A long time ago we did a video about a Korean Ramen Taste Test. In that video, though, we didn’t include Shin Ramen, which is hands down Korea’s most popular ramen. In our opinion, it would clearly blow the other ramens out of the water. Anyhow, enough excuses: now we’re doing an entire video dedicated to how we make Shin Ramen. Huzzah!

Before we start, though, I think it’s worth mentioning that there are many ways to spell ramen in Korean. It’s either “ramyun” or “ramyeon,” so to avoid confusion we’re sticking with the canonical “ramen.” So there!

Now, we don’t like to prepare ramen straight up. We like our ramen to be a little more…gourmet. Yes, it does sound ridiculous to make 50 cent ramen gourmet, but it’s possible! Our recipe calls for a slice of cheese, one beaten egg, some bok choy, and some odeng. We like our odeng from Busan, specifically from Nampodong market (which we didn’t make a video for out of our many Busan videos, unfortunately) which supposedly has the best odeng in the entire world. When Simon came back from Busan the first time, he brought a monster bag of it, and we’ve kept it in the freezer since then. It actually holds quite well in the freezer.

Also, in the video you see Martina using an iPod app to help with the ramen. We highly recommend the Korean Ramen Timer app. It’s fantastic. It lists lots of different varieties of ramen to choose from. Choose the brand and the size, and it will tell you exactly how long your water should be in there for the perfect serving of ramen. Isn’t that awesome? And it’s free! Better than that, it’s cute!

So, that’s that for our favorite way to make Korean ramen. If you’ve got a recipe you like, please share! We’re willing to try new things out. Another thing: we opened up another YouTube channel for bonus footage. We oftentimes have silly stuff that we can’t put into our regular videos, so we made an extra channel for that now. Huzzah! Subscribe to that channel by clicking on this button here. Also, thanks to JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for subbing our videos. Sweet!

  1. I live in America and absolutely adore Korea…how can I make this from home

  2. Hey Simon and Martina I Just want to say thank you guys for shearing this recipe I tried it and it was so Flipping yummy I can’t even begin to describe how happy it made me but since I live in the states Odeng is hard to come by so I replaced it with Marinated grilled chicken instead lol any way Thanks Again I Love You Guys Keep Doing What You Do Cause You’re AWESOME!!!

  3. Coca Cola ramen. It sounds disgusting, but it’s awesome (google magic that shit). Add crushed peanuts and beef jerky for a finish!

  4. After a long search, I finally found Shin Nong Shim Ramyun in a local Asian Super Market (OMG – Heaven <3)
    So I'll try it out tonight. Sadly, there's no bok choy, odeng or processed cheese in my fridge, so an egg needs to be enough xD
    Got some extra Kimchi as a side dish, though :D (I'll eat my Kimchi HAHA)

    Some time soon (after gathering the other ingredients like bok choy and processed cheese – no odeng available here in Germany! maybe I'll try out chicken breast) I'll try to make a gourmet ramyun dish just like yours. It looks so mouthwatering yummy!

  5. Instead of odeng, I used one small can of sliced chicken breast. It was great! Can’t wait to have this again next weekend.

  6. Where do you get your ramen timer i looked all over for it!

  7. thisisjustforfunval

    I did the egg wrong :( But it still came out very good! Thank you for this wonderful ramyun tutorial!.

  8. I didn’t believe the processed cheese would work but I’m a convert! Used it in my kimchi ramen tonight and the gochujang/cheese combo was delicious!!

  9. Could anyone tell a South Dakota girl what to use instead of bok choy and odeng… since I’m quite sure I can’t find it anywhere in my town.

  10. —–Toppings——
    Dduk is delicious in ramen! I’m talking about the kind in the rice cake soup (dduk gook…? sorry I can’t romanize korean letters at all). Bok Choy, cabbage, dumplings, and others are all great. Egg is awesome too (boiled, poached, or stirred in)

    —–Soup Base—-
    Also if you experiment with bases such as a daenjang base or a gomtang/sullungtang (beef bone) base you’ll get nice other flavors! Personally I like the gom tang base because it makes the ramen nice and thick- great for cold winter days!
    Also there are noodle techniques like if you try to lift up your noodles frequently as you cook they tend to come out thinner and not as thicker or soggy :)
    —–Neng Shin Ramyun (Cold Shin Ramen) ——-
    There’s also a cold variation which i like to use in the summer. I cook the noodles and soup separately where the noodles (+ veggies or no veggie packet) are cooked until thoroughly soft and washed in cold water (sometimes i put ice with it to help). The soup is cooked with very little water, probably like 1/4 or less than usual then cooled by adding ice which will increase water content and making it less concentrated. Put it together and viola! Neng Shin Ramyun! You can add a boiled egg and I heard of some people added vinegar but I haven’t tried it :P
    ——————–Shin Ramen Spagetti———-
    Okay I definitely haven’t tried this often enough to perfect it but the concept behind it is to make a thick sauce with the seasoning… kinda like jjapagetti or jjajjaroni. So you cook the noodles + veggies with water, pour out some of the water and add the sauce in…. You may need to add flour or starch to really thicken it up though. Add poached egg on top if wanted (maybe cheese?) and tada. Shin Ramen “spagetti” style.
    ———————Shin Ramen Dry Snack——————
    Every Korean child has tried this before and basically its where the Korean snack “bboo shuh bboo shuh” came from. You get a shin ramen bag, beat it up, open it and add the seasoning powder and shake it all up. Throw away nasty veggies or keep them for later :D Eat and enjoy!
    ———-Shin Ramyun Jook (Shin Ramen Rice Porridge)————
    Okay this is a personal creation of mine and I really like it actually. You can add whatever toppings you want but the basic recipe is that you have some of the Shin Ramen Dry Snack (look above) left over and you boil it in a small amount of water. So you’ll have crushed up noodles + soup + roughly 1/2 water. Boil until noodles are soft and then add cooked rice. Boil it all together until it makes a thick consistency and there you have it… Ramen Jook >;;;

  11. Lol totally forgot about the Nigella moment in this XD But it’s so accurate.

  12. whoaaaa what is the ramen timer app you use called?

  13. mm… sounds delish. Easy recipe: american cheese. unscrambled egg (I like to add two), and kimchi.

  14. S&M have tattoo on the neck and arms so I was wondering is there a meaning to them?

    Ramen–I shall try that later on since NC was a korean supermarket ^^


  16. totally made shin ramen with kimchi today and added cheese.the ramen timer app really helps me.

  17. I put in bits of hot dog and egg in my ramen. I tried putting cheese on it, but it’s just not as good. And that brand of ramen you guys use is HOT (especially the red one Martina used) — good but set my mouth on FIRE. There’s an Asian market near my house called Li Ming’s which specializes in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese food products — there was one big section in one aisle that was devoted to all kinds of ramen.

    You guys should do more ‘preparing Korean food’ blogs. TL;DR, Music Mondays and WANK are fun… but you guys should do more food-related vids.

  18. you dont stir in the cheese, you lay the cheese on after the meal is finished… and you eat the cheese first, bite by bite with the ramyun… only a noob would mix in the cheese, that makes the soup look like vomit.

    • I like mixing my cheese with my soup – it kind of reminds me of spicy cheese soup. It doesn’t look like vomit, but then again, this is my opinion. To each his/her own?

  19. Wow, 2012 and I’m just now getting around to watching this video… Anyway, I tried it and it’s really delicious. I had to get the Korean ingredients from a place called Jungle Jim’s since I live in the US, though. It was kind of out of my way, but the ramen was definitely worth it :)

  20. Cook your ramen. I like a spicy ramen for this. Drain and set aside. Mix in a bowl or really any thing one table spoon of chunky peanut butter, half a teaspoon of peanut oil, half a teaspoon of soy sauce (not the crap salt flavored stuff but real soy sauce) and a pinch of sugar. In a wok or non- stick pan that is very hot and slightly oiled toss in your mostly drained ramen. let it sit for 30 seconds. Toss in sugar snap peas and bean sprouts (too taste) and the mix. Now toss like crazy until all is coated well and the peas are cooked to your liking…for me it is not very long. Then serve with kimchi. I also like to serve this with boneless skinless chicken that has been breaded in coconut, peanut, sugar, and bread crumbs and deep fried. (but its good by itself)

  21. Sooooo, I had to post again because I made ramen again and this time I added in red peppers to the mix. REALLY good. I also ate the the last bits of ramen and sauce with rice and crispy seaweed. Seriously, one of the best meals EVER. 

  22. I was really weirded out by the idea of putting cheese in there, but it made it REALLLYYYY Good! I’d also never put egg in there, but I wanted to try. and I made bulgogi style chicken and threw that in there too. But no veggies because I didn’t have them lol. But really this was so good, I’m glad I listened to the cheese idea. 

  23. Hello Simon and Martina,

    I was making ramen for breakfast this morning and though I would share a picture of one of the ways it is made in our house.  I know it may sound weird that we are having ramen for breakfast but it was very common in my home growing up to eat something hot and spicy when your sick.  This was usually either kimchi soup and rice, rice mixed with sweet hot pepper paste and kimchi or some sort of spicy noodles.  The spices always seemed to help with clearing sinus up and the carbs from the rice and noodles to help fight the cold or bug you picked up.

    Todays meal was pretty simple to make, I took a small piece chopped meat that had been seasoned and frozened a few weeks ago cut it up and put it into a pot with with the ramen base (hot and spicy) added a little bit of chopped kimch and a good pinch of the korean powdered beef bouillon mix.  Brought it to a boil until the meat was cooked then added the noodles.  The ramen was served over warmed up left over rice.  One pack of ramen and the left over rice was enough to feed two people at this size serving (see picture).   It very good and very simple to make pretty much a one pot meal, especially when your feeling a bit under the weather and want something easy and fast to eat. For those reading and dont have or like kimchi just add the some beef (I recommend the chopped beef as it cooks up fast and some what more tender than other cuts), beef bouillon gives the ramen a bit more favor but you can also leave this out if you like.

  24. I love love love your cooking videos! If you guys find some time you should make more of them please. :) I know you’ve got a busy filming schedule. I’ve re watched these multiple times and have made this ramen a few times now! Trying to find Duk bok ki (I hope I spelled that right) in a small town on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada is going to be a little more difficult.

  25. You guys should do more blogs about Korean food. There’s an Asian store not too far from my house (‘Li Ming’s Global Market’), and I was surprised to find they stock more Korean food than I expected. I tried some of the Nong Shim products like the potato-flavored rice snacks and the delicious cookies (I forgot the name). I even saw the exact brand of ramen you guys used in the video. (It’s a little too spicy for me, but it has a really good flavor.)

    But I saw some drink that I’m very reluctant to try, and it’s made in Korea (so you guys probably see this at Home Plus or the convenience stores). It’s a drink made from aloe vera leaf, and I’m wondering if you guys tried it yet. If you have, is it any good?

  26. We eat a lot of ramen in my household also.

    Like many of the comments below it is usually with egg and or cut kimchi added to the mix. 
    Some times the leftover broth is eaten with rice.

    Here is another trick, take the noodles and cook them drain them out and mix with the sweet red pepper paste, a bit of soy sause, sesame see oil, toasted sessame, chopped green onions, a bit of crushed garlic and chopped kimchi.  It comes out really good sort of like a poor mans bimbibap noodles. 


  27. You also can add just cooked rice, but you have to add, when the ramyon are finished :) I am half korean and I LOOOOOOOOOVE ramyon, kim, dokkbukki & so on :) or you can add normal white tteok !

  28. I am so happy I found this video.  I missed rameon so much and when I would pronounce it rameon I got so corrected all the the time.  I knew I was saying it correctly and that 17 cent ramen stuff at Walmart just isn’t the good rameon you get in Korea!  Thanks

  29. I was able to make the same recipe here in Brasil, with the exactly same brand of ramen, but oh my god, the spice that comes with ramen is soooooo hootttt, it was very difficult to eat so i’ll probably try to put less spice next time, but inspite of this, it was actually a really great meal.

  30. you are forgetting the kimchi!!!!!

  31. wow you guys put a lot of ingredients in ramen! :D

  32. wow you guys put a lot of ingredients in ramen! :D

  33. wow you guys put a lot of ingredients in ramen! :D

  34. can you put this in word form? i need to print this

  35. can you put this in word form? i need to print this

  36. why don’t drink Koren tap water

    • you can, only people don’t drink it because they think it’s unsanitary.
      it’s actually sanitary. but i’d rather not drink it because tap water taste not so good.

      • It’s because Koreans use chlorine to sanitize the tap water. Koreans usually boil it into a barley tea and cool it to drink it. Boiling the water will evaporate the chlorine but not the water.

        • misty coombs

          They use chlorine in the tap water in the USA too well at least I think , we’ll I know California does, they wanted to use Floride, a type of vitamine, for dental reasons but it’s very harmful if over ingested ….i love the Korean , Japanese culture, food and people I know I can’t speak the language I feel as if I can relate..silly huh ..blessings to you. ..misty c.redding, ca

    • you can, only people don’t drink it because they think it’s unsanitary.
      it’s actually sanitary. but i’d rather not drink it because tap water taste not so good.

  37. Welp, I know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow

  38. Can you do more cooking vids? They can be just when you’re cooking dinner. A lot of expats don’t know how to cook~

  39. yummmm! I love ramen. I hade never taste something like that before! Thank you two for that.

  40. I was looking for a video shows how to make ramen for my Canadian friend. you've done really good job. even for me (Korean) you look so professional. so impressed. I recommand you to try 'bibimmyun' too! thank you so much for sharing this vedio ;->

  41. Sascha Wong

    So at first when I cooked a package of Shin ramyun, I put the cheese in too soon. Right now, I'm eating it, with the cheese put on top after I put it all into a gigantic bowl. Oh, my God. It is AMAZING. At first I was sketchy about the idea, but I like to try everything once. Thanks for posting this! My ramyun is even more delicious now! :D You should try shredded cheese on top of fried rice too. My Korean friend told me about this and I looked at her with a "Wtf?" face, but it adds a nice zing. I hope to be going to South Korea this summer, and your videos are really informative and entertaining! Keep at it! Regards from a fellow Canadian :)

  42. It’s great video clip, "How to.. Ramen".
    I like your clips very much and I always waiting for your new clips.
    And I like Korean ramen very much, as well.

    By the way, I found that you used the word, "Odeng" in your video.
    "Odeng" should be changed to "Eomuk"
    I'm not sure about the exact English spell.
    But, I bet you might have been heard this word in Korea.

    Like Misha already mentioned above, "Odeng" is a word inflowed from Japan when Japan had conquered Korea by force.
    So, it's not a standard Korean word. It's kind of slang in Korea.

    You web site is quite famous to both, foreign people and Korean people.
    I bet your web site might play an influential role for many foreign people who want to know Korea.
    So, I'd like to suggest you may change and/or notice this thing on your page.

  43. Greg 그랙 Boy

    oh my gravy this gourmet ramen thing is AWESOME. thank you so much. i'm sure someone else already noted it, but where did step three go??? watch it again… :D keep on rocking you guys.

  44. Any chance of simple English instructions for the timer – like what to do when it starts beeping the first and second time, and how to get the beeping to stop?

  45. so totally amazing. this isn't really a recipe, but a lot of people like to add lukewarm/cold rice in with the leftover soup to finish things off. btw it's totally fine to say "대박맛있어요" , nice improvisation there!

  46. haha! i also add some cheese with my ramen. but i put them on top of the egg i dont swirl the egg just love the eggyork half cooked. XD

    you can add meat with them. add them at the very last minute just before you put in the vegetables. slice them very thin it is really yummy or you can do any shapes you want but it'll takes time to cook so the egg will overcooked . that will not taste good.

    the meat also make the ramen thick. super thick with less liquid yummy . pork will do just fine. but i prefer meat. so juicy lol.
    hope you give it a try. .dont forget to add green peppers with some slice onions. with tofu. XD


  47. at college i developed my own kind of ramen soup but with a polish/russian twist. i would make ramen but i would not add the seasoning that is came with. instead i would add Knore instant soups from the Polish deli. Depending on the soup added different things. if i got instant borscht i would add a touch of soup cream and thin slices of red beet (all gotten from my school cafeteria). if it was this one soup that i can only describe as pickle soup (not sure how to translate the name but the soup tasted kinda like warmed up kosher dill pickles) i added pickles slices. from time to time i would also add SPAM. now i really wanna go to an asian super market and make your ramen dish!

  48. Hi! First time commenting but I've been watching your videos for awhile! Have you tried Rabboki? Its ramen and ddoekboki. It is superrr good! there are sort of 2 kinds. One is just putting ddoek into the ramen soup and let it cook. The other is cooking the ramen first and draining some of the water and then adding the ddoek. That's what I ate in Korea haha. Very cheap but very delicious! Also you can put in kimchi and cook it along with the ramen. I tried reading some of the comments and no one seemed to mention nor was it in your video. But you guys probably knew it right? haha :) love you vids!


  49. Hello! I love your blog so much, it makes me want to go to Korea again so badly! I have a question about odeng (which, according to some comments above, is incorrect, but as far as I know, "odeng" is a Korean loan word, borrowed from the Japanese fish cake called "oden," so I believe it is fine to use. I don't live in Korea though, so I don't know what they use there). Is it possible to freeze odeng? I can't find any information on this on the internet. My mom freezes sliced kamaboko, so I don't see why not, but I was wondering if you guys have ever tried it. Thanks!

  50. I use the shin ramyons and I like to put beans, green onions and kimchi. http://img42.imageshack.us/img42/9264/ramyons2.jp
    One way my husband loves is when I cook the ramen and drain the broth. Then make sauteed ramen with sesame oil, mushrooms, kimchi, green onions, eggs and tofu.

    I have to try the processed cheese. I don't know why I never thought of that.

  51. Wow, that looks delicious *drools* Why don't they have round ramen here? That's so much easier to use.
    I do Indian-inspired ramen since that's the only ingredients we have at home. Cook the ramen (no seasoning), put in on side. Then cook some chopped onion and garlic in some oil. I add cayenne, turmeric, and seasoning. Then put in the ramen and water. Sometimes I add peas or corn. At the end I add crushed methi (dried fenugreek(?)) leaves. :D

  52. That's very good idea to put bokchoy in Ramen. I'm always enjoying your post..

  53. Hi~ Simon and martina. It's my first coment. :-)

    Your cooking looks so funny. very impressive.

    If you like more spicy ramen, you can try Tum-Sae(틈새) ramen (that is only in GS25 the convenience store).

    It is the most spicy ramen in Korea. It's crazy hot.

    But I love it.

  54. 이번화도 재미있게 잘 봤습니다. 영어를 한 동안 안썼더니, 글 쓰는게 무서워서 잘 안되는군요 ^^ ㅋ;
    언제나 재미있게 보며, 공부도 열심히 하고 있답니다 ^^

  55. Tried my hand at the gourmet ramen today. Used a chicken-flavored Maruchan Ramen packet, a beaten egg, a hot dog and a slice of white American cheese. Definitely filling, and unique. I might do this more often.


  57. I recommend the poached egg – crack it in unstirred at the end and cook just long enough for the white to be finished but the yolk is still a little gooey, amazing. Also, you can fry up some veggies and then when you make the ramen, separate the broth into a mug and drink that separately and have the noodles with your veggies ("dry" so to speak). Crushed raw noodles make a great salad topper, too.

    I live in Busan and gave up on bottled water after a month- too expensive. I've been drinking tap water all year – now I am worried – are their chemicals in it or something that's going to damage me? Cuz I have never been sick from the water so it can't be a cleanliness issue… what's the story? (ps, don't you shower and brush your teeth with tap water anyway?) ^^

  58. Downloaded the app. But… where's the setting for Maruchan Ramen? I don't recognize any of the other ramen, but I don't live in Korea…

  59. Ah, I'm also so gonna download that Kimchi Timer! Never know it exists. I love Shin Ramyun and Nong Shim too. There are not too many brands available here in Indonesia.

  60. For instance, Eeppai(generously, full(Correct Korean is 'Ga-duk(가득)' or 'Dum-ppoock(듬뿍)')),
    Dakkwang(Pickled yellow radish(Correct Korean is 'Dan-mu-ji(단무지)'), Mozzi(Rice cake(Correct Korean is 'Tteok(ë–¡)')…
    And 'O-Deng' is example of it. Correct Korean is 'Eo-muk(어묵)'. I'm sorry your mood is getting bad because of me,
    but I don't want Korean uses Japanese, and of course in Foreigner's case. Thanks for read my terrible english
    and protect Correct Korean please :D

    • Thank you for the info! Your English is great! We understood you perfectly!

      We're going to try calling it Eo-muk from now on. We heard a few people mention this to us. We didn't know about the history.

      Thanks again :D

  61. Wow~ Martina your dance is very very super super supa dupa cute~!! >â–½<
    And.. I'm sorry but 'O-deng' is Japanese language T T
    I'm sorry if you know 'il-jae-gang-jeom-gi(일제강점기)' in Korean history(O My English is terrible), but I'll explain this(Can I be not rude?)
    Japan invaded many countries in 1900s and you know Korea includes in there, huh?
    So Japan pressure Koreans to use Japanese language, Jananese name, Japanese culture..
    And Japan abuse and oppress Korean in no reason TT
    So, in this process, many many Japanese language was into Korean's life and Korean uses many Japanese language to this day.
    (Please read next comment)

  62. 한국인인 내가 끓인라면보다 훨씬 맛있어 보인다!!!! ^^
    신라면 꽤 매울텐데 말이죠~^^
    (저는 라면 잘 못 끓임 –;)

  63. Once i dropped an MM in (red) and belive it or not but it was… refreshing… delishious ^^
    It was like a mix of hot noodles with cold chocolate
    a mix of sweet with savory
    dessert with dinner… why wait!
    i would suggest that if you try it to not put the whole packet of MM's in (didn't turn out well) the whole bowl turned brown from the melted chocolate!
    also not everyone will like it!

  64. Why don't you try something new? Put a blue crab and ramen soup (not the whole package. may be 1/3?) and boil them for enough time and then put noodle there. There must be some decent recipe for it on the Internet. But I guarantee it'll show you guys a whole new world of ramen.

  65. Wow, you forget if you wait more than 15 minutes after cooked, it will be disgusting.
    Well…. actually it depends on a person, but most people don't like soaked noodles.

  66. Wow~! Perfect!
    I think ramen and kimchi are the best couple in the food world. ^^

  67. Awesome~~! I feel like I should stop this video, run to the walmart, grab a shin ramen and Cooooooooooook~!!! Looks so yummy~!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh~~~~~ I shouldn't think about eating a ramen now (It's 11:45PM …huh…)

  68. 대박 맛있어요. ㅋㅋㅋ That works too. People say it all the time. Daebak mat it uh yo.^^

  69. I love cheese. I love ramen. Why didn't I think of this before???

  70. You're so funny Martina ! Your imitation of Nigella = Priceless <3
    I'm really happy to know that you will work full-time on the website :)
    I hope you will have your show on Arirang or something ~

  71. I agree with the cheese! Its also good with Ichiban ramen. Bokchoy is the best in soups. Ramen FTW!

  72. where did u get the ramen app? is it in english on an apple app store?

  73. if you put in a fried egg on top of your finished product you can have the great egg taste without changing the taste/texture of the soup. it's 맛있아어요 :)

  74. This video is completely the reason I picked up more ramen today at 7-11. D:
    Oh, btw, my friends and I were at the B2ST concert today, and we couldn't stop calling them Betoost because of the videos on here. Thought you guys might enjoy that. Are you going to the Big Bang BigShow next weekend?

    • Bah! I wish we could. We didn't get tickets, though, and we're not gonna wait in line forever to get bad seats.

      • Apparently there are still seats left, according to my friend who has much better G-Market skills than me. Granted, they're on the 3rd floor, but I'm currently of the opinion of "I SIMPLY WANT TO BE IN THE SAME GENERAL AREA AS THEM".

        • Ah! Yeah, if we went we'd want to make a video of it, and we'd be terrified to bring our video equipment into a crowd of screaming fangirls. Ha!

        • It's not so bad if you get the seats instead of standing. Only thing you really have to worry about is the security who come around and threaten to take your camera. Which is why I like the 2nd-3rd row seats, security can't be bothered all the way up there.

  75. Surely Simon has had ramen with ranch dressing? A college dorm classic.

  76. AHHH! I love cooking videos, especially korean cooking videos, especially eatyourkimchi korean cooking videos, so when I saw this in my subs I got so excited. <3
    I have ramyeon maybe 2-3 times a week (cause I'm a fail cook) and really don't add much. I normally just add green onions, mini-hot dogs/spam (depending on what i have), brocolli/bokchoi, and an egg. I also normally tip out my water sooner or later because I like chewier noodles, and I don't beat my egg, and just leave it sitting there. That way, it turns out to be like a boiled egg with the yolk inside and it tastes amazing. "D
    This video made me want ramyeon but I had it earlier today. Next time I will DEFINITELY add the cheese, it looks so yummy. ^^

  77. Martina, I was certainly impressed with your Nigella Lawson impression! I love listening to the stories she does on NPR :-)

  78. My friend told me to add the packet of seasoning when the water is almost boiling, so the boiling point of the water increases and the noodles have a nicer bite to it.
    I also like adding in fresh kimchi and some of the juice that comes along with it, plus a heaping spoon of ssam jang and a slice of cheese(: and some ddok if you're really hungry.

  79. I love that there is an app for cooking ramen lol. Very cute and it seems helpful. Looks really yummy. I usually get the ramen that's in the little cups and you microwave it lol. Never tried the kind in the package before, but it looks good. Now I'm in the mood for some even though it's 12:29am and I'm full from dinner a couple of hrs ago lol. Oh Martina probably spent all her money on GTop stuff lol. What does your neck tattoo say? Looks interesting.

  80. I like my Raman with Kimchi… (I live in Korea so I LOVE kimchi)~~~~ and I also put in eggs and cheese as well~~ It's so delicious~~ <3 and when I'm done eating the noodles I always put rice in so I won't get hungry in like 30 minutes~~~ I love your videos <3

  81. if i ever come to Korea, can i come visit you guys? i love both of you + spudgy! ^^

  82. I'm glad I'm not the only one that puts cheese on my ramyun! I like to just put it on, have it sit there and melt for a little bit and then mix it up.

    I also recommend "washing" your ramyun: boil the water, put the ramyun on and don't touch it, wait for the oil to foam up, then dump the water, rinse the ramyun and then cook it for real. I used to do that when I cook Chinese instant noodles, a lot healthier.
    I recommend corn too. Aaaaand, if you wanna get real fancy or if your ramyun doesn't have a lot of taste, use 1/2 water and 1/2 chicken soup (I use the canned ones) for some added taste. I've never done that for Korean ramyun, but I've done it for Chinese ones… so if tell me your result if you try it! =]

    I'm glad you're doing more non-Music Monday videos again! I love MM, but variety's the spice of life ;D I hope you'll do more teaching videos since that's how everything started and I'm sure most of us are interested in teaching in Korea because of you and don't have much experience.

    • Thanks Summer. But, well, we've been doing non-Music Monday videos for as long as we've been doing Music Mondays. I'm pretty sure we still put up 2-3 videos per week.

      Anyhow, once Martina's done her contract in June and we start working full-time on the site we'll hopefully put up 3-5 videos per week. Yeah!

  83. I had to pause the video at the Teen Top reference due to uncontrollable, side-hurting laughter. As for my secret to good ramen: minced ginger, a splash of soy sauce, another of rice vinegar, and a final one of sesame oil will bring your ramen to the next culinary level. And of course the veggies such as mushrooms, carrots, onions, bok choy, etc. I should also add that I don't use the seasoning packet–I add my own sodium since I usually overdo it on the soy sauce front, thankyouverymuch.

  84. My family usually does the egg drop (eggs Benedict style) at the end or leave it in for a few minutes if you want harder egg. I thought I was the only one who put process cheese in the ramen!!! I started doing that in High School with the Maruchan creamy chicken seasoning (think mac and cheese-with chicken ramen) also I started adding those frozen veggies too. I usually put about a cup full right when I start the water boiling, to get the veggie broth going. It was really entertaining watching you guys again, and now I'm inspired to get CUTEsey kitchenware love the froggy cutting sheet thingy <3 and the monkey-dance song :) Buen Provecho Simon, Martina and Spudgy :)

  85. I always doctor up my ramen. I like to add some cloves of garlic early on so they cook and soften up a bit, also chopped onion, or basically any veggies you have on hand. Mandu is a great addition. Something I like to do is boil two pots of water, one empty, the other with the noodles, then I'll transfer the noodles once they've cooked most of the way through (there's a lot of oil on the noodles) — though I guess people don't eat ramen for the health benefits. To finish, I like to top off everything with a big pile of kimchi. oh. yeah.

  86. this looks like it'd be much tastier than shinee taemin's concoction of putting honey, milk and lots of salt in his ramen. >_> actually i do know people who put milk instead of water though. slightly creepy ugh. something my mum does to make ramen more 'healthy' other than shove a million other vegetables in, is to drain the water the first time around. so after just the ramen itself boils away for a bit, all the i dunno, bad msg or something is released into the water so mum tips the water back out, and puts in water again. and then all the stuffs and the egg (most important, i think) etc. sob i don't know how to explain it because the last time i went over to a stove i burnt myself buuuut there you go.

    you guys are so cute though. make me want to run away to korea straight away.

    thanks! <3

  87. Grilled cheese sandwich goes so delicious with Shin Ramyeon, like seriously. Not INSIDE the soup, obviously, but together as a meal. :D

  88. Totally downloaded the timer! It's available in US iTunes as well. I actually prefer soft boiled eggs, though I might try this with the cheese and no bok choi since I hate it (I try to love it, but it wasn't meant to be). I love Nong Shim, but I also like the Paldo one as well. Their's has itty bitty fishcakes in it. Though I usually take them out since I am picky with it.

    Hurry and put this on Tumblr so I can reblog it!

  89. "she want my soup of love"-HAHAHA, Awesome!!!!! 틴탑

  90. YAY. I love when you guys do your "how-to" videos! Always so informative~

  91. Martina, what is with that rockin' back-of-the-neck tat? Sweet…

    Also, why do you turn off the stove AND the gas valve on the wall there?

  92. oh my gosh martina, the ramen timer is so super cute. after seeing your vid, i went to the app store and got it for my iphone right away. thanks!
    btw, luv this video – am a huge shin ramen fan — would have probably starved to death in college without it. i like my shin ramen with whole egg , kimchi, mandoo and/or ddok (egg in at the last minute, close lid, turn off burner, wait ~1 minute ).

  93. I usually like my egg yolk a little raw, so I put the egg white into the pot first and after it about 1/2 cook, I put the egg yolk in and turn off the burner. Depend on your taste, you can enjoy the egg yolk while it is raw, half cook, or totally cooked. It can be another part of garnish for your ramen dish :) <3

  94. omg shin ramyeon is the best ever! i used to cook it all the time when i was studying in LA… i like to add corn, fresh or canned and shitake mushroom is good too.

    • Pyogo mushroom (Shitake) is always good – I add a few dried ones when I start boiling water and it just makes the soup tastes incredible.

  95. It's a redundant question, but my curiosity wants you to comment to see what other things you will say in tandem with the answer – why do you drink only bottled water?

    • Building on this question. Since you're boiling the water anyway, can't you just use tap water when making ramen? Do Koreans use bottled water to make all types of jigae and soup?

      • Guys! Guys! Guys! Unless you know for a fact that the water in your area is bad, there is NO reason not to drink the tap water here, especially in Seoul. If it smells bad, get a filter. Stop wasting your money on bottled water.

        • You know, we're starting to question this as well. Our co-teachers simply told us not to drink the tap water. They said it with dead serious faces, and told us to drink bottled water. We were still fresh off the plane, so we listened and didn't question them. Now I think we will.

        • Authorities say you can drink the tap water, (they even bottle the tap water, label it with their own tap water brand and give away for free) but I think most people don't like to drink tap water. they just don't trust the tap water to be drinkable. I personally don't drink it either, but for cooking I use it for cooking since it will be boiled anyway.

          Awesome site, by the way. I've been living in Seoul for most of my life, and you guys seem to enjoy living here more than I have. I seem to be 'learning' about Korea from you.

          keep up the good work :)

        • Yeah I don't like tap water. Where I live it's drinkable and fine but I've just been drinking filtered water for a good while now it's all I can like. At my grandmother's in another part of the state I was visiting last and almost threw up just drinking a bit when I brushed my teeth blech. So yeah I just don't prefer the tap water taste. I would check out and see what local authorities say about the issue and people who have been living in the area for a good long while.

        • I heard that in Seoul there is a special service where the government will get workers to come in and check your pipes for contamination. Unfortunately, I don't know if this true for other areas or how you get them to come in.

        • Yeah, I never heard that myself. I'll look into it. Thanks for the tip.

        • You know there's a water bottle called "Bobble" that you might want to invest in for tap water. It's like a filter on the go. You fill it up with tap water, pop on the lid with the carbon filter, and drink. The carbon filter cleans out the tap water. My friend has it and she says it makes tap water taste a lot better.

        • Oh Se-Hoon, the current mayor of Seoul, has taken a big stake in his mayoral term in declaring that Seoul city water is safe to drink. Big improvements have been made in recent years in water infrastructure and it is completely safe to drink.

          Here's a notable quote from the link below. "Many [Koreans] still think that piped water in Seoul is unsafe to drink due to old metal pipes and excessive amount of chlorine. In fact most of the pipes in Seoul were replaced for [the] last 20 years, and the chlorine level is under the strict control." http://www.newsworld.co.kr/cont/0609/42.htm

  96. "She want my soup of love"-HAHA Great!

    -also, why don't you drink the tap water??? is it okay to cook with tap water???

  97. I like to put in a dash of milk right before the cooking is done. I like my ramen a little undercooked and not as soggy. When you add in the milk, the noodles stop cooking and stay chewy until you're done. Also, I hear it helps prevent your face from being bloated in the morning (which a lot of people worry about, especially if they eat ramen at night)

    There was an episode of this one variety show, where they tested out random ingredients to add to make your ramen taste good. Milk was in there, but the one ingredient voted to be the best was Ssam Jang. I'm too chicken to try it out, but maybe you should! i hear it's good. XP

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