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Korean Red Bean Porridge – Pat Juk!

March 20, 2014


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So, I’m experiencing something very new with the writing of this blog post. We kinda over-prepared for this video. Not as in, we had everything that we were gonna say planned out. I mean, we’re constantly worried that we’re gonna have some project pop up out of the blue (as projects always do) that might make us have to miss a video upload date, like we did often in 2013 when we were traveling, so we decided to be ultra-proactive this year and try to film a lot of stuff in advance. This video was filmed very much in advance. Like, over a month ago in advance. That’s not a bad thing in terms of getting a video done on time. I really like how this video turned out, in fact. The Man Chest Hair Nest is definitely my favorite part. My problem now is that I usually write the blog posts soon after filming the video, so everything’s fresh in my mind and I can comment more on the things that happened behind the scenes. But, umm, this is from so long ago now that my memories of the day are a bit faded. And so, now I’m at the blog post writing time like, errrp.

So let me try to write some stuff that I remember:

1) This stuff was definitely too sweet for me. The pumpkin stuff was our favourite of the two. Maybe the sweet one will taste less beany than the regular one? Not sure. I do remember seeing lots of people still eating Patbingsu even though it was cold outside, which makes me miss Patbingsu now.
2) The Ddeok in hot juk softens to the point of having a booger-like texture. Not my favorite way of eating Ddeok. I’m not sure how other people feel about it. Have you eaten this before? What are your thoughts on it?
3) We met a really nice guy on the way to filming this. He was a student at Yonsei. I’m sorry that we forgot your name. You had a nice new Yonsei jacket on, though!
4) This place made copious vats of the Pat Juk. They had a giant freaking pot that you could probably stand in, and it was full of this stuff. The chef behind the counter put in his gigantic bucket for a ladle and would scoop out lots and put them in plastic containers, I’m assuming for take out purposes.
5) There’s one scene in here in which we say that Leigh got the Kpop-quiz answer too quickly. That’s from a video we filmed and didn’t publish yet. It was filmed on the same day, in fact. Did we mention how we filmed lots of videos? Anyhow, we just edited this one first, because the other video we filmed was of a place that, umm, wasn’t really the best.
6) We have bloopers, as always!

Anyhow, I’d write more, but one of those pop up projects just popped up. By the time this is published we’ll have finished filming something with one of our favourite artists. Woot! They should be here in 20 minutes! I gotta prep the studio for them now. Make sure you click on this pretty button below right here so you don’t miss out on the video when it comes. Yay!



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