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Fan Death and Korean Superstitions

April 4, 2013


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We mentioned in our video that we have a few more Korean superstitions to talk about in our blog post. They’re not as fun or interesting for us to talk about like the other ones (like Fan Death: seriously guise…FAN DEATH!), but they’re cool to know if you’re interested in facts about stuff and life and you know.

1) Don’t Eat Bread on an Exam Day:

Question: did you ever wonder why you failed that last test? Did you eat bread on that day? If you did, then that’s probably why, dummy! “Bread” in Korean, “bbang” is also the word for 0. So, if you eat 0, you get 0. See how much that makes sense? Atkins diet, FTW!

2) Don’t Eat or Do Anything Slippery on an Exam Day:

Hey: remember that test that you failed, dummy? Did you eat any seaweed soup in the morning (FYI, if you didn’t know, seaweed soup is an acceptable breakfast meal in Korea). Did you put conditioner in your hair when you showered? If you did either of these things, which are slippery, then you let your test results slip through your fingers, or something like that. I don’t know. Don’t do slippery crap on test days! What about slides??? WHAT ABOUT SLIDES!!!???

3) Don’t Crack an Egg on an Exam Day:

WTF YO? What’s with all of these things you’re not supposed to do an eat on exam days? Why so many superstitions about exams? Korea takes its education seriously. You know what’s North American superstition for exam days? Don’t sleep in on exam days. It’ll result in bad grades, because you didn’t attend the damned test!

4) Dream of Pigs or Dragons…not G-Dragons:

You should totally do it. If you do, then hop on over to a convenience store and buy a lottery ticket right away. Dreaming of pigs/Dragons means that you’ll have good luck with money, or something, so buy a lottery ticket. You know: I have no idea how lottery tickets are bought in Korea. I never actually saw a lottery ticket before. I’m gonna have to figure out how to do it. We should make a video about how to win a million bucks via the lottery in Korea. That’d be great.

5) Be a Jerk on Moving Day!

Well, don’t be a total jerk, but a partial one, meaning: don’t sweep up your apartment when you’re about to leave. Pack up all of your stuff into the moving van, and leave the floors dusty. It’s supposed to confuse evil spirits into thinking you haven’t actually moved and are still living in that old place. That seems crappy for the next people moving in, unless in sweeping up your crap they throw away the spirits? Someone help me out here. I just remember being told on our moving days (we’ve had a couple while we’ve been here in Korea) not to sweep up ALL the dust. I wasn’t about to beg like “OH PLZ LET ME SWEEP I LUV SWEEPING” so I left it. Thank you, Korean superstition!

On the opposite side, I like how in Korea people don’t care about opening their umbrellas up indoors, which was a superstition I grew up with (but didn’t care about). Oh, and no “blessing” people after they sneeze. Try it out on your Korean friends/students/co-workers in Korea and they’ll be like…um…WUT.

Also, I’ve never asked about breaking mirrors, but my superstitions tell me you’ll get seven years of bad luck for it. Does Korea have the same thing? All I know is my Baka (“grandmother” in Croatian, not “idiot” in Japanese) broke a mirror-magnet I gave her, and then I (Martina) broke a bone every year for, like, seven years and she blamed it on herself. Which doesn’t make any sense, because the bad luck should go to her, but she explained that because I gave her the mirror, the bad luck went to me. How about I’m clumsy? That’s a good reason! Anyhoo, share your superstitions stories with us! I love seeing how different cultures have similar superstitions and then polar opposite superstitions at the same time!



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Fan Death and Korean Superstitions


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  1. My boyfriend’s grandmother is Korean and he said she gets mad at him when he shakes his leg. She slaps his leg and says “you’re shaking away the good luck.”

    1 year ago
  2. I had the same reaction as you, because in China people acted very similar. I thought it was quaint and funny that they cared so much about getting wet.

    OH NO IT’S SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. I got caught in the rain biking home from university once. Rain got in my eyes, it stung so much! Rain got on my clothes, and left dirt all over me from the pollution. It was terrible. I had to wash my backpack because it was full of grey dust.

    Now when it rains when I’m in China, I totally run and flee like everyone else because the rain is nasty and wants to kill you.

    2 years ago
  3. Two ways to make yourself dream about the person you are going to marry in Sweden:

    1: On midsumers eve you pick 7 (or 9) different flowers. For every flower you have to hop over a fence, and you do it in complete silence. The flowers you put under your pillow.

    2. Before you go to bed you eat over-salted porridge and don’t drink anything. The person that give you something to drink in your dream is your future spouse. The more expensive the drink is, the more money you will have in the marriage. Water= poor, wine= rich.

    4 years ago
  4. I’ve dated several Korean men, and all of them believed the superstition about not buying shoes for their girlfriend. For them, it was extended to all kinds of footwear, not just high heels. And the saying was that she will “walk out of your life” with the very shoes you bought her. My current boyfriend is not superstitious, but his Korean mother is, and she actually had me give her a dollar after she bought me a pair of shoes. She stated that superstition as the reason why I needed to pay for them… so apparently it’s spreading from men buying high heels for the their girlfriends to anyone buying any kind of shoe for anyone that could potentially leave your life? Not sure…interesting though!

    4 years ago
  5. I think that fan death is more than plausible… except that the reason behind it is wrong.

    – Fans don’t produce their own air, do they? They blow the air behind them forcefully outwards.
    – If it’s very HOT and all your doors and windows are closed in your room, then the air that is blowing from the fan will be hot.
    – Much like an oven. Lower temperature is required for a fan-forced setting than a conventional one. The fan is assisting in heating you up.
    – This could definitely lead to HYPERthermia and could kill you.

    4 years ago
  6. There are a lot of Chinese people in Malaysia, so we have the whole “don’t write a name in red” and the number 4 thing as well. But now I don’t think I can ever look at the fan in my house the same way ever again…

    4 years ago
  7. If you’re in a small, enclosed space and there are toxic fumes circulating, having a fan on for extended periods of time really could cause health hazards and maybe even result in death. There are fumes like carbon monoxide, which is a colorless and odorless gas. The scenario has to be “just right” for death by hypoxia/suffocation to occur, but korean people tend to be cautious by cultural standards regarding health— and especially on the topic of death. I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry, but it’s still funny to see people freak out when you have your fan on with the windows closed.

    4 years ago
  8. I’m Chinese and my parents always tell me not to fall asleep with a fan blowing directly to my head. We also believe that giving shoes to people will mean that they can run away from you. Aside from the shoes, giving watches is also a bad luck because “giving watches” means song zhong and it is also the same pronunciation as funeral ritual in Chinese.

    4 years ago
  9. I sleep with a fan in my room every night(For a Month) door closed and windows closed.Nothing happened

    4 years ago
  10. – Don’t let people broom your feets, that’s mean you aren’t going to get married

    – If you ear is itching someone is talk about you. Then you ask to a person to give you a number and then you “will” know who has. example; number 9, and you see what letter is 9 (A=1; B= 2; C=3…. I=9) and then think of a person who you know and the name begin in I.

    – Don’t wake up with the left foot, because you will have a bad day

    – the mirror, the salt, stairs and the number 13 are the same, but is bad luck no the friday, is tuesday for us

    I think there are more, but I do not remember right now

    4 years ago
  11. In Iraq…. Hmmmm~

    Don’t eat chicken skin/ bean skin. (For girls) Gives you a mustache XD

    If you spot a spider in your house expect visitors.

    Don’t sleep on your stomach because someone back in religious history did so because the devil told him to do so (?) I swear this one makes no sense to me O.o

    Say hello when you enter your home, because your guardian angels are there even if the house is empty.

    Dreaming about someone’s death means longevity.

    4 years ago
  12. I loved the fan death XD Delightfully quirky.
    I’m not sure which superstitions here are typically Dutch, since we “bless” people after they sneeze aswell, and we also don’t open umbrellas in the house, but let’s see. (also, I heard the reason for “blessing” is because when you sneeze, your soul leaves your body for a second, and evil spirits might take over. By blessing, you keep those demons away. Pretty good reason I think, but we mostly just do it to be polite, not to chase demons away.)

    When a black cat crosses your path, it means bad luck.
    When you speak about something good that you want to happen, (or something bad you don’t want to happen), you have to knock on an unpainted piece of wood, so you don’t jynx it.
    If someone gives you a knife, you have to give a coin back, or else the ties of friendship will be severed.
    Don’t put your shoes on the table, it brings poverty.
    Spilling salt means bad luck, so if you do spill salt, pick some up and throw it over your shoulder to un-jynx yourself.. or something.
    Spilling sugar however, means you’ll get a visitor that day.
    Don’t buy red cabbage on mondays. You will get into arguments.
    If a train passes while you’re riding under the bridge it passes over, you get to make a wish.
    Killing a ladybug will bring bad luck.
    When taking a drivers’ test, put a nut or a potato in your pocket (idk why XD i also don’t know if it applies to other tests aswell)
    A boy sitting inbetween two girls, or a girl sitting inbetween two boys gets to make a wish.
    First put on your left shoe (to leave the past behind), and next your right (go towards a good future).

    We also have the lucky clovers, rabbit feet and horseshoes (only if the opening is on the up-side, else the luck will flow out),
    but I guess those aren’t typically Dutch or anything. I really don’t know if any of these are.

    4 years ago
  13. Some of the superstitions I grew up with in Norway, not that interesting. We also have the normal “Break a mirror, seven years of bad luck” and the “Knock on wood.”

    1. If you wave something white at the northern lights, it will come down and take you.

    2. If you see a black cat cross the road, spit three times.

    3. If you drop a spoon or fork, guests are coming.

    4. If you leave a bread upside down, you’ll be poor.

    5. Girlfriends should not knit sweaters for their boyfriends before they’re married, then he’ll leave her.

    4 years ago
  14. I’m from the Southern Caribbean and apparently:
    1) If someone’s laying on the floor and you cross over them, you’ll stunt their growth.
    2) You’re not supposed to sweep the floors or do any great amount of cleaning after nightfall, since it raises the dust and attracts evil spirits.
    3) My dad also says that when you’re sleeping, you’re not supposed to have anything with eyes in the room with you, such as posters, stuffed toys, etc.
    4) When you hear your dogs barking for no apparent reason, they’re actually barking at djinns (more evil spirits, yay).
    5) Beware of little old ladies living alone; they’re the Caribbean equivalent of a vampire, only less sparkly and more of the shedding-skin-and-turning-into-a-flying-bloodsucking-fireball type.
    6) You shouldn’t call your children’s names out loud after dusk because they’ll be approached by Asian demon children with their feet on backwards at a later date and then they’ll be kidnapped and drowned at a conveniently located river.
    7) Don’t stand under silk-cotton trees. Ever.
    Wow, this went from airy fairy superstitions to straight up folklore lol. Onward, to cheerier things.
    8) If your palm itches, you’ll get paid/come into money/etc.
    9) …………
    I think that was the most positive thing I could have come up with. We’re pretty depressing down here XD
    I’ve thought about it for a full 5 minutes and yeah, that’s the happiest one I’ve got =/

    4 years ago
    • Wait, if a spoon falls, a woman will walk into the room and if a fork falls, a man.

      4 years ago
  15. If anyone is interested in superstitions in other cultures…

    There is this religion in Cuba, called Santeria, which is basically Voodoo. And it’s very common to see this practiced in Miami cause there are so many Cubans living there. There are some really weird superstitions that come with that I have growth use to growing up.

    1. Many that Santeria worshiper worship their gods through Catholic saints. For ex. Saint Barbara is really Shango, the god of fire, to people who practice Santeria. So since the Catholic church I live in front of is called Saint Barbara Church….It’s normal to find chilcken sacrifices and Statues of saint barbara with it’s face smashed in my driveway…

    2. When someone is ill you dress them in all white to purify them of the illness.
    3. And my favorite, when you want to get rid of an unwelcome guest you take a broom, turn it upside down (so the bristles should be facing up) and put some salt on top of the bristles. We are catholic, but my aunt did that to get rid of someone that just wouldn’t leave our house and it worked like a charm. I died laughing when I worked.

    That’s just a few but most interesting ones I know of. Every cultures got its thing. I believe someone from another Hispanic country told me Tuesday the 7th, are unlucky in their country. Can’t confirm, but that’s what I was told.

    4 years ago
  16. My great grandmother says that if you dream of fish someone near you is pregnant.

    4 years ago
  17. Hmm.. didn’t see a dragon… nor a gdragon.. but for some reason i saw Taeyang in my dreams last night :DD could that mean something :p´??

    4 years ago
  18. If your eyelash falls, put it on your thumb and press thumbs with someone else. Whoever gets your eyelash should make a wish and blow it. If it blows away, that wish will come true.
    If your feet are swept (as if someone is sweeping the floor and they accidentally sweep your feet) you will be a widow.
    If you dream of snakes, it means that someone is creating gossip about you.
    If you dream of water, it means tears are in the future.
    If you proclaim something good that’s happening to you, knock on wood or you’ll have bad luck.
    Don’t pull out any gray or white hair or more will pop out.
    If you have a white scratch or mark on your nail, it means someone likes you.
    These are some of the superstitions that I’ve picked up from my mom (from Mexico) and maybe from the U.S. I’m not sure.

    4 years ago
  19. these superstitions seem to be similar. i guess it traces back to some sort of chinese ideology? there is a superstition that when you give perfume, shoes, or sharp objects as a gift the other person must give money in exchange. because just giving it to them means letting them walk away from your life or cutting ties with them. Oh oh and one that i see in a lot of Thai dramas is breaking a glass framed photo of someone, meaning they are in danger. Usually the person gets fatally injured or dies in the drama heh ^^”

    i also have some questions that i hope to hear you discuss about. I just came back from a short trip to Seoul (despite the news on North Korea I went anyways cause I saw that video you guys made). Anyhoo, I met some foreigners who have been teaching English in Korea. They mentioned westernization and Korea losing it’s unique culture as one of their reasons for returning to Canada/America. So I was wondering what changes you have seen during the years you have been living in Korea. What do you think it’s going to be like in the future, and is it still worth giving it shot to experience what it is like living there?

    4 years ago
  20. There are bunch of Indonesian supertitions. Each island (or states if you like to call it) have it’s own version of supertitions. Since I lived in Java, which is THE MOTHER OF ALL SUPERTITIOUS THINGS.. old people used to scold me for a lot of things I did, but the one that I found riddiculous is, if you don’t sweep the floor clean (like, legit clean), your future husband will have a beard. Then I told my Nanna: “Meh, he can always shave it.” ;)

    4 years ago
  21. Me?

    I was born in Russia and my grandma always gets mad at me when she wishes me good luck and and I don’t answer ‘to hell’ (or literally ‘to the devil’.) And one of my friends, also Russian, gets really paranoid if I whistle inside his house cause that’s supposed to mimic the winds blowing all that household’s money away.

    Some superstitions I’ve encountered while living in Israel:

    Seven is a lucky number. Five is also a lucky number. There are no unlucky numbers xD

    If you cough, somebody is saying/thinking bad stuff about you. But if you sneeze then it’s good stuff.

    …if you sneeze once it means what you’ve just said is true. However if you sneeze twice in a row it means you were lying (so many superstitions about sneezing.)

    If your right ear itches, expect good news. If your left ear itches – bad news.

    If somebody scratches their nose, it means they have bad intentions and you should stay away from them. >.<

    A variation of the 'if you forgot something at your house' supestition: since retracing your steps means bad luck, if you forgot something you're supposed to take some other route to your house (like walk around it) before you reenter it.

    If you see an eyelash on someone else's face you're supposed to make them guess where it is before they can make a wish. Not sure you get anything out of them guessing it right though.

    If a child is lying on the ground and somebody steps over them, that child won't grow any taller unless they're stepped over again (in reverse? lol.)

    When you take off your shoes, don't flip them over or you'll have bad luck. And if you rearrange someone else's shoe so it's not flipped over you'll have good luck.

    Holding some money towards a full moon brings wealth. If you're sick and you wish to recover you should cut off a lock of your hair and throw it towards a full moon. Never actually seen anyone do it though.

    If you find a coin on the street keep it with you for at least 10 days before spending it. That way the good luck will have time to soak into you.

    There was also something about burning peanut shells at your front door… which is supposed to bring good luck. No explanation for that one.

    4 years ago
    • “…if you sneeze once it means what you’ve just said is true. However if you sneeze twice in a row it means you were lying”

      I’ve heard people say that if you sneeze it means you’re telling the truth (that’s an old one), but I never heard the part about sneezing twice meaning that you were lying.

      Is that an Israeli superstition?



      Has anyone else heard this one before?

      3 years ago
  22. In North American and European countries every thing is right handed. Doors, scissors, can openers are all geared for the right handed. If you are left handed or know any one who is left handed, is there a similar orientation in Korea? Or does hand preference even matter?

    4 years ago
  23. What about stereotypes in Korea? Like, what are stereotypes people think of Koreans? And, what stereotypes do Koreans have about other countries/people/states?

    4 years ago
  24. In my country if you open an umbrella indoors an evil entity would kill you. O_O
    When you are sweeping with a broom and accidentally sweep someone’s foot they would never get married.
    Also, when you cross over someone’s legs they would stop growing. XD

    4 years ago
  25. Oh, my mom usually scolds me because I completely ignore this: when eating together with someone, if you ask for the salt, don’t let them give the container right in your hand! they have to leave it on the table near you so you can take it. If you receive it directly from the hand of the other person, they are transmiting all their bad vibes/luck to you…..or something haha.

    4 years ago
  26. Have you guys ever tried doctor fish? I did it once in Japan and loved it wondered if they had it in Korea too, so hard to find in North America though :(

    4 years ago
  27. i don’t know if anyone said this already but whatever, it’s not just high heels, it’s shoes in general.

    4 years ago
  28. croatian superstition
    if you see chimney sweeper you should grab a button and make a wish

    you are not allowed to choose your wedding dress before you are engaged because than you will never get married

    if you sing while you are eating your husband will have crazy wife

    if crow lands on your house someone is going to die in that house… that happend to my neighbour and it was really weird

    when someone is sweeping and you are passing by and some dust came to your shoes you will never get married

    4 years ago
  29. In the philippines, during a burial of a relative or anyone that you know. You have to crossover the kids over the dead’s body to say goodbye and after the burial you have to wash your hands with something herbal medicine so that you won’t be chased by demons. This is the very odd thing that I have ever learned in my former country

    4 years ago
  30. one more Korean superstition. don’t flip your grilled fish when you’re eating. your business/ship/life will be ‘overturned’

    4 years ago
  31. I’m from Illinois, and we learned that when you go to Band Camp, you should avoid the Flutes.

    4 years ago
  32. I’m from Sweden, and here are some of our superstitions:

    (I know you’ll recognize a couple of them)

    1. Stepping on a manhole cover with the letter A on it means bad luck in love, or bad luck on that day. A stands for “avlopp” (Swedish for “sewer” XD), but in the superstition A means “avbruten” (Swedish for broken/broken off), as in “broken off love”. However, if you step on a manhole cover with the letter K on it (K stands för “kärlek”, love), it means good luck in love, or good luck on that day.
    2. Putting keys on a table gives bad luck. The reason for this comes from the practice at some hotels, where women that offer sexual favors show this by having their own room key, which they put on the table beside them.
    3. If you see a black cat crossing the road, it means bad luck. However, the bad luck can be prevented by spitting three times over your shoulder directly after the cat has passed you by, or by saying: Twee, twee, twee! This is an old, Swedish version of the word “ew” XD.
    4. Walking under a ladder gives three weeks of bad luck.
    5. Bringing the heather flower into your home means bad luck.
    6. Sneezing means that your enemy is mentioning your name. Saying “bless you” scares away misfortune.
    7. To accidentally sneeze when going somewhere gives bad luck. If you stay for a short while and don’t leave right away, you won’t be unlucky.
    8. To break a mirror means seven years of bad luck. If you throw salt over your shoulder, this scares away the bad luck.
    9. Spilling salt gives bad luck. I think this is because salt was a really important spice to Swedes back in the day, as it was used to conserve food. So, spilling salt was wasting something necessary, and therefore also bad.
    10. Stepping on a crack in the street means bad luck.
    11. If an unmarried person picks seven or nine different kinds of flowers on Midsummer’s Eve (the Friday between the 19th and the 26th of June depending on the calendar) and puts them under their pillow, they’ll dream about their future spouse.
    12. For some reason, unintentionally/intentionally killing a spider means that it will rain on the next day.
    13. Finally, seeing one single mite means good luck (WTF? XD).

    4 years ago
  33. In my country I’ve heard

    1- Woman that whistles, her luck she turns away.

    2- A woman that wets herself while washing the dishes will mary a drunk man.

    3- Three zits on your forehead and you’ll have your period within the next week (this is for girls who havent gotten yet)

    4- Eating the red things of the rooster’s head, helps men be more powerful.

    5- The number of hair twirls you have is the same number as siblings (by blood) you have.

    6- One sneeze, someone’s talking bad about you. Two sneezes, someone’s talking good about you. Three sneezes, someone’s missing you. Four sneezes, you’re ill.

    7- (This is on some places) The lady shall have her second given name “Little Lady” (Senhorita) and the man shall have his second given name “Manuel” so they have a better life.

    8- (Also in only some places, inc. parts of Spain) The bestman of the groom shall sleep with the bride on the previous night and the best maid of honor of the bride shall sleep with the groom.

    9- Crossing the fork and the knife once you’re finished, is rude and gives you bad luck.

    10- If your left ear is red and hot, someone is talking bad about you. If your left ear if red and hot, someone is talking good about you.

    11- Eating the white part of the orange makes your boobs go bigger.

    12- Eating the skin of bacalhau makes your boobs go bigger too.

    13- If you suddenly feel a shiver in a warm place and the mood goes down, it’s because death passed by to kill someone near.

    14- You shouldnt drink coke on September (it’s related to the 9/11 incident)

    15- If the sky is pink at sunset, there will be good fish. If it’s orange, there will be a really good weather the day after.

    16- If the rooster sings 13 times, it’s bad luck or something bad will happen the day after.

    17- There’s a street in the capital that has a man at midnight near the trafic lights waving and if you wave back, he’ll hunt you and murder you. (so if you see a man there at midnight and he waves, dont wave back)

    There are many but more than that, it’s myths and stories mostly related to chinese stores (which I find very racist) and the Clown Mouth Gang, syringes and heavenly stories.

    4 years ago
  34. WAO hahahahahahahahaha do not wash your hair after you study… i was like WHAT? i feel more relaxed after watching my hair when i did some many projects and homeworks for college, i mean superstitions.. i hate them… makes you have fear about things that are not real…. hahahaha in my country in the holy week it’s a bizarre thing… specially on Good Friday, a lot of people specially those who lives outside the capital say that in Good Friday all the spirits are out looking for some child to get because they are not baptized, or that you are becoming a fish (cuz’ is the day of the death of Jesus christ one supposed to respect… a lot of people just don’t do that) if you got to the beach a monkey if you climb a tree and so on hahahahahahaha! =)

    for experience no one should get the fan blowing right at your face… not because you are going to die… but its bad for your health, the fan accumulates dust and more stuff, and if you are allergic like me… it’s not good. but i don’t believe that i mean….. how many fan deaths must be occurring if that were true in korea! but well…. I love your videos and your blog! and you are a lovely couple. My english is not very good looking (hahahahaha it’s a phrase of a salsa singer Celia Cruz! XD) my first language is spanish. My name is Shamir… like the late prime minister of Israel… Isaac Shamir (im talking about the pronunciation XD). nice to meet you =)

    4 years ago
  35. Here in portugal it’s believed that if you move into a new house you have to put salt on the entrance to make all the bad spirtis go away.
    Also, it’s believed that if you eat 60nuts you’ll die xD

    4 years ago
  36. In Lebanon, if you hear an owl hoot, then someone you know will die. The weird thing is when we visited Lebanon a few years ago, an owl hooted one night and my dad’s cousin passed away that morning… O_O

    4 years ago
  37. Actually my aunt told me fan death is because when you breathe out the fan will force the air back down and suffocate you in your sleep.
    Honestly, I’m pretty sure my lungs can handle a little fan……

    4 years ago
  38. Some Malay (Malaysian) superstition:

    1. Don’t sharpen your pencil until it’s shorter than your pinkie, or your mother will die (or something like that)
    2. When lying on your stomach, don’t lift your legs up, or (again) your mother will die.
    3. Don’t sing while you’re cooking, or you’ll marry an old man. (only applies to girls)
    4. Don’t change seat/place when you’re already start eating, or you’ll get married to a lot of men (unsuccessful marriages)

    4 years ago
  39. post: A dream with dragons or pigs makes you have luck with money
    me: YES! so much money luck!
    post: ….not G-Dragons
    me: DAMN! no money for me…. :(

    4 years ago
  40. I’m originally pakistani but I’ve lived in saudi arabia for a long them so I’m going to write about superstitions in both places.
    In Pakistan:
    it is bad luck if you don’t finish all your food.
    Don’t drink milk after eating finish
    Don’t let others walk over kids orelse they’ll stop growing
    It’s bad luck when you hear owls at night
    Don’t open and close scissors without a reason orelse tgere will be family problems at home (my favourite)
    In Saudi arabia:
    Give youe children crappy names so that bad luck loses interest in them
    N make your kids look crappy so that people dont curse them

    I don’t know what most of them mean either but they’re the ones that I know of

    4 years ago
  41. In Poland, there is the same superstition concerning rainy wedding days, you know c:

    4 years ago
  42. Hey Simon and Martina,

    I wanted to ask you about one thing. I’ve heard that Simon can speak a little Polish and your surname definitely sounds Polish, so I wanted o ask about your family roots, are you guys somehow related to Poland? I’m asking this cause I’m Polish myself, and I’m kind of curious ( I know it’s not the most important question though). :)

    Ps. Love you guys! :)

    4 years ago
  43. There’s one in Brazil that I think is actually pretty cute, It’s like this: If you have a cat and move you should put butter on its paws so it doesn’t go back to the old house.

    Another one would be If you pass under a rainbow you change your gender, WTF O_o

    And if you kill a spider you will have love problems…

    4 years ago
  44. The reason they don’t use the number 4 is because the pronounciation for 4 “사” means “death” in 한자.
    That is also why there is no 4th floor in hospitals. When you go on an elevator in a hospitals, the floor numbering goes 1,2,3,5,6,…
    They just call the 4th floor the 5th floor.
    This superstition also carries over to Japan and China because their pronounciation of 4 and death are the same as well.

    4 years ago
  45. I heard about the fan one. I found out about it AFTER I would sleep with the fan on at night one summer with the door closed. So… I didn’t die.

    4 years ago
  46. I live in America’s Inland Northwest. I’m not particularly superstitious, at least about any of the superstitions I hear about most around here, but my friends have sometimes freaked out when I want to show off my katana-handled umbrella inside. xD Oh, and I pick up pretty much any coinage I find on the ground, but people often seem to think that picking up a penny that is left on the ground with tails facing up is bad luck and I don’t know why. D: As for superstitions I actually believe in, most of those are ones that I think might be local to just my family. Example: when a light bulb goes out or something glass breaks we say change is coming and that negative energy was getting stored up in those things, so now that it’s released, life will be getting better. :D

    4 years ago
  47. So, no ceiling fans in Korean bedrooms? They are standard equipment in most homes in the steamy American South.

    4 years ago
  48. The number 4 superstition probably comes from the colonization period since it is also considered bad luck in Japan because Shi(4), in japanese, also means death.

    4 years ago
  49. Actually most of the western world shares the superstition that a certain 4 is lucky, the four leaf clover! Do korean people believe in other ones, like it’s bad luck to walk under a stair or to see a black cat (and if they do, do they walk seven steps backwards?). In my country it’s very lucky if you find a horseshoe, and that you have to put it above the frame of the door, depending on how you hang it it’ll bring good or bad luck.

    4 years ago
  50. It sounds like your Soozi’s version of the shoe superstition is fairly specific. I had always heard of it as you don’t give shoes (any) as gifts to your lover/partner (male or female) otherwise they will run away from you.

    4 years ago
  51. Norwegian superstitions:

    Open an umbrella inside and it will rain the next day.
    If you are born on a Sunday (like me) you will have a happy prosperous life (I was also born on the 4th though..)
    If your broom suddenly falls over, it means someone is coming.
    If you are thirteen people at the dinner table, the first one to get up will die first.
    killing a spider is bad luck
    stepping on a manhole cover is bad luck
    On midsummers eve, pick a bouquet of wild flowers and sleep with it under your pillow, and you will dream about the one you will marry.
    On Christmas eve, leave a bowl of porridge in the barn (if you have one) for the gnomes. If you don’t, they will give you bad harvest and your cows sour milk. If you do, they will help your farm prosper.

    We also have many of the same as in North America, like black cats, broken mirrors, horse shoes above the door for good luck, four leaf clovers, walking under ladders etc.

    4 years ago
  52. I <3 the pun about dragons/G-Dragons, lol, I seriously cracked up

    4 years ago
  53. I don’t know much about superstitions in north america but I think that my country (Portugal) have more in common than Korean. there are some supertitions that you might thing weard but nothing compares with fan death i think ahah. the supertitions that I know are: it’s bad luck if the groom see the bride before the wedding, it’s also bad if you open a umbrela inside the house, it brings good luck if you wearnew and blue underwear on New Years eve, brings luck if you enter with the right foot on the first day of work, school and etc, if your ears are hot someone is talking about you (i think if is the right they are talking good and if is left they’re talking bad), about numbers in Portugal 13 is bad luck and 7 is good luck, eating cheese afects your memory, in a toast with alcohol its bad luck if you don’t drink and also is very bad if you toast with water and a thing that is in common with South Korea is that is good luck if rains in a wedding so it’s said: “wet wedding, marriage blessed.”.

    p.s. I reeeeeaally enjoy your site and your work I hope you continue!

    4 years ago
  54. I’ve heard of the “don’t buy your girlfriend shoes or she’ll run away” superstition but I find it ridiculous and I know nobody who believes that :)
    Btw I’m from Germany and we have those superstitions like you get bad luck when you break a mirror, when you see a black cat – if it’s crossing your path from left to right it’s even worse – but good luck when you see/touch a chimney sweep and many more.

    Also it’s considered rude when you bring artificial flowers as a birthday gift.

    I think the biggest/most popular superstition here is when the 13th day of a month is a Friday. That’s supposed to be a day when only bad luck happens. Though I used to think of it as a lucky day because one Friday, the 13th, I went to school and our teacher didn’t come for the first lesson. So we just waited and then a teacher came and told us we could go home :D But nowadays it’s just a normal day to me ^^

    4 years ago
  55. Some stuff from Germany:
    – don’t break a mirror that means 7 years of bad luck
    – shards (broken glass e.g.) mean good luck
    – always shake hands with your right hand, the “good” hand (idK my grandma (she was polish btw :D) used to say this)
    – if you swallow your bubblegum you’ll suffocate and die
    – don’t use your mobile phone during lightnings, you might get struck and killed by a lightning even inside your house.
    – turn off your tv during lightnings and thunderstorms or it might explode
    – never say “I won’t be next” at a wedding if you’re not married or you’ll be next for sure
    – never eat white sausages (Weißwurst) after 12.00 lunchtime, that might mean bad luck (some ppl said this here in Bavaria LOL)
    – full moon means having a hard time sleeping
    – if christmas is warm then spring will be ice cold
    – do not pick up dead deer from the street (drive round it) or you’ll get some infectious diseases

    There was some other thing about weddings too, but I cannot remember right now… anything with rain and good/bad luck. People from Germany, can anyone remember/does anyone know what I mean? ^^

    4 years ago
  56. This is all for girls:
    If you pinch the bride on her thigh, you will get married next.
    Dont jump on a trampoline or ride a horse or else your uterus will fall!!!

    But like other countries, its mostly the older people.
    From Saudi Arabia ^^

    4 years ago
  57. in Denmark it’s good luck to be pooed on by a bird… – but only if it’s in the head – or should – not sure :)

    4 years ago
  58. In the Netherlands I know that or at least someone once told me that if you eat the seeds of a watermelon that a plant would grow outside your ears. O_O

    4 years ago
  59. Some Swedish superstitions:

    1. If you see a black cat it’s the devil in disguise. Spit three times over your left shoulder to protect yourself.

    2. Heather (<- a kind of flowers) at home brings death. – So if you see these, don't bring them home. Swedish superstition suggests you won't live to tell the story.

    3. If you sneeze it means that your enemy has mentioned your name.

    4. "Pepper, pepper touch wood" – To prevent something nasty from happening, Swedes simply knock on wood
    while reciting "peppar, peppar ta i trä" so they're not jinxed. Just a
    plain knock works for other nationalities, but Swedes like to be extra

    5. Don't go under a ladder, it will give you three weeks of bad luck.

    6. On Friday the thirteenth, don't step on a crack in the street. If you do it will bring terrible, irrevocable misfortunes.

    7. Don't spill salt, if you do it will give you bad luck.

    8. Don't open a umbrella indoors, it will bring you years of bad luck.

    9. If an owl appears near your house, someone in the family will die.

    10. If magpies plays in your garden, you will get a visitor.

    11. If you have cake and your slice of cake falls over, you’ll never get married.

    12. If it rains on your wedding, you’ll have a long and happy marriage.

    13. Stepping on manholes (i think that's the name in english, sounds to dirty tho haha) with an “A” on them is bad luck.

    14. Leaving your keys on the table is also bad luck, a belief that
    supposedly dates back to 'ye good olde days in Sweden, when prostitutes
    would signal their availability by leaving the keys to their rooms on
    the bar.

    Me myself never go under a ladder, or open an umbrella inside. I also never step on an "A" manholes (manholes… nasty)

    4 years ago
  60. About the “blessing” someone after they sneeze: I never really realized it was a superstition until now. I just thought it was something people did after someone sneeze to recognize that they almost just blew their brains out you know? I’m from Canada and currently living in Taiwan, and I find that when I sneeze and no one says “bless you” (which I’ve heard so often that it’s kinda lost its meaning to me. Like Newfoundland) I feel a little unloved lol. And when someone sneezes and I don’t hear other people saying bless you or “ga-zoontight” (I have NO clue how to spell that, it’s german for the same thing I believe) It’s weird as well. I’ll actually say ga-zoontight after someone sneezes just outta habit, and I feel weird not saying it, but at the same time, with no one else saying it, and the recipient of my acknowledging that they almost died not understanding it, I feel weird too…..

    4 years ago
  61. What stories to Koreans tell? Like what stories do parents tell their kids in order to scare them so they behave? Or like, La Llorona

    4 years ago
  62. Brazil

    -If you drink milk and eat mango (not necessarily in that order) you DIE. (The story behind it its because back in the 1500s when we had slaves, all their masters would let them eat really were mangos. So they would sometimes drink the milk from their master’s cows secretly and very stealthily. However, their masters found out and came up with this story to stop them from stealing milk. Some people, especially old people, still believe it and will yell at you if you eat mango and drink milk lol).

    -If a pregnant woman is craving something and she doesn’t get it, then the kid will be born looking like that something. ie. If i’m pregnant and I’m craving apples and I don’t get one, my kid will look like an apple. lol Some people say the kid will always have his mouth open and hanging. Also, the person who refused to fulfill the mother’s wishes will get pink eye.

    -If someone sweeps your feet (with a broom) you will never get married.

    -If you eat the last something of the pack. Like, if you eat the last cookie of the box or the last candy of the bag, you will also never get married.

    -If it rains in your wedding, its bad luck. Which is the opposite of Korea hahahaha.

    -In addition, if you eat something straight from the pan, it will rain on your wedding day.

    -We have a lot of superstitions with the Moon. If you cut your hair in a full moon, it will have a lot of volume. If you cut it in crescent moon, it will grow faster. If you cut it in waning moon then your hair will either be very thin or it won’t grow. Some people say it will fall of. There are also tons of moon superstitions related to agriculture. Also, when a person is very lucky we say he/she was born with his butt facing the moon LOL.

    -We have the more common ones like black cat is bad luck, breaking a mirror is 7 years of bad luck, walking under the stairs its bad luck, stepping on a crack on the street is also bad luck.

    -If someone says something that is bad or bad luck you should knock on wood three times so that it won’t happen.

    -Kids that play with fire, will pee on their beds.

    -If someone buys some kind of food/drink and you eat/drink it before they do, then you are going to steal their boyfriend/girlfriend.

    -If you eat and then go swimming or take a shower you will have indigestion. Some people say you DIE. lol

    -If you walk under a rainbow you will change genders. LOL

    There are tons more, Brazil has A LOT of superstitions. I know cause I’m Brazilian. Most people don’t believe most of these anymore, but grandparents are very fierce about them LOL.

    4 years ago
    • Rainbow science nerd alert!!!
      Did you know it’s actually impossible to walk directly under a rainbow because of the angle the sunlight is refracted the rainbow is always the same distance from your position.

      4 years ago
  63. I spent many summer nights in korea in high school sweating like crazy because my mom wouldn’t even let me put the fan in my room!! My door had to be open, and the fan had to be in the hallway, on “turning” mode – so I only got some cool wind when it turned towards my door and when the wind bounced a little bit of air on to my face. Pretty ridiculous, but at the same time I kind of believed it because my mom and all her friends believed it! haha.

    As for writing my name in red ink – I’ve pretty much avoided it my whole life. Even in the states when signing my tip, if the waitress gives me a red pen I’ll dig through my purse for a different colored pen. ^^; I don’t know why – it just feels taboo to do it. :p

    4 years ago
  64. I should be dead. I sleep every night with a fan blowing in my face from like 6 inches away (and it’s a big fan). In the winter I still have the fan, I just sleep under a heating blanket. If I don’t I feel like Im suffocating.

    4 years ago
  65. Being Filipino my mother has a tendency of tell my family to always eat with the lights on, if you eat in the dark it’s bad luck.
    Also there’s myth called the “Manananggal” it is a vampire-like creature that would eat fetuses and to ward these vampires away is to spread salt on your windows.

    4 years ago
  66. As a Brit, I’ll also back this up. There is no ‘A’ in omen!

    4 years ago
  67. I would say there’s a few things I do that are superstitions. I will never bring pork over the Pali Highway, if I remember correctly it’s because will anger one of the gods and the car will not start. Don’t ever take a lava rock, Madam Pele will not be happy with you. My mom has this thing about me not sleeping with the fan on me, mainly because she believes that’s why I get sick.

    I do find it funny how there are so many religious people here, but they still will respect the Hawaiian gods. It seems like things sorta strangely go hand in hand here. I even believe all of these, expect the fan one.

    Oh I forgot one, if you see a owl in front of you, don’t go ahead. You turn around and go back. If it flies over you, there’s danger back there. This one I believe 100%. My uncles were driving somewhere and they saw a owl. They turned back and went home. Turns out, there was a bad accident where they were going and would have been killed on the stop.

    4 years ago
  68. lottery ticket = can’t find because it’s illegal for Koreans to gamble. BUT what of the casinos?! SO MANY. and so many Asians inside…
    that’d be because they’re all for the foreigners (apparently… there are a lot of Indians inside? And of course the expected Chinese and Japanese)

    4 years ago
  69. Funfact:U bless people when they sneeze because that short millisecond(or even shorter) moment that u sneeze, ur heart stops beating, so people bless others that they won’t die!

    4 years ago
    • Actually, it was believed that when you sneeze a demon will posses you, so you bless them to rid of the demon.

      4 years ago
    • Are you sure about that? A heart beats really slowly compared to a millisecond. If you have 60 heartbeats per minute that’s 1 heartbeat by second. So basically you are saying that if you happen to sneeze when your heart is beating it will stop the beat? How can you stop something that you have already started like that. It makes no sense to me. I really don’t know if it’s true or not, but I believe you should not trust everything you read on internet.

      4 years ago
    • Wow, interesting. I didn’t know that 0_0

      4 years ago
    • Oh, that’s so cool!

      4 years ago
  70. Hi Simon and Martina^^

    So I know that you guise came to korea to teach and that a lot of your friends and family told you not to,

    But what made do decide to come to korea in the first place?

    And what made you guise want to come to korea so badly even when a lot of people tried to stop you???

    THANKS ><

    4 years ago
  71. But what if I indeed saw a dream about G-Dragon? It was yesterday, we compared our hands because we had similar wounds(?!?) on our fingers. Some crazy dreams I have…

    Anyway, Finland doesn’t have a lot of superstitions, not at least that I know of. We have all these magic things you can do to foretell your future etc, but I don’t know if those are real superstitions. And yes I’ve done some of those :D This year should be a good year for me financially but I don’t know about that, the first three months weren’t too good. Haha of course we don’t really believe them, it’s just something we do for fun or because it’s a tradition.

    Wait, I remember one! If one of your eye lashes fall, you should pick it up, put it on the pad of your thumb and blow it away while wishing something and the wish will come true! Some say you should throw it over your shoulder but throwing an eyelash is frigging difficult, so I prefer blowing them away.

    4 years ago
  72. Crap! The fan turns into a clown! I hate clowns! They’re so scary!~
    …even worse that i’m listening to jin young-boogie man! while waiting for this to load…

    4 years ago
  73. I’m sure somebody already probably posted this, but I’ll post it anyways.
    Simon’s whole thing about thinking that “four” in Korean has no relation to the Korean pronounciation of death it wrong.
    But this is all becuase of Chinese influence on Korean, yay!
    So, Chinese, the character for death in Chinese is si. And four is si.
    HOWEVER, in Korean, the Chinese character for death is pronounced sa (사) — (사망 – is the hanja/Chinese-character dervied word used for deaths, you can see it in newspapers). And the Korean number four, that is of Chinese origin is also sa. (Korean has 2 numbering systems, one in native Korean, which is the 하나, 둘, 셋, 넷, etc. And the Chinese orign one of 일, 이, 삼, 사 etc.)

    4 years ago
  74. In Vietnamese culture, there’s a superstition that if you take a picture with 3 people, the middle person will die first :/

    4 years ago
  75. Oh, simple American ones I still kind of keep in mind for some reason is walking under an open ladder (y’know, those ones that are like / or /[ ) is supposed to be bad luck, and crossing a black cat as well.
    Although less the black cat one, I am still a little superstitious about opening umbrellas inside and walking under ladders and breaking mirrors. Not sure why XD

    4 years ago
  76. I only spent a month in Japan, but since no one says Bless You after you sneeze, I fell out of the habit very quickly myself. Now, even though it’s been a while since I was there, and it was only a month, I still never quite got back into the habit. My mom gets mad at me XD

    4 years ago
  77. Honestly, one of the biggest superstitions in the Hispanic culture (which is mine O/) is, if you’re a child, do not go out after dusk or ___________ will get you. Another thing is that children have to keep their toes clipped or covered (inside a blanket, in socks) because the duende will try to cut them for you and might accidentally cut off your toes in the process. I’m not sure if this is a culture thing or a thing from my family, but we have a shoe superstition too; a woman is not to buy a man new shoes (unless they are already married) because those are the shoes he’ll walk out on you with.

    4 years ago
  78. The ‘bless you’ after sneezing… When I first started doing that with my kindergarten students, they thought it was the most hilarious thing in the world. Every time I said it, the whole class would just crack up. By the end of the year, though, they were all saying it to each other. ^_^

    4 years ago
  79. Some polish one:
    When you have a baby and this baby is really cute and everyone tell this to you, you must have something red near a baby. Thanks to this no one will curse your baby. (I have little brother and ha had always red ribbon on his trolley).
    When you have an exam everybody will kick your butt – it’s bring a lot of luck
    And when you doing something big, like exam, and someone tell you ‘good luck’ you can’t say ‘thank you’ – it will be unlucky
    More with exams: don’t cut your hair – you will cut you intelect.
    When you worry about something and say it loud, you must quickly knock on unpaited wood or spit (we say that you spit this words). When you don’t do this, a thing which you said will happen.
    This one are popular in Poland ( I think). I live with grandma and she belive in this so she is doing a lot of thing like this: she keep mirrow near window – that will keep witch and curse far away from house.

    4 years ago
    • In America, we have the wood thing but here it’s “Knock on wood”. I remember doing this tons of times as a kid. When we’d be worried about something and tell a friend or something you would both look at each other with wide eyes and say “Knock on wood!” in unison. It resulted in lots of running to doors to knock on them or your desks and other tables and such.

      4 years ago
  80. I’ve heard of fan death, but had no idea about the details. I thought maybe it was the blades that were dangerous (I have seen Willy Wonka, after all).

    4 years ago
  81. In Jakarta (Indonesia) there is some shopping malls that does not have level 4 too, I think the bad luck of number 4 is spread out through Asia

    4 years ago
  82. I thought you had a typo on “Baka”. I heard people said that opening umbrella inside your house is bad. Till this day I don’t know the reason why. Some weird superstitions i grew up with: If you break glass, it’s a bad omen. If you run over a black cat you are going to get bad luck for a long time.
    With the red pen writing, it’s consider rude to write in red.

    4 years ago
  83. One of my friends living in Korea told me that fan death is not necessarily always used just for the fan situation. He told me that it can sometimes be used to describe mysterious, embarrassing deaths or deaths explained to children so that you aren’t traumatizing them. He explained it as you wouldn’t tell a child their grandpa died of alcohol poisoning but instead fan death since the myth is widely accepted.

    4 years ago

    Can you please talk about korean variety shows like running man? What’s popular (if they are?), any thoughts you or the general korean population have on korean variety shows, etc?

    4 years ago
  85. Being married to a Korean woman, I too experienced her family fear of “fan death” on a hot Early August visit one year. Finding no rational logic to my survival after a night of unassisted suicide (my wife told to sleep in another room), it was decided that the body hair of my White skin protected me, by either creating mad levels of heat or flattening the stirring air. For added benefit it was decided that it extended to those that slept with me as my wife of several years was able to communicate her personal survival fully with these new witnesses. Thus in the next morning, I woke to find myself crushed under the numerous children of the family that figured this was a really good way to stay cool. Clearly, laying next too, on top of, propped against, pining arms or legs was required for the magic to work. I might have died of suffocation hadn’t the smallest walking over in the dark to join the rest didn’t step on my ‘sensitivity’ sending me crawling out from under the pile and away from the fan… so yes… fan death is possible… I won’t even go into the breakfast conversation about how I, “left all the family’s children to sleep alone in front of a fan as I took shelter at the couch”. Non-Korean Men (and women), don’t sleep with a fan at your in-laws, it’s dangerous!!! Oh, soooo dangerous! Now, a cold damp refrigerated towel that’s the level of crazy you need to survive. Thank you for the inspiration ‘Hitch Hiker’s Guide’!

    4 years ago
  86. The chinese have the same superstition about shoes but it applies to everyone, not just couples. Like if you give a friend a pair of shoes, that friend will leave you but if the friend gives you back some money, say 20 cents, that reverses the effect.

    4 years ago
  87. Mexican superstitions:

    Tuesday 13 is our equal of friday 13

    To prevent that it rains in your wedding you must stab knifes in the ground and take eggs to an orphanage or a convent.

    If you have and unwanted visit in your house put a broom behind the door to make him/her go away.

    If you see a dragon-fly in your house/office you’re gonna have a visit.

    Don’t give shoes to your couple he/she may run away.

    If your feet are swept with a broom your gonna marry someone old.

    If you sit in the corner of a table your not gonna marry.

    Pass under a ladder it’s bad luck.

    Throwing salt it’s really bad luck, so if you by mistake throw the salt shaker right away take the salt scattered and toss it over your right shoulder

    4 years ago
    • Wow! hahaha I had fun reading this one because I’m Mexican and didn’t even know about this superstitions! lol! xD I think I only heard the salt one…

      4 years ago
  88. Ok, the high heel superstition is similar to one that exists in my family… To keep a man around, you wear his boots around the house….or put his boots/shoes under your bed.

    4 years ago
  89. When I was in Korea and I told my roommates I wanted to buy a fan for when I sleep they were like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and i laughed… because I have a fan going right now… lol

    4 years ago
  90. Maybe I just couldn’t find someone else who commented about the “eye” of the tornado thing…um…Martina, you are 100% correct. The eye is the calmest part of a tornado/hurricane/storm, and is what Simon called the “eye of the storm”. So it was really funny to watch Simon make fun of you…when he was totally wrong…

    Also, do your families not know how famous you are?

    4 years ago
  91. Well here in the States we pretty much have the same ones that you guys referenced in the blog like

    1. breaking a mirror & getting seven years bad luck

    2. not opening an umbrella indoors

    3. don’t step on a line or crack because you’ll break your mother’s back

    4. if your left palm itches then you will owe money but if your right palm itches then you’ll receive money

    5. absolute NO walking under a ladder.

    But the one that my mom told me when I was little was:

    6. DON’T go to sleep with your hair wet or you’ll DIE!

    I think she said that’s what happened to a girl she knew when she was young and still lived in Mexico. :S So I’m not sure if that’s something in all of Mexico or a superstition my mom just made up. :P However, I have never tried to disprove it for fear of being proven wrong. lol. So to this day I make sure to follow that superstition. I always make sure to take a shower early on in the evening to give my hair enough time to dry. Or if I take a shower late at night then I will make sure to stay up until it dries. Or if I have to go to sleep early and I know I won’t be able to stay up for my hair to dry then I won’t take a shower at night but instead will wake up extra early to take a shower in the morning. Anything to avoid going to sleep with my hair wet. CRAZY, I know! But it’s a superstition I’ve grown up with and I can’t shake it. :P

    4 years ago
  92. There’s only one superstition that I know about my people. In Haiti it’s believed that if you walk around while only wearing one shoe/sandal then it means you want your mother to die. My mother told me this when I was 5 so my memory is a little foggy.

    4 years ago
    • Wait do you live in Haiti or are you Haitian? I travel there for mission trips often and I see it as my second home! When I was in Port au Prince a couple weeks ago, I kept up with Simon and Martina’s posts when I had access to internet. I taught a few of my Haitian friends how to say hello in Korean too lol. Most people think it’s comical that I have a heart for Haiti and Kpop :)

      4 years ago
  93. You guys should talk about conception dream. It’s dream people have when a child is conceived (aka becoming pregnant). It shows what kind of potential the child has. My cousins were blue pepper, ripe persimmon, big fish, ratsnake, and tiger. My little brother and I were tigers. In the dream for my little brother, my dad was outside and saw a tiger running around in madness. It was so strong it literally flew every time it leaped forward. A fire started in the field. Fire means he’s going to make a lot of money.

    4 years ago
  94. wait!? people DO care about opening up umbrellas indoors!! xP

    4 years ago
  95. funny you mention fan death. My mom told me sleeping with a fan on is unhealthy as well. But she never said it could cause death; just that it increases temperature or causes illness. idk. I’m not asian (peruvian and guatemalan) and my family isn’t really all that superstitious (well my dad isn’t at all, my mom has her moments).

    4 years ago
  96. Being 2nd generation American, I heard a bunch of crazy superstitions from my Polish babci (grandma):
    Don’t whistle in the house – it makes the angels cry.
    Bless yourself after a loud clap of thunder or lightning to protect yourself.
    Don’t sing in the house on Good Friday.
    Don’t give a knife or a set of knives as gifts because they’re bad luck gifts (i.e. symbols of death)
    When celebrating a birthday, the birthday boy or girl can make the first cut in the cake, but they should never withdraw the knife, otherwise it’s bad luck. The host should withdraw the knife from the cake.
    The birthday boy or girl should always be given the first slice of birthday cake otherwise it’s bad luck
    It’s bad luck to pull the covers over your head because you can suffocate in bed.
    Don’t sleep with your feet uncovered.

    4 years ago
  97. I don’t know if this is already mentioned but I always read/see those superstition stories. For example (I’ll make one up), a girl name Mary was a lonely girl. No one liked her and she’s always bullied at school. But one day at night, she got raped and murdered. Now, her ghost haunts to who ever reads this story. If you do not pass this message to 5 videos, Mary will come by your bedroom and murder you at midnight.

    I read them sometimes, but guess what… I’m still alive!

    4 years ago
  98. lol i think that death by a fan thing is crazy. I couldn’t think of too many superstitions but I think these are just like the most basic and common ones I know.

    1.Step on a crack and break your mothers back
    2.If your ears are ring or burning then someone is talking about you.
    3. If you have a baby boy don’t cut his hair before his 1st birthday
    4.If it’s raining when the sun is shining then the devil is beating his wife
    5. If your palm is itching then your about to come into money
    6.Don’t put your purse on the floor or you’ll never have any money.
    7. Don’t leave your hair in a brush or comb and to burn cause if a bird get’s it and builds a nest out of it you’ll get a headache.
    and i’m from the united states.

    4 years ago
  99. When I saw the title and read “Fan Death” I thought you meant an actually person who was a fan of yours dying.

    Oh. I was way off XD

    4 years ago
  100. I lived in India for awhile…. here are some fun superstitions from there:
    1.) If you nose itches, someone is thinking of you
    2.) If you hand salt directly to someone else you’ll get in a fight later.
    3.) If you clink your chimta together while making roti (big tongs for flipping bread) you’re parents will get in a fight. It’s really TRUE because I did it and my friend told me it would make my parents fight so I called them to prove her wrong and they were just FIGHTING when I called. So obviously it’s true. I have scientific evidence.
    4.) If you get wet in the rain you’ll get sick (even if it is during a 110 degree summer heat wave).
    5.) If you give dogs meat from a cow (aka the animal you don’t eat in India) they will band together in packs and start taking out everyone’s cows. This would be impressive… if only it were true.

    4 years ago
    • Hi!
      Oh a comment about #6: Well there’s a really famous Indian actor Hrithik Roshan who was born with an extra finger. I always wondered why he didn’t get it surgically removed. I guess number 6 explains it. lol. But I guess it’s true because he’s super famous and rich now plus hot (light green eyes & a bod!) so yaaay for him! :)

      4 years ago
      • Yeah, I think little differences like that are more accepted in India anyways… peopel are less likely to get cosmetic surgery… I thought of another one:

        People will draw a mole on a baby’s face with kajol (black eyeliner) to project the baby from the Indian eqivalent of the evil eye– explained to me as “If the baby is too cute someone might guess jealous and wish bad things on the baby”.

        Also there are different rings that are supposed to help with different things… a ring with a pearl (you’ll see a lot of Indians wearing these on their pinkie) is supposed to help/prevent depression/stress/anxiety… and there are a lot more like this but I don’t remember… most are based off of Indian astrology. Also lots of little toddlers and babies with have a square silver pendant on a black string around their neck which is supposed to be calming (aka prevent naughtiness) because silver is associated with the moon.

        4 years ago
        • Oh I’ve noticed the mole superstition in some of the movies I’ve seen. I didn’t know about the other ones. Very interesting! I’ll be on the look out for more of these when watching my Bollywood movies or interviews with actors/actresses. Thanks! :)

          4 years ago
  101. The “fan death” is a thing in Japan too!! when i first got here, it was august and really freakin hot and i was told by several people that i could die from having my fan on at night and i was like “are you fucking kidding me?!”, i’ve done it all my life in Canada (no air conditioning in my house) and have never died. and i love that people were always arguin with me like it was a proven scientific fan.

    same thing with the open windows in winter. at my old school, there was no heating, and in the winter they would open ALL the windows in the school (it got to about 0C at the coldest) and they would say they needed to “change the air” so students wouldn’t catch influenza. and every year, there were like 10+ students per class who would end up sick with influenza. and they’d be like “we must open the windows MORE!!” and i was just like “in Canada it’s -30 in the winter. if we all opened the windows we would DIE. you know how many students get influenza in the winter? a handful in the WHOLE school.” and they would look at me with that deadpan look and carry on as if i hadn’t said a word… *sigh*

    what is it with these people taking their grannies’ tales so seriously? i mean, i know we have superstitions back home, but we all take them with a grain of salt…

    4 years ago
  102. It depends where they’re from.. search it on youtube! I forget which is which but in Tokyo and Osaka, one finds baka extremely insulting while the other thinks of it as a joke! And I think vice versa goes with Aho! One finds it a joke while the other finds it very insulting….

    (it’s towards the end)

    4 years ago
  103. My lucky number is 4.
    And I thought it was shoes to boy/girlfriend in general.

    In Sweden:
    If you don’t finish the food on your plate, it’s gonna rain the next day.
    If you kill a spider, it will rain the next day.
    Don’t open your umbrella indoors.
    Say “bless you” (“prosit” in swedish) when somebody sneezes or else an evil spiritual process them, or if nobody tells you “bless you” after you sneezed you can’t talk until somebody say your name or else you’ll let an evil spirit in or something.
    Mostly when somebody sneezes, in like a classroom, you’ll hear a chorus of “bless you”s.
    Cover your mouth when you yawn or you’ll let an evil spirit in.
    If you see a black cat, spit over your left shoulder.
    A broken mirrow=7 years of bad luck.
    DO NOT step on a crack on the street, or your mother will break her back.
    Don’t leave your keys on the table (hehe~ to leave Key on the table~)
    Don’t walk on the 13th step on the stairs. (all 13 things are from USA)
    “All good things come in 3”
    Don’t step on your or anybodys shadow.
    You’ll get married in 7 years if you catch the bouquet (which I think is a joke, since most people only get engaged and not married here nowadays, even if they have kids and a home together)
    Knock on wood if you happen to look at the clock if it is like… 9:09, 11:11, 15:15.

    It means good luck if you HAPPEN to button the wrong hole, don’t correct it or you’ll take away the good luck.
    Bird poop is lucky.
    If you cut your hair on the day of a full moon it will grow out quickly.
    If you sneeze, or hickup, or your ears start ringing or if you randomly think about a person somebody is talking or thinking about you.
    If you pick 7 kinds of flowers without talking and put them under your pillow and sleep on them on the night of midsummer you will dream of the person you will marry.
    Never cut a red string with the help of a person, you will cut the sting that conect you.
    Never name your baby after a dead person, the baby will die.

    4 years ago

    4 years ago
  105. Growing up my mother would tell me it was bad luck to put your shoes on a chair or the table. Also it was bad luck to put your purse on the ground.

    4 years ago
  106. Enlightening post on why Fan Death is real:

    4 years ago
  107. Fan Death is also thought to be true in Japan, though I don’t think it’s a superstition… Also Air con death too… Apparently there are heaps of fan and air con related deaths every year that aren’t reported, so I’d like to know the real science behind it!
    And Martina, I’m pretty sure ‘eye of the hurricane’ is correct, I’ve heard the same thing before too.

    4 years ago
  108. Thank you for the video. I had come across ‘fan death’ before and here is one viewpoint that I found really interesting, (Sorry if I’m not allowed to post links) http://askakorean.blogspot.co.uk/2009/01/fan-death-is-real.html

    4 years ago
  109. I can’t say I’m very superstitious but I suppose I remember a few old superstitions here in Norway… They might be similar to other countries but…. Uhm well, 13 people at a dinner table is a no no. Unless you want one of them to die.. Black cats crossing the road in front of you is bad luck and you should avoid it at all cost… Walking under a latter is bad luck as well. And there’s the good old 7 years of bad luck when you break a mirror. Saying “tvi tvi” keeps bad luck and spirits away and some people also spit three times after saying it. Refusing a kiss under a mistletoe is bad luck. If you meet a beauty in the woods you must check that
    she doesn’t have a cows tale, because then she is what we call a “Huldra” and she lures men into the woods – and they are never seen again… OoOoh~~~ … Oh and also there is something called “nøkken” which is a creature living in some kind of pond in the woods and it calls for people – especially when they’re lost, and I’m not sure but I think people will drown if they follow the pull… Oh and it means luck to hang up a horse shoe with the ends pointing up like a U, and bad luck the other way around cause then the good luck will pour out of it…. And when there is thunder and lightning it means the God from the old mythology called “Tor” or “Thor” as he’s been called, is angry and he thunders across the sky in his wagon and waves his hammer around in anger…. Lol. Idk… ^^ I don’t think I know anyone who believes any of this x]

    4 years ago
  110. Why did you have to show that clown?!?! AND THEN SHOW IT WARPING IN SUCH AN EVIL MANNER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    It looked just like a toy clown hat my grandma gave us from Indonesia- it had etched in forehead lines and a creepy toothy smile D:

    god! clowns are scary……

    4 years ago
  111. The high heel one must be true. I mean, think of “You’re Beautiful.” Shin Woo buys Mi Nam high heels (even though they aren’t really dating and even though he doesn’t exactly give them to her). Who does she end up with?? Yeah, I think there might be some credence to that superstition. Or at least we can assume that the Hong sisters might believe in it a bit!

    4 years ago
  112. I’m Filipino so I searched up some Filipino Superstitions and I found some pretty interesting ones like

    – If you sing while cooking, you might marry an old man

    – Dont wash the container that contained the food that your neighbour gave to you or else they wouldn’t give you anymore food.

    -Never ever open an umbrella inside a house or else centipedes will start falling from the ceiling

    -Dont sit on books or else you’ll get dumb

    -Carry your books on your head;you get smart

    -Breaking a mirror or some sort of glass is bad omen or should I say *almond kekeke^^

    -When your nose feels itchy that means someone is kissing a photo of you.

    i got them all from this website if you want to see more http://hagonoy-bahay-kubo.blogspot.ca/2008/03/filipino-superstitions.html

    4 years ago
  113. In the Philippines, if you have a sister, she should never pull a ring off your finger herself and you should never pull a ring off her finger yourself. If this happens, it is said that you two will have a very big fight.

    4 years ago
  114. Black cats crossing your path are bad luck…which is silly what if you own one…Oh and don’t wear white pants after labor day…which is silly because every day is after labor day….even labor day technically. Oh America…why.

    4 years ago
  115. Where I live (Romania) I’ve heard of the broken mirror superstition (and I actually broke one once…but nothing happened after that…) and number 13 and another one which says if you cut even a strand of hair on a full moon you go bald… I can’t remember anything else…

    About the “Bless you” when someone sneezes we say “Health!” (as if you’re having supernatural powers and by saying “Health” you’re keeping that person away from a cold :)) ) Those who say it, they do it out of politeness… just remembered X”DD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAsKSCTWawA

    Great TLDR!

    *many virtual huglles*

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    4 years ago
    • I recently hear from my collegues that if you cut your hair on a full moon, it helps it grow. It´s the total opposite of what you said. Funny… And by the way, I´m from Portugal.

      4 years ago
  116. Well I’m Canadian, so we would have similar superstitions, but a Jewish superstition is that the number 18 is very lucky, because in the olden days, they would count with Hebrew letters (they also used those same letters to write with, so it wasn’t just a specific alphabet for numbers), and there were two letters thatwould add up to 18, and those letters spelled the Hebrew word for life.

    4 years ago
  117. The Skeptoid blog and podcast covered the science of Fan Death — and how stupid that concept is: http://skeptoid.com/episodes/4287

    4 years ago
  118. Ren

    Where are you from?

    4 years ago
  119. So the one about the high heels, I actually heard it’s shoes in general….and I don’t know if it’s just for bf/gf’s but basically it means if u buy someone shoes it means they are going to walk out of your life. So I don’t know if you have had any Korean friends that have given you shoes as gifts when you were leaving (maybe a former co-teacher etc) when you both stopped teaching. Or maybe you haven’t because you have never left Korea in 5 years lol. But friends and family members would always buy me shoes as gifts when I was leaving after a visit to Korea and I never understood what the deal was with all the shoes they were buying me but then my mom explained it to me…I just thought maybe everyone didn’t like my shoes and thought I needed new ones.

    4 years ago
  120. I guess u r from Greece

    4 years ago
    • Actually, no. I’m from Romania, but I guess this kind of superstitions are pretty international ^_^

      4 years ago
  121. I have heard of a lot of weird superstitions and most of them are foreign.

    In some parts of China, when a woman is going to get married, she’s supposed to cry for 30 days, ending the night before her wedding. It’s supposed to make sure it’s a happy marriage.

    In Europe, if you drink tea from the same teapot as someone of the opposite gender, you will marry them. During Medieval times, it was believed that your soul flew out whenever you sneezed so someone had to say “bless you” so you wouldn’t lose your soul. The bride carrying tradition stems from the superstition that the groom had to carry his new wife across the threshold of their room to prevent demons from tripping/stealing her. (It also ties back to when men had to kidnap their wives in order to marry them.)

    In Japan, you’re supposed to ignore the first spider you see in the morning and kill the last spider you see at night. If something near you breaks suddenly, falling or otherwise, something bad is about to happen. Also, don’t close your eyes while you’re in the shower or a ghost will watch you. And then there’s the ever popular doll superstition. Keep a close eye on your dolls to make sure their hair doesn’t grow. If the hair grows, the doll is possessed by a demon or a ghost and will kill you.

    Here in the States, we have a few. Step on a crack and break your mother’s back. See a penny, pick it up, all the day you’ll have good luck. If you see a penny face down, turn it up and give it to someone else so you both have good luck. If you spill salt, throw some over your left shoulder to get rid of bad luck.

    And finally, from the theatre~ 1. Don’t say Macbeth inside a theatre, refer to it as the Scottish play. If you say Macbeth, you’re supposed to go outside, spin three times while shouting rude words, spit and then knock to be let back inside. (Actors and actresses will actually make you do this if you’re part of the show. I know from experience. This one kinda makes sense though cause people usually get hurt during the play.) 2. The night before a show, don’t have a perfect rehearsal or it will cause the show to fail. Most directors will end rehearsal before the end if no mistakes have been made so you don’t finish a perfect run through. 3. Always leave a light on inside the theatre. It’s supposed to ward off ghosts but does have practical value as well. 4. Don’t practice closing bows until the final rehearsal. 5. Never wear new makeup on opening night. (This one makes sense cause if it’s new, you won’t know how it will react under the lights.)

    I hope you enjoyed my own TL;DR on superstitions XD

    4 years ago
  122. I do all of these things…..and I’m half Korean. *looks down in shame* And then I stop when my Korean parents come over, b/c I don’t think unplugging my fan would do any good……..it’s an overhead fan……it would just cause my ceiling to come down. I like my ceiling the way it is!!!!!!! LEAVE IT ALONE!!!! WHAT DID IT DO TO YOU, DONT TOUCH THE FAN!!!!! Sorry about that, but the fan did nothing wrong, so it should not be mistreated. I am the Leader of Mistreated Fans Union.

    4 years ago
  123. Ren

    Ah, I’m from S.E. U.S. too. I wonder how much of those are just particular to that region. I never thought about it. I’ve never heard of the lifting your feet part of the cemetery thing though.
    Haven’t heard the horseshoe one, though horseshoes are good luck. Also didn’t know about the seeds or graves.

    I didn’t know about the Jan. 1st thing until this year. My mom was like, “How could you not know?!” Hm, I dunno Mom, probably because we’ve never done it? >_>

    4 years ago
  124. In Spain one of the superstitions was if a dog was sitting outside a house, I think it had to be back to the house, somebody frome there will die soon. Also, yellow clothes gives bad luck.
    Another saying is: “En martes, ni te cases ni te embarques”, “On Tuesday, neither get married nor you embark” because of the bad luck.
    And, of course, Tuesday 13th is a bad luck day.

    4 years ago
  125. you’re also not supposed to shower near the time of your test, like the morning of, or like the night before or something, cause supposedly, you can “wash out” all the information. similar to the eating slippery foods and stuff. And if you eat sticky things on the day of your test like candy that sticks to your teeth and what not, you’ll ace/ pass the test cause in korean, doing well/ passing the test is “붙었다” which means to like stick ._.

    4 years ago
    • Ok, so nevermind if you stink, you must pass the test. I don’t like this one.

      4 years ago
  126. OH the pig superstition reminded me of another one my mom had told me…. apparently in Korea there is also another superstition where if you see a fire in your dream, then it also means good luck :)

    4 years ago
  127. I think because The Netherlands is Christian we will have a lot of the same superstitions as a lot of other counties.

    So stuff like sneezing three times in succession will mean that today or tomorrow will see good weather. Friday the 13th being bad luck (although I don’t think we skip the 13th floor in buildings like some countries). Don’t walk under a ladder because it is bad luck, crossing paths with a black cat is bad luck. Horseshoe over the door is good luck (but be sure to put the curve down and the endings up or the luck will leak out). And some people do the salt thing, either throwing it over the left shoulder when spilled or taking some along for good luck. Knocking on wood after saying something as not to jinx yourself.

    The Dutch soccer team, during the World Championship of 2010 where we got to the finals wore these (now very hip or the trend has passed already) bracelets with a magnet in it, it was supposed to help although I am not sure how (and of course athletes usually have like socks they HAVE to wear, or putting one sock on first before the other or do something else to be lucky).

    When you get sudden shivers people say someone just walked over your grave (of the person you were in your past life).

    When you see a circle of mushrooms it is called a witches’ circle (although this is more a term to explain that you saw a circle of mushrooms and not really believing it was done by witches today. Back in the old days people did think it was done by witches).

    If you lose an eyelash you put it on your hand, make a wish and try to blow it off. If it flies off easily your wish will come through.

    When your ear itches it means someone is talking about you.

    I believe saying bless you or gesundheit (or gezondheid in Dutch) is based on superstition. As is the covering your mouth when you yawn. Demons could use it to take over your body and all that.

    There are a ton more but seeing I came from a pretty level headed family that didn’t buy into this all I have no idea how prevalent some of the more obscure ones are in modern society.

    4 years ago
  128. MG

    Superstitions In Puerto Rico

    The first shower or rain fall In the Month of May , run outside and it will bring you Luck.

    Lefties are not allowed in Heaven, even tho it’s not so believed now many mother will force teach their children to write Right handed so there are a lot of Lefties that end up ambidextrous. ( I’m ambidextrous)

    If the Avocados don’t ripen early there will be hurricanes.

    Every New Years right at midnight we throw a bucket of water outside a door, window or balcony to symbolize the emptying of bad things from the old year and a fresh start to the new year.

    If you wake up to one or more of your outside animals dead it is believed A CHUPACABRA killed them.

    4 years ago
  129. in georgia

    dont swing your legs cause your dad will have debts
    dont whistle inside your house cause your dad will have debts
    dont chew a chewing gum in your bed at night because you are chewing dead peoples flesh (omg)
    personally I belive those superstitions are made up by parents to stop their kids from annoying habits

    it worked every time on me when I was a kid

    4 years ago
  130. Here are some of Russian superstitions :)
    As I am student, I know a lot supertiotion about exams:
    – you can’t wash or cut your hair before the exam, because you are washing away all your knowledge
    – to remember everything you have to put a student book under your pillow the night before the exam
    – you have to wear the same clothes to all your exams
    – put a 5 roubles coin into your shoe to get an A
    – to get an easy question, the night before the exam take your student’s record and holding it outside the window shout “catch an easy grade”
    – and many more

    Some superstions in every day life
    – Friday 13th is bad luck
    – if you meet a woman with empty bucket, jar or anything like that is bad luck
    – if a black cat crosses your way, you should spit three times and it is better to take another road
    – if you forgot something and returened to take you should look into a mirror
    – you can’t whistle at home – you won’t have any money
    – if you get married in May, the marriage will be burden to you
    this list is endless actually, these are that popped into my mind, there are soooooooo many superstiotions in Russia that I guess noone knows them all :D

    4 years ago
    • I’m from Poland and I know this with book under a pillow. And we have this with hair too. But say that we can’t cut it.

      4 years ago
  131. Ren

    Telling people “Bless you” when they sneeze is annoying. I don’t do it.
    Bless you ← God bless you ← You just sneezed out demonic spirits or the demonic spirits are going to take your soul you just sneezed out, either way demonic spirits.

    Though, it originated with the plague, it still has to do with mumbo jumbo I don’t believe in. You could say it’s become a polite phrase with empty meaning, but why do I need to say something to YOU when YOU just sneezed? You saying “Excuse me” for spluttering your germs and/or making a disruptive noise makes more sense.

    If someone gives me ‘the eye’ I just say Gesundheit, which means health, but that’s a mouthful…

    I wanna know, are there animal superstitions in Korea? Like the black cat, the crow, or the owl here.

    4 years ago
  132. Damn, I was married on 4th! But it was raining quite a lot, so it’s seems we’re saved :)

    4 years ago
  133. I’m Hmong, and our superstitions are pretty darn scary….
    1.) Don’t point to the moon!
    It is said that if you point to the moon, there will be a cut behind your ear. Not one of those small paper cut size, but a really big one. As if a knife has sliced your ear.

    2.) Hole in the Leaf

    It is said that if you make a hole in a leaf, and look through it, you will see dead people walking around.

    3.) Upside-Down, between your legs
    If you bend down without bending your knees, and look between your legs, a girl ghost will be seen behind you staring right back at you… staring right into your eyes. She has been described to have long black hair (Kind of like the grudge), hair covering her face, white dress and very very pale skin.

    4.)Spirits calling your name
    If you hear your name being called, don’t respond to it, unless someone is near you. Because it is believed that everything has a soul…. basically animism… If you respond to your name, they’ll take your soul and you’ll die.

    5.) Don’t Slip!
    If you go to a shaman funeral, and you slip. It is said that the dead person’s spirit will kick your spirit out, and take your body to live again. (I slipped before… gosh I was scared!)

    6.) Don’t cut your hair!
    If you’re pregnant and you cut your hair, it is said that your child’s health will fail. The growing of your hair is also the growth of your child’s health… so yeah… lol also don’t go cross bridges, lakes, rivers or any other water sources, because there are water girl spirits who can not bare a child and is jealous of you, so they may take the soul of your unborn child… causing a miscarriage.

    7.) Pepper on Weddings
    If you eat pepper at wedding, you will have a bad life…. (Never did because no pepper was ever provided at weddings -__- I am always sad TT.TT)

    8.) Dreams
    -If you dream of taking a sh*t, it means you’ll be losing money…
    -If you dream of getting money, it means stress is coming your way…
    -If you dream of getting sh*t, it means you’re going to get lots of money…
    -If you dream about money, you’ll lose money..

    9.) Name Calling
    Never call out a name at night (If the person isn’t there) because someone or something will answer back.

    10.) Sad Long walks
    If you’re sad and crying, don’t go on a long night walk or spirits will come take you with them, meaning you will die.

    These are just a few of the many many MANY Hmong Superstitions. I’m a Christian so I don’t believe most of these.. but I recommend not to provoke the spirit world… most of the superstition are told by shamans…
    However for the 2nd one, I close my eyes every time I drop something and need to pick it up… because I’m really afraid of seeing her…

    4 years ago
  134. Fan death…

    I should have been dead a long time ago then….

    4 years ago
  135. I have a crazy superstition as well…It’s bad luck to put your left shoe on before your right shoe, always put on the right shoe first “)

    4 years ago
  136. Does Korea have the superstition that if you fall asleep with your hair wet you’ll get a cold? I know it’s Japanese, but I thought I heard about it with korean superstitions, too.

    4 years ago
    • Ren

      We have that in U.S. too. But I think it only applies to people with long hair. Not sure, I always had short hair and washed it in morning or midday since I was a kid.

      4 years ago
  137. Someone had a question about religion in South Korea – I wondered if you have any comment about mandatory enlistment. The reason I brought up religion is because I’m one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and S.Korea currently holds the record for imprisonment of JWs (Currently over 840 young men who are given sentences for refusal to enlist.) I don’t think Simon and Martina have anything to worry about but have y’all ever had friends express opinions about it?

    4 years ago
    • Ren

      Wait, you are a native Korean who is a Jehovah’s Witness? And it’s against your belief system to enlist?

      4 years ago
      • I am not a native Korean, no. It’s against the beliefs of all Jehovah’s Witnesses to enlist in any military in any country – mandatory or not.
        Sorry for late reply, I forgot I made a comment!

        4 years ago
        • Ren

          It’s okay. At first I thought you meant you were living in Korea and worried about getting called.

          4 years ago
        • Nah, American here.

          4 years ago
  138. Contrary to almost all of the world, in Italy, the number 13 is very lucky! Also, there are some weird superstitions that say if you drop a spoon, a woman will come visit your house, and if you drop a fork, a man will visit. Oh! And if you ever spill salt, its veryy bad luck, so you need to throw a pinch of the spilt salt over your left shoulder to get rid of the evil spirits that are around you.

    4 years ago
    • Mav

      The spoon/woman and fork/ man visit made is way to Colombia.

      4 years ago
    • Ren

      I’m gonna drop a pure gold fork and get myself a husband! =D
      We have that salt thing in the U.S. I wonder where it originated.

      4 years ago
  139. Chi

    Baka. xDDDD
    And if someone doesn’t say “bless you” to you, isn’t it that the devil or demons will take your soul? It kind of makes sense, because your heart stops for a LITTLE LITTLE bit when you sneeze.

    4 years ago
    • the belief i grew up with that is that when you sneeze your soul is trying to escape and by saying bless you, it like shoves it back in

      4 years ago
      • Chi

        Oh yeah, that! Thanks for correcting me. That’s the correct one.

        4 years ago
  140. In the South of Spain gives bad luck wear any yellow clothes.

    4 years ago
  141. I’m from Texas and it’s the same with the rain on a wedding day.
    Most of my family is from Mexico and a superstition is getting a St. Antonio statue, take away the baby to get your daughter to find someone/get married and if your parents give up on you they turn it upside down which means forever alone.
    If someone is thinking about you, your shoelaces come undone.
    When you’re eating something and it falls off your utensil it’s because someone was staring at it. “Se le antojo!” :)

    4 years ago
    • haha, yeah if someone drops their food, we joke around “Who wanted it?? who wanted it??”
      or when someone has athlete’s foot, you should pee on their feet
      lmao, when you get hurt, your mom goes rubs it and goes, sana sana colita de rana

      Another Mexican-American in Texas here!

      4 years ago
  142. Ren

    I’m pretty sure 공 is 0. 빵점 is 0 points.

    4 years ago
  143. So according to the “Fan Death” superstition … i should be dead already? xD ahahah

    Anyway, here you are three Italian superstition~

    – For Italians, “Friday 17th” is an unlucky day.

    – If someone sweep your feet with a broom, you won’t get married.

    – 3 people should not make a bed, it’s a sign of bad-bad luck. (since the bed of a dead is usually made by 3 people )

    – It is better not to set a table for 13 people, because it’s a sign of bad luck.
    If 13 people are eating together, the table is usually setted for 14 people (An unoccupied place and “that is the seat for the dead” < said by the creepiest uncle ever *sigh )

    ( sorry for my english…Simon don't hate me!!! D: #LOL )

    4 years ago
  144. 237

    Would you guys talk about your favorite korean dramas? Also what is your personal favorite drama and which one would you like to guest star on? Also what makes a good K-Drama?

    4 years ago
  145. uh.. so I guess there’s no such thing as ceiling fans in korea??
    Ceiling Fans scare me ever since I was little. I always had this fear that something will happen while it’s on and spinning and drop on me and cut me into pieces. *shivers*

    4 years ago
  146. I’m Israeli and we have some really weird superstitions that i don’t know if other cultures have, for example – if a girl sits at the corner of a table (like, not on one of the edges, but the pointy part…) she won’t get married for 7 years. Also we have the HAMSA which is a symbol in the shape of hand with an eye in the center, and is supposed to protect you from evil. And the weirdest thing, that i didn’t even know it was weird until I was flying with a foreign flight company – when a plane lands, everyone claps and sings a song that translate to “we brought peace upon you”. I’m not sure if it’s superstition or just plain stupid, but if you ever get a chance to fly with El-Al or with a lot of Israeli people, don’t freak out it’s normal

    4 years ago
    • Ren

      Oh my god, if I was on a flight without knowing that, and everyone just started singing and clapping, I’d freak out. But probably start clapping too.

      4 years ago
  147. From a certain part of Pakistan there is a superstition if you stand in the middle of a door way it will make you become indecisive. I still believe it….

    4 years ago
  148. Oh well bad luck for my sister and me because no matter what season is it we turn our fan on and close the door and sleep. Not direct at our face but u know. But in summer we put it on our face and sleep.

    4 years ago
  149. Dream of Pigs or Dragons…:”not G-Dragons” crack me up lol

    4 years ago
  150. This blog has a nice sum up of the science behind Fan Death being real: http://askakorean.blogspot.com/2009/01/fan-death-is-real.html with rather lovely cites to the EPA and the National Weather Service. The common explanations behinds the why of Fan Death are generally bogus, but that doesn’t actually mean Fan Death doesn’t happen — it is specific to heat waves, though, and is rare.

    4 years ago
  151. I used to sleep all the time with a fan directly on me, door closed,
    windows close, clown firmly locked in the closet and i never died! Not
    I had to give my fan to my parents though because when we moved my new room has a ceiling fan and theirs didn’t.
    I quite happily sleep with my ceiling fan on, door closed, windows
    closed and clown left behind at the old house! STILL ALIVE!

    4 years ago
  152. * cries* I hate clowns. I was so shocked when the clown appeared and then it kept coming back.ㅜㅠ.

    But about the 4 thing. It is also a bad luck number in Japan. In fact people normally avoid saying shi which is a homophone in Japanese for death. Good thing you can use yon instead to say 4. That is due to the fact that in Japan they use two different readings (on and kun) for kanji.

    Also, I know that most buildings I have been in in NY don’t have a 13th floor.

    4 years ago
  153. so the 4 thing, isn’t all that true(At least, from my knowledge of the Chinese customs). Went to China, no 14th floor. But there was a 4th floor. the reason why to me is still unclear, something to do with cantonese? But I do understand the korean omen of 4 though. 4 in chinese is pronounced ‘si’. there’s four different ways to pronounce thing in chinese, which has to do with pingyin, which uses letters to write out the pronounciation, and if you count the “light sound”, there’s 5 ways. So, ‘si’ pronounced on of the ways means the # 4, and pronounced another way, means death, and that’s why it’s unlucky. But apparently, because cantonese pronounces it all differently, it makes instead 14 the unlucky number. I really have no idea how it works, but many people in china are afraid of this number. This is such a common omen, that almost all hotels, except for those in Hong Kong, will never include the 14th floor. I find it funny because over in North America, it’s instead 13 that’s the unlucky number. So b/c I live in canada, when I went to go buy a braided bracelet with beads in China, they measure my wrist size, and told me that 13 was the # that’d fit my wrist the best, which I couldn’t have b/c it was unlucky here in Canada. They were like”Oh, okay. Fifteen then.” Measured my wrist with the bracelet after, and the bracelet was so big that it’d fall off my hand. But the shop owner didn’t want to say fourteen, so my mom said, for less money, we’ll pay for 12 beads. Just make the spaces bigger. And.. yeah, that’s my story :D

    4 years ago
    • Ren

      I think by pingyin you mean tones…
      Haha. The bracelet story is really interesting.

      4 years ago
  154. Okay. So about the “4 = death” thing. In Chinese, 四 (4) is basically pronounced the same as 死 (die) and the only difference between the pronounciation is the “tone.” And because Koreans originated from China, (a really really really long time ago, before the hangul alphabet was created) I’m assuming the 4 = Death superstition stuck.

    So in Chinese culture, wearing a white cloth belt or white in you hair means death too (at funerals, you wear a white belt and a white hairpiece.) And that basically results in me not being able to wear pretty white lacy and flowerly hairties and head bands ; ~ ;

    4 years ago
  155. Martina, Martina, Martina…

    Why would you EVAR try to hide that wedding bouquet story?

    That’s so totally BAD-ASS!!!!

    Even in the context of your generally awesome wedding story that’s the best part for me.

    Plus, at this point I think Subway can write of those flowers as a marketing expense.

    4 years ago
  156. Hi Simon and Martina, what do Koreans think of foreign musicians promoting in Korea?
    Do Koreans really look down on non-Asians in the K-POP music scene, and is it true that Korean entertainment companies won’t take a non-Asian? Thanks!

    4 years ago
  157. Yeah the number 4 is also bad luck in Japan, but they actually use Chinese characters so its kinda weird that Korea does it… I guess if China and Japan do something, Korea will follow. Love triangle :3
    And what if a girlfriend buys her girlfriend high-heels?? Its more likely than a boyfriend doing it. Would she walk away?
    Hmm some superstitions here in Australia… the usual like knocking over salt, opening an umbrella indoors, walking under ladders or gateways/signs… But there’s also one that if you go walking in the bush you could be attacked by a drop bear (basically a carnivorous koala). Aboriginals believe its bad to see photos or videos of someone who has died. Also that there are creatures called bunyips living in billabongs and creeks. They have quite a few superstitions.

    4 years ago
    • Ren

      “I guess if China and Japan do something, Korea will follow.”

      Um. NO. How about the fact that they all used the Chinese characters at some point. I dunno if you we’re trying to be, but that statement was pretty offensive.

      4 years ago
      • I just said they tend to follow eachother, which they do. Korea took the superstition from pronunciation of a Chinese character which is Chinese. From China. I didn’t know they used Chinese characters in the past though, my bad.

        4 years ago
        • They still use Chinese character sometimes. Like for names and whatnot.

          4 years ago
        • Ren

          Oh, I misunderstood you I guess. I thought you meant Korea copies… >__>

          4 years ago
  158. My great grandma makes her own superstitions… One is that you can’t wear purple because bees will sting you and another is that you can’t take a picture with just three people in it because one of you will die. She has many more but I can’t remember them….

    4 years ago
    • Ren

      We had don’t wear yellow because they’ll sting you o_O Because the center part of flowers is yellow or something, I dunno @_@

      4 years ago
  159. My right hand itches all the time. That must be why i’m broke. Or maybe its because of college. Hmm…

    4 years ago
    • Try not to scratch it, maybe you can save some money that way XD (I always do that when my right hand itches)

      4 years ago
  160. I haven’t ever been told about “fan death” – but I definitely have heard of fan sickness. Weird superstition my grandma had, about how if you sleep with a fan on, especially next to your head, it cools down your head (which… is the point) and then you can get headaches, dizziness, cold…. Which is still kind of unreasonable but not as absurd (aka awesome) as the vortex of doom.

    I think it’s an Asian thing. And I LOVE all of the exam superstition.

    4 years ago
  161. first the rain thing is the same in north america. it depends on the person but i always grew up knewing that when it rains it ment it’s good luck, supposed to be like a blessing from god. (it’s like Holy water.) so when it rains god is blessing you because the rain is like coming from the heavens.

    4 years ago
  162. Apparently in Wales white cats are bad luck and black cats are good luck.

    4 years ago
  163. In Finland it’s traditional to do Midsummer’s magic. For example putting 9 different flowers under your pillow or putting your left sock on inside out to see your future husband in a dream.

    4 years ago
  164. Martina is right when it comes the tornado.

    4 years ago
  165. Hey guys :) well, here are some superstitions from Croatia (we love you <3 ) : never put your bag on the floor-you'll get poor, the thing with broken mirror-some say 4 years, some 7 years of bad luck (I guess I'll have bad luck for the rest of my life, haha), black cat crossing your path-bad luck (stupid, because I love black cats, and almost all of my cats were black…), and my "baka" says when receiving money from someone receive it with your left hand, and when giving the money to someone do it with your right hand, so when your left palm itches, it means you'll get money from someone (never happened for me :( ) and ofc number 13, walking under the ladder very bad…also if you're sick or in pain, and you don't have a pill, so someone has it and gives it to you, never say "thank you" because you'll get even sicker…there are a lot more, but who can remember all of it…

    BTW What's your connection to Croatia??

    4 years ago
    • Ren

      Ooh, U.S. has a lot of those too. I’m curious about their origin.

      4 years ago
  166. haha omg the fan death! My dad told me this on a hot day (btw we’re korean). My sister and I had the exact same reactions as you guys did haha Now I know that it is not true lol

    4 years ago
  167. For a broken Mirror in my friends country, If you look at a mirror and it breaks then you are too beautiful and lucky for the mirror to reflect — whereas in Britain where I am now, if the mirror breaks then you are ugly and have 7 years of bad luck. Also in Britain, Omen is pronounced ‘oh-men’ not ‘ah-men’. (True British spirit, always disagreeing with everyone, especially North America and France). Back in SA however the only 2 I remember are Tokoloshe: Small human-like things set to haunt and kill you (usually by burning your house or throwing you into dangerous places) which can only be stopped if you take it’s hair and control it or if you put up hedgehog skin (because they can’t survive the prickles?). And the other is if you run a child or woman over (and they die) then they will haunt you and any driver that drives past where she/he died.

    4 years ago
  168. In my observation, there can be many conflicting superstitions within single cultures:
    Example A: salt – knock over the salt shaker and it’s bad luck, toss a pinch of salt over your shoulder and it’s good luck
    Example B: glass, mirrors, pottery – break it and it’s bad luck, however, the shards are good luck (as proven by the mirror shard in Harry Potter which frees them from the Malfoy Manor.. dundundunnnnnnn)

    4 years ago
  169. Yeah I remember when I was in Korea and told my Korean friends that my “lucky number” was 4… Oh the shock (:
    The 7 years of bad luck if you break a mirror is the same here.
    You are not supposed to walk under a ladder that is tilted against a wall, so much bad luck.
    Spit three times when a black cat crosses the road.
    If you say something out loud that you don’t want to happen (like “I hope I don’t catch the flu) you have to knock on wood.
    13 = unlucky
    A lot more of course but these ones are common :) From Finland!

    4 years ago
  170. I was born on 04/04 so I must be an unlucky child haha.

    In Lao culture, I was taught you shouldn’t eat while lying down because (besides the fact you could choke of course) “you’ll turn into a snake”. Yeah, that used to scare me as a child so I never did it lol.
    Also, you shouldn’t clip your nails at night time (no idea why), stepping on pillows is considered really bad, and eating “lap” (like a meat salad) is apparently really lucky if you eat it on New Years. :)
    Awesome video guys! ^^

    4 years ago
  171. this very amusing post, thank you multinivel

    4 years ago
  172. Here in Uruguay we have a (sort of) similar superstition about moving, but instead of sweeping, you can’t take your current broom into your new house, you’re supposed to either throw it away or leave it at your old place. I think it also has something to do with “evil spirits” :)

    4 years ago
  173. Martina has family from Croatia? :o My dad’s side is from Croatia :D

    Fan death is the most ridiculous thing. I never leave a fan on when I’m sleeping because the noise bothers me and it makes me really cold, but still.

    4 years ago
  174. I found this very amusing post, thank you multinivel

    4 years ago
  175. I come from Kenya and superstitions are not necessarily national but differ according to tribes in the country, so in my tribe there is a strong belief that, and this irks me, an Owl hooting in your compound will lead to death. That’s right the owl is a grim reaper. I once saw an owl outside my apartment. Just there sitting on the street light pole, it was white and greyish and awesome cause i had never seen one and i told my parents….. BIG MISTAKE!! They tried convincing me that i was delusional because obviously i would never wish death on my family, Would I??!!!! (read, you saw nothing, convince your mind)
    We are all alive, that was i think 5 years ago. But still, they still believe it.

    4 years ago
  176. 1) Fan Death: I should’ve died years ago in that case haha. I don’t like having my windows open in the summer unless it is windy because it gets too hot and humid in my area that the window does nothing, I need a fan on to not die from the heat, and I absolutely can not sleep with my door open.

    2) High Heels: As soon as you said it I immediately thought of the Infinite video too! I wonder though, does that only work if the guy buys them without the girl being present? What if I’m with my boyfriend and I want him to buy them for me? Who’s gonna pay for my shoes then?

    3) Red Pens: Teachers must be out to murder me then. Pretty much every teacher I’ve had has written a note regarding how to improve an assignment on the back or whatever, and they of course use red pens.
    Does that work if you write your own name, like a suicide by red pen or something?

    4) Catching the Bouquet: I wonder what happens when they hand it off and then that girl’s engagement gets broken off? Does that reflect on the bride’s marriage? Hm….I avoid the bouquet at weddings, I don’t want to catch it haha. Not because of getting married, just more I don’t want the attention of it.
    Oh, do they have anything like tossing the garter in Korea?

    5) Numbah 4!: So the skipping of 4th floors would be like skipping of 13th floors or room number six-hundred and sixty-six (666 is the devil’s number for those who don’t know.) in hotels and offices and whatever here in the U.S.
    But yeah, don’t understand why it is a Korean superstition if it is based off of a Chinese word. *shrugs*

    6) Rain on Wedding Day: I wouldn’t say it is bad luck per say, I just would hate to have it rain on my wedding day. Think of the dress! Or if you planned on taking your wedding photos outside, or if you were having an outside wedding… And now I’m picturing the wedding scene in the movie Sweet Home Alabama.

    7) Exam Day: The only exam things I can think of are that you should eat breakfast on days you have exams (you should every day, but especially then to help give your brain the energy and all that), and I had one teacher who always gave out mints during tests because it would help stimulate the brain or something…or she was just super nice.

    8) Animal Dreams: I need to start dreaming of piggies..and buying lottery tickets.

    9) Moving: I’d be seriously annoyed if I moved into a house that was left dirty by the previous owners. I already have to move all of my crap, now I need to clean before I bring anything inside too?

    Some superstitions I can think of: The umbrella and mirror things. A black cat crossing your path, walking under an open ladder, and spilling salt are bad luck. ‘Find a penny, pick it up, and all day you’ll have good luck,’ but only if it is heads up. We used to avoid cracks on the sidewalk because ‘Step on a crack and you break your mother’s back.’ (That one used to really frighten me as a kid because my mom had multiple surgeries on her back when I was younger.)
    I don’t know if these ones are superstitions or not, but I did the last two a lot growing up: Doing whatever ritual in order for it to snow and to get a snow day, the only one I remember is wearing your pajamas inside out and backwards. Hold your breath and cross your fingers when driving past a cemetery. If you drive under train tracks and there is a train on them at the time, you touch the roof of the car and make a wish. I actually still do this. It has become habit because one of the highways nearby goes under a train overpass, so I did it all of the time.

    Wow..long comment lol. Oh well, they were fun to think about.

    P.S. Martina is technically right. The center of the tornado would be ‘calm’, like it is with hurricanes. The major difference is that the center of tornadoes are way smaller than what you find with hurricanes (which can extend for miles) and the center is immediately struck by the chaotic winds forming the funnel. That makes it harder to really tell that there is an actual center where anything calm could happen, unless the storm is huge.

    4 years ago
  177. Oh sweet Jesus… Seroiusly you gotta be kidding about that fan death thing cuz I have I mean I HAVE to sleep with a fan on every night even during the winter months.*Yes I’m crazy but I need the noise~*

    4 years ago
  178. In my Hmong culture, during weddings were not supposed to eat anything spicy. Eating something spicy can mean the start of a spicy /rocky marriage. It’s funny cuz my sisters and I love spice with all our meals so we sneak out to eat Mexican food during weddings. ≧﹏≦

    4 years ago
  179. According to two of my Korean friends, dreaming of poop is also very lucky!

    4 years ago
  180. uhhmmmm….yeahh…fan death….i have a fan in my room and i always keep my window n door closed and i have the fan blowing at me at night…its not on high buuuut stillll…i didn’t die lollll (not the last time i checked) ^^”

    4 years ago
  181. Oh, I have Korean friends who believed in fan death, that’s always a hilarious conversation to have. I usually try to make it a point to bring it up at some point while getting to know someone to see their reaction to it and thus far I’d say it’s about 50/50 at this point. So yeah… :)

    4 years ago
  182. Vietnamese has the same superstition for umbrellas and I think the mirror too. I just don’t know how many years.

    We also have one of never eating the chicken’s (especially the rooster’s) head or they’ll crow in your stomach (aka stomach ache).

    I read a Japanese one where if you leave your new(?) shoes out on a certain day, a type of ghost will steal your shoes.

    4 years ago
  183. Hey guise, this blog post explains how fan death actually works! It’s a pretty net blog too, I think other nasties may like it http://askakorean.blogspot.com/2009/01/fan-death-is-real.html

    4 years ago
  184. oh my gosh! i used to say explaination point! my sister thought it was ridiculous and told me it was “exclamation point” and started calling me an idiot…

    4 years ago
  185. Some superstitions I can think of are:

    -Don’t step on pavement/cement cracks
    -Black cats crossing your path (I had a black cat… that must be why i never win EYK CD giveaways! hahahaha XP )
    -Itchy palms means (i think) “money is coming your way” or something like that
    -Hot ears means someone is speaking about you
    -Stepping on railroad tracks (the metal rail part)
    -walking under ladders
    -for marriage the something borrowed something blue…six pence in her shoe…ect story
    -groom not seeing the bride in her gown before the wedding

    I think more people would die of heat exhaustion if they didn’t turn the fans on XD Superstitions are so funny!
    (On the number 13 thing, there are some buildings in NA that will skip this level too!)

    4 years ago
    • they also skip row 13 in airplanes a lot of the time

      4 years ago
    • I have a black cat! He’s such a good cat ^^ I remember when I was little my friends would always say “Step on a crack break your mothers back” soooo i never steped on a crack on the pavement lol but i tried it and my moms back wast broken! Ha! take that superstition!…i thought it was if you heard ringing in your ears then that was when someone was talking about you?…I hate itchy palms….. (those are just some of my experiences with superstitions ^^)

      4 years ago
      • yes, i loved my black cat! the only danger he cause me was when he would try to sleep on my feet… while i was walking…..-_-
        i always knew it as hot/warm/red ears. I thought ringing in your ears is just when you listen to something loud. lol

        4 years ago
        • My cat is odd…he walks to the bus stop with me then waits for me to get on the bus (he just sits there) then when we drive away he walks home lol and the most trouble he causes me is when hes right under my feet when im walking, he makes me trip over him -_________-. cats are troublemakers ^^”.
          I guess the people I heard it from were wrong then lol (about the ringing in your ears), i also think i might have heard someone say something about red ears meaning that too…buuuut i’m not sure ^^”

          4 years ago
  186. Here’s some superstitions I grew up with or hearing about:

    If your eyelash falls on your cheek, pick it up between your thumb and forefinger. When you open your fingers, if it is on your thumb, you will be granted a wish. If not, you’re just out of luck.

    Don’t walk under an open ladder – I guess so it won’t fall on top of you or you won’t make the person on the ladder fall off, IDK.

    Don’t cross a black cat’s path – it will bring you bad luck.

    When you are driving and cross under a yellow light, touch the interior car ceiling and you will have a date that weekend.

    If your right palm itches, you will come into money.

    And there’s always the chicken drumstick bone!!

    I’m a little worried to say this (for fear it might come true now) – but this one made me laugh: Don’t take a bath at night, you’ll hurt your bones – because I take a bath EVERY night! Couldn’t live without my bath-time!! And I have never had a broken bone in my life (knock on wood). :-)

    4 years ago
  187. In Portugal it’s also lucky if it rains on your wedding day. They say it will be a “blessed” wedding :)

    4 years ago
  188. Hey guys, just so you know, the whole “four” and “death” thing is not because of the Chinese way of pronouncing them. The Korean way of saying four “sa” is a homophone for the word death in Korean as well. That’s why lots of old Korean horror movies will feature the fourth floor of apartments or offices.

    4 years ago
  189. i suppose everyone in korea is glad to be asleep at 4:44 am on april 4th.

    4 years ago
    • What about 4:44 pm?

      4 years ago
      • They actually use 24 hour time so 4:44 pm would actually be 16:44. I don’t think they really worry about 16 even though it’s 4X4

        4 years ago
      • there running wild in the streets and then 4:45 comes and it goes back to normal

        4 years ago
      • maybe the country blacks out at 4:43 and nobody moves till 4:45? (in reality i just forgot about that since we don’t use the am/pm system in germany xD)

        4 years ago
  190. i think that the high heel superstition is actually about no giving any kind of shoes to your bf/gf cuz they will leave you

    4 years ago
  191. Must… Resist… Laughing… At Fan… Death… Do Not… Want… To Look… Like a Jerk… *resistance fails; laughs, they are everywhere*

    *ahem* Seriously, though? I’ve slept in a room with a fan and no open windows before, and I came out just fine; maybe because my door doesn’t close all the way? Anyway, this was one interesting TL;DR. It was nice to get a really silly one since the last few have been serious and/or informational XD

    4 years ago
  192. My gramma (Appalachian hill billy for grandmother) used to warn me that if I bit my fingernails I would lose my voice permanently. I’m not sure if that was old-school wisdom from the mountain shack she was raised in (seriously, we’re talking Beverly Hillbillies, I reckon Jeb ain’t schoolin’ the yankees, this possum ain’t been dead that long just eat your stew, kind of folk) or if she just didn’t like me chewing on my cuticles. I suppose the world will never know.

    4 years ago
  193. I’ve always wondered why my mum never let me have a fan in my room in summer with my door shut. It’s a Vietnamese? Chinese? (not quite sure) superstition too. Dammit fan death! I can’t sleep without being all sweaty in summer because of you >.<
    I've also realised, quite a few superstitions label the left hand-side of your body as lucky e.g. throwing salt over your left shoulder yet in some countries label the left side as the devil side (something like that). I'm sure I would be most welcome in those countries, being a left hander ^ ^

    4 years ago
  194. the fan superstition is actually about:
    the fan blows out CO2, that is why they say not to do so!! you may suffocate? no. probably not. but my mum and i think that it is an extra procaution.(: INFORMATION PROVIDED BY A KOREAN(:

    4 years ago
    • Umm…there’s no chemical reaction going on within a fan. It just moves the air. Going in, coming out, still the same air. No way a huge fan blade can split (or combine?) molecules.

      4 years ago
      • umm…yes you are probably right. but im just stating what koreans believe..all my family members and my friends family members say so.. also i was just using the logic of us humans too, we may breath in air but we exhale CO2.
        i understand if i dont sound l make sense, but i was just informing y’all on other korean peoples perspectives..

        4 years ago
  195. Now I understand why my appa refuses to close his windows when he sleeps with a fan and nags me about leaving the fan on in a closed room. It makes so much sense now wow….thanks Simon and Martina you have clarified a nagging question I have had for years. And that gets me thinking:

    My umma always fed me seaweed soup, eggs, or toasted bred or a combination of all of those foods before a huge test day hmmmmm maybe that’s why I did horrible on my SAT’s….UMMA HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME?

    My pastor that moved into the U.S. two years ago was surprised when I said bless you when he sneezed. He joked about it later on and said, “Wow Americans are so considerate of others in Korea one time I was in the subway and someone sneezed and an ajumma, and ajussi both said in unison SHUT UP!” Oh he also does not like to leave bedroom doors closed when the air conditioner is on. He says the air must ventilate everywhere in the house and balance out the temperature or you might get hypothermia.

    I think the high heel superstition is maybe, MAYBE it is a warning against gold diggers???? I don’t know I can barely run in heels at best I can turkey jog with heels before twisting my ankle.

    Oooooooooooh tomorrow (or today?) is April 4

    4 years ago
    • oh and a little superstition don’t leave your belly exposed when you are sleeping it will get you a cold or constipation

      4 years ago
  196. In France if you see the same number for hours and minutes like 11:11 or 00:00 it’s good luck.

    4 years ago
  197. In the Tower of London (England) there are some tame raven which are kept there, if these ravens leave then it would mean the crown of Britain would be lost. Pretty cray cray shizzle.

    4 years ago
  198. In France we always eat bread for breakfast. Is that why I failed my recent tests? I WILL BE THE FIRST FRENCH TO NOT EAT BREAD ANYMOOOORE! What I want my diploma!
    Plus, we say “à vos souhaits” after a sneeze which means something like “to your wishes” just like if sneezing could make your dream come true. Funny….or stupid?!

    4 years ago
  199. The clown terrified me farewell world

    4 years ago
  200. @simonandmartina:disqus the superstition is not just about high heels. it’s about shoes in general. boyfriends are not supposed to buy their girls any kind of shoes because it somehow signifies either a desire for the girl to leave the relationship or a precursor to the girl walking away/leaving

    4 years ago
  201. Martina is right about the tornado. I’ve been through a tornado and it did seem calmer at the centre (though it wasn’t huge or anything) and it was kinda hard to breath/smelled funny.

    4 years ago
  202. lol the fan thing is so funny but I can relate. My husband (korean) never let us have a fan in our room even when we used to live in a house with no a/c and in the night time we would die from the heat. Still no fan allowed in our room :( lol i believed now for a couple years that it was true, even my little boy I wouldn’t let him fall asleep beside a fan or have one in his room. I guess it was all superstition lol

    4 years ago
  203. Two of my Korean friends once told me that if you dream of poop, that’s really lucky, too!

    4 years ago
  204. The fan on in my room, no problem. However… that clown… scared the ever loving shit out of me…

    4 years ago
  205. In sweden you’re suposed to hang a horseshoe over your door, but it’s real messed up and no one really knows how to do it because if you put it like a U then the devil will sit in it and if you turn it the other way all the luck will pour out so…

    Oh, and if you wear a skirt when traveling something bad will happen while you’re gone, and if you don’t pee read after eating beetrot you are cursed and having sex on the first date not only makes you a slut (okay sry guys) but it’s also said that if you do that the condom will break or your pill won’t work or something and you WILL get pregnant lol XD

    4 years ago
    • Also, you have to walk ONLY on the white stripes when crossing the street or you will get as many years of unhappines as there were stripes on that crosswalk. Many people look hilarious while crossing the street here ;)

      4 years ago
  206. In Denmark we have this weird superstition around Christmas. Apparently, there are these little things living in our attics called “nisser”. They’re kind of like mini santas, but if you don’t give them porridge made from rice every day in December, they will make trouble in your house XD

    4 years ago
  207. I watch twister so i know what you are talking about Martina ^_~

    4 years ago
  208. in the summer, if I don’t fall asleep with a fan on, I pretty much die… so it’s like a catch-22?? haLP Korea, what have you done to me?

    4 years ago
  209. I’m not sure if these are Canadian specifically, but I learned a lot from my Acadian grandmother:

    If you pull a loose string from your clothing, you will travel somewhere. You’re supposed to wrap it around your pointer finger; the number of times it wraps around signifies how many miles you will travel.

    If you sneeze, someone is talking about you.

    If your nose is itchy, someone is thinking about you.

    Throwing salt over your left shoulder is good luck, over the right is bad luck.

    4 years ago
  210. Hey Simon and Martina,
    What is Korea’s take on religious differences. If, for example, and Muslim, Jew or Hindu were in South Korea what would the response be? Have you guys seen diversity in religion in South Korea?

    4 years ago
    • If you’re a Korean saying that you’re a Muslim, Jew or Hindu, people will think you’re joking because those religions are so rare among Koreans. If you’re a foreigner, however, people will understand and respect your religion. But the truth is, people know almost nothing about those minority religions, so expect to face some awkward situations.

      4 years ago
  211. in our country if your left hand-palm- is itchy that means you’ll get a lot of money today but if your right hand-palm- is itchy somone will die in your family !!

    4 years ago
  212. In Belgium: if your right ear itches then someone is thinking bad about you. If it’s your left ear then it’s something good.
    Make your test with the same pen that you used to study, it brings luck.
    Don’t walk underneed a ladder.
    If a lady bug comes sit on you than it will bring you luck. If you kill one, you’ll get bad luck.
    Bad luck in games is good luck,in love.
    A horseshoe brings good luck.
    There are a lot of those superstition things almost all from in the ols times.

    4 years ago
  213. My parents are from Pakistan and whenever I go there they forbid anyone from drinking water after eating ice cream because apparently you’ll get very very sick. Also some Pakis believe that burying a disabled person in sand during an eclipse will heal them -_- (course ma family doesn’t believe that)

    4 years ago
  214. For the next tldr can u tell us how since canada did you start loving korea and everything rwlated to it?

    4 years ago
  215. I love how I read this in an English/British accent and it was freaking amazing!

    4 years ago
  216. In the US its bad luck to

    Have a black cat walk infront of you especially on your wedding day.

    Drive by a cemetery on your wedding day

    Spill salt

    Walk under ladders

    Say something bad that you dont want to happen then not knock on wood.

    Say god d**n it

    Open an umbrella indoors

    Friday the 13th

    Having “Beginners luck”

    Picking up a penny is ‘good luck’ but its actually bad

    Bunny feet bring good luck

    Bad luck comes in threes

    the number six hundred sixty six is bad luck if in number form

    make a wish on the wish bone at thanksgiving if you get the bigger piece and it will come true.

    cross your fingers for good luck

    saying good luck to an actor is bad luck your supposed to say break a leg

    saying macbeth in a theatre will make the theatre go bankrupt.

    Hanging horse shoes over your door like a u is good luck

    bride and groom cant see eachother the day of the wedding.

    4 years ago
  217. Serbian superstitions: Wear something red or put in a pocket some garlic so someone’s evil thought’s won’t effect you ^^ and if you’re planning to get married, choose a day during a full moon so you’re marriage would be happy and fulfilled or something (it doesn’t mean to get married during the night :D ) Also, if you come across a bill or a coin on a crossroad..picking it up would be bad luck transferred to you from the person who dropped it. ^^

    4 years ago
  218. 3) Don’t Crack an Egg on an Exam Day:

    WTF YO? What’s with all of these things you’re not supposed to do an eat on exam days? Why so many superstitions about exams? Korea takes its education seriously. You know what’s North American superstition for exam days? Don’t sleep in on exam days. It’ll result in bad grades, because you didn’t attend the damned test!


    4 years ago
  219. your french is quite…mmmh…interesting? ^^

    4 years ago
  220. martina’s clothing is just so sweet XD

    4 years ago
  221. OMG! I received a K-drama calendar and I wrote EXO’s and SHINee’s birthday on it with their names in RED! Does that mean… Oh no… I hope not…
    Wait, did Jonghyun broke his nose because of me?

    4 years ago
  222. What is the most common religious practices in Korea? Is monotheistic religions practiced in Korea (and by Koreans)? 

    4 years ago
  223. We’re so superstitious where I live, it’s crazy.

    Like there are things pregnant women shouldn’t do (like eat straight out of a pot or a bag, or keep opening the window and looking out). And if you want a fast delivery of a child, you should head outside for a bit right when you wake up in the morning.

    And since I was small, I’ve been told animals know and see things we can’t, and that they understand us.

    Another thing is that we’re supposed to treat dogs and crows/ravens well because they payback. I’ve actually seen someone hurt a dog, only to have 3 boils on his body at once.
    There’s more, but this is getting long already (IMO). And yes, I believe most of these because I’ve seen them to be true.

    4 years ago
  224. Spanish superstitions

    Appart from the tipical black cat, stairs, mirror, umbrella, wood touching, finger crossing and such:

    -Tuesday 13th is bad luck.

    -When someone snezees, we say Jesus. Apparently it’s because people though it was our soul trying to leave our body, something that Satan took as a chance to go inside. So people said Jesus so Satan wouldn’t enter.

    -If you spill salt on the table because you accidentally dropped the bottle, you will have bad luck.
    -Finding a coin or a four-leaf clover is good luck.
    -If your ear rings, someone is talking about you.

    -If you go out of bed, starting to walk with your left foot, you will have bad luck the rest of the day.

    -In a wedding, people throw rice at the couple for good luck and fertility.

    -If one of your lashes falls on your cheek, it is good luck to pick it, and blow it away while thinking of a wish.

    4 years ago
    • in Argentina we have does superstitions too, with a few additions and changes:
      – if you find a coin or a four leaf clover you have to make a wish
      – if you spill salt you have to put a small amount on your left hand and throw it over your left shoulder to protect you from bad luck
      – when we pass the salt we have to leave it on the table for the other person to grab it, because there was a time where salt was very valuable up to the point of being used as a currency. So when people were paid with a kilogram of slat it was left on the table to make sure that nothing would be missing when it was passed from hand to hand
      – when your having a bad headache it’s because someone is saying bad things about you
      – for weddings the bride should wear a white or blue garter on her right led for good luck

      – if one of your eye lashes falls on your cheek, you should make a wish a place it on your chest
      – if it’s raining on a sunny day (yes, it is possible) it’s because an old woman it’s getting married (thins on is weird, but my mom always mentions it)
      – you must not get married or board a plane or boat on the 13th

      4 years ago
  225. In Argentina, if it rains on your wedding day, it’s bad luck, same if you open an umbrella indoors, break mirrors or walk under stairs. If you find money on the street or a four leaved clover, it means good luck. But I think all of these come from european heritage, none are local. I pay no attention to this stuff though.

    4 years ago
  226. Where I’m from (St. Croix, US Virgin Islands), if you sweep someone’s feet, they won’t get married, and if you walk over their legs, it will stunt their growth.

    Some others that I heard of (not all from the USVI, but I have friends from other Caribbean islands):
    If you bathe in the ocean on Good Friday, you will turn into a fish. (This one..I…lmao)
    When you’re entering your house at night, always walk in backwards because if the Jumbie (evil spirits) see your face, they won’t enter your home.
    Don’t take our trash out after 6 because you’re taking the wealth out of your house.
    If your left palm itches, you will get money. If your right itches, you will lose it.
    If the sole of your feet (I can’t remember if it was a specific foot) itches, you will get new shoes.
    If you hear a ringing in your ear, someone is talking about you.

    4 years ago
  227. In Germany, if a cat crosses the street from left to right it’s bad luck. You have to spit on a stone or throw three stones over the cat’s path in order to get rid of the bad luck. There are also a lot of people who have a “Good luck sock” or another piece of clothing/jewelery that they carry around to important events.
    As for weddings, during the bachelor party you break dishes and during the wedding the husband and wife saw a log together.

    4 years ago
  228. Simon, hate to burst your bubble, but Martina was correct about the center being the most calm part of the tornado. If that ‘Fan Death’ thing were true, I would have died 1,000 times by now. If I want to sleep well during the summer, I’ll risk using the fan.

    4 years ago
  229. Muahahaha! Some are just so funny!!:)
    I live in Mauritius(a small island in the indian ocean) and well, since we’re multiracial, we’ve got superstitions from different cultures and some of our own… I can relate to the “do not open umbrellas inside” since it’s gonna cause the roof to leak… uhm… there’s also one that says that if someone swipes the broom on your feet then you won’t get married… and if a pigeon(or whatever bird) poos on you, you should definitely buy a lottery ticket!! Oh and also, if you eat in a saucepan(like, whenever) then it’ll rain on your wedding day… There are much more but those are the ones that come to my mind right now… Aside from those we obviously have the common ones(13, mirror, walking under ladder, blackcat.. etc)
    btw I’d like to say something for the number 4… It’s not because the character resembles death, it’s because it sounds like the word death…. I’m of chinese origin so I should know~ And it’s funny how in China they literally don’t have floor number 4, it jusy goes from 3 to 5…xD

    P.s: Your french didn’t make sense!!xD grammatical mistake…^^”

    4 years ago
  230. Here’s the superstition I find the scariest in Romania: If an owl stays on your house or flies around it, one of your relatives will die..

    4 years ago
  231. Now that a think about it, I remembered a time when I was younger and you werent suppose to step on – what do you call it in english – wells!? We have it on the ground with the letter A or K on! The A-ones you werent suppose to walk on = bad luck! On the other hand K-wells brought you luck! Why the hell that!? XD If someone knows – please answer me :)

    4 years ago
  232. ahahahah when i heard you were talking about the fan death i though that was a kind of people really into death stuff, idealizing it. The ventilator stuff didn’t cross my mind until you showed a picture of it
    Anyway i’m not really into superstitions so i don’t know any except the mirror stuff, the cat and things like that

    4 years ago
  233. for the “4,” koreans pronounce it “sah” and the Hanja for “death” is also pronounced “sah.” Unless we write it, b/c so many Korean letters have the same pronunciation but written differently, we avoid the 4. For the high heels, traditionally it used to be shoes and it comes from Chinese superstitions but since it’s 21st century, we modernized the shoes into high heels. It’s like how westerners think pretty high heels will bring girls to beautiful places, except for Krns girls they will run away from men LOL (it could be also vice versa, where females gift men shoes and men will cheat and run away). For the bouquet thing, that’s also modernized and altered from the traditional Western culture (obviously b/c there is no “bouquet” in Traditional Korean Wedding).

    4 years ago
  234. Jepp! Friday 13th people always say (at least around me) its a bad day, in Sweden ;) And YES it is said that if it rains on your wedding day it means good luck! :)

    4 years ago
  235. More superstitions from Romania: you shouldn’t dream a bride, because someone emotiaonally close to you will die but dreaming with snakes, crocodiles or reptiles, in general, means good luck and money

    4 years ago
  236. I always thought the eye of tornadoes are the calmest too, Martina!! Also, that in tornadoes cows fly and stuff….

    4 years ago
  237. I in other hand, heard from my japanese teacher that in Tokyo and in Osaka (she is from there) baka has different tone. In other one it isn’t that insulting, it’s more like “oh you little dummy” but in other it is. And aho which means idiot too is insult in one where baka isn’t and via verse XDD Unfortunately I don’t remember in which one baka was insult.

    4 years ago
    • I’ll second this, because I work in a Japanese high school, and teachers call students “baka” all the time. Students call each other that all the time too. I’ve even had a student call me “baka” (though, in that context, it was quite rude, and she was scolded a bit for it).

      4 years ago
  238. So, apparently you shouldn’t put new shoes on a table. Up until a couple weeks ago, I thought this was just something my crazy mother made up but one my coworkers bought a new pair of shoes online and the office manager brought them to him and he made a point not to put them on his desk. He confirmed that his mother also told him not to put new shoes on the table because it’s bad luck. I think this must be a UK thing from the 50s or 60s because I’ve never ever ever heard of it until that moment in time. XD

    4 years ago
  239. There’s this one in Poland, that you shouldn’t light your cigarettes on a candle because a sailor will die.

    4 years ago
  240. Is it true that you are older in Korea???

    4 years ago
    • Well, in Korea they add 1 more year to your age. I think it’s because they count from one. When you get born you’re already 1 year old. So..yeah, I guess you’re one year older in Korea :)

      4 years ago
  241. Raining on a wedding day means good luck in Romania too :)

    4 years ago
  242. A superstition here, in Romania, is not to laugh on Friday night because you’ll end up crying on Sunday..REALLY?!

    4 years ago
  243. In Iceland there’s a superstition that certain rocks, mounds or hills are not to be built on, because that is where the ‘hidden people’ or elves live. Like seriously, I remember getting told stories when I was young about how contractor’s would ignore this and try to build on it and the building machines would mysteriously stall every time they tried to build on it.

    Also, supposedly my great-great-grandfather’s best cow died because he harvested the hay around a certain boulder after having had a dream about a women coming out of it and asking him not to because it was her garden…

    4 years ago
  244. I’ve never heard of fan death before. That was interesting!
    Here, in Mexico, the ones I can remember are:
    -If you sit on the corner of the table while eating, you won’t get married.
    -If somebody sweeps your feet (?) (you know, by accident or sth? Hahaha) you’ll marry an old man.
    -If your baby has hiccups, you should put a string(?) from the mother’s clothes on the baby’s forehead.
    -If you eat sth directly from the pan/pot, it will rain on your wedding day.
    And the traditional ones of the broken mirror, not walking under the ladder, tuesday 13 is a bad luck day, the groom shouldn’t see the bride before the ceremony, etc.

    4 years ago
  245. Martina, you broke a bone every year for seven years?! OMG! *mouth hangs open* I cannot even fathom breaking one bone. You’re one tough lady!

    “If you write it in blue pen it becomes a cashew.” ROFL. This video is brilliant. I keep snorting at random intervals. I am mentally squeeing in glee at the Twister reference.

    I need to think of more Filipino superstitions and will come back to edit this, but my old nanny used to tell me to NEVER sleep with wet hair because it’ll cause me to go bald. Oh! Another one is with wakes/funerals, if you (the one with the death in the family) have guests leaving, you shouldn’t bring them to the door or to their cars, otherwise they will take any evil spirits with them. Also, if coming from a wake, do not go directly home; drop by some other place, any other place (convenience store, coffee shop, restaurant, etc) for “pagpag” (brush off), meaning to brush off any lingering spirits that may have come with you from the wake, so you avoid bringing them into your home.

    4 years ago
  246. In Denmark it’s considered bad luck to put new shoes on the table. Spilling salt means you will cry before evening but spilling sugar (accidently) means good luck.
    During the wedding reception you cut a hole the grooms socks to prevent him from proposing to other women. Also during the wedding reception, ripping the brides veil is considered good luck, the more pieces the better.

    4 years ago
  247. OMG! Martina! The mirror-thing happened to me as well! :D I once broke my friend’s mirror and she resulted having bad luck that whole day…. But then I thouched some bunny legs and I think everything turned out O.K. :)

    4 years ago
  248. I have one… im not sure where it came from but my friends always do it…. it consists in pinching someone’s shoulder when you see a nun walikng close to you…. and saying some “magic” words I never get to hear…. it is something about the good luck you get from seeing a nun and passing your luck onto others so you dont loose it… Im not sure… but its funny to see my friends all pinching each others’ shoulders when they see a nun! and scream and run in the process! ;)

    4 years ago
    • My sister is a nun! I’m glad that we don’t have that around here or my shoulders would be black and blue from all the pinching!!!

      4 years ago
    • i remember something similar during my childhood days. however, it was extremely racist when i think about it. in singapore, we have a mix of chinese, malays and indian people living here. so my friends and i (being chinese) would play a game of “what’s the color” every time we see a Sikh (turban wearing) person walk by. what we’ll do is when you spot the Sikh, you have to quickly pinch your friend’s earlobe and ask “what’s the color?” and keep pinching until he gives you the correct color of the Sikh’s turban. nobody does it nowadays. now i think of it, its really racist.

      4 years ago
      • well yes that sounds very racist!!!! I hope people dont do that to this day!!

        4 years ago
  249. 4 is my lucky number,… ohno!!

    4 years ago
  250. oh my so many superstitions xD HAHAHAH Oh well, most of ours are pretty similar to the american ones like breaking a mirror means bad luck, don`t spill salt, uhm. bad number 13. But here`s a funny one, when you see a black cat passing you right? our way to get rid of it is to find a drainspotting and then walk in circles around it for ehm.. (dunno how many times) and then the bad luck is gone. Then we have the umbrella thingy, and for some reason it means bad luck to lay new shoes on your table what so ever O.o so yeah most of the superstitions here are pretty similar to american`s

    4 years ago
  251. I’m from Norway, and I think we have some of the same superstitions as North America.
    It means bad luck if you kill a spider, if you break a mirror, see a black cat cross the road, and if the bridegroom see his bride in her weddingdress before the wedding. It also means bad luck if the 13th is on a Friday.
    there is probably a lot more, but those are the ones I remember right now.

    4 years ago
  252. most of my close friends are from mexico and very often a weird superstition will come up and I’l be so confused
    one time we made fresh brownies and when they came out of the oven I started to cut them and put them on plates so we could all eat them while they were still warm but apparently you cant eat breads while there hot because it will make you sick.
    Also some people where I live put little owl statues up to scare away demons

    4 years ago
  253. Since I am from Naples (Italy) the amount of superstitions are way too many to list here… Not an entire blog would be enough to list them all.

    But there are few I can list:

    -If a girl sit in a corner of a table she will not marry. Same if she, or anyone else, touches with a broom her feet.

    – A woman going to marriage needs to wear a blue thing, a old thing and a borrowed thing.

    – If you hear a owl (the white kind specially) in the very early morning (like 3-4am) someone dear to you will die.

    -If you wear a t shirt/top wrong way you are invited somewhere you still don’t know.

    -For us it is the Friday 17th that is very bad. You can’t leave your house on that day or you will be in very high danger.

    -Also for us, breaking a mirror will bring you bad luck for 7 years.

    -Do not drop salt or oil, you will loose money! If salt, take some and throw it back on your left side.

    -Do not walk under any kind of ladder or stairs, very bad luck.

    -Cut your hair only on the new moon.

    -Do not put a hat of any kind on your bed.

    -Have a garlic braid in your house to keep the evil away from it and have a red horn (chilli look alike) with you to keep away the evil eye from you.

    -Do not sit at a table in 13. It is bad luck. It comes from the last supper of Jesus where he died after eating with his 13 disciples (yes, they were 13).

    -On the new year, throw out of the balcony window all the old plates and glasses (smash!)… good luck for the new coming time…

    This are only few of the things we believe in. There are thousands more since our history is way too long… but some are surely funny. :D

    4 years ago
    • Just want to comment that the Last Supper/13 thing is Jesus eating with the 12 Apostles, so there were 13 people total at the table.

      4 years ago
  254. In Korean and Chinese culture (maybe other cultures also), it is considered bad luck to give someone a knife as a present, because it is like cutting off the relationship. So if you do give someone a knife by accident, then they will give you a small amount of money (maybe a coin) as “payment” for the knives to ward off the bad luck.

    4 years ago
  255. Well this is a personal superstition in a a sense, if you wear pants you die. At least without a belt, maybe. I’ve always been scared that if a serial ever confronts me while I’m wearing pants as I run away my pants will fall down, I’ll trip and then be murdered. Now that I’ve bestowed that weirdness it is awkward sooooo bye.

    4 years ago
  256. Some hungarian ones that popped into my mind:
    1. If you’re sick and someone gives you medicine don’ say “thank you” because then it won’t make the pain go away.
    2. If you hit your elbow and touch it, that means you’ll have a suprise guest.
    3. If you step into dog poo you’ll be lucky, same if a bird poops on you.
    4. Your first meal in the new year should be lens, because they supposed to bring you wealth.
    5. If you wear something wrong (shirts, sock, any clothing) you can only change it in the doorway, or you’ll be unlucky.
    /. If you kill a spider you’ll be unlucky.
    8. If you see a sweep you should touch a button (on your jeans or jacket) and you’ll be lucky.

    4 years ago
  257. I know that there’s a Chinese superstition where, since crows are associated with death, if you see a crow, you should wish good luck to people around you. Apparently my grandma did this constantly.
    Also, it is not good to even speak of your death. Kinda like jynxing it. It’s because of this that my mom doesn’t let me discuss donating my body or organs to science after my death with her.
    Also, in Hong Kong, since they were taken over by the British for 100 years, buildings are usually missing floors 4 AND 13, as well as any other floors with the number 4 (so 14, 34, the entire 40th-49th floor, etc).
    In Chinese, the number 8 is GOOD luck. This is because 8 sounds like “fortune” or “get rich” or something like that.
    Eating a boiled egg on a special occasion is good luck. I don’t really know why, lol. I just know that my mom used to cook them for me on my birthdays, and we eat them at the “1st month birthday” of new babies. Maybe weddings and New Years too, but I don’t quite recall.
    That’s all I have for now, but I know that there’s way more, and I’ll comment again when I think about ’em.

    4 years ago
  258. I’m Navajo and live in the United States. .

    1) Don’t point at a rainbow, or your finger will fall off. (My personal favorite hahahaha)

    2) Don’t whistle at night. You’ll bring shape-shifters and wind.

    3) If a baby crosses their fingers, his/her mother will be pregnant again soon…if she isn’t already.

    4) Don’t thrust a knife into something like a watermelon, or modern day–jars of peanut butter, jam, mayonnaise…because it is the symbol of a lightening striking something.

    5) If a coyote crosses your path, you must turn back and wait for someone else to cross before you can. If you don’t, something very bad will happen to you.

    4 years ago
  259. My Japanese teacher used to tell us to never bring a plant as a gift to someone who’s been hospitalised: it supposedly means you wish they’d ‘grow roots’ and remain in the hospital.

    And this isn’t a superstition, but seeing as so many others have mentioned finishing all the food on your plate, she also said that if you clean your plate in Japan, your hostess will think you’re asking for more food and will keep refilling your plate (though I’ve since heard that the opposite is true in Japan and a clean plate indicates satisfaction with the meal – so confusing).

    4 years ago
  260. lots of korean words that have to do with death have the syllable ‘sa’ in it, so it’s not just in chinese!
    (same in japanese: ‘shi’ can mean both 4 and death)

    4 years ago
  261. I love those french comment by Simon ! “Bonjour, je suis mort. Sont vos pantalons rempli de flamants roses ?” means “Hello, I’m dead. Are your pants full of flamingo” The second phrase isn’t really correct, it should be ” Est-ce que vos pantalons sont remplis de flamants rose ?” But, anyways, French grammar is really difficult, I know it well since french is my mother tongue. For superstitions, I don’t know why, but, putting shoes on a table is said to bring bad luck ..

    4 years ago
  262. How is religion in Korea? Have you guys been to church? And are you religious or just find an interest in religion given you guys said you both minored in it at uni?

    4 years ago
  263. in my country, if it rains on your wedding day,you and your partener will be rich people (or so they say), but, on my brother’s wedding day it rained, and..um…he is pretty rich by now..sooo…hmm…yeah

    4 years ago
  264. In Poland people always say that you shouldn’t learn in the day before important exam. Just chill out and relax!

    4 years ago
  265. Here (The Netherlands) we have a lot of things:

    1. When you see a circkel made of mushrooms and you stand in it alone, you will get bad luck because witches are going to chase after you.

    2. If you say something like about IF your dad wil die, you need to knock on something made of wood or else it will happen for real.

    3. When a ladybug flies towards you, you’ll get really lucky but if you kill a ladybug you wil ga reeaaaalllyyy bad luck.

    4. If you borrow something on a monday you will lose it the other day.

    5. Before you eat your breakfast and you sneeze 3 times it will be good wether the next day.

    6. If your nose feels tickilish you will get a present from someone

    There are a lot more seriously like aaaa-llllooootttt but i’m kinda to lazy… Hope it will help if you will come to The Netherlands someday^^

    4 years ago
  266. I heard about the fan death from youtuber cpgrey! Didn’t know it was common sense there lol
    For chinese it’s also unlucky for either the girl or guy to gift any type of shoes to each other :D it’s like encouraging them to walk out of your life. I did it a few times but I’m still stuck! So SUPERSTITION BUSTED but not really superstitions.. most are just unlucky thoughts.
    Whoah… I know so many asian superstitions don’t know where to start.
    Such an interesting topic for tldr

    4 years ago
  267. I kind of wrote my Korean pen pal’s name on the envelope with a red pen. It was Christmas dammit how was I supposed to know? Now she has been cursed since December and I’m feeling super guilty…

    4 years ago
  268. Some superstitions in Vietnam I know

    1. Many people believe it’s not good to eat eggs on the exam day, or in more serious case, a week before the exam. They think it will make them get 0 point. I still sometimes believe that but I’m too concerned about it.

    2. In Vietnamese the word for ‘slippery’ and ‘fail (a test)’ is the same word ‘trượt’. Probably Korean has that kind of word too.

    3. People should not place the bed facing the room’s door or a mirror.

    4. This is a funny one: Some people believe that if you dream of a roach on your body you’ll get money the next day.

    5. Do not play chopsticks / spoons or anything you use to eat.

    4 years ago
  269. I don’t know if it’s only in Austria but it’s really common for us (or atleast me and many of my friends) to do those.

    1.When you look at the clock and it’s for example 2:22 pm you either have to knock three times on wood, or jump or it means that
    someone is thinking about you. This also counts for 3:33, 4:44, and so on….


    2.When an eyelash comes off, take it and blow on it. You will have a wish granted.


    3. Many other common things like with the black cat, the mirror and the number 13.

    4 years ago
  270. I was in a hotel in Taipei, and I noticed on the elevator, there was no button for floor 4 or floor 14. I was so confused, since the hotel elevator didn’t actually skip the floors themselves. (like floor 5 on the elevator is actually floor 4 looking from the outside) super bizarre, i wondered why the hotel didn’t just actually skip the floor itself and just fill floors 4 and 14 with cement or something?

    4 years ago
  271. well i live in singapore and i’m ethnic chinese so most of our superstitions are chinese based.

    the number 4, just like shizishan said, does not share the same chinese character, it simply sounds the same when pronouncing it. i believe korean and japanese do share some similar culture with the chinese because their language originated from the chinese. it wasnt so over the top here in singapore. our buildings do have the 4th floor. only the elderly superstitious folks believe that and the number that they totally DO NOT like is 9413, which sounds like the chinese idiom 九死一生, crudely translated to “90% death 10% live”

    we have the high heel superstition too. another gift superstition is never buy a clock for someone as a gift, because the term of “gifting a clock” 送钟 sounds like “burying a parent” 送终.

    i believe you guise did a TLDR video before saying one should never stab the chopsticks into a bowl of rice. its the same here. the main reason is that it resembles the burning of joss sticks (incense) when paying respects to the dead. another food related superstition is that parents always like to tell their kids to finish their plate clean, and i mean CLEAN. they will warn the kids that the more food you left over on your plate, the more pimple/acne your future spouse will have.

    never take a picture of someone when they are sleeping. it is believed that the camera flash/shutter will snap the soul out of the person. also never place a mirror directly facing the bed, it is believed that when a person is asleep, his/her soul leaves the body while dreaming and if the soul comes back, it might mistook the reflection as the real body, enters the mirror and never to return.

    4 years ago
    • That mirror one is pretty freaky because my mom and sister’s room is like, mirror central >< They have 8 mirrors total in their room. At least one on each face of the room DX

      4 years ago
      • obviously these superstitions arent true. i dont believe in any of them, i just don’t do it so it won’t upset my mom since she’s quite superstitious. your mom and sister are doing fine aren’t they? nothing to worry about =)

        4 years ago
  272. It rained at our wedding (in Ontario) and everyone told us that it was good luck. So I guess it’s not just a Korean thing! They may have been trying to make us feel better, though…

    4 years ago
  273. Hi, I am from Austria and I think most of the superstitions are the typical one, like the number 13, or breaking a mirror and so on.
    But we got some, I think they might be interesting.
    I don’t know if this superstition is known in every area of Austria, but they say if you see a stork you’ll get pregnant soon.
    If you shake the hand of a chimney sweeper on New Years Eve, you will be lucky the whole year.
    Oh, and Austrian people don’t like to sit at the corner of a table, because they say you will get an evil mother-in-law if you do so.
    Knocking 3 times on wood will prevent bad things to happen.
    It’s an very interesting topic, altough I don’t believe in that kind of stuff. :3

    4 years ago
    • I’m from Germany and we have some similar superstitions! There are also a few differences though…shaking hands with a chimney sweeper generally means you will be lucky and I know of the knock-on-wood-thing to prevent bad luck as well, but three times?

      other superstitions I know of are e.g. that you shouldn’t walk through under a ladder. and if you place your shoes in front of your bed facing the bed, bad spirits will put them on and then climb into your bed or something like that. ^^;

      oh, and there’s a german saying that shards bring good luck, but I’m not sure if that goes for shards of broken mirrors too….

      4 years ago
  274. I live in the U.S., and I’ve only seen a gun once, and that’s because a really close family friend is like, total besties with the security guard at my church. (Yes, there’s a security guard at my church. And he wears a real gun for all to see.) My parents were thinking about getting a gun, but we never did because 1. Guns are friggin’ expensive, yo! (At least, in the US they are) and 2. My parents kept arguing about what mm. of gun we should get. So… Meh. I do have a friend, though, who lives in another part of the US, whose family owns 36 guns. I’m not kidding. She took a video of her house to prove it. I find that, generally, people who live in the country, especially guys, own at least one gun for hunting, while people who live in the city generally don’t have guns. There are always exceptions though.

    I have honestly never heard of fan death. XD In the summer I do that aaaaaaall the time. Why? Because I’m going to suffocate if I don’t because IT’S FRIGGIN’ HOT. Wow. That’s so absurd. XD

    Yes, Simon, that actually happens in tornadoes. I learned that in my science class. XD

    There’s always the black cat superstition in America. If you see a black cat that’s supposedly bad luck, but don’t believe it. My aunt has two black cats and she’s never had really bad luck. :P

    Koreans sometimes use hanja, (don’t they?) which originated from China. (Didn’t it?)

    4 years ago
  275. I think my favorite bad omen in the US is spilling salt. If you do you have to take a small pinch from the container and toss it over your shoulder. This is to ward off the bad juju. Also, the whole right side up/upside down penny thing still exists. I just say, “hey free penny.” Throwing coins into fountains is good luck or makes a wish come true.Broken shoestrings are supposedly a bad sign. Don’t tell your wish after you blow out your birthday candles. Don’t go into the dark basement alone.

    One I have learned from my Native American friends and classmates is that snakes are bad juju. So is stepping on a grasshopper, which brings on nosebleeds. Also they can’t tell certain tribal stories during certain times of year or that brings bad luck.

    4 years ago
  276. I don’t know if these are common everywhere, but here in Portugal, if your ears turn red or get really warm it means someone is talking bad about you, walking or driving by a black cat means you’ll have an accident soon, small spiders in the house mean money and killing them means that money will go away… Also, leaving your purse on the floor sets your life back for many years.

    4 years ago
  277. I visited Ukraine a couple years back for VBS, and it was super hot!!! But windows shouldn’t be open because you’ll get sick and die. So they made special windows that are super small way up high on the walls that opened up so when a breeze came in it hit the roof instead of the floor aka you: but they weren’t very common, at least where I was staying. The buses and trains were awful hot because you weren’t allowed to open a window! I got on a train and my companions and I opened a window in the train hall, but a person in charge came and closed it angrily. :( The room we stayed in on the train had no window either so we were dyeing…. A breeze will get you sick and kill you…

    4 years ago
  278. In the Philippines, you eat noodles on your birthday for long life. If you have a mole/beauty mark on your hand, you’ll be rich. If you have a mole/beauty mark on your foot, you’ll travel a lot in your life. This next one I’m not sure why we do it, but when someone dies, you must pass a baby over the dead loved one in their casket. There’s a lot, but those are some not so complicated ones.

    4 years ago
    • WOA, I didn’t know that about moles, and I just noticed one on my finger. Will keep y’all posted when I win the lottery! :D

      4 years ago
  279. yup, that’s true, there is absolutely no wind in the center of a tornado. for once, Martina’s right (only once though)

    4 years ago
  280. We have a few old ones in Norway, but no one really believes them anymore *shrug*.

    1. If it rains during the wedding, the married couple will get allot of crybabies (/spoiled, /rotten).
    2. If it snows during the wedding, they will get rich!
    3. Children should not look themselves in the mirror until they had their first birthday, if not it would lead to a unhappy life.
    4. Pick 7 different kind of flowers during midsummer eve and put them under your pillow, you will dream of your future partner in marriage .
    5. Do not give your girlfriend socks, it means “dead love”.
    And a howl lot more…

    4 years ago
  281. Fan death is super funny. Probably 90% of the south east asian population would have been wiped out if this was true. BTW, I’m in an enclosed room with a fan blowing at me.

    4 years ago
  282. My family has a superstition that you put butter on someone’s nose on their birthday so they’ll have good luck for the year. We got it from my Polish grandma but I have no idea if it originated in Poland.

    4 years ago
  283. one that i’ve heard is:

    don’t whistle at night, or you’ll get robbed

    the rest involve not eating certain foods at certain times.. but i think that’s just my family trying to trick me into not eating foods i like and making stick with veggies xD

    4 years ago
    • When I’m a kid they say a snake will come… lol! (Adults trying to shut kids up)

      4 years ago
  284. One I grew up with (In the US) is don’t play with fire or you’ll wet the bed. Then A few years ago, I learned that, that superstition originally comes from Japan..

    4 years ago
  285. I was thinking about superstitions in Austria and there are really a lot of things like everything you do could be bad luck or so ~
    For example:
    when the bridegroom see his bride in her wedding dress before the wedding
    when a single man sit at the corner of a table his mother in law will be evil
    when you leave your hairbrush on your bed somebody in your family will die
    the same thing when you spill salt

    4 years ago
  286. the ones I can remeber (from Argentina) are, if your palm itches you are supposed to put it on your pocket so you will receive money, if you say the same word at the same time with someone you have to Knock on wood to take the other person’s luck. you are not supposed to sweep near someones feet or they won’t get married, you have to tie a red string to your baby’s wrist to avoid “el mal de ojo”… and that’s all I can remember

    4 years ago
  287. i grew up in the south eastern US. if you give someone a wallet or a purse as a gift you’re supposed to put money (usually a penny) in it as well, recieving an empty wallet/purse a supposedly leads to bad luck with money. and of course any time you mention something bad that could happen you’re supposed to knock on wood after you say it to prevent it from happening. the 666 thing isnt really about luck, it’s about an association with Satan.

    4 years ago
    • When I was a kid, there was always a penny in a wallet if you bought it at Sears, now I know why (same with penny loafers). Not any more – cheapskates……

      4 years ago
    • That is actually the same as Chinese culture i.e. shouldn’t give an empty wallet as a gift :)

      4 years ago
  288. In Croatia, when student has his first exam at university parent should throw water after him when he leaves the house. Because the exam should ‘flow’ well and you’ll pass it.

    4 years ago
  289. OK, update on my latest post (as I’ve finally watched the video itself.


    Yes, evil, frickin fear of fans exist. I had a korean roommate in China, and the lucury of being an international student was to have a fan & heat combo in our rooms. Now, this fan was situated above her desk and she pretended it didn’t exist. I, on the other hand, live on the Northern cold part of the globe and decided to use the heat of the fan to warm up. She seriously freaked for a while until I showed her, it was not a torture device for cold, it was to make us both a little warmer. She seriously seemed to believe cold wind on your would kill her.

    I, who live north, know very well that no such thing will happen (unless you’re in your undies in a snowstorm). A little cold air won’t kill you, however if your body has manifested a virus and gets cold, then be sure to be sick. My friends who went through the military for a year also told me that the cold doesn’t create colds.It can trigger it, if you already have a slught cold, but if you’re 100 % healthy, no… you wont catch a cold. Seriously, one of the military drills was to bath in a hole in the ice. It was apparently really frickin cold and only something vikings would think of, but no one died from it.


    4, or 四 in Chinese is seriously yes a superstitious number, so superstitious you barely every see it in China. The best lucky number is 8 八,which corresponds to fu 福 (?) which means good fortune, in the general belief of richess. An 8 can erase a 4, so whithin Chinese phone numbers you may have a 4 in it, if you have at least one 8. (Seriously China, you are so superstitious at times).But anyway…

    Korea used Chinese characters at the beginning of their history, so in early days they wrote in the same language (after all, they’re neighbours). However, a Korean king remade the alphabet based on the tongue’s position in the mouth, hence the characters changed drastically. (Sidenote: Japanese was created by women, who weren’t allowed to write in Chinese characters, so they created their own language, hence the modern spelling in Japan). But I guess, since China and Korea have been quite close throughour most of history (with the slight exception of the last 60 years when South Korea allied with the US). that those old habits have yet to die out.

    [boring detailed information that has nothing to do with Korea starts now, CAUTION seriously, don’t read this if you’re a sensitive person.]

    After all, 13 is one of the oldest bad numbers in the Western world (North America/Europe). It comes from the last meal Jesus had with his apostles. There they were 13 to dine, and an old saying goes: when 13 dines, the first to rise will die. In the bible this was Judas, who according to John’s chapters of the bibles got possesed by the devil to eventually betray Jesus for 30 silver coins.

    In those days 30 silver coins was a lot (but apparently not enough for the life of the Holy son. In any way,Judas bretrays Jesus by a kiss, and the Roman guards arrest him. Jesus is inprissoned, tortured brutally (I’ve seen the tools they used, hole mother of God, that had to hurt a lot).

    Judas regrets his deed and throw the coins back into a holy Sanctum, which pretty much damages the holyness of it as the money is bathed in blood (as a figure of speech, he was paid to betray Jesus). Judas later dies some time before jesus (actually) by hanging himself.

    Jesus later has to carry his cross towards the place the hang him on. Crosses were a common way to kill thieves, murderers etc. because they were probably very effective. (After all, you could physically see the people in pain). Several inch long nails were jammed into his feet and slightly below his hands. At first, he most likely had a place to sit, because if you hang in such a position you suffocate (proven by sick experiments on Jews during the War). This way you could control when a person died as well, because the sitting place allowed you to rest for a while (with limited air supply). The prisoners literally struggled to survive, when they relaxed they couldn’t breath and as soon as they had some energy they would try to stand. Eventually, you’d run out of strength and die.

    But, God kills Jesus prematurely 8as by the bible), and the rest well… well, you know. Jesus is ressurected and all that.

    But this literally brings forth the unlucky number 13, because it was pretty unlucky, wouldn’t you say?

    [End of none-Korean topic]

    4 years ago
  290. Out of the infinite number of numbers, 4 had to be unlucky :-(
    The number 4 is actually my favorite and lucky number, it sort of follows me around lol

    4 years ago
  291. i have slept in a closed room with a fan blowing at me for a good 7 years, i have not died yet…

    4 years ago
  292. haha Simon and Martina, the whole high heel thing is a North American superstition as well! …I guess maybe not in Canada?

    4 years ago
  293. We have loads of superstitions here in Sweden ^^

    When someone is serving you a slice of cake you shouls be able to tell if you’re ever going to get married. If the cake tips over and lands on it’s side you’re not, and if it stands you will :)

    If a girl on Midsummer’s eve, pick 7 different types of flowers in complete silence and puts them under her pillow, she will that night dream of the person she’s later going to marry. ^^

    You should not leave your keys on a table as it means bad luck…

    If a black cat were to cross your path you should spit/pretend to spit three times over you shoulder to scare off the devil (The black cat is apparently the devil) xD

    Don’t step on manholes/wells with an A on them, it means bad luck. But if you step on one with a V or a K on it means good luck ^^

    Some people might not like it if you thank them for saying “prosit” (bless you) after you sneeze as it’s supposed to kill a house elf.. :(

    Don’t step on cracks in the street (especially not on friday 13th!) as it means bad luck.

    There are soooooo many more but couldn’t write them all ^^

    4 years ago
  294. This one may be more of a personal or a family superstition rather than a national one because I haven’t heard of it outside my family. I first heard it was when one of my great grandparents died when I was smaller, My mother says she saw an oriole that day.

    I believe it was my grandma that said the souls of the ones close to us will visit us with an oriole before they leave. I didn’t believe it at first but on the day we had to put my cat down ( I had her since kindergarten and loved her very very much) was the first time I ever saw an oriole. (it was a bright orange Baltimore oriole so there was no mistaking it)

    I wonder if anyone else has a tradition/superstition similar to this one because I really don’t know if it’s some cultural thing or just a personal family one.

    4 years ago
  295. the rain in the wedding day is luck is here in Romania :)) and we have another superstition (superstition that very few now believes it)is: “do not drink directly from ladle, because you will marry an ugly man/women” :)) or “do not eat in the corner of the table, because is bad luck” :)) and another one “do not sweep your feet (or someone else sweeps them), because you will never marry” (or something) :)) but elders believe them more these days :)

    4 years ago
  296. In Ukrain besides main superstitions about mirror and etc. we have belief that if black cat crossed your way, then you’ll be unlucky. So its better to go completely another way or to sing a special song about not you being unlucky but a cat that crossed your way (yes, people even made a special song for this case). And another one is if you went out but forgot something from the house and you need to go back, you have to look in to the mirror before leaving the house, otherwise you will be unlucky all day.

    4 years ago
  297. That bird poop thing. My mother is Dominican and one of the beliefs they have is if a bird poops on your right hand you’ll receive money. If it poops on your left you’ll lose money. I had both happen to me in a period of two days, got a tax refund of $1,000 then a bill of $500 right after xD

    Another one is that if it rains while it’s sunny, like tends to happen when there’s a drizzle, a witch is getting married and it means good luck to anyone else getting married on that day.

    4 years ago
  298. Here in Finland we also have the shoe thing! But it doesn’t have to be high heels, just any shoes will do.

    I don’t know if this applies to theater in general, but at least in Finland we believe that if the dress rehearsal goes badly, the opening will go great. (and vice versa)

    and Martina, as many have already said, you’re right about the tornado :)

    4 years ago
    • I didn’t know we had the shoe thing in Finland also :D

      I can’t really come up with any superstitions, except the belief that if girls pick out seven different kinds of flowers and put it under their pillow on Midsummer’s night, you will see your future husband in your dream (hasn’t worked for me tough yet, even if I do it every year as a tradition lol).

      Oh also when where on the country side vising my grandma and she makes coffee and pastries, there has to be seven kinds of pastries on the table. Don’t remember for what reason though. But there seems to be something with the number seven here…

      And idk if this count also but on Christmas when we eat rice porridge, you put an almond (or more which our family does) in it and the one who gets it receives luck in any near future activities they’ll have/do.

      4 years ago
    • so many love related footwear superstitions! :-0 Socks in Norway (as Lise Lie) said, shoes in Finland and Korea… I wonder where it comes from!

      4 years ago
  299. I wonder if these are international or only here in Finland but:

    1. Sunset glow is beatiful but it means next day is going to be very windy.
    2. Morning glow means that the weather will be bad and rainy later on.
    3. You must spit three times after seeing black cat or you will face bad luck.
    4. Snail coming out it’s shell means that it’ll be fair weather.

    Learned from anime: If you sneeze someone is talking about you behind your back.

    4 years ago
    • In relation to the the first two about sunset/sunrise: “Red in the morning, sailors take warning, Red at night, sailor’s delight” seems to still be said around in the western hemisphere. Works too (in Ontario anyways). A red sunset means it will be fair weather tomorrow, a red sunrise (usually only see these in winter) means that there will be a big storm later in the day. This is because storms usually move from west to east around here, I gather it’s similar on the spice sea route from Europe to Asia.

      4 years ago
  300. It’s funny that they think sleeping with a fan is bad luck because I can’t sleep without one.
    Hmm… I tend to disregard superstitions because I think they are silly but I remember a few that my mother told me.
    My parents are from Costa Rica so I guess these are Costa Rican superstitions.
    1) don’t pick up and bring home anything off of the street after 6pm because that will let evil spirits in.
    2) if you point at a cemetery, bite your finger or else it will rot with the newest body buried.
    3) pregnant woman shouldn’t raise their hands over their heads because the umbilical cord will strangle the baby
    4) cover mirrors during a lightning storm.
    5) wash your hands and feet outside of your home after a funeral so that the dead don’t follow you home
    6) if you hear a dead person, a person that you know is dead, call your name don’t answer it.
    7) don’t bring an old broom and mop to a new home.
    I just realized how morbid some of these are.

    4 years ago
    • LOL, I am the same way. Even if I have the air-conditioning on, I NEED the electric fan on. Can’t sleep without it.

      4 years ago
  301. In Sweden, if you see a dragonfly you get one wish.
    On midsummers eve you’re supposed to pick 7 or 9 different flowers and put them under your pillow and you will dream about your future spouse during that night. Do not pick the heather flower and take it indoors because it means death.
    If your left palm itches, you will recieve money.
    A horse shoe should never be hung up on the wall upside down, the luck that’s in the shoe will fall out.
    walking on a manhole cover with the letter A on it will bring you bad luck.
    Killing a spider will make it rain the next day.
    knock on wood (a table) and say “Peppar, peppar ta i trä” (pepper, pepper knock on wood) to prevent any bad things to happen.

    There are a lot more superstitions in Sweden but these are some that I know of. ^^

    4 years ago
  302. I’ve heard about when you sneeze that means someone is talking about you. The most strange one I’ve heard is someone that I know who went to Spain and apparently it’s good luck or something to have a mole on your face. Because of that, other people WILL try to TOUCH the mole on your face O_O It happened to her, so when she caught on she made the people stop doing that.

    4 years ago
  303. One supersition in my country that i know is dont sweep the floor during lunar new year because you’ll sweep away all the fortune and luck

    4 years ago
  304. i learned a whole new set of superstitions after being pregnant in korea. my mother in law wouldn’t let me eat duck meat because the baby would be born with webbed feet -__-

    4 years ago
  305. 4 is not the character death in Chinese – It just that the word for 4 sounds similar (but has a different tone) to the word for death. Since Koreans had close relations with China for a long time, it’s not surprising they have the same superstition (though I haven’t seen the number 4 being replaced in China, people do try to avoid it. For example, in the US, some Chinese would not buy houses if there was a lot of 4’s in the address). Koreans used Chinese for a long time. Since Chinese characters do not have to be pronounced the same for the same meaning to come through, it was versatile and very meaningful even across languages.

    I was always told to let the fan blow directly at me – always set it to rotate since it’s easier to get a cold with constant wind blowing at you. Never heard that it would lead to death or anything…
    There’s a ton of superstitions in Asia. One in China is that you shouldn’t share a pear with someone since the pronunciation of “split a pear” sounds the same as “separation.” So if you share a pear with someone, you will be separated from that person.
    Also, don’t give a clock to someone as a gift – it’s a sign of time running out and death. Though people say watches are fine, especially given the current craze about quality, high end watches.

    4 years ago
  306. I actually love it how most of the superstitions are actually very logical or easily explained (not all of them, but most…. i think… of them)

    4 years ago
  307. I live in the US, some classic superstitions: Step on a crack you break your mothers back, Throw salt over your shoulder for good luck, A rabbits foot will bring you good luck, The number 666 is EVIL, Knock on wood to eliminate bad luck, Oh! and make a wish on a wishbone.

    4 years ago
  308. in Italy we have many superstitions, but it surprised me that the one about rain during wedding is the same as in Korea! we say “sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata” which litterally means: wet bride, lucky bride. About gifts, we say that you shouldn’t present a girl with pearls because pearls bring tears, and everyone who gives you a pin (like a safety pin) should prick his finger before: otherwise it means that he hopes you will get hurt by the pin and…die soon I suppose (?)

    4 years ago
  309. okay… i am having deja vu or something

    SimonAndMartina.. please tell me you’ve mentioned fan death, boyfriends shouldn’t buy shoes for their girlfriends, planned bouquet catching and raining on wedding being a good sign in previous videos..

    because my brain is adamant that you’ve made a similar ..like extremely similar video before >.<

    ah.. maybe an EatYourKimchi connoisseur can help me out? i just can't seem to recall..

    4 years ago
  310. Not a superstition but I remeber my Mum telling me not to write letters/cards etc in red pen because it was rude. I don’t know if this is a common thing in the UK or not…

    4 years ago
  311. from what i know the black cat superstition if slipped somewhere where white cats are the devill…

    4 years ago
  312. I dunno if this is a superstition or not, but there is a belief here in Alaska that if you whistle to the northern lights, then they will answer you back. If you do it the correct way they will give you a nice display, or stay with you longer. However if you do it wrong, then they will make something bad happen…

    *I say Alaska but this is not a well known belief all over the state, more of the interior and northern areas. I have friends that are Yupik, and Athabascan who taught me to whistle correctly at em…

    4 years ago
  313. My fan doesnt exactly have blades …. so I wont die right? right guise…? Some superstitions in Singapore and this is mostly from malay culture would be dont open umbrella indoors (but ive tried it cause we have a badass over here lol), do not clip your nails at night, girls shouldnt sing when theyre cooking or else theyll marry an old man…

    4 years ago
  314. haha both my brother’s roommates are korean and last year they were trying to convince him that fan death was a real thing and it was the funniest thing me and my brother had ever heard.

    also, i’m not sure if this goes for everyone in the US, but where i grew up, whereas friday the 13th is supposed to be the day where like freddy comes to kill your or satan breaks through the earth’s crust or s/t idk, if you have an exam on that day, it’s supposed to be good luck, i think. or the 13th day of the month or something.

    but yeah that’s my story (✿◡‿◡)

    4 years ago
  315. OVO

    Actually I have heard of fan death before, but based on a completely different explanation. I remember it was generally only dangerous for elderly or sick people and it had to be above a certain degree of heat (that’s not how you say that but my brain won’t work with me). I thought the problem was that the fan basically blows hot air directly at you, but because of your sweat you don’t realise how hot it really is and prolonged exposure can result in your body overheating while it doesn’t feel that way or something ? I’m confused now though cause I definitely wasn’t in Asia when I heard that XD

    4 years ago
  316. from what i know the red pen ink name superstition thingy is because people used to write the names of the deceased in red. also another funny one. in america we try not to have “thirteenth floors” by simply skipping over the number. i heard that they do that with the number 4 in korea. is it trueee???

    4 years ago
  317. In the South here in America it is considered bad luck when it rains on your wedding day. Also three 6’s are considered really really bad luck. To the point that if you buy something and the total is $6.66 then you purchase something else to change the total, and with giving back change you just tell them to keep a penny so that you don’t have that amount in your pocket.

    4 years ago
  318. So funny to know some of the superstition of Korea… Here in my country there are so many xDD

    4 years ago
  319. Nic

    My husband always makes me buy a lottery ticket if I have a really weird or gross dream. He thinks dreams about poo are the best for good luck.
    He also told me that it’s bad luck to trim your fingernails at night because an evil spirit will follow you and try to take your soul or something. I pointed out that he always trims his fingernails at night and he said, “I don’t care, and they can’t come get me in Australia.”

    4 years ago
  320. ahaha fan death. both my brother’s roommates are korean and they were trying to convince the both of us that fab death was a real thing last year and it was honestly the funniest thing I’d ever heard.
    but anyway, i don’t know about other people but where I grew up in the US, whereas Friday the 13th is supposed to be really unlucky, it’s supposed to be good luck if you have an exam on that day or like on the 13th of the month or w/e idk

    4 years ago
  321. I’m originally form the Dominican Republic and my grandma told me not to walk barefoot or look at a mirror when there is a thunderstorm because you can get electrocuted…. I always walk around the house with rubber slippers during a thunderstorm now and cover my mirror with a towel lol

    4 years ago
  322. Wow i should have died every night last summer. lol :D

    4 years ago
  323. Oh, and the thing we REALLY DO in Poland before an exam is KICKING SB’S BUTT (owner of which is taking an exam). And it literally means just that, of course it’s rather a touch with a knee but whatever, even parents do that do bring “good luck” to their child xD

    4 years ago
  324. [watching video, stops video at 1:06, looks across the room at my fan, and my closed door, sighs, and says crap…]

    4 years ago
  325. I know in Guam, there is a superstition about your wedding day. If it rains during the wedding for a short amount of time, the couple will last for a long time. However, if it rains all night, the couple is doomed for a terribly unhappy marriage that will end in divorce.

    Also there are superstitions about pregnancy/having a newborn, like never take an infant out at night or when there is fog, the baby will die from having its life stolen by evil spirits. As well as, if you are pregnant and just took a shower, don’t put wrap your hair in a towel on your head cause the baby’s umbilical cord will wrap around its neck.

    Two other superstitions I remember hearing all the time are never ever sleep with your hair wet because your neck will cramp/break and never eat food while laying on your stomach or else your belly will grow to a ginormous size. >.>”

    4 years ago
  326. oh I guess I should be dead by now according to fan death since in the summer I sleep with my fan on, pointed at me in my closed room like every night lol

    4 years ago
  327. There are a few superstitions in my culture, some are backed with good reasons while some others are just ridiculous.

    Reasonable(?) superstitions:
    1. Unmarried girls should not sing while they are cooking or they will get married to old men.
    Real reason: So that girls pay attention while cooking and that will prevent any mishaps from happening like a fire etc.

    2. Children should not eat chicken necks or their necks will bend on their marriage day. (LOOOL)
    Real reason: Chicken necks are nice and the adults just want to have it for themselves ahaha

    3. In my country, people would hang their laundry on poles and stick it out from our flats(? I don’t know how to explain this) so the poles will be hanging in midair. We are not supposed to walk below those poles or something bad(supernatural stuff) will happen to you.
    Real reason: If the pole falls, it might fall on your head and then you can say goodbye to your life. But the supernatural stuff might be a reason too since they always say our local ghosts like to sit on the poles(ah so creepy ><)

    4. When you are eating and one bit of rice get stuck on your face or near your mouth, you will get stepchildren when you get married.
    Real reason: One should always be conscious of one's appearance while eating.

    Unreasonable superstitions:
    1. When you are eating, you are not supposed to lift up your plate or your husband will run away.
    Sounds ridic but this actually happened to my grandma's friend who did not believe the superstition. I still don't believe it anyway.

    2. When you are eating, you must not change your seats or you will get a husband from somewhere really far….

    That's all I remember (and I think I remembered them correctly) but I know there are more superstitions in my culture! Haha
    And I am a Malay from Singapore~

    4 years ago
    • omg these are hilarious!! i love how you have the “real reason” part right after the superstition. so funny!!!!!

      4 years ago
  328. I’m croatian livin in China and i can’t have my wedding ceremony next year cuz, like u said, 4 sounds like death -.-‘ China is FULL of superstitions! FULLLLLL! I’m getting ready to renovate our new apartment, but my parents in law are against every idea i have cuz it’s a bad luck or when u say it out loud it sounds like something bad…. it’s complicated to live in china

    4 years ago
  329. Singaporean here~ We have strange superstitions too, for example, we cannot gift people books/clocks/sharp things. Because books is ‘shu’ in chinese which sounds like ‘losing’. Giving someone clock as a present is ‘song zhong’ in chinese which also means sending the deceased off after the funeral. Giving your friends sharp things like knives and scissors means something like cutting off ties and so the friendship/relationship will end soon.

    Other superstitions are like we can’t shake our legs because we will shake our money away and stuff!

    Oh and there’s this weirdest one which says that if you don’t finish your rice, your future spouse will have very uneven and rough skin on their face, just like the rice bowl. So, the more rice you leave behind, the uglier your future spouse will be. Hah guessing this is a way to make kids finish all their food!
    4 is an unlucky number here too, but its my favorite number!

    4 years ago
  330. Many crazy superstitions in Poland, here’s the one my grandma was believes in: if somebody sweeps the floor around your feet, you won’t get invited to a wedding. LOGIC! Just a thing I remembered when you mentioned sweeping..

    4 years ago
  331. I’m from sweden and I never put my keyes or shoes on the table cause it’s bad luck, but don’t ask me why. And while walking on a street never step on manholes with letters on them, because then bad thing that begin with that letter will happen to you. Well I kind of live on the wild side and made it a habit to ALWAYS step on them instead, and I tell myself that GOOD thing begining with that letter will happen.

    4 years ago
  332. in vietnam a day or a few hours before the lunar new year, your supposed to mop the floor and clean the house because it is supposed to mean that you are going to bring the good luck in when it hits midnight. Also, your suppose to wash all your clothes to bring in the luck for the new year.

    On new years day, your supposed to have your house door open to bring in the luck. To me its more like luck for robbers to come in and steal you stuff!
    Also if you just visited a cemetery (to pay respect to your dead relatives) then it is superstitious that you jump over a hay of fire because it means that no “deathly smell” is around you and apparently little kids can see those “deathly spirits” that are attached to you after you visit the cemetery =.=.
    I find asian superstitions fun to mess with for those that believe in them :)

    4 years ago
  333. In northern ireland we have loads. Here if a black cat crosses your path its lucky. One my mum always adheres to is Dont put new shoes on a table – v bad luck. If you spill salt youre supposed to throw it over your right shoulder to get rid of the bad luck. My granny always said if it rained at a funeral its good luck. If you say something bad that could happen, you knock on wood 3 times to ensure it doesnt happen lol Personally im a “Im not superstitous, but…” person. I do it all, just in case lol

    4 years ago
  334. Guys, OMG, I can’t make it past the sentence “Don’t Do Anything Slipper on Exam Day.” My poor pervy Nasty brain can’t stop. I can’t stop laughing. XD

    4 years ago
    • I just about died laughing because of you XD

      4 years ago
    • and now i can’t stop laughing either, thanks for that xD

      4 years ago
      • You’re very welcome. I was already laughing watching the video but reading that I just lost all laughing control of myself. And I was at work at the time! XD

        4 years ago
  335. I’ve heard the shoe thing here in Canada as well… Not just only high-heels but any shoes because they will walk out of your life.

    4 years ago
  336. In Germany you can make a wish when you see a chimney sweeper :D

    4 years ago
  337. BAKA doesnt mean shut up in japanese, it means stupid ^^ oh and i’m a chinese and i grow up with the superstition that says not to open umbrella indoors too. i never bother all those as well. i’ve also heard about tying a red string on your toe with the other end tied to a banana tree can make you see ghosts. lol. and the bloody mary thingy.

    4 years ago
  338. martina’s right about the eye of a tornado!! twister got that shit right!!!!

    4 years ago
  339. LOVE Martina’s faces behind Simon’s back……

    4 years ago
  340. Really? When you sneeze, they say “gesundheit” in german and in French it’s “santée”, both of which mean “healthy” or “good health”. I personally use “gesundheit” for every day (I speak english but there were lots of Germans where I grew up) and “santée” if I’m speaking french in Québec since I’m not a christian. I’m Canadian, so I like to be polite, but I don’t want to be religious.

    Cyber_3 – step on a crack, break your mother’s back…….

    4 years ago
  341. Japan has the same thing with the number four and you can’t gift things in 4s. I’ve also heard that when you visit someone in the hospital, don’t bring a potted plant since that represents death (roots in the ground). I grew up in the U.S. with the superstition of throwing salt over your left shoulder if you spill it.

    4 years ago
  342. Actually in france too rain for the wedding is a good thing (not for the wedding planners” but) we say: “Mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux”: something like: “Rainy wedding, happy wedding”

    4 years ago
  343. I’ve heard about writing your name using red ink as well. My colleague saw me writing my name using red pen and he told me it’s not good ~_~;;

    4 years ago
  344. In Trinidad and Tobago we have a saying that if you eat from the pot, its going to rain on your wedding day and that if you sweep a single person’s foot that they are not going to get married (delay how long it takes them to get married….something like that)

    4 years ago
  345. about mirrors! well not exactly mirrors, but breaking things.
    in Lithuania shivers/fragments/shards bring good luck. don’t ask me why XD

    4 years ago
  346. People from Korea and Japan, please don’t shoot me, I’m just talking about what I learned in an East Asian civilization class in college. There is some sort of Chinese origin in Korean people because Chinese nomads traveling to Korea, Japan, other east asian countries back in the ancient days. The language, culture, and other things followed the nomads when they moved, but changed over time. However, there are some things that still from Ancient China that still have survived even now, just like the number four superstition. So there is a bit of Chinese origin in everyone, even though they don’t want to acknowledge it or don’t think about it.

    4 years ago
    • I know that they are different. I did say there is SOME sort of Chinese origin. That does not mean everyone in the ancient days were Chinese that went to Korea.

      4 years ago
    • I did mention that things have changed over time, so I know that they are different from the Chinese.

      4 years ago
    • Well of course Japan is, they use Chinese characters lol. They can pronounce the word “four” as “shi” which can mean death.

      4 years ago
    • I remember being told and elarned about it too, that they were chinese people but trraveled to other places and created a new culture, people. They may not be from the same language group or people say they have loan words and all, that is also true, but it’s also true that they used to be chinese people, from a looooong time ago

      4 years ago
    • Korean and Japanese are not pat of the Chinese language group.

      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Altaic_languages – Japanese and others, Korean’s place here is heavily debated.
      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sino-Tibetan_languages – This is the Group Chinese dialects fall under.
      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koreanic_languages – discussion of korean as a language isolate.

      “Archaeological evidence suggests proto-Koreans were migrants from south-central Siberia” -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_people#Origins
      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_people#History- Check out the Theories of Origins Sections, there are many theories, and its not as straightforward as they were from China.

      Also you can go down and look at all the references for he articles if you would rather see a study than a Wikipedia article.

      Korea and Japan have had huge cultural interactions over many centuries with China through the tributary system, and that is how Chinese culture and characters (they only used characters hey still spoke Korean) came to Korea and Japan. There are adopted words and loan words, and lot of cultural customs but they are not througah common relation, but cultural exchange. There hasalso been quite a bit of China absorbing Japanese loan words too. They exchange is mutual through all, although through the tributary system Chian seemed to have been dominating quite a bit.

      4 years ago
      • I understand that, but all I mentioned what that there are Chinese origins in these groups. They used the language, but it had either evolved or been complete changed from the Chinese language system. If I remember correctly, Korea used Chinese until the fourth king of the Joseon Dynasty realized that the system was too difficult for both the aristocratic and other social classes for communication and writing. I know that there are also traditions that may still remain within both counties, but I did mention that they had evolved or been complete replaced over the centuries, not that they are completely following Chinese. There were also different kinds of nomads that came to Korea so of course they also had an influence on the people and language..

        4 years ago
      • In all honesty, China controlled Korea and Japan for a period of time in the past. Kinda like Rome taking over England and France. Most of the education was Chinese and they were ruled by the Chinese for a long time. I think there may have been some intermarrying though. I know there was between Korea and Japan because it wasn’t uncommon for Japanese to adopt Korean children to raise as their own during Japan’s occupation of Korea in the early 1900’s. But yeah, Korea and Japan still use traditional Chinese characters cause they were part of China’s empire for a time in each of their histories. The spoken languages were definitely influenced by Chinese though. My name sound very similar in all three: (Chinese) Shengli, (Korean) Seungri, (Japanese) Shori.

        4 years ago
        • Me: “Korea and Japan have had huge cultural interactions over many centuries
          with China through the tributary system, and that is how Chinese culture
          and characters (they only used characters hey still spoke Korean) came
          to Korea and Japan.”

          You: “The spoken languages were definitely influenced by Chinese though.”

          You: Most of the education was Chinese and they were ruled by the Chinese for a long time. I think there may have been some intermarrying though

          Me: Korea and Japan have had huge cultural interactions over many centuries with China through the tributary system

          The process which you are unfamiliar with was the tributary system. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imperial_Chinese_tributary_system A lot more happened than marrying and tehy were not excalty ruled by China, Check it out.

          It was absolutely different than Roman England or Roman Gaul. Completely. Utterly. Rome invaded Britain and Gaul and administratively controlled them in a way more similar to Japans Occupation of Korea. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_Britain

          Saying the same thing. I was implicitly discussing everything you just said.

          What I was noting is that they are not from a common descendent. Huge interactions and exchanges, but Korean and Japanese did not start out as Chinese and morph into something else. They they both came from a much more distant and unknown language, probably before people were in Northeast Asia.

          Exchange with Chinese language and a language descending from Chinese are two fundamentally different things.

          4 years ago
        • Like Cleopatra! She wasn’t Egyptian, she was actually Greek from the Ptolemy family.

          4 years ago
    • Did you know all Japanese high school students study ancient Chinese literature? Kind of like how some American HS students study Latin. So Japanese people at least aren’t in denial of their indebtedness to ancient Chinese culture or anything.

      4 years ago
    • i was thinking about the same thing too. i have heard so many elders telling me about how koreans n japanese were originally chinese in a way n they travel to other places n build up their own kind of culture n everything. Please dont shoot me too. no harm intended. just sharing the tales i’ve heard. cheers

      4 years ago
  347. Malaysian Superstitions ^_^

    Dont clip your nails at night ( i forgot why but I think it was your mom will die)

    Dont play the flute at night or else snakes will come

    Dont open the umbrella in the house or you’ll be struck by lightning

    Dont sing in the kitchen You’ll get an old man for a husband

    Dont change your seat when eating you’ll get a cheating husband

    Your pencil must not be shorter than your pinky finger OR YOUR MOM WILL DIE! ∑(O_O;) [ My biggest fear!]

    Dont take a bath at night you’ll hurt your bones

    If your eyelash falls, pick it up make a wish and blow it. HAHA I STILL DO THIS! XD

    Dont play at dusk you’ll be abducted by Hantu Tetek ( Breast Ghost lol)

    If you lie on your stomach while lifting up your leg and spreading it YOUR MOM WILL DIE [again…Σ(゜ロ゜;) ]

    4 years ago
    • Yikes! So much mom death! I know it’s all BS though, cuz i’ve done a couple of those things once or twice before and my mom hasn’t died. Plus, doesn’t EVERYONE end up dying? LOL :)

      3 years ago
    • “Dont sing in the kitchen You’ll get an old man for a husband” => Well that sure works out differently if you’re a Disney Princess! ;)

      4 years ago
    • Haha, does Malaysia have something against mothers? lol

      4 years ago
    • The itching right/left hand and the eyelash falling works here in Brazil too xD

      4 years ago
    • POOR MOMS!!!!! what did they do to get this!!! lol

      4 years ago
    • Lol I eat chicken neck all the time!!!! I’m gonna pay extra attention on my wedding day now LOL. :)

      4 years ago
    • LOL, I sing in the kitchen, and my Fiancé is 9 years older than I am :3

      4 years ago
    • To add to this, somewhat similar but not, what I heard was:

      1. If you open your umbrella in the house, you’re inviting a snake to come in.

      2. If you have food/food residue when you go to sleep, you’ll dream of being chased by a tiger.

      It happened to me a number of times, though for me it’s not a tiger so much as I’m being chased by something that I can’t see in this jungle like place – think Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Otherside mv – loves that song btw, except the jungle are much denser and the trees has less branches. I’m running the whole time in the dream and when I woke up, I feel exhausted)

      3. If your eyelash falls, that means someone is missing you.

      4. If you don’t finish your food, it will cry at night.
      This one was told by my grandmama, a very effective way of making me finish my food to every last bit of rice. Not so much that it’s scary as it got me teary thinking of the little bits of rice in dustbin at night all lonely with only their thin keening crying voice to be heard. The thought of leaving leftover food and throwing them away when I’ve taken them onto my plate still feels very wrong to me to this day.

      5. Don’t swing your legs if you’re sitting or you’ll marry an old man.

      Some others I know of is similar to Chinese superstitions.

      1. If you bite your tongue it means someone is talking bad about you.

      2. If your left eye twitch continuously, it foreshadows something bad. If it’s the right eye, then something good.

      4 years ago
      • Thank you. In Cambodia there is the same superstition, I always forget which eye twitching is good and which side is bad

        4 years ago
    • the first three ones are the same for korea, except the consequences are not the same!

      4 years ago
    • don’t clip ur toe nail at night is also japanese superstition, it causes u cannot be with your parent when they died… References google and XXXHolic lol… but really XXXhollic is the best manga about superstition ^-^b

      4 years ago
    • My mom is Filipino and she’s always on me about nail clipping at night! Being a smartass, I would reply “What about people in Alaska? Do they just not clip their nails for a whole month during the winter?” Based on the rules of superstition logic, she was unmoved… Other Filipino superstitions (among the many I can’t remember): If you drop a fork, you’re going to have company. Also, if you clip a lock of your babies first hair and stick it in a book, they’ll grow up to be smart…

      4 years ago
      • My mom used to say: if you drop a fork, a woman will visit, if you drop a knife it will be a man and if it’s a spoon, then it’s a child; if you drop all three, you get a whole family!”

        4 years ago
      • I’m Filipino too and my parents ALSO nag me about nail clipping at night!! == My parents have also told me about dropping your fork, but my parents say that if you drop your fork there will be a male visitor and if you drop your spoon there will be a female xD

        4 years ago
      • In my culture, if you have a fire going (like with wood and stuff like that) and you start hearing popping sounds from the fire you’re going to be having company. Though, I must say that this happened to us once and no one came to viisit.

        4 years ago
    • Most of are similar to my country. Btw i am from Bangladesh. Well i was born there.

      4 years ago
    • wow… i’ll marry a really old person then… i sing so much in the kitchen while cooking, its ridiculous…

      4 years ago
      • i sing and dance in the kitchen (what happens if you dance in the kitchen? a bear is going to kill you?) really often. I gonna marry an old man woohoo LOL.

        4 years ago
    • Don’t sing in the kitchen…I grew up with something similar from my British mother, except it was don’t sing at the dinner table or you’ll marry a crazy person. XD

      4 years ago
    • Lol!!!

      4 years ago
    • 6 of 10 superstitions that you cited have also here in Brazil. I don’t believe these and any other superstition. Good for me ….. or not? hahhhaha ^ _ ^

      4 years ago
    • so much mom death :(

      4 years ago
      • Ikr. Until today I’ve never done any of them even though I know its just bullshit. I just love my mom so much :D

        4 years ago
  348. From Norway here :D….we also say “prosit”, and even I have heard people say that you shouldn’t say thank you, when somebody says good luck.

    4 years ago
  349. Latvians have a ton of traditional superstitions. Don’t say goodbye while standing in doors, you may never meet again. Don’t wipe the table with your bare hand. Don’t sit at the corner of a table, because then you won’t marry for seven years. Don’t put your bag directly on the ground. If you hear a cuckoo and don’t have any money on you, you will be poor. Don’t leave a book open or devil will read it (this used to terrify me as a kid). Don’t whistle in house and sing at the table (no idea about those). And so on. Probably a lot of them are international ones.

    Oh, but the one I love is: never give a person an even number of flowers. Since even numbers are associated with death, you can only bring an even number of flowers to a funeral. Giving someone an even number of flowers implies you want them dead. So if you buy a dozen roses, take one out.

    4 years ago
    • we have the same superstition about the flowers in georgia.
      it might be the only superstition that I believe

      4 years ago
    • about the even number of flowers we have it in Romania as well but I saw in k dramas that the guy gives the girl a lot of the times 2 flowers wrapped individually
      at first i was really shocked but than I learned that they don’t care about such superstitions so…. I’m not sure how to feel about it know

      4 years ago
    • So I’m really curious now – do Latvians have all round tables?

      4 years ago
    • Oh! In Poland it’s quite similar with the flowers! But here we either give uneven number or a multiple of 3. So you CAN give a dozen because it’s 4×3.

      4 years ago
    • we have the same ones in Lithuania (neighbor countries are ought to have some things in common ;3) except for the one with the book and the devil. I’ve never heard of that one. and as for the flowers, this works only until 5. 2, 4=given to dead people. 6,8,10, etc= dead Or living. it no longer matters. ^w^

      4 years ago
  350. Hi!!! About High heelscut be. Here in Perú, when you dream with a pair of new shiny shoes you goint to get a new lover!!! O_o
    In Perú and Spain and all latinamerican countries think the rain in your weading it’s a very lucky weading!!! awww!!!

    4 years ago
  351. in my country if you say smth together at the same time you have to knock something wooden three times and say “my luck” .

    4 years ago
  352. Baka is shut up in Kansai dialect. In Tokyo dialect it means fool.

    4 years ago
    • Baka isn’t shut up in the Kansai dialect. It’s just a harsher way to say “idiot” (as opposed to “aho” which is more friendly). On the other hand, in Tokyo, baka is more friendly, and aho is harsher. Where did you get that baka means hut up?

      4 years ago
  353. Well In Germany nowadays you ought to say sorry if you sneeze. But many people still say this bless you thing. But in Germany it’s not Bless you but “Gesundheit” which means health and it comes from the time in idk middle age or something when many diseases made there way and basically people said “gesundheit” as being some kind of pray for themselves so they won’t get the sickness which made the other one sneeze. That’s way many people don’t say “gesundheit” anymore if someone sneezes. The ones that do don’t really know where that came from i guess.

    4 years ago
    • Sorry, I’m a little curious, why is it bad to use ‘gesundheit’ nowadays? (You didn’t say ‘bad’, but it kind of reads that way with the added note of people not knowing where it came from.)
      I’m from the U.S. and I’m Catholic, so I usually say ‘God bless you’ or ‘bless you’. The two reasons I was taught were that the soul was believed to be escaping, so blessing the person prevented that. And, similar to yours, it had to do with being sick. But instead of being a way to prevent the sayer from being sick it was a way of praying that the person sneezing didn’t have a serious illness, like the bubonic plague.

      4 years ago
      • Oh, ok. That makes more sense. Thanks for explaining!
        (I’ve heard about some places thinking you should apologize for sneezing. Like you said, I think it is pretty stupid. You can’t help it when you sneeze lol.)

        4 years ago
  354. Then what if you dream that your classmates cooks your $90 socks in curry ?
    Or that you’re trying to eat a 3 year old kid named sean -.- ?
    If there is a superstition to those….. i would very like to know -.-

    Umm also… o.o Im pretty sure baka is stupid or idiot or fool or stuff like that o.o

    4 years ago
  355. When I was visiting my grandma in Malaysia, she kept nagging at me because I like taking showers at night. She says that it’s bad luck to take a shower at night because you’d get sick, especially if you’re married. I showered every night anyway because Malaysia is humid and feeling clean makes me sleep better! I didn’t get sick either.

    4 years ago
  356. I always think about this cartoon short when it comes to Fan Death. xD

    My God-daughter’s birthdate is 4-4-04… She’s born to have bad luck. LoL

    And I think I’ve heard that if it rains on your wedding day, it’s “good luck” in the sense that the couple will be having children in the near future.

    4 years ago
  357. We have a lot of those “general” superstitions in Poland; breaking the mirror, opening umbrella, black cat crossing your way and number 13. We also have others! Like for example walking under a ladder brings bad luck. And if you see a chimney-sweeper you need to grab your button and hold it until you see someone wearing glasses… xD it brings good luck! Also seeing a flying stork is good luck. Just standing on the field… not really, can be bad luck even.
    What else… on New Years Eve you’re supposed to wear red lingerie. xD But it comes often~ You should also wear it for your exams and prom. And if you have a small, new born baby, you should tie somewhere near him a red ribbon. It’s to repel “the bad eye”; if someone looks with jealousy or wishing something bad to happen to the baby, the red ribbon will protect him.
    If you spill some salt you need to throw it behind you through your left arm “to blind the devil”. He is supposed to lurking from behind you and you can blind him with the salt.
    And you shouldn’t swing your legs while sitting because it’s devil swinging on your legs!
    Oh! And there is also very old myth about small domestic spirits called “ubożątka”. They take care of the house. Before you go out, you need to sit for a moment because they like to sit on people’s feet and grab the ends of trousers. So they need time to get off before you go out anywhere~ otherwise they will fall off somewhere outside and won’t be able to find their way back home! People used to leave milk for them in a corner of the kitchen.
    And that’s also were another superstition came from! That if you went out but forgot something from the house and you need to go back, you have to sit down for a moment before going out again.
    Personally I really, really like that one abut “ubożątka”. I think it’s really cute~

    4 years ago
    • “Ubożątka”? Thanks for the explanation :) I know this superstition and always sit if I forget anything, but didn’t have any idea where it does come from :)

      Other polish superstition I know is when you see a spider in the evening it brings good luck.

      A good choice for a gift to a friend is to give a scarf, it will bond you to him/her. You shouldn’t give cushions as gift to your gf or bf because the love will fall asleep.

      Don’t lend or borrow needles. If you want to borrow it from someone you should give the other person any coin, like you want to buy it.

      Don’t start anything new on friday, for example new job, first date.

      Don’t sit at the edge of a table, otherwise you won’t get married.

      Horseshoe and clover brings good luck. If a bird flies into your room it’s also a god sign. A stork flying orver your house means, you’ll get pregnant soon.

      4 years ago
    • hah…that’s weird because thanks to your post I’ve actually learnt more about polish supertitions than the korean ones…..and the funny thing is I’m polish living in Poland and well….. that’s the first time I’ve heard about most of them…..(beside the “general”ones of course)…..and…ekhm…thanks?? (to post z etnologicznym zacięciem, a ja widocznie jestem kulturowym ignorantem) ;))

      4 years ago
      • Hahah you’re welcome! :D I’m not really a superstitious person. Quite the opposite most of the time. xD I always say “thank you” when people wish me good luck and I love black cats. But I really like that kind of folklore stuff so~
        Oh! Did you know that there’s a way to repel the bad luck if a black cat crosses your way? It will turn into good luck if you’ll manage to catch the cat! :D
        (nie jesteś ignorantem, bo coś wynosisz z tego, uczysz się~ xP ignoracja to jest brak wiedzy i brak chęci aby ją posiąść. ^^ )

        4 years ago
    • Omg! it’s the first time I heard about the heather! O.O and about potatoes… especially with traditional “pierogi” for Christmas Eve! Which are made from potatoes~

      4 years ago
      • I suppose these might be regional superstitions from Wielkopolska. And with the potato one, I think it’s about potatoes as a whole meal or a side dish, not an ingredient. But I always found it weird because, well, you don’t really eat potatoes for breakfast in Poland and there are no potatoes in traditional Christmas Eve dinner menu so there’s no opportunity of eating them really…

        4 years ago
    • In Hungary there are also some, but almost all the same as in Poland :D Except the red ribbon, and swinging the legs and that spirit. We have something similar to that, but in here, it’s just like, when you forgot something at home and you come back for that, you need to sit down, and count to 9 or 10 and leave the house just after that. It brings you luck. Also if you wore shirts, socks inside out, you are not supposed to turn it back, because that brings bad luck. Oh and here, if you spill the salt there is two meaning for that: first is the devil, and the second one is, you will get in trouble with that person or tool whose direction you spilled the salt. So if you spill the salt to the ovens direction, be prepared you’ll burn the food! xD
      Oh and we have that one: if in Catherine’s day the weather is rainy, then the christmas will be cold so there is a chance that it will be snowy. But if it’s cold then the christmas will be rainy.
      Oh and red pens are tipically the teachers color in here, but if you are a student, you are supposed to write the exams only with blue pen. You can’t even use black. I don’t really know if this is a superstition or just some kind of rule..
      That’s all that popped in my mind right now ^^

      4 years ago
      • Now I know it :D To think about that…it’s pretty obvious xD
        Thanks for sharing with us that spirit, it was good to read about yours :) We have pretty similar superstitions bí the way :)

        4 years ago
    • I’m from Poland but I’ve never heard about devils swinging on people’s
      legs xD But I’ve got another superstition – if you walk under road sign
      you will never get married. But Polish don’t treat superstitions
      seriously, I don’t know anyone who belive in black cats or broken
      mirrors ;)

      4 years ago
      • People may not “believe” that black cats are bad luck, but they are usually the last to get adopted. We ended up with a black cat in the litter our black and white cat had and he is the friendliest, bestest buddy cat you could ever have. Almost like the perks of a faithful/playful dog in the perks of a cat body. I’ve heard the same from others with black cats too.

        4 years ago
        • I’ve always wanted a black cat~
          And the funny thing is that most people say they don’t believe in superstitions… but still! They don’t really feel comfortable walking when black cat crossed their way or walking under a ladder… and they always grab their buttons when seeing chimney sweeper! So yeah ;)

          4 years ago
        • Black labradors and black cats, some of the best pets for kids. Very tolerant.

          I don’t know about the chimney sweeper (we sweep our own chimney), but I think the ladder thing is just good common sense – too much opportunity for an accident to happen, just go around.

          4 years ago
      • You didn’t? xD My grandma always told me that when I was a kid…
        Oh! Have you heard about not killing spiders? It’s supposed come from a legend about spiders protecting Czestochowa’s Mother of God. Some robbers wanted to attack her and she hid in a cave, the spiders made tick web in the entry so the robbers couldn’t get in after her~ so that way they protected her! That’s why you can’t kill spiders. xD
        And there is an old saying that if there are spiders in a house, it means beautiful girls live there. ^^

        4 years ago
        • See, and my Mom always said that when you killed a spider, it would rain soon. However, I always thought that was to keep up from being afraid of spiders and to stop killing them so that they could eat insects that actually DID bug us (like mosquitos). Besides, you need to save some spiders for the centipedes to eat ;)

          4 years ago
        • No, I don’t know that one about spiders and Mother of God but I suppose the reason is I grow up in atheistic family ;) but I’ve heared about spiders and beautiful girls before xD I think it’s funny considering that most people kill spiders. You kill insects – you’re ugly xD

          4 years ago
        • Hahha yeah, my grandma is quite religious. Every time there is a storm she lights up “gromnica”, the blessed wax-candle. It’s to protect the house from lighting hitting it.
          I never killed spiders~ I always called them “Sebastian” and said they were my pets. :D I even have a web and spider made from wool on my wall~ :DDD trying to charm myself to look prettier~ jk. xP lol.

          4 years ago
  358. ahahaha i heard of the fan death one!!! first time i heard it i was like O_O whut??
    i’m surprised they don’t have a theory that goes along the lines of *dramatic voice* “it will suck out your SO~UL”

    as a British person….don’t drag us into this!!! i thought Martina saying omen was weird!!!

    ahahaha they rig the bouquet catching parts at weddings!!!
    what if you have a really small wedding and there is no one who is getting married in that time limit???

    i’m sure i was told before that on my parents wedding day there was a rain storm in Bangladesh and that we actually see it as good luck!!
    i thought baka was stupid or idiot in Japanese!?
    being in England i grew up with the umbrella and mirror superstition!!

    4 years ago
  359. almonds are eeeeeeeeeevil! *allergy*

    4 years ago
  360. oops i talk too much.

    4 years ago
  361. Baka means idiot in Japanese. XD
    Anyways, I’m Chinese and apparently 8 (Ba) is a lucky number because it’s sounds similar to fat in fat choi, which means luck.

    4 years ago
  362. Ireland – 3 & 7 are thought to be magic numbers (esp in older tales)… um, I can’t really think of many superstitions… oh, if your right nostril is itchy, someone is talking good about you, if your left nostril is itchy, they’re talking bad, and if it’s both sides of you nose, someone is arguing about you

    4 years ago
    • I know that 3 is considered to be a good number because it represents being balanced (this phrasing sounds weird now that I’ve typed it..oh well :P). That is the reason why photographer use tripods, it is a perfectly balanced stand, there is not wobble.

      4 years ago
    • super love this nostril theory! haha probably means all the famous artistes in ireland have itchy noses!XD

      4 years ago
  363. I am a super superstitious person but I’m sorry… I can’t and won’t give up my fan. I might die from heat without my fan. I’m from a tropical country, so yeah, fans are a necessity.

    Interesting TL;DR btw. :)

    4 years ago
  364. This video basically sums up a whole bunch of superstitions in my culture: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCfNjBUCVXo
    (Indian/Pakistani superstitions are basically the same)

    4 years ago
  365. are you trying to tell me that the korean word for 4 is pronouced like the german word for nice??????

    4 years ago
  366. Here in Israel we believe that if some one sits on the corner of the table than he won’t get married.I think that this superstition came from Russia or somewhere near it (>_<")

    4 years ago
    • It is an old Ukrainian superstition. I don’t care about getting married,so I always do my female friends and relatives a favour by taking the “forever alone” spot whenever I’m back at home.:)

      4 years ago
  367. I totally read ‘fan death’ as being something about fans, as in people who like a band, dying. Whoops. : – /
    Hm, in Japan they tell you not to leave the air conditioner on while you sleep or you’ll catch a cold…but nothing as extreme as fan death.
    Also in Japan, some people like to eat fried cutlets (pronounced ‘katsu’ in Japanese) because it sounds the same as the Japanese word for ‘win’ (also ‘katsu’) on the day of an exam or a competition.
    And not sure about in Korea, but in Japan you don’t say ‘bless you’ when someone sneezes because sneezing is considered embarrassing, so calling attention to it is considered rude. Not sure if that’s the same reason for not saying ‘bless you’ in Korea?

    P.S. In case you wanted to know, “baka” actually means stupid.

    4 years ago
  368. Ugh, Martina, you almost got me in trouble… I almost seriously laughed out loud in my library’s silent zone near the end of the video D:

    Isn’t it eye of the storm, eye of the hurricane? LOL -nerd laugh- :’D

    4 years ago
  369. I was going to say that, until I saw this comment, hahaha
    Anime teaching me Japanese words FTW!

    4 years ago
  370. Yeah! Pfff. I know that! Psssh! What are you talking about!
    *edits post in shame*

    4 years ago
  371. Do

    In Belgium, you don’t say “good luck” before an exam, you say “good shit” and your are not supposed to say “thank you” or you will ruin all the luck. (But I always say thank you anyway)

    4 years ago
    • Here in Brazil we say “shit to you” before a play. Before exams it’s ok if you say “good luck” xD

      4 years ago
    • We have the same thing in Canada when someone is about to go on stage and preform something. Except we say “break a leg”. And you have to really mean it too! And you can’t say good luck….. worse “luck” ever….

      4 years ago
    • Wow…huh why don’t i get this? I’m also from Belgium.
      i remember a lot of people saying good luck though and no good shit? do we live in the same country? xD
      could yuo perhaps type it in dutch, maybe i’ll recognize it and scold myself for not thinking about it :P

      4 years ago
      • Do

        “Bonne merde” it’s in French. =) Belgium is really vast for such a small country.

        4 years ago
        • aaaah, maybe that’s why I didn’t know about it :)
          I’m from the dutch speaking region :)

          4 years ago
    • The closest thing I can think of like that here in the U.S. is, if you are in a play or doing some sort of presentation in front of people you say “Break a leg”.

      4 years ago
    • Leo

      It’s the same in Germany as well. Instead of saying “good luck” you say “broken neck and leg” and if you thank after that the luck will be gone.

      4 years ago
    • same in France

      4 years ago
    • Oh yeah, there is a similar in Hungary too. You are not supposed to wish “good luck” you are supposed to say like ” with a hat!” or ” broke your arms and legs”. ( It sounds better in Hungarian…) so you won’t ruin the luck ^^

      Oh and other thing popped in my mind :D If you take a medicine you aren’t supposed to say ” thank you” because if you say it, the medicine won’t work!

      4 years ago
    • a similar thing in Lithuania. you do not thank for luck, coz it might run away. but I always forget about that … XD

      4 years ago
  372. In Singapore, when someone passes away we hold our funerals at our apartment void decks(yup everyone who walks pass are able to see the funeral set up and everything). And in the middle of the night, there have to be someone staying up to guard the coffin because superstitions says that if a cat jumps over the coffin, the corpse would sit up. So we kinda have to chase cats at night…..

    4 years ago
  373. They talk about the shoe thing in episode 16 of Coffee Prince

    4 years ago
  374. hahaha that french on the screen pantolons falamant roses xD

    4 years ago
  375. it’s really hilarious when I go to India (my home place) and suddenly all normal actions become a source of bad luck.
    I’ll list a few I can think of:
    1. NEVER ever swing your legs back and forth while sitting. Something terrible can happen to your parents.
    2. Shaking keys… BAD LUCK!
    3. Sewing your button on the eve of a religious holiday….will bring you bad luck!

    4 years ago
  376. Martina is right! The center is the calmest! Haha

    4 years ago
  377. What do you guys think about EXO’s late comeback ? Are you guys irritated too and waiting for their comeback ?

    4 years ago
  378. Loved this one! I live on the F floor here in Korea… let me tell you, it’s all DEATH AND DOOM!! The first week we were in Korea, we slept at my boss’s house (in his bed!) and had the fan on all night. He freaked out in the morning, but at the time I just thought it was because we used too much electricity. hehe. My Korean friend swears that her mom’s friend’s daughter died from fan death. No fighting it with her! When I lived in France, my French family said that whenever you have an eyelash on your cheek, you have to slap the correct cheek in order for your wish to come true!

    4 years ago
    • Here, If we have an eyelash on your cheek you have to put it on your finger and blow it away and make a wish :P

      ….. and supposedly that wish is coming true…… right :p

      4 years ago
  379. There is a superstition that i heard of and have never tried. You know how you can reflections of reflections when u place 2 mirrors facing each other. Apparently, you will be able to see how you would die if you look at the 13th reflection.

    But if you think through before trying it, you would know that you will basically be seeing yourself. Meaning if you actually try it and it is real, wouldn’t doing it be just the cause of your death?

    4 years ago
    • The way my bathroom is set up the mirror covers three walls like this -> |__|
      You can look both ways and see your reflection going on forever and you just see yourself, front and back, until the reflection gets too small to make it out anymore. Granted, I’ve never counted them..

      4 years ago
  380. Pa

    I don’t know what you’re talking about Simon, but I can run in high heels :) Hahahah

    4 years ago
  381. Now I know why all the places I saw in Korea while apartment shopping looked so grody! Thanks Simon & Martina! :D

    4 years ago
  382. Now that Easter is just over, in Latin America, bathing during Good Friday is bad luck: grannies say you’ll turn into a fish. And for those who enjoy the Easter Holiday by getting some, ehem, “action”, with their loved ones, they will get STUCK TOGETHER. That doesn’t seem to be a good deterrent though, judging by the rise in births 9 months later!

    4 years ago
  383. The wedding rain = lucky is actually true in the US too, just sad when it happens to outdoor weddings :)

    4 years ago
    • I feel like it started just as a consolation to people who had rain on their wedding day, like saying it’s good luck when a bird poops on you. Which is just not true.

      4 years ago
  384. Oh fan death. When I stayed in Korea with my relatives, they would come into my room every night and turn off my fan when I was sleeping. It was a war to keep that thing on. I can’t sleep without my fan!

    4 years ago
  385. martina, baka doesn’t mean shut up in japanese. it means idiot, fool, etc (like babo in korean).

    4 years ago
  386. I had heard about the fan death before …and me and my friends used to laugh about it so much, but then I almost went bald because of a fan and now my friend calls me ‘the girl who lived’ …

    4 years ago
  387. Martina is right!!! I own Twister! Take that Simon :p

    4 years ago
  388. martina! you are right about the eye of the tornado. however, your pronunciation of omen… mm.. yeah. :)

    4 years ago