So, a while ago we did our video on Flirting in Korea, and we mentioned how you can confess your love to someone by wrapping your confessional note around a can of coffee and leaving it at their desk. This…this is infinitely better.

Now, we’re not sure how common these are, but they’re supposedly for the same purpose, and – if you ask us – they seem soooo much more effective. A coffee can looks sloppy. Why not put your love note in a special robot that you spent a very long time in making? Wouldn’t that be more impressive? I mean, if I was a girl (Simon here) and I had two guise give me love letters, which one would I choose? The first slapped on a coffee can and held on there with a dirty rubber band, and also all soggy now from the condensation from the coffee can as it warms up after being cool, ORRRR the other one made on an awesome, retro, funky robot, handcrafted with love, and put in a freaking box? Definitely the robot. Guise, take note: want to pick up a supermodel? Give them a note in a robot. SWAG.

Ikea for Robots

Ikea for Robots

Love Messenger Robot For You!

Love Messenger Robot For You!

We got these robots from mykimchi4u, who contacted us about doing a video with some of their items. We’re usually hesitant about these offers (seriously guise – people have asked us to do videos about their home painting services) and flat out deny them, but hellllll how could we say no to something so relevant and awesome?! Anyhow, we got two of these items from them, one for YOU GUISE! Woot! We’ll mail it out to the winner of next month’s Wonderful Treasure Find care package :D

As for this month’s Wonderful Treasure Find Care package, we picked a winner from last week’s contest! We asked you what you think would be the best thing to put in our Cute Korean Lunchboxes, and our favourite answer was by hope33, who would put hungarian pancakes at the bottom and fruit on the top. Brilliant! We got a lot of answers about rice and rice and rice and candy and candy and rice, but the pancakes answer was definitely the most original and smart idea that we read. Boom! If you’re hope33, send us an email and we’ll mail out your WTF Care Package ASAP!

Oh and check out the bloopers with some “mememememme” from the two of us:

  1. Have you found anything else like these? I’m trying to come up with cute ways to ask a guy to prom and thought these would be super cute. Or do you guise have any ideas?? ha

  2. Is “Guise” intentional?  Or do you mean “guys”??

    Anyway, really enjoying your vids.  :)

  3. Soooo cute! :3 I want one haha :D

  4. I need to send a secret love message.  How do we win the robot?

  5. Ah how sweet, Simon and Martina exchange love notes :) If only some of the boys confessed to us girlies in grade school :( Korean are so cute! :) lol my boy ling ling is like spudgy :)

  6. omg… i really need this robot now… i am going to…. soon i hope.. confess to my crush.. and ive been rewatching so many dramas to figure out the best confession i could do… THIS IS PERFECT FOR ME <3

  7. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but I had a good laugh when Simon called Martina ‘Martini’ at 4:38 in the video.

  8. oh wow! would love to have one :)

  9. guys i have a question how can we win the robot ?? u didn’t mention any contest :PP

  10. Wow,Martina how do you know croatian?

  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibgnnhf3tD8

    here is how to make palcsinta and how to pronounce it :))))

  12. that is SO cool! And it would have been amazing if Spudgie got to eat that strawberry slice out of the robot’s hand! XD

  13. Thanks for the entertaining video as always. Are you guys coming back to Korea? Korea misses you guys.

  14. Lololololololol Spudgy you bad boy xD

  15. Oh my god, I read this as “Korean Secret Love Messagers”…. Then my mind went into dirty mode LOL

  16. Cute Robot idea.  Thanks.  But check it out…I went to the website for mykimchi4u and after like 10 product views (which by the way…they have a lot of cool merchandise!) but I got this:  “Exceeding the Daily Traffic Limit”  So obviously you guys having put their name out there…they have a bit limit on their site (I guess a lot of non-American sites do) and they have clearly exceeded it for the day.  Guess I’ll check it out more first thing tomorrow!!!!  Peace.

  17. Mmmm palačinke su fine!!! Njam njam njam   And the robot is cute, but not nearly as cute as Spudgy the adorable little dragon….

  18. hahahaha like always simon is my hero xDDD that note was sooo super cute :3 also i loved the part when martina thought that this was from robot only, and simon was like ‘wtf… i wrote it… >:O’ i repeated that part like several times haha xD

    also… naleśniczki… XDDD epic win xD

  19. Good god I love little Spudgy! That was the cutest damn thing ever :)

  20. This seems really cool ;o And I really love Korea [I am from Lithuania, that’s a littleee country in Europe], but there aren’t Korean stuff here at all.. ;[[ That`s why I would love to get the robot. ;33 Sheee is soooo cutee. ;]]

  21. omg i love it!!!!!!! i want one.. now that i have no Korean Boyfriend anymore -> sad face :( … ps spudgy reminds me so much of my dog ruby…lol

  22. omg, loved the robot! thought i dont think i would use it to send a love note.. im too shy for that kind of thing.
    spudgys face is the cuttest thing *-*  he’s like: “ain’t eating that thing”

  23. luv the Christmas tree in the background

  24. SWAG ^^ everyone is always saying that at school XD

  25. Love-confession robots should be available in the US. We could just make it a subgrouping of the Transformers toy line. “And here is my note, delivered to you by Optimus Prime”.

  26. Spudgy does not like for a robot to feed him…so cute!

  27. Yay, more Spudgy! I was afraid y’all being in Canada would mean no Spudgy cameos… (Confession: I’ve started doing the Spudgy voice when I want to do a silly voice without even realizing it, which really confused my family and friends. So I had to show them your videos to explain the infamous Spudgy voice… Muahahaha, Eat Your Kimchi is being spread even among non-Koreaphiles!)

    Also, off-topic reply: WOW, why is Girls Generation — The Boys so ungodly awful? That is the kind of video you wouldn’t want to watch in public, especially with the sound on. Just too embarassing.

  28. Awn, poor Spudgy, robots freaks him out POIUSHFKALNFMA~PIJ But OH GOD, I loved this robot!!! It’s the cutest thing EVA!!!!!!

  29. Spudgy was so adorable in the bloopers.

    I’m surprised he just kept sitting there after your continuous efforts of feeding him the strawberry.

  30. I´m sorry dudes, but the most cool guy in the video is SPUDGY :)

    palačinka – I haven´t known that there is such word in Croatian. How Did Martina know it?
    palačinka – this word means pancake also in Czech language
    palacinka – this word means pancake in Slovak language

  31. How do we win the Robot? Me want that Robot! :) haha

  32. I love how long Spudgy just stared at the robot.

  33. If you did the spraying of perfume that probably weirded him out about the strawberry. Besides the whole cardboard robot trying to proclaim their love goes beyond flesh and inorganic materials. Also, do you guys already have a christmas tree up in the background??

  34. I love Simon’s man-cardigan XD <3

  35. I LOLed so hard when I heard Simon’s naleśniczki xD It was suuuuuuper
    cute! I want Simon to show off his Polish skills more ! ^_^

  36. OMG, does that mean that a wtf care package is coming to Hungary and it’s not mine?! :D I’m so sad. I’ve never thought that palacsinta’d be such a good answer, I actually prefer the american kind of pancakes. (By the way, you pronounce “palacsinta” almost the same as “palacinka”, except that it’s with a “t”, not a “k”. :D)
    These robot messengers are freaking cute, but there’s no way that a boy would send me such message. It’d be totally awesome if someone did, anyways. :D

  37. Wooowww, PALAČINKA :)))) Martina, your Croatian pronunciation is VERYY gooood :) A BIIG hello from Croatia, we love you :)) (and Simon too, ofc )

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