Korean Signs


I had to stare at this picture for a while before I finally understood it:

  1. Ahaha. That sing has no sense. At all! x°° Who would want to sunbathe in the rain? It doesn’t make sense! xD

  2. Fail, this is the first one >.>

  3. Lol This is such a strange sign we don’t have any signs like that where I live..

  4. Ahahahahaha I’ve never seen a sign like this before…this is really bizzarre!
    이 세홍 Thanks for posting the image! :D

  5. I’ve never seen this sign in Korea, haha. Where did you guys find this?

  6. where did you find this picture

  7. i could manage to see the image. so for people who didn’t, here it is :

  8. Why can’t I see the pictures!? D:

  9. damned we can’t see the picture anymore.

  10. damned we can’t see the picture anymore.

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