BAM! Welcome back, Korean Like a Pro. We never forgot about this segment. Never! We just got sidetracked for a bit with other projects. But this segment has a special place in our hearts, and we plan on doing more in the future, maybe not as a regular weekly segment, but we’ll do it every so often. Or should we do it as a weekly segment? What do you think?

Anyhow, I think the Russian part of this video needs a bit of an explanation. This might be a sensitive topic, but it needs to be discussed. KOREAN MEN: if you are reading this, please, please stop asking foreigner women if they are Russian. We know what you mean when you are asking. You’re not kindly asking if we’re from Russia. You’re not curious about our background or trying to start a conversation. You’re asking if we’re prostitutes, and it’s exceptionally offensive.

#1 Not all Russian women are prostitutes, and just the insinuation is unbelievably racist.

#2 Not all pretty foreigners are prostitutes. Just you asking is exceptionally insulting as well. Imagine if foreigners started asking random Korean women if they’re prostitutes. I don’t even know where to begin with this.

#3 And this is important, just in case people try claiming the opposite – not all Korean men are dirty perverts, either. Not all of them ask if you’re Russian. In fact, not many of them do, but it happens regularly enough to get you angry about it. Notice how we don’t go up to old Korean guys and ask them if they’re dirty Johns, either. Just because a few of them are, it’s far from reasonable to ask a random Ajosshi if he like prostitutes.

Ah well. I doubt scuzzy Korean men will be reading this anyways. They’re not really our target demographic. But we got that off our chests! And so, if you’re a woman coming to Korea, and you find yourself being asked if you’re Russian…well, now you know why!

Back to the movie: this time we finally go to a restaurant! As you might have remembered from our last Korean Like a Pro, we left our two characters just after they decided where they should eat. It’s been many months since then, and now they’re back in the Spring time ready to eat again, and their decision is the same as before! Woohoo! Dwegi Galbi 4 lyfe!

At the end of the video the guy says something along the lines of “very well. We won’t eat ice cream then.” It was really difficult to pronounce, because it’s supposed to sound like “Ice Cream Anmotgettneh,” but the transition from the T to the N sound is really difficult, especially since Simon had a cold, and he can barely pronounce his Ns with a stuffed nose. Note: we never claimed to be fluent in Korean to begin with!

If there are other scenarios or situations you’d like to see our Aegyo girl and her Oppa go through, so that we can try enacting some basic Korean that you’re interested in learning, let us know. We can’t promise that we’ll know how to talk about it in Korean, but we can at least give it a shot!

  1. Ahaha you guys sound really good to me! XD

  2. Oh that must have been so offensive..
    I remember reading another foreign girl talked about it on the internet
    She was american and went to the hospital, in emergency,
    and instead of getting a fast and good care of her, she got lots of suspicious look from men and women and even a hospital staff assumed her as illegally staying russian girl,
    and said “you need proper document (health insurance related I guess? comes from proper visa maybe?) to get treated”
    and way he/she sounded was like I know you don’t have proper paper!
    She was very upset and offended by it and left bad comment about Koreans being rude to her
    *** for those who never been to Korea and reading this comment, this is not usual thing happening tho!

    Problem like this should be more discussed so that inappropriate people start to realize it
    In your case, since you already like other positive aspects of Korea, so you just put up with it,
    but other girls can be very upset and get only bad memories I think..
    especially if it happens early after they arrived..
    and its a shame if that happens..

  3. I think Russian women are unsurpassed in beauty and brains and I love Kimchi too! Why isn’t there more brands of kimchi sold in the US ? We have a real opportunity here people! Whatsamatau? are you not interested in making money and furthering US- KOREAN trade? Have a russian woman be a spokesperson for the unique pickled wonder! ! mean the stuff gets better with age just like russian women do! And maybe KAL can serve it on long flights from the US and especially Japan and China!
     We have a real chance to make a bundle of money!!!! HEAPS AND STACKS OF IT! HEAPS AND STACKS people!!!! PS I just adore Russian women!!!

  4. This should be a weekly segment or at least every other week segment.

  5. you guys so funny! and martina, your Korean pronunciation is goooooood! you so-ju lover~

  6. lol this video always make me laugh *moves eyebrows* russian saram??? haha


  7. I love your translations of Oppa. They are so funny. I’ve always wondered why girls would call their crushes their older brother? The idea in America is if you think of someone as your brother you wouldn’t want to date them, then again it is a different culture so hey.

  8. Hey guys, just stumbled across your channel. Very entertaining! I’m also trying to pick up a bit of Korean as I will be visiting in a few months. Your videos do help as you don’t say them too fast and like I said, entertaining to watch =) Please try to include a few more day-to-day phrases!

  9. I am a Korean, and I never knew that the word “러시아 사람” had such a connotation! Shame!98% of Koreans love Russia, America, and Canada. So bad that you met some ugly Koreans.

  10. I love following you guys! Great stuff. Would rather watch your posts than anything on TV. I’m Korean-American, and your insights are spot on. Great Ttuck boki recipe BTW. xoxo

  11. I think there is a misunderstanding here… You guys said that some Korean men asking if you are Russian means asking if you are Russian prostitutes. Koreans ask your nationality because they are really curious about it. They ask about it more often if you are Caucasian because they don’t see many Caucasians around them. They ask Caucasian females if they are from Russia because many Russian and Eastern European women come to Korea to work as a model, so they think that most of the Caucasian women are Russians or Eastern Europeans.

    I am Korean leaving in Seoul for 21 years and I have never heard of Russian prostitutes. When Koreans ask nationality or hometown(especially adults ask about it) it means that they want to start a conversation and be friendly. Koreans ask each other’s hometown because they build strong bond with the person who is from the same hometown.

    I hope nobody gets angry after reading this. I didn’t mean to make anyone feel bad. I just wanted to write my opinion.

    • no.. I don’t think you know what Martina is talking about
      I don’t want to offend you but I think its very naive of you think that way

      There are actually many real Russian prostitutes in Korea,
      the reason Korean Johns started to ask foreign girl such question is because there are actually such girls.
      This is very offensive to Russians I think.. I am very sorry.. :(
      Well now foreigner population has grown so much and people started to think of them being here more naturally but even just few years ago, foreigners were so few.. almost like 95% of them were US soldiers and as for young causian women population, most times they were Russian girls came here for inappropriate job! (of course its not the same now!)

      A girl in your age not being familiar of this is understandable, its natural.
      like Martina said in the video, a young girl(like you!) asking if you are russian would actually mean if she comes from Russia.
      (I mean why ask such question if there were no such girls??)
      But there’s more to the reality than you know

    • I forgot to write this…
      I can’t be 100% sure because there are always exceptional people.
      I recommend foreign travelers don’t go out alone when it gets dark outside.

  12. You guys are so cute, and your Korean is excellent. I am impressed.

  13. Well. Aghh.
    I stay in Korea for 6 months now, I am married girl. But all these questions ‘Russian saram?’ make me crazy and sometimes angry >.< throw I don't show my anger ^.^ Actually not only men are asking this, women too. And when they hear what I am from North Europe and have NO connection with Russia, they acting more kindly, more smiling and they try to ask some questions about Europe. I think Koreans don't know about this kind of situation, because they are not foreigner girl who stay in Korea. Anyway, Korea is awesome! And people too!!!
    Keep strong Martina on this question!!!

  14. lol! Russians and Eastern Europeans are generally recognised as prostitutes in south korea but that kind of things happen all the time. When ‘Australian’ prime minister visited south korea for G20 summit last year, they presented her with a doll dressed in a ‘Austrian’ traditional costume. haha!

  15. I want to download this as a podcast on iTunes but it’s not listed. :-( I’ve genuinely been wondering for a while how to say “I want this one” or “I want that one” in Korean. I’m going to take a quick trip to Seoul soon and eating is very important to me. So I need to communicate my neeeeeds (yeah, that sounds kiiiiinda dirty but whatevs) haha! :-)

    Along those lines, you know what’d be great?? If you did some kind of top 10 Must Eat dishes, or top 10 street foods to gorge yourself on. I know this isn’t necessarily a food blog, but you know, I’d appreciate your personal recommendations! For real for real.

  16. oy that russian thing is creepy

  17. WOW!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooo happy to see KOREAN LIKE A PRO again!!!!!!!!
    i remember when i first watched it… it was really amazing..
    I kept saying “Daebak” watching you!!
    this time, i noticed this episode is kind of controversial but i think you pointed the truth exatly..
    anyways, i will be looking forward to watching the next episode! C YA ;-D

  18. i have a request prease – could you add the written romanized script somewhere in your future posts? thanx!

    and yes i’d love to see these vids with greater quantity and frequency! =D

    your blog is awesomeeeee!

  19. You guys speak korean very well !!! I’m impressed

  20. Hey, Martina finally won rock paper scissors! Go martina!!!

    And um… HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love these videos…

  21. Korean people don’t be offended by this! Most foreigners know Korean people don’t all assume we’re from America (although that’s usually the first guess made) or that we’re Russian prostitutes! However, in the course of nearly 2 years here, I’ve been asked, as have many of my friends on more than one occasion, by older gentlemen if we’re “Russia?”, pervy inuendos totally intended. We’re neither Russian nor prostitutes and it’s super sad that that’s the comparison made. ã…  So for anyone who isn’t a foreign girl living here…. you wouldn’t have experienced it and it’s a valid point!
    Anywaysssss, funny and cute vid! I agree–다음시간에 노래방에가요! ^^

  22. LOL I love how you guys do that thumbs up thing at the end of each Korean Like a Pro vid.

    And, huh, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of the whole Russian person thing. I’m Korean, but our family doesn’t live in Korea. It’s been quite a while since any of us has visited Korea, and my parents’ knowledge of Korea is a bit… back in the days (lol)… so it’s cool watching all your vids and learning what contemporary Korea is like, especially from a foreigner’s point of view. :D

    Thanks for making all these videos!

    -First time commenter

  23. Russian saram ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹

  24. i LOVE this segment!!!! please please pleeeease make them more often they’re amazing! im trying to learn korean and its so fun to watch you guys and figure out what you’re saying! and i always LOL at all your videos- tahnks for making them so awesome!! the whole oppa thing was really funny! haha it can honestly be used to mean about 20 different things. lollercoaster

  25. I think it’s good that you point out something that people coming to Korea are not very aware of. Maybe you have to point out some unfavorable, shocking stuff that foreigners coming to Korea should be aware of, like “russian saram.”
    because you can’t always look at the bright sides of Korea… right?
    Just my opinion!

    I love your videos!

  26. bahahahah this is so true! when i went to the DMZ I got a taxi to the start of the tour it was like… 5 am and the taxi driver was insistant that I was Russian!

  27. That prostitute/sexual object thing is neither local nor culture-specific. Asian women get a load of that in the Western countries, as many must know. I think expat female teachers in Korea fare better in comparison, even though the experience itself is no less demeaning from a personal viewpoint.

    Young expat teachers in Korea don’t really have a lot of social contact with the so-called ‘mainstay’ of the society for obvious (and less than obvious) reasons. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but a certain degree of generalising tendency is only natural.

    On the other paw, this is an honest and fun-filled blog. I just can’t help loving the goofiness of it all! ^^

  28. 그 오빠와 애교있는 여자는 노래방에 가야 합니다!
    I mean, isn’t noraebang the natural progression here…? Food, then singing Big Bang!

  29. just to let you all know, when I was teaching in China I was also asked if i was a Russian Prositute (usually after leaving a nightclub by a very drunk Chinese man) they do not walk up to you in a street and ask you that, but yeah. It happens, it sucks and you just say no and walk on.

  30. Where did you guys learn this idea at all? That’s sooo not true! I have been a huge fan of this blog from 2009, but these days (mainly with WTF) I feel like you guys just generalize very rare things and situations as a common Korean thing…. I thought you guys really respect Korean culture… Ddung cream? Nose roller? Double-eyelid tape? Those are the things actually very few teen age girls use mainly for jokes… That’s not a general Korean thing…. If you just use those things as a weird funny things that exist in Korea, it’d have been fine…. But you guys make it too much generalized…. And also, you’ve referred that kind of dirty talk (which I swear to God, 99% of Korean male have never used in their lives) as a restaurant talk? I really feel humiliated by your generalization… I wanna ask you how many times you guys actually have experienced that kind of situation…. Why are you making fun of Korea with something that aren’t really true?

    • Do you LIVE in Korea at all? I dunno where you’ve been but people here use double eyelid tape!! They are the ones that are not old enough to get plastic surgery yet!  

      And what are you talking about dirty talk? If you’re referring the the Russian Saram thing, people here do it more often than you think. I’m not even white and I know about this! OMG >.<

    • Okay guys… I think I clearly misread the whole point. I admit it and apologize for being kinda aggressive and overreacting. Actually (it might have been hard for you to guess from the name I used for the post), I’m Korean who’s now living in New York. Josh is my English name that I use here, but I have a Korean name which I’ve been using more than 30 yrs of my life in Korea. I didn’t know those horribly shame things have been happening to Caucasian ladies time to time in Korea. I really didn’t. Maybe I felt extremely ashamed and wanted to avoid that fact. Well, anyway, I’m sorry that kind of thing happens…. And as much as I was ashamed, my reaction actually reached to some of the other contents that could have been read as a joke about quirky things happening in Korea. Again, I’m sorry about that. (I guess me being in the US and still checking this blog so often kinda affected my emotion…)
      Please know that I never had any intention to discourage you gut from making those fabulous videos that introduce Korean cultures to people outside Korea. If I remember it right, I once sent Simon the email concerning how I was enjoying this blog and wanted to let them know great restaurants in Bucheon… Basically, I’m a huge fan of this blog, still.. I’m coming back to Korea about a month to attend my sister’s wedding this June, and hopefully, I can guide you guys to 부암갈비 in Bucheon which has the best Korean BBQ in Korea!!! Again, thanks for doing this, and sorry about my reaction. Happy Easter!

    • I see you been replied to already, but i do think you are missing the point on WTF. Its for fun and its things foreigners find interesting because there new to us, and interesting. I’m sure if people came to Canada there would be things they don’t understand and think are a bit funny if you looked. As for the Russian comment I’m sure they did said that not all men do it, but it dose happen. It just a general warning that if it dose happen say no! lol

    • Err, how are we generalizing? Did we not say that not all Korean men say this, but a few do. I thought we said that in the video and in the post above. Also, read everyone else’s comments. Lots of people have experienced this as well.

      And I don’t think this would happen to you, or that you would even know how to comment on this, because your name is JOSH. I doubt Korean men ask you if you’re a Russian prostitute. This happens to Martina a lot, in fact, and we decided to talk about it.

      And we’re not using our Wonderful Treasure Finds as examples of things that everyone uses. We find cool things and we want to play with them. Our specific experiences aren’t generalizations. Not everyone experiences things the way we do. We speak on our own experiences.

      We’re not here to show everyone traditional and general experiences of Korea. If we were, we’d sound like Korea Tourism and we’d tell you to eat bibimbap and visit temples and wear hanboks and enjoy Korea’s beautiful scenery. What we’re interested in finding the quirkier things that we find fun and interesting, which in their very nature aren’t generalized. So, no, not everyone drinks out of Twonkle cups, and not everyone wears donkey ears, and if you got that impression then you’re clearly missing the point.

  31. MAKE IT WEEKLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are the funniest!

  32. It’s cool how you guys bring up a sensitive issue like this with humor. :)

  33. Why Russians? I am Russian myself and I must say it’s quite sad to hear that asking a woman is she Russian saram means “are you a prostitute?” :( Are there really that much Russian women that earn money by selling their bodies to men?

    I guess the meaning of all this goes back to olden days, maybe when Russians were the only non-asian looking people that were in this profession. Hmm I don’t know. I should be very careful when I’ll come to Korea or ahjussis will understand me not in the right way.
    Oh I’m really sad now : (

    Anyway, Simon and Martina, keep the blogging and vlogging goin! I love love love eatyourkimchi.com and hopefully It’ll last a very long time, because personally for me it’s the only source in the internet that covers everyday life in Korea in english and in a fun and entertaining way. Thanks!

    • Aww turtlebam. :( It’s not really fair, but there is a VERY common idea that Russian women in Korea are prostitutes. I’m not sure how true it is (I haven’t seen any yet, although one of my friends saw a group of prostitutes with their pimp), but I do get asked if I’m Russian by gross old taxi drivers or men in clubs, and by their tone and expression you can tell they’re asking if I’m a prostitute.

      When you come to Korea, if people ask you where you’re from, maybe you can saw the city (“Moscow eseo wasseoyo”, for example) instead of the country? So fewer people will be strange about it.

      • Maybe I should do so, thanks! But anyway, my trip to Korea will be not so soon :) But I want to visit your country so badly, because the culture is just amazing, completely different from European culture. I want to go to Korea :'(

  34. I can’t english very well. sorry ã… ã…  저는 한국사람이지만 한번도 외국인을 봤을때 미국사람이라고 생각을 단정지은 적이 없어요. 기분이 많이 나쁘셨나보네요. 풍자가재미있어보이기도하지만 그냥 너무 한국인을 포괄적으로 담은것같네요..저같은사람도분명있을겁니다. 한번도 한국에 와본적이 없는 외국인이 이 영상을 본다면 굉장한 편견에 사로잡힐것 같은데요.

    • 그냥 재밌으라고 풍자로 만든 듯 합니다. 너무 또 민감하게 받아드리시지 않아도 될 듯해요 ^^

  35. well. I am korean and I live in u.s. Personally many male caucasians gave me a dirty look as well…as if I am an asian prostitute. You know…it happens all around the world. people fantasize about different race. but often its coming from ignorance. I dont let them bother me…cause its just them.

  36. I heart you guys! LMAO! Thanks for the warning, I will keep a wary out for those eyebrows.

  37. Love this series!! Would really like to see it every week. It would be so helpful to see romanized subtitles on the screen. On your website, a Hangul = romanized = English script for each line would be nice.

  38. waah so cool talking like that *o*
    I want to know what are you saying in Korean… Can you sub the korean too? Please it will help so much :3

  39. you should totally make this a weekly segment!

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