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Korean Toast

January 10, 2013


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Woohoo! Korean Toast! Now, let’s just say from the get go that when we hear about Korean Toast, we think of two different kinds of Toast. One is something that we experienced a lot as teachers in Korea. Ham-Cheese toast. It’s got a slice of ham, slice of cheese, fried egg, some cabbage, all between two pieces of toast. It’s all made on a flat, hot grill and slathered in butter. It’s greasy and delicious. So, whenever I think about Korean toast, I think about the delicious kind of toast, and then I think about this kind.

WHAT THE EFF IS THIS CONCOCTION? Calling it a slice of bread would be unfair, because it’s more like a quarter of a loaf. It’s made of the whitest of white bread. Gluey, stodgy, sticky white bread. Take a huge hunk of it. Cover it in stuff. BOOM! That toast.

It’s soooooo not our style. It feels like the kind of dessert your kid would make you if they’re six years old and want to impress mummy and daddy, and you eat it and smile just to make your kid not feel bad about themselves while really you’re like “WHAT THE EFF AM I EATING?!”

But, we’re thinking that maybe we just experienced a bad version of it. This is our second time trying toast like this, and both times it wasn’t quite good, but both times were from bigger franchises. Maybe if we went to the smaller coffee shops and got a sugar-overdose-loaf toast, then maybe it’ll be done differently? Patbingsu didn’t really do it for us at first, but once we had good patbingsu, we were totally converted. Can we eventually, one day, be converted into this kind of toast? I’m not sure. What if it was made with a cinnamon raisin bread, instead of just a white bread? Has anyone had a good toast like this before?

So, yeah! That’s it for the FAPFAP. We mostly show off foods that we really like for our segment, but every once in a while we want to show you something special that we find to be rather…interesting, and hopefully we can have you nasties convince us of the goodness of that type of dish.

Otherwise, we’ve got some footage that didn’t make it into the final cut, including bloopers, and more Kai Bai Boh-ing :D

Also, side note: we’re up for a Shorty Award for Best Webshow. Vote for us! If we win, that means we’ll be down in New York for the awards show, and we’d make an awesome video of it, and hopefully be able to hang out with some New York Nasties! And if we’re in New York, we’d definitely go over to Toronto as well, so we can meet you Toronto Nasties, too! It’s a win-win situation! So…give it a click! Let’s Nastify the Shorty Awards!

Nominate Simon and Martina for a social media award in the Shorty Awards!Nominate Simon and Martina for a social media award in the Shorty Awards



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