Ok, so a long time ago – in fact, in our first few weeks in Korea – we made a video about Korean pizza. We can’t find it, though. So the one we linked to was from a Korean pizza take out we did. Man! Our camera sucked so terribly back then. CRIKEY! Anyhow, point of this walk down memory lane is, we’re familiar with Korean pizza. We just haven’t had any lately.

And so, if we haven’t had any lately, many of you – who haven’t been around since the very beginning of our videos – might not have seen our take on Korean pizzas. If you have been around for this long then let me say, Wow! How’d you last without snapping? I commend you for your determination. How did you last this long? I don’t even think my mom has been watching us this long. She’s like “oh? My son has website?” I love my mom.

Ok: Korean Pizza! We went to Mr. Pizza for this week’s FAPFAP, primarily because A) Our FAPFAPs are usually of traditional Korean food, and we wanted to show something more modern this week, and B) We had planned on going to get some Pajeon to do a vegetarian FAPFAP for those of you who have been asking for one…but the restaurant we know shut down. WHY?!?!!? I swear: it might just be Bucheon, but businesses here have such a high turnover rate. Shops open up, stay for a few months, close down, another one quickly pops in and repeats the process. And so, right beside our now non-existen Pajeon place we saw Mr. Pizza, which we thought would be cool to show.

Side note: does 2PM make music anymore, or do they just do advertising? I don’t remember them coming out with anything after Hands Up, did they? They sure seem like they’re doing a bunch of advertising, though. From that really awkward Coway ad that shows up at the beginning of our YouTube videos (if you’re from Korea), to the Mr. Pizza endorsement, to the Korea Tourism stuff they’re doing, to Nichkhun doing Baskin Robbins: it’s starting to feel like 2PM is advertising everything everywhere.

Well, the whole point of this talk about 2PM is that I WILL NOT TRUST THEIR OPINION ANYMORE! Mr Pizza was quite awful. Now I’m going to cover this in as many disclaimers as possible so that people who are overly sensitive to differing opinions can understand that we’re just expressing our opinions. Not all Korean pizza is terrible. Some people like this style of pizza. Maybe Korean people like this style of pizza. For the tastes that the two of us have personally grown up with, we can’t enjoy this pizza. That doesn’t mean that all Korean people have bad taste in pizza, or…whatever other unreasonable conclusion some of you may get may have. All we’re saying is, this pizza was not yummy. We do enjoy one Korean pizza chain, and that is Pizza School which is like the cheapest of all pizza chains in Korea, but they don’t overload their pizza and they do a mean spicy chicken! Yum!

We like our pizza to have distinct flavors. Pepperoni pizza. Hawaiian pizza. Cheese pizza. Spinach pizza with feta. They all taste different. The pizzas that we had today, though, were all almost identical. Every one was tons of sweet corn, cheese, mushroom, onion, mystery meat, slightly tomato sauce pizza with one big topping in the middle. Huge potato wedge. Big Galbi Rib. Big piece of Chicken. A couple pieces of shrimp…it was like a full meal jammed onto a pizza crust.

Hey! Maybe you’ll like this kind of pizza. Who knows. We thought we’d just show you some really different pizza than what we’re used to from North America. It’s definitely an experience you’ll remember. We’re just not sure if you’ll remember it fondly or not.

Lastly, we didn’t really have a slew of bloopers this week. We felt really talkative, for some reason, rather than clumsy, so our mistakes are kinda at a minimum…and more like, extra talking. Sorry if it was boring!


  1. oh boy. I meant “tastes”

  2. My tases have changed from North American buds, too. Since the Netherlands (minus the friet kapsalon), I think all teh food here is salty.

  3. Actually after Hands Up they started promoting in Japan, quite the success and then they did their Asian Tour.

  4. if simon and martina comes here in italy especially in Milan, then i’ll be their tour guide…

  5. Yup. Nichkhun lived in both the States & NZ before :))

    And I don’t really think pizzas in Thailand would tast like the koreans…(although for me they look great!)
    I’m from thailand and i think we mostly stick with the more traditional ones like hawaiians & pepperoni. we have cheese crust & stuff but absolutely not served with blueberry sauce!! XD

    Love both WANK & FAP FAP :D

  6. Nichkhun lived in California for a little bit. And 2pm really haven’t been releasing songs in Korea because they are releasing songs in Japan right now.
    and I really love the pizza that is here in America so I might not really want to try pizza in Korea but if someone offered I wouldn’t turn it down because then I would feel rude. So yeah. Love you guys :)

  7. Does this mean that my Korean student wasn’t kidding that her favorite food is Bulgogi Pizza??
    It DOES exist?? I thought she was just confused :(

  8. i love the secret garden pizza! omg, now i got really hungry brb making some foodz

  9. corn seams really odd, but  those pizzas LOOKED really good :)

    i live in california and ive seen that sweet potato crust before over here :) i wont try it though….

  10. Even in the States, each pizza chain has a different take on pizza, so I wasn’t surprised that Korean pizza was Koreanized to the maximum. 

  11. I’ve started liking the pizza here but I make sure not to get anything American (like pepperoni) so I don’t have anything to compare it to. My favorite here is potato. But you’re right. One giant piece of potato and one giant slice of ham….I never realized that until you mentioned it. Also, you didn’t mention the pickles! Maybe you didn’t get them at Mr. Pizza? I always get pickles with my pizza and I never know what to do with them. I like pickles and I like pizza, just not in the same meal :/

  12. Corn as a topping in pizza is pretty common in Spain, it’s not like it’s EVERYWHERE, but on restos here there’s always at least one pizza in the menu with corn on it. In my family we dig it a lot, so we basically put corn in all homemade pizzas. I think that’s it’s pretty much an Asian thing to stuff lots of things in food, it’s the same in India, Korean pizzas looked like Indian ones.

  13. Corn on pizza in England? Only if you ask for it specifically (don’t do it, it’s gross) XD

  14. My father has been in Korea and he ate in Mr. Pizza….but he didn’t eat pizza actually :D He had spaghetti and said that it was really delicious so Simon and Martina try spaghetti next time ^^

  15. I saw the other pizza video (but I think I watched it when I devoured your archives after discovering the site)  :)  So, you need someone to make you homemade pizza with less salt.  If you ever randomly come to WI, I volunteer :D

  16. just come to Italy! we got the best pizza you’ll ever eat :D I also think that less ingredients would make an amazing pizza,simple things are the best! :)  nichkhun I still love you ,anyway    :°°D 

  17. no corn on pizza in America?? i thought that was normal!! (i love corn!!!)
    blueberry sauce for pizza?? that just sounds disgusting!!
    and honestly the pizza didn’t look too great!!
    hahaha who’d have thought the loser would get a big piece of something!!!

    i can totally get what you guys are saying about it being ‘Korean’ pizza cos when i went to Bangladesh the bread we had to eat was so……….not like the average bread we have in England! it tasted sweet!!! kind of a mix between bread and cake!!! kinda like Madeira cake!! 

  18. Hey, having watched your fapfap video I can’t really hope that you guys “맛있게 먹었어요”, huh… But thank you for your sacrifice ^_^ Hopefully next time you’ll get to eat something awesomely delicious.

    The set’s name “4ranghea” could be a really funny pun, like, you know – “사랑해”? With those 4  types of pizza? Or maybe not.

  19. I’m from Polnad and pizza restaurants here are like ” choose your toppings yourself” and we have corn in it. Actually I really like it : )

    •  As I remember Mr. Pizza also has this option where you can create your own pizza. But that was not the point. In Poland you also have option to choose from, let’s say, “ready” pizza (I mean like pepperoni, hawaii etc.) or you can create your own.
      Besides… I don’t know if they mentioned that in the vid or not but they also have these normal, classic/”ready” pizzas too :P
      But of course that would be too boring if Simon and Martina decide to try the classic one lol
      Too bad they didn’t mention anything about pickles… cuz they give pickles to pizzas in Korea and I haven’t seen that anywhere else…

  20. Ever been to Pizza Hut in Korea? 

    • Yup. Not as good as North American. They really push the idea of a salad bar, and everyone goes there for a salad bar buffet over the pizza…hrrm…I used to go to Pizza Hut for the deep dish pizza. OHHH YEAAAHH!!!!

  21. In Brazil you can order corn as a topping if you like in some flavores… we also have a lot of sweet pizza as dessert like chocolate. I think it’s pretty similar to the pizza in USA, like, we have pepperoni, mozzarella, etc. But there are lots of kinds that are local, I guess…

  22. srsly ppl don’t know pizza with corn and 
    broccoli? I think 
    broccoli are my fav on pizza. but maybe korean and polish ppl have more in common than I thought :)

  23. When I was in China last semester, pizza was like that too. WAAAAYYY too many toppings and super sweet. 
    Pizza Hut markets itself as a nice sit down restaurant you can go to for like nice dates, and was really expensive. (They did have some of the best English speakers in the city there though.)
    The best cheap pizza we got was actually in Saizeriya(萨莉亚意式餐厅) a Japanese Italian restaurant inside Ito Yokado(华堂商场). It seemed mainly like the SUPER cheap american pizza, though I don’t know why the Japanese pizza was more like the american stuff.

  24. I had an odd pizza experience in Sinchon. The pizza came to our table in a sort of elevated pot with spoons. There was no real crust, it was more like a cheesy pizza pancake that you dug out of the pot with spoons. It didn’t taste bad, it was just odd.

    Don’t dig the sweet potato crust either. But Bulgogi toppings are tasty on pizza! The white sauce thing is good too…whatever it is haha.

  25. gosh I’m hungry now. And I think I would enjoy this pizza (except shrimps )
    and yes 2PM don’t promote in Korean rn :( But they will comeback in september YAYYAYAYAYAY

  26. I always eat pizza with corn on it! I like it very much. About korean pizza I`m confused.. well if I ever go to Korean I`ll try it. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  27. Uhm.. I’ve seen your first korean pizza video, I don’t know why but I’m still not entirely convinced abvout this pizzas… May be beacause here in Argentina we like our pizzas to be pizzas and not just a meal in a dough.. But who knows… I’ll have to try it and see…
    I loved how even though you didn’t like it you still ate almost all the pizza, that’s dedication!

  28. Im from England.

    I dont recall EVER seeing corn on pizza.
    Thats just not right XD;;;

  29. They have Mr. Pizza here in LA which my friend took me to. I thought the pizza that we ordered was good. It was the potato gold one. But my favorite part of the pizza is the sweet potato crust. YUM! & their pasta wasn’t bad either. Can’t really say anything about the other items on the menu since I haven’t tried them. The only thing I don’t like about Mr. Pizza is the price! So expensive for a freaking pizza! $18 :0!!

  30. Me. Want OwO…. PIZZA gotta eat Korean Pizza =w= (drooling)
    Even if 2PM failed us… TwT how could you 2PM TwT buuuhuuuuuu.
    Im still gonna eat korean pizza O.O!!! im sertanly gonna eat the seafod one cuz basicly ship seafod *w*

  31. No! Pizza didn’t like these in Thailand. ( So, don’t blame Nichkun  LOL~~~~)
    We got Pizza hut and other similar brands.
    The list of things on your pizza also make me think they make that pizza to be a dessert or maybe…. salad? I don’t know, it just really unique. 

    But I still believe it may be test good….. hmm… at lest, I hope.

  32. i’ve seen all your vids, including the pizza one, i think there was actually 2 videos about pizza! that pizza in the old vids looked really special as they had these weird-awesome-looking-individual-edges-cheese-pieces.

    the pizza today looked really delicious as well, too bad it tasted awful. i felt like they had an overload of toppings just to make it seem more expensive though.

  33. After seeing 2PM’s fun ad for Mr.Pizza.. I really have the urge to try the LOBSTAR pizza ( I love seafood ♥)

    Not too sure with some of the other pizzas you mentioned though >< Sorry 2PM!

  34. They were in tour and promoting in Japan not in this order. Greetings from Brazil ^^

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