Yoohoo! It’s sexy Korean food time! Bow chicka bow wow! And what’s the best way to show off some sexy Korean meat than through our FAPFAP videos? (FYI, for those of you who might not know, FAPFAP stands for “Food Adventure Program For Awesome People”) Consider it a smaller version of our WANKing videos. Since Martina’s ankle is still hurting, we can’t go out and WANK in public, since it requires a lot of walking. Hopefully she’ll be better by next week.

But enough of that! On to the food!

So today we’re going for traditional korean food, at a restaurant aptly named, Korean Traditional Restaurant…very original guys. Now a lot of foreigners tend to steer clear of these restaurants because A) everything is written in Korean and B) the food is very unfamiliar. By unfamiliar we mean: you could end up ordering something that has an unrecognizable cow body part or 45% gelatinous seaweed that has the texture of whale boogers. We’ve been to this restaurant lot and tried to order almost everything. When Simon ordered whale boogers he was not impressed.

Big cultural difference we can’t get used to is wet seaweed. We enjoy dry roasted seaweed and sometimes we even eat it as a snack on its own, or with some plain rice and kimchi. The variety that has been roasted and oiled with olive oil is particularly delicious, but wet drippy snotty seaweed just has a texture we were never introduced to growing up except in fruits, veggies, and meats that had gone bad, so I think we just have bad associations. Oh well, can’t win them all! Moving on!

The local fast food Korean diner has just about everything on the menu, but it doesn’t have the dishes from this restaurant which are a little more expensive due to the quality of meat and time required to make them. A local quick fast food diner will cost you between $1.50 – $6.00, but this restaurant is between $5.00 – $12.00 for a one person meal. They also have large shared meals which are served on a burner and they go for $28.00 – $45.00 but that’s with big pieces of prime beef. Check out the menu here to get a look at their prices.

Korean Food Menu

Here's the menu from the Korean Meat Soup Restaurant. Simon's is at the bottom. Martina's is at the top, second from the right

Now besides our warning about odd animal body parts and seaweed there are also some incredible dishes that have been slow cooked for hours and are just fantastic. Simon order the GALBI JJIM DDUKBAGI which are made of 갈비찜 galbi jjim (beef short ribs) and served in a 뚝배기 = ddukbaegi (earthenware pot). This is kind of unique thing since galbi jjim is usually served for many people, but the ddukbaegi is a way to serve both bulgogi and galbi jjim as a solo dish for one person. It turns into really more of a stew then the normal bite off the bone kind of rib. It’s served with mushrooms and green onions and it can be spicy or mild, but Simon’s was unusually spicy today.

I went for the WANG MANDU SEOLLEONGTANG which has 왕만두 = mandu (large pork dumplings) floating in 설롱탕 = seolleongtang (ox bone soup broth). Remember when we did our video on Wang Mandu? Yeah…this is them, in soup! Now this is kind of a twist on the normal version of seolleongtang, which usually has an addition of clear noodles instead of the mandu, but both these versions come with mushrooms and thinly sliced beef brisket. The broth itself is made by slowly boiling ox bone for hours until the flavour has been extracted and you’re left with a milky looking soup. It reminds me of how Japanese ramen is made, except they use pork bones to get that deliciously greasy and rich broth. *droooool* Now technically I’m eating a super old fashion dish; this is something usually granddads and grandmothers enjoy but…I guess I have no excuse…I like it! It is rather plain tasting but you add salt, pepper, and hot pepper flakes to your taste. I find the mild flavour rather comforting but Simon finds it boring. *Simon taking over here* Martina also has sucky taste in desserts and definitely prefers “granny” type snacks, like ginger cookies and angel food cake and other crap that tastes really boring. BOO TO YOUR TASTES, MARTINA. BOO!!*

So that’s it for this week. We didn’t have a big blooper section, because we didn’t really get to be too goofy, with Martina’s foot and all. I feel so comforted in using that as an excuse. Didn’t make a video: Martina’s foot! Played 12 hours of Skyrim straight: Martina’s foot! Not sure how that qualifies…but it does.


  1. We’re in Insadong…how do you get to this restaurant? Any recommendations in this area?

  2. I’m gonna go on vacation with my dad to korea and I’m planning to go to that restaurant but we both don’t speak korean at all and I can’t read it too. So how do you order food and what would be the best to eat if you don’t like spicy food? (my dad can’t take spicyness so well)

  3. This FAP made me curious. I’d love to try the food, it looks sooo good!
    BUT, I have a very bad food allergy to bell peppers. (or as i like to
    call them, green death lol) In the US it’s pretty easy to request
    changes when dining out to accommodate this.. so I suppose I have two
    questions. 1, Is it easy to request changes to meals at Korean
    restaurants? 2, Do Koreans use bell peppers?
    Thank you!

  4. Whale boogers are great, I love it in the broth my dad makes with a little kimchi. Not actual boogers, u know, the seaweed, lol

  5. Isn’t 12-13k won expensive for food in Korea or is this normal price for a normal lunch/dinner? I mean everyone is saying that Japanese food in Japan is much more expensive, is that really true?

  6. Hey, I was wondering if you guys would be interested in doing some sort of video on how to utilize chopsticks. I generally know how, but I feel like I may be doing something wrong, because it tends to put strain on my hand.

  7. Hey Simon and Martina… I am really interested in visiting the restaurants that you FAPFAP-ed in (when I visit Korea in the future)… care to share with us the addresses of those restaurants? (Or if you already did and I missed it, sorry!) Though I do want to kill you guys for making me drool at 2am! D:

  8. As a Korean… there’s very funny culture (especially among teenagers) that when you get a cast, you, or your friends, can scribble something fun on the cast. Anything can be included like “wishes you to get better”, “fire fist” (if you get a cast on your fist arm), etc. :D Why dont you be the artists?? XD

    • Actually, I’ve seen that done here in the United States among young Caucasians, too. I actually hurt my ankle (same one as Martina) when I fell down the stairs a couple months ago, but I didn’t need a cast *pout* otherwise, I would have had my friends decorate mine, lol. But yeah, I think that’s a great idea. :D You guys must have at least one artsy friend, right Martina? (I know it can be a little difficult to draw on your own cast, considering the slightly awkward angle)

  9. Where is this place? In Seoul?

  10. I fell bad now…I don’t want you to stop doing FAPFAP videos..but that would also mean I don’t want Martina to get better? -.-

    How about you do FAPFAP & WANKing from now on? Like one week FAPFAP and the next WANK and then FAPFAP again..?

  11. Bing translates 왕만두 into “wang dumplings”.  Mmmm…  Did you enjoy your wang dumplings, Martina?  :^#

  12. now this will be really useful when i’ll be in seoul with my friend xD the korean food education is what i fear the most right now xD so ur vids will help us wit that (:

  13. what’s the address of this place? i wanna check it out!…

  14. meaty meat~

  15. after watching your vid, i suddenly had an urge to go eat meat…

  16. Thank goodness I have my own stash of tasty green onion kimchi…

    I really like EYK – Korean Food porn segments…

  17. I watched this while eating crackers. What I want to do now? Drive over to a local Korean restaurant and eat something similar to that…. Which won’t happen. Wah. :'(

  18. I laughed/d’awwwed at Martina’s crutch-Wonder Girls-skip. xD

    It makes me super happy that I have family in Korea, so I just let them order stuff for me at traditional restaurants. :B

  19. <>  No offense to you guys, but coming to a country completely different from your own and avoiding their restaurant is very unusual. Isnt’ that what you would expect when you go to a different country?

  20. Love your restaurant and street food videos!! Hope you heal quickly Martina.

  21. i watched this when i was hungry. bad idea.

  22. I watched this while eating my first homemade soonjubu jjigae. Yeah, mine turned out ok.. but in comparison to what ya’ll ate, I think I shoulda added some MEAT! Hope you feel better soon Martina! <3

  23. 5 stars to everyone who drooled a little bit. Don’t lie!

  24. I once got shin ramyun broth in my eye. I cried so hard. 
    Martina, you should be happy those floors aren’t wet, otherwise you wouldn’t get any traction. I sometimes get nightmares about wet floors and crutches. 

  25. right FAP…… someone has been on 9GAG too much.

  26. i love wet seaweed! i think it tastes super yummy! 

  27. simon, aren’t you polish? shouldn’t you have eaten headcheese at some point in your life?? haven’t you eaten blood sausage??
    you should be used to gross, jelly-like meat products.  :D :D :D

  28. Martina has a sucky taste in deserts? Has she tried the Sahara? I heard it’s pretty interesting..

  29. Simon is way more skilled than Martina at making food-sex faces…

  30. Good thing I was eating jjajangmyun when I watched your video! My stomach would’ve been growling super loud otherwise. You guys should do more of these food videos. I’ve missed seeing your food/restaurant review videos. :3

  31. I was eating my lunch while watching today’s FAP and my sandwich was such a disappointment compared to the delicious looking food you guys were eating. :(

  32. For most restaurants that are on the street, do you just walk in and seat yourselves or are you seated by someone? 
    And how do you go about paying? 
    Oh another thing about paying, in nice cafes do you pay once you are done or right away? How do they know what you ordered? Do you have a receipt or do you tell them?

    • Most, if not all, Korean restaurants (street or otherwise) expect the customers to sit themselves, the whole waiting-to-be seated is not part of the culture.  Sometimes they may ask you to move to a different table (very rarely, and when they do so they have a good reason), but when you enter a restaurant, you find a seat.

      Leaving the cash on the table for the server, or bringing the bill to the table prior to paying is not recognized (as opposed to North America, just for a comparison).  So it’s best to just go up to the cashier and pay.  

      And they do keep track of what you’ve ordered (don’t ask me how, they do, and they do well :D).  If not they might as you what you’ve had/where your table is.

      There may be few exceptions depending on the region/target crowd, but the above is the pretty much the norm.

  33. It looks super super delicious! Martina, nice jacket!:)

  34. tbh honest i probably try the wang mandu seolleongtang first and just make it spicy myself. it sounded delicious and in other news get better martina!

  35. Hey Martina, you should try crutches like these (the inserted picture) they don’t hurt ! :D yaay!
    Love from Norway <3

  36. I know it’s a little bit off-topic, but MARTINA!!! I think I know why it hurts so much when you walk with crutches!
    Did you try to make them shorter? I think there must be some kind of regulation. The problem is that your crutches are too long for you and it’s not comfortable to walk using them! I know what I’m talking about, I had to use crutches for three months and once I got used to them I could walk easily, at normal walking speed. Seriously, try that.

    Love from Poland <3333 Hope you get better soon :D

  37. here is a suggestion martina would love, you guys should visit an etude house shop or any makeup shop

  38. I really want to taste that it sounds really good and different haha 
    can’t wait to see more FAPFAP videos!!
    Hope you get better soon Martina ^^

  39.   oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. you chew that food simon and martina yea yea…
    bite your lip simon mmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMmmmmm….  chica chica
    baoooooo baaooooooooo

  40. I’m like so jealous…the food look sooooo good and I want some even though I’ve never had Korean food and want it really, really, really badly. T.T

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