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WTF – Korean Yoghurt Doritos

March 1, 2014


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Sunday afternoon: the two of us have recently discovered a beautiful walking path beside our apartment. We oversaw this strip of water from our window for a while, but we never actually walked by it. We thought it was inaccessible from our location, unless we walked quite a distance. Finally, after living in our apartment for well over a year, we decided to take our lazy asses over there and see, once and for all, if we could walk by the water.

We found a ramp. A big ramp. It led us and many people down there. We walked there two Saturdays ago, and decided that we should make a weekly event of it. We’re doing our best to be more active now. I needed a path for running, since I wanted to get into running. Now that I’m into running I’m thinking to myself “damn why did I get into running?” But I run on this path now many days of the week, while on the weekends the two of us go on a lovely walk together.

This last Sunday we set up a small picnic basket. We made some jumokbap (rice balls with seasoning and seaweed), steamed some sweet potatoes, and warmed up some sake and put it in a thermos. We put that all in a backpack and went on our walk. We hold hands a lot when we walk. We don’t just hold them at our hips, either. We bend our elbows in fully, and hold our hands tightly by our shoulders. EVERYONE LOOK AT US HOLDING HAAANDS!

So we walked like this for 6 miles. Yep. 6 miles. We saw people flying kites, adults playing organized baseball and laughing with each other at every strikeout, old people using the random exercise machines around the walking paths. We saw two men break out their saxophones, stand on a podium, and just rock out for a bit. On our walk back they were already finished, packed up and gone. The sun was setting. We were warm and happy walking back home together.

We decided to stop by the convenience store close by our home, which is where we saw these bags of Doritos. What a perfect end to our night, right? We’ll buy these, and bring them back to the studio for a WTF video, where we can celebrate the introduction of Cool Ranch Doritos to Korea.


Well, not ruined. I’m exaggerating. We’re just a bit weirded out by the sweetness of these different style “Cool Ranch” Doritos. Let us know if you tried them here. They’re at the C&U convenience store chains, exclusively. Isn’t that a member of Bilasa, by the way? Ha! Just joking, but I can’t help but think of him whenever I see that chain.

Anyhow, if you want a bag of these for yourselves, click on this fancy button below. It’ll get you all the Doritos you want! Well, that might not be true. There’s a chance, though. Best take that chance by subscribing for more vids :D



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