For this week’s Wonderful Treasure Find we try to figure out how to not paralyze ourselves.

Yes, we are joking. We’re not afraid of paralyzing ourselves. We just have no clue how to properly use this Korean self back massager thingy. We’ve seen our co-teachers using things like this before, and so we tried one out ourselves, but it doesn’t feel good. At all. Doesn’t feel good one bit. We’re convinced that it’s because we don’t know how to use it properly. There probably are some parts of your back into which it would feel absolutely great and relaxing to dig a hard plastic tip, but we just don’t know where those parts are hiding. Martina’s more convinced that it’ used to beat yourself in the back, rather than to dig yourself in the back, but the way that she tried out hurt her as well. Altogether, we’re not impressed, and we’re a little bit sore as well.

We think this kinda goes along with that Korean Foot Massage we subjected ourselves to. Those massages were excruciatingly painful, so much so that Martina was actually crying in the massage. This idea of pain=healing, or something along those lines, is no fun. Massages should be soothing, a little painful at times, but not all around pain. See, some people will argue that after you’ve endured the pain, you feel great afterwards, and so that’s the whole point of the massage, but that’s RUBBISH! It’s not the pain that makes you feel good, but the fact that you’re not in pain anymore that you’re happy about, it’s the contrast that gives the effect. Think of it this way: eat a burger. Seems like a decent, normal burger, yeah? Now go to jail for 30 years and eat crap. Then, when you’re free, eat a burger. ISN’T THAT BURGER THE MOST DELICIOUS BURGER OF YOUR LIFE?!?! Now, it’s not the burger that’s awesome. It’s no better than before. It’s just the fact that you’ve suffered for so long that you enjoy the burger more than before. Same with Korean massages. You get tortured for a long time, and the good feelings afterwards are those of freedom more than anything else.

Bah! That’s our opinion at least. Anyhow, does anyone know where we can find an instruction manual for these thingies? Hopefully with diagrams that show us where are the best parts to use this thing. I’m sure some people know how to use it well. Help people! Show us what to do here!

  1. I’m not sure why anyone would think that the beak/icepick feature is a good idea, but if you were to dremel it off you’d end up with something similar to a “theracane”.  Find one and open the happy!

    Check this out for some learnin’ and LULZ:

  2. I think I remember Dr. Oz (One of Oprah's many upstarts) showing a product similar to this a while back.

  3. Whose Line is it Anyways, greatest show ever. Your Koreanized version comes in a distantly close second, since no one can replace the original. Also, I saw the forever alone guy you put in there Simon, you guys must spend more time on tumblr than I thought you did. :)

    You guys look so much more western on your first few pixelated videos; Martina's hair is all long and what not Simon doesn't have a mohawk. you guys dress more western-ish. It's funny how much can change in a few years.

    Before Martina leaves her teaching position you guys should make one final video about teaching, the one you have in the archives is probably my favorite video out of them all.

    One final thing: kind of nit-picky but when you do the K-Pop Music Mondays, when you show Martina you should adjust the tri-pod/camera and move it up a little or zoom in a bit more, there's a bit to much headroom above her. And this comment is what I get for a year and half worth of Broadcast Journalism classes.

    Whoever (Simon, I think) edits the videos, is a pro at it, like you should be an editor for a move or whatever. I always appreciate it because I know how frustrating it was learning Premiere (iMovie was just belch), and how long, tedious, and even more frustrated you can get while capturing the footage and editing. And the website, coding/HTML and pretty much everything is always top notch. Well, I really could go on and on about how wonderful Eat Your Kimchi is but I don't wanna take away any planning/filming/capturing/editing time away from you.

  4. Haha I love this video XD…. even though I was living in Korea, I haven't seen that massage tool .. in my life.. ever ! XD…

  5. After the whole Xena reference I was walking around with the mental picture …"Oh look … Xena used her super special ancient-greece martial arts and made Mars pee himself (…..and all the other gods laughed)". You guys really are the best. If I'm lucky and get the job I'm applying for over there, you'll have to let me take you out for drinks or something.

  6. Haha Daiso is actually a Japanese store. We have one in Vancouver =] When I went to Korea and went to a Daiso they sold the exact same things as Vancouver. They also sold the same things in a Daiso in Seattle. My friend's in Kyoto right now and she says all the things in the Daiso there are the same too.

  7. I love you guys. You are my Monday staple. All part of a balanced diet. Awesome awesome playing of Props. Colin, Ryan, Wayne, and co. would be proud.

  8. Lol you guys are really hurting yourself in this one aren't you? Lol. I don't get the whole pain thing either. I've never had a massage but I thought the whole purpose was to relax your muscles not make them feel worse lol. At the end the thing reminded me of a flamingo lol.

  9. Since last week's WTF was cleverly included in this week's Music Monday, I think you should challenge yourself to include the Swan Of Pain in next week's Music Monday. Bring it full circle, eh? :D

  10. When eating hot food = sweat = sweat cools skin.


    Btw, check out fish spa. Fantastic awesome I love it!

    And I love painful massages. Its a good kind of pain because the achiness disappears instantly and forever!

  11. Thank you for the thorough response :D

  12. Xena reference! She was my childhood (er, more like adolescence) heroine!

    Nothing wrong with a solo massage. Going blind is just a myth. 8D ::bricked::

  13. Simons water noise sounded like a waterfall

  14. I love the store Daiso!!! I feel like you can buy anything in there and i love this video!!! can't wait to see what you guys put up next!<3

  15. How do we win the WTF prizes? Do we just have to be subscribers?

  16. This is awesome and actually here (south-america) we also think massages need to be painful or rough so you actually loose your muscles; sure, you're going to be sore a couple if days but then the pain actually disappear completely.

    I love your videos guys! thank you.

  17. Hahahaha. Really nice job :) btw, where do you store all the weird things? You guys may need more rooms for them soon. Muhaha!!

  18. I just had this amazing, yet horrible idea of a commerical for this… swan shaped… something or other. Here it is:

    Tired of your students being unfocused and loud while your trying to teach? Do you wish that you had a product that could end all of your troubles?

    Well we have the latest in Korean Class-Silencing Technology that will make you dry your tears!

    Meet: The Swan Stick!

    Here are some of the amazing things you can do with your Swan Stick!:
    1) Slam it on your desk to silence the class.
    2) Wave it around nonchalantly, while barely missing your rambunctious students heads.
    3) Put googly eyes on it and set it out as the Class Scarecrow
    4) Use it as a bat in "Eraser-ball" (the fun game where the delinquent/ mischievous children get erasers flung at them, for disrupting class, by their fun-loving teacher!)

    The possibilities are ENDLESS!

    Buy Now at:
    or online at http://www.I_love_eat_your_kimchi_but_this_isnt_a

    [Hope you liked my nerdy, slightly abusive, but all in good fun, "commerical". :D ]

  19. you two are way too hilarious!! i swear you're related to my family….your humour is SO the same, especially as my sister, jas. LOVE IT!!

    also, martina, your water sound is WAY better!!!

  20. Ummmmm is it just me or should this be rated R? Yeah maybe just me but bahahahaha.

  21. We have those in America too, they are awesome! I guess maybe I just like tough massages because I think it is like the best.

    Also can you not sign in on facebook anymore? I don't see the option anywhere. I also thought I signed up here on the site somewhere to comment but I can't find it.

  22. Xena!! Yes!!! XD Triple crown awesomeness for you <3<3<3

  23. Ouch! That just seems kinda painful! There are several Korean groups offering traditional reflexology and massages at kiosks in the malls here in Nashville. I've gone several times; yes it hurts, they literally beat you but after the pain wears off the next day – I feel fantastic for at least a week! So maybe they've got something there with the 'it must hurt to help' theory.

  24. Awesome work guys! Used to know Martina when she lived in Toronto, and it's no surprise she hasn't changed ;)
    Tho I gotta say, that back massager looks quiet a bit like the Riddler's cane that Jim Carrey used in Batman Forever doesn't it?

    • OMG! Jorge! Is that you!!? Even though your picture is tiny I could tell it was you right away! What's going on!?? If you still have my old school super ghetto hotmail email address, drop me a line.

      ps-> I'd suggest us catching up over some good ol' fashion Swiss Chalet chicken but I clearly don't live in Canada….hehehe! :p

      • LOL
        Yes it is Jorge. I couldn't believe it at first but there you were on youtube. I don't have your hotmail address, but I just re-signed on facebook (if you have it) Glad to see you guys are doing well, and I loved the video on heart to heart I just saw. You got a new viewer :P

  25. i've lived in canada for about 6yrs(?) and I totally understand you guys lol I laughed so hard when I saw you guys getting confused with korean cultural tool lol TOOL! LOL no. it's not that tool anyways. yep. I guess you know many koreans like to do things hard. I mean if you havn't noticed, koreans prefer real 'hot' hot tube instead of warm hot tube like in canada or we like to eat hot/spicy foods during hot summer blah blah blah. so I think that idea connects to prefering the 'hard' massage which differs from canadian(relexing) style lol.
    and im sure we can ask friend for a massage also in korea. but most of the time they would not appreciate those favors b/c in korea, time is valued like priceless. so even if they are not busy, one who wants to get massaged probably would not interupt others doing their work/study. maybe it's some kinda type of manner(?) in korea I think lol

  26. Aww so cute, your clothes match. Both of you are wearing green and black ^_^

    • That was TOTALLY unintentional. Seriously! But, really, there are countless times in which we're getting ready to go out, and when we're all finished we look at each other and say "oh no. We're matching again, aren't we?"

  27. i've lived in korea for almost 3 years now and I've seen those a lot. to use them you have to massage specific pressure points on the back. they do work pretty well if you know the points. think of them as an home – acupuncture tool. the problem is sometimes hitting the pressure point right…if your not used to knowing them i'd recommend looking them up…finding them with your hand. then doing a small massage. once you find the point then use the massager…sometimes there good for loosening up a really tight muscle (say after a boxing workout).

  28. Haha! I think it depends on each individual. My friends and i love getting massaged at the shoulders… somewhere near the neck? I dunno how to describe it… but somewhere along the place of if you put your hands on your shoulders and pinch/pull upwards? Since tension tends to build up there with all the hunching due to studying or whatever? Maybe you guys can try that part and see?

    Those massage things seem too ticklish for me, except one i found rather nice. You guys should try finding head massagers? It looks like a spider/whisk like thing. pretty freaky…and it looked like it hurt (hence i didnt try)

    And foot massages! haha, i'll share a little fact of what i know: apparently in TCM you have pressure/acupuncture points all over your body and the way to find out how healthy you are is by your feet. Since all organs/parts of your body apparently have blood vessels at the feet area. So depending on where it hurts, it would indicate what organ is unhealthy. Not really much of healing…more like for chinese senseis to know what to treat you for…

    PHUUU… that was a long comment! Sorry for spamming and hope my little sharing helps a bit? (: Thanks for all the awesome videos :D

  29. Many Koreans have some small boxing gloves attached to wooden sticks… They use them to hit their back, so I guess it's the same use ^^ Can you just scratch itchy parts of your back with it~~?

  30. totally love this one! ^^
    when'll you do giveaway? ^^

  31. i wanted to say something pithy and fun, but all i can come up with is…"oh you guys!"…

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