Ok, yes, this is our second FAPFAP in a row. We have two WANKs filmed, but both of those are big project WANKs that depend on the schedules of other people we’ve partnered with for those videos, and both of them got delayed. Yargh! But they’re good delays! Really! Luckily, we had filmed another FAPFAP just in case our schedules changed, so hopefully you’re ok with two FAPFAPs in a row. Ain’t nothing wrong with some sexy food now, is there?

Though, this food isn’t really the sexiest. It’s just something we have crazy cravings for every once in a while. And, the problem is, this place is in Bucheon. Right at Songnae Station, the stop that we used to get off at when we lived in Bucheon. We’ve had other waffles since then. There’s even a Waffle Truck outside of our studio, right beside the Free Park, that even puts ice-freaking-cream in the waffles, but they’re still not as good as these badboys right here in Bucheon. Oh man. They’re so fresh and warm and goopy. So soft and succulent. And they’re 1,000 won, which is less than a dollar. LESS THAN A DOLLAR. What can you buy where you’re from that’s warm AND tastes really good that’s less than a dollar? Hard to find, right?

I’ll tell you what, though: I ate this the proper way. Martina wanted to hold it and talk about it, but that just ain’t right. That’s a disgrace to the time honoured tradition of waffle wolfing. Eat it fast when it’s warm and before the syrup coats your hand in a clove of sweet butter. There’s no dignified way of eating this meal. Just hoover. That’s the right way.

You know, Bucheon has some of our favourite food spots ever. Ajumma Samgyeopsal, Coffee Kitchen, this takoyaki place that’s only open from 7PM-4AM that’s better than the takoyaki we had in Tokyo, the mo-mil restaurant. The Meat Soup place! Bucheon was amazing for eating. Better than Seoul in many ways. We miss you, Bucheon!

What’s so cool about this place is that we say we went to Bucheon to eat it. You’d think we went to a restaurant. No. It’s literally in the subway station. Climb up the stairs, and right before you scan your card to get on the subway you’ll see the long line of people waiting for their waffles. It’s not even a chain. What’s amazing about it is that restaurants usually have such a high turnover rate here. They’re in business for six months or a year and then poof business went bad and they’re off somewhere else. These waffles have been in the same spot for as long as I can remember. They’ll outlast everyone. A shrine will be built in their honour at their 100 year anniversary, as their lines keep getting longer and longer.

So, if you’re driving past Bucheon on line 1 of the subway, make sure you stop off here and have a waffle, then hop back on the subway. It’ll be worth it. You know what else is worth it? Clicking this button below, right here. FREE WAFFLES TO ALL THE CLICKERS!

And, sorry guise, no bloopers for this one. We didn’t do that much talking and we tried to keep it short. We were also dreaming about the Waffles the whole way here, so we knew exactly what we were going to say. It was more like “OK SHUT UP AND EAT NAO” and, voila, no rambling. Next week, though: there should be rambling :D

  1. was hoping you could go to “thanks nature cafe” to try this !

  2. I`m hoping you can go to “thanks nature cafe” in donghae to try this !.

  3. Simon always looks so guilty when he starts eating in the middle of a video.

  4. Sansa Snark

    It’s a good thing I live above a waffle house because y’all have got me craving waffles.

  5. If you guys are looking for that same apple jelly stuff, you can get them on waffles infront of Ewha’s Main Gate! I always get half strawberry, half vanilla, and then with that apple magic jelly….delish!
    (But it’s perhaps not quite as soft as it looks in your video. But still closer than Bucheon!)

  6. Haha I missed what Martina was saying when Simon was singing in the background while washing his hands! Oh Simon… *shakes head*

  7. “mer”? who’s “mer”?

  8. your so mean to mean Leigh…… so MEAN…. Leigh i love you!!!!1

  9. you like waffles? come to Belgium :D

  10. So i had to watch it one more time because simon’s voice describing his bathroom experience totally distracted me the first time.

  11. Seeing this video and the pictures in the comments of waffles makes me want waffles now lol I remember when I was in 8th grade, my math and science teacher did waffle day every 3-4 months to celebrate birthdays. He brought his own waffle maker and made them from scratch. It was a big machine thing though! *Don’t mind me. Just reminiscing on memories.* xD He was one of the coolest teachers I ever had though ^^

  12. I’m now really curious about the entire thing with Mir and waffles. I might have to look that up.

    Anyway, I love waffles! So this looked really good. I’m just curious. Is the apple butter on the only option, or are there different flavors?

  13. I don’t know where else to post this, but I want to say how grateful I am for SooZee and Leigh. Adding them to EYK was a great choice. Both the quality and quantity of the EYK videos have improved loads. Not saying that it was bad before, but as their audience is expanding, I think S&M made a very wise choice in expanding the crew as well. I don’t know exactly what work they do, but I can see the result, and it is awesome!
    Plus they’re fantastic-elastic hilarious gorgeous ladies and seem like great people to be around.
    To SooZee and Leigh!!!

  14. I’m planning a trip to Korea with my sisters (crazy Jamaicans, could make for a hilarious K-Drama script) and so far, I know where I’m eating and where I’m getting my eye lash extensions. Thanks Simon and Martina! Your WANK’s and FAPFAP’s are helping me build an amazing 3-week itinerary that’s not just full of Korean Palace tours.

    • Not to say all I will be doing is eating and eye lash extending…what I mean is it’s great to see a perspective other than what is normally written in a typical tour guide. I’ll be there for three weeks and sometimes, a girl just gets tired of playing tourist and wants to do “normal” things.

  15. great. now i need waffle. /heads to Gosok Terminal Sta.

  16. Ermahgawsh it’s so cheap! In Melbourne, basic waffles are $4 and go up if you want different topics.

  17. Really diggin’ the polka dot shirt, Simon. I have a cute dress of the same material.

  18. o god I am so jealous. Waffles here are just standard, unless you make them yourself. Which I can’t :(( And we have nothing like that in our subways. All we get is iffy sandwiches and candy bars lol. BTW: everyone’s pictures of different waffles look soooo good

  19. Philadelphia has the best “Belgium Waffles” or so that is what the store calls it. I like to think of them as sweet pretzels because you know those huge chunks of salt that are on pretzels? Well these waffles have basically big chunks of sugar instead. And they put other crap in there like fruit, chocolate, blah, blah. But it is the sugar that makes it awesome!

  20. Don’t say apple butter! I swear it can’t be apple butter because it isn’t creamy! Apple butter is really just overcooked apple sauce. What was in the middle of the waffles looked too white and creamy.

  21. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it in videos before, but Martina, where did you get your hat? I know you guys have the bowler hats in your store, but that one is so perfect with the little brim!!

  22. Waffle-licious~!

  23. Ahhhh…now I want waffles ;~;

  24. Sasha Phierce

    ummm… 1000 won on Argentina.. are $7,37 pesos.. For us, buying that Waffle, for example, it’s like you guise buying it for Seven dollars.. Not cheap… :/

    • I think it should be more thought of as how that amount is spent within that country rather than comparing it with other countries’ economical status (although Simon and Martina often converts it to Canadian Dollar when thinking about it).

      I think 1000 won would be spent like how $1 or 100 yen would be spent in other countries.

  25. Mmmmmm those look just like my moms home made waffers with, fresh home made butter syrup mmmmm. dang now i want some Nooooo! tee hee poor mir but I just can’t say waffles the same way any more. :)

  26. ChrysiyApls

    Hahaha you can’t talk about Waffles without talking about Mir ^^ haha

  27. My favorite variety of waffle would have to be Belgian. The liege waffles have pearl sugar spread throughout, or basically sugar balls that caramelize into little crunchy sweet spots in the waffle while it’s cooking. It’s caramelly-crispy on the outside but super light and fluffy on the inside. You could eat it alone, but you could alsoooo put speculoos (biscoff spread!) and all sorts of goodies on top. Wafels and Dinges in Manhattan or Saus in Boston!

  28. Yea the Seoul Subway stations are a lot cleaner/ organized etc that the subways in London. Although I found myself getting in the way on the carriage. (I’m only 6ft ;( ) Simon must have issues with his giant-ness-ness

  29. Your subway stations look like our long distance train stations. I don’t know if I would be brave enough to eat something made in the NYC subway. Public transportation looks so much more civilized in Korea. Waffles looked yum..

  30. Current exchange rate: 1000KRW = 1.05CAD. 1000KRW = 0.94USD. Still cheap, but I’m sad our Canadian dollar has fallen so much.

    • Where are you taking these numbers? I have 1000KRW = 0.96CAD. and 1000KRW = 0.93USD. I’d like to know if the app I’m using for years is that bad!!!

  31. …mmmm I had pancakes so im not as hungry for waffles as I would be, but I want waffles. D: why you do this, guise?

  32. I’ve never liked waffles but I can assure you that there is no FAPFAP video that doesn’t make me want to taste the food! As for warm food that I like for less than a dollar?? Forget it! I’m pretty sure that no warm food ever can be bought for less than a dollar where I live.

  33. Mmmm but crispy waffurs sound good to me…I guess I’m good to go anywhere in Korea, hurray!

  34. I replayed the “while Martina is talking” part like 3 times…. u guises are sooo funny…
    I have to go to Korea… *—–*

  35. Cyber_3

    Wow, those waffles look great! I think that the half moon shape folded in half is also handy/great for eating, even better than when you fold your pizza slice in half. Hmmmm….maybe I should just make small pizzas to get a half-moon folding shape – super convenient!

    BTW, so far, all the twitter links have put me through to the blog (with video) and even the EYK site has shown the content pretty much right away. I think the problem is fixed. ^_^v

  36. cant wait for the WANKS!!!
    at first i was disappointed it wasnt a WANK and then i read the description and became very happy

  37. Omg, when I was travelling around Korea (took a lot of trains XD) I pretty much lived on these! So good! But I noticed different regions had different takes in it. In Jinju they served it with jam and whipped cream but in Gwangju You can choose different flavoured syrups. My korean is pretty limited so it was always a surprise what flavoured syrup I would get XD Mystery waffles, I miss thee so much XD

  38. I have to go to Korea

  39. omg mir killed me!!!!!!!! xDDDDDDD

  40. PunkyPrincess92

    ahahaha i was only paying attention to Simon singing about washing his hands, then he finished and i realised that Martina was talking!!

  41. WAPPUL!
    Loooove it! I miss waffles like back in the States. Here in Japan the waffles are often the crunchy ones you were mentioning, Martina.
    FINGERS CROSSED I’ll be going to Seoul for Japan’s Golden Week (first week of May…ish), so then maybe I’ll go on an adventure for WAPPUL!

  42. Hey I was wondering what people who don’t know how to cook have for food options other than eating out in Korea.
    Is frozen food and pre-prepped foods a thing in Korea?

    • Pre-packaged foods are quite popular, probably even more so than in USA. You can find it convenience stores, or just about any place that sells food. Frozen foods, not so popular. I guess it got squeeze out among fast food, ramyun noodles and stuff from convenience store stuffs.

  43. Did Leigh eventually get her waffle? xD

  44. Vietnamese waffles are amazing. They are called Pandan waffles (aka bánh kẹp lá dứa). The batter is made from pandan favouring and coconut milk and eaten plain. They cost $1.50 where I’m from

    • LongClawTiger

      My first thought when I saw those is that they would be PERFECT for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebrations! I have never had pandan before. Or at least I don’t recognize that name. Can you give me a rough description of the flavor?

      • Pandan which some say taste similar to coconuts- which is odd considering that the two ingredients are usually paired together. To me its hard to describe because it has a unique favouring tasting kind of banana leafy flavour with a nutty undertone. If that made any sense. But the waffles actually has coconut milk and desiccated coconut so the waffles has a small coconuts taste but not very sweet. I would consider this a savoury waffle compared to the other “western” waffles you see.
        If you are would like a recipe for this this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSIY6cQBOY8. I hope it helpful.

      • pandans quite a light flavour but is one of those things thats literally impossible to accurately describe to someone whos never encountered it before, imagine trying that with someone whos never come close to butter or indian curry or something like that, its a very regionally used flavour meaning that even anything that comes close to it (like the banana leaf kim mentioned in her reply) might still not be sth youd be familiar with, i hope you can find it to try it though! otherwise just use green food colouring lol

        • Nongtipa Limson

          Very true, pandan is hard to describe, but you will also find pandan flavored sweets in Thai and Filipino desserts, so even if you dont live in Asia, there is still a chance you can find it where you are. Chinese food markets also sell the “pandan extract”

    • This sounds amazing

    • Victor Ha

      Yay! Vietnamese waffles! Oh this evokes my half-Vietnamese side. :)

    • that would be incredible. I love pandan, even soymilk pandan.

  45. They. Look. GLORIOUS!

  46. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH NOT AGAIN I should not stay up this late. Because when I do you guys post food. And then I get hungry. I should sleep before these things happen and then find your delicious looking food videos in the morning as a surprise. When I am *supposed* to be hungry. xD But NooooooOoooooOoOOoo… nnrrrrgh… hungry… off to find some toast.. because I have no waffles. T_T

    P.S.: I love waffles. ;___;

    P.P.S.: “Do ya like waffles~?”

  47. haruchi

    They look so goooood! :Q__ Btw I saw a lot of these small pastry thingies sold at subway stations… You usually got them in a bag and they smelled good but I never tried. I didn’t know what they were so I was too scared to try. OTL

  48. I’m living in Asan right now, and my university campus has a waffle stand as well, also for cheon won. Though from the sound of it, they’re not nearly as good. They have that syrup stuff and whipping cream sort of stuff, but I’ve never liked the syrup, so I always end up asking for it without it (too sweet for my taste). Also, the waffle isn’t soft. It’s crunchy, and while I like that, I do prefer my waffles a little softer. Man, I need to take a trip down the other side of Line 1 (‘cuz Asan is also on Line 1, but not the same one as Bucheon, since it splits at some point).

  49. Curse youuuuu for making me drool two weeks in a row! This is not fair you guys :( On a similar note to waffles, I recently tried Taiyaki for the first time in London and errrmagerd it’s so good!! Can you get it over there as well?

    Also if you like the apple butter then I really recommend you try out this cake recipe (don’t curse me for ruining your diet… It’s totally worth it):

    It’s literally the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever had. Although, a small tip from me would be that instead of her caramel sauce, just melt some normal caramels/butter toffees and pour them over. I also added a nice heaped teaspoon of cinnamon to the cake batter, which worked out even better. Though I suppose nutmeg would work, too. OH, and using half butter, half oil (instead of all oil) also works out better xD

  50. OK …. now I’m hungry. Why am I not in Korea????

    • teleportation should really be a thing

      • Well, at this hour (well, in Korea) I think I would have to go after my #1 addiction (well, food addiction) – bulgogi.

        • My addictions are mandu, jeon, samgyeopsal, and well…….. all of it? I love it all lol

        • I’m kind of stuck here too. Its not so much we don’t have a few places – its just out mass-trans. system absolutely bites (and the best place is right on the edge of the hood). But if you get that teleporter up and running – can you swing by here. I wonder if Simon and Martina are famous enough to need a driver/bodyguard??

        • I have family in Maryland and South Korea lol so if I come up to either one of those places this summer, sure :D I think Simon and Martina get recognized but only by the nasties. The area where I live have awesome korean fried chickens though. I’ve been trying to locate a good jeon and mandu place for a while now.

        • Well, at least you have a good “way in” for visiting or moving to Korea. Me, I’m just your average (well, big) redheaded waygookin. And I saw something about Korean fried chicken on tv once (well, it was a show about wings and that was one type the host talked about). While I haven’t had any yet, it looked absolutely amazing. I think if I ever do make it over to Korea I’ll need to first get a gym membershp and only then, go out to eat.

        • Korean fried chicken is amazeballs, they double fried the chicken, which is cover in a light coat of spices, and omg it is so amazingly awesome. Its not all that greasy, and they use mostly younger chickens so the meat is super duper tender. My favorite is actually soy sauce chickens. They sorta glazed the pieces in the sauce after the double fried. Also got gochujang, and honey and all that. If you don’t make it to Korea, how about California? :D we got pretty decent korean food places, and really good dim sum and sushi.
          Though, my “family” over in South Korea is like my 6-10th cousins twice removed families lol so weak ties there. I went to school for a year in Japan for elementary school, and I got a chance to go on vacation to Seoul. Totes awesome.
          Redheaded? that’s actually really cool lol. If any Korean ajummas/ladies ever saw me, they would be completely horrified by my Cali-sun tanned skin.

        • Oh, you don’t wear long sleeves and that sun-visor/welder’s mask thing?? Well, I could lend you some of my paleness. If it was a sport, I would be the MVP of Paleness. Other than my size, my paleness would be the envy of Seoul …. but then I would get hated on for all kinds of other stuff.
          Here, in Baltimore, we have an amazing music school – so we get a lot of Koreans and Chinese students. Sadly, they normally never stay and so no real community – like that out in CA, ever really formed up (or that I know of). But I would love to see the nicer sides of California .. sadly, that whole job thing seemingly gets in the way of most of my “fun” (or fun things I want to do)

        • Nope, I don’t wear the long sleeves or that sun-visor thingy. In CA, we don’t try to get pale. I mean…. Its the end of february and its bright and sunny with a cooling breeze outside. So really, the weather of CA is just a lot of sun, you can’t avoid it. If you can give me some of that paleness, that would be great! Maybe we can do an exchange, some of my tanness for some of your paleness? lol well, CA is great with Asian food, so if you ever get the chance to go, do it. Save up some money, go in the non-touristy season :) and go to Korea/China/Japan- town. Or just google what you wanna eat and we probably got it lol.

  51. It’s 12:35 AM and basically I am a masochist for watching this now. I wish there was a subway waffle vendor here. Or I guess it’d be a skytrain waffle vendor in my case.

  52. YukiRed

    Do you guys ever visit Cheese Lady when you’re in Bucheon?

  53. Hey I live at Songnae station!!!! They aren’t kidding, there is ALWAYS a line at the waffle stand.

  54. Your videos make my boyfriend and me all the more excited to visit Korea! ^▼^ He’s Korean and misses even the little things like this all the time. Ohh how we wish for smell-o-vision right meow… *o* OMNOM EAT ALL THE THINGS!

  55. There is a 24-hour IHOP open a few blocks away…

    Guess where I’m going because of this video? I have to remember to bring my own syrup though… Maple Syrup is yummy!

    • LongClawTiger

      Your IHOP doesn’t have maple syrup? The one here doesn’t put it out on the table with the other 4 flavors, but you can ask for it and they will bring it out. They will even warm it up for you. :)

  56. The road to goodness is paved in sweet yellow waffles of deliciousness. Screw Dorothy and her yellow brick road.

  57. ^^ awesome!~~ i should be sleeping now (10:30 as of now). This video totally made my day :D thanx guyz for being so awesome!

  58. You guys and the travel channel are the reason for me wanting teleportation as one of my superpowers, the others of course would be mind reading and time control.

    • Oh, and question for you guys, have you encounter the ballroom dancing scene in Seoul yet? My teacher teaches some of the workshops over there and in Tokyo awhile back, and according to him, its quite nice.

  59. thisisjustforfunval

    Mmmmm Ode de Larry King. A fine musk of moth balls, cabbage and shoe polish. It’s elastic fantastic.

    By the way, I’d like a midnight (1am) waffle instead this midnight orange having.

    And Yay Leigh for getting Junsu!

  60. lady_kire


    Actually I like pancakes more than waffles… but whatever. I want waffles

    Simon, Martina if you two are ever in Victoria, BC there is a restaurant that is called Westcoast waffles, and they sell waffles. The great thing is that they have both savory and sweet waffles. Also, you can custom your own waffle with fruit and frozen yogurt and syrups. Also you can choose the waffle batter from whole wheat, white, and that other super healthy one which name I dont remember because its healthy.

    Oh and theyre open until 2am. Late night clubbing waffles anyone?

    • Yum!

      In a way I prefer pancakes too (well, crepes actually) because you can make them savoury. In the summer on this island that I go to there’s this amazing crepe place that I’ll go to on occasion to treat myself to one with feta cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and oregano for lunch :) And then off to the beach!

  61. Guysssss go find gluten free fooooods. :3 Please? and then do a FAPFAP about them!

    • LongClawTiger

      Pardon my ignorance, I am not very gluten aware. Are there substitutes that can be used to make gluten free waffles and other baked goods?

      • Tons! Rice floor, coconut floor, quinoa floor, chick pea floor etc etc…

      • You should NOT go on gluten free diet unless your doctor tells you to. It’s a remedy for celiac disease, but for people without that specific ailment, that diet can cause health problems. It was in the news last year that doctors are seeing patients who were on gluten free diet.

    • I am sorry, but going gluten free without specific doctor’s order can cause health problems. It’s another one of those fad diet that should never have gotten popular. It’s snake oil of our time.

      • I have Celiac Disease. (In case you’re wondering, Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disease that makes your body thing gluten is bad, in layman’s terms. So every time I eat gluten (accidentally of course because I’m not an idiot) I get very ill. Also, if I were to continue consuming gluten I could end up with stomach cancer or some other disease.) So I am gluten free because of a doctor’s order. Don’t assume things, it just makes you look silly in the end.

        • I am sorry for your condition. I did not intend to imply whether you have or have not doctors order. I wrote my message in hurry and did not make it clear.

          However, gluten free diet should not be encouraged in any form because it can be accessed by ordinary person without doctor’s prescription. But it’s like prescription drug in that it can cause harm for people without celiac disease. In fact, I became aware of the problem because there was a news report about doctors seeing patients because of it.

        • Honey, I am quite well aware that people shouldn’t attempt to go a full gluten free diet without proper care of a doctor and a doctor’s orders. However, it’s really easy to go gluten free without damaging your health. There are plenty of healthful foods that are naturally gluten free. If a person were to avoid bread and pastas [the main source of gluten in a normal person's diet] they would still be able to be nutritionally sound without gluten.

          And you say you “didn’t intend to imply” about whether I have a medical condition that necessitates going gluten free but your message clearly implied that. Also, I’m not encouraging others to go gluten free, however if Martina and Simon were to find a gluten free restaurant and try it and give their review on it…I’d be happy. Trying a bit of gluten free food doesn’t harm anyone, honestly. If it did, people would only eat bread and pasta because many things are naturally gluten free. [Vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, etc.]

  62. hapagirl

    I was gonna judge you guys hard on going back to a place for food, when I realized that my family will literally come up with excuses to go to the other side of the island to eat at a place. Plus it’s Bucheon (I also find it funny that I spelt it correctly first try), I was happy to see you guys back there.

  63. 헐 Simon, you won’t get diabetes just from eating sweet stuff~ (saying it as someone who has diabetes already)

  64. Waffles in a Subway? who knew :D affordable too!

  65. Krista Gibbs-Castillo
    Krista Gibbs-Castillo

    It’s 3 A.M. here…and I’m starving. D:
    Guise…..why? Virtually send me soooooome! TT_TT

    • You and +bigbangfosho are both in the same time zone. Are you also…IN THE SAME BUILDING?!
      *quick zoom in to eyeball*
      *scary music plays in background*

      • Krista Gibbs-Castillo
        Krista Gibbs-Castillo

        Lol! I don’t know maybe! I live in a giant apartment complex in South Florida!
        Where you at +bigbangfosho?!

        • bigbangfosho

          hah my house in NJ….so far away

        • Still close than NJ to Korea, though ;)

        • Krista Gibbs-Castillo
          Krista Gibbs-Castillo

          Dis ist true. U_U
          Hey, I went to NJ for that 2NE1 concert though! That was a very long drive…
          *War flashbacks*

        • bigbangfosho

          You actually drove that?! I hope the concert was worth it

        • Krista Gibbs-Castillo
          Krista Gibbs-Castillo

          Hey, I loved it! I had V.I.P. tickets as well, so that alone was amazing. That, and I met Trainer Hwangssabu. He was so nice! *_*

        • bigbangfosho

          !! NICE! I went to the big bang concert in newark (lucky for me, it’s about a 30 minute drive) but we had pretty bad seats. Still, it was magical.

        • Krista Gibbs-Castillo
          Krista Gibbs-Castillo

          I’m so envious of you. TT_TT
          I had to cancel that trip…. Not enough for tickets AND travel.

        • bigbangfosho

          move to NY/NJ :D you might freeze your butt off but at least some kpop stars might come around here! just kidding..that really sucks. hopefully you didn’t already buy tickets

        • Krista Gibbs-Castillo
          Krista Gibbs-Castillo

          No thank goodness. I was planning on it, then I lost my job like the week before tickets went on sale. :C
          Nothing like unemployment to destroy seeing the ONE GROUP I really wanted to see.
          *Don’t mind me…I’m just terribly bitter*

        • bigbangfosho

          Aye you have the right to be bitter. Hopefully they’ll have another world tour sometime in the the near future.

        • Krista Gibbs-Castillo
          Krista Gibbs-Castillo

          Ah yeah I’m hoping they do! I will definitely catch them next time!

        • bigbangfosho

          :( so far from <$1 deliciousness

        • Cassandra Bosquet

          We live in the Garden State. After this video, it should become the waffle state.

        • Being from Baltimore – I would LURRRRVV me some 24-hour crab cakes. That would RULE!! (well, if you were from here – they put something in the water)

  66. now I’m so hungry! and it’s all your fault! how can you say apple butter in a video?! :’(

  67. I clicked. I want my free waffle!! And also, WAAFFERRRR!!! = )

  68. *clicks* waits for waffles.

  69. bigbangfosho

    It’s 3am, I’m studying integration and this comes up. Now i’m hungry.

    • Chances are with living in NJ, there’s probably a 24/7 diner within a 10 mile radius that is ready and able to cure the bout of hunger that Simon and Martina have induced for you with this video.

    • There used to be an IHOP in Paramus that was open 24-hours. I haven’t lived around there for a decade or so… so my knowledge of that area is totally ancient.

    • I LURRRV the brown cheese: I didn’t know that it should be put on Waffles, though? I just ate lots of sandwiches with it :D

      • We put brown cheese on pretty much everything ;)

        • I never heard of brown cheese, what does it taste like?

        • ingloriouskitty

          It’s kind of hard to describe… XD They boil milk (cow and goat) cream and whey (a by product when they make normal cheese) and they boil it so it kind of caramalizes. It’s kind of sweet. A canadian friend of mine said it tasted like salted dulche de leche. I think is one of those things you love or hate. And yes I had to google how they make it even though I have eaten it all my life XD

        • Cassie (Yeobomg)

          That….sounds amazing. Now I’m drooling. Anyone know where I can get some of this brown cheese in Seoul?

        • ingloriouskitty

          There might be a Norwegian church abroad somewhere, they usually have a little shop for homesick Norwegians and other visitors ;) They will also serve you norwegian waffles, I guarantee it!

  70. You guys are definitely badass in my mind. Thanks for keep on trekking! :] Semangat! Fighting!

  71. You guises should head back to Incheon and Bucheon more often, it’s nice to see you highlight other areas of Korea :)

  72. OMG first to comment?!

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