Last year we posted some pictures about Korean Monsoon Season. We think that we gave off the impression, though, that rainy season is all cute and sweet, with nice umbrellas and cute outfits and all. So we decided to post a video about the horrors of monsoon season. We waited for an especially nasty storm to hit Bucheon, then went outside to brave the storm and record some crazy footage. You’ll never believe how bold some people are! Sure, you’d go out in the rain with an umbrella, but would you go grocery shopping on a bike with an umbrella in one hand through a monsoon?! Didn’t think so!

  1. Hah! The problem is that, in international schools in Korea, they follow American school breaks, ¬†which means summer vacation is from June to August…I think. So that means that they have to suffer nearly all of their vacation in a monsoon.¬†

  2. Oh man, hahaha can’t stop laughing! It looks like when it’s rainging here in Gothenburg, Sweden, but that’s not the reason why I’m laughing. I’m laughing because me and my friends are going to Seoul July 30th-august 17th. haha we’re going to get sooooo wet! hahahahaha!

  3. every time i look for someting i find you !!
    i searck on youtube yout videos turn on
    i search on google you are there
    now how did i found this video by searching for korean umbrella and this video come out
    you guy is like addiction to me

  4. LOL. This is pretty much what it looks like for most of the fall and winter in Washington, puddles, wind, and all. Though most Washingtonians don't carry umbrellas, because of what happens at 0:16. Plus, when the rain is coming at you sideways, there's not much you can do anymore ;)

  5. I really liked this video! :D What is the name of the song you are using?

  6. i see. i think debut July will be good ( i hope T_T)
    Oh, raining again and again is boring.

    Thanks for the answer ! :)

  7. The Rain start at the begining of July or mid July ?
    Aish so bad if it's debut July since i want to go this periodT_T
    It's at the end of a journey ? Or that can be about 2pm too ? ><

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