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WTF – Korean Water Guns

August 24, 2011


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Monsoon season is finally past us now, we think. We’re worried that if we say that we’ll jinx it, but this feels like the first time in a couple of months in which we’ve seen back to back sunny days. Seriously! It’s been so gloomy here! We’ll wake up in the mornings, see the dark and gloomy clouds above us, and would think to ourselves, “WTF! How are we supposed to make videos in this weather?”

Anyhow, now that the weather is nice again with the sun shining and the heat not being unbearable – and the Korean Cicadas out in full force – we decided to use our WTF video as an excuse for us to go out and have some fun outside with Korean water guns. Sure, they’re not Korean Cultural Relics or anything like that, and won’t lead you to a better understanding of what Korea is like, but they’re so cool! And they’re a buck each! How could we say no!

Korean Water Pump Stick

Why does it feel like we should censor this image

So we decided to each pick one ridiculous water gun and have a fight. Martina chose the gun blade, which is a sword with a trigger at the hilt. Pull the trigger and it squirts water. Add insult to injury with every blow! Haha! Simon chose the lame water pump, which had some really awkward but funny packaging, which seems to be the #1 selling point for us for a lot of our WTFs. But, let’s be honest here: something doesn’t seem…appropriate about this picture. People usually are running away in a water fight. Girls don’t close their eyes and stick out their faces while guys unload a full shot onto them. Come on! We surely can’t be the only ones looking at this picture and raising some eyebrows! Anyone?! Don’t pretend that this was an innocent image that we just corrupted!

Anyhow, innuendo aside, we put our two water guns to battle. Which one would prove to be superior? Martina’s water gun blade, or the mega single pump shot?

Answer: pump shot. One hit of that is worth more than 100 of Martina’s. She got hosed. She’s complaining, though, because she really wanted to buy a different water gun set, which had glasses that you put on and would squirt water out of the glasses, and had a gun, and a bunch of other weird stuff, but it was HUGE and would be a pain to mail out. So she stuck with the gun blade. Shoulda put up more of a stink and got those water gun glasses.

Also, our monthly WTF contest is now over, and we sorted through the answers to find our favourite one, and the winner was…announced in the Blooper Reel! Check it out here! If you are the winner, please email us and we’ll mail out your package ASAP :D



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