Remember that behind the scenes footage we did on our episode of Running Man, where Nichkhun gives Martina’s students a shout out? That was meant to be seen by Martina’s students for their school festival, which just happened last week. Here’s a video of the school festival, but not including Martina’s students reactions to seeing Nichkhun. Unfortunately, we were not there when the video was being shown, but someone else does have a video of it. We’ve asked them for the video, and hopefully, someday soon, we’ll be able to post that up as well :D

Now, Korean School Festivals are really quite an awesome experience. Students transform their classrooms into something different for a day, like a café, or a nail salon, or a game room, or a haunted house. You can go from class to class and experience something different and fun in each room. So we did! We brought the camera along for the ride. We couldn’t bring it into the haunted house, unfortunately, because it was too crowded in there and way too dark anyways. Too bad!

Also, students do performances on stage, be it singing a song, playing instruments, or doing a dance. They practice for a long, long time, all for this day. Martina and one of her co-teachers decided to do something similar. They, too, had a performance for the students. Unfortunately, we can’t put it on YouTube because of copyright issues (the music in the background isn’t ours), so we’ll be posting it on our Facebook Fan Page tomorrow. Huzzah!

Anyhow, it’s stuff like this that makes teaching English in Korea so awesome, and they’re definitely some of the fondest memories we’ll have of our students. Finally, as always, big thanks to JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for the Korean subtitle translations! Hopefully they won’t get bored of translating any time soon. Bless em!

  1. 잘 보고가요~ 좋은 영상 감사합니다.

  2. 와우 멋지네요! 중학교 인가요? 아니면 고등학교? 축제라… 저도 중학교 때는 재밌게 했었는데… 잘 ë³´ê³  가요!

  3. I wish American schools had these festivals too. Suggestion: I just discovered this video and I can’t fish through the eatyourkimchi wall for a post that’s 6-months old. Could you post the link to the rest of the festival? I’m really interested!  

    I love videos that you two post that involve some South Koreans like this one!

  4. awesome festival!
    hmm…just wanted to let you know that kimonos for both men and women are supposed to be worn with the left side over the right side (the opposite is only used for corpses in burials) so if/when you guys get to go visit Japan, remember that! =]

  5. Tteokbokki is very spicy :D Even though I’m a Korean, I’m poor at eating it :D lol

  6. iv been thinking about taking a international BA so i can teach in korea, and this just makes me really want to do it

  7. i've forgot ab the festival in ma school.
    OMG ur vides makes me think ab ma past years in bucheon girls high school .. i'm missing it….
    BTW i like ur video it g8 :-> simon also at there? that would b big news 4 them ! haha

  8. Your job looks so fun ^-^
    I've been considering teaching in Korea as a job once i get out of school, and your videos are really helping me get to know what its like over there :D

  9. can i know…what kind of video camea take it???____really good view~~____can i know what`s ur video camera model??

  10. Hopefully I can go to Korea one day and become a cool Kpop-loving English teacher as well. And thumbs up for the kids doing those funny-looking 'peace' gestures!

  11. i've always wanted a job that invloves moving out of the usa to learn new stuff. thanks to your vids i'm considering being an english teacher at another country. =)

  12. your dance was very good martina hhh

    and i already know the Korean students pressuer…. so i understand the students mind;;;

    anyway your are so good guys

  13. OMG we need this in New York! IT looks like so much fun and I'm sure that it's a great thing having a break from studying when the festivals come in :P But yeah I can't help but comment about the fact that I just saw DBSK and JYJ on one of the classroom's wall :D

  14. I don't understand. Why are there so many Korean people living in Canada. Are they north korean refuges?

  15. Hey guys, I am a huge fan of your videos. I had a question regarding YouTube's guidelines. If you are not allowed to post your dancing video on YouTube because the music you play isn't yours, why are your Music Monday videos acceptable? Is it because Music Monday videos are credited? If so, wouldn't little on-screen credits make it okay for your dance to be allowed on YouTube? Of course, if it was done to spread your fandom from YouTube to your other outlets, then that is just great marketing, since it worked on me. =) The video was great, BTW!

    • We didn't want to post Martina's dance on YouTube because that included a lot of music that wasn't ours. For Music Mondays, we don't use anyone else's music. The only thing we use is two seconds worth of a video clip in a small box in the corners of the screen. We're claiming Fair Use on them, because we're reviewing and commenting on them, rather than just showing them for their own sake. It's a fine line, I know.

  16. it's JUST awesome our skool also had a festival one week ago hh
    is your skool near Bucheon? our skool is near Apgujeondong, Seoul.
    have heard about it? I really hope to see u guys in face to face :D

  17. aww how do i see the surprise performance! I can’t seem to find it.

  18. Yeah! I really wish we had this kind of thing here in North America! I love the fact that the students put a lot of effort into to this and it looks like so much fun. Though, there is one question that I've always wanted to ask: How do you guys manage to keep such amazing looks while teaching? I always thought that the schools there were …."strict", so to say, about appearances. Anyways, great job on the video guys! <3

  19. I like Martina's new hair style. Can't wait 'till tomorrow~

  20. Looks like so much fun!! When did the kids get to see the Nickhun video? What was their response like? Now I gotta join your facebook to see the rest. :-p

    • They saw it at the beginning of the festival, while Martina was getting ready for her performance and Simon was with her. A student filmed the whole festival, though, so we're trying to get the footage of the students' reactions to Nichkhun from her :D

  21. Wow, Martinaaaa
    Why don't you guy put Martina's dancesss
    hahaha I just wanted to see that.

  22. who the lady that was next to you the whole time? you didnt introduce her lol

  23. I really don’t like your new hair Martina

  24. How come i see only girls? no boys?

  25. Is it every homeroom that gets transformed? How many students do you have in your school?

    II was thinking it would have been neat to do when I was in high school, but then I started remembering how many kids there were. I looked it up and my high school had around 2,500 kids, and something like 800 in my grade. It would have probably been mass chaos.

  26. that really looks like a lot of work but so much fun, you're lucky you get to be there and enjoy it! I'm a little slow…how does the "dee bee dee bee" game work??

  27. wow, they're really serious about it, though it's 'only' a school festival! there's still so many things about Korea I didn't realize xD

    btw. Martina, I always thought you're so tiny! at least you look tiny when you're next to Simon :) but when you did the clapping game the girl looked really short compared to you. How tall are you?:)

  28. sorry for the "spam" but i cant seem to find the rest of the footage… do i need to have facebook to see it?
    im one of those that refuse to get addicted to facebook :P

  29. i want to live you life haha. very nice videos now i must watch the whole thing!

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