Woohoo! Korean Toast! Now, let’s just say from the get go that when we hear about Korean Toast, we think of two different kinds of Toast. One is something that we experienced a lot as teachers in Korea. Ham-Cheese toast. It’s got a slice of ham, slice of cheese, fried egg, some cabbage, all between two pieces of toast. It’s all made on a flat, hot grill and slathered in butter. It’s greasy and delicious. So, whenever I think about Korean toast, I think about the delicious kind of toast, and then I think about this kind.

WHAT THE EFF IS THIS CONCOCTION? Calling it a slice of bread would be unfair, because it’s more like a quarter of a loaf. It’s made of the whitest of white bread. Gluey, stodgy, sticky white bread. Take a huge hunk of it. Cover it in stuff. BOOM! That toast.

It’s soooooo not our style. It feels like the kind of dessert your kid would make you if they’re six years old and want to impress mummy and daddy, and you eat it and smile just to make your kid not feel bad about themselves while really you’re like “WHAT THE EFF AM I EATING?!”

But, we’re thinking that maybe we just experienced a bad version of it. This is our second time trying toast like this, and both times it wasn’t quite good, but both times were from bigger franchises. Maybe if we went to the smaller coffee shops and got a sugar-overdose-loaf toast, then maybe it’ll be done differently? Patbingsu didn’t really do it for us at first, but once we had good patbingsu, we were totally converted. Can we eventually, one day, be converted into this kind of toast? I’m not sure. What if it was made with a cinnamon raisin bread, instead of just a white bread? Has anyone had a good toast like this before?

So, yeah! That’s it for the FAPFAP. We mostly show off foods that we really like for our segment, but every once in a while we want to show you something special that we find to be rather…interesting, and hopefully we can have you nasties convince us of the goodness of that type of dish.

Otherwise, we’ve got some footage that didn’t make it into the final cut, including bloopers, and more Kai Bai Boh-ing :D


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  1. Random food question: What do you guys do/where do you go when you crave food that isn’t Korean (or Korean tasting)? Do you both do a lot of home cooking and if so what sort of meals are staples for you?

  2. They have a Japanese restaurant — En Okonomiyaki Dining — where they have: as usual, a quarter loaf of bread that has been cut out from the crust, cut into cubes, toasted, then put back into the square crust. It’s all bathed in honey, ice cream, and toppings. It’s delcious! Please don’t give up on honey breads!

  3. i have never seen martina look so punished/horrified by anything (especially a dessert!) … that toast shop must have been that bad! as soon as u guys said “wonder bread” though, i already started to cringe lol

  4. omg… as a person who’s dieting right now, i feel your pain… and also… WHY DID YOU GO EAT THAT?!? lol.

    we actually have this kinda of dessert in Japan as well, though it usually has butter and honey on it with icecream, and it comes really hot, so like the ice cream is melting on it… it’s always been really really good every time i’ve eaten it. but yeah, it’s just bread with ice-cream so… if i’m gonna sacrifice my diet for sweets, it’s definitely not my first choice!!

    still i’m sure people who don’t live in asia got a kick outta watching you guys eat that, haha… ^_-

    oh, and another (not totally related) comment… i always thought that korea was really really similar to japan and similar weather as well but… how come it’s so cold?!?!? it doesn’t really ever go under 0C in tokyo… i feel for you guys!!!

  5. “If I play with my food, I’d go to hell” “There is a special circle of hell for children who play with their food” Wow, that was funny! Makes me wonder what your childhood was like, Simon. The trauma!!!!

  6. I thought of cheese cake immediately. The reason for this being that there is currently one in my fridge not being eaten.

  7. I don’t know how different this toast is from the toast in Japan, but the toast I had in Japan was GREAT! It was about an inch thick (2.5 cm) and it was crunchy yet soft at the same time. The only thing it had on top was plain vanilla ice cream and honey. I was really skeptical at first too, but I loved it! So much so that I tried to recreate it after I went back home, but it didn’t work. OH! Btw, I got it at a karaoke bar. I had some great toast while I was singing my guts out. It was wonderful. :D

  8. I want none of what you guys are having, but after reading your blog I want some toast with butter and cinnamon sugar. This craving is going to slay me for the next 5 1/2 hours while I’m at work.

  9. There’s a restaurant in here that serve that kind of thick loaf bread, but it’s usually honey toast, the savory version on it serve on a smaller cut of bread though, just the honey toast that were that thick like yours

  10. Always strange to my hear, people calling that bread… I’m from France, and bread does NOT look like that here. I don’t know the english word for it, but it looks like “brioche”, probably with less sugar.

    Desert does not seem to be quite as good as main dishes in Korea.

  11. Try Caffe Bene’s honey bread!!!

  12. When I hear about all these things that are sweet when they should just be savory, I think of how the foreign exchange students feel about the salt in food in America. My ex was a host for multiple Korean foreign exchange students who I would cook for as frequently as possible. Though it would have been punishment for them I suppose. They tried so hard to not complain and eat everything I made. When I figured out that it was too salty for them I was kind of surprised. I don’t care for salt much at all so I always add less than a recipe calls for. I wound up just not using it at all but that only barely helped. So many ingredients have such a high amount of sodium it’s no wonder.

    • Yeah Korean food actually has a lot of salt (as in more than westerners) in it but it is usually is diluted in a soup or in very spicy food haha. Fun fact :) But any time it is directly on food I find that not a lot of Korean people like it. Seriously any time I get french fries, or a cheese product there is like no salt in or on it. ( I live in Korea).

  13. Interesting, I love the garlic bread here in Korea. It’s sweet but still salty and oh so soft. Same thing with toast, it was really sweet but I dig the sweet and salty deal. I had Isaac toast, it had egg, cheese, and some kind of honey/jam. It was great :D But then again I LOVE korean pizza! Especially the golden crust (with the sweet potato and cheese!!!!!) I think Korean food is right up my alley :) I’ve found so many foods here that I wonder how I survived without for so many years.

  14. omg I love this! you guys say gawi bawi bo so smoothly lol and you martina said ‘oppa’, even I didn’t catch it.
    well… I love bread but I don’t take those franchise coffee shop’s toast or bread cause it sucks. And it’s obvious those type of bread are koreanized. ah I’m Korean haha. I’d rather recommend you to try waffles in caffebene, at least it won’t disappoint you I guess :p
    good video! thank you!

  15. At least the chocolate was chocolate and not red bean. Worst surprise ever.

  16. Hey! :)

    “It’s got a slice of ham, slice of cheese, fried egg, some cabbage, all between two pieces of toast.” that’s a sandwich : / (or a toast sandwich if you may) “greasy and delicious.”…aaand not so healthy….

    “sugar-overdose-loaf toast,” why have that when you could eat a muffin instead..or cupcake… besides shouldn’t toast supposed to be steaming hot?(Martina’s “toast” had ice-cream on it right? O.o )

    “cinnamon raisin bread, instead of just a white bread? Has anyone had a good toast like this before?” yeah that could totally taste better…. plus cinnamon is good for you!

    “So, yeah! That’s it for the FAPFAP. We mostly show off foods that we really like for our segment, but every once in a while we want to show you something special that we find to be rather…interesting,” … I know you did it for us guise (;_;)

    P.S: I like your “pupu” Martina! XDD

    P.S.s: “Let’s Nastify the Shorty Awards!” that’s better Simon :)) (don’t forget nasties that you have to make comments that make sense for the vote to count :P)


  17. Singapore also has a version of these toast dessert-thingies too! i don’t think they’re a really Singaporean thing, since you mostly only find them being served at Hong Kong cafes like Xin Wang and HK Cafe (I have no idea if it originated in Hong Kong either, sorry!). (Looky here, google images! https://www.google.com/search?q=thick%20toast%20xin%20wang&sugexp=chrome,mod%3D2&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=8czuUMiTKsirkwWRlIHYBg&biw=1277&bih=635&sei=98zuULmYCsbskgWcr4CwDQ)

    We usually eat them drenched with condensed milk and slices of butter, or peanut butter, or with cheese and sugar, or with the most awesome topping ever, PORK FLOSS!! Meat floss is awesome. it goes with everything!

  18. omigod…srsly…it got like totally pornographic around 5:04. you guys are making me blush! >_<!

  19. Martina looks extra pretty in this FapFap!

  20. My friend was like here try this cake you will love it. I was like wow sponge cake with whipped cream yummers took a big bite and it was like eating Wonder bread with cream eww:(

  21. first time I decided to make Western food here I made spaghetti, and what is spaghetti without GARLIC TOAST?? “Hey Ryan” I thought to myself…”I saw some delicious looking garlic toast at Paris Baguette, lets get that shall we?!”

    lets just say that damn sugary garlic toast RUINED MY DINNER! One a positive note though I learned to make my own garlic toast and turns out i like it even better than store bought stuff back home. Take THAT life!!

  22. Aaah, I wish you went somewhere else! There are so many good honey/maple toasts out there and they need to be eaten! I actually had the Maple Chocolate Toast from Angel In Us today. So delectable! It reminded me a bit of french toast since it was soaked in the maple syrup and was a bit more chewy than crunchy. Definitely recommend!

  23. Can you find a restaurant with gluten free options? I have to maintain a gluten free lifestyle, and I’d love to see what there is in Korea for glutards such as me. Also, that bread looks gross. >.> Although, the idea of white bread is delicious to me…since I can’t eat it, sweet cheese on white bread…not so much. xD

  24. I am hungry. Must. Eat. Now. And those toasts look quite tasty even if they’re not, they still make me want to eat.
    Anyway, I would be disappointed with that cheese one too because it didn’t look sweet at all. Cheese should not be sweet.
    And Martina, I noticed that you quite often wear hats indoors and you didn’t wear one outside when it was minus 19 degrees? Whoa! Don’t catch a cold! I have a horribly runny nose and it’s nasty. Ugh.

  25. OMG! Martina! My little sister does the whole mash potato snowmen thing!
    … Annnd I used to make lil towns out of my food when I was a kid~ You’re not alone! LOL XD

  26. lol whats that saying? “The whiter the bread, the quicker you’re dead”?

  27. Bread is the thing I’m not gonna miss about Korea : P

  28. wow…….that is one helluva large “slice” of bread!!!
    the display ones looked so pretty though!!!

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