Ok, so, for starters, let me apologize for the unexpectedly organized TL;DR. The two of us had planned on discussing a different topic together, but then Martina got sick, so we had to figure out a topic that I (Simon here) could do by myself. It’s not the most popular topic according to your thumbs up, but it’s one that I can answer on my own, and it also counterbalances all of the girliness of last week’s topic.

Anyhow, VIDEO GAMES! I’m not sure how many of you know how much of a gamer I am. We’ve got a Nintendo Wii, a DS for each of us, Playstation 3, and a Vita. We don’t play much Nintendo, unless we’ve got guests over. Then it’s Mario Party and Mario Kart non-stop! Otherwise, I’m mostly playing single player Playstation games. Still working my way through Skyrim, but I only get a chance maybe once every two weeks to put in a few hours of level grinding. If not that, I’m playing Gravity Rush on the Vita for those shorter free moments I’ve got. That’s a pretty cool game, FYI, if you haven’t played it.

Enough about my gaming habits: fact is, I’m a bit disappointed with gaming culture here in Korea. Not that it’s bad or inadequate or sucky or anything like that. Gaming culture is insanely strong here…it’s just not MY kind of gaming culture. Playstation games come in slim picking at the regular super markets. I still haven’t seen any Prototype 2 here. MAN! I really want to play that game. I could just go to Yongsan if I wanted to and buy it there, but – problem is – I hate dealing with haggling for prices. If the game is brand spanking new, getting an English copy of it could run you well over $100. I AIN’T THAT DEDICATED TO THE GAME! Otherwise, the different booths at Yongsan will all offer you different prices for the game you want to buy.

Also, big problem just happened here this month for Playstation gamers: you can’t get games via the Playstation network anymore. You can read more about it here if you want to know the details. All you need to know is that it sucks monkey balls! I’ve been trying to download the Metal Gear Solid set for the Vita, but I can’t :(

As for Xbox games, I don’t know. Never been a fan of Xbox. Sorry guise! For some reason, I only think of Xbox as first person shooters and sports games, neither of which I’m interested in. All I know is that, at the supermarkets, you can barely get any Xbox games, either.

Anyhow, I’m starting to think that Pulsa Bang gaming is a better idea, though. I mean, spend a few bucks a day to play someone else’s PS3 and a bunch of their games on a nice TV. Why not? If a PS3 is a couple hundred bucks, and every game is there waiting for you. I think it’s a good deal. It’s just…not as convenient as sitting in the living room in your underwear, of course.

So, yeah! that’s it for this week. And, lastly, Martina’s not doing too well right now with her cold, so we’re not going to be WANKing tomorrow. Sorry guise! Martina needs her rest. Hopefully she’ll have enough energy for this week’s Music Monday!

  1. Question: do people in Korea consciously try to be different from Japanese culture? i.e. is console gaming seen as a Japanese thing?

  2. Baww, I always get dizzy from playing video games, especially first person shooters. My friend always gives me his look of disapproval all the time when I try playing basically anything and calls me a stereotypical girl. ^_^;;

  3. Feel better Martina! Being sick is no fun >__<

  4. Aww hope Martina feels better. <3 

  5. I believe Gangnam is a really posh neighborhood if I’m not mistaken. So “Gangnam style” would then be the equivalent to glamorous (but the video is very tongue in cheek).

  6. Simon and Martina! I think you guys should make some more t-shirt designs…..I like Marina’s drawings and Funny things you guys come up with!……You could make a shirt with simon’s face saying “You Nasties!” lol

  7. Traditional “arranged marriage” where elders decide who should marry whom has long disappeared. Now it is more like matchmakers or family friends introducing interested person and if both sides like each other, they start dating with marriage in mind.

  8. I always wondered this. I know most people say it is uncommon but it seems to happen a lot of Korean media. My Little Bride, and Creating Destiny is all about it. And it seems that all the rich people in dramas have their parents scheming about who they need to marry.

    • I’m pretty sure several positions in Samsung were inherited.  I’m trying to think of an American company like this.  Maybe Ford once upon a time?  Johnson & Johnson?  Wal-Mart?  I don’t know enough about the business world to be sure. 

  9. Dating sims. As in, games where guys can go out with 2D girls, or vice versa. There’s the famous story of the Japanese guy who married a character in a dating sim :p

  10. This is really interesting. I always felt like a major difference between Korea and Japan is that Korea is a much more social nation. Not to say that Japan doesn’t have a thriving community, but it seems there is much more of an “isolation problem” in Japan. There are many films, comics, and books that seem to focus on the main character trying to connect to the world. Even mainstream TV shows always seems to throw in a sub-plot with some loaner in it.

    Not to say Korea doesn’t have people who hit away, but since Confucianism is so big it seems that there is a high stress to play a certain role in society. In fact, I feel like most romantic dramas are kind-of about a slacker guy who meets a girl who helps him becomes a better person, which usually means playing a productive role in society. Of coarse this is a generalization.

    But I have always wonder this- do you guys pass by a lot of Churches in Korea? More than half of the religious population are Christians. Most people you know, would they say they are Buddhist? Christians? Atheists? Or is it simply religion isn’t such a big role in Korean life as it is for Americans? (most Americans say they have a religion even if they never set foot in church)

  11. wow!!!!!!! i would love to play in a playstation room!!!!! but everyone seems to play such boring games!!!

    hahahahahaha OH MY GOSH!!!! i just saw the views for you last TLDR!!!!! hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! that is a LOT of views!!!!

  12. First of all – Simon. Aren’t you afraid of being bashed by all the hardcore gamers when they see your ‘sacrilegious description of Korean gaming’ (like last time)? :p

    It’s interesting to know that console gaming isn’t that big over there. I’ve always known South Korea as the country where gaming is a real job – so I kinda expected ALL types of gaming to be popular. When I’m gaming online everyone is always joking about [KR] being godlike and all – but now that I think about it, I guess it was always in reference to PC games, and never anything else. Can’t say I’m an expert though, seeing as I mainly play DotA and little else….. >.>

    About Japan, I’m always seeing arcades filled with rooms upon rooms of Street Fighter/Tekken/card wars/mahjong machines, which are usually linked up to other machines online. Most of them can be played on a console, but it seems the arcade gaming is much more popular. Are those games popular in Korea?

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