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A Tour of our Korean Officetel

April 18, 2011


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So we’ve got around a month and a half left in our apartment now. But it’s not really an apartment. In Korea, we live in what – to us, and to everyone who’s asked for a tour – seems like an apartment, but it’s called an officetel. The difference is slight. Supposedly, and officetel is a smaller sized apartment, used often for businesses, but can be lived in as well if you’re broke. To us, though, it seems like a pretty freaking sweet place.

If you’re asking why we have only a month and a half left here, that’s because that’s when Martina’s contract with her school is finally going to be up, and she’s not re-signing with them. She’s going to stop working as a teacher, and start working on the site full-time. Hooray! Both of us working on the site full-time now! BAM! But, that means that we’ll have to relinquish our place and find one on our own. We’ve been living in this officetel since we first came to Bucheon back in 2008. Our schools picked them out for us before we got here, and when we arrived it was all clean and fully furnished. And…in what feels like just a few more days, we’re going to be moving out. Oh! So many memories! So many videos!

We’ve started looking into finding a new place to live in now. We’re torn between living in Bucheon and Seoul. Living in Seoul would be great because of the location, but we’re worried about the size of the place we’ll be living in. Since most of our videos take place in our apartment, if we get stuck in a shoebox in Hongdae, then doing Music Mondays while standing on top of our toaster might suck. But it’s Seoul! Wouldn’t it be cool to live in the city? Wouldn’t it be easier for us to do cool videos in the city? Bucheon’s still really close to Seoul though: we live a two minute walk away from the intracity bus stop, so we can easily catch a bus to Gangnam, Hongdae, Seoul Station, Jongo, and other places we frequent. So…ah! Decisions, decisions.

Anyhow, if you’ve got any suggestions or input, or know a guy who knows a guy who won’t try to con us the way other real estate agents have so far, let us know! When we find a place we’ll probably do a video about the whole process of finding an apartment in Korea, which we can’t fully comment on now, because we’re still learning the ropes without getting fleeced by realtors.



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