So we’re doing this video on Korean Sound Effects as kind of part 2 to our Korean Animal Sounds video. In fact, we had the idea for this video at the same time as the animal sounds video, but it just got lost in a pile of other video ideas. Anyhow, we’re doing it now! Huzzah! Be warned, though: we might be off about some of these things. We went over them with our Korean friends, and supposedly the list is alright, but we had some difficulties sometimes coming up with the English counterparts. What’s the sound effect for running water? How do you write that out?

So here’s a list of the Korean Sound Effects we go over in the video.

Thing English Korean
Sound of Pain Ouch/Ow! 아야 A YA!
Eating Munch Munch 냠냠 Nyam Nyam/ 쩝쩝 Jjeop jyeop!
Disappearing in a Puff of Smoke Poof! ë¿… Byong!
Shooting Bang Bang! 빵빵 Bahng baaaahng
Coughing Cough? Maybe Hack? I dunno 콜록콜록 kollogk, kollogk
Sneezing Achoo! 에취 eh-chwee
Barfing BLAAAHH 우웩 uhweagk
Yawning Yaaaaaaawn 하~ haaaaaaa~
Sighing Sigh! 에휴 eh-hyuu
Being Surprised AH! OMG! 어머! eoh-moe!
Horses Walking Clop clop clop 딸까닥, 딸까닥! dalga dak, dalga dak!
Crying Babies WWAAAAHHH! 엉엉! eong eong!
Sword Fighting Schwing! 챙챙 chang, chang
Excited Heartbeat Thump thump 두근두근 duhgun, duhgun
Farting Pffft or Brriiips (depending on the volume) ë¿¡~booooooooooo-ng~
Honking Your Horn HONK HONK 빵빵~ – bahng baaaahng~

Is it just us, or are Korean sound effects cuter than English ones? Eating is cute. Sighing is really cute. Hell, even farting is cute. Maybe there are other versions of the sound effects that we missed. We did, after all, get a lot of these from Martina’s students at her all girls’ high school. Maybe they left out the non-cute ones on purpose? Who knows. On that note, let us know if there are any big ones that we missed. Yeah!

Also, do make sure you check out our Bonus Channel. We have a few more Korean sound effects that we cut out of this video because the video was starting to get too long. See us do our cheesy swordfighting along with some yawning. Ching ching!

Also, as an added bonus, just because it’s awesome: here’s Spudgy the Poptart dog. NYAN NYAN NYAN!

Nyan Dog


  1. I love how “bla bla bla” aka “ignore what is being said here because its completely boring and useless” is “momomo” in Korean.
    My nickname is Momo… even my mother calls me that.

    So in essence, just ignore everything I say, because its compl- momomomo mo momomo momo mo…

  2. For eating sounds, I say Nyum Nyum but I’m Canadian.

  3. You guys are hilarious! Im in Korea for a year and ive actually seen those hangers downtown. Keep the videos coming, i laugh at every one i watch!

  4. Love love love the voice of the hulk-cupcake!!!

  5. I honestly think that the korean sound effects (at least some) are more realistic also

  6. lmao! holy crap! that baby noise is soooo creepy! haha i thought it was fake at first! that’s so amazing!

  7. could u tell me where i can download the link of all the sound effect of korean? its so cute!!

  8. I checked your likes and dislikes…. can you tell ma about spudgy’s car accident cause Im super curious of what happen…

  9. Nyam nyam is like Nom Nom.
    nom nom nom nom nom….

  10. from watching dramas ive noticed that when we talk about a heart beating we say “thump thump” but they say “dugeun degeun” although apparently the literal translation for that is “pit-a-pat?”…ALSO from watching Love Rain, now i could definitely be wrong but the way to say “raindrop” or whatever the sound effect for that is in English, in Korean is “salam salam?” i’ll admit this is just from Jang Geun Suk’s (<33333) song from the drama.

  11. im lovin the Arrested Development reference haha

  12. For men, OMG would be ‘엄마야/eommaya’ or they can go far as 아이구, 깜짝이야, which literally mean Oh, what a surprise.

  13. I believe that there’s another sound that especially used for babies. It’s “eoong-eh” or written, “응애.”

  14. The sword fight one is totally normal with the chang chang (I have no idea how to write Hangul as Google Translate is my annoying [because it does so not know how to make sense] best friend.) What about pulling a sword out of it’s sheath? In english, it’s like, shuweeh (shoe~ – weh). What about Korean/Hangul or whatever?

  15. Pretty good!!! but some faults… :) 
    Correction: barfing sound~ ‘꺼억’, baby crying sound~ ‘응애 응애 응애’ ……  these are more common!! 

  16. some extra info here
    에휴 sounds more like as if you’re being annoyed by someone’s bad joke, stupid behavior.one would go ‘휴~’ after doing some hard work or getting out of trouble.one would go ‘하아~’ when he feels despair, hopeless.
    빵 sounds like a little kid playing with a toy gun.
    탕! you’ll see more often (could be only) in comics for 12+

    men don’t go ‘어머!’

    for blah blah, ‘모모모’ feels just weird we’d go 어쩌구 저쩌구 (or, 어쩌고 저쩌고). if it’s a foreign language, especially western one, we’d say 쏼라 쏼라.

    딸가닥 (달그닥) sounds more like a horse-powered (i’m sure there’s a word for this but i just cannot remember) cart being a little shaky… for a horse, we’d go 다그닥 which is actually what you did say.

    엉엉 is for an adult, most of the time. and also a quite sad one. a baby, however will always go ‘응애~!’

    well you asked for it. i hope no one’s already done this as i hadn’t read through the comments when i started this.
    what you guys are doing is pretty awesome. keep on!

  17. So what does ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ mean as a sound effect? It’s just literally “k k k k k k k ” right? Does it mean something like kekekekekeke? I also see a lot of ㅛㅛㅛㅛㅛㅛㅛ too, are those all just laughing sounds? 

  18. So what does ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ mean as a sound effect?I also see a lot of ㅛㅛㅛㅛㅛㅛㅛ too, are those all just laughing sounds?

  19. So what does ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ mean as a sound effect?I also see a lot of ㅛㅛㅛㅛㅛㅛㅛ too, are those all just laughing sounds?

  20. ㅋㅋㅋ 재밌네여 ㅋ
    내가 영어 쓰는것도 저렇게 보이겠지?

  21. kgollok kgollok is actually hiccupping :)

  22. This site is so hilarious. I’m gonna make my bf study your videos to get some tips about korean culture before he comes and visits :) Thanks guys!

  23. You guys are so awesome and amazing!! My english teacher recommanded this site and the site open a new world to me!!                                                              -  Korean from Gyeonggi-do  –

  24. Also in Italy we say Nyam Nyam when we eat xD

  25. This one is for you Rebecca….lol 

  26. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 잼있음

  27. hahah Schwing!  that just brings back Wayne’s World lol!

  28. What a great informations!! thank you!

  29. 우연히 영상을 보게됬는데 자주오게되네여
    재밌게 보고가요~~

  30. greeks say nyam nyam as well

  31. Lol in Russian we say nyam-nyam when we eat as well XD

  32. 하하 재밋게 보고갑니다.

  33. ahahaa spanish ones are wierd too :d

  34. Wow… i think u guys read like Japanese mangas tht were translated into korean or something.. cuz some of the sound effects r rly.. um… old.. yehhhh

  35. Wow… i think u guys read like Japanese mangas tht were translated into korean or something.. cuz some of the sound effects r rly.. um… old.. yehhhh

  36. Hello, I’m Korean, and when you guys were saying those sound effects in Korean, I was laughing like crazy!!!!!!!!!! You guys are so cute! T-T Keep making those videos, thank you!

  37. In english language children’s books, eating is “nom nom nom”.  That is also the sound that the Cookie Monster makes on Sesame Street when imitating eating all the cookies! 

  38. the english eating sound is nomnomnomnom lol <3 I think its the most accurate one xD <3 I love you guys!

  39. Another Gun shot= Dahng Dahng or Tang Tang?

    I think ‘I-go or I-gu sounds funny. you guess what!

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