So, a while ago we did our video on Flirting in Korea, and we mentioned how you can confess your love to someone by wrapping your confessional note around a can of coffee and leaving it at their desk. This…this is infinitely better.

Now, we’re not sure how common these are, but they’re supposedly for the same purpose, and – if you ask us – they seem soooo much more effective. A coffee can looks sloppy. Why not put your love note in a special robot that you spent a very long time in making? Wouldn’t that be more impressive? I mean, if I was a girl (Simon here) and I had two guise give me love letters, which one would I choose? The first slapped on a coffee can and held on there with a dirty rubber band, and also all soggy now from the condensation from the coffee can as it warms up after being cool, ORRRR the other one made on an awesome, retro, funky robot, handcrafted with love, and put in a freaking box? Definitely the robot. Guise, take note: want to pick up a supermodel? Give them a note in a robot. SWAG.

Ikea for Robots

Ikea for Robots

Love Messenger Robot For You!

Love Messenger Robot For You!

We got these robots from mykimchi4u, who contacted us about doing a video with some of their items. We’re usually hesitant about these offers (seriously guise – people have asked us to do videos about their home painting services) and flat out deny them, but hellllll how could we say no to something so relevant and awesome?! Anyhow, we got two of these items from them, one for YOU GUISE! Woot! We’ll mail it out to the winner of next month’s Wonderful Treasure Find care package :D

As for this month’s Wonderful Treasure Find Care package, we picked a winner from last week’s contest! We asked you what you think would be the best thing to put in our Cute Korean Lunchboxes, and our favourite answer was by hope33, who would put hungarian pancakes at the bottom and fruit on the top. Brilliant! We got a lot of answers about rice and rice and rice and candy and candy and rice, but the pancakes answer was definitely the most original and smart idea that we read. Boom! If you’re hope33, send us an email and we’ll mail out your WTF Care Package ASAP!

Oh and check out the bloopers with some “mememememme” from the two of us:

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