Ok, so, for starters, let me apologize for the unexpectedly organized TL;DR. The two of us had planned on discussing a different topic together, but then Martina got sick, so we had to figure out a topic that I (Simon here) could do by myself. It’s not the most popular topic according to your thumbs up, but it’s one that I can answer on my own, and it also counterbalances all of the girliness of last week’s topic.

Anyhow, VIDEO GAMES! I’m not sure how many of you know how much of a gamer I am. We’ve got a Nintendo Wii, a DS for each of us, Playstation 3, and a Vita. We don’t play much Nintendo, unless we’ve got guests over. Then it’s Mario Party and Mario Kart non-stop! Otherwise, I’m mostly playing single player Playstation games. Still working my way through Skyrim, but I only get a chance maybe once every two weeks to put in a few hours of level grinding. If not that, I’m playing Gravity Rush on the Vita for those shorter free moments I’ve got. That’s a pretty cool game, FYI, if you haven’t played it.

Enough about my gaming habits: fact is, I’m a bit disappointed with gaming culture here in Korea. Not that it’s bad or inadequate or sucky or anything like that. Gaming culture is insanely strong here…it’s just not MY kind of gaming culture. Playstation games come in slim picking at the regular super markets. I still haven’t seen any Prototype 2 here. MAN! I really want to play that game. I could just go to Yongsan if I wanted to and buy it there, but – problem is – I hate dealing with haggling for prices. If the game is brand spanking new, getting an English copy of it could run you well over $100. I AIN’T THAT DEDICATED TO THE GAME! Otherwise, the different booths at Yongsan will all offer you different prices for the game you want to buy.

Also, big problem just happened here this month for Playstation gamers: you can’t get games via the Playstation network anymore. You can read more about it here if you want to know the details. All you need to know is that it sucks monkey balls! I’ve been trying to download the Metal Gear Solid set for the Vita, but I can’t :(

As for Xbox games, I don’t know. Never been a fan of Xbox. Sorry guise! For some reason, I only think of Xbox as first person shooters and sports games, neither of which I’m interested in. All I know is that, at the supermarkets, you can barely get any Xbox games, either.

Anyhow, I’m starting to think that Pulsa Bang gaming is a better idea, though. I mean, spend a few bucks a day to play someone else’s PS3 and a bunch of their games on a nice TV. Why not? If a PS3 is a couple hundred bucks, and every game is there waiting for you. I think it’s a good deal. It’s just…not as convenient as sitting in the living room in your underwear, of course.

So, yeah! that’s it for this week. And, lastly, Martina’s not doing too well right now with her cold, so we’re not going to be WANKing tomorrow. Sorry guise! Martina needs her rest. Hopefully she’ll have enough energy for this week’s Music Monday!

  1. Quick comment on not being able to buy games on PSN. I’ve had success buying point cards off of Amazon.com and applying them to my account then using those to buy the game. Hope this helps.

  2. Video game culture in Korea, for the most part, sucks. The video game industry went down the drain since the 90′s because of piracy, so the only surviving video games in Korea are the cruddy free to play games, i.e. Nexon. It is very rare to see a Korean in Korea play a full blown AAA title outside of Blizzard. Even with the original Starcraft, it was often pirated and private servers thrived as a result. This is one of the reasons why Starcraft 2 isn’t as popular in Korea than it is worldwide.

  3. Question: do people in Korea consciously try to be different from Japanese culture? i.e. is console gaming seen as a Japanese thing?

  4. Hey Simon, have you ever played Assassin’s Creed?

  5. QUESTION: Is Japanese (popular) culture influential in Korea? I mean, for example, anime, manga, japanese music, fashion, tv, video games, card games, etc. is this popular there?

  6. The new Final Fantasy13-2 was pretty freaking good, way better then 13 and not as linear, thank God. It had a bunch of great side quests, levels and paradox endings. The story line, characters, music and combat system were also pretty badass. *sigh* i’m still in shock about the ending though. -__-

  7. Just asking but people have anti groups of you guys and how does that make you guys feel? i think the anti people against you are so immature -_-

  8. Question: what is the humor in Korea?? I’ve heard that sarcasm is not popular in korea??? O.O if so then what do they us as comedy??

  9. Question: I saw the tweet about Wolverine Origins comic, how is the Korean comic/manga (I think it is manhwa?) and anime/animation scene? What Korean manga would you recommend, both for women and men? My brother is praising the Tower of God Korean manga so I am about to start reading it. I have mostly read Japanese and American comics, if there is a video on this subject please point it out. I am making my way through your backlog of videos (You guys do a great job BTW!)

  10. Just saw this and thought you would find it interesting, Dance Central 3 (xbox360) will have 2NE1 I Am the Best(Original Version) in the game.

  11. In America, you play Star Craft, your a loser. In Korea, you play Star Craft, Your Freakin’ awesome!

  12. So my question is what kind of things did you guys have to do when it came to Moving to Korea. like i know you have to get a Visa to live there and a work Visa if you want to work there. but what exactly do they do for you? and what other things did you have to do before moving to Korea.

  13. Can’t you ask your friends or relatives to buy you games and send it to you? :)
    Can we be PS buddies Simoooon? :D

  14. That’s because all you do in skyrim is pick locks :P
    Just kidding!!
    …except not..
    I feel like whenever I look at my brother playing that game he’s always picking a lock!

  15. Question: Where is the best place/area to stay in Seoul for a holiday? places that young people hang out, restaurants, shopping, entertainment, celebrity spotting ^_^ etc.. thank you

  16. So, as you say, they are more about social PC games… Do they play Minecraft at all? It’s something that has been bothering both myself and my boyfriend. He and I have been saving up for a trip to Korea and it’s just something we were wondering about.

  17. no no no! the only pc games i enjoy are pac mans and driving games. I’m much more of a console girl, FF, Tekken, Street Fighter, Soul Caliber, Resident Evil yeah those are my kind of games.

  18. Woot, we prefer the PS3 too ;) I think because we also associate XBox with a bunch of douchie white boys playing shooter games… and that’s not our thing. We did get the last CoD and sure enough my bf and I felt sick pretty quickly. He can play some shooter games though but usually on the computer.

    We’re mostly PC gamers anyway… I like my Wii… I like the PS3 but I would be a happy girl if I always had the best PC around to play whatever game I want on the highest graphics :D

  19. TL;DR Question: After you stopped teaching, how did you go about staying in South Korea? Was blogging your only source of income, or did you have other forms of work? How do you handle the Visa situation?

  20. Baww, I always get dizzy from playing video games, especially first person shooters. My friend always gives me his look of disapproval all the time when I try playing basically anything and calls me a stereotypical girl. ^_^;;

  21. As an Xbox-lovin’, white dude living in Japan, I can tell you that PC rooms are not popular here in Japan. At least not in the part of Japan I’m in. They love their consoles, mostly PS3, and game centers for fighting games. What a shame.

  22. lol it’s funny how korea doesn’t have any games at all but….it’s made right beside them….get it???lolzzz

  23. What are family dynamics like in Korean families compared to other countries/cultures (i.e. Western vs. Asian? or within Asia–Korean vs. Chinese or Japanese)?  Hope that wasn’t too confusing…:P

    • Western-Korean couples are relatively rare. However, Korean-Asian couples are more common and it’s rapidly increasing, especially in rural communities. Farmers are generally unpopular for marriage among Korean women and they often end up having to go abroad to find brides. According to 2011 census, 60% of those brides are from China and Vietnam, followed by the Philippines, Thailand, Uzbekistan and Russia.

  24. isn’t there Skyrim for the PC???

  25. It’s a mix in America of social vs. solo, but it’s mostly divided by game system. I play lots of PC games in my room, by myself, and that’s kind of how it is. Since PCs are smaller and rarely two-player it just makes sense.

    However, if it’s PlayStation or XBOX, lots of people can play together. Bigger screen, more multi-player games. Even if it’s single player, my friend used to have a few of us over and we’d all play Kingdom Hearts in her room, taking turns. Same with teenage boys who sit in each other’s rooms and play Skyrim. I’ve even seen both happening at once, going to a friend’s apartment where one person is on their laptop playing Diablo and everyone else is watching someone play Skyrim from the couch.

    TL;DR In America, console games are a social experience, PC games are for solo play.

  26. Do they have “Host clubs” like they do in Japan?

  27. really random question..could you do a TL;DR on either how different international restaurants are in Korea, like McDonalds, Starbucks etc..
    or something on the makeup stores like Etude House
    Or on learning Korean there at schools or something like A Korean Language Program? Like prices and stuff?

  28. how is the news over their in korean like do they talk about crimes and stuff i always wondered
    do you ever hear bad thing or is it always peacefull 

  29. is league of legends big there too ?? its a computer game that my brother is addicted to and won’t get off when i want to watch ur videos haha .. or is that only in america ??

  30. Hey, I am from England but I’m interested in studying a masters degree at a University in Korea. Do you guys know anything about international students applying to study in Korea? :)

  31. Argh I do not know how to get rid of this accidental post. xD

  32. Question: What would you recommend a foreigner do for a short term stay in Korea. Hostels? Hotels? And what sort of events or locations should I go for to maximize my stay there. (I am going to be doing study abroad in Japan and I want to visit Korea during the winter break. So I will have the option of possibly taking a boat if that is cheaper).

  33. Hi Simon & Martina (Get well soon!)
    TL:DR QUESTION: Is there much environmental awareness and concern about global warming in Korea? Are there practices that aim to reduce waste or CO2 emissions etc?
    Thanks for the great vids guise!

  34. …….. why do I feel this is like POWER all over again? When B.A.P.’s Power came out, Martina got sick. Now, No mercy is out. I hope she’s doing well.

    anyway, to the topic… I think I don’t want to go to korea anymore lol. I don’t know, video games are like my ultimate love, way above this kpop loving. playstation FTW! woohoo. Yes, single player games for us :D

  35. I thought I posted my question, but I guess its nowhere to be found so I’ll type it again. Since it is common knowledge that women (and men too!) are obsessed with having perfect skin and want to avoid sun spots, wrinkles, and the like, would I be stared at if I traveled to Korea because of my freckles? I don’t have that many but still. What do they think of them? Would I be looked down upon for not having perfect skin? Because in the US, I’ve seen some Asian women with huge sun visors on and gloves while they’re DRIVING. Also, with my auburn, which is reddish brown, hair (not a ginger! haha) what would Koreans think of me?

  36. TL;DR Question:
    What is social dancing like in South Korea? What kinds of dances are done at social events if any (like do South Koreans salsa, waltz, grind, etc. or do they have their own kind of dancing)? Can people of the opposite gender dance together or do women dance with women and vice versa? Also, how do partner dances work out; can strangers dance with strangers do do you have to know the person well before you can dance with them? Consequently, how are couples allowed to dance at social events/place (like can a couple start dirty dancing/ intimately dancing?)

    Also, I just wanted to say that I LOVE EAT YOUR KIMCHI and that this is the first time I’ve got the guts to post a question on the comments. :D

    • We don’t dance in most of social events. It doesn’t mean we unwelcome the foreign social dance but culturally, we are not familiar with dancing with complete that you don’t know personally.(it’s a totally different story in Night Clubs but the style of dancing in there is rather seductive than social)

      Dancing itself, including various couple dance forms which you mentioned above, is considered as a great leisure, that you can enjoy with your bf, gf, or spouses, rather than something that you can enjoy with people you meet for the first time.

  37. It makes me cry a little bit inside when all most Kpop fans can think of when it comes to SC2 is Kyuhyun.

  38. Who says first person games are solitary?  My friends and I sit around a coffee table playing Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout 3 together :)

    By the way, FINALLY bought and installing Skyrim (Steam summer sale!), I’m so freakin excited!

  39. Question: I know that so many of korean women (men too!) are obsessed with having perfect skin. Theres BB cream and everything else to prevent sun spots and wrinkles. I would love to go to Korea one day, but having some freckles on my face, would I be stared at a lot? Also, I have auburn hair. Im not a ginger haha, but what would Korean people think of me?

    • oops, hit the wrong arrow, sorry :(
      It seemed to me that as long as you are western (or any other skincolor) these rules of Korean beauty don’t really apply. Koreans are generally too well behaved to stare openly unless you have, say a very low cut top. When I went hiking, I saw many Koreans covered from head to toe in protective clothing.
      Also, many girls had shiny, white faces from using foundations or BB creams that were obviously too light for their natural complexion, the reverse of what you’ll see on western women (using foundation that is too dark).

  40. There’s….no…..SKYRIM?!?!? *head explodes* 

  41. Question: How did you become exposed or interested in Korean culture? And what led you to want to teach in Korea?

  42. Feel better Martina! Being sick is no fun >__<

  43. Hey Simon and Martina! I was wondering: what sorts of jobs (besides teaching English, of course) are commonly available to foreigners in Korea?P.S. Hope you feel better, Martina! FIGHTING! :)

  44. question: I watched your video on going back to Canada.  How were you able to bring your dog, over with you.  Did you have to get your dog a travel vista? etc.  Did he have to have his own plane seat? I heard a lot of animals die in the luggage compartment of planes when traveling.  I want to buy a dog over here in Korea and take it back home to the US, with me.  Thanks.  

  45. Starcraft is how I got into Korean culture in the first place. Starcraft -> esports/professional competition -> some Korea -> kpop -> EYK -> more Korea!

  46. how does Korea view androgenous girls and are there girls who dress this way? (think f(x)’s Amber for instance)

  47. Aww hope Martina feels better. <3 

  48. I hope you get better soon Martina, and thanks Simon, I know doing this by yourself were hard but you did it for us, thanks again.

  49. Korea is pretty good with arcade games. They recently won the Street Fighter 4 and KOF tournament at EVO.

  50. mm i never played starcraft before i wonder if i would like it idk if you guys (Martina and Simon) have ever heard of gaiaonilne.com but IT’S AWESOME!!! it’s a forum website but they also have other features like custom avatar, houses, car and car racing, hang out with other people and GAMES!!!! i love love love playing zOMG SO MUCH!!! (Martina’s voice) lol you guys should check it out ^^ no question from me this week because i also want to hear about the arrange marriages ^^

  51. Simon and Martina! I think you guys should make some more t-shirt designs…..I like Marina’s drawings and Funny things you guys come up with!……You could make a shirt with simon’s face saying “You Nasties!” lol

  52. QUESTION: Irrelevant to the video, but I’m really curious how you managed to explain your current job and get a VISA for it :)

  53. QUESTION:-) How does it feel to meet so many k pop bands and what outher Korean bands/Celebrities are you looking forward to meet? NU’EST ;) JR :O?????? and also how do u arrange to meet them, like how u guyz do it O.O

  54. do i spy a can of Tim Horton coffee in your cupboard?! It is allowed over there? When i go over i was wondering how i would live with out it.

  55. Question: the recent success of PSY has got me wondering, what is gangnam style.
    Is it an inuendo for a certain way of “doing the dance with no pants” or am I taking the video the wrong way?
    Also how open is korea to raunchy video’s how suggestive does media have to be befor it is banned?

    • irritablevowel

      I believe Gangnam is a really posh neighborhood if I’m not mistaken. So “Gangnam style” would then be the equivalent to glamorous (but the video is very tongue in cheek).

  56. What are the most popular ways to stay active in Korea? (hiking, biking, etc) Also, in Canada we’re used to there being a TON of things like nature trails, scenic caves/caverns, mountains to hike, etc…but what about in Korea?

    • since ‘well-being’(means living healthy) got across in korea, regardless of age or sex, many koreans are doing& enjoying various sports. but popular activity? definitely hiking. with this atmosphere, new hiking courses are being made too, Jeju island’s ‘Ollehgil’ and Ji-ii mountain’s ‘Dull-le gil’ are famous course in korea. and you can also see so many people(regaredless of age) wear hiking clothes not only mountain, but also anywhere!

  57. The cold and flu season seems to be on in full swing. I have colleagues and family members coughing and sneezing all over the world

    By the way, 3 bucks an hour for a Japanese RPG would turn out to be insanely expensive.Most JRPGs take 50+ hours to complete. FF XII took me 120 hours :)

  58. When you moved to the new apartment, you asked about what to fill your bedroom wall with. How does the wall look now?

  59. Yep, final fantasy XIII was bleh.

  60. Can you guys not order video games from amazon or something like that? Because I feel like that would be wonderfully convenient, and you can be in your skivvies for longer!

  61. Man…maybe my husband should move to Korea. He lives and breathes Warcraft. That way he’ll have something to do when I decide become a teacher ^_^ Feel better Martina!

  62. My life for Aiur! <3

    I love Starcraft XD But im stuck in Silver League XD

  63. Simon you should play world of warcraft you would like it I think.

  64. Population of International Kpop fans = 80-85% female so videos that cater to women do extremely well. Plus add in its about fashion in Korea, which is a big topic among female fans, of course Martina’s “boob” video has so many views.. but this gamer enjoyed this video even more! Well done Simon :)

  65. But do they have Steam?? We’re moving over in August, but if console games are hard to buy, we can still get our gaming fix as long as we can use Steam :) (My wife is addicted to Skyrim right now and I’m going through Mass Effect 2…)

    • Steam is universal . .hehehehe …Given the insane broadband speeds Korea has, Steam would be wonderful. Also, EA has come out with its own digital store called Origins, Blizzard has its own digital store.

      • Origin is actually pretty rough, it’s nowhere near as elegant as Steam…

        From what I’ve heard, I’ll be able to continue playing on Steam with my Canadian account, but I won’t be able to buy any new games in Korea unless I get a Korean account (or cheat and use proxies etc). I’ve also heard that some games (e.g. GTA IV) are banned in Korea, but you can play them if you’ve already bought them with a foreign account.

    • ME2 has got to be the easiest game in the series xD – Im waiting for ME3 to come in the mail. Thats the only RPG I have played, hell the only vid game I have played xD

  66. Hi Simon. I feel for you because the console gaming scenario in India isn’t very hot either. What we do is import games, since PS3 games are region free (Take that Microsft!). http://www.play-asia.com is a fantastic site for games and it is based in Hong Kong, so delivering to South Korea shouldn’t be a big problem.
    By the way, how is the World of warcraft scene there? Pretty sure it must have picked up after Kin Raiders got the world first Heroic Deathwing kill.

    Edit – Prototype 2 yours for only 55 USD. http://www.play-asia.com/Prototype_2_Radnet_Edition/paOS-13-71-bp-49-en-70-430h.html

  67. starcraft is to OP for us!! :P

  68. Question: Arranged marriage in Korea… How common is it and among which group of people? What do young and older Koreans think about it, do the opinions differ somehow?
    So, a bit girly question, I guess xD but anyways, Get well soon, Martina! :-)

    • I always wondered this. I know most people say it is uncommon but it seems to happen a lot of Korean media. My Little Bride, and Creating Destiny is all about it. And it seems that all the rich people in dramas have their parents scheming about who they need to marry.

      • * yay! somebody clicked on the up arrow, thanks*
        Frankly, I have not seen many kdramas, I’m more into anime/jdrama so I know this exists in Japan, therefore I was curious how about Korea. When it comes to those huge corporations that unite dozens of companies, I wonder if it’s possible that once one gets to the top group of those who pull the strings and actually own the wealth, one can pass on this post to one’s “heir” ? Then I’d understand the need for a parent intermingling into the kids’ lives. (Uhm, actually, I got interested in this after watching hana yori dango =D )

        • irritablevowel

          I’m pretty sure several positions in Samsung were inherited.  I’m trying to think of an American company like this.  Maybe Ford once upon a time?  Johnson & Johnson?  Wal-Mart?  I don’t know enough about the business world to be sure. 

        • About that j/k-drama comment you made, I wonder if it’s very common for people to date in their social/financial circle. It seems to be a big theme for wealthy people to only date amongst themselves and a big deal for a “commoner” to be dating someone wealthy. I wonder if that modern day cinderella thing actually means something or if it’s just an overused plot in dramas. And if I think about it, it’s something we see a lot in North America as well…it’s just not treated in the same way, I guess.

        • In my opinion, things like that cannot be generalized, people are just people and it depends on their character traits. Life of the rich is an overused theme internationally because majority of consumers of the products of entertainment industries are just..not literally poor but not ridiculously rich either.

        • @facebook-100000010781236:disqus oh haha, I didn’t mean to generalise…I just find it interesting to see that theme in dramas. Also, it feels like the commoner is always right, and that the character humanises the materialistic aspect of a rich person’s life. Which balances out the fabulousness of the wealthy lifestyle. I’m not saying it’s part of everyday life, I just want to know how that’s perceived in Korean society. Is there pressure to rise to the top? And if yes would that affect arranged marriages?

    • i also want to know about arrange marriage in Korea. It seems as a topic i see in dramas…so, how does it work out there and also i want to know why it happens as well.

    • Traditional “arranged marriage” where elders decide who should marry whom has long disappeared. Now it is more like matchmakers or family friends introducing interested person and if both sides like each other, they start dating with marriage in mind.

    • Arranged marriage is still common in Korea, although not forced. There is a difference between a forced-arranged marriage and Korean-style arranged marriage. Many unmarried adults voluntarily pay companies who set up dates for them. It’s more like a dating company, although its customers’ purpose is not simply finding dates but to find someone to marry.

      Arranged marriage set up by couple’s parents was common in my grandparents generation. My grandfather married my grandmother in 1941 in order to avoid being conscripted into the Japanese Army for the World War II. I heard the marriage was arranged by their parents.

    • a korean teacher i had once, was in an arranged marriage. i’m guessing he was forced because he kept flirting with every hispanic female.

  69. It seems that Korea and Japan try to preserve the world and culture of arcades/arcade gaming while we in America have practically abandoned arcades to play all games at home – and some cafes. We do have places like Gameworks and Dave & Busters, but it’s like… an alternative for going to clubs. Whenever my friends and I go to GW after 9 (when people under 21 are kicked out), people have their drinks, are dressed kind of “club-like,” are flirtatious, and sometimes there’s an actual DJ (which gets annoying when you’re trying to play DDR and can’t hear the music). Are there arcades like this in Korea?

  70. I’m really interested in learning more about Korean MMO culture beyond Blizzard games (Diablo and Starcraft)… Any other MMOs played at the PC bangs? & it’s interesting to hear that CS is still so popular.

  71. OMG I miss gaming SO MUCH, that is PS3 and Wii gaming, *sigh*. I’ve never seen a 플시방 (Pulse room?) before… I live in Daegu so maybe it’s only in Seoul? Does anyone know about that?

    • 플스(Pulsu) is abbreviation for 플레이스테이션 (Playstation) so 플스방 means Playstation Bang. I don’t know much about Daegu but I googled it in Korean, it seems there are not many 플스방 left now.

  72. QUESTION: how did you guys manage to get in contact or managed to hang out with kpop celebs? and what was your first reaction?

  73. why not try to go to Kukje Electronics Center instead of Yongsan? If you didn’t know KEC is way better than Yongsan. It’s located at Nambu Bus Terminal subway station via exit number 3. there are a lot of game shops in 8th floor (not sure tho) and sellers are sincere.

  74. Don’t worry Simon. I play Skyrim. ^^ Maybe you guys can invite me and we’re going to promote skyrim together. Yay! Ke ke ke

  75. No Martina today? This sucks!!! Sorry Simon, I trully love your videos…But…I want Martina back! Get well soon!!

  76. have you tried checking costco…? i don’t know about the costco in korea but most costcos i’ve been to have ps3 games! or ordering online…

  77. Isn’t maplestory big there? I always thought it was :’(

  78. This is really interesting. I always felt like a major difference between Korea and Japan is that Korea is a much more social nation. Not to say that Japan doesn’t have a thriving community, but it seems there is much more of an “isolation problem” in Japan. There are many films, comics, and books that seem to focus on the main character trying to connect to the world. Even mainstream TV shows always seems to throw in a sub-plot with some loaner in it.

    Not to say Korea doesn’t have people who hit away, but since Confucianism is so big it seems that there is a high stress to play a certain role in society. In fact, I feel like most romantic dramas are kind-of about a slacker guy who meets a girl who helps him becomes a better person, which usually means playing a productive role in society. Of coarse this is a generalization.

    But I have always wonder this- do you guys pass by a lot of Churches in Korea? More than half of the religious population are Christians. Most people you know, would they say they are Buddhist? Christians? Atheists? Or is it simply religion isn’t such a big role in Korean life as it is for Americans? (most Americans say they have a religion even if they never set foot in church)

    • I obviously can’t speak for all of Korea, but there is a huge church in Yeouido that my hotel was across from. From the Wiki page, this church has about 1million members. The activity there almost felt like a celebratory event because at some point we saw mascots with kids, lots of balloons, could hear every song the choir sing, the congregation coming in and out of the building, it was amazing from an outsider’s POV.

      • Oh my goodness! That makes American mega churches seem small! I guess it makes sense that there wouldn’t be churches that look like the stereotypical ones here. Thanks for sharing!

    • Korea’s churches are numerous and, to be honest, not viewed in a good light. Many zealous Christians take the whole “shove-Jesus-in-your-face” thing to a whole new level.

  79. Question: How does beauty affect you in Korea? Is it an important part of Korean culture? What would most Koreans describe beauty as?

  80. PunkyPrincess92

    wow!!!!!!! i would love to play in a playstation room!!!!! but everyone seems to play such boring games!!!

    hahahahahaha OH MY GOSH!!!! i just saw the views for you last TLDR!!!!! hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! that is a LOT of views!!!!

  81. aww feel better martina :)) fighting!

  82. Here in Argentina those “pc rooms” we call them cybers :D:D Don’t ask me why, because i don’t know :S:S. Poor Martina i hope she gets well soon!!! cool TLDR Simon :D:D

  83. i like pc games…. but i like to play alone

  84. Correct me if I am wrong someone, but wasn’t there a ban on Japanese imports in Korea for the longest time? I believe I remember reading or hearing about this, which lead to Nintendo systems not catching on, making consoles not as vital to the gaming scene there. Makes sense, coupled with the fact all children have access to a computer because of educational purposes, it’s easy to see why they get left behind. Does anyone know the 360 works in Korea? Are any of the apps working, such as Netflix, HBOGO and Youtube?

  85. It’s kind of ironic that your TL:DR is about video games this week! Last weekend, my practically brand new Wii bit the dust. I tried contacting Nintendo to repair it, but they don’t accept repairs overseas. A friend mentioned Yongsan, which I had only been to in order to transfer train lines! It sounds like a beautiful place… but an expensive one from what you wrote! It seems to me that I’ll either be spending my repair money in Yongsan for the repair itself or for shipping to Nintendo where the wait time will probably be killer. I’m still gonna try to go to Yongsan this weekend in order to at least look around. :)

    But other than that, I’m REALLY looking forward to the release of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance! Can’t wait!

    Anyway, thanks for the interesting video, Simon and I hope Martina feels better soon!

  86. When in Korea a few months ago we had to go to a PC bang a few times to check email because we couldn’t at our hotel. They were always so dark and filled with guys -mostly teenage guys or guys in their 20′s playing games. It was nice and sunny outside but they were all sitting inside ALL DAY. Since my kids will be half Korean and may spend some of their childhood in Korea, I said to my husband that there is no way I’m allowing my kids to be gaming all day- though I suppose you don’t know where they are always when they leave the house. It’s different from console gaming done at home where parents can tell their kids to stop playing. The other bad thing was that there was a smoking section in the PC Bangs, which of course doesn’t work so the whole area can have cigarette smoke- really not good for kids that are spending all day there.

  87. First of all – Simon. Aren’t you afraid of being bashed by all the hardcore gamers when they see your ‘sacrilegious description of Korean gaming’ (like last time)? :p

    It’s interesting to know that console gaming isn’t that big over there. I’ve always known South Korea as the country where gaming is a real job – so I kinda expected ALL types of gaming to be popular. When I’m gaming online everyone is always joking about [KR] being godlike and all – but now that I think about it, I guess it was always in reference to PC games, and never anything else. Can’t say I’m an expert though, seeing as I mainly play DotA and little else….. >.>

    About Japan, I’m always seeing arcades filled with rooms upon rooms of Street Fighter/Tekken/card wars/mahjong machines, which are usually linked up to other machines online. Most of them can be played on a console, but it seems the arcade gaming is much more popular. Are those games popular in Korea?

  88. as far as i can tell (and don’t take my word for it) pc gaming in japan didn’t catch on and most pc games are actually dating sims or aimed at a very specific audience.

  89. When my students (middle school girls) talk about playing computer games, it seems to be mostly going with friends to a PC bang, as you describe. So what I’ve heard agrees with your conclusions about computer games being a social thing here. And yeah, consoles don’t seem very big here.

    And although I’ve seen loads of ads for WoW, Starcraft, Diablo III, and even Guild Wars at PC Bangs, I don’t recall seeing any Skyrim ads. Perhaps that’s because of the lack of social aspect to it. Maybe the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online will capture some of the Korean market.

  90. What’s it like being a teacher in Korea?? I was planning to teach English as a foreign language in the country ^^

  91. It’s true that console gaming culture is not as developed. I don’t exactly know why myself. But I have heard that when Nintendo was promoting in Korea, there were a lot of… not-so-good feelings? I have heard that the Korean branch of Nintendo sucked at lot with their marketing/approach to the gaming market, like selling a lot of Nintendo DS with a defect by accident and having to recall them, etc.

    I also heard that console gaming companies did not like promoting in Korea because they feared a lot of pirating… I don’t know specifics or sources, so don’t quote me on this. These are stuff I heard (which probably doesn’t help with the lackluster popularity of console games either way).

    I think the Wii is a bit well-known, though. I saw commercials for it a lot. Handheld consoles like DS, Gameboy, and PSP are definitely more popular.

  92. I remember going into an arcade in Korea… Busan to be specific… And they had like 30 Tekken 6 machines… AND also multiple machines of every single other Tekken game ever… I ask you, is that really necessary? I mean really…

  93. Videos are most popular with:









    and you made one about video games instead of kpop boys… uh oh LOL. but thx from a fellow gamer here!;)

  94. MMORPGs aren’t too unpopular there. I played a Korean one called Ragnarok Online for about 8 years, and I know they had ( might still have? ) world championships for it.

  95. Korean culture seems to be more to do with going out than staying at home (where consoles traditionally rule), but do you think that there’s something about the style or content of console games that Koreans aren’t culturally interested in too? e.g., do they seem to prefer competition to narrative?

  96. My first experience at a PC bang here: Darkish room with a lot of stalls of computers with big monitors. Nearly every single one had someone playing starcraft or some other MMO. Not a single person stirred or looked toward the door. Yeah, kinda freaky, like their minds were lost in the game. And my first experience at a pulsa/multi-bang: my friend and I walked in and about half the room turned and were talking among themselves or saying “girls?” Girls rarely go to them it seems unless they’re with their boyfriends. And omg soooo many people playing some soccer game. My friend and I got a One Piece fighting rpg-ish game (which was in Japanese, even the instructions :/). Walking through to our station, we saw only one game that wasn’t some sports game. Well, kinda. It was a need for speed game and it was a couple playing it. yeah…

  97. I’d say gaming takes up most of a Korean guy’s childhood. Most kids go to PC bangs, not just the serious gamers, and hence there are PC bangs in almost every block, if you look closely enough. The problem is that they, we, play too much of it. An hour or two is okay, but a surprisingly large amount of guys (students and men alike) spend hours holed up in PC bangs every day.
    And you’re right in saying Koreans play mostly competitive games. Games like Skyrim and Monster Hunter and such are usually played by the “serious” gamers, while the vast majority play Winning Eleven, Sudden Attack and such.

  98. nope… no more starcraft now its League of Legends

  99. I think one reason why console gaming isn’t as big as it’s PC cousin in Korea is because console gaming usually requires one to be at home. Sure there are ‘console bangs’ but they aren’t nearly as popular as PC bangs. Korea apartments are small and the whole family has to live there, it would be hard to strong together more than a hour or two while the rest of your family were always around.

  100. Consoles aren’t popular in Korea is partly because they’re from Japan.

  101. I think you need to take to the streets of Korea dressed up as a Nord or an Elf and yell FUS RO DAH to promote Skyrim.

  102. Skyrim sucks, Doh : D
    never liked that kinda games :x

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