we first started getting into Kpop. So, yeah! That’s what we do with music a lot of the time. We tell the stories of our thoughts and lives and feels, and suck at being objective reviewers. Hopefully we don’t bore you too much with our thoughts. And, umm, I just realized that I talked a bit too deeply about a song and video when in my actual review of the video I was commenting on how I thrust my crotch at the actors. Errr. Moving on!

What A “주크콩고”


We often feel like people looking into Korea from the outside only see Korea as producing kpop or ballads, so it makes us really happy to talk about a jazz band who has created sharable videos on YouTube! YAY!!! As I said in the video, I am still a bit confused as to who this band is made up of since I heard rumours the duo Sweet Salt (who recently had a video for the song “Secret”) where in this band, but since I don’t know a lot about them I can’t tell if the lead singer of Zukcongo is the singer of Sweet Salt. HELPPPPP MEEEEEE!!!! Anyhoo, I really enjoyed this song, actually, Simon and I are big fans of brass instruments in any song. I think I told you guise before, but I (Martina) used to play the sexy sexy baritone (it looks like a small tube, not the baritone sax) for about seven or eight years and I picked up the trumpet along the way, but I just played it for fun in class, never seriously. Let me tell you, when you have the lungs to fill a baritone, you have the lungs to fill all the other brass instruments! Haha! Although I never got the chance to even TRY the french horn. Sad. One day French Horn! ONE DAY I WILL STICK MY HAND INTO YOU!!! Didn’t sound right now that I read it back…

Jung In “Rainy Season”


Well, if your goal was to make me sad, you succeeded Jung In. This video wasn’t super DUPER sad like Nell’s last video which shall remain UNSPOKEN OF ANY FURTHER!! DO YOU HEAR ME! IT KILLS ME! THAT VIDEO KILLS ME! *ahem* But Jungin’s video still had a nice twist at the end that made you want to go back and re-watch the video and then go “OOOHHHH I GET IT”. We mentioned how we liked Jung In’s raspyish voice, and I think this is a stronger point we need to emphasize. I think the reason why we don’t like a lot of ballads (kpop or not) is that a lot of singers’ voices don’t really stand out for us. They have beautiful well trained voices, yes, but it isn’t really memorable? Don’t kill me for saying it, but if every kpop band covered the same ballad and released them all secretly, I’d probably only be able to confidently pick out 6-8 bands due to uniqueness of their voices. With the huge influx of kpop bands lately, I’m not seeing or hearing a lot of uniqueness coming from their voices, talent yes, but individuality, not so much. However, the same can be said for the indie scene. A lot of coffee shop singers, a lot of ballad singers, and a lot of similar voices. But I guess that’s the same in all parts of the world, right? Let us know if you think Jung In is one of those unique people!

Also, I realize now that the Bane joke might have seemed odd if you didn’t see the requester’s video. She was really shy, so she wore a scarf. So, no better way to make people get over their shyness than to show their video here!


But, I guess they could delete their video. IF YOU’RE READING THIS, PLZ DON’T DELETE IT, K? It was great! It had a kitty! It was a great request video! And it made us think a lot about what life is like outside of Korea. We’re in Seoul now, and all we see is apartment buildings and department stores and shops everywhere. It was so different seeing nothing but nature behind you. So…natural! And a free-roaming cat! It walked around and you picked it up! Outside! What the eff?!! Korean kitties are so nasty when they’re outside. We tried saving a kitten once and it devoured Martina’s hand. We had to go to a hospital. BAD KITTIES! So, we’ll stop talking about how your video makes us think about life outside of where we are. Just keep it online!

Then, I guess, people watch our videos and think about what life is like outside of where they are. The vast majority of you Nasties are outside of Korea, anyways. Like, over 90% are! People are always surprised when we say that. Anyhow, that’s enough rambling about life and kitties and shyness. Hope you liked the playlist!

  1. “Hopefully we don’t bore you too much with our thoughts.” you’re never boring ^^

    “I heard rumours the duo Sweet Salt (who recently had a video for the song “Secret”) where in this band, but since I don’t know a lot about them I can’t tell if the lead singer of Zukcongo is the singer of Sweet Salt.” Really? they don’t seem nothing alike.

    Now on to the songs…

    The first song was sweet but isn’t that addicting…

    Second…. not quite into jazz = . =

    Third… It was a great song and video! Jung In’s voice does stand out and she has strong vocal and acting abilities(but in my heart the number one ballad singer will always be Baek Ji Young and Jaurim – . -… *yes I know I’m quite picky when it comes to music*) “They have beautiful well trained voices, yes, but it isn’t really memorable? Don’t kill me for saying it, but if every kpop band covered the same ballad and released them all secretly, I’d probably only be able to confidently pick out 6-8 bands due to uniqueness of their voices” Well it’s uniquenes too but it’s emotion most of all….(maybe it’s because I’ve watched too many dramas…)



  2. Hi Simon, Martina, and all you Nasties!

    As K-indie connoisseurs and brass enthusiasts, I was wondering if you could briefly flex your indie knowledge and help me out with song info. There’s a jazzy Korean song I love so much, but it was deleted from my computer and I can’t remember the name or artist. :(

    There’s one singer, and she has a uniquely raspy voice– not k-pop at all. She sounds like Park Kyung Rim or a Korean Janis Joplin. I made a mp3 of me singing the verse structure and a little bit of the chorus (sorry if I have bad pronunciation):

    The song is acoustic guitar during the verses but has a brass section during the refrain. The guitar in the verses is structured a like the opening of The Shins’ “Pink Bullets” (although not as layered), with the sung verses over it.

    If you can’t think of the song instantly, no worries; I’ll keep scanning Youtube.Thank you very much! :)


  3. I really liked this K-Indie playlist :)

  4. Take a look at this MV from Malaysia: http://youtu.be/HszQqzhU0cU
    What do u think ? Do u like this kind of music?

  5. oh and SIMON… I disagree with Martina…your Bane voice was pretty damn good.

  6. Not liking ballads is fairly simple for me… I don’t speak korean. Ballads rely far more heavily on emotional response than most songs, and throwing out the lyrics rather limits their ability to convey meaning. To work for me either the singing or music has to be _really_ gorgeous, and it’s difficult for any song to live up to that standard.

    • I agree with you here as I will only be drawn to particularly well written music or someone’s incredible voice (ie. Nell or in this case Jung In). Another reason Im not particularly fond of ballads is that Im the kind of person who needs positive sounds and beats and singing (ie. electronic and funk rock) because as an emotional person myself I want to feel happy and not be overwhelmed by sadness or sweetness. THAT AINT ME YO! b-b-b-b-b-bring da BEATS!

  7. listening to the first and second song… i feel so many feels.. ah, so many feels lately.
    I’ve always been a fan of the alternative/indie/indie rock music here in the Canada’s and Its so great that you guy share Korean indie music with us! So far I’ve really liked the songs you’ve reviewed, even though I’m not an active comment-er, I just wanted you to know >.<;

    K-indie is slowly taking over my indie playlist !

  8. *slowly removes hand from delete button* You know, I had considered deleting this video, but since you’ve asked me not to in all caps lock, I guess I’ll leave it up. :)

    Bane’s little sister? Bwahaha! I totally see that now that you’ve pointed it out. Do you know how many scarves I tried on to find one that allowed me to talk without getting a mouthful of fabric?

    I’m kind of in shock right now that you actually did pick my request video. Shocked, embarrassed, but happy. :) I’m so glad that you guys liked the song despite it being a ballad. (Side note: Yes, Jung In did feature in Leesang’s song The Girl Who Can’t Break Up, The Boy Who Can’t Leave.) Also, back when I filmed this, we hadn’t started the EYKAs yet, so I didn’t know that you would end up seeing this request after all of those sad Plot nominees, including the video which shall not be named. Sorry guys!

    Regarding the cat: Haha, there’s not really a secret I can pass on. Bandit, the cat in the video, is my cat; he’s always been an indoor/outdoor cat, so in that mysterious way cats have, he knows not to wander outside too far from home and get lost. Personally I think they always know exactly where they are in relation to the food dish. He’s also very vocal (and curious, naturally), so he spent the entire time I was filming twining himself around my legs and meowing. So cute but oh so disruptive. XD It was easy to pick him up and use him for blooper footage. (By the way, did you guys add meowing sounds into your own video, or was I just hearing things?)

    Thank you again for picking my request and checking out Rainy Season! Bane’s little sister, signing off.

    • All the cats that ventured into my life were strays, spending 80% of their time outdoors, but mostly in the confines of the garden. You’re absolutely right, it’s the food that keeps them around.
      For me the indoor/outdoor kind of cats is a norm (even for those living in flats). It’s surprising to learn that’s not necessarily the case elsewhere.
      And you have lovely hair.

      • I can’t personally speak for cats in Korea, but from what S&M have said, they sound just like cats in Japan. In Japan (or at least in the big cities) there are packs of wild cats that roam the back alleys. I’m a big cat person, so when I was there, I tried to make friends with all the ones that hung around my apartment, but it proved to be an exercise in futility. They’ll only come close if you leave a bowl of food outside for them and keep away, which is what a lot of the ahjummas do. I think most of the tame, domestic cats are kept inside in the big cities since there’s a high chance of them getting hit by a car. The only ones of those kind that I ever saw outside were on private balconies, wearing collars and looking through the railing. I’m from the U.S. and even in U.S. cities I know lots of people who have indoor/outdoor cats, though ones that live in the heart of very urbanized areas tend to litter box train their cats so that they never have to leave the apartment, so I guess that is similar to urban Japan/Korea (minus the roaming packs of wild cats!).

    • I would have gone with Zelo’s little sister, haha. Thanks for doing a request! I’m not a huge camera fan either, so mad respect.

      • You’re right! I am reminded of Zelo, haha. But if that were the case, I’d have to be his older sister since he’s younger than me. :)

        Maybe I can start a trend for Indie requests: Everyone who’s camera shy can start wearing something to cover their faces while filming a request video. XD

    • You know, as soon as they mentioned Bane, all I could think of was Mithra from Epik High’s MAMA performance. Does that make you Mithra’s younger sister? And Natz’ sister in law? :O

  9. I understand what you mean when you said there is an over saturation of artist in the music scene now. In the US, there are only a handful of distinct pop artist that are popular,where their music sounds the same but their voices are different, but when you venture towards the indie/alternative scene, the groups sound A LOT alike, both in song and voice type. I have a hard time telling one group from another. It kinda turns me off from the indie scene, but I’m weeding my way through the plethora of groups to find some really good artists. It’s a battle I’m okay with fighting :P

  10. The trumpet in “What A…” makes me think of the movie Up. TTuTT

  11. OMG! I just figured out Jung In is from Jungle Entertainment! I love those guys! AND I found her albums on iTunes! :D

  12. is it weird that i know what editing software she used? I use it myself, actually X) besides that, Jung In is AMAZING! I love her voice, the video confused me a bit though, so could someone clue me in? and What A…was also a beautiful song. All i could think about when that was playing was Simon and Martina….and Simon’s Nasty F.A.R.Ting XD great list!

    • My interpretation is that the girl is dead. We see her past relationship with her boyfriend, as they happily chase each other around the theater, as well as a fight that I’m assuming lead to a break up or something of the kind. The twist comes at the end, when you think the guy is returning to her as she hears his footsteps coming toward her. The actuality though is that the dressing room is empty (except for maybe her ghost). The point is that to the guy, who is still alive, she’s not there. The flower that he places on the table is (I think) a white carnation, which, though it does have happy connotations, is also used as a traditional funeral flower, given in condolence for the death of a loved one.

      So sad. You’re rooting for them to get back together, but you find out at the end that they can never be together again because she’s dead. If you think of her as a ghost hanging around the place where she was happy with her boyfriend, though, the ending could be considered bittersweet since it looks like her ghost saw that he did in fact return to their place. Maybe that counts for something?

  13. The request video was sooo cute!!

  14. is it just me or the girl in “Rainy Season” looks a little like
    Son Dam Bi

  15. I really enjoyed “What a…” cause it really reminded me of chilling on the grass with my friends at the Han river this past summer listening to our ipods and getting food delivered to us (delivery is KING in Korea is ridiculous). gah… so cold now.

    Also the last song I really liked Jung In’s voice. To me it was less cute and sweet like I normally hear in indie singers (and quite bored of to be honest). its was more her rich tone that was sultry and sexy, and I loved the parts where she really belts it out

  16. I was feeling a little blue tonight, thanks for putting up this playlist!!! Hopefully it’ll cheer me up a bit :)

    …..but with a title like ‘Blue Story’…………….


    • I had so much to say about this playlist, and then the Jung In video came on and now I’m drowning in emotions and can’t remember anything. Damn you jas!! (oh and thanks for clarifying it as ‘Jasmin’ not ‘Jason’ as I’ve been saying it all this time)

      uuuuh what else umm Jas you’re really cute….and so is your cat… :p

      About associating songs with different phases of your life, yes I do that all the time. I’ve travelled a lot, and I listen to the radio a lot, so generally the popular song in a particular place at a particular time would be the ‘soundtrack’ to my memories at that time. Eminem’s Just Lose It reminds me of looking at the boys in the school bus in Melbourne. Rihanna’s Umbrella reminds me of selling soy milk in South Thailand. Ricky Martin’s Ole Ole reminds me of guys smoking on the sidewalks in Indonesia. Gigi’s Andai reminds me of Vegeta fighting Son Goku in Dragon Ball…………..okay that’s enough. :S

      Blue Story’s video was similar to Nell’s The Day before, even with the coffee-pouring at the beginning. The last video was sad like Nell’s latest. The reason I was blue tonight was partly because I was just discussing the suicide in Nell’s video, with jas who made that last request. I have Nell on the mind.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m just going to drown in my own tears ala MBLAQ.

      • That’s really funny that you were pronouncing it like Jason because that’s my older brother’s name. I guess that would make him Bane? :D

        What a coincidence that we were just talking about Nell’s The Day Before! I’d completely forgotten that the Indie segment would be up today. Sorry for the double dose of tragic Korean plot MVs ^^; But I definitely approve of your choice to take a cue from MBLAQ. :)

      • usually the best way to drown in tears, in my opinion :D

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