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Korean Magic Perms

September 23, 2008


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We’re trying to get into Korean Fashion, as you saw with post on Korean Couple Shirts, but we know that fashion goes beyond clothes.

In Korea, they have something called “Magic Straight Perms” that are supposed to keep your hair dead straight for three months. Magic straight perm is a generic term for thermal reconditioning or ionic hair retexturing (IHR) that originated in South Korea. Martina got one for herself, but she didn’t know what she was getting into at all:

If you plan on getting one of these perms yourself, here’s what you’ll need to know:
-For shoulder length hair, be ready to sit for four hours.
-After they perm and and wash your hair, they use a hot iron to lock it in…1 inch hair section at a time (it took one and a half hours with 2 people working on me)
-You can’t wash, pin, or move your hair for 2 days
-It is super expensive:

– Here is what she had: a hair cut, 2 washes, 1 perm solution + heat, hot iron straightening, conditioning serum = $300 (with no tip needed)

Her Korean friends told her that she got a super great deal, as normally you’re looking at spending $500 – $1300. CRAAAAZY! Anyhow, here’s how she looks afterwards. Oh, and the glasses are new as well. Whole new Martina! Hooray! So, click this “after” picture to see her Modeling her New Look. Watch it flowing with the breeze, the way supermodels’ hair always flow with the breeze everywhere they walk.



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Korean Magic Perms


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  1. in the Philippines you could get silky straight hair with haircut and keratin plus a mani pedi for $35. Please come here :)

    6 years ago
  2. Martina loved it when she did it. It lasted roughly three months until her hair started to slowly get wavy again.

    10 years ago
  3. 80,000 won is cheap! Martina's were much more expensive. Good thing she doesn't do magic perms anymore!

    10 years ago
  4. We've been planning a fan death video as well. In fact, we've been planning boat loads of videos; we just do a lot more writing than filming, and more filming than editing. Bah!

    10 years ago
  5. It was 300,000 won, not 30,000 won. If it was 30 bucks, it would be totally insane.

    10 years ago