You might have forgotten about the excitement Martina felt when we first moved to Bucheon, Korea two months ago and she saw a conveyor belt of sushi. We, however, have never forgotten that day. In fact, Martina has been eyeing that sushi belt ever since, but we just never got around to eating at one. Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, we finally took the plunge. We were in Sinchon yesterday to take Spudgy to the vet to get his teeth cleaned. While he was being taken care of we wandered around Sinchon in the unbelievably scorching heat (we burned our feet, fyi). When we finally got hungry we went to the basment of the Hyundai Mall to eat (yes, Hyundai doesn’t just make cars. It makes department stores, too!). We saw the Sushi conveyor belt and knew that today was finally the day we would eat at one. Here’s how they work:

Simply enough, you sit down in front of the conveyor belt while different plates of sushi are whirled round and round. Every sushi plate offers two pieces of sushi. As well, every plate has one of five different patterns around the rim, and each pattern denotes a different price (the black and the gold plate costs 5 bucks, for example, while the blue one will cost 2 bucks). Simply take off a plate, eat the sushi, take off another plate, eat the sushi, and stack your plates. When you’re done a lady will come by and tally up the damage.

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