What’s this?! A…a Korea related video? No way!

Yes way! We filmed this video right before we went to Singapore. And we just got back in Thursday morning. Then we spent Thursday catching up on sleep (really, we can’t sleep on airplanes at all). So it’s up on Friday afternoon now instead. We’ll get back to our regular schedules one of these days. Probably after our European Tour. For sure after then!

Anyhow, can I just say how much we missed Korea? Don’t get us wrong: Australia and Singapore are lovely, lovely countries that we could easily see ourselves living in with no qualms, but Korea feels like home to us. Making videos feels like home to us. When we’re not making videos we’re confused and disoriented. We can usually tell what day of the week it is according to our video schedule. Ha! But we’re happy to be here again, even if it’s just for little over a week.

Alright, SPAM TIME! Yes, yes, I know that people don’t sit down and eat Spam with a fork and knife. Spam is an ingredient in foods, rather than the entirety of the meal itself, just like how bologna isn’t eaten on its own. Although…Martina used to microwave a single slice of bologna in the microwave to make it into a bowl shape when she was little. And by little I mean in University. Judging you Martina.

Anyhoo, in Korea you’ll find Spam in a few foods like 부대찌개 aka Army Stew aka Budae Jiggae, or sprinkled in Ham Cheese Soondooboo we get at our favourite Soondooboo Shop which we did a FAPFAP at. You’ll also find it battered and fried alone in plate of 모듬전 aka Modeum Jeon aka Assorted Fried Savoury foods or sliced thinly and put on a skewer with other battered and fried vegetables. For a quick lunch box meal aka 도시락 aka doshirak, rice, kimchi, a fried egg, some salted seaweed, and a slice of Spam is very common. Just shake it all up and eat it mixed up! In all of those instances, the Spam is totally delicious.

However, I should probably mention that it probably isn’t Spam they are using at most restarurants. As we mentioned in the video, Spam is considered an expensive choice where lunch meats are concerned, and there are many various Korean brands that compete with Spam, so you may not be eating actually Spam – the brand – meat. Spam is so popular that it actually outranks Coca-Cola. Can you believe it? AAAAND, something we just learned is that only Korean manufactured Spam is made with higher quality ingredients than other Spam made in the rest of the world. That’s right. If you are a Spam lover, time to come to Korea and get yourself a Spam tote bag filled with the Moët & Chandon of Spam. LIVING THE LIIIFEEEEEEE! You should go back and read that sentence with the voice of Kayne West during his JYJ “AYY GURRRRL” promotions. We ate like, 4 cans of Spam! SON, WE BE BALLIN!

So, that’s it for our silliness. If you want to see us goof around some more you can check out the bloopers below:


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  1. So much for watching this in “secret” while at work.. had to explain why I busted out laughing at my desk and proceeded to cry I was laughing so hard.. I needed that.. thanks guise!!! That look you both made when the bacon Spam came out.. classic. Anyways.. In my younger years, my dad would slice up the Spam and pan fry it, then serve it on a bed of rice with a fried egg on top. We ate that quite a bit, and till this day, that’s how I prefer to eat my Spam. I’ve used it diced up in fried rice as well.

  2. Spam sliced up and fried? Totally changed my mind about Spam… eaten raw? wtf?! That’s gross lol. But yeah, Bacon Spam is awesome if you slice it thin and get it crispy… my bf eats it with just rice but I like it with ketchup :) or you can cut it into pieces, fry it really good and mix it with eggs and cheese :)

  3. Generally, when I have eaten it, it was cooked lol.

  4. OMG, I don’t know why, but I miss FAPFAP soo much, guise!
    Are you planning to do it in the near future?
    *maybe I miss it because it’s the only time I can guiltily buy pizza and devour it as much as I can, and accumulating body fat in the same time, damn you Simon and Martina!!
    JK, tehee

  5. Question! I thought the spam meat needs to be cooked first? It can’t be eaten straight out of the can?

  6. I was cringing the entire time while watching this.

    Spam just isn’t one of those things I find that desirable to eat(generally I feel that way about all canned ham). Though I have eaten it once…pan fried. with a friend egg. It was bare-able. I know that my family loves the stuff. Cooked or uncooked. And I’m just not feeling it.(mainly because of the smell)

  7. It’s delicious when you slice it really thinly, fry it until it’s crispy and eat it with rice! That’s the way to eat spaaam . :))) But yeah, I agree, it’s super salty. So don’t eat too much.

  8. I learned from my Filipino friend that spam is a lot better fried with plain white rice. I’ve tried it and its very delicious.

  9. SooZee’s like, the BEST WAITRESS EVARR! I died with her mannerisms and her poker face!

  10. i like spam when sliced thinly and fried, fresh out of the can is kind of scary for me. Bacon and Chili are pretty good. But the regular one is okay too.

  11. Maaaartinaaa !! I love all your flight of the conchords referenceeeeees XD

  12. Everybody keeps saying SPAM is good when fried, don’t believe them! SPAM is as disgusting fried as raw. Really even calling it food is generous.

  13. well over here they are called ‘zwan’ and ummm like we dont eat it raw coz….yeah.
    its sliced into thin slices and fried, like not pan fried but like how you fry fries…and we eat it with out sandwiches!

  14. i dont get why they didnt cook it i feel lie i should send a video on how to cook spam that got really good favors gone to waste they need to do another one

  15. It’ll taste much, much better if you cook it! Best thinly sliced and pan fried, but boiling it with noodles works too if you’re in a rush. It’s totally inedible in its uncooked state, it’s cold, mushy and gross lol. I usually cook it in a pan till it’s crunchy on the outside, fry an egg, and make sandwiches. Or serve it with rice.

  16. As some one who finds many types of meat disgusting… this was painful for me. But I had to watch it for your hilarious reactions! I was eating when I watched this, almost threw up, thanks guys XD

  17. We usually use spam cut it into pieces and stirfry with vegetables like asian squash or string beans. I don’t think I could eat it straight out of the can.

  18. Nothing better for dinner on a cold day then fired up Spam
    in Mac and cheese.

  19. In Hong Kong we slice it and then pan fry it till it’s crispy and eat it with ramen and a fried egg :)

  20. My dad works for Hormel (the company that makes SPAM) and I showed this video to him. He almost died laughing!! He shared it with the SPAM product managers and they decided to show it at their next annual sales meeting :)

  21. Chanel bacon No. 5 lmao and when it came out of the can xD that was so gross x___x haha I’ve only had spam once, but it was cooked on a frying pan and wasn’t that bad. I think if you eat it raw like that, it may not be as good? idk

  22. Hello Simon and Martina^^

    I just thought that you might find this article interesting and might answer some of your questions about Spam and the ROK

    Take a gander if you wanna~~


  23. I thought Spam is a fancy food until one of my foreign friend told me that it’s treated as a JUNK in their country.
    He was shocked when he went to Korean grocery market and saw all the spam gift sets around Korea’s special holiday season.
    But well, I still think it’s kind of special food as we don’t buy it often(Spam is too expensive in Korea, don’t know why?!), just can taste it whenever we get it as present :P
    Pretty sure at this moment, most Korean families are having spam on their table as Korean thanks giving day season just ended haha.

  24. in Poland we eat luncheon meat on a slice of bread. ham-like. or cheese-like. there are lots of types of spam here – mielonka, konserwa turystyczna, all of them firmly rooted in the trashy years of PRL [communism in Poland after the WW2], hahhah.

    reading comment section I’ve just found that spam can be fried or something…. weeeird :)

  25. That was the actual sound the spam made?!?!? I thought it was a sound effect added in at first xD ewwwww Rather you than me lol I couldn’t eat spam straight out of the tin

  26. yuck. never in my life have i had straight-up spam right out of the can. every time i have ever had spam, i’ve cut it into thin pieces (or sometimes fry-like pieces. SPAM FRIES!!) and cooked them in a pan so they’re all crispy and delicious on the outside. and then i eat it with a fried egg and white rice, or in pan de sal (filipino roll/bread… thing), or if they’re spam fries, just on their own, BUT ALWAYS DIPPED IN BANANA KETCHUP!!!

    it’s fantastic

    also though, i feel like if you’re not introduced to spam as a young child by an adult of the spam-loving community, chances are you will never like spam ever in your life. it’s an acquired taste.

    on a more korea-related note, next 추석, you should talk about 송편 and other 추석 traditions!

  27. I am french and I have NEVAR heard about Spam. Thanks God we don’t have to eat this kind of thing *disgusted*

  28. Just seen an article on Spam and South Korea on the BBC News website, its worth a look :) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-24140705

  29. My boyfriend just got super upset that you dissed SPAM the way you did. Hahahha! I’m a vegetarian so I don’t get it.

    I made him move to Sweden from USA (and the Korean community) and now he can’t find any spam here, so he is quite sad. But we just got a package from his mom; it had one can of spam in it, and he is treating it like god food.

    Apparently you are supposed to cut the spam in big slices and dip it in flour and egg, and then fry it on a frying pan. He is now wailing in the background and cursing the Swedish market.

  30. You ATE that without FRYING it first? O.o *cringe* We rarely ever get spam ever but when we do we have to fry it. If you want lunch meat you get the deli slice kind. XD

    Ick spam just looks so gross raw

  31. I can’t believe you had an entire video on the prevalence of spam in Korea without referencing this piece of awesomeness http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anwy2MPT5RE :D enjoying the random FOTC songs popping up recently though :P

  32. watching this drink is 10 times harder than watching this sober…. whey do i seee 2 martunas?????

  33. I’ve had the bacon spam before (but here in the usa). I’m from PA. I slice it thinnish (less than 1cm) and cook it in a pan until it’s nice and crispy :) The thought of eating spam raw like that kind of weirds me out >.< I know you can because it's precooked… but it just doesn't seem right, lol.

  34. I love spam. I fry it on pan for awhile then put it on a sandwich with mayo and eat it.
    And I put it in my sushi/kimbap too :D

  35. I got SPAM as a Christmas present once when I was 13….

  36. In my family, SPAM is a forbidden death food. As in if I eat it I shall immediately die of unhealthy.

    Now I know plenty of people eat SPAM and are perfectly healthy, I’m just saying that my mother would never allow SPAM in her pantry. She always used minimal salt, and why eat processed meat leftovers when there is steak or ribs? I tried SPAM-fried rice for the first time in college and I hated it. It just tasted bad to me, completely unappetizing. But then again, I also don’t like chili cheese fries because it’s waaaaaaay to salty for my taste buds, so maybe its just because I’m not used to salty, processed meat things.

    So basically for those who grew up eating it, I totally respect your love for SPAM, but you will never see me buying/cooking it willingly.

  37. This is probably the grossest FAPFAP ever. I feel like it should’ve been used as a penalty game instead. OR MAYBE: was there some off-camera competition that SooZee won? And then she forced you to eat spam while she put on a waiter moustache and laughed? … Well, she’s probably not that sadistic… (or is she?)

    I’m not a fan of spam, but my family likes it. This may or may not be a Singaporean thing (where we were born, but we live overseas now) but they like to cut it into thin slices, fry it so it becomes slightly crispy (or grill it in the toaster oven – same effect), and then eat it in a sandwich. I’ve also seen people cut it into tiny squares, fry it, then eat it with instant noodles (the dry not soup kind). I didn’t even know it was possible to eat it straight out of the can. Scarred for life now (especially after that sound)

    *By the way, I say ‘whatever rocks your boat’ all the time (which is better than ‘shakes your boat’!). I mean to say ‘floats your boat’ (which for some reason is the acceptable version), but get mixed up with ‘rocks your socks’. I think it works out nicely, though.

  38. Why did you eat it raw? Why didn’t you cook it?

  39. You guys look so grossed out xD I think it would’ve been best if you cooked it before hand. But, some things I like to do with it is get those single serving packages and replace burger patties with them (when I’m to poor for hamburgers). Make kimpop with them with just egg, spam and cheese. In pasta salads. In Bento’s. On rice with eggs and ketchup. In onigiri. Anything really. I love it with spaghetti too. What’s your favorite dish with spam? ^w^

  40. Where I am from we use luncheon meat for many recipes! When it’s party (or snack) time, some people mash the heck off the spam with a fork and put it on a plate, (it will look like a little mountain) next, take creme cheese (bear with me) and cover the “mountain” with it!. Last but not least if you can find pineapple jam (yes, pineapple jam) spread it all over the cream cheese and voila! you have a spam jammed cheese dip! best served with ritz crackers, graham crackers, or whatever “shakes your boat” eh? ;) hahaha much love for you guys and hope you enjoy!

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