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Korean Shopping Bags Made of Ribbon

July 22, 2012


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Hey guise: here’s another small random video about stuff in Korea. Nothing big. Just like back in our old vloggity style days. Sorry it’s not the K Crunch Indie segment today, because – well – Martina’s not sick anymore, but she made sure to pass it on to me before she got better. So I can barely function. But I can publish this video that we’ve had saved up for a while. It’s not a Dr. Meemersworth video, either. We’re stockpiling a few of those and cleaning up all the rainbows we’re barfing from her overwhelming sweetness.

Anyhow, Martina busted our blender. We make lots of soup, and – somehow – a crack formed on the side of it that spread till the whole thing busted. So‚Ķtime for shopping! Anyhow, we found this cool one that’s a juicer as well. Not sure how it works yet. Haven’t juiced anything in it. Hopefully it’ll be alright! But, more important than the blending or the juicing IS THE WRAPPING! No, not the box. The box was sucky and boring. It’s the ribbon that the girl prepared for us at Hyundai Department Store! We’ve never seen anything made like this before. Wrap the box in tight ribbon, attach a handle to the ribbon. BOOM! Shopping bag, made right there! And it’s not as awkward as a regular shopping bag, either, which sometimes doesn’t fit the box, and then the bag rips. And it’s more environmentally friendly! Isn’t it? I’d think ribbon is better than plastic.

Side note: I’m not sure if anyone else shops in Hyundai Department Stores in the summer, but DO THEY EVER PUT ON THEIR AIR CONDITIONING?!?!?! WTF?! Environmental friendliness, sure, saving energy, yeah yeah I get it. But, seriously, it’s such an inferno in there that we wanted to get out of there ASAP. Not good for business, IMO. Good for the environment, yes, but I don’t want to shop there if I’ve got back of the knee sweat. You know back of the knee sweat? Yeah. Gross.



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