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Korean Subway Waffles

February 27, 2014


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Ok, yes, this is our second FAPFAP in a row. We have two WANKs filmed, but both of those are big project WANKs that depend on the schedules of other people we’ve partnered with for those videos, and both of them got delayed. Yargh! But they’re good delays! Really! Luckily, we had filmed another FAPFAP just in case our schedules changed, so hopefully you’re ok with two FAPFAPs in a row. Ain’t nothing wrong with some sexy food now, is there?

Though, this food isn’t really the sexiest. It’s just something we have crazy cravings for every once in a while. And, the problem is, this place is in Bucheon. Right at Songnae Station, the stop that we used to get off at when we lived in Bucheon. We’ve had other waffles since then. There’s even a Waffle Truck outside of our studio, right beside the Free Park, that even puts ice-freaking-cream in the waffles, but they’re still not as good as these badboys right here in Bucheon. Oh man. They’re so fresh and warm and goopy. So soft and succulent. And they’re 1,000 won, which is less than a dollar. LESS THAN A DOLLAR. What can you buy where you’re from that’s warm AND tastes really good that’s less than a dollar? Hard to find, right?

I’ll tell you what, though: I ate this the proper way. Martina wanted to hold it and talk about it, but that just ain’t right. That’s a disgrace to the time honoured tradition of waffle wolfing. Eat it fast when it’s warm and before the syrup coats your hand in a clove of sweet butter. There’s no dignified way of eating this meal. Just hoover. That’s the right way.

You know, Bucheon has some of our favourite food spots ever. Ajumma Samgyeopsal, Coffee Kitchen, this takoyaki place that’s only open from 7PM-4AM that’s better than the takoyaki we had in Tokyo, the mo-mil restaurant. The Meat Soup place! Bucheon was amazing for eating. Better than Seoul in many ways. We miss you, Bucheon!

What’s so cool about this place is that we say we went to Bucheon to eat it. You’d think we went to a restaurant. No. It’s literally in the subway station. Climb up the stairs, and right before you scan your card to get on the subway you’ll see the long line of people waiting for their waffles. It’s not even a chain. What’s amazing about it is that restaurants usually have such a high turnover rate here. They’re in business for six months or a year and then poof business went bad and they’re off somewhere else. These waffles have been in the same spot for as long as I can remember. They’ll outlast everyone. A shrine will be built in their honour at their 100 year anniversary, as their lines keep getting longer and longer.

So, if you’re driving past Bucheon on line 1 of the subway, make sure you stop off here and have a waffle, then hop back on the subway. It’ll be worth it. You know what else is worth it? Clicking this button below, right here. FREE WAFFLES TO ALL THE CLICKERS!

And, sorry guise, no bloopers for this one. We didn’t do that much talking and we tried to keep it short. We were also dreaming about the Waffles the whole way here, so we knew exactly what we were going to say. It was more like “OK SHUT UP AND EAT NAO” and, voila, no rambling. Next week, though: there should be rambling :D



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