So we’re doing this video on Korean Sound Effects as kind of part 2 to our Korean Animal Sounds video. In fact, we had the idea for this video at the same time as the animal sounds video, but it just got lost in a pile of other video ideas. Anyhow, we’re doing it now! Huzzah! Be warned, though: we might be off about some of these things. We went over them with our Korean friends, and supposedly the list is alright, but we had some difficulties sometimes coming up with the English counterparts. What’s the sound effect for running water? How do you write that out?

So here’s a list of the Korean Sound Effects we go over in the video.

Thing English Korean
Sound of Pain Ouch/Ow! 아야 A YA!
Eating Munch Munch 냠냠 Nyam Nyam/ 쩝쩝 Jjeop jyeop!
Disappearing in a Puff of Smoke Poof! ë¿… Byong!
Shooting Bang Bang! 빵빵 Bahng baaaahng
Coughing Cough? Maybe Hack? I dunno 콜록콜록 kollogk, kollogk
Sneezing Achoo! 에취 eh-chwee
Barfing BLAAAHH 우웩 uhweagk
Yawning Yaaaaaaawn 하~ haaaaaaa~
Sighing Sigh! 에휴 eh-hyuu
Being Surprised AH! OMG! 어머! eoh-moe!
Horses Walking Clop clop clop 딸까닥, 딸까닥! dalga dak, dalga dak!
Crying Babies WWAAAAHHH! 엉엉! eong eong!
Sword Fighting Schwing! 챙챙 chang, chang
Excited Heartbeat Thump thump 두근두근 duhgun, duhgun
Farting Pffft or Brriiips (depending on the volume) ë¿¡~booooooooooo-ng~
Honking Your Horn HONK HONK 빵빵~ – bahng baaaahng~

Is it just us, or are Korean sound effects cuter than English ones? Eating is cute. Sighing is really cute. Hell, even farting is cute. Maybe there are other versions of the sound effects that we missed. We did, after all, get a lot of these from Martina’s students at her all girls’ high school. Maybe they left out the non-cute ones on purpose? Who knows. On that note, let us know if there are any big ones that we missed. Yeah!

Also, do make sure you check out our Bonus Channel. We have a few more Korean sound effects that we cut out of this video because the video was starting to get too long. See us do our cheesy swordfighting along with some yawning. Ching ching!

Also, as an added bonus, just because it’s awesome: here’s Spudgy the Poptart dog. NYAN NYAN NYAN!

Nyan Dog


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