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Korean Penis Ice Cream!

May 2, 2014


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OH, there’s so much wrong with this, and yet, there’s so much right as well.

For starters, how do you title this video in a few words? I’m worried some people are reading the title and thinking that it’s ice cream in the shape of a Korean Penis. It’s not! It’s Korean Ice cream in the shape of a penis. Get it straight!

And it’s not realllllly shaped like a penis, but it sure doesn’t escape the imagination. There are loads of pictures people take with this in a very…flirtatious manner. And it’s got the same kinda aspect ratio as a…you know, I’m not gonna go there. I just know that I’m not the only one who thinks of shouting THAT’S A PENIS when I see this. Am I? Guise? I’m not the only one, right? Right!

So, I was thinking, for the video, we’d do a lot of “Whose Line is it Anyways” kinda skits, except we’d always just recreate different sexual acts, but…it was kinda embarrassing. We saw people looking at us, and, umm, I just don’t feel comfortable ski-poling it in front of a crowd, you know? I’m ok with embarrassing myself in many ways, but this is just a bit too challenging for me.

Ok but for really reals, after the novelty of a giant creamy phallus wears off, you actually have to eat the thing, aaaand it’s not that great. The ice cream is really subpar. It’s cream water. It’s got more icicles in it than flavour. The cone, though, makes up for it, BECAUSE IT TASTES LIKE CORN POPS! Whoa, haven’t had that flavour since childhood. Ahh, childhood: when you could eat unhealthy cereal guilt free.

Also, it’s just too much to eat. Isn’t it? Has anyone been able to finish a whole one of these? It’s a lot to eat. I think it’s meant to be shared.

There’s another ragingly popular ice cream trend happening lately, and we wanted to film that one first, buuuut it turns out that it’s so popular that they ran out of their product until April (and we filmed this a week ago). Anyone know what we’re talking about? If so…sshhh! Don’t tell anyone! We need another excuse to go out and eat ice cream…for science, that is! And because we want to show you what’s cool and trending in Korea, not only what’s traditional. Korea Tourism does the traditional stuff for you. We do the other stuff :D

Anyhow, we’ve got a bunch of bloopers that didn’t make the final cut as well. Check em out if you’re still feeling Nasty!

And, very importantly, it’s Martina’s birthday today! Hooray! We’re out celebrating in Everland for the day. Well, by the time we’ve published this, we’ll be back, but that’s what we did today. You should grant Martina’s birthday wish and click on the subscribe button below!



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