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Korean Utensil Layouts aka LAME TITLE

June 11, 2013


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Yes, the title sounds lame, but the video’s not lame ok? OK! Look, this was cool and we wanted to share it. How else were we gonna do it? A Kpop Music Monday? Maybe a FAPFAP, but we didn’t really want to do a video on this place, though it’s a good restaurant. It’s yummy and all, but Seollongtang makes for a rather boring video. What would we do for the food porn shots? Here’s milky white broth dripping from the spoon in slow motion? Doesn’t matter! Point is, we’re sharing what we found at this restaurant on our Open the Happy channel.

You might also remember how we mentioned in our last TL;DR on How Korea Changed Us, we were a bit weirded out by the handling of utensils when we first came to Korea. We usually put them on napkins if we’re provided with napkins, or we otherwise directly put them on the table without any concern for oncoming diarrhoea. That’s something we couldn’t do comfortably when we first came to Korea, but now we’re over it. It would have been cool if we saw these placemat thingies when we first came! Well, it’s still cool now, which is why we’re sharing it. Yay! Put the spoon in the spoon outline. Chopsticks in the chopstick outline. Simple enough, yet so satisfying. Or is that just the OCD speaking in me?

This video maybe boring for some people, but it’s something we’re not used to seeing in Toronto. Or maybe it’s commonplace in Toronto now? We haven’t lived there for five years. Hell: five years. That’s quite a while. I feel like it’s odd for us to talk about what Toronto’s like, because we haven’t been there in a while. Or has it stayed the same. I know Korea develops rapidly; same for Toronto? I wouldn’t necessarily say so.

POINT IS: this is cool to us, and we hope you found it cool, too :D Though we’ve been living in Korea for majority of our adult life, and we’re quite used to it, we still want to look at things through the eyes of someone who just got here, you know? Rather than just be numbed to all the cool, little things, because we’ve experienced them so much.

Yeah! That’s it for this. Carry on now!



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