Monsoon season is finally past us now, we think. We’re worried that if we say that we’ll jinx it, but this feels like the first time in a couple of months in which we’ve seen back to back sunny days. Seriously! It’s been so gloomy here! We’ll wake up in the mornings, see the dark and gloomy clouds above us, and would think to ourselves, “WTF! How are we supposed to make videos in this weather?”

Anyhow, now that the weather is nice again with the sun shining and the heat not being unbearable – and the Korean Cicadas out in full force – we decided to use our WTF video as an excuse for us to go out and have some fun outside with Korean water guns. Sure, they’re not Korean Cultural Relics or anything like that, and won’t lead you to a better understanding of what Korea is like, but they’re so cool! And they’re a buck each! How could we say no!

Korean Water Pump Stick

Why does it feel like we should censor this image

So we decided to each pick one ridiculous water gun and have a fight. Martina chose the gun blade, which is a sword with a trigger at the hilt. Pull the trigger and it squirts water. Add insult to injury with every blow! Haha! Simon chose the lame water pump, which had some really awkward but funny packaging, which seems to be the #1 selling point for us for a lot of our WTFs. But, let’s be honest here: something doesn’t seem…appropriate about this picture. People usually are running away in a water fight. Girls don’t close their eyes and stick out their faces while guys unload a full shot onto them. Come on! We surely can’t be the only ones looking at this picture and raising some eyebrows! Anyone?! Don’t pretend that this was an innocent image that we just corrupted!

Anyhow, innuendo aside, we put our two water guns to battle. Which one would prove to be superior? Martina’s water gun blade, or the mega single pump shot?

Answer: pump shot. One hit of that is worth more than 100 of Martina’s. She got hosed. She’s complaining, though, because she really wanted to buy a different water gun set, which had glasses that you put on and would squirt water out of the glasses, and had a gun, and a bunch of other weird stuff, but it was HUGE and would be a pain to mail out. So she stuck with the gun blade. Shoulda put up more of a stink and got those water gun glasses.

Also, our monthly WTF contest is now over, and we sorted through the answers to find our favourite one, and the winner was…announced in the Blooper Reel! Check it out here! If you are the winner, please email us and we’ll mail out your package ASAP :D

  1. Final Fantasy 8 is my all time favorite FF. I hope it gets more love eventually. But i doubt it.

  2. haha we have those water pump sticks in the US. We use them on our camp/float trips all the time! haha I love the sound effects!….geoduck…haha oh gawd! it made me shudder and make awkward noises haha. Cannot unsee!!

  3. Martina, WHERE did you get that amazing towel? The Googles, they do nothing :(

  4. FINAL FANTASY 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3 (Zell Dincht is  so Bamf =D) asdiofusdiofusdo
    Excuse me for my fangirling. =)
    Anyway, I feel like going to Korea for vacation whenever I see your videos. :3

  5. awww Martina, you look so cute with the blanket towel ^-^…the bear bucket looks like a stool instead of a bucket to me =)…from the significant point difference in the battle, it’s clear *someone* has been gaming too much hehe~

  6. Omgush! Where did you get the Towel DX it’s super-cute! 
    Did you order it from the Internet or is there a possibility to get this in a store? *____*

  7. Omgush! Where did you get the Towel DX it’s super-cute! 
    Did you order it from the Internet or is there a possibility to get this in a store? *____*

  8. Um… did the winner say geoduck before me?? :( I thought that was pretty creative too…. boo.

  9. Heeey, Simon, where did you get those pants?? They look Croatian :))

  10. So .. Martina kept hitting Simon with her gunblade, but Simon simply hit Martina a few times with his Ultima spell, then used “Draw-Magic” on Martina and hit her with a few more Ultima spells

    See, I am a final fantasy 8 fan too and I have also played every FF game, except for 11 and 14. Simon my man, anyone who like FF series gets my highest respect

    These water guns are very common in India during the festival of Holi, usually during March. The “fun” part for most people is mixing up colors with the water and then using the water guns so after a few hours, everyone looks like they just returned from the set of a Star Trek episode

  11. I googled it too.

    Nature is weeeeird.

    Time to bleach my brain…

  12. any shinee song would do the job

    also, simon’s water gun rocked!!!
    also also, sooooo much fun you two were having!!! 
    right now southern ontario is experiencing residual effects from the hurricanes coming up from the carribbean. there are hurricane warnings across the golden horseshoe and toronto. and earlier this week poor goderich was hit by an F3 tornado that pretty much flattened the entire town.

  14. omg final fantasy 8 may fav final fantasy and the first one i ever played!!! i need to go play that now *walks out of room and drags out the PS*

  15. I always miss the videos soliciting for the giveaways T____T

  16. LMAO!!!! It’s a penis. buahahahahaha

    Then I googled it @.@ Man, that’s some serious …..penis (normally around 1 kg, sometimes up to 4.5kg, wtf!!!!!)

  17. LOL! I thought it was Martina giggling like a little girl…… but then I found out it was actually Simon….
    0__o … xD Hilarious! Love you guys!!!!

  18. I thought that something similar to Geoduck would win :)
    I have known this animal (or something very similar), I think I have seen it on Discovery Channel (this suddenly reminds me of song by BlooHound Gang – The Bad Touch) in a show called Dirty Jobs.

    It looked like Martina didn´t want to pour water on SImon, but beat his ass off :)

    Great Simon´s T-Shirt again, that ROBOCUP was amazing.
    And this time great Martina´s shirt as well, I was just wondering if she wanted to play Miss Wet T-Shirt Game :)

  19. Really good! I was about to suggest that you make more videos outdoors. Nice!

  20. Really good! I was about to suggest that you make more videos outdoors. Nice!

  21. That was a really good answer.  Geoducks are all over by where I live and I always feel like I’m invading someone’s privacy when I see them at the store.  XD  But you were right, it’s pronounced, “gooey-duck” which always confuses the crap outta me.  If you ask me, your pronunciation sounds a lot cooler and probably makes people feel less awkward.  It probably makes the geoducks feel more confident as well.  :D

  22. @simonandmartina:disqus when are you gonna do a feature on Koreans giving piggyback rides? I see that on Korean dramas all the time. Is that really a common practice over there?

  23. Facebook comment:
    “Who will win: Martina with her gun blade, or Simon with his inappropriate stick?”hmmmm….Is this comment really necessary *G*

  24. Can you guys givewaway one of those pumps? I wanna test my luck ^.^ I mean with the package and everything lol

  25. Of course it is!  Some people are saying it’s a chair, though.  We use it as a stool, and a bucket.  MULTIPURPOSE PEDOBEAR.

  26. sorry to break it to you guys but i’m pretty sure the bear bucket is actually a tiny stool thingy that you’re supposed to sit on XD i saw it at daiso a couple of days ago. lol

  27. you guys are the best!! whenever i watch your videos, i feel like i’m back home and all the stress is gone.
    please continue making more videos!

  28. is that bear bucket really a bucket or can it be used as a stool too?

  29. I also thought Squall’s gunblade when I saw Martina’s pink water gun blade thingie of not-so-doom. It’s okay, I’m a nerd too.

  30. lmao at the end. It’s a penis *goooong*

  31. Final Fantasy ROCKS! Though I prefer Kingdom Hearts…Riku hehehe ^^

  32. lol wtf u guise!! le image omg lol *_*

  33. Poor Martina, she got stuck with the lame water gun.. BTW I googled the geoduck, and I can’t stop saying Ewwww..!!! XD
    Anyway great video as always :)

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