So, I’m experiencing something very new with the writing of this blog post. We kinda over-prepared for this video. Not as in, we had everything that we were gonna say planned out. I mean, we’re constantly worried that we’re gonna have some project pop up out of the blue (as projects always do) that might make us have to miss a video upload date, like we did often in 2013 when we were traveling, so we decided to be ultra-proactive this year and try to film a lot of stuff in advance. This video was filmed very much in advance. Like, over a month ago in advance. That’s not a bad thing in terms of getting a video done on time. I really like how this video turned out, in fact. The Man Chest Hair Nest is definitely my favorite part. My problem now is that I usually write the blog posts soon after filming the video, so everything’s fresh in my mind and I can comment more on the things that happened behind the scenes. But, umm, this is from so long ago now that my memories of the day are a bit faded. And so, now I’m at the blog post writing time like, errrp.

So let me try to write some stuff that I remember:

1) This stuff was definitely too sweet for me. The pumpkin stuff was our favourite of the two. Maybe the sweet one will taste less beany than the regular one? Not sure. I do remember seeing lots of people still eating Patbingsu even though it was cold outside, which makes me miss Patbingsu now.
2) The Ddeok in hot juk softens to the point of having a booger-like texture. Not my favorite way of eating Ddeok. I’m not sure how other people feel about it. Have you eaten this before? What are your thoughts on it?
3) We met a really nice guy on the way to filming this. He was a student at Yonsei. I’m sorry that we forgot your name. You had a nice new Yonsei jacket on, though!
4) This place made copious vats of the Pat Juk. They had a giant freaking pot that you could probably stand in, and it was full of this stuff. The chef behind the counter put in his gigantic bucket for a ladle and would scoop out lots and put them in plastic containers, I’m assuming for take out purposes.
5) There’s one scene in here in which we say that Leigh got the Kpop-quiz answer too quickly. That’s from a video we filmed and didn’t publish yet. It was filmed on the same day, in fact. Did we mention how we filmed lots of videos? Anyhow, we just edited this one first, because the other video we filmed was of a place that, umm, wasn’t really the best.
6) We have bloopers, as always!


Anyhow, I’d write more, but one of those pop up projects just popped up. By the time this is published we’ll have finished filming something with one of our favourite artists. Woot! They should be here in 20 minutes! I gotta prep the studio for them now. Make sure you click on this pretty button below right here so you don’t miss out on the video when it comes. Yay!

  1. Was that a fruedian slip at the end there Martina???? What were you REALLY thinking about???

  2. @simonandmartina:disqus ………well just martina!! you sang Exid’s i feel good right?? or was i imagining things…
    anyway…i like patbingsu better…

  3. I’ve had red bean ice cream before, but I’m not sure how much I’d like a meal that was just red bean. Maybe I’d like the pumpkin better? I’ve had pumpkin soup before and liked it, but I guess I would be afraid of it being too sweet.

  4. It looks so nice. We have a similar dish in Vietnamese culture its called chè đậu đỏ. I have this from time to time in my suburb. It’s around $3 and almost every restaurant and some sweets shops will sell this.

  5. Omg Martina that coat is super adorable!

  6. Can you put the person’s name who wrote the blog post at the end? I always end up reading it in a mixture of everyone’s voice XD (I assume Simon writes most of them anyway)

  7. I want someone to open a korean porridge restaurant and call it, “The Juk Box”. I just really want that to happen. “Juk Joint” is another possibility. Somebody make it so!

  8. um… why not write the blog post after you’ve filmed the pre-filmed video? Keep it in a word processing document. Then when you need it, BAAAM! it’s there! Then you don’t have to try to remember. You can always add in some stuff when you’re ready to publish.

    Anyways, LOVE the editing! The cut-aways were amusing (not really the content so much as the fact that it was like this weird scene shoved into ‘normal’ scenes) and the bird’s nest had me laughing so hard!

  9. Is there not gonna be a liveblog this week? :( I just noticed that there isn’t one scheduled :( x x x

    • Sorry to say this, but we can’t do a LiveChat today. We have something special/different that we have to film today, and right after that we’re having a going away party for one of our interns, Beth, who has done some awesome work with us. We’ll hopefully be back to our regular scheduled LiveChats next week!

  10. In Cantonese Chinese, we call soup/porridge “jook” which kinda sounds like juk. I find that a lot of Korean words sound like Chinese words (e.g. yang – goat). Why is that?

    • Chinese in general is a really old language and Korean, by comparison, is relatively new. A lot of Korean words are based on Chinese characters and their meanings/pronunciations, and China’s actually really close to Korea so there’s definitely that. I think you can find some similarities to Japanese as well.

  11. Bah this looks so good! As unappetizing as some of your descriptions were this sounds right up my alley (^_^”) Also your coat, Martina, is awesome. Always liked the collar + hood but couldn’t find anything like it.

  12. did anyone else noticed the girl in the background judging Simon and Martina. She was just looking at them like wtf????

  13. Word on the dduk grossness after sitting in hot liquid-y things. It’s really gross actually, and Simon’s description is spot on.. DON’T EAT IT D:

  14. Literally MINUTES before I heard Martina say “Girls don’t fart”, I read George Takei’s most recent (at time of posting) tweet

  15. I do like the taste of red beans but if I can actually taste the texture of the beans my body will freak out and be all like “THIS ISN’T RIGHT!!!!” (sweet beans, does not compute) and want to gag it out…grrrr. I think I just need to get used to it is all….

  16. I’m not a fan of sweet(ish) soups/porridges but I enjoyed this FAPFAP a lot! I like how the story of brass bowls (LOL, Lee Sauron XD) was cut into parts and appeared when I totally did not expect it. And the editing was great, Simon’s chest hair nest for birdies cracked me up. Good job, Editor Leigh (or whoever came up with this idea)~!

  17. As a person that doesn’t eat red meat, I’ve come to love most kinds of beans (because that is usually my substitute in chili and stuff). After watching this I REALLY want to try it!! I looks so good!! I dont understand how you couldn’t do sexy porn shots of these dishes.

  18. That pat totally looks delicious! I tried to make my own just recently, and failed SO HARD. It ended up being a watery and savory mess…

  19. ermahgerd!! lord of the rings! i just got reallllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy into it! and the hobbit? *swoons* also *said in martina’s nerdy voice even though it isnt that nerdy* i really love playing lego lord of the rings and you can ride goats and theres a phial that plays a really fun song and then i have a dance party XDD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P21wZlVNQc8

  20. Omnomnomnom! Can’t wait to eat lots and lots of patbingsu. I’m pretty sure though I would have preferred the pumpkin one in this video ^^

  21. This looks simlar to the Cantonese tong shui aka “sugar water” because both are soup like and sweet

  22. Did you guys shoot this at the Ehwa Back gate? AHH that is right outside my dorm! I have not gone there yet, but guess I should check it out soon!

  23. This is totally off the food topic (hmm or is it? ^_~) but on topic with pop up things you are filming, weren’t you guys maybe, possibly, by chance going to interview Royal Pirates? I vaguely remember a tweet about that.

    As for the Pat Juk, I would probably try it cause I give all food a chance but seeing that I’m not a fan of beans or sweet food that isn’t a dessert I’m not very sure that I would like it.

    I lol’ed WAY too much at the birds nesting in Simon’s chest hair. I love that it continued throughout the whole video.

  24. i dont know if you guise had red bean soup, its superb and its warming and perfect for chilly days. my mom usually just boil it in water and add brown sugar. u probably can find better/fancier red bean soup recipe online.


    • singaporean here and i think this is the southeastasian/chinese style red bean soup, theres a green bean version thats less sweet that was my faave as a kid, iv never tried the korean red bean soup but it doesnt look the same (saw it up close when i went to korea recently), the korean version is waay thicker and clodgy looking (i mean it makes sense that its called porridge in the translation), whereas this version is more watery and ‘soupy’

  25. This is a Chinese dessert too, called hong dou tang (hong (red) dou (bean) tang (soup)). My dad makes it and likes to put dates in it too–I grew up on it and I HATE IT!!! It’s a too starchy for me and savory even with added sugar, probably owing to the properties of the bean itself.

    On the other hand, lu dou tang (lu (green) dou (bean) tang (soup)) is one of my favorite childhood desserts my dad would make. Probably cuz he put buttloads of sugar in it, but it doesn’t feel as cloying in your mouth and the beans themselves are more neutral. Maybe they have that in Korea too? Not sure what it would be called though!

  26. You had me at “red bean”! <3

    Also, I'm ashamed to say I would have failed the K-pop test. Once I found out what it was I went, "Ooooh, of course!" but while Martina was humming it, I was drawing a blank.

  27. nooooooo. no directions there? or map? address at least puhleaseeeeeeeee.

  28. Man, even though I ate this time, now I totally feel like making soup! Is what you showed in the video a “Korean pumpkin” because it looks hella like a buttercup squash to me…..which is what I make my squash soup with, sweet and spicy – and oh so delicious! Red beans are okay but…..a whole bowl does sound like something to get rid of a cold. A bowl of maple baked beans? Sure! A bowl of chili? Awesome! A bowl of chocolate pudding? Great! A bowl of red bean soup? Er…..kind of too heavy after about 5 bites but I don’t know why. Like if someone gave you just a bowl of the tapioca “bubbles” from bubble tea on their own.

    I really like the style of the 2014 FAPFAPs of making Leigh answer kpop trivia, it was nice that you made it easy for her here but I didn’t hear her answer….”Nobody” by Wonder Girls? The chest-nest (mrow! chestness! katness! what?;) ) was hilarious! Was there anything in the ddeok or were they plain? Does having the ddeok in a soup make it more filling or help to tone down the strong flavour of the red beans, or is it just for presentation? And why, why is there a shot in the bloopers with Martina’s hair completely different and wearing the cat beanie? Did you film it later?

    Cyber_3 – feeling better and back on the ‘netz after a 2 week long virus that makes you feel like an angry drunk….:P

    My Squash Soup recipe:
    In a soup pot, fry 1 chopped medium onion, 1/4 cup grated ginger, and 2 peeled, cored, and chopped golden delicious apples in butter until softened. Add 3 peeled, deseeded, and coarsely chopped squash (2 butternut and 1 buttercup or any variation) and brown a little with the rest in the pot. Add 1.5L of chicken stock to cover and 1.5 cups of apple cider or juice to the pot. Add 1/2 to 3/4 cup of brown sugar, 5Tbsp salt, 3Tbsp pepper, 1.5Tbsp paprika, 1 Tbsp cinnamon, 1Tbsp ground cumin, and 0.5Tbsp red pepper flakes (spice measurements are approximate). Simmer until tender. Use a mixmaster, blender, or moulli to puree soup to your preferred consistency (I like mine a little chunky) and then add 1.5 cups of whipping cream and bring back to soft boil for 1 minute. Makes approximately 10 big soup bowls of delicious soup – really great with strong cheese on the side, like a bourbon stilton.

    • I’m so happy to see you back! i didn’t see you for a while and I thought you had given up on us.

      *runs at you with open arms, sobbing ugly, snotting, and farting a bit from all the beans*

      • Awwwwwww! {warm snuuuglly feelz} To be honest, I really am proud of you guise for taking so much initiative this year and really going whole hog into getting things done. I think that it has really improved your health and humour, and certainly the videos. You’ve never been better and giving up was the furthest thing in my mind. Sorry if I caused any concern, it just seemed weird/conceited to post about it ^_^;;;;;

        While I had positive things to say on all your videos in the last while, after accidentally ripping a tech support person a new one via e-mail over something minor, I decided it was better not to post anything significant while I was in angry-drunk-lynch-mob-mode. It was a damned weird virus in that you didn’t feel all that bad physically if you didn’t move around much but whoa – your mental state was cracked due to fever! My son had it first, then me. I feel bad that I didn’t understand his weird contrary attitude while he had it, I’m going to be ultra-patient of pretty much everyone in my neighbourhood for the next month or so.

        Cyber_3 – heeeeyyyyyy, {smells the air} didn’t you film this last month? ;)

  29. damn that “pumpkin stuff” looks nice *stomach growls*

    Simon, nice try, but still your pitch is too low for us to savor this melody in its creepiest ….:}

  30. Do you guise watch Arrow? It’s really good! I’m thinking that we have the same taste in Entertainment because I remember last time you replied to my tweet it was

    Just started watching it two days ago. Got two episodes in. It’s great! RT @Justin_Neuman: Do you watch #Sherlock ?— Simon and Martina (@eatyourkimchi) February 1, 2014

    Just wanted to let you know you guise are awesome And I’ll totally “Buy you a Drank!” *as I roll down a window* -TX Nasty 4 Lyfe

  31. What does the other place involve?

  32. ahaha The Lord of the Brass Bowls!!
    mmm…Pumpkin soup!!
    Martina singing LOTR was good!

  33. Oh red beans in Korea…. a constant disappointment to me. “Oh what is this? Chocolate? Yum I love chocolate, let me have a bite….. oh…. it’s red bean”.

    Actually they are okay…. I don’t mind them, I just prefer chocolate.

    • That happened to me so many times while I was in Korea. I would see something and get into Chocolate Eating Mode and take a huge bite only for it to be revealed as red beans. Red beans are delicious, but only when I’m not already in Chocolate Eating Mode. Then I feel betrayed by the pastry filled with beany lies.

  34. Red beans and me don’t go well together….I’ve got a really bad experience with it from camp. *shudders*

  35. I don’t always eat Juk, but when I do it’s cause I’m damn sick. It’s super effective ! But super tasteless… I guess red beans increase the taste. But sure it doesn’t helps intestines to get back in place… !

  36. actually in north korea marijuana is legal hahaha i have heard that south korean stoners will sometimes travel to NK just to get their smoke on XD that’s one thing i miss about living in japan coming from california, all the medical marijuana ;~~;
    also hnnnng i love anko/azuki beans!! sooo good! i used to hate it since it is a weird mixture of bean and sweet taste, but i came to japan for a trip a couple years back and ate so much of it in the span of a few weeks i grew to love it! so i was drooling throughout this video! haha the pumping too (kabocha in japanese)! if you haven’t before, i suggest getting one, cutting it up into small bits, putting it in the microwave to soften it, mush it up, add honey and some pumpkin seeds, and use it on saltines :D it’s a super good and sweet snacky snack~~~

    also i couldn’t hear leigh’s answer haha

  37. Never had red bean porridge but I had the normal juk in Seoul… I had a fever/flu when I was in Seoul so I went the Korean way and ate some juk! We actually went to the same place (chain restaurant in Hongdae) twice because it was so delicious! Not sure did it help my flu but I miss it! ;A; (great option for those who don’t really like spicy foods… like me)
    Also, Martina I loooove the colour of your coat! :D

  38. I haven’t eaten enough combinations of red beans to form an opinion, but so far I’m a fan, looking forward to trying this sometime.

  39. With “one of your fav artists” do you mean the Royal Pirates? ^^
    If yes, I’d be really happy :D
    ah and I hope I can try this sometime soon- i love pastries with red beans and they make none of them where I live ><

  40. Chest hair, Kevin approves. I find it weird that even though I’m super picky with food I always get hungry when I watch your fapfaps.

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