Yay! Martina’s off her crutches! She can walk a bit now, and stand for a Music Monday session, but she’s not strong enough yet for a full out WANKing session. She should be game for next week though (huzzah!). However…we might be out of the country in Japan for a mini-vacation. Japan International Simon Martina! Ohhh that’s the worst acronym we ever made…

Anyhow, on to the food! BaaggghhhgGGhhhgghHH. We love this stuff. For last week’s FAPFAP we went to a Korean Meat Soup restaurant, and even though that was ridiculously delicious, we’d still pick this stuff over that. The meat isn’t as good here as it is for last week’s Galbijjim, because this week’s meat is thinly shaved and frozen, but it’s still really enjoyable when shabu-shabu’ed. And there’s also something so wonderful about the process. Bubbling broth, swishing around some meat, dipping it in wasabi soy sauce as it still steams from your chopsticks. The process of making it is really enjoyable, while last week the food was simply served to you.

There is something that mega sucks about this week’s restaurant, though: sitting on the floor. Now, some people might be perfectly fine with it, but it’s SOOOO UNCOMFORTABLE FOR US! We’re not used to floor-sitting. We’re not opposed to it on a cultural basis or anything like that: we’re opposed to it on a comfort basis. It hurts our bums, numbs our legs, and results in general owwies. And the tables are sometimes too small for us to fit our legs under. WOMP WOMP!

Shabu Shabu Menu

Click for the full sized Shabu Shabu menu, translated

Also, because we’re trying to be somewhat helpful here for these FAPing sessions, rather than just teasing you with all of this awesome food, we’ve taken a picture of the menue and translated it all for you, just in case you want to try this out yourself when you’re in Korea. A note about the menu, though: the options aren’t really described very well. It’s not like you’ll pick up the menu and see “Gently poached trout fillet with a side of blanched spinach in a beurre blanc sauce.” Your menu says MEAT/SEAFOOD/SHRIMP/VEGETABLE. What kind of meat? The SHUT UP AND EAT THE MEAT kind. Ha! It’s so wonderfully minimalistic that it’s almost…mysterious, in that – if you don’t know that restaurant well – it’s gonna be quite the surprise :D

We talk about this more in the bloopers. Check em out here!


  1. simon and martina can i have the map of this korean shabu shabu restaurant??

  2. It’s funny that you guys hate floor sitting because I often choose it as my most comfortable option. My family laughs at me because when I’m eating on the couch with my food on the coffee table, I usually end up moving onto the floor and cozying up to the table instead. ^^ I think it’s way easier. On the other hand, I am only 5’1″, so I certainly don’t have the leg fitting problem…
    I guess this kind of sitting arrangement is only for short people, like me and Koreans =P

  3.  S&M. How appropriate. ;)

  4. Hey, if you guys end up going to Japan, you could always JIZZ while you’re there.
    Japan International Zany Zone. :)

  5. Yay martina! you’re feeling better~ Maybe you should just take a break from videos next week to get an actual vacation? I’ll miss your videos, but that’s okay~

  6. “What kind of seafood?  Whatever kind we give you!”  Ha!  

  7. Would y’all ever consider going to a vegetarian restaurant for FAPFAP or WANK? 

  8.  Simon and Martina, have you guys been to a buffet in South Korea yet and if so, how was it? Was it well kept and really good food or was it something you’d rather not go back to? I know sometimes where I am, buffets can be either good or bad depending on how good they manage the food so that it doesn’t become cold, old, dried out, etc…

  9. anon demands more fapfaping !

  10. ahhh, should not have watched this when I haven’t eaten lunch yet. Now nothing looks good at my house and I want that which I can’t get. I may have to go to my local Korean restaurant as a substitute…

  11. yeah well my mom makes better noodles!!!!!! (i’m only saying cos i’m jealous…)

  12. Sometimes I hate you two…..without fail, every single time I watch one of your food videos, I’m starving. I am right now too, and this isn’t helping me….

  13. I love you guys FapFaping but I also love you guys Wanking too…..I learn so much…..but I know it is really selfish of me to tell you guys to do both….so just keep doing what you guys are doing which is making people laugh and fall in love with you guys even more…^^…much love from Georgia (U.S.)

  14. Wow! $17 to cook your own food! Seems……..over priced! Why don’t you just cook at home?

  15. oh you guys just make me feel to crave some hot pot in the middle of the night!

    But it’s great to see Martina’s getting better. ^_^

  16. Woww, it’s really delicious, right? I want to eat that too someday. >< But it's interesting to watch, too. :)

  17. Could you possibly tell us where this restaurant is? Or at least the name of it? ^^

    • I was just about to ask!!! I was totally drooling the whole time! When I go to study in Korea, I definitely want to eat there!!! 

      • I think the name of the restaurant is 등촌 샤부 칼국수 (Deung Chon Shabu Kalguksu) I think it may be a chain? I believe I’ve seen it in my area… either way though just look around for something that says 샤부샤부. I don’t think I’ve been to a shabu shabu place that I didn’t like even if they vary from restaurant to restaurant.

  18. You know there is the chinese version of shabu shabu too~ xD

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