In North America, you have your common big-name products: Pepsi, Oreo, Tide, Heinz, Dentyne etc. In Korea, we’ve got different name brands; and so we made a short video for you to familiarize yourselves with these products. If you don’ t know about Xylitol, Dr. You, and Chilsung, then it’s about time you learned. We made a short video (with our new camera! woohoo!) to highlight some of these products, so that you could get an idea of what we’re used to.

  1. I will NEVER forget KOREANS eat, mutilate, torture, electrocute, hang, skin alive, feed garbage to, and more to 2 million dogs every year! You should be ashamed of yourself you make me sick!

  2. Love that song from Flight of the Conchords! They’re not making any sense though, but it’s so funny, with the “conversation” who are just like those in exercice books of language course.

  3. I find it interesting that the name of the gum is Xylitol as that is the name of the sugar alcohol that is used as a sweetener in “sugar-free” gum like Trident in the U.S.¬†

  4. isn’t nescaf√© available like…everywhere in the world? ^^

  5. I almost died laughing. I love this video!!!

  6. why do i get the feeling they use trainees of the entertainment industry to do those ads? =P

  7. i love your videos…….put the subtitles in spanish please because i from spain :P youare amazing

  8. what is the poster behind martina with all the korean letters on it called? it looks handy >.>

  9. gosomi-cookies they are soooooooooo yummy =) Luv them and you can by them outside of korea as well

  10. This is hilarious!! I love your blog <3<3 Please keep the great videos coming : ))!!

  11. Now it will take another six months to get the Home Plus Theme out of my head. Thanks guys. XD

  12. You two crack me up…and make me really glad that I'm moving to Korea in a few months!

  13. You guys always make me so hungry! I wish I had so many cool choices for snacks, drinks and food here. /mourn

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