What’s this?! A…a Korea related video? No way!

Yes way! We filmed this video right before we went to Singapore. And we just got back in Thursday morning. Then we spent Thursday catching up on sleep (really, we can’t sleep on airplanes at all). So it’s up on Friday afternoon now instead. We’ll get back to our regular schedules one of these days. Probably after our European Tour. For sure after then!

Anyhow, can I just say how much we missed Korea? Don’t get us wrong: Australia and Singapore are lovely, lovely countries that we could easily see ourselves living in with no qualms, but Korea feels like home to us. Making videos feels like home to us. When we’re not making videos we’re confused and disoriented. We can usually tell what day of the week it is according to our video schedule. Ha! But we’re happy to be here again, even if it’s just for little over a week.

Alright, SPAM TIME! Yes, yes, I know that people don’t sit down and eat Spam with a fork and knife. Spam is an ingredient in foods, rather than the entirety of the meal itself, just like how bologna isn’t eaten on its own. Although…Martina used to microwave a single slice of bologna in the microwave to make it into a bowl shape when she was little. And by little I mean in University. Judging you Martina.

Anyhoo, in Korea you’ll find Spam in a few foods like 부대찌개 aka Army Stew aka Budae Jiggae, or sprinkled in Ham Cheese Soondooboo we get at our favourite Soondooboo Shop which we did a FAPFAP at. You’ll also find it battered and fried alone in plate of 모듬전 aka Modeum Jeon aka Assorted Fried Savoury foods or sliced thinly and put on a skewer with other battered and fried vegetables. For a quick lunch box meal aka 도시락 aka doshirak, rice, kimchi, a fried egg, some salted seaweed, and a slice of Spam is very common. Just shake it all up and eat it mixed up! In all of those instances, the Spam is totally delicious.

However, I should probably mention that it probably isn’t Spam they are using at most restarurants. As we mentioned in the video, Spam is considered an expensive choice where lunch meats are concerned, and there are many various Korean brands that compete with Spam, so you may not be eating actually Spam – the brand – meat. Spam is so popular that it actually outranks Coca-Cola. Can you believe it? AAAAND, something we just learned is that only Korean manufactured Spam is made with higher quality ingredients than other Spam made in the rest of the world. That’s right. If you are a Spam lover, time to come to Korea and get yourself a Spam tote bag filled with the Moët & Chandon of Spam. LIVING THE LIIIFEEEEEEE! You should go back and read that sentence with the voice of Kayne West during his JYJ “AYY GURRRRL” promotions. We ate like, 4 cans of Spam! SON, WE BE BALLIN!

So, that’s it for our silliness. If you want to see us goof around some more you can check out the bloopers below:


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  1. So much for watching this in “secret” while at work.. had to explain why I busted out laughing at my desk and proceeded to cry I was laughing so hard.. I needed that.. thanks guise!!! That look you both made when the bacon Spam came out.. classic. Anyways.. In my younger years, my dad would slice up the Spam and pan fry it, then serve it on a bed of rice with a fried egg on top. We ate that quite a bit, and till this day, that’s how I prefer to eat my Spam. I’ve used it diced up in fried rice as well.

  2. Spam sliced up and fried? Totally changed my mind about Spam… eaten raw? wtf?! That’s gross lol. But yeah, Bacon Spam is awesome if you slice it thin and get it crispy… my bf eats it with just rice but I like it with ketchup :) or you can cut it into pieces, fry it really good and mix it with eggs and cheese :)

  3. Generally, when I have eaten it, it was cooked lol.

  4. OMG, I don’t know why, but I miss FAPFAP soo much, guise!
    Are you planning to do it in the near future?
    *maybe I miss it because it’s the only time I can guiltily buy pizza and devour it as much as I can, and accumulating body fat in the same time, damn you Simon and Martina!!
    JK, tehee

  5. Question! I thought the spam meat needs to be cooked first? It can’t be eaten straight out of the can?

    • Spam is a processed product, and most processed foods are precooked. It’s basically a hot dog in the shape of whatever container it came in.

  6. I was cringing the entire time while watching this.

    Spam just isn’t one of those things I find that desirable to eat(generally I feel that way about all canned ham). Though I have eaten it once…pan fried. with a friend egg. It was bare-able. I know that my family loves the stuff. Cooked or uncooked. And I’m just not feeling it.(mainly because of the smell)

  7. It’s delicious when you slice it really thinly, fry it until it’s crispy and eat it with rice! That’s the way to eat spaaam . :))) But yeah, I agree, it’s super salty. So don’t eat too much.

  8. I learned from my Filipino friend that spam is a lot better fried with plain white rice. I’ve tried it and its very delicious.

  9. SooZee’s like, the BEST WAITRESS EVARR! I died with her mannerisms and her poker face!

  10. i like spam when sliced thinly and fried, fresh out of the can is kind of scary for me. Bacon and Chili are pretty good. But the regular one is okay too.

  11. Maaaartinaaa !! I love all your flight of the conchords referenceeeeees XD

  12. Everybody keeps saying SPAM is good when fried, don’t believe them! SPAM is as disgusting fried as raw. Really even calling it food is generous.

  13. well over here they are called ‘zwan’ and ummm like we dont eat it raw coz….yeah.
    its sliced into thin slices and fried, like not pan fried but like how you fry fries…and we eat it with out sandwiches!

  14. i dont get why they didnt cook it i feel lie i should send a video on how to cook spam that got really good favors gone to waste they need to do another one

  15. It’ll taste much, much better if you cook it! Best thinly sliced and pan fried, but boiling it with noodles works too if you’re in a rush. It’s totally inedible in its uncooked state, it’s cold, mushy and gross lol. I usually cook it in a pan till it’s crunchy on the outside, fry an egg, and make sandwiches. Or serve it with rice.

  16. As some one who finds many types of meat disgusting… this was painful for me. But I had to watch it for your hilarious reactions! I was eating when I watched this, almost threw up, thanks guys XD

  17. We usually use spam cut it into pieces and stirfry with vegetables like asian squash or string beans. I don’t think I could eat it straight out of the can.

  18. Nothing better for dinner on a cold day then fired up Spam
    in Mac and cheese.

  19. In Hong Kong we slice it and then pan fry it till it’s crispy and eat it with ramen and a fried egg :)

  20. My dad works for Hormel (the company that makes SPAM) and I showed this video to him. He almost died laughing!! He shared it with the SPAM product managers and they decided to show it at their next annual sales meeting :)

  21. Chanel bacon No. 5 lmao and when it came out of the can xD that was so gross x___x haha I’ve only had spam once, but it was cooked on a frying pan and wasn’t that bad. I think if you eat it raw like that, it may not be as good? idk

  22. Hello Simon and Martina^^

    I just thought that you might find this article interesting and might answer some of your questions about Spam and the ROK

    Take a gander if you wanna~~


  23. I thought Spam is a fancy food until one of my foreign friend told me that it’s treated as a JUNK in their country.
    He was shocked when he went to Korean grocery market and saw all the spam gift sets around Korea’s special holiday season.
    But well, I still think it’s kind of special food as we don’t buy it often(Spam is too expensive in Korea, don’t know why?!), just can taste it whenever we get it as present :P
    Pretty sure at this moment, most Korean families are having spam on their table as Korean thanks giving day season just ended haha.

  24. in Poland we eat luncheon meat on a slice of bread. ham-like. or cheese-like. there are lots of types of spam here – mielonka, konserwa turystyczna, all of them firmly rooted in the trashy years of PRL [communism in Poland after the WW2], hahhah.

    reading comment section I’ve just found that spam can be fried or something…. weeeird :)

  25. Gemma Deacon

    That was the actual sound the spam made?!?!? I thought it was a sound effect added in at first xD ewwwww Rather you than me lol I couldn’t eat spam straight out of the tin

  26. yuck. never in my life have i had straight-up spam right out of the can. every time i have ever had spam, i’ve cut it into thin pieces (or sometimes fry-like pieces. SPAM FRIES!!) and cooked them in a pan so they’re all crispy and delicious on the outside. and then i eat it with a fried egg and white rice, or in pan de sal (filipino roll/bread… thing), or if they’re spam fries, just on their own, BUT ALWAYS DIPPED IN BANANA KETCHUP!!!

    it’s fantastic

    also though, i feel like if you’re not introduced to spam as a young child by an adult of the spam-loving community, chances are you will never like spam ever in your life. it’s an acquired taste.

    on a more korea-related note, next 추석, you should talk about 송편 and other 추석 traditions!

  27. Jung Rian

    I am french and I have NEVAR heard about Spam. Thanks God we don’t have to eat this kind of thing *disgusted*

  28. Just seen an article on Spam and South Korea on the BBC News website, its worth a look :) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-24140705

  29. My boyfriend just got super upset that you dissed SPAM the way you did. Hahahha! I’m a vegetarian so I don’t get it.

    I made him move to Sweden from USA (and the Korean community) and now he can’t find any spam here, so he is quite sad. But we just got a package from his mom; it had one can of spam in it, and he is treating it like god food.

    Apparently you are supposed to cut the spam in big slices and dip it in flour and egg, and then fry it on a frying pan. He is now wailing in the background and cursing the Swedish market.

  30. Starsania

    You ATE that without FRYING it first? O.o *cringe* We rarely ever get spam ever but when we do we have to fry it. If you want lunch meat you get the deli slice kind. XD

    Ick spam just looks so gross raw

  31. I can’t believe you had an entire video on the prevalence of spam in Korea without referencing this piece of awesomeness http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anwy2MPT5RE :D enjoying the random FOTC songs popping up recently though :P

  32. Sarah D

    watching this drink is 10 times harder than watching this sober…. whey do i seee 2 martunas?????

  33. I’ve had the bacon spam before (but here in the usa). I’m from PA. I slice it thinnish (less than 1cm) and cook it in a pan until it’s nice and crispy :) The thought of eating spam raw like that kind of weirds me out >.< I know you can because it's precooked… but it just doesn't seem right, lol.

  34. I love spam. I fry it on pan for awhile then put it on a sandwich with mayo and eat it.
    And I put it in my sushi/kimbap too :D

  35. Erin Storm 에린 폭풍

    I got SPAM as a Christmas present once when I was 13….

  36. In my family, SPAM is a forbidden death food. As in if I eat it I shall immediately die of unhealthy.

    Now I know plenty of people eat SPAM and are perfectly healthy, I’m just saying that my mother would never allow SPAM in her pantry. She always used minimal salt, and why eat processed meat leftovers when there is steak or ribs? I tried SPAM-fried rice for the first time in college and I hated it. It just tasted bad to me, completely unappetizing. But then again, I also don’t like chili cheese fries because it’s waaaaaaay to salty for my taste buds, so maybe its just because I’m not used to salty, processed meat things.

    So basically for those who grew up eating it, I totally respect your love for SPAM, but you will never see me buying/cooking it willingly.

  37. This is probably the grossest FAPFAP ever. I feel like it should’ve been used as a penalty game instead. OR MAYBE: was there some off-camera competition that SooZee won? And then she forced you to eat spam while she put on a waiter moustache and laughed? … Well, she’s probably not that sadistic… (or is she?)

    I’m not a fan of spam, but my family likes it. This may or may not be a Singaporean thing (where we were born, but we live overseas now) but they like to cut it into thin slices, fry it so it becomes slightly crispy (or grill it in the toaster oven – same effect), and then eat it in a sandwich. I’ve also seen people cut it into tiny squares, fry it, then eat it with instant noodles (the dry not soup kind). I didn’t even know it was possible to eat it straight out of the can. Scarred for life now (especially after that sound)

    *By the way, I say ‘whatever rocks your boat’ all the time (which is better than ‘shakes your boat’!). I mean to say ‘floats your boat’ (which for some reason is the acceptable version), but get mixed up with ‘rocks your socks’. I think it works out nicely, though.

  38. Why did you eat it raw? Why didn’t you cook it?

  39. You guys look so grossed out xD I think it would’ve been best if you cooked it before hand. But, some things I like to do with it is get those single serving packages and replace burger patties with them (when I’m to poor for hamburgers). Make kimpop with them with just egg, spam and cheese. In pasta salads. In Bento’s. On rice with eggs and ketchup. In onigiri. Anything really. I love it with spaghetti too. What’s your favorite dish with spam? ^w^

  40. Where I am from we use luncheon meat for many recipes! When it’s party (or snack) time, some people mash the heck off the spam with a fork and put it on a plate, (it will look like a little mountain) next, take creme cheese (bear with me) and cover the “mountain” with it!. Last but not least if you can find pineapple jam (yes, pineapple jam) spread it all over the cream cheese and voila! you have a spam jammed cheese dip! best served with ritz crackers, graham crackers, or whatever “shakes your boat” eh? ;) hahaha much love for you guys and hope you enjoy!

  41. i don’t think i’ve ever had SPAM before. And because i don’t eat meat anymore i don’t think i will be anytime soon. A friend from school and her family loved SPAM. They camped a lot on weekends and brought it with them. She would eat the sausage SPAM in can for lunch sometimes at school.

    It just never appealed to me so i never tried it. Well that i can remember. Meat and seafood where i live wasn’t/isn’t very expense. Since the oil spill in the in the Gulf of Mexico seafood(which i do eat) has gone up in price, but it’s slowing going back down again.

  42. Where I am from (PR) we use luncheon meat for many recipes! When it’s party (or snack) time, some people mash the heck off the spam with a fork and put it on a plate, (it will look like a little mountain) next, take creme cheese (bear with me) and cover the “mountain” with it!. Last but not least if you can find pineapple jam (yes, pineapple jam) spread it all over the cream cheese and voila! you have a spam jammed cheese dip! best served with ritz crackers, graham crackers, or whatever “shakes your boat” eh? ;) hahaha much love for you guys and hope you enjoy!

  43. Still no idea what spam is, but it doesn’t look like i would want to eat it…

  44. could this spam culture be an offshoot from the “marshall plan” or whatever the US had for Korea, after the war. so spam was the special processed meat given out back then. heaven knows many people from my country see a halo around a can of spam and kiss your feet when sent spam in (balik bayan) boxes fr the states. cool though that many Koreans find spam special as many Filipinos do

  45. My mom fries up a slice of spam to go with her eggs for breakfast. I on the other hand will not touch it. I used to eat it all the time as a kid ( I had no choice), but no more I tell you! No more!!!!

    Happy Chuseok everyone! I’m kind of sad though, because of Chuseok the delivery of my G-Dragon CD has been delayed. :(

  46. Do you guys realize that when I need something to be done or I need help with something I say “SOOOOZEEEEE” before quickly remembering that I do not have a SooZee to harass xD lol Love you Soozee <3

  47. “I don’t have my glasses” – Simon wearing glasses lol

  48. Lol We usually slice smaller pieces of spam and put it with bland foods like eggs and rice XD It’s usually not something to be eaten in large quantities XD

  49. I eat fried spam with my fried rice and stuff :D

  50. Spam reminds me of can cat food…

  51. I’ve had Spam as a kid, my mom would fry it up, we never had it out of the can. We swiftly stopped eating it when we got one of the single slices and found it all moldy.

  52. My family always slices Bacon Spam into thin strips and fries it. That way it tastes fantastic inside sandwiches or biscuits. When fried, it really does taste so much better. (:

  53. I can’t tell if Simon and Martina are trolling us by eating cold SPAM as if that’s the correct way of eating it. Or Soo Zee is trolling Simon and Martina by not telling them that’s the worst possible way to eat SPAM. Either way, the segment was funny as hell and loved waitress Soo Zee.

    I personally love eating it pan fried w/ rice and eggs, or dice them into cubes and mix it w/ carrots, celery, peas, and elbow pasta in chicken broth. YUM!

  54. How did SooZee not crack up? Ow, my throat hurts from too much laughing XD

  55. Married a Hawaiian – so now Spam is a staple. Never had it before then. But family loves it fried up with eggs, rice (a meal is not a meal unless there is RICE!!) and kimchi.

  56. SooZee is the best French-Korean waitress!! lmao That french accent!!

  57. I always slice it up and then pan fry it. It tastes better when there’s a crunchy outer layer. And you can eat it with rice! or put it in fried rice.

  58. I never eat it straight out of the can! I always fry it and serve it in a sandwich or with eggs.

  59. Spam and eggs is how I eat it. Spam is a little expensive for me so I will only eat it like once time in a whole year or if I’m really craving it.

  60. i find it interesting that df had a similar story posted on their blogs the same day LOL?

  61. Spam should NEVER be eaten straight out of the can! I have this noodle concoction I invented. All you need is Nongshim noodles, Korean Rice cakes (they are the best), bean sprouts, Spam (regular), green onions and Tofu!.

    1 Nongshim Noodle bag ( I prefer the kimchi flavor), wait for the water to boil, add the seasoning packet (only, do NOT add the vegetable one). Then add a handful of rice cakes, after that, cut the green onions (2 should be enough) and add it in, then you put the noodles in, while is boiling you can cut out half of a spam thing, cute in little squares, pour it in along with the tofu (firm) which should be cut in the same way. While that boils, you get a bowl and put as much bean sprouts as you want on the bottom.
    While the soul is boiling, our it over the bean sprouts and walah!!! its ready to go! :D ( do make sure that the rice cakes have started floating, thats how long I usually wait). The mix of textures is delicious!! the crunchiness of the Bean Sprouts and the soft noodles, GOD is heaven in your mouth! :0

    This usually serves two people, youll have enough to fill out a traditional Ramen Bowl you get at Japanese restaurants. So instead of paying 14 bucks for them, you can make a cheaper version at home!. If only I hadnt suddenly developed an allergy to Spam and Nongshim noodles, I would still cook it! :(

    Go Forth and try it my children! Then tell me how it tastes. You will love it! :D

  62. Becky Strickland

    I bake slices of the spam in the oven, it crisps up on its own cause of all the fat. my daughter likes to dip it in honey. makes a good biscuit and egg sandwich. it is so salty though, I can only eat a small amount of it at a time.

  63. Definitely would have tasted better pan fried with egg and rice lol. Never would I eat it out of the can even if it says it’s already cooked.

  64. thisisjustforfunval

    I was making a face the whole time because I’ve never, never have ever, seen anyone eat Spam right out of the can. I know you can but it just always seemed so wrong. When I was a kid my mom would fry it up on the skillet for breakfast and serve it with eggs or for dinner with I have no idea what sides (it was so long ago). Then one day when I was about 8 my siblings and I decided none of us liked Spam and held the Great Spam Rebellion. Spam henceforth was banished in our home and I had not tasted Spam again till about two years ago. A former co-worker bought me a Spam, egg, green chili burrito and I can’t lie, that combo was pretty delicious. However I still could never bring myself to buy it on my own. I would be curious though to try Korean Spam if it is indeed made with much better quality meat.

    • I’ve never had it in my life and don’t have any intentions to.

      • thisisjustforfunval

        You probably shouldn’t ever try it then. My memories of it are always that it is super salty, and for some reason I’ve always equated it to canned corned beef hash. No idea why though. I think it only tasted good in that burrito I had because it seasoned the other ingredients in it.

        Edit: And by seasoned, I mean no salt needed.

  65. I bought a can of Spam a few years ago because I thought my kids should experience it at least once in their lives. Needless to say it wasn’t much of a hit. In fact, we TRIED to feed it to that cat and he wouldn’t even go near it! Smart cat. :) (plus I was afraid it might be considered child or animal abuse)

  66. Fried spam….. so good w rice and egg

  67. The reason why SPAM is considered as worthy of 추석 gift in Korea has got alot to do with very dark and sad part of Korean history.

    Korea regained its independence in 1945 after 35 years of Japaese rule,
    Korea was nearly bankrupted because Japan used all the wealth of Korea
    and her natural resources and man power to carry out the pacific war
    (WW2). And on top of that, Korean War broke out in 1950 and destroyed
    everything and burnt down all there was left.

    South Korea during
    and after Korean War was most miserably poorest country on the face of
    the earth and everything that American G.I. brought to Korean
    peninsular, including SPAM was considered a luxury only a few could

    Of course even back then, even American G.I.s didn’t want
    to have SPAM, but to Korean people, who had literally NOTHING to eat,
    SPAM was something everyone desired.

    And 부대찌개
    that you’ve mentioned (the “army stew”), that “army” originally meant
    the American army base where few scraps of leftover SPAM was smuggled
    out and even then it was so few and rare therefore so precious to feed
    everyone, Korean people had to make a stew out of it with just a can of
    SPAM to feed many many hungry mouths. That’s how 부대찌개 started. If you
    know the story behind this, it is indeed really really sad story.
    Imagine those poor Korean people trying to figure out how to make the
    most out of a can of spam to feed their hungry children back in 1950s’
    right after Korean War.

    Hence the popularity of SPAM among the
    old generation who grew up in the post-Korean War era started. For them,
    SPAM was something luxurious, delicious, and most of all, it was from
    U.S. who was their savior, who was super strong, rich and almighty.

    course, nowadays nobody in Korea considers SPAM as luxury or something
    healthy or even delicious, but becasue of the memories that had been
    burnt in old people’s brain, SPAM had been very popular gift itme since
    Korean War (because it reminded of their old memories), and it had been
    stuck as some kind of tradition to Korean people.

    I see that
    many foreigners living in Korea made videos about this weird phenomenon
    that Korean people exchange SPAM as a gift and I can also understand
    that foreigners find this amusing (and some of them even make fun of it.
    SPAM as a gift?? what a joke!!, right?). But I hope that you guys and
    others would kindly understand that this is not really funny thing once
    you understand why this has become a tradition in Korea.

  68. I’m from Romania and when I was a kid my mom used to buy spam like meat (I think Hungarian brands) and she would crumble it and fry it, add spices and tomato sauce, serve it on pasta. I’ve actually heard of spam sandwiches for the first time on Ryan Higa’s fb page- he made spam musubi. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151741239684747&set=pb.274524094746.-2207520000.1379697199.&type=3&theater

  69. is that tray a frisbee?? :))

  70. fry it , it will taste much better than eating raw SPAM ( although it is not raw anyway)

  71. Now I’m curious….,,,Do Koreans eat it right out of the can? Or do they fry it like most people suggest?

  72. Now I’m curious……Do Koreans eat it out of the can?

  73. I fry it up, and make a sandwich out of it, a little mustard on toasted bread yum!.. Also fried with eggs in a burrito! :) Never out of the can ;/

  74. I live in the U.S., Kansas to be exact. I also come from a Hispanic household and we eat Spam! We cook the spam and have it in our sandwiches. We add it to our eggs or in the middle of our omelet with bell pepper, onions, and tomatoes. I’ve even made pasta with spam. I think cooking the spam is the way to go. Eating cold out of the can is gross! We usually get Spam Lite because it has less calories, fat, and sodium. The spam website has a ton of recipes.

    Also the Food network has a show with people competing to have the best food truck and their next ingredient which they have to use in everything is Spam! I heard Spam is really popular in Hawaii too! :)

    • I married into a Hispanic family and it gets used a lot here as well. In almost exactly the same ways you described. :) I have never seen any of the flavors here besides original though. It would be interesting to try some of the flavors mentioned here, just for a bit of variety.

      • I’ve only ever had the original and the less sodium ones. Though I have seen bacon and black pepper where I live but not garlic. There’s even jalapeño and cheese flavors! I looked it up lol :)

  75. Well I’m in the minority lol…I live in America, and I don’t know anyone who likes Spam….but I like it!!!!!!!!! xD I eat it with rice…

  76. The only time I ever eat spam is when I go hiking… Now I’m a vegetarian and I don’t have to deal with it!
    But when I did have to eat it when hiking with others we would have one of those portable stoves and would make it… pretty delicious!

    1 Toasted Bagel
    1-2 Slices of processed Cheese
    1 Slice of canned Spam (Cut into like a 1/4 inch)

    Directions (while hiking):
    Cook two slices of spam until browned on both sides; while also having both sides of a bagel cooking in the pan.
    Place spam and cheese on bagel.
    Get back to hiking.

    Btw I would never eat Spam not cooked… I know it says you don’t have to but it tastes much better when cooked.

  77. I love SPAM …. but high sodium level TAT
    No one will eat SPAM in raw (?!). i love it fried, in pasta, in fried rice, in soup, in instant noodle
    There is a hot n spicy SPAM which is my favorite n i love to put that in tomato based pasta!

  78. SPAM is Zombie Apocalypse food. You can eat it or launch it at a zombie’s head to knock it clean off.

  79. DIED Laughing … but yes, like most commenters, you’re eating SPAM (or any luncheon meat from a can) wrong if you’re just eating it out of the can. It must be pan fried for any of the goodness to come through.
    In addition to my offer of cooking the EYK staff a meal reminiscent of Toronto Chinese food, I shall also throw an appetizing SPAM dish as well.
    FYI, fried rice w/ SPAM is pretty awesome – it got me through college well fed.

  80. I wish we had the same variety of Spam flavors around here because I’d love to try the bacon Spam fried up as part of a BLT.

  81. I love SPAM… but I pan fry it before I eat it. With original spam I add a dash or corn syrup and brown sugar and have it with mac and cheese or chop it up and add it in kimbap. If you eat spam straight up of course it tastes bad…lol . I wish we had that amount for variety in the states… I haven’t seen these in Florida :(

  82. Aren’t you suppose to cook it first?? UCk!!

  83. Spam taste better if you cook it. You should of tired it that way.

  84. PunkyPrincess92

    i’ve always wondered about Spam and Korea!!! i had no idea what Spam even was, and when i saw it i was kinda shocked, cos i’ve never seen tinned meat before…..and it didn’t look so great….and to then find out it was seen as an expensive gift…
    anyway it’s good to know Koreans don’t actually eat it straight out of the can!!

    this was hilarious to watch!! especially when Soozee was serving!!

  85. I request for Martina to spin around in every video, because I need to copy those hairstyles!
    And, well, I’m not hungry anymore xD

  86. Welp this is the first FAPFAP that I haven’t felt like dying of hunger. In fact, I think I threw up in my mouth a bit. Bleargh! I’m guessing you guys don’t have a stove top in the studio or you would have surely cooked it first, hehe.

  87. Dana

    i’m sorry martina, did you just say rasclaat onion? LOL

  88. CAT FOOD!

  89. Two things that made this video awesome, SooZee’s acting and the spam sounds.
    When I first learned that spam was big in Korea I was really shocked. It’s the low man on the deli meat totem pole where I live. It’s not just unpopular but people get grossed out if you eat. I got picked on whenever I ate it.
    Thanks for the video. I really enjoyed it.

  90. lol Martina you havent spent much time with your Newfoundland realatives have you?? Ask them what “Newfie Steak” is and the answer should be bologna. I dont know many people who eat spam here and most people proably think of it as the poor mans lunch meat. To me it almost sounds like spam is treated in Korea how we treat bologna in NL. Bologna sandwiches (fried amd unfried), bologna as a side to Kraft Dinner, bologna with eggs or as part of a big breakfast if you go to a restaurant with ham, bacon eggs and hasbrowns, my dads favorite but one I can’t stand is fried bologna gravy with hash (which is the left over veggies from jiggs dinner fried up the next day and mashed togeather). I know lots of people who eat bologna by itself, raw. But thats Newfoundland for ya, we’s got to be different ><

  91. I didn’t realise spam was so big in Korea ._.

    But now that I think of it, it did make an appearance in Epik High’s Don’t Hate Me MV, although the label was changed slightly. If it appears in an MV, it must be popular right? :p

  92. guyz you’ve gotta fry them in their own fat in order to enjoy them!! gosh raw spam that must be so slimy and cold and…. ughh..

  93. Just got back from Korea – it never fails to amaze me that Spam is given as a gift – and soooooo expensive! Here in UK it is cheap – my daughters boyfriend (he Korean) swears it is better quality stuff and loves it! – A few years ago we stayed with some friends in Korea and she said do you like ham, I said yes we do so she went specially to the supermarket and came back with 2 tins of Spam, very proudly sliced it up and fried it – it reminded me of when I was young way back in the 60′s when my mum used it if we ran out of meat lol! (Still tasted like Spam to me though) Having said all that I have been known to use it in lentil & rice soup to give it a bit of flavor or when a bit of meaty saltiness is needed

  94. irritablevowel

    I applaud SooZee’s outstanding judgy French waiter! My cousin and I always get the judgy waiter at the craft beer restaurants. They describe a beer as having hints of pumpkin and béchamel, while it fermented in a panko crusted barrel immersed in a tank of fairy dust. I just ask for a beer that tastes like Amstel Light..or maybe Rolling Rock. *Cue judgement eyes*

    ***Wait a second, did you guys say you were American because you were being judged by the waiter? HEY!

  95. Spam was the food that saved the world in WWII. When the Brits had almost nothing to eat, we were able to send them Spam. I suspect that for the Koreans something similar happened. So, Spam is a food that became part of many cultures in time of In Extremis. I have great respect for Spam.

  96. soo zee does not have her chuseok holiday? not good, EYK, not good. LOL

  97. so i wonder if you went to korea, and maybe gave your host family Spam from America, if it wouldnt be as prized as Korean Spam? Would they be like “Oh,… American Spam…” or would they totally be stoked?

    • they’d think it’s the same thing, so they’d be stoked. Hell, they’d be stoked you’re a good person who was considerate to bring any kind of gift anyway, I’d think. Honestly, I’ve had Spam in Korea and U.S., and I can’t tell the difference.

  98. How we use our Spam ?….We cook it :P

  99. Cindy

    I LOVE Spam! My Mom used to serve it when I was a kid. Sliced and fried. These days I use the turkey kind and it tastes the same as the regular one. I do have to rinse off the jelly goo first before I slice it, because that’s just gross. I eat it with some kind of potato and mixed vegetables – SO delicious. Oh, and they do actually make a reduced sodium one. I’ve seen the bacon one, but wasn’t sure what that’d be like. I might give it a whirl. The Korean dishes you describe sound amazing, and I totally want a Spam gift basket! And speaking of dishes, I do believe those were some of the IKEA plates I sent in my fan mail package. Glad they’re useful! :)

  100. I think it was one of your best videos ever.. I just died from laughing every sec. And Suzy made it even better… :D!

  101. I didn’t like Spam at all until I visited Korea: Ham (Spam…) and Cheese Soondubu Jiggae was AMAZING!

  102. There are no SPAM in France! I didn’t even know what it was before your video.

    • You’re not missing out on anything, unless you enjoy salty wet dog food. It isn’t too bad fried with rice. But that’s about the only time it’s somewhat good.

  103. why is the picture/video link of the blooper reel the bloopers for namsam tower wank?
    oh and i hate spam. it reminds me too much of corn – i mean the flavour. but i’m ok with most sandwich meats. except for ham. and chicken slices. and turkey. and beef. actually scratch that, i don’t really like sandwich meat at all. except salami.

  104. I have never had spam without pan frying it. Usually we pan fry it so that it is slightly crispy on the fan fried sides.

    I have also tried to grill spam but it ends up being extremely dry but extremely crispy.

    Also in Hong Kong i have been to restaurants that serve pan fried spam with a fried egg and placed in an instant noodle.

  105. we have something similar to Spam in Hong Kong as well…. They might taste better if you cut them up into slices or dice them into cubes and stir fry them crispy first.

  106. I’m not saying I eat spam… *cough cough* But if I did, I would cook it!!! (and eat it with rice and eggs)

  107. Its funny how spam can be so popular in other countries, I would say that in America its more of a last-resort-only-if-your-dying-or-old type of food…I would feel very unloved if this was the gift I got XD

  108. I slice it, coat each side with some sugar, then fry it in oil on both sides. Then I eat it with rice! Sounds gross, but it tastes similar to Filipino tocino (sweet cured pork), and as a college kid it’s probably the closest thing I’ll get to tocino for cheap lol. If you’re willing to try it, you guys definitely should!

  109. hapagirl

    I’m pretty sure all the Hawaii nasties are like spazzing. I eat a lot of spam, I had for breakfast with hotcakes. Hell there’s a spam fest here. Go to a local super market, there can be a wall of different kinds of spam. And it’s not that surprising, Hawaiian food is very salty. Why? Salt was the only spice Hawaiians had. And we were stuck with military cheap ass food during wwii and we love unhealthy shit. Of course people have said spam in ramen, spam and eggs, fried rice, musubi, and other things. So yeah, go spam!

    My mom actually can’t stand spam because her sister always made it, I think I remember her saying that they once ate it with cabbage. And I’ve had knock off spam, I HATED IT. Seriously it was disgusting, real spam is the only spam for me.

    I was gonna ask if the animals ate any of the spam, but I feel they’re too sophisticated for it aka Spudgy would probably snub you for trying to give him spam.

  110. hahah… we have been talking about this because one of my friends read an article on the BBC about Koreans and spam and said to me “Is this true????”

    I always avoid the spam bits in stews and stuff but of course my husband loves it. His response to this video, “It’s fancy!”

  111. Noel

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that likes some Spam once in a while! I came by it honestly due to I’m from Minnesota where Hormel is based. lol

  112. I died. Died. DIED laughing when the bacon spam farted out of the can. I’m 27, yet still a child when it comes to fart jokes. I had to pause the video just so I could laugh hysterically. xD

  113. I actually really like spam- I got some as a chuseok gift last year, and so felt obligated to try it. But I cooked it- I would never ever ever eat it out of the can like that. I generally cut it into cubes and fry it with some veggies- like sweetcorn, mushrooms, peppers and whatever else i can find. It’s pretty yummy actually- but make sure you get the spam nice and crispy before you add the veg or its stays slimy ^^

  114. Thank God, there is no SPAM in France!

  115. Oh man, those close up shots. I can almost smell the spam. And by that I mean: AARRRGGGHHHH Get it away from me!

  116. I can honestly say I have never tried spam before. And I have no future plans of ever trying it if I can avoid it.

  117. Oh that looked good…….not
    But Soozee’s impersonation of a french waiter was spot on! :D

  118. No sexy food porn shots, just no!!!!! >_< (You should have "un-sexy food porn shots", with raindrops and miserable music :P )

    • Agreed. It was just so, so wrong. From now on, whenever I hear the food porn music, I’ll think of that soft focus glistening spam shot and cringe.

  119. Shelley Beh

    For a cheap fast meal, I thinly slice it and pan fry and eat with rice. Sometimes I use it as the meat part of fried rice.

  120. I want you to know that the dancing chuseok video was the moment I knew I’d be a lifelong fan. You guys are weird.

    ‘whatever shakes your boat’ Sometimes, I forget that you guys were English teachers.

  121. The BBC correspondent in Seoul actually did a recent story on the phenomenon which traces it back to the aftermath of the Korean War when food was scarce:


  122. Thee most sexiest food porn yet ;D AYYY GURL! CAN I BUY U A DRANK?! I GOTS ME SOME LUXURIOUS SPAM HERE!

  123. Oh nonono! No self-respecting Spam lover eats it straight out of the can – pan frying spam is the way to go. Slice thinly, fry, then slap the spam, rice and toasted seaweed together = Spam Musubi!

    I’m actually jealous that Korea gets all the fun flavors, it’s pretty hard to get the special flavors in North America unless in Hawaii or Austin, Minnesota the home of Spam.

    • i love my spam in hot soups and instant noodles XD

    • omg I was thinking of Spam Musubi as well! of course since I don’t really care for the taste of the seaweed available to me, I just usually do Spam and rice.

    • My husband and Father in law love spam we get ours at Costco which i believe also has Bacon or you can get it into an asian store.

    • keilyn505

      yeah Mashi Momo, you tell em!! i love my spam musubis! fry that spam with shoyu sugar or put some furikake in the musubi!!!!

      • I grew up eating spam with rice and eggs and just like Korea, it is pretty expensive and we normally get it from family from the US. When I moved to North America, I was actually shocked, SHOCKED that people loathed spam. Then I found out they were doing it wrong all along so I aim to educate. Spam IS derrrishus when done right!

        But would have to agree with S&M about luncheon meats (aka not Spam) – hated it then and the meat (?) definitely looks a lot more questionable.

    • Really? I think I’ve seen all of those “special flavors” in the grocery here in KY. Or at least I’ve seen them in the pantry.

  124. Usually we cut up spam into small pieces and fry it with rice, cut up beans, carrots, and eggs. Sometimes, we’ll fry up thin slices and just eat that with rice instead of say chicken or something.

  125. I always thought it was “whatever rocks your boat” =/

    FRIED RICE!!! You mash the luncheon meat with a fork (or your fingers, whichever *insert verb* your boat) and then you fry it together with some minced garlic, onion and some chopped up spring onions, a splash of soy sauce and NOM AWAY

  126. I cannot stop laughing everytime Soozee “unpackages” the SPAM. She does it so…so…deliciously ahahahahah NOT.
    omg, the best one was the first. the sound of the meaty thingy SLAPPING the plate ahaha…..
    I don’t ever want to try eating that °_°

  127. I’ve never had spam before…. looks, kinda gross.

  128. btw if u guise don’t like it just fried, you can cook it teriyaki style! 1 tblsp sugar (or more if you prefer more sweet taste) and 2-3 tblsp of soysauce. Mix it, pour it in the pan, fry it with spam, and voila~ you have teriyaki spam!

  129. Here in Australia, we actually fan fry it after slicing it into thin-medium slices.. I think that may be why it tastes weird!

  130. Don’t you guys to cook the spam before eating it from the can???

  131. Rachel Nickii 레이첼 니키

    I just eat it pan fried with some bread ;3

  132. lady_kire

    I’m in university and as a student living on my own 8 months of the year, I eat spam with some of my meals as a replacement for ham. (Ham is expensive, plus I’m not a fan)
    My friends don’t like spam as it’s not meat, its mystery meat, it comes from a can etc. They often wonder why I eat the stuff
    However, I’ve grown to appreciate spam and be grateful for Spam.
    One reason is that my parents grew up with not much money and spam was there as a cheap alternative to ham sandwiches. It was part of survival.
    Second, Spam is expensive in Korea. I know that.
    Thrid, Fake spam is funky tasting. It tastes a lot different. There are some Hong Kong style cafes that on the menu have “Luncheon meat.” It’s really fake spam.

    Yes spam is I don’t know meat, but it’s something you can appreciate when you’re broke, or eating korean jjigaes and ramyeon. Also great with macaroni soup, scrambled eggs, etc.

    Also, Simon and Martina, did you know that there is actually a Spam festival?? I’m not trolling. It’s in the states and they have booths and spam cooking contests. What kind of dish can you use Spam with?

  133. SPAM reminds me of dog food. Maybe dog food is better than that?
    Anyways: ew.

  134. Sara Napsey

    I live in Korea and I’ve seen spam in many different dishes. I’ve seen fried rice with spam, tteokbokki with spam, scrambled eggs with spam (my personal favorite), and spam and cheese sandwiches. Crazy, right?

  135. lol why can I only think about the Monty Python SPAM skit now. The revealing of the SPAM is quite violent xD SPAM is considered a dish in Asia, by itself, with rice, or as part of fried rice. I know there’s a dish from HK eaten for breakfast that has SPAM with egg noodles, fried egg, and chai sim (any HK Nasties want to help me out?)

    Do they have the spicy SPAM over in Korea, as well as the Turkey ones, too?

  136. I can never eat spam out of the can… ;__; but the way I like to eat it is just cutting them into slices, frying them up, and eating them with scrambled egg and rice ^^ And spam musubi is really good too!

  137. whatever shake you boat – martina stawski
    i lol’ed on that one :D

  138. u guys should try spam musubi, its a common food here in hawaii. available anywhere at 7-11.

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