Nell “Ocean of Light”


I wound up reading in one of our TL;DR questions what we think about Kpop idol culture, specifically to do with what Lee Hyori said. Supposedly, she didn’t want to promote her song for more than two weeks, because the stages of shows are mostly for idols and fan culture, rather than for music, or something like that. The point of me raising this question is because we’re not sure what to really do when it comes to Nell. They’re not Kpop, but they’re really big. It was the same for Busker Busker. Unfortunately, “Kpop” has become synonymous with idols and fans, so much so that people barely even consider Psy a part of Kpop, though he’s the biggest thing to ever happen to Korean music, which is some thing that Kpop fans have a hard time accepting. Where is there room in Kpop for people that don’t follow the idol path? It’s not necessarily Indie. We just don’t have a better term for it.

It doesn’t really matter too much, really, because they’ll still be great with or without the label. Nell’s still very popular, moreso than lots of Kpop bands out there, and they keep on making great songs. We don’t like this as much as last year’s “The Day Before,” but it’s still a good song. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Smells featuring Neon Bunny “Listen to Your Heart”


OMG Y U SO NEON BUNNY BIAS? Yes, we totally broke the rules for this song. There’s no video. I’m sorry, other Korean Indie Bands whose songs we didn’t talk about because you didn’t have a video! We’re trying to pressure you into making more videos, so people can see them, and we really cheated on our rule. That’s only because we have a crush on Neon Bunny. It was one of the best things we heard all of last year, and so now we’re anxious for anything else Neon Bunny related. This isn’t a full video. It’s not even Neon Bunny’s best song. But it’s still good! We’re not too familiar with Smells, though, but they do seem familiar. I just Googled to see if we spoke about Smells before, and typed in “eatyourkimchi smells” as the search term. I quickly closed the window. I didn’t want to see what I didn’t want to see…

Coreyah “Whale of a Time”


Is it unfair of us to compare this song to the Decemberists? Not everything ship and whale related must be theirs? It’s also not really fair that this song kinda sounds Decemberists-y. Just without the middle English. Though Decemberists aren’t really Middle English. More…Pre-Victorian? Is that right? I don’t know. I haven’t taken an English lit course in a long time.

But it seems that we’re not being unfair, because even Leigh saw the video and suggested the Decemberists on her own. See! It’s not just us!

Or, if you don’t listen to the Decemberists much, I’m sure you probably have no clue what we’re talking about…so don’t worry! Just check out the song and hopefully you’ll like it.

Anyhow, we’re gonna get back to enjoying our anniversary! We’ve been married for six years as of today! Ok, back to husband and wifely things. See you tomorrow!

  1. Loved the Ocean of Light song! Such a fun beat and I really liked the whole garage band feel to it as well. Have to add this to my playlist now.
    As for the other two though, meh…Just wasn’t feeling very into either one of them. They are not bad songs, but just not my thing. Only one of these songs gets the tiger paw stamp of approval this week.

  2. Happy 6th Anniversary guys~! :D

    I absolutely love all the songs in this week’s playlist! :D They’re all so awesome!

    p/s: guise, you should link Coreaya’s vid to their official youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oLDcuV4wV0

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    I have to say, I *loved* “Ocean of Light”, absolutely loved it <33333333 I liked the other two of OoL is just the standout track of the week/month/year/ever for me.

  4. Nell are freakin amazing!!!!
    and i’m totally loving this song!!!

  5. Nell’s Slip Away album still remains one of my favorite albums but I really love Ocean of Light. I love the upbeat, energy building frame work of the song. Uplifting and get you energized song. Possibly to snap you ouf the the depression you got watching The Day Before MV. The Day Before is such a wonderfully orchestrated melodic song, it’s kinda of unfair to compare Ocean of Light to it. This is more comparable to their song Cliff Parade. I just know I really, really like Ocean of Light.

    Coreyah’s MV I’ve really missed seeing artist videos like that, got my graphic designy artsy fartsy side all school girl giddy. And I do not think it is unfair to compare them to the Decemberist at all, especially from a visual stand point. They cornered the market on nautical themes in the music world and sealed the deal with Mariner’s Revenge.

    Oh, I forgot, I agree it is hard to categorize Nell and Busker Busker into the correct genre. By all standards they should be kpop, they are Korean and popular. I guess they could be call kpoprock? But that doesn’t help categorize other artists about their who are not idols like Huh Gak, Psy and Cho Yong Pil and art rock musicians. I see many times the songs that are the most popular are not the songs winning on the various music shows and I feel a bit disheartened for those artists. I say only a bit because when all is said and done their songs are still highly popular week to week while others just sort fade away. I only watch music shows now for performance and know that the winner is 95% based on popularity of younger viewers who have the time to vote and search the internet for their favorite idols. I believe fans of Nell, Busker Busker ect are generally 20+ and don’t have time to play the internet popularity game, nor care to. They just like good music and show it by buying the music, sharing it with others who buy it also and so on and so on. You know the music really grows in popularity. Okay sorry for rambling on for so long.

  6. In case someone else hasn’t already posted it but it seems like this is actually the official MV for Whale of A Time (same video, just the official channel) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oLDcuV4wV0

  7. I really like this Nell song! It’s maybe the third one I’ve listened to, and its really great. I don’t know if it made me a fan, but i’ll sure try to look up more of him.
    Eh~ second ‘video’…the song really didn’t do it for me.
    Third video, was nice and the video was great and I can appreciate the artistry of it, but it still isn’t really my thing. Maybe I’m just being picky this week? eh, who knows *shrugs shoulders. Well, have a nice anniversary. I actually will be losing my internet tomorrow (thought i would have yesterday, but it was the weekend so…yea) T^T won’t be able to watch for who knows how long! WAT WILL I DO WITHOUT EYK???? :P Have a nice day!

  8. “Oceans of Light” and “Listen to Your Heart” immediately went into my play list. I had previously grabbed “Whale of a Time” when perusing the high numbered part of the kpop chart some time ago. I think that Coreyah sounds more like East Coast Canada Acadian music more than anything else. Some of the more traditional stuff done by Great Big Sea is very similar. I did get a real old school Sesame Street feel from the video though, like one of those short animations of this silhouette type that they would occasionally do. All enjoyable.

  9. Awesome list! Loved all the songs on this list! I was hoping you’d talk about Nell at some point. Wish granted! =D

    Thank you and Happy Anniversary!

  10. I think music made by FT Island, CNBlue, TRAX etc are also classified as K-Rock. At least that’s what the music file says when I coughcoughdownloaditcoughcough I mean buy it.

    • I just wish that Jay would come out of the army sooner, and that TRAX would start making new music again. Their last album Blind is one of the few albums in which I like, and I mean really like, every single song. //ughuhuhuhuhuhu

      • That’s probably the way the SM was going with them, if they were going to make more money out of TRAX. But still, I thought Blind was pretty good. I must admit though, I’m not surprised they were also aimed at the Japanese market. Their early videos were um, “quite different” to what their latest incarnations are.

  11. You know, for being called “Smells”, that song has an awful lot of “listen”ing going on in it. ;)

    I really want to write something thoughtful related to the “Kpop, idols, and fans” issue that you raised, but all I can think of right now is “Yaaaaaaay, Nell!”

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