Yes, we’re in the habit of redoing old movies. Call it nostalgia, call it laziness: frankly, we just look at our old movies and cringe. So we updated our old Street Food video to be a bit more comprehensive. Also, look at how we’ve changed in a year! Now you can watch us order Korean street food without merely grunting and pointing our fingers! We’ll show you how to order, what to order, and how much it costs. If you’re in Bucheon as well, make sure you go to the lady between Hyundai Department Store and The Mall. Her food is, hands down, the best we’ve had in Bucheon.

A bit of an apology as well: we haven’t posted in nearly a month because we were actually making videos every week. Remember the Battle for Bucheon at Rhythm and Booze (if not, look down three posts). Every week we’ve been judging the contests, but – what’s more relevant – we’ve also been making videos of every battle. We’ll post the whole collection as soon as we’re done with the finals video. As well, we spent a week at a Gepik workshop, either giving speeches about classroom management or helping with other things. Thanks to those of you who have contacted us from the workshop. Finally, we did a podcast over at SeoulPodcast.com, so you can hear us talk about Korea, teaching, Western Food, what’s in our fridge, and other stuff from us that you wouldn’t hear otherwise.

  1. Can I get a script for this clip? ^^ How or where can I get that? I’d like to use the clip for class :)

  2. as someone that doesn’t eat pig meat, it would be helpful to know what types of meat are in an item when you’re describing them. :) i have an allergy to it. :) it saves folks like me the trouble of having to ask the busy street vendors. lol :) just a suggestion! :D

  3. First, ‘twigum’ is actually pronounced ‘twigim’, but it does sound very similar–twigum, I mean. 
    Also, i think there are intestines in soondae? 
    Finally, about the cow’s blood. Many people actually eat it separately-my dad once mentioned that it was gelatinous. Creepy!

  4. Soondae contains pig blood…which you probably didn’t know? It’s still good, though. Sounds gross to people who have never eaten it, but to Koreans, it’s a common, delicious dish. =) You wouldn’t even know it’s blood if no one told you, just let your taste buds speak for themselves before you let your brain rule out things. That’s the mindset to use when approaching “exotic” and ethnic foods. Good food for the win! ^^v

  5. Oh. I love you for using Epik High song for the ending.

  6. I am surprised that you did not talk about suju ! (not the boyband of course! ;) )
    Thanks for this video, it is really well described ♥
    I have to practice how to say that now!

  7. fyi it's cow or pig blood inside the 순대, not meat :)
    a lot of foreigners mistake it for meat lolz

  8. what is the background music?

  9. It'll be amazing to have that in Quebec! We don't even have the guys in the street who sells hot-dog… In summer we have ice-cream but that's it ._.'

  10. Is there ANY Korean food that doesn't have pepper paste? LOL
    I want to become a Translator or an English teacher in Korea and I can't stand spicy food. But the food looks SO good and I want to try it, but knowing my taste buds… XD lol If I eat too many Middlesworth BBQ chips my nose runs, and that's pretty sad. (Only people from Pennsylvania in the US will understand this)
    But anyways, The food looks great but I think I'd be a little afraid to try it because of the spiciness. There is NO such thing as a Korean restaurant in PA .
    How do you stand the spiciness? You probably like spicy things though lol I've never had a variety of foods. We don't eat liver or lungs or anything like that. And I don't know if I would like that either XD lol
    Thanks for the videos though!! I'm very amazed with what you do. ^^

    •  there’s lots of non-spicy korean foods. look at maangchi.com. :) she’s got a lot of recipes for stuff you can make at home & lists of places you can order ingredients online (amazon being a great option)… you can work on building up a tolerance to spicy food. start with your chips or something simple like that… spicy food makes your nose run, it’s good for you.. native americans & mexican peoples used to snort chili powder when they had colds & stuff, because it clears your nasal passages. not advising you (or anyone) should do that.. but i mean yeah.. you can build up a tolerance to spicy food. just add a little at a time & eventually you’ll get used to it & be able to taste ingredients in spicy food, other than “it’s spicy”… and a friendly suggestion– don’t eat spicy food before bed. if you happen to get acid reflux, it will severely suck… if it’s something you’d like to be able to enjoy, you can.. all it takes is a little effort & some time to build the tolerance up.

  11. don't ya guys gain much weight ? lol xD !

    •  lol.. when i lived in korea, i lost like 20lb in the first month & i ate more there than i ever dreamed of eating in the united states. in fact, my hosts thought i was starving myself at first, because when i first got there, i couldn’t even eat 1 whole bowl of rice & sample all the side dishes they’d prepared. they thought i didn’t like their food. LOL but i was just so stuffed! the reason i lost weight is because korea is different than the US.. everything is within walking distance.. you want to go to the store? it’s a 5 minute walk. you need to go to your car? it’s parked 6 floors down in the basement parking lot. you want to go to get a snack? it’s just 2 minutes for street food vendors or to  shop or restaurant. where i lived, they didn’t even have an elevator button for the 2nd floor in the apartments. you had to walk up there… elevator levels started from the 3rd floor. i lived on the 5th floor & usually walked up & down the stairs with my hosts, rather than take the elevator. the only place i couldn’t walk was to & from work & i took a 15 or 20 minute taxi ride that costed like 5,000 won. everything was very inexpensive & just about whatever you could need was within a 20-30 minute walk of the apartment or a short taxi ride.

  12. Did you know that soondae also has one interesting ingredient? It's blood…usually pig's blood. Other than the japchae noodles, rice and spices, the sausage is primarily made of blood.

  13. Hi~
    i'm korean student ^^
    have you ever been to noryangjin???
    there are so many delicious foods!!!!!
    a pancake sandwich, convenient bibimbap~~~!!
    lts taste go~~~~od!!!
    If you have chance to go, you should give it a chance!!

    ps-i can't write English welll;;;;
    but, it's my best >////<

  14. omg im korean and i havent been there in like five years!!! i still remember all those street foods… and street foods also have things like dakoyaki and corndogs too but id say duckbockgi is the best!!! i love you guys and keep up the good work :)

  15. your videos are awesome and so fun to watch. keep it up, guys!

  16. what's the song you used at the very end where it just starts and then fades out?

  17. i'm a korean girl who is studing english in vancouver canada~
    i just LOVE your videos!!!!!
    you two are so cute speaking korean^^ hahahah~~~
    you probably know 'fighting'
    so, FIGHTING!!!

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