Ok, so a long time ago – in fact, in our first few weeks in Korea – we made a video about Korean pizza. We can’t find it, though. So the one we linked to was from a Korean pizza take out we did. Man! Our camera sucked so terribly back then. CRIKEY! Anyhow, point of this walk down memory lane is, we’re familiar with Korean pizza. We just haven’t had any lately.

And so, if we haven’t had any lately, many of you – who haven’t been around since the very beginning of our videos – might not have seen our take on Korean pizzas. If you have been around for this long then let me say, Wow! How’d you last without snapping? I commend you for your determination. How did you last this long? I don’t even think my mom has been watching us this long. She’s like “oh? My son has website?” I love my mom.

Ok: Korean Pizza! We went to Mr. Pizza for this week’s FAPFAP, primarily because A) Our FAPFAPs are usually of traditional Korean food, and we wanted to show something more modern this week, and B) We had planned on going to get some Pajeon to do a vegetarian FAPFAP for those of you who have been asking for one…but the restaurant we know shut down. WHY?!?!!? I swear: it might just be Bucheon, but businesses here have such a high turnover rate. Shops open up, stay for a few months, close down, another one quickly pops in and repeats the process. And so, right beside our now non-existen Pajeon place we saw Mr. Pizza, which we thought would be cool to show.

Side note: does 2PM make music anymore, or do they just do advertising? I don’t remember them coming out with anything after Hands Up, did they? They sure seem like they’re doing a bunch of advertising, though. From that really awkward Coway ad that shows up at the beginning of our YouTube videos (if you’re from Korea), to the Mr. Pizza endorsement, to the Korea Tourism stuff they’re doing, to Nichkhun doing Baskin Robbins: it’s starting to feel like 2PM is advertising everything everywhere.

Well, the whole point of this talk about 2PM is that I WILL NOT TRUST THEIR OPINION ANYMORE! Mr Pizza was quite awful. Now I’m going to cover this in as many disclaimers as possible so that people who are overly sensitive to differing opinions can understand that we’re just expressing our opinions. Not all Korean pizza is terrible. Some people like this style of pizza. Maybe Korean people like this style of pizza. For the tastes that the two of us have personally grown up with, we can’t enjoy this pizza. That doesn’t mean that all Korean people have bad taste in pizza, or…whatever other unreasonable conclusion some of you may get may have. All we’re saying is, this pizza was not yummy. We do enjoy one Korean pizza chain, and that is Pizza School which is like the cheapest of all pizza chains in Korea, but they don’t overload their pizza and they do a mean spicy chicken! Yum!

We like our pizza to have distinct flavors. Pepperoni pizza. Hawaiian pizza. Cheese pizza. Spinach pizza with feta. They all taste different. The pizzas that we had today, though, were all almost identical. Every one was tons of sweet corn, cheese, mushroom, onion, mystery meat, slightly tomato sauce pizza with one big topping in the middle. Huge potato wedge. Big Galbi Rib. Big piece of Chicken. A couple pieces of shrimp…it was like a full meal jammed onto a pizza crust.

Hey! Maybe you’ll like this kind of pizza. Who knows. We thought we’d just show you some really different pizza than what we’re used to from North America. It’s definitely an experience you’ll remember. We’re just not sure if you’ll remember it fondly or not.

Lastly, we didn’t really have a slew of bloopers this week. We felt really talkative, for some reason, rather than clumsy, so our mistakes are kinda at a minimum…and more like, extra talking. Sorry if it was boring!


  1. Hah! I was watching the vid and thinking I almost went there (really expensive in my opinion), but am quite content with Pizza School. I’m currently trying to recreate Korean pizza because your video has my brother and I drooling for some Korean Pizza. My favorite is 고구마 피자 that with some sriracha hot sauce is wonderful!

  2. There are “some” Korean restaurants that can make pizza on par with Dominos and Pizza-Hut, so why pay for the more expensive stuff when you can plunk down 6,000 won for your average run-of-the-mill pizza. They all taste the same. Now, a few authentic Italian restaurants here really know how to make pizza; especially ones in Gangnam. Hamburgers, on the otherhand they flat out do not know how to make and remind me of those concotions we used to order way back in elementary school.

  3. Fascinating,I just went to Mr. Pizza and had the secret garden pizza with the gold crust and fell in love with it. I thought it was so delicious :D I was expecting gross after this but it wasn’t at all! I honestly wish they had Korean pizza back home, I like it better than American pizza

  4. Taecyeon and Nichkhun are both from the states (Massachusetts and Cali), blame them both XD

  5. Personnally I really like the concept of many toppings and choosable crust – so even though you spend this video saying you don’t like korean pizza, you still describe it accurately and it made me want to try it – I had one at Mr Pizza when I went to Seoul and it was delicious!

    I tried the “Junsu” one, with sweet potato mousse crust ♥

    The only drawback to me is that the crust is soft and thin, so it cannot be eaten using one’s hands, but apart from that it’s perfect!

    Also, it comes in a cute box with ribbon to take home the remaining – which isn’t quite as good when heated up the day after, but that’s to be expected, and it’s not terribly good when cold either – but fresh it’s really nice.

    Also it manages to feel healthy even though a pizza, yeah for korean food! ♥

    I didn’t try their banchan bar, but it seemed pretty cool too, and I still got some pickles with my pizza ~

    So thank you for this honest review, long live korean pizza the korean way! o/

    Btw, I really like your videos – especially the ones about living in Korea, but a little thing is that the sound is sometimes very loud and sometimes very low – I use MP3Gain for my mp3 playlist to get all tracks on the same level, maybe it could work for your videos too, or maybe another normalizer? Because sometimes I can barely hear you talking and right afterward there’s some shouts or sound effect really loud xp

    Anyway, apart from that I think the editing is pretty sleek and nice ~

    (first comment is long >_<)

  6. hey so my aunt is korean and she taught me how to make what she dubbed a “korean pizza” (there is a korean name for it but for the life of me i can’t remember :() anyway it is not even close to the gooble of ingredients yall had on yalls pizzas, lol. first it looks more like a pancake with seafood and green onions and whatever else you want to throw in it. so i guess technically its not a pizza but a jumble of goody in a piece of dough… my aunt told me she usually made it as a snack… its made with korean pancake mix (duh) but its not sweet. and u mix it like regular pancake mix and drop whatever u want in it. u can make it into a huge “pizza” but i like to make my into small portions.. makes me feel like im eating more lol.

  7. Hey can you tell me how much one of their large pizza’s are??
    And the address of the restuarant. I am doing a History project for Finals and I need some information on some of Korea’s resturants!! xD Please help.

  8. I guess Koreans really like sweet toppings 

  9. why sauce in pizza besides the tomato sauce?

  10. you are so right about that coway ad…

  11. 4ranghea?

  12. You can still enjoy Canadian pizza, there are so many different chains. I think Pizza Hut is salty, but others like Panago are still good

  13. uh-waw, I hope you can make a video about vegetarian Restaurant in korea :D great videos!

  14. Mmmmm… Pizza!  You know, I was just thinking– I moved to Korea last month and have since seen coffee shops ALL over the place!  I haven’t had a chance to try them all out yet, but maybe a prospective FAPFAP video could be tours of a bunch of different coffee shops?  That would be beautimus!  Luvs all around!

  15. If you can’t trust 2PM’s opinion, who can we trust?  Truly there are dark days ahead….

  16. Though I’m not a big fan of pizza, I found this video interesting and glad I not a fan of pizza. I agree with Maria Salvador…simple is the best!

  17. I’m a Korean. When I ate American Pizza at firstime, I was like… WTF?
    It was really salty. I don’t know why Americans like simple & salty(or too sweet) pizza.

  18. i tried korean pizza when i was like eight years old, and it was awesome. but that was completely normal pizza, without any crazy toppings. But apparently my korean summer school church teacher tried another brand of korean pizza and it had a bunch of kimchi and other vegetables. He had missed american pizza so his aunt or someone bought him some pizza. He didn’t eat a single bite.
    p.s I’m a korean girl in U.S and i’m not a bad student its just that my mom has high korean expectations for me.

  19. I LOVE sweet potato pizza! and the crust just make it more awesome. part of me just died when you said it was gross XD

  20. Korean pizza is amazing, you’re from canada… the home of…
    One word… potene http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-wUg2y4nzoCI/Tanq6FMMjSI/AAAAAAAACFc/nPshwDo_UiY/s1600/food_poutine_closeup.jpg

  21. Do you guys make your own music too? Or are these royalty free?I want to make videos too, but music and sound effects are holding me back at the moment.

  22. daammmnnnnnnnn you NICKHUNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I love Korean pizza especially Domino. 

  24. I have had a yummy korean pizza in the us, it tasted almosted like hawiian pizza, but a little sweeter like dessert pizza. It had pinapple, sweet potato, and corn.

  25. Fun fact: the pizza hut video is what got me to watch the rest of the EYK videos. I ran into it during a youtube search american food in other countries, and fell in love with EYK many months ago, especially fapfap, wanking and wtf videos. Thank you Simon and Martina :) <3  

  26. Good God, you guys really took one for the team eating not 1, but 4 different nasty pizzas.  The only pizza worth eating at Mr. Pizza is the New York Special (no corn on that one).

    Fapfap and wanking??? Lol you guys are hilarious

  27. … I salute your efforts. That does not look enjoyable.

    BUT If y’all are ever in the Bay Area, let me treat you to some pizza from Arizmendi’s. It is not salty or greasy like at most chain/franchise places. They rarely use tomato sauce, but surprisingly, you don’t miss it on their pizzas. They make only one “flavor” each day, so you know the toppings are super-fresh. My first slice was a goat cheese, arugula, balsamic-caramelized onions combo. DELICIOUS. (Why yes, I’m a California native. Why do you ask?) And their crust is awesome! Crisp-crunchy and chewy in all the right places.I swear I don’t work for them. I wish only to spread the good news of their carb-laden creations.(Photo is from ThirstyReader.com, because I can never remember to take a photo before I’ve eaten everything.)

  28. I actually like Korean pizza hut. We get it with sweet potato and it is delicious!

  29. i had pizza school when i was in korea last summer. had it several times for breaking fast. but becoz i’m muslim so i just stick to the plain one. cheese n corns..it was yummy and cheap. hahaha. i did went to mr pizza once with a korean friend. had the seafood one.my friend had to remind them to omit all meat coz they just love mixing ham to everything although it said seafood/tuna.  topping was okay but i really really really love the goguma crust! 

  30. Hmm… i went to Mr. Pizza in Berlin when i was on vacation there. I ate pasta and i really liked it. I wonder if it tastes the same in Korea. Hmm…

  31. sad, this is only the second time you guys disappoint me! The first was with your take on Vampire Prosecuter :'( lol jk

    Anyways, I just wanted to say that it really is to each their own when it comes to pizza here! I was never a fan of pizza back in Canada or the States, but I absolutely adore the pizza here in Korea. Much more than back home. You can grab a pepporoni and cheese, or just cheese pizza easily, or you can go all out eating the delicious sweet potato pizzas. You also might have been a bit happier if you ordered a cheese crust ^^ Even so, I haven’t been in a Mr. Pizza yet, just the pizza huts (which I hate back home) and some small ones around the neighbourhood. Better luck next time guys!!

  32. Why do y’all keep eating it if it taste so bad? were you just trying to be polite? 

  33. That’s one really small pizza….

  34. Are you talking about the video where you ate pizza at the supper market or something like that? maybe it was some other food…….but could have sworn i remembered some awesome ‘wtf’ faces.

  35. Thats not pizza no matter what anyone says that dose not scream pizza thats more like screaming “Dude….im a cornish pasty or something else with unusual toppings and blueberry sauce” I think korean should leave pizza making to the people of italy….thats my opinion…but u never know unless you try (i dont wanna*babyface*) 0.o Simplisity is pure bliss…like a normal pizza with pepperoni and cheese you can’t go wrong with it…unless your cheese is moldy…

  36. So, uh, maybe you already know about this site and app: http://www.happycow.net/asia/south_korea/

    Might help in finding Veg friendly places near you :)

  37. i went to Mr. Pizza for the first time last week and i wasnt very impressed either. we got 2 pizzas with half of different pizzas on both and really like you said…. it was all kind of the SAME! i did somewhat enjoy the Potato and Bacon one but only cause i miss bacon living here  haha.

    this is the 3rd time someone mentioned that i should go to Pizza School. i just havent gone because it was so cheap to be honest. i just assumed it would be terrible. i guess i havent been here long enough to know things about stuff and junk

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