So we’ve got around a month and a half left in our apartment now. But it’s not really an apartment. In Korea, we live in what – to us, and to everyone who’s asked for a tour – seems like an apartment, but it’s called an officetel. The difference is slight. Supposedly, and officetel is a smaller sized apartment, used often for businesses, but can be lived in as well if you’re broke. To us, though, it seems like a pretty freaking sweet place.

If you’re asking why we have only a month and a half left here, that’s because that’s when Martina’s contract with her school is finally going to be up, and she’s not re-signing with them. She’s going to stop working as a teacher, and start working on the site full-time. Hooray! Both of us working on the site full-time now! BAM! But, that means that we’ll have to relinquish our place and find one on our own. We’ve been living in this officetel since we first came to Bucheon back in 2008. Our schools picked them out for us before we got here, and when we arrived it was all clean and fully furnished. And…in what feels like just a few more days, we’re going to be moving out. Oh! So many memories! So many videos!

We’ve started looking into finding a new place to live in now. We’re torn between living in Bucheon and Seoul. Living in Seoul would be great because of the location, but we’re worried about the size of the place we’ll be living in. Since most of our videos take place in our apartment, if we get stuck in a shoebox in Hongdae, then doing Music Mondays while standing on top of our toaster might suck. But it’s Seoul! Wouldn’t it be cool to live in the city? Wouldn’t it be easier for us to do cool videos in the city? Bucheon’s still really close to Seoul though: we live a two minute walk away from the intracity bus stop, so we can easily catch a bus to Gangnam, Hongdae, Seoul Station, Jongo, and other places we frequent. So…ah! Decisions, decisions.

Anyhow, if you’ve got any suggestions or input, or know a guy who knows a guy who won’t try to con us the way other real estate agents have so far, let us know! When we find a place we’ll probably do a video about the whole process of finding an apartment in Korea, which we can’t fully comment on now, because we’re still learning the ropes without getting fleeced by realtors.

  1. Can you give advice as to where to look for housing… I’m trying to find something like this. Something with a loft, but it seems hopeless. 

  2. How did are allowed to stay there visa wise if you no longer have a contract for teaching? Also, why does every korean real estate site i visit have such expensive rent? Under rent it usually says 4,000,000 won to 11,000,000? Who can afford to pay $11,000 per month for rent? Am I missing something?

  3. good luck! i hope you find an awesome apartment!

  4. good luck! i hope you find an awesome apartment!

  5. Every time i watch ur vids.. i miss korea more and more… :/

  6. what you guys place look like now

  7. Is that a GD&TOP wallpaper I see on the laptop? :P

  8. How did you guys get about in the TESL program? I’m very interested in doing the same I think i’ve finally found my passion of teaching English

  9. hahahah kogi and pogi
    so cuuute!!!!! omg i love the accent!
    i like the way you say about Korea stuffs

  10. Polish nogi.
    I was wandering before due to Simon´s surname if he is a polish or has a polish ancestors and it looks like it is so :)
    In my language we have very similar word for feet.
    Best wishes from Slovakia

  11. Hi we sort of have the same amount of hard drive and I don’t have a dock…I have to place it in cases and remove it and all the hassle in the world…

    What brand of HD dock to you guys use? Or do you recommend any? Thank You!

    By The Way…I really like Martina’s headband collection :)

    • Hard drive brands don’t really matter to us, because we’re not using them heavily. They’re more just dumping grounds of all our original footage and files for each video, just in case we ever need to go back and pull some stuff from them. I’m pretty sure we just get the cheapest Samsung drives we can find. Yeah!

  12. Hi guys! This video as awesome and very informative!
    I had a question though, could you tell me how much it is to rent an officelet?
    When I return to Korea I would like to rent one.

  13. …and finally I saw what’s upstairs! :D

    <3 your place. Good luck with moving!

  14. Polish??? „Nogi”??? :D
    OK, I might be slow, but I’m Polish, I’m watching your stuff for some time and here comes Polish accent! WOW!!!
    *off to the rest of the vid*

    I really really like seeing various flats/houses/apartments, so I find this vid just awesome :) I’ve always been pretty interested in your nice little place… but shh ;)

  15. Hey, you don’t need to worry about zombies. Your officetel is full of plants. You’ll be fine!


  16. Oh dear! you’re moving! Wah, I hope it went well and all the best guys. Yeah, we also gonna miss your officetel. ;)

  17. You guys will definitely have to post a video of your new apartment. When I’m in Korean, I’ll be sure to hit you up!! Be safe, ok :)

  18. The house may be 디아뜨 Gallery next to City hall :D

  19. Martina, my sister is dying to know…you said you were in Boys Over Flowers? She wants to know who you were! …I think she googled it…no success!

  20. Hello to both of you, and of course to Spudgy as well. I love your videos and writings on Korea, it’s so interesting to see such a different culture (I’m French).

    I had a quick question about your “other” pets – I think that I’ve never seen such a cute plushie as Pogi, and was wondering if he is a character from an anime or somthing recognisable like that… I would love to have one of my own, but haven’t had any luck poking around online. Thanks for any help you can give me :)

    Best of luck on moving house !

  21. Hey guys long time no see. When I was living in Suwon my place was 18 x 16 square feet. NO Joke. Your place looks like a mansion comparing to that. Now that I am back in America where I own my home in GA, I only have a 3,700 square foot home with a half an acre of land. Hey if you ever want to visit well you cant say I did not offer. It has a huge Korea population but I have to admit its most likely not aa big as the one outside your window. KKK Take is easy.

  22. Um, or you’ll end up in a rather small one-bedroom apartment where you must lean over the sink to wash your hair. I’m not bitter, just messy.

  23. I go crazy for the little robots on the edge of that door underneath the stairs!! I think I saw them on the BB cream video, so cute!!

  24. Omo…. Very cozy space to live in. And I just want to lay down on your guess sofa upstairs :3 And it’s colorfullll and cute things all around the corner~! <3 AND AWESOME VIEW. Now I wanna FedEx myself to Korea..

  25. The refrence to “High High” made my day better! :)

  26. Kogi, Nogi & Pogi ~ that was hilarious :D very creative ! so, Korean & Polish, they really match. hehe, I thought that your home is bigger, but even if it’s quite small, it’s really cute ~~and this Hello Kitty thing awwrr <333 & btw….Pozdrowienia z Polski :) Już od jakiegoÅ› czasu namiÄ™tnie oglÄ…dam każdy odcinek waszego Kpop Music Monday. NaprawdÄ™, Å›wietny pomysÅ‚ :) FankÄ… k-popu jestem już jakieÅ› 6 lat, ale dziÄ™ki waszej poniedziaÅ‚kowej serii odkrywam go na nowo ;D Tak trzymać !! Simon, translate it for Martina, thank you & fighting!!!!!!!

  27. Your apartment is really cute! (^_^) My husband and I will prbby be in one like that when we move back to Korea when I start teaching. Bucheon is actually one of the cities we are talking about moving to, so it has been super helpful to watch your videos about the everyday life there. Thanks!

  28. oh i really want to live in korea..great officetel! =D

  29. ooooo you guys must be excited! i would go for seoul i like cities they are more fun

  30. I KNEW Simon had a gigantor t-shirt collection. His shirts take up more than Martina’s headband and earring collection. I think there should be a space penalty and I dunno, maybe penalize with switching to Hello Kitty towels as well.

    Good luck going forward. Do let us fans know when you’re going Full Time with the videos. That would warrant a Spudgy t-shirt purchase. Wouldn’t want him to waste away to nothing but hair.

  31. I remember waching your first 오피스텔 video and I liked part where Martina was showing the dining table!!^^ How come you guys stopped putting the 배달 ad on the door? I was looking forward to how much you got covered…:( anyway! I believe that you should stay in 부천. Mainly because the housing rate is so expensive in 서울. I’ll be looking forward to another tour of your new and cool apartment (hopefully)!

  32. But you did a tour video before… Another one now? Well this one shows the upstairs better! I never knew there was room for more than Simon’s shirts!!

    Wow does the site generate a lit of income? How? Personally sad to hear if the days of teaching coming to an end but, of course, only you know what is best for you!!

    And the box of hairbands… All I (thought I) saw when Martina first opened it were, like, straps. O.O;;; scary moment…

  33. You guys have such a cute house!!! ㅠㅕㅅㄷ!!! 

  34. Ohh~ Cool. I like your sponge. It’s full of STARS~ :> I love stars. :3

  35. Ooh guys, I know what you mean. But it’s better than living on the other side on han river right? when I went to Korea, we lived in this hotel and we had to ride a cab and go across the han river to go to seoul. anyways, i suggest you guys to make this list like pros and cons, haha the more the benefit, the better, anyways, i’m not even helping. i guess, i’ll be missing your officetel too T.T

  36. is that your external HDD? where did you buy it???

  37. Awww how sad, it’ll be like a new chapter in your life.
    T_T But how will you pay for all of the things that are cute for Martina and all the giant-to-Koreans stuff for Simon?
    But wahayy! Exciting. Hope you guys find an awesome new home where ever it is~

  38. In that random 1TB hard drive? Porn.

  39. Your apartment tour isn’t broken on ITunes!!

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