We’re trying to get into Korean Fashion, as you saw with post on Korean Couple Shirts, but we know that fashion goes beyond clothes.

In Korea, they have something called “Magic Straight Perms” that are supposed to keep your hair dead straight for three months. Magic straight perm is a generic term for thermal reconditioning or ionic hair retexturing (IHR) that originated in South Korea. Martina got one for herself, but she didn’t know what she was getting into at all:

If you plan on getting one of these perms yourself, here’s what you’ll need to know:
-For shoulder length hair, be ready to sit for four hours.
-After they perm and and wash your hair, they use a hot iron to lock it in…1 inch hair section at a time (it took one and a half hours with 2 people working on me)
-You can’t wash, pin, or move your hair for 2 days
-It is super expensive:

– Here is what she had: a hair cut, 2 washes, 1 perm solution + heat, hot iron straightening, conditioning serum = $300 (with no tip needed)

Her Korean friends told her that she got a super great deal, as normally you’re looking at spending $500 – $1300. CRAAAAZY! Anyhow, here’s how she looks afterwards. Oh, and the glasses are new as well. Whole new Martina! Hooray! So, click this “after” picture to see her Modeling her New Look. Watch it flowing with the breeze, the way supermodels’ hair always flow with the breeze everywhere they walk.

  1. in the Philippines you could get silky straight hair with haircut and keratin plus a mani pedi for $35. Please come here :)

  2. it s like 50-100 dolar in Turkey. and it s called brazilian perm or keratin therapy

  3. I wonder what it would cost for someone who has hair down to the middle of their back…I think it’d look really cool on my hair, but it sounds like it’d take for.ev.er if they have to straighten inch by inch…

  4. Actually there are places not that expensive.. some places in front of Ewha women’s Univ. cost only 30,000 won. (around $30)

  5. I don’t mind spending 300,000 W if I know it’s a good place, I really want to get this done. Where in Seoul do you guys recommend?

  6. wow i want a magic perm lol my hair is THICK i just tried straightening it and failed miserably it just stays as it is it’s that thick. LOL people below me have been describing korean hair and I seem to be fitting the descriptions lol ^^ i’m happy~

  7. Is that your stove top located on top of a laundry machine? Y_Y

  8. hi im a guy living in korea right now.. and im planing to do something to my hair… its at most 10cm i would say.. and its really curly.. and i would like it straight (or im not sure) but do u think its would be 300 000w for mu short hair as well? or cheeper…
    anyway.. does they speak good english at Juno? and cuz im not really sure what to do whit my hair.. you think its safe to give them free hands x)?.. btw what does coloring costs?

  9. Um, whoa – I’ve had mine done about 6 times now (including this afternoon). The most I’ve paid is 100,000 won. Today I only paid 80,000, which is what most of mine have been. And that included a trim. Where the heck did you go to have to pay that much?!

    • Monkette, where did you get yours done for 80,000?!? My friends and I wanted to get it done but I heard it was around 300,000. Did it work/ did they do a good job?? 

    • I’m going to live in Seoul, I’m a guy and I would like to have a korean like hairstyle but my hair is a mess. I have some kind of straight hairs and a few that are more curly, my hair is also pretty thick and with lot of frizz! I absolutely hate it, because of this I have always had just short hair cuts.
      I would like to get a korean magic perm to be able to have a korean men like haircute but I would like to paid maximum 80,000, I have also heard about people getting the perms for less than that, my hair is just 7cm long maybe it would be cheaper? Where you got it? =)

    • We got it done at Juno here in Bucheon…

  10. I could never have done that. I have dead straight hair as it is, I wake up with it and I go the sleep with it, it NEVER changes. I can try all I want it never takes a curl. I wish I had curly hair so I could straighten it if i wanted and have it curly when i wanted. Is fing annoying to have only straight hair. :(

  11. Is curly hair a …rarity in Korea? I'm thinking so because genetically oriental Asians have uber straight hair…

  12. It's apparently a lot less expensive here in Yeosu. I'm seriously considering this because my hair is long. It's beautiful when it's straight, and just NOT otherwise. Would you recommend it?

    It's supposed to last for three months. What happens then? Not as straight?

  13. I get magic straight perms here – LOOOVE them! My hair is super crazy – and in Korean summers? Oh no… But – mine set me back 80,000W a pop including cut. You should come to Wonju for your next perm!

  14. Hahaha OMG what a funny vid!
    Martina! you look much better now!
    Oh! And be careful with fans! Thy seem to be very dangerous in Korea!
    You should definetly make a video about this legend.

  15. huh? $300? wasnt it 30000 won? then it must be about $30, right? i'd got my hair magic straight permed a plenty of times in korea. but it can't be needed 500000 ~ 1300000won (about $500~$1300). That is crazy. 50000won ~ 130000won is right.

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