Every once in a while we find things that really shock us in Bucheon, Korea. Here’s one of those moments. I – Simon – was in the washroom at Home Plus and really annoyed to hear a dog barking incessantly in the hallway. It was just wailing away, and I wondered who would bring a dog to HomePlus to begin with. Once I made it back out to the hallway I found the yapping dog, and understood why it was barking. I was no longer angry, but shocked. I’ve never seen anything like this in Canada. All I can say is that I’m happy it at least had holes to breathe through, and – sure – this is better than bringing your dog around the produce. I’d prefer it if you just left the dog at home.

  1. they should just have a doggie play-room at emart and other department stores..and charge people a little  (like maybe between 1000 and 3000 won per hour) to drop them off for an hour or two.  that would  mean people who need to go shopping but would also like to take their dogs out at the same time can do so. I find it frustrating that while 3 million households have dogs in Korea, not enough accomodations are provided for our companion animals

  2. That’s horrible!!!!! :(
    I always get mad when people leave dogs in the car, but this is worse! It’s not an accessory or a thing. The owner should be locked in a tiny room to see what it feels like.

  3. At first before I read your comment, I thought that was the meat department. Whatever you do, don't show the dog meat department ANYWHERE. That would be too upsetting for me.

  4. thats just stupid who brings a dog shopping :P lol

  5. This is beyond upsetting…who ever the owner is should have left the dog home…or better yet, never had gotten a dog in the first place…>_<#

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