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Korean Table Etiquette

March 7, 2013


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And we’re back with our TL;DRs! Couldn’t do them for a while because we were in Japan for a bit, but we’re back, now, and talking about more stuff that you ask us to talk about. This time, Korean Table Etiquette. Sounds like a boring topic, but we had some fun talking about it. Here’s the original question:

TLDR Question

Also, we mentioned the crappiness of that bad video we did from long time ago. Yes, we’re embarrassed that our videos were like that before, and we’d rather not watch it, but if you haven’t seen it then you have no clue how bad our videos used to be, though our focus and method was different back then :D We’re a lot more comfortable on camera now. Anyhow, check it out if you haven’t seen it yet:

So, we add a bit more to what we talked about in this video. We gave a few examples, like try giving out chopsticks and tissues to others, be prepared for a different style of buffet eating, and just generally trying to be as considerate of others in a meal-sharing environment as possible.

We did get a hint of one other rule/suggestion from Soo Zee when we spoke with her about it today, but she was a bit iffy about the details because she wasn’t too sure about it, since she’s not in a typical business setting. She mentioned that there’s typically a seat at a table where the people that pay for the meals usually sit. It’s not, like, the head of the table, but it’s something like to the left of the door…or something. She wasn’t sure. We then began to joke about how if this was the case we’d all run into the restaurant and dive into the seat as far the hell away from the paying seat as possible, and we’d all be scrunched up on each other like “NO YOU’RE CLOSEST! YOU PAY!” But then we got distracted and started talking about something else, so that’s all the info we can give you about the crappy money seat as possible. If anyone knows anything about it, or if you have any other stories about confusion you had with Korean table etiquette, please let us know!



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