Hey guise: here’s another small random video about stuff in Korea. Nothing big. Just like back in our old vloggity style days. Sorry it’s not the K Crunch Indie segment today, because – well – Martina’s not sick anymore, but she made sure to pass it on to me before she got better. So I can barely function. But I can publish this video that we’ve had saved up for a while. It’s not a Dr. Meemersworth video, either. We’re stockpiling a few of those and cleaning up all the rainbows we’re barfing from her overwhelming sweetness.

Anyhow, Martina busted our blender. We make lots of soup, and – somehow – a crack formed on the side of it that spread till the whole thing busted. So…time for shopping! Anyhow, we found this cool one that’s a juicer as well. Not sure how it works yet. Haven’t juiced anything in it. Hopefully it’ll be alright! But, more important than the blending or the juicing IS THE WRAPPING! No, not the box. The box was sucky and boring. It’s the ribbon that the girl prepared for us at Hyundai Department Store! We’ve never seen anything made like this before. Wrap the box in tight ribbon, attach a handle to the ribbon. BOOM! Shopping bag, made right there! And it’s not as awkward as a regular shopping bag, either, which sometimes doesn’t fit the box, and then the bag rips. And it’s more environmentally friendly! Isn’t it? I’d think ribbon is better than plastic.

Side note: I’m not sure if anyone else shops in Hyundai Department Stores in the summer, but DO THEY EVER PUT ON THEIR AIR CONDITIONING?!?!?! WTF?! Environmental friendliness, sure, saving energy, yeah yeah I get it. But, seriously, it’s such an inferno in there that we wanted to get out of there ASAP. Not good for business, IMO. Good for the environment, yes, but I don’t want to shop there if I’ve got back of the knee sweat. You know back of the knee sweat? Yeah. Gross.

  1. What does your $700 robot vacuum think about your $120 blender? Please keep baby kitties away from both.

  2. Suprisingly, most asian countries do this. Put a ribbon as the packaging. they even do this when people buy cakes or more than 1 pizza. :))

  3. Aldo shoes have their shoe boxes turn into bags!

  4. Korea enacted energy conservation policies this summer. Not sure if 100% places are affected, but if Hyundai department store doesn’t have AC, it’s definitely b/c some government entity required them to do.

  5. Too surreal. I’m in Sarasota, FL, a fairly small-sized town south of Tampa. I was watching the ribbon handle video on my computer. When I looked up, you were on my TV too, doing a video review on Mnet: “This is NOT how you run out of a burning, collapsing building…” I never watch past Cinderella’s Stepsister, but I lost the remote so the channel did not get changed today. Happiness.

  6. What?! Martina you did not know if you put very hot liquids in the blender, the glass can break! I knew that ever since I burned my first blender.

  7. I’ve had boxes wrapped like this here in the USA too, but with twine – not ribbon. Personally I prefer twine since its more sturdy.

  8. macy’s does something like this with like…I don’t know tape i guess. I went shopping with my mom and she bought a set of pans and they just stuck it on to the box instead of giving us a bag

  9. I think China has these too :) I saw them while I was visiting friends and family ;O

  10. This is completly epic! i never knew that amazing things like this exsisted! @(*~*)@ it blows my mind like super junior ;)

  11. Woooow! They should do that here in California!!! That’s soo environmentally friendly to the extreme~

  12. I wish Canada had those! Seems like they wouldn’t rip your hands open. Or pollute. And I want to know if that blender/juicer works well! Juicers are so expensive..!
    PS. Get well soon!

  13. I love this! It’s so simple. I really think that function+design+environmentally friendly is ideal. As lame as it sounds I think people are more inclined to choose environmentally friendly options if they are aesthetically pleasing. The ribbon plus handle thing is just so classy:) Thanks Simon and Martina!

  14. Hey Simartina- (What, you need a squished-together married couple name.) I’d love to see a video examining Korean mobile phone culture. Did your students ever have Kakaotalk chatrooms going in class? What do you think of being able to receive Kakao messages from K-pop stars? Are Koreans as into the newest, shiniest gadgets as the Japanese or Americans? (And do Korean girls really only like the iPhone because there’s all sorts of cute cases to put on it?)

  15. Actually we have those in Switzerland. I bought a printer and it came with a hard plastic band wrapped around it like the ribbon and a plastic handle. I had to lug that heavy thing all the way home by bus. I thought my shoulder was gonna pop out the socket. T^T The guy who worked there seemed concerned about how i was gonna get it home at first and then he said it was my fault for having no man around to carry it for me.Oh my life..so full of lols

  16. I love these videos that show Korea. Don’t get me wrong, I love EVERYTHING you guise post, but it was the “life in Korea” type stuff that got me started watching you. Wouldn’t mind more…;-)

  17. You know…the main videos that would tempt me to visit Korea are the random videos such as these. I especially remember your video from ages ago where you were showing the rotating parking lot? That’s something I’ve never seen anywhere else (except Tokyo Drift).
    Although I know you’re really busy coping with everyone’s demands, I really appreciate these ‘random titbits of Korea’ videos.
    In fact, when my friends went to Korea last week, they brought me the back scrubbers that you mentioned in the Jimjilbang video, that I’ve been craving for ages!! It made me so clean!! And red!! Hahahaha xD

  18. Oh! Siwon’s dad is the CEO of Hyundai department stores or something, right?

  19. I did that once, but to carry loads of stuff cause I was cleaning my room and the lazy me didn’t want to put everything away, so I put it all together, wrapped them in ribbon, and put it all away at once in the cupboard!!!

  20. environmental friendly and it serves also as an advertisement for the stuff you just bought :O

  21. I have lived in NY my entire life and have seen this for forever. I don’t think it is a particularly asian thing. It is common when the item is too big or bulky to fit in a bag. Most department stores do this;
    it is less common in mom and pop stores. The fancy printed ribbon though, is nice, because I have only seen the handle used with nylon twine.

  22. they do this in japan as well. usually if you buy appliances or furniture… most people don’t have cars so if you’re gonna have to carry something heavy back with you, it’s much more practical that way. plus, sometimes they don’t even have bags that would fit the items you bought, but this way you can still carry the stuff with you. like for example i bought a full-length mirror the other day and that woulda never fit in a bag, but i was able to bring it home just fine. the holder thingies they use here though is plastic and all pre-made and stuff.

    oh and, since we’re on the eco-topic, a lot of shops (mostly grocery stores, but some regular shops do it too) actually charge you a couple of yen if you want them to give you a plastic bag (i.e. if you don’t have your own bag). i think it’s a good thing, but sometimes it can be really annoying, especially at non-grocery-shops… do they have anything like that in korea? and what do you guys think about it?

    • They do this bag charge in the Netherlands, too. The bags are super strong and worth more than the 25 cents they charge for it. I think it’s smart. A lot of people have their own old bags, but if you dont have enough bag for your purchase, you can still buy either a plastic bag or a reusable store bag (1 euro more, i believe).

      • They also do that in Spain ! You have to pay 50 cents ( of euro ) and they’ll give an big plastic bag ! But there’s also normal plastic bags made of vegetals – yet it seems like 100 % plastic – that decomposes themselves after a month or so. Those bags are worth… 5 cents :)

  23. “I didn’t ask for clowns!” ><

  24. Quite common here in Singapore. Without the holder though..

  25. I went to a Hyundai department store in Apgujeong and they were airconditioned…I think. Maybe it was the patbingsu that cooled me down. I don’t remember. But anywho, what a neat idea! It reminds me of when I was a little kid and I’d tie ribbons around my things and tie them to a stick and pretend i’m running away…oh good times…

  26. Not all stores have bags big enough for boxes and they’re always so hard to carry. That’s genius!!

  27. if only we had those in canada

  28. The Hyundai dept store in Sinchon has air conditioning. That is, in the market part in the basement. I think that was because they have so many things that could go bad they had to have it on. The stores are as hot as ever though. Ugh, I’m gonna die in the heat today. It’s too hot. Expected temperatures at like 33 C? With the feel of 39C? It’s crazy. T.T I’m just gonna go melt now…

  29. back in my hometown (indonesia); in the marketplace the seller usually do that if we buy something in big box ^^ but not as fancy as that. they just wrap it in plastic ribbon and make a ribbon tie at the top of the box, no handle.

  30. This is really interesting! Thanks for sharing this with us Simon and Martina :)

  31. I have that exact brand of blender/juicer. It’s awesome! Smoothies errryday ftw!

    And I also found that the Home Plus in my town only puts on the AC on the food side of the store. If you start wandering into the aisles of canned foods and it gets hot….you’ve gone too far. -_-

  32. South Korea: Home of environmentally friendly shopping and K-Pop.

    There, they can use that as their new slogan in their Visit S. Korea advertising.

  33. Funny thing, I was watching your older videos a few days ago.
    You guys, it’s been a while since you’ve done one of these random videos. I like these kind of videos, I find them very interesting.

    • Yeah! That’s what we’re trying to get back into: smaller, random videos that show off cool stuff, rather than just our bigger productions. We’ve started doing a few, one a week or so, and we hope to be able to keep it up :D

      • This is really great, it’s like those tiny tidbits that either leave you in awe or you just later on realize how great it really is :D Thanks guise~! And Dr. Meemersworth is the cutest kitty I’ve ever seen :) I’d nickname her Meemy or Mini-me if it was my choice ;)

  34. You seem to really like ribbony holders

  35. pretty common in the suburbs in my area that are dominated with asians. Usually the big boxes of instant noodles I buy use tape to wrap and create a handle, hence, STICKY TAPE HANDLES :DDD

  36. This only can work in a place like Korea, where you are not afraid of getting robbed if they can see what you just bought.

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