OH, there’s so much wrong with this, and yet, there’s so much right as well.

For starters, how do you title this video in a few words? I’m worried some people are reading the title and thinking that it’s ice cream in the shape of a Korean Penis. It’s not! It’s Korean Ice cream in the shape of a penis. Get it straight!

And it’s not realllllly shaped like a penis, but it sure doesn’t escape the imagination. There are loads of pictures people take with this in a very…flirtatious manner. And it’s got the same kinda aspect ratio as a…you know, I’m not gonna go there. I just know that I’m not the only one who thinks of shouting THAT’S A PENIS when I see this. Am I? Guise? I’m not the only one, right? Right!

So, I was thinking, for the video, we’d do a lot of “Whose Line is it Anyways” kinda skits, except we’d always just recreate different sexual acts, but…it was kinda embarrassing. We saw people looking at us, and, umm, I just don’t feel comfortable ski-poling it in front of a crowd, you know? I’m ok with embarrassing myself in many ways, but this is just a bit too challenging for me.

Ok but for really reals, after the novelty of a giant creamy phallus wears off, you actually have to eat the thing, aaaand it’s not that great. The ice cream is really subpar. It’s cream water. It’s got more icicles in it than flavour. The cone, though, makes up for it, BECAUSE IT TASTES LIKE CORN POPS! Whoa, haven’t had that flavour since childhood. Ahh, childhood: when you could eat unhealthy cereal guilt free.

Also, it’s just too much to eat. Isn’t it? Has anyone been able to finish a whole one of these? It’s a lot to eat. I think it’s meant to be shared.

There’s another ragingly popular ice cream trend happening lately, and we wanted to film that one first, buuuut it turns out that it’s so popular that they ran out of their product until April (and we filmed this a week ago). Anyone know what we’re talking about? If so…sshhh! Don’t tell anyone! We need another excuse to go out and eat ice cream…for science, that is! And because we want to show you what’s cool and trending in Korea, not only what’s traditional. Korea Tourism does the traditional stuff for you. We do the other stuff :D

Anyhow, we’ve got a bunch of bloopers that didn’t make the final cut as well. Check em out if you’re still feeling Nasty!


And, very importantly, it’s Martina’s birthday today! Hooray! We’re out celebrating in Everland for the day. Well, by the time we’ve published this, we’ll be back, but that’s what we did today. You should grant Martina’s birthday wish and click on the subscribe button below!

  1. ah so sad, if only the ice cream was actually delicious! this dessert would be one of my top favorites. ice cream and corn related food is just a great combination. love that crunchiness.

  2. This video never gets old. Also we nasties love your dirty minds. For the people cant think dirty in front of there friends they can watch this video and many other videos.

    Ps this commenting is way better then the other stuff you had. I feel like its more private and you don’t have to worry about people screaming at you for your opinion. Plus you can change you display name and if you pay the nasty icon.

  3. I loved this so much! I’m a Canadian living in Japan and it still fascinates me how phallic symbols pop up (pardon the pun) in different areas of Asia. I don’t know if anyone else mentioned this, but there is a Penis Festival in Kawasaki, Japan every spring (usually early April) that you should check out if you’re visiting Japan during that period. For the most part Japan can be very conservative but this festival is not in any way so. Very fun!

    • Thats crazy funny and awesome. The one thing i found really interesting about Japan is the fact that lots of Japanese people wont see how not conservative there anime is. I tried explaining to my Japanese friends that the JPN version of sailor moon actually has a lot of LGBT content in it. They didn’t believe me but its seriously true. If you didn’t know you just learned something new. :p

      Also my friend went to japan to visit are friend who was living there and there was porn vending machines and beer ones. She took pictures also of them. They where on tokyo just so you know. But i was like i cant believe this in what country so they have porn in a machine that you can buy. Like how do you check for id. A 5 year old can buy it. The most interesting things i have to say are in japan and in korea.

  4. THANK YOU for saying this is a gold mine for dirty ideas! My Korean friend said I was a pervert when I saw them. Probably could have shouted a bit more quiet PENIS while pointing, sure, but h-e-l-l-o! And thank you for trying it, now I don’t have to. Just as well, I need to eat patbingsu. Every kind there is!


    • The thing is even thought they called you a pervert. They should actually be looking at them selves and the country. Canada and America know the things you should create to not get bad thoughts. But Korean people are so innocent. They make things out of weird shapes and put pictures up that to an american or Canadian is like wtf. The pictures of the girl and the hearts on her eyes with the ice cream looks so wrong. I think korean people not all but a lot are secretly perverted so they come up with these ideas and it sells and no one is the wiser until an American or Canadian jumps in and point it out. So till your friend lol “it is you cant till me it doesn’t look like a penis and your calling me a pervert why are korean people creating these things.” :p finish of with “i am not prevented i am stating the truth.” :p

    • I will take this as a serious mission and eat all the bingsu I see! I hope you know this shows my deep respect for you!

  5. So am I the only one who thought of penis fencing? [It refers to two different mating behaviors of two different types of animals. You may not want to know about either. You have been warned.] Should I be disturbed by that?

  6. I just… (o_o”) what?

    Happy birthday Martina!

  7. You so….tasty?
    I think my favorite part of the video (besides the whole blooper reel) is the sword fighting. The only thing that could have made it funnier would have been light-saber sounds. I added them mentally. XD

    It kinda reminds me of eating chocolate covered frozen bananas (on a steeek) at the beach as a kid, same thought process.

  8. I never knew this was a thing. Like, this is actually a thing. Wat O_O And I giggled a bit at the double meaning of “Get it straight!” in the blog post X’D

  9. I’ve never had dick shaped ice cream but I have had a “cock and balls,” doughnut from Voo Doo Doughnuts in Portland Oregon, USA. OMG SO tasty and it had white cream filling in the balls part as well as straight through the bar doughnut… I can’t find a picture of me eating one (though I do have one somewhere <.<) but here is a picture of it! I'm going to Portland next week and I'm definitely getting another one their doughnuts are to die for!

  10. you guys should come to the penis festival in Japan. they have all kinds of penis-shaped goodies over there. lol.

    … now to go get the picture of Simon eating his ice cream out of my head…… T_T

  11. I just want to say Simon and Martina, that you two are ridiculous!

    And thank you for that!

  12. If you go to SK and want one of those ice creams, their actual name means ‘elephant nose’. If you go around asking for penis ice-cream, you never know what you might get ;)

    • Being completely serious, there are a lot of korean ice creams that are a little suggestive. Okay, more than a little suggestive! Here is a banana flavored ice-cream that conveniently comes in a banana shaped container that you suck the ice-cream out of. This is my friend eating one of these. He was only in the background of the photo and wasn’t trying to make it look dirty – no effort required apparently!

      Also, if you see this – you know who you are – haha, yes I still have these photos ;)

  13. I feel proud of the Nasties that this was the most Nasties I’ve ever seen in a video of yours (except for fan meets and what nots when we’re supposed to be there) and its for Penis Ice Cream.

  14. The white icecream does the rest, I’d say… :D
    Happy Birthday, Martina! I hope you spend a wonderful day at Everland and had lots of fun! :)

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA!!!!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!

  16. Those cones were just……something else. If they were meant to be shared, how would you feel licking your cone while looking up at someone else (your date) licking the other?….or looking down on the other person? That is just even nastier that watching someone eating it by themselves – LOL! I’m not sure that I could eat that much softserve, but certainly I could hook the cone on my purse if I had to answer the phone! XD

    Great shots of the other customers and Nasties – a fun spring video ^_^v. I liked the bloopers a lot – Martina trying to be the sneaky kitty but stuck running around the sign…… I LOVE LOVE LOVE “Who’s Line is it Anyways?” but yeah, I can see how doing “props” with the cones would be a little embarrassing on the street….although am intrigued to think of what you might come up with that was more embarrassing than what made the final cut XD.

    Cyber_3 – Happy Birthday Martina! <3

  17. This video makes me compelled to tell you that there are 10-year-olds watching your videos…

    • Your comment makes me compelled to tell you that my 7-year-old watches EYK videos, supervised and laughing beside his mother… and he’s a perfectly polite little gentleman too….

      • To each their own. Admittedly, I’m probably the only Nasty who finds sexual humor offensive and unfunny, so I bring it upon myself watching videos with titles like “Penis ice cream.”

        • It’s one thing to have a toilet mouth and your mind in the gutter 24/7, it’s totally another to enjoy a little off-colour humour now and again. It’s not like it’s porn. While you are entitled to your opinion, if you don’t want your kids watching dick jokes, the title should have tipped you off.

  18. I had those in Insadong when I was in Seoul last summer! They have other shaped cone/cereal puff thingy too and if I’m not mistaken, you could make your own shapes too. :D The shop is bigger than this in Insadong…

  19. This doesn’t look that dirty. In Taiwan, there’s a cake that is actually in the shape of a… It’s called “big dick cake/fry” (大屌燒), sometimes also written as (大雕燒) “big sculpture cake/fry” to be less profane. It is sold at one of the largest night markets in Taipei. You can buy both savory and sweet ones. Anything from green tea with red beans to corn dog with hot god filling…

  20. ahahahah you do have a dirty mind . I loved the girl in the background taking a picture with her boyfriend. You were so spotted .
    Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY Martina ! Hope you enjoyed your day.

  21. What is that crust made of? It looks like a giant, MSG-less, sweet and hollow cheetos???

  22. Oh my god. Watching this makes me want a childhood ice-cream of mine from Korea that was popularly referred to as “Condom Ice-cream” on the internet and overseas. It was chocolate or strawberry ice-cream inside this transparent white latexy balloon thing, except there was a bulging tip at the top like a condom (refer to Appendix 1). You bit a tiny hole in it to suck the ice-cream out of the “balloon” but if you messed up or did it too quickly, the thing would go all Ron Jeremy on you and just explode everywhere. They were actually really fun and delicious but seem to have stopped manufacturing and I can’t find it anywhere.
    ; __ ;
    …Then again, I guess I could try making them. Actually, no. I won’t. Nevermind. = =

    They were sold titled “Turtle Eggs (거북알)”. Nice try, marketing. We all knew.

    Oh btw, Happy Anniversary of coming into existence, Martina! We’re so happy and lucky you exist! :D <3

    APPENDIX 1 (below): Condom ice-cream. The dirty, dirty not-so-secret of my childhood.

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! it is also tao from EXO’s birthday today!!!

  24. Wait! SO it’s not an ice cream in the shape of Korean Penis?! Then I want nothing to do with it! :-P

    Happy Birthday Martina! Hope you are having or had an awesome birthday!
    I should go watch the video now.

  25. Oh my god that’s so nastyy i have to try it :D

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