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Korean Indie Playlist: The What Season

December 16, 2012


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The … “Blue Story”

Sometimes I think about the way we talk about Music and Music Videos and realize how utterly unobjective and rambling we are. We sometimes talk about music in its context, how the artists grow, what the songs sound like, and do stuff that “real” reviewers do, but we find that it’s not as interesting as just talking about what we feel and what we think when we talk about songs. We like music, lots of music, and whenever we like it we do so because it speaks to us on a different level than just the aesthetic.

Same with this song and video. To us, we’re going to remember one of the biggest transition points in our life: we were moving out of Bucheon, which we lived in for 4 years. We were in the process of setting up Eat Your Kimchi as a business and jumping through all those hoops. We walked in on them filming this video at that time. So now, whenever we hear this song or see the video, we’re gonna remember the feels of that specific time.

Music for us is often how we dog-ear the pages in the book of our lives. We remember listening to Flying Lotus’s new album when we were flying back from California and Mexico, Hercules and Love Affair when we moved into our first apartment when we got married, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah when we went to the Polish Festival in Toronto, Battles “Step By Step” when we first started getting into Kpop. So, yeah! That’s what we do with music a lot of the time. We tell the stories of our thoughts and lives and feels, and suck at being objective reviewers. Hopefully we don’t bore you too much with our thoughts. And, umm, I just realized that I talked a bit too deeply about a song and video when in my actual review of the video I was commenting on how I thrust my crotch at the actors. Errr. Moving on!

What A “주크콩고”

We often feel like people looking into Korea from the outside only see Korea as producing kpop or ballads, so it makes us really happy to talk about a jazz band who has created sharable videos on YouTube! YAY!!! As I said in the video, I am still a bit confused as to who this band is made up of since I heard rumours the duo Sweet Salt (who recently had a video for the song “Secret”) where in this band, but since I don’t know a lot about them I can’t tell if the lead singer of Zukcongo is the singer of Sweet Salt. HELPPPPP MEEEEEE!!!! Anyhoo, I really enjoyed this song, actually, Simon and I are big fans of brass instruments in any song. I think I told you guise before, but I (Martina) used to play the sexy sexy baritone (it looks like a small tube, not the baritone sax) for about seven or eight years and I picked up the trumpet along the way, but I just played it for fun in class, never seriously. Let me tell you, when you have the lungs to fill a baritone, you have the lungs to fill all the other brass instruments! Haha! Although I never got the chance to even TRY the french horn. Sad. One day French Horn! ONE DAY I WILL STICK MY HAND INTO YOU!!! Didn’t sound right now that I read it back…

Jung In “Rainy Season”

Well, if your goal was to make me sad, you succeeded Jung In. This video wasn’t super DUPER sad like Nell’s last video which shall remain UNSPOKEN OF ANY FURTHER!! DO YOU HEAR ME! IT KILLS ME! THAT VIDEO KILLS ME! *ahem* But Jungin’s video still had a nice twist at the end that made you want to go back and re-watch the video and then go “OOOHHHH I GET IT”. We mentioned how we liked Jung In’s raspyish voice, and I think this is a stronger point we need to emphasize. I think the reason why we don’t like a lot of ballads (kpop or not) is that a lot of singers’ voices don’t really stand out for us. They have beautiful well trained voices, yes, but it isn’t really memorable? Don’t kill me for saying it, but if every kpop band covered the same ballad and released them all secretly, I’d probably only be able to confidently pick out 6-8 bands due to uniqueness of their voices. With the huge influx of kpop bands lately, I’m not seeing or hearing a lot of uniqueness coming from their voices, talent yes, but individuality, not so much. However, the same can be said for the indie scene. A lot of coffee shop singers, a lot of ballad singers, and a lot of similar voices. But I guess that’s the same in all parts of the world, right? Let us know if you think Jung In is one of those unique people!

Also, I realize now that the Bane joke might have seemed odd if you didn’t see the requester’s video. She was really shy, so she wore a scarf. So, no better way to make people get over their shyness than to show their video here!

But, I guess they could delete their video. IF YOU’RE READING THIS, PLZ DON’T DELETE IT, K? It was great! It had a kitty! It was a great request video! And it made us think a lot about what life is like outside of Korea. We’re in Seoul now, and all we see is apartment buildings and department stores and shops everywhere. It was so different seeing nothing but nature behind you. So…natural! And a free-roaming cat! It walked around and you picked it up! Outside! What the eff?!! Korean kitties are so nasty when they’re outside. We tried saving a kitten once and it devoured Martina’s hand. We had to go to a hospital. BAD KITTIES! So, we’ll stop talking about how your video makes us think about life outside of where we are. Just keep it online!

Then, I guess, people watch our videos and think about what life is like outside of where they are. The vast majority of you Nasties are outside of Korea, anyways. Like, over 90% are! People are always surprised when we say that. Anyhow, that’s enough rambling about life and kitties and shyness. Hope you liked the playlist!



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