This video was supposed to come out last week, but because we had gone to Beijing, we had our mini Beijing video week last week. Now back to normal, kinda. We’re publishing this and then driving to the airport for LA. WOOT! Sorry if we can’t comment on this video as much as we usually do: we’ll get to commenting as soon as we land! Anyhow, here’s the last of the video we shot during our trip to G-Dragon’s Villa!

We had always wanted to film a Korean rest stop, and we were ultra excited when we saw one along the way to GD’s Villa, though this one isn’t as shazaaming as other ones we were on when we went on road trips with our schools back when we were teachers. Still: we wanted to show you a bit of what it looks like. Check out those chairs! They’re supposed to be massage chairs but I’m guessing that they died out through years of use. One thing we cut out from the video: the chair didn’t work and was clearly quite old, but it had one thing really enjoyable about it. After all its years of use, no one peeled the plastic off the remote. No one! It was all wrinkled and puckered. I peeled that badboy off so fast. UGGGHH! I love peeling plastic off stuff.

We also were a bit confused by the blood pressure machines. What do you need a blood pressure machine for on a road trip? I don’t get it. Is it to show your kids proof that they need to stop asking you if you’re there yet? LOOK AT WHAT YOU’RE DOING TO ME, YOU RUNTS!!!

This place had only one restaurant that offered limited food options. We’ve been to others that are more similar to what you see in HomePlus: one cashier that overlooks a bunch of different style restaurants, and the food there was a lot better than just the instant powdered Jajangmyeon stuff. We’ve seen some with fried food stuffs, especially potatoes. Lots of potatoes.

Apologies for the bad audio, by the way. We turned on our mics, but the switch moved over in our bag to a different input, and then patooey, no audio! Yargh! We’ve done that mistake a few times lately. Not gonna happen again. We’re ultra cautious now. But it’s so annoying!!!!!!!

We’ve got a few bloopers for this week’s video as well, including a discussion on how to pronounce “blood pressure.” It’s not easy for us as it once was…


Lastly, we hope you liked our road trip videos! We plan on doing something big when we get back from LA at the end of June. Lots of driving! Lots of adventure! Make sure you don’t miss out on any of it by clicking on the pretty button below, right here!

  1. Do you guys have a Instagram profile?

  2. I love Korea! Do you guys have a Instagram profile?

  3. OMG!!! I just found out you guys are on viki.com :) too cool. plus the food looks so good… i’d be willing to be adopted :P lol

  4. You’ll never guess what’s at a rest stop near where I live. A pub. A freakin’ pub! So if you ever feel like having a pint whilst on the way to wherever, you can just pull in. NO DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE! There was a lot of uproar when it opened as you can imagine. What a crazy world!

  5. Hilarious! I love Simon’s “Yaaaaaa”. My husband wasn’t watching the video but he heard it and started laughing too.

    I hate naps too, I always wake up grumpy. When I wake up from a nap my family knows to stay away from me.

  6. WOOOT SO EXCITED FOR THIS WANK!! I love rest stops in Asia, especially after watching all the Running Man episodes with rest stop challenges. Simon and Martina, please please please stop at those big rest stops and eat everything in sight?

  7. Martina, I loved your “rest rant”!! LOL! :)

  8. I guess the rest stops in Asia are a lot cooler thatn in Canada… lol.. Back when i didn’t live in Tokyo, i would sometimes take the highway bus to go there on weekends (it’s hella cheaper than the shinkansen you guise) and a little over the halfway mark it would pull into this “rest area” that was basically like a friggin shopping mall. it had like 20 restaurants, a convenience store, a starbucks, 3 or 4 “omiyage” shops (souvenirs you bring back to your family/coworkers, which is usually food like cookies or candies) and a gazillion toilets. it’s pretty cool. also if you are ever looking to see some of those pimped-out trucker trucks that you sometimes see on those “omg! look how weird japan is!!” weblists, this is the place to go!! (in reality they are super-rare…)

    the massage chairs though, maybe you have to pay money to make them work??

  9. “Those yubus were important to me!” No idea why that made me laugh.

  10. You guys need to visit Iowa, USA sometime. Come to the world’s biggest truck stop on I-80!

  11. I would literately pay a million dollars for the EatYourKimchi mobile!
    BTW nice car :)
    I wish we had rest-stops like that in the states!

  12. I LOVE road trips! Watching your videos where you guys go out makes me wanna get out more :) The destination is fun, of course, but along the way… oooohhh the adventures! My husband and I went on a week long road trip for our one year anniversary last year. We took highway 101 down to California from Washington, and just enjoyed all the views, camping here and there along the way. We didn’t have a destination… but it was still amazing none the less! Wish we had some rest stops like this one. Ours suck :T

  13. I loooove road trip videos! I love taking road trips and stopping at rest stops to eat and hang out and stuff. :D I just took a road trip to an anime convention last weekend and loved the trip there almost as much as the convention itself. :) I’m trying to play a day trip for tomorrow too with a friend. You guys should totally do more road trip videos! Also, what are the rest stops in Canada like?

    I live in the US and a couple years ago we drove from here in NJ down to Florida on interstate 95. Up north, we have fancy rest stops with places to eat inside, like Burger King, Pizza Hut, Roy Rogers, etc. They also have vending machines outside, people selling things like sunglasses and other travel goods, and lots of them also have a travel mart, which is a tiny store inside the rest stop building to buy snacks and magazines and stuff.

    As we got further down south, more into North and South Carolina, the rest stops we stopped at were literally like, vending machines in the middle and the bathrooms on each side, and that was it. Sometimes they had picnic tables too. So different from the rest stops that are farther up north!

    My friend who’s from Florida, had come up here via plane, to see the SM Town concert with me, said she’d never seen rest stops like the ones we have in NJ. We were driving from Newark, NJ to the Philadelphia airport and had stopped to get gas and food. Also, it’s literally illegal to pump your own gas in NJ, so they did it for me and she was amazed. XD And she said the rest stops we have up here are so much nicer than the ones down south.

    So what are the ones in Canada like? :O I’d love to take a driving trip up there sometime. :) Maybe go through all the northeastern states and into Canada. :D

    • I wonder if it’s a turnpike/toll road versus regular highway thing in the US? In Michigan we have non-toll (pothole-filled) highways with the really boring rest stops you described, and if you want food you just get off the highway at a normal exit and pick a restaurant. When I drove through NY and MA I ended up on toll roads, and that’s where I saw the fancy rest stops with restaurants and gift shops.

      I’ve never been somewhere where it’s illegal to pump your own gas — interesting!

      • Yeah, we have ‘state routes’ here in NJ that are like regular highways, only with slower speed limits and lots of businesses, stores, fast food, etc on each side. I live right off of one of the state routes. :) We have the toll roads too, like the turnpike, that you have to pay for. We also have ‘interstate routes’ but they usually don’t have tolls either.

        I know! I lived in Philly before moving here, and didn’t learn to drive until moving to NJ anyway, so I never had to pump my own gas, unless I went out of state. I prefer to do it myself though, cause during holidays and stuff, gas stations get super crowded and you wait forever for them to pump your gas. They usually have 2 or 3 people pumping gas for 12 fuel pumps. It’s insane sometimes. :/ Also hate when people decide to leave their car at the pump while it’s refueling, to go into the convenience stores. Then you have to wait for them to decide to come back out and move their car. -_- Highly annoying. XD

    • The New Jersey Turnpike is too legit to quit, tbh. I kinda miss those rest stops. I moved cross country from NJ to California a few years back, and the turnpike was quickly missed…

      • I know! The Turnpike is awesome. I also love driving down the shore on the Garden State Parkway or the Atlantic City Expressway… even though there’s nothing but trees to see haha. I like driving fast so maybe that’s why I like the major highways more. Aside from the awesome rest stops. :D

  14. these old guys in front of the pit stop were hilarious, it’s like the “stressed” husbands in german shopping malls. There you can find massage chairs so that the husbands can chill out while the wifes are going on a shopping marathon ;)

  15. Simon and Martina, do people in general leave stickers on stuff they buy in Korea? When I lived in India, EVERYBODY left stickers and wrappers, etc on EVERYTHING they bought it and it drove me bananas. I wanted to take off all the stickers… the weirdest was bicycles. In India bicycles come with all the metal bars wrapped in plastic, and people will just leave it there. People were like “it will protect my bicycle for eternity” and I would be all like “it’s ragged and dirty and there is dust INSIDE it, WHYYYYY”. It took all my strength not togo unravel everyone’s bicycle plastic.

    • Omg my friend is the same way! Anything she buys that ‘has special meaning’ to her, she won’t unwrap it. Like I bought her a B2ST mouse pad for her mouse, and she hasn’t even opened it to use it. I bought it a couple years ago, and she STILL has it wrapped! Seriously!?

  16. When you said pit stop, the first thing that came to my mind was an armpit. Huehuehue. And then you started talking about Simon’s smelly armpits through the whole video. Coincidence? I think not. There’s a reason why it’s called pit stop, I guess. Hahahaha.

  17. Oh my gosh, I’ve been to some amazing rest stops here in Korea. My friends and I during university went on an MT and it was ggreeeaattt … we played frisbee in the parking lot.
    Pretty sure we weren’t supposed to do that.
    We did.
    There were also CRANE GAMES (or claw machines, whichever you say) which I am super addicted too! And … i didn’t win anything :( They were rigged I tell you! The claws were all loose…
    Some of the ones I went to had giant stands selling a bunch of Trot CDs lol. Shoulda bought one..~

  18. First: Peeling stickers off is great!
    Second: Those reststops look great!
    Third: After a 30-minute workout I’m hungry now ><

  19. I only peeled the sticker off my ipod nano yesterday, when I sent it off to apple to be replaced (yay free replacement)….its 8 years old…..

  20. Udon is actually what you’re “supposed” to eat at those rest stops!
    It’s like the ting to do. When you get hungry during a drive you say
    “let’s stop at the rest stop and have some undon!”
    It’s pretty rare to eat jjajangmyeon like Simon did though ^^

  21. Dear Simon and Martina,
    You kept using the term “California bay area”, but I do not think it means what you think it means. I was so looking forward to you visiting somewhere nearby so I could possibly meet you guys (which has been my dream since like 2009). Instead, you’re an 8 hour drive away :(
    Instead, you should visit Danville because it’s Kevin from U-KISS’s hometown. And also 8 hours closer to me than LA. ^_^
    Best wishes,

  22. I cannot wait to go teach in Korea. Every time I watch these videos I fall in love with Korea even moar!! I am also getting less and less scared of going alone now that I know by the time I graduate college, the coffee shop will be opened, and I can go in and be like: “I can has Macchiato, and pet the meemers? *sniff sniff* I miss my caaaaaaat!” wow… Kinda weird to be excited for missing your pets… Oh well… Love you guys, Btw happy almost anniversary! :D 7 years now right? yay!

  23. OMG yes the stickers being left on electronics drive me up the freaking wall! Like if the wall was 50m high I would be up and over and on to the next wall! I commend you Simon for ripping off one :D I totally would have sneakily done the others as well xD

  24. Kang Ho Dong’s #1 rule about Pickled Radish at Rest Stops, Always take it home for snacks later!
    Of course we ALL know Ho Dong will eat anything anyway, so I have no idea why he bothers to have
    food rules to start with….

    Oh Yeah…Nice Pits Simon!

  25. I finally got off my duff and remade my account dor the new comment system. Glad to be back
    As with all fapfaps…this made me quite hungry. Even the instant jajangmyeon. Lol.

    Seems like you two had a lot of fun on your trip and I am glad that it produced so many great memories and videos!

  26. Let me say a few things. First, the fact that you’re such foodies that you took the time to sample the food at a freakin’ roadside joint and make a FAPFAP about it has increased the esteem in which I hold you guys even more. ;-) Second, I turn fifty today. I’m turning fifty as we speak. Third, I *love* that you guys work so hard, making/editing/posting videos even when you’re really busy; call me old-fashioned but when I learn that someone who wants me to patronize their business works really hard at it, it makes me feel better. I don’t know, I guess I just don’t like to feel chumped or taken for granted, so I totally love how hard you guys work. I’m on the other side of the States but I can feel your presence nearing our shores as we speak…

  27. Haha, I can totally relate to Martina’s pea situation.

    It sorta reminds me of when you’re sucking hard candy and swirling it around in your mouth, when plop, it somehow escapes through your lips. It makes me really sad for some reason. That last sliver of candy, just lying there on the concrete sidewalk ;_; Does this only happen to me?

  28. Jajajaja, that face before Simon said “you´re supposed to love me” XD

  29. A big trip? awesome, I hope it´s with the four of you.

  30. :O I can not express my desire to have those water station cup thingies here!!! That would be the best thing ever! So many times I’ll forget my own water bottle at home and can’t fill up and then just dehydrate at school all day. Seriously, the highlight of my day knowing those are a thing!

  31. What!!! I wish we had such cool rest-stops here in the US! All you get are: “restrooms” and loads of vending machines (at least the area in stay in)!! Not fair America! I want HOT noodles (maybe burgers here) on my road-trips too! lol!
    And Martina, did I hear you say: Nongshim??? WOW! What a coincidence as I am watching your video while eating my Nongshim Kimchi Noodles…
    Thanks for sharing this Korean Rest Stop Party! Have fun in LA! PARTY in the U.S.A!!! Can’t wait to see your upcoming adventures….
    And WELCOME to the US!!! :D
    PS: Totally Loving the Eat Your Kimchi Automobile!!! #EYKSOUL

    • That’s how rest stops are here in Michigan, too — nothing but bathrooms and vending machines. I was SO EXCITED when I studied abroad in Italy and visited roadside Auto Grills, which had food and full espresso bars, among other things. Then I went on a road trip to Boston and discovered that other US states actually do have Auto-Grill-like rest stops with little gift shops and actual restaurants like Burger King and Pizza Hut. Who knew?

      • Really? Auto-Grill-like rest stops here in the US! Next time I am in that area I will be sure to check it out! ^^
        Oh! Yes, I love the rest stops in Europe. I remember last year when my family and I were visiting, and I think it was in Germany, but we stopped at this particularly nice rest-stop. It had a super cute cafe, gift shops, and restaurants. Very Fancy! :D

  32. Hey guys! Yay! Another food(ish) video! Ahahaa

    I was so excited to watch this even though I’ve been to these rest stops HEAPS of times (because my mum’s family lives in Ulsan while my dad’s family lives ALL THE WAY down in Doksan). Videos like this bring back so many good memories and nostalgic feels. It’s always really interesting to see how these Hyu-ge-so’s vary in every region. Like if you go to uber remote country places, there’ll be limited food options, bathrooms are dodgy, and just a tiny convenience store so people will usually just opt for Ramyun. On the other hand, I remember going to one last year where it was like a tiny shopping centre full of upscale clothing brands like Polo, etc, and food franchises, like Starbucks and McDonald’s, with all the usual rest stop options. I don’t know what I love about these places so much. My family in Korea laugh and stuff when I get really excited but a lot of the fun of road trips should be the drives themselves, and I think you guys captured that in this video! Can’t wait to see you guys again soon! Thank you! <3

  33. Sitting for long periods of time can affect your blood flow, that could be why the blood pressure machine is there.

  34. WOW because you guys are driving you can stop as long as you want! Whenever we catch the bus and it stops half way at a big rest stop we only get 10 mins! So it’s like “Go go go! Toilet! Buy a drink! Buy some food on a stick! Get back on the bus!!”

  35. Martina your restrant totally made my day!! Engrish is EVERYWHERE in Korea … I really like that way of drinking water it is so clean and eco-friendly ^^

  36. I have one restaurant near my place that has a blood pressure machine and a heart rate machine, and a kissing machine, and the list goes on. They say its for entertainment purposes.

  37. Hey Simon and Martina, nice cup explanation. The cups actually confused us a lot when we went to Korea. Hope it’s cooler in Korea vs. Beijing

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