Ok, so here’s the deal with this awesomeness: we first had to confirm that this was awesomeness when we did our live chat today. We asked if you have Watermelon Holders in your country, to which the vast majority of you said either “no” or “WTF IS A WATERMELON HOLDER?!?!” So, today we present to you, in Open the Happy random vloggy fashion: Korean Watermelon Holders!

The concept is simple: it’s watermelon season now in Korea. Buying watermelons is a pain in the ass, because they’re so heavy and awkward to hold, being all round and smooth and prone to slipping through your fingers and exploding all over the floor. So, here in Korea, when you buy watermelons you get this bunch of string that looks like the mesh from a basketball net. You put the watermelon in, and then grab the holder by its plastic handles, and VOILA! Easy way to carry watermelons, right there. BOOM!

We’re not sure if Korea invented these watermelon holders or not, but we’ve never seen them before in Canada, so we’re quite blown away by them. Also, we’re not sure what it is about Korean watermelons, but they are A) Ridiculously more expensive than Canadian watermelons, but also B) Ridiculously more delicious. Seriously. We’ve never had a bland watermelon in Korea. They’re all so sweet and juicy. AH! We just had watermelon for breakfast today: we love Korean watermelons so much.

Ok that’s it! Let us know if you’ve seen these watermelon holders before in your country, or if we’re just totally out of the loop because every country has watermelon holders :D

  1. I never got to experience those in Korea. But that’s because my husband’s parents have a farm and grow watermelons so when we were staying with them if we wanted a watermelon his mother would just go out and get one from the greenhouse… soooo I never realised how expensive they really are there!

  2. nope. in Poland watermelons aren’t popular to the extent that they would sell the holders :/ it’s a good idea tho.

  3. Yeah We dont have that here..But..IDK how useful they’ll be here..since usually we have a cart and we just push the cart to the car…HAHAHA no need for the watermelon holder. Unless we’re in chinatown buying stuff then usually our parents would make us young people old the watermelons..HAHAHA :p

  4. They have this in Malaysia!!
    Except the holders are used for pomelos instead of watermelons ^^

  5. Dude, I saw sooo many of these in Dramas and was like, “HOLY SHIZZLE! These things are amazing! Can I get these in the US?”
    Long story short… No. No you cannot.

  6. 20$ for watermelon in busan :(

  7. Haha shortest video ever but I loved your guys’ enthusiasm.
    And no, I don’t recall us having watermelon holders just yet… Hmm… I shall have to check the nearest T&T Supermarket!!! I definitely want one.

  8. that is so awesome!!! why cant we have that in america? oh yeah, we have paper bags T____T

  9. We have these in the Philippines! I think it’s normal to have them in countries where watermelons are readily available. But, Koreans use these holders way more than Filipinos do. Most groceries and markets just use plastic bags. It’s funny to see people so amused by these holders, when it’s normal for people over here. BTW, watermelons in the Philippines are also very sweet and delicious! Just had some 2 days ago. Nom nom nom.

  10. I never heard about “Fruit holders” as it, but, I’m pretty sure that, here in Mexico, are something quite simlar to the Korean Watermelon holders, is just that I don’t know the name :)

  11. The US HAS them- but it’s rare to see people using them… if that makes sense… haha.

  12. That’s so amazing! I need some >.>
    Doesn’t Japan have watermelon COOLERS too? Like, with wheels and everything? :o

  13. Ive seen pictures of friends using these in Japan. Maybe thats where they come from?

  14. such a great idea! :)

    Hey do they have fruit/socks/egg trucks in your neighbourhood?

  15. I’ve never ever seen these before in America, but on the Korean drama “Big” with Suzy from Miss A, I saw the couple using a Korean watermelon holder and thought “why is America so behind??!”. I love sweet watermelon, and wonder how much they cost in Korea? They’re not too overpriced in California, yet very popular.

  16. i’ve seen them in hk before…not the exact same but similar :]

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