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FAPFAP – Korean Spam

September 20, 2013


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What’s this?! A…a Korea related video? No way!

Yes way! We filmed this video right before we went to Singapore. And we just got back in Thursday morning. Then we spent Thursday catching up on sleep (really, we can’t sleep on airplanes at all). So it’s up on Friday afternoon now instead. We’ll get back to our regular schedules one of these days. Probably after our European Tour. For sure after then!

Anyhow, can I just say how much we missed Korea? Don’t get us wrong: Australia and Singapore are lovely, lovely countries that we could easily see ourselves living in with no qualms, but Korea feels like home to us. Making videos feels like home to us. When we’re not making videos we’re confused and disoriented. We can usually tell what day of the week it is according to our video schedule. Ha! But we’re happy to be here again, even if it’s just for little over a week.

Alright, SPAM TIME! Yes, yes, I know that people don’t sit down and eat Spam with a fork and knife. Spam is an ingredient in foods, rather than the entirety of the meal itself, just like how bologna isn’t eaten on its own. Although…Martina used to microwave a single slice of bologna in the microwave to make it into a bowl shape when she was little. And by little I mean in University. Judging you Martina.

Anyhoo, in Korea you’ll find Spam in a few foods like 부대찌개 aka Army Stew aka Budae Jiggae, or sprinkled in Ham Cheese Soondooboo we get at our favourite Soondooboo Shop which we did a FAPFAP at. You’ll also find it battered and fried alone in plate of 모듬전 aka Modeum Jeon aka Assorted Fried Savoury foods or sliced thinly and put on a skewer with other battered and fried vegetables. For a quick lunch box meal aka 도시락 aka doshirak, rice, kimchi, a fried egg, some salted seaweed, and a slice of Spam is very common. Just shake it all up and eat it mixed up! In all of those instances, the Spam is totally delicious.

However, I should probably mention that it probably isn’t Spam they are using at most restarurants. As we mentioned in the video, Spam is considered an expensive choice where lunch meats are concerned, and there are many various Korean brands that compete with Spam, so you may not be eating actually Spam – the brand – meat. Spam is so popular that it actually outranks Coca-Cola. Can you believe it? AAAAND, something we just learned is that only Korean manufactured Spam is made with higher quality ingredients than other Spam made in the rest of the world. That’s right. If you are a Spam lover, time to come to Korea and get yourself a Spam tote bag filled with the Moët & Chandon of Spam. LIVING THE LIIIFEEEEEEE! You should go back and read that sentence with the voice of Kayne West during his JYJ “AYY GURRRRL” promotions. We ate like, 4 cans of Spam! SON, WE BE BALLIN!

So, that’s it for our silliness. If you want to see us goof around some more you can check out the bloopers below:

And, to ensure the highest quality viewing experience, you should definitely click on this button here. It makes the videos prettier, for sure.



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