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Korean Like a Pro 3: Restaurant Talk

April 22, 2011


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BAM! Welcome back, Korean Like a Pro. We never forgot about this segment. Never! We just got sidetracked for a bit with other projects. But this segment has a special place in our hearts, and we plan on doing more in the future, maybe not as a regular weekly segment, but we’ll do it every so often. Or should we do it as a weekly segment? What do you think?

Anyhow, I think the Russian part of this video needs a bit of an explanation. This might be a sensitive topic, but it needs to be discussed. KOREAN MEN: if you are reading this, please, please stop asking foreigner women if they are Russian. We know what you mean when you are asking. You’re not kindly asking if we’re from Russia. You’re not curious about our background or trying to start a conversation. You’re asking if we’re prostitutes, and it’s exceptionally offensive.

#1 Not all Russian women are prostitutes, and just the insinuation is unbelievably racist.

#2 Not all pretty foreigners are prostitutes. Just you asking is exceptionally insulting as well. Imagine if foreigners started asking random Korean women if they’re prostitutes. I don’t even know where to begin with this.

#3 And this is important, just in case people try claiming the opposite – not all Korean men are dirty perverts, either. Not all of them ask if you’re Russian. In fact, not many of them do, but it happens regularly enough to get you angry about it. Notice how we don’t go up to old Korean guys and ask them if they’re dirty Johns, either. Just because a few of them are, it’s far from reasonable to ask a random Ajosshi if he like prostitutes.

Ah well. I doubt scuzzy Korean men will be reading this anyways. They’re not really our target demographic. But we got that off our chests! And so, if you’re a woman coming to Korea, and you find yourself being asked if you’re Russian…well, now you know why!

Back to the movie: this time we finally go to a restaurant! As you might have remembered from our last Korean Like a Pro, we left our two characters just after they decided where they should eat. It’s been many months since then, and now they’re back in the Spring time ready to eat again, and their decision is the same as before! Woohoo! Dwegi Galbi 4 lyfe!

At the end of the video the guy says something along the lines of “very well. We won’t eat ice cream then.” It was really difficult to pronounce, because it’s supposed to sound like “Ice Cream Anmotgettneh,” but the transition from the T to the N sound is really difficult, especially since Simon had a cold, and he can barely pronounce his Ns with a stuffed nose. Note: we never claimed to be fluent in Korean to begin with!

If there are other scenarios or situations you’d like to see our Aegyo girl and her Oppa go through, so that we can try enacting some basic Korean that you’re interested in learning, let us know. We can’t promise that we’ll know how to talk about it in Korean, but we can at least give it a shot!



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