Yay! Martina’s off her crutches! She can walk a bit now, and stand for a Music Monday session, but she’s not strong enough yet for a full out WANKing session. She should be game for next week though (huzzah!). However…we might be out of the country in Japan for a mini-vacation. Japan International Simon Martina! Ohhh that’s the worst acronym we ever made…

Anyhow, on to the food! BaaggghhhgGGhhhgghHH. We love this stuff. For last week’s FAPFAP we went to a Korean Meat Soup restaurant, and even though that was ridiculously delicious, we’d still pick this stuff over that. The meat isn’t as good here as it is for last week’s Galbijjim, because this week’s meat is thinly shaved and frozen, but it’s still really enjoyable when shabu-shabu’ed. And there’s also something so wonderful about the process. Bubbling broth, swishing around some meat, dipping it in wasabi soy sauce as it still steams from your chopsticks. The process of making it is really enjoyable, while last week the food was simply served to you.

There is something that mega sucks about this week’s restaurant, though: sitting on the floor. Now, some people might be perfectly fine with it, but it’s SOOOO UNCOMFORTABLE FOR US! We’re not used to floor-sitting. We’re not opposed to it on a cultural basis or anything like that: we’re opposed to it on a comfort basis. It hurts our bums, numbs our legs, and results in general owwies. And the tables are sometimes too small for us to fit our legs under. WOMP WOMP!

Shabu Shabu Menu

Click for the full sized Shabu Shabu menu, translated

Also, because we’re trying to be somewhat helpful here for these FAPing sessions, rather than just teasing you with all of this awesome food, we’ve taken a picture of the menue and translated it all for you, just in case you want to try this out yourself when you’re in Korea. A note about the menu, though: the options aren’t really described very well. It’s not like you’ll pick up the menu and see “Gently poached trout fillet with a side of blanched spinach in a beurre blanc sauce.” Your menu says MEAT/SEAFOOD/SHRIMP/VEGETABLE. What kind of meat? The SHUT UP AND EAT THE MEAT kind. Ha! It’s so wonderfully minimalistic that it’s almost…mysterious, in that – if you don’t know that restaurant well – it’s gonna be quite the surprise :D

We talk about this more in the bloopers. Check em out here!


  1. Is there a recipe for this ANYWHERE online?? I neeed to make this

  2. I’m going to Korea in a few weeks, What is the address and how can I get there? Thanks!!

  3. It’s funny that you guys hate floor sitting because I often choose it as my most comfortable option. My family laughs at me because when I’m eating on the couch with my food on the coffee table, I usually end up moving onto the floor and cozying up to the table instead. ^^ I think it’s way easier. On the other hand, I am only 5’1″, so I certainly don’t have the leg fitting problem…
    I guess this kind of sitting arrangement is only for short people, like me and Koreans =P

  4. where is this shabu shabu restaurant located??  i’m going to korea in a month and i’d love to eat there (i love shabu shabu!).  thanks!

  5. i dont get it. why do they not tell us where this place is? im in korea now for a month and i might die with regrets if i dont find this place :(

  6. did you guys ever announce where this place is? are you allowed to? because im visiting korea soon and it was be soo super amazing if i could go there!!

  7. is it bad that food is one of the main reasons I want to explore South Korea?

  8. i dunno y i decided 2…view this vid when i was rly hungry o.o

  9. I really enjoyed this video. Thank you for making videos of interesting places and things in Korea! ^ ^
    Support and love~

  10. Wowow, so much food! And it all looks so delicious! Even if I had no idea what you were saying with the stuuf int the things and the doopbabs…xD
    I want to go to that resturant soo baaadd!Hopefully I’ll remember in like…5-8 years..o^o
    Are you guys like..overly stuffed after eating out in Korea?

    o 3o

  11. I went out for shabu shabu in Anam tonight and oh my god.

    My god.So many foodgasms.

    So amazing, so so soooo amazing. Thanks for showing me this! :D

  12. After seeing this video I made my boyfriend take me to shabu shabu and it was fantistically delicious and cheap just like you said! We got both a spicy broth and an udong type broth (it had a divider thing in the middle). We also splurged and got the beef! What kind of beef? BEEF! Anyway thanks for the awesome suggestion? I’m gonna miss your FAPFAPs. Who’s gonna tell me what to eat now?

  13. When you guys started whispering in the restaurant, I leaned in closer to my computer like you were telling me a secret… and then I realized I had the Almighty power of volume. *dork status acknowledged* 

  14. So this is kind of like Vietnamese Pho right?? Except with gochujang? I don’t know if there is a spicy version of Pho too though… I only ate it once a long time ago and it was super yummy :D

  15. yes. as a matter of fact i am very jelly jelly. that food looks SOOOOO delicious…i really want some :3

  16. Where is this restaurant located and what is the name. I really want to try it

  17. Wait, I’m going to Korea tomorrow! What is the name of this, and where is it located? :D

  18. ooooooh yea stri those noodles yeaaaaaaa… just the way i like it..
    pour it in that bowl pour it yeaaaaaaaa……… mmmmmMmmmmMMMm *get napkin* getting hot in here. man im hungry now

  19. These restaurants must be super thankful that you’re advertising them! That looks so delicious and I think it’s possible to try this in my city! (Most of the time we’re just left drooling.). It feels like you’re sharing Korean cultural secrets that people wouldn’t normally post online because Koreans already know, and foreign people don’t do it right. XD

    I didn’t even realize Simon was sitting like a Merman until he mentioned it! This is how a real Man (M for Masochist) can fit under tiny table and still can eat while looking into the eyes of his wife. The crotch pain shows your looooove~~~~

  20. i love all of this videos. But i just hate been so far of this delicious food… i’m starving right now …. XP

  21. This is basically just like the Chinese styled hot pot thing. but i wanna try how they do it in korea!


  23. HOT POT! :D I love Shabu Shabu~ Do you guys enjoy Korean BBQ beef as well~? It’s soooo ridiculously delicious; now I always wanna wrap meat and rice in lettuce xD! But we don’t have a lot of places for either of those two in Puerto Rico :(

  24. Shabu Shabu is actually Japanese, usually served in Japanese restaurants, but sometimes in Korean restaurants as a side item.

  25. wow…..that food is so good…*sigh*

  26. That looked so delicious! I found a recipe that looks pretty similar to what Simon & Martina had. Here is a link if anyone else wants to try it (http://grannys-recipes.blogspot.com/2006/12/korean-style-shabu-shabu-by-monia-italy.html). I think I will make it using my fondue pot since I can keep the soup bubbling at the table.

  27. Does anyone else notice that Simon looks exactly like Dallas Green from City and Colour sans beard??? Twins separated at birth???? I think yes.

  28. I don’t know if you would really like to do this or not, but I think it would be really awesome amazingly wonderful if you did a week out of the norm.  Like since you are going to Japan do an International Vacational Week.  Where you do a music video from Japan, a WAN…J (?), and maybe a TLDR about what you know about Japan, or about your trip to Japan.  That kinda thing.  I just thought it would be neat and a good break from the norm.

  29. Are there any vegetarian safe restaurants in Korea? I want to go to Korea one day but I don’t wanna starve there. LOL. So, yea…are there any?

  30. I was wondering do you go to Japan by boat, and how English friendly is it? I was planning to do that sometime but I don’t trust my Japanese ability to do something that sounds kinda complicated…

  31. Gien lee. if u want a good Korean place in Edmonton  go to B-Bim-Baab its super amazing i have been there a few times.

  32. are you guys going to come to JAPAN!?
    i am like dying to meet you guys
    i live in yokosuka
    there are some interesting shopping experience places here
    and i would love to be your tour guide

  33. i’m dying to eat it. i’m a Korean, living in Edmonton, Canada. i can’t find it here my hometown food. ^@^

  34. Lol when I went to Taiwan, we ate similar kind of stuff. I think it’s called 火鍋 (huǒguō), but my mom and just call it ‘hot pot’ if we ever talk about it in English. Usually, we just put a bunch of veggies and stuff into it, but you can also get seafood, mushrooms, meat (like the kind you guise had), or packaged stuff from the store that is made specially for hot pot (my cousin’s favorite is this mochi-cheese type thing). It’s cool that they have it in Korea too!

  35. This just made me hungry…and i just ate o.o
    Big Bang Socks <3

  36. well after all the WANKing and FAPFAPing, it’s about time for a little JISM. Yes, I went there.

  37. OMG I wear mismatched socks too.  Not because I’m somehow opposed to matching, I’ve just got other stuff to do besides, you know, matching and folding socks. :)

  38. Hey, if you guys end up going to Japan, you could always JIZZ while you’re there.
    Japan International Zany Zone. :)

  39. lol shut up and eat the beef

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