Ok, so here’s the deal with this awesomeness: we first had to confirm that this was awesomeness when we did our live chat today. We asked if you have Watermelon Holders in your country, to which the vast majority of you said either “no” or “WTF IS A WATERMELON HOLDER?!?!” So, today we present to you, in Open the Happy random vloggy fashion: Korean Watermelon Holders!

The concept is simple: it’s watermelon season now in Korea. Buying watermelons is a pain in the ass, because they’re so heavy and awkward to hold, being all round and smooth and prone to slipping through your fingers and exploding all over the floor. So, here in Korea, when you buy watermelons you get this bunch of string that looks like the mesh from a basketball net. You put the watermelon in, and then grab the holder by its plastic handles, and VOILA! Easy way to carry watermelons, right there. BOOM!

We’re not sure if Korea invented these watermelon holders or not, but we’ve never seen them before in Canada, so we’re quite blown away by them. Also, we’re not sure what it is about Korean watermelons, but they are A) Ridiculously more expensive than Canadian watermelons, but also B) Ridiculously more delicious. Seriously. We’ve never had a bland watermelon in Korea. They’re all so sweet and juicy. AH! We just had watermelon for breakfast today: we love Korean watermelons so much.

Ok that’s it! Let us know if you’ve seen these watermelon holders before in your country, or if we’re just totally out of the loop because every country has watermelon holders :D

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