If you remember Valentine’s Day from last month, we made a post about how it differs here in Korea than what we’re used to from back home. Long story short: if a girl gives a guy chocolate on Valentine’s Day then he’s supposed to give her more in return one month later for White Day, on March 14th. Alas, now it’s White Day, so it’s my turn (Simon) to do something for Martina. This post is a part of that present.

See, I made a video for Martina and for everybody else. Now what’s important about this video is that Martina does not know about it yet. She’s going to wake up tomorrow on White Day and, after she opens her gifts, I’ll have her watch the video. How sweet is that?! Anyhow, the video isn’t just for Martina. It’s educational for everybody else as well. In it, I explain what White Day’s all about, including the stuff that you could/should buy for your girl. Some of the stuff on the list includes white chocolate, white mints, stuffed toys, underwear, and a more expensive gift. As well, it would be nice to plan something romantic for just the two of you. So, I’ve got all bases covered. Finally, I try to say something romantic in Korean, but my Korean is awful and I’m not sure about the legitimacy of Yahoo’s Babelfish. Please don’t laugh too hard over my bad pronunciation and grammar. Korean is hard!

And, finally, Happy White Day to you all! P.S. Make sure to leave lots of comments telling Martina how sweet I am and how she owes me big time for this!

  1. Googled White Day today and stumbled across this.. oh my god this video is gold.

  2. I’m embarrassed to say this video was so sweet it actually made me cry.

  3. Not to sound like a fan girl, cause this is just an honest Q, but where are all the guys like Simon? xD. I mean yeah no two people are exactly alike. But I mean qualities and all that. I am totally envious of your marriage lol. All the guys I meet seem to be douche bags. You seem perfect together :). I hope I find someone I can act like that with. In a world where many marriages seem to go wrong, you two have to be doing something right ^^.

  4. awww, that's so sweet XD

  5. What's the name of the song used in this video?

  6. OMG thanks for the awsom list im 13 buut i convinced my awsom teacher to allow white day and girl and boy day she seems to be in all that new things ill prob hav to take out the underwear off the list XD haha
    thanks for the info – from a girl who is likes all these random things ^^

  7. soooo cute…. I know these comments are coming MONTHS after the fact, but hey, I'm just discovering the wonderful splendiferous that is eatyourkimchi! I wish we could have seen Martina's reaction! Anyway, does Simon have any single brothers? Just wondering…

  8. You should try using google translate, they are pretty good at translating and they even give you a pronunciation. Yahoo didn't even conjugate the verb for you XD Also, the 의 is pronounced more like "eh" or "yeh" rather than eui. 당신 is the formal way to say you, but its usually only said by older married people. More importantly, it's usually only used when you are angry with someone and you knowingly want to pick a fight. So, don't go throwing 당신 around XD Most of the time, in Korean, they don't use subjects if it can be inferred. So, you'd just say 나의 칭구예요 and 나의 ì•„ë‚´ìš”. (normally, it would be 아내예요, but try saying that…. yeah). Since she is your wife, you could just say 너 which is the informal you. But, if you want to be formal, you should use her name.

    SORRY FOR THE SPONTANEOUS LESSON! I'm still learning, but this is what I know. :)

  9. zomg that's so cuuuute!

  10. I wanna know what the gift was! :D TELL US!

  11. I totally thought this was a day of foreigners in Korea….

    but I guess this is cool too.

  12. This is so stinkin' cuuuute! 정말 수고했어요!

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