Yes, we’re in the habit of redoing old movies. Call it nostalgia, call it laziness: frankly, we just look at our old movies and cringe. So we updated our old Street Food video to be a bit more comprehensive. Also, look at how we’ve changed in a year! Now you can watch us order Korean street food without merely grunting and pointing our fingers! We’ll show you how to order, what to order, and how much it costs. If you’re in Bucheon as well, make sure you go to the lady between Hyundai Department Store and The Mall. Her food is, hands down, the best we’ve had in Bucheon.

A bit of an apology as well: we haven’t posted in nearly a month because we were actually making videos every week. Remember the Battle for Bucheon at Rhythm and Booze (if not, look down three posts). Every week we’ve been judging the contests, but – what’s more relevant – we’ve also been making videos of every battle. We’ll post the whole collection as soon as we’re done with the finals video. As well, we spent a week at a Gepik workshop, either giving speeches about classroom management or helping with other things. Thanks to those of you who have contacted us from the workshop. Finally, we did a podcast over at SeoulPodcast.com, so you can hear us talk about Korea, teaching, Western Food, what’s in our fridge, and other stuff from us that you wouldn’t hear otherwise.

  1. Yeah, we still love Soondae as well. The liver's better than the lungs, though :D

  2. Your English is great! Thank you for your comment. We did not eat at Noryangjin yet. We will make sure to try it now. Thanks :D

  3. Ahhh! For the life of me, I can't remember! It was so long ago. Sorry!

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