Halloween is not celebrated here in Bucheon or the rest of Korea, so I – Simon – tried to teach my middle school students about Halloween and Trick or Treating. I did not teach it well. The only thing they learned was that strangers will give you candy once you demand it. Some thought that the louder you demand it the more candy you will get. This turned out to be terrible, terrible for me. I have documented it all: the horror, the terror, the rage.

Note: If you can’t tell from the movie, then please understand that these students were acting. They were given their lines, given their pay (lots of candy, of course), and fully consented to the making of this movie and the way in which it will be used. The students who did not want to participate were free to go. I have 920 students – here are not even one fifth of them. Yeah.

  1. Jacqueline

    Yup, seems about right. I use candy, cookies, and stickers as incentives (alright, bribes) for my elementary kids, and it turns them into little candy bloodhounds, lol.


    Simon bee!!kkkk you look so cute

  3. Brittney Petty

    I’m not sure that they’ll be starring in any Korean dramas anytime soon ;) But they’re adorable nonetheless!

  4. Genesis Ramirez

    Haha, is the background song from Final Fantasy, Sephiroth’s Theme? XP

  5. These kids are adorable! This video was so funny :-D

  6. jessicamaylee

    <3 this was so funny
    ive seen those kids before where they from another one of your films like battle ship ? just wondering
    ps *whisper* simon next time bring MORE candy :D

  7. The preview picture looks great…now I only wish I could see the actual video..o~q

    o 3o

  8. That was great, I think the best part is the FF7 Sephiroth theme playing in the background.

  9. well now candy has lost its meaning for me… lol XDD

  10. not important

    where is your dog?

  11. not important


  12. not important


  13. not important


  14. not important

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahah ……hahahahahahahahahah what up w/ the chairs guys i will give you candy just please don't kill me~!!

  15. Blueangel

    Maybe you need show them a video of how halloween is conducted in Canada and then have some role play. Cause shouting "GIVE ME CANDY" isn't going to get you any candy at all. We're just doing to think you're rude and spoiled!
    Hope that hopes

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