Earlier today, we were talking about a TL;DR topic in the car about some common misconceptions about Korea, which we thought would make for a cool video. The last idea that we thought of for that video was about the awesomeness of Korea’s internet. We talked about it for such a long time that we realized, hey, we’ve been talking about this long enough for a full TL;DR, so why not do it as its own video?

So, here we are, and I hope that we’re clear with how we feel about Korean internet. Yes, we love it in many, many ways, and I’ll still pick it over the internet in any other country in the world, except for – maybe – Japan, which we’ve experienced as delightfully fast and not as hindered – but that was only from the perspective as tourists. I’m not sure if Japan’s internet has as many security flaws as Korea’s. Anyhow, even though this video talks about the negatives of Korea’s internet, we simply offer that as a counterbalance to the perception that Korea’s internet is glorious. It’s great in many ways, and flawed in many ways as well.

Another thing we find really interesting: I have no idea how the Korean news is reacting to Korea’s security breaches. Didn’t Target in the US recently get its customer data compromised? Didn’t everyone in the news loooooose their miiiinds? How would they react to a bank losing half of the country’s info, or for a major telecom to have its data compromised as well? I’m not sure. Just asking. Another thing: is it that Korea’s security just sucks, or is it that Korea’s hackers just have crazy mad hacking skills, and if they went to, say, Canada, they’d be living like kings from all the hacking they can do? Anyone in the IT field have any insight into this? Oh, and for the record, we weren’t joking about that letter we showed you. All of our info was leaked from KT. Great…

Some of you might be wondering why porn is banned here in Korea. From what we’ve heard, there was supposedly a horrific murder case in Korea, and they found porn on the murderer’s computer. So, the conclusion was that watching porn makes you bad. Is that how it was? I’m not sure, but if that’s the case, I’m sure they found kimchi in his fridge as well, but I’m still waiting on the kimchi ban to be suggested.

One thing we didn’t talk about for Korean internet practices: Hangul Word Press. Hangul Freaking Word Press! Oh God, how I hate hwp files! If you don’t know what it is, it’s basically Microsoft Word, but for Korea. It’s its own software, and, instead of exporting .pdfs or .doc files, it exports .hwp files, and the only freaking thing that can open .hwp files is Hangul Word Press. BUUUUT you can’t install it on Mac, and you can’t install it if you don’t know Korean enough. You might think, oh no big deal: it’s made for Koreans in Korea. Fine. I’m ok with that. What I’m not ok with is government websites aimed for foreigners, that put Visa application forms, or different tourism documents, in hwp format! Come on! If you’re making it for foreigners, make it a PDF! YYEEAERGGGHHH!

**Edit** I was just sent an email from a friend who said there’s an app to view hwp files on the Mac. I never used it yet, but it exists

Another small issue we have is this: we’d love to hire a web developer. Our site is very dynamic, and we’re constantly adding a bunch of different things to it, tweaking it here and there. Our web developer is totally awesome, but he lives in the US. We thought, hey, let’s get a web developer here in Korea. Should be easy enough, right? There are lots of programmers here. Lots! Just…none of them can code for WordPress. It’s just not common enough here. No one has enough experience (or, we just can’t find them!).

There are lots of people who blog in Korea, but a big portion of those blogs are on Naver or Daum. Self-hosting your blog isn’t that common, because free services are available on really popular platforms. So why host your own blog? For us, stuff like our KpopCharts and KpopAwards, and other functionality we’re building in right now, requires a lot of customization, which publicly hosted blogs don’t really offer. I’ll stop nerd-talking here: point is, we couldn’t find a web developer here in Korea.

Anyhow, that’s it for our talk on Korea’s internet scene here. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter. If you’re Korean here in Korea, are you finding issues with the internet here as well or is it great for you? How about those real name verification laws, eh? And if you’re outside of Korea, what’s your internet situation like? We’d love to compare notes :D

Other than that, make sure you click on this button below, right here. It makes your internets faster!

  1. I live in New York City but go to school in boston where there is free wifi on campus. For New york, most of the time the internet is fast but when the weather is bad, it can be tempermental and literally the satellite signal for the company that provides internet can be completely out. For example in 2003, new york city experienced a huge black out and the internet was not working for weeks. For Boston, the internet is definitely more consistent because it’s a lot more high tech and bad weather causing internet shortages is not a problem.When I was in China, using the internet to look at international websites like youtube was impossible but using the internet in Japan was so easy.I think for the internet, it depends who the internet providers are catering towards and what restrictions the government has placed on the internet in whatever country a person happens to be in.

  2. The Korean internet is for Koreans and for doing things Koreans like to do. I felt locked out of a whole online gaming universe when I was in Korea. I found it so much easier to do and get the things I wanted when in the UK, because things made sense and they had content I was interested in, and the speed difference? Not much when you’re on cablemodem. I’m capable of reading about Korean politics and K-pop stars on naver, but why would I want to?

    At least now most sites recognize waygookin ids, tho.

  3. ahh I wish we would have such fast internet! I live in The Netherlands and, well, internet is not really fast here haha xD But, on the other hand, not much sites are blocked, like, I can easily download movies and music from the internet (I absolutely NEVER do this!! *cough*), I even get porn advertisements whenever I download them >_< Im not a big fan of downloading (korean) music from the internet, because i'd rather buy the album legally from kpopmart.com or other stores (because then I can TOUCH them AND I will get a photocard with the album :3 hehe), but whenever I dont have the money I download some albums (i feel stupid now xD haha). Also, this is something I saw on TV not so long ago, It's really easy here for people to hack your computer. There was this documentary on TV about this subject and there was a man who simply bought a router somewhere, and went to the starbucks and this router picked up the WIFI signal of the Starbucks and hacked it, so everyone who thought they were connected to the starbucks WIFI, actually were connected to this router/thing! And this man could see everything from all these people, like, what they were doing on their computer or mobile phone, passwords, everything! sometimes even peoples adresses and phonenumbers etc O.o It's so creepy! Now that I know this, I don't want to use public WIFI spots anymore because there is this chance of someone hacking your device/computer…
    BTW, I am currently studying Graphical Design in Rotterdam (almost finished though, just finished my exams) and after this I am going to study interactive media, so how to build websites and apps and stuff, so im going to learn about all these codes (html, javascript etc.). I already have my own wordpress blog and as soon as i know how to build my own website I want to change my wordpress blog into a more professional blog, I mean, get a domain and stuff, because I now have this ".wordpress.com" domain. I also really love to edit videos, that's why I also make vlogs ^-^ My dream is to study design in korea, video editing and webdesign and i'm also learning korean at the moment :) And I just had this thought, wouldn't it be awesome for me to help you guys with your website and stuff! haha I think that would be a dream coming true, since i totally love korea and i love designing stuff! haha But yeah, I first need to finish my study now :) Im 20 and I just have 1 more year to go, or, well, I am finished with my study in 3 weeks, but there is this one extra year for me to learn about interactive media :) For now my dream is to visit south-korea, go on holiday there and (ofcourse) visit the EatYourKimchi studio~ :D
    Greetings and much love,
    Arlette from The Netherlands

    P.s. I have met you guys in Amsterdam last October when you guys were here and I made this graffiti-like drawing which i saw in one of your videos in the background! hehe :D (I must say, I have spazzed a bit when I actually saw my drawing in one of your videos! haha its so awesome~ ^-^ I hope you guys will come back here soon!)

  4. I’m lucky that both my parents are pretty computer effecient, but when I lived with a host family in Germany I had to help them with a lot of basic computer usage. Once they wanted to make pretty text on Word for my host sister’s confirmation, and they just gave me the computer and had me do it (first time using Word in German, so I had to keep referencing my computer). They were pretty impressed at my basic computer skills, and I said it’s because in the US we have computer classes at school, so we learn the basics up until like 5th grade. In Germany they don’t have that, but my host family agreed that they should.

    Speaking of Germany (this is getting long), my internet in Germany was slower than in the US, but I think it’s because my host family lived in the middle of nowhere, and in the US I live near a major city.

  5. Valera K

    In Russia, we don’t need to look for porn – it’s right there for us on every single website (well, almost). Whenever I go on to a Russian website, say, to read an article or to find lyrics to a song or something like that, those steamy ads are ALL OVER the thing. So whenever I’m browsing, I’m just doing it from my mac and using an adblock, which usually hides all that stuff. It’s funny because one time I referred my American teacher to a website with actual decent information on it, and then the next day he comes up to me and goes, “Did you refer me to a porn site?!” (and he looked at it at the school, too).

  6. What about Dailymotion? When Internet is slow, I usually just use Keepvid[DOT]com to download Youtube videos and Dailymotions videos. Does that work for you? oo.

  7. Well the funny fact of Korean policy is that there are many restrictions on porn but not many on illegal downloading…

  8. I don’t know if it would work for google chrome in SKorea, but I use the Hola Better Internet app… It unblocks websites for me here in the US. For instance- I can watch full episodes on BBC1, the actual British version. I can also load the Canadian or UK Netflix databases, and switch back and forth between them (they have different programming available). Anyways, maybe that would work to get around blocked stuff?

    P/S the internet in US is super slow for the price we pay :(

  9. Getting online banking set up in China is such a pain in the rear, specifically if you aren’t Chinese because you don’t have an ID card. A lot of online areas don’t want to accept passport numbers. Speaking of ID’s you can’t use most internet cafes unless you have a Chinese ID. Internet here on the mainland is a pain, no youtube, netflix, facebook, wordpress, some articles mainly complaining about china on BBC just don’t exist and wikipedia works once in a blue moon. If you try to use google maps to get directions in any Chinese cities it is awful so you are better off using Baidu. Thank goodness I pay for my lovely VPN. *Music* VPN, yay, VPN, I love you, VPN, your awesome!

  10. Can you change the IP address? I mean, if you change your IP address from another country, can you use this services?

  11. Carly Barrow Billings

    True story. In the US. My boss’s nephew was visiting from Korea recently, and he had to borrow my PC to register for all of his classes because his household only owned Macs. Victory for PC’s!

  12. You guys go into your computers command prompt and delete the isps throttling youtube. Idk what specific isps to block because I don’t live in korea but you can google it.

  13. That’s nothing. At Nonhyub Bank’s employment page, you can’t input your university’s name directly. You have to choose a name of a university from a list. It is stupid and redundant. If your university is not on the list, you have to message the HR person directly and wait until they add your university’s name on the list.

    That isn’t the dumbest part. The dumbest part is they forgot to add Harvard, Cornell, Yale, and Stanford to their University list. So if a Ivy League graduate wanted to

  14. This TL;DR is bring back horrible flashbacks of my time in Korea. Try buying Big Bang tickets on G-Market using a Mac. Yeah, not gonna happen. Or transferring money using Woori Bank’s English website. No, sorry, that option is only available on the Korean version.

  15. P.S. Magic Jack works GREAT over here:)

  16. Internet in Israel is very fast and so cheap:) Having internet on your phone is cheap and having it be a “hot spot” is no extra cost. (Unlike where I lived in the US where you had to pay a LOT more for both of these things). Lovin’ it:) Easy to watch my favorite American shows too. Israel doesn’t block too much unless it’s security related. There they seem to be scary good. Oh, and they use PDF:)

  17. THERE ARE NO KOREAN DRAMAS IN KOREA? WHAT? why cant you watch it??…..
    well, the internet in dubai is pretty fast too, except there are payment levels…if you are rich you get the fastest one..if your not, well…you just suffer. and they block most of the sites here too, ofcourse the 18+ content websites, but they also block other random websites like ‘fallenarchangel’…thats the website for the book ‘hush hush’ and i really want to use but its really randomly blocked, once they tired to block tumblr…everybody on the internet protested so bad!!

  18. SOOOO since tomorrow is April Fools Day, how do people celebrate it in Korea??? :D APRIL FOOLS DAY SPECIAALLLL

  19. Just had to share this: “H. Jon Benjamin (“Bob’s Burgers,” “Archer”) stars in this exclusive animated adaptation of the famed McSweeney’s Internet Tendency piece, “In Which I Fix My Girlfriend’s Grandparents’ WiFi and Am Hailed as a Conquering Hero,” by Mike Lacher. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21OwTUEiGGM

  20. So how do u watch videos in korea then? Do they have their own website like youku in china? Is there a lot of illegal downloading and piracy? Or will you get prosecuted if u do?

  21. Amaranda

    The Department of Revenue for the great state that I live in was hacked. Everyone who had filed taxes in the past 3 or so years got sent letters letting them know that all their personal information was compromised. They also gave us all a free year of identity theft protection software.

  22. Amyaco

    I’m not sure if this is the best place to ask this, but could you guys make a video talking about your favorite trot songs? I really like trot songs (they’re so fun!), but I’m not sure where to look for really good ones. Thanks!

  23. Hey EYK Crew! i love love love anything having to do with Korea-esp the cutesy stuffs like the clothes, and animal pillows, and cupcake decals that y’all had in your apartment. Can you talk about where to get that kind of stuff in North America or the interwebs?

  24. when you first came to Korea was it different from how you thought it would be?

  25. Romantic Roulette

    The Censorship thing is just sad to me. I looked up censorship in South Korea, and according to wikipedia (which, let’s be honest, might totally be wrong), it says that it deletes blog posts that criticize the president and just completely shuts down websites that are anti-conscription and LGBT related.

    It’s probably because I’m American, but I just cannot understand why you would censor those things. Just because people talk about it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Seriously, if American Politics teaches you anything, it’s that people just like blowing smoke up your ass and talking some major booty chatter. Man, that’s just some North Korea stuff right there. If the people of North Korea could get on the internet. Or had computers. Or electricity.

  26. I love your videos. I’m always entertained and learn interesting things at the same time :D

  27. Living in Canada, visit Korea every year. Totally agree with you. Have to get help from somebody to buy something on internet.

    To see Netflix or Hulu, try ‘mediahint’ It works great to watch USA Netfilx or Hulu in Canada. Haven’t tried in Korea yet.

  28. Mainy Åkerman

    Korea may have super fast internet speed (my country ties with Japan according to netindex.com ) but all that restrictions and blocking are just ridiculous. I could never deal with Youtube taking forever to load. If only Korea wasn’t so strict on their citizens. If a kid wants to play games past midnight, let them do it! There’d be a massive outrage if that happened here. The only sites I can think of that are blocked here in Sweden are child pornography sites (as they should be) and hate websites that promote death to certain people, i.e. the Westboro Baptist Church. It’s actually not blocked but geez…

  29. Where I live in the states, I currently pay around $54 for 25Mbps down/5Mbps service. There is a rumor floating around that they are supposed to double the speed, but I haven’t seen it yet. As far as I know, the closest thing I can get to basic KR speeds is a 150 down/65Mbps up for $135 a month! It’s either that or move to a city that has “the glorious shining savior” known as Google Fiber. Anyways, what does it really matter when the different providers are trying throttle certain services over their own services, therefore making things like Netflix slower than lets say your cable providers streaming service. (Net Neutrality is a big can of worms in the US)

    As for the ActiveX thing, I really do hope that more Korean companies would just ditch it. It’s an old, outdated, a huge security risk. Hell, I would not be surprised if that the majority of the companies that were hacked was because their websites had malicious ActiveX programs as hidden ads. Probably most common folk would pass the bad program as just another piece of crap they have to deal with. That’s how I remember it when I used to work as tech support trying to clean out nasty viruses.

    Most websites, in the western world, use a secure HTTPS connection between you and the website (a la Bank of America) that is either encrypted in 128 bit or 256 bit encryption. Last time I checked, you will need very expensive hardware that the NSA has or you’ll be waiting for decades to decode a 128 bit encrypted file. Hopefully, with support for Windows XP ending in literally months, I think it will finally start a trend with them moving away from ActiveX.

    Anyways, aren’t VPN’s great? The funny thing is that I actually use a Korean VPN to try to get access into KR websites to watch live TV from KBS or get proper service from Melon. I wish that these KR companies wouldn’t rely so strongly on Alien ID’s so I can get paid access to Melon or Naver Music. Yes, I would give money to have access to their entire catalog of music for streaming and downloading like I currently do for Spotify. Hell, maybe the over reliance of having to give out ID numbers for the simplest of services is why you hear the abundant stories of companies getting hacked. Most of the time, companies would have an outside contractor who’s sole purpose is to handle sensitive data. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of these hacks are because of either negligence or ignorance.

  30. lol, i was going to say that you’re exaggerating about the internet in Canada until i just tried to load a 6 second video on tumblr that took 5 min to play properly… damn it. (mind you, it IS the tumblr video player after all..)

  31. why no korean dramas in korea! D:

  32. Woah…you can’t FFXIV D:

    I will tell you now it is AMAZING. Patch 2.2 just came out and Levithan and Gilgamesh happened and the character designs are amazing!

    It’s sad that you’re missing out Simon D: Although I remember a bunch of people playing on my server (Because it’s the hijacked English speaking Oceanic/Asia server because we don’t have one) who are from South Korea. But I guess they’re using proxies and PC’s rather than a Console version of the game.

    NZ internet is pretty good. May just be because my town is having fibre put in now…and is ahead of the rest of the country (until they finish their Gigatown competition).

  33. Guys can you please talk about what happened to Leeteuk. Is it truth that his father killed himself and his grandparents??? I heard some stories but I’m not sure if they are real. Please explain ! !

  34. Could you reply and tell me more about the VPN that Simon was singing about? Like, what is it? What does it do?

  35. You guys should try using virtual machines for the ActiveX stuff. Parallels for Mac is pretty good and you can install inside the VM windows XP or whatever and access your banking without buying an old laptop xD

  36. I work for a US Goverment agency and they were still using Active X up until recently. Actually, I bet it is still running in the background, lol. In good news, my government computer has just been upgraded from XP to Windows 7!

    So sorry about the porn. It is so ubiquitous here in the US, it is easy to assume that that was how the whole world’s internet was. “A friend of mine” noticed that Japanese porn often has the genitals pixellated so you can’t see anything. Um…fail?

  37. Happyjoy2

    Finally this year, NH Bank in Korea made their online banking website for foreigners compatible for Google Chrome. For the longest time, I had to use IE just for online banking.

  38. Forgot about online shopping! Ugh… When I lived in Korea, my friends and I ordered things off qng.co.kr
    Made an account, paid with a debit card, got a confirmation e-mail…. and then my stuff wouldn’t arrive.
    Turns out, because we’re foreigners, we can’t use a debit card, has to be a direct bank transfer.

    And of course all this information is on some obscure page under customer forums, all in Korean.
    The same process would repeat every time we ordered something. -______-;;;;

    Also, anyone else bothered by all the MOVING THUMBNAILS on Korean sites? (especially when shopping)

  39. Ban on porn… This makes sense now: Frozen Flower, Changing Partners, 5 Senses of Eros. They’re all soft porn.

  40. Well at least it sounds like Simon has the ol’ VPN Client functioning. There are even utilities like Hola for Chrome and Firefox these days that can quick switch the country of origin directly from your browser to be able to surf as if you were from that country (which is especially useful for Netflix which offers different content per country).

    On topic of ActiveX, I want to say it was defunct at least a decade ago, due to it being the most compromised aspect of _anything_ on the internet. By now even the hacking utilities themselves (in use by those with illicit intentions) are probably antiquated. However, the usage of which pretty much falls directly into the hands of the web developers themselves when it comes to things like online shopping and banking. Something tells me ActiveX is still in use in Korea because most of those online institutions have not yet licensed modern protocols. And I hate to sound like an a-hole, but it’s the one thing they really can’t just copy/pirate and reuse.

    With regards to google maps, I imagine there is still some holdup when it comes to all that pertinent data because of the litigation surrounding the so-called information gathering Google did. The Korean government wants Google to delete that information they gathered now! Grrr!

  41. is world of warcraft blocked in South Korea?

  42. I live in the U.S. I once tried to sign up to take the GRE. Online, it only accepts the normal 26 letters and a hyphen. Good luck if your name has a space in it. Or diacritics.

    I hope the situation there is improving. They didn’t notice anything before because they only used Windows and Internet Explorer in Korea. Since the release of the iPhone and the iPad, more Koreans have realized there are other operating systems and other browsers.

  43. A few days ago Twitter was blocked here in Turkey and now Youtube is blocked too (ahem, vpnindahouse). It’s because of some stuff going on with the government, but blocking the sites don’t really work here, at least among the younger generation. But putting these aside, Twitter and Youtube aren’t the only sites blocked. There are many, I believe, including porn. Our internet is not very fast either, and kinda pricy. I personally pay around 30 bucks for an 8mbit connection and it usually drops to 2mbit at the end of the month because of something called Fair Usage Quota. Other than this, online banking and shopping is fairly easy and quick; although some shopping sites ask for id numbers, there are lots that don’t require it. I have a question for Simon; do you use Steam over there? Or rather, can you? Because we mostly use Steam here for buying online games and stuff and I got curious. Thanks for the video guys.

  44. One thing I noticed about Korean internet is the blatant amount of women’s bodies displayed on Korean news or shopping sites. It’s like bc porn is blocked, people are trying to get around that by posting ads with boobies and butts on the sidebars of websites. No other country does that, especially with their news sites. It’s freaking disgusting.

  45. in Denmark there are restrictions on how many movies you can watch on Netflix or viki. But you can download a program that removes these blockage. Now my computer works like it was in US.

  46. I remember trying to help set up my grandmother’s voice mail but she had a very very very old phone. It was so old I didn’t know how to set it up for her.

  47. Korean programmers are quite bad I guess, when talking about game development that is. Majority of Korean game developers are talented but I guess in the work life they are really stubborn. There’s the hierarchy in Korea, but if compared to Japan….it’s the same. Look at Japan’s games, amazing. Not to mention there are quite a few Korean programmers and artists working in Japan for development of games, figurines and anime. Not sure whether they’re working there because of money or job opportunity but I’m guessing both (And it’s so near to their country too).

    I’m not saying that the Koreans can’t make great games though, there are many great MMORPGs by them like Aion, Blade & Soul, Ragnarok, etc. But they need to step up their game in terms of creativity and game coding, they’re lacking so much in these areas. Ton of bugs, re-used animations, boring storyline, lack of DLC content and more.

    And speaking about internet speeds, personally I have went to both Japan and Korea many times in these past few years and both countries’ internet speeds are really fast. I experienced the slow YouTube loading in Korea too, thought that it’s a slight problem with the network but looks like it isn’t. Japan would be more flexible if you’re talking about Active X and Hangul Word Press thingy though. As far as I know, Japan doesn’t need these kind of programs to do online banking/shopping. If you peeps have noticed the Japanese are using Macs a lot too. And it’s not just recently but it happened quite a while already.

  48. The thing that gets me about Korea’s internet is that SO many of their websites are built to be run from IE.
    Like Gmarket for example. Love that website. You can LOOK at it on other websites. But if you actually want to BUY something you need to open it in IE.
    The school I teach for now. Their website loads best in IE. Lots of other schools websites open best in IE as well. It’s super frustrating because IE is soooo slow.

  49. Just want to ask, do you suffer from rubbish internet speeds when you upload your videos to Youtube? Or do you have an alternative to get past that

  50. Actually Hancom made a Mac version of Hangul Word Press. You could by it on Auction or their own online shop. (But none of them are not Mac-friendly, which is really silly) Auction’s version http://bit.ly/1pzYQVW is more expensive but you could install it to up to 3 Macs, and it’s for personal use only. The Hancom version http://bit.ly/1pzZbrv is only slightly cheaper, but can be installed in just 1 Mac. I’m waiting it to pop up in the Mac App Store :P

    There must be a good web developer somewhere; I see more and more blogs using WordPress these days. Fingers crossed!

  51. Internet in Germany is… let’s just say – also not as free as people expect it to be. The Youtube/Gema issue that a lot of videos are blocked is pretty well known, and very annoying. Thus, people are using VPN programs like Cyberghost (or Chrome extensions like proxtube).
    Oh, there are also barely any free wifi hotspots anywhere. People have to pay to use wifi in cities/at airports.

    When it comes to internet speed, things are pretty strange. Big cities have a large coverage of DSL 16K or 50K (or more). Rural areas have different internet speed ranging from ISDN (jup, not joking) to 50K or more. I live in a small village (~600 inhabitants) and we have DSL 16K, we will get 50K in April, and 300K in 2015. The next village (which is 3 km away) still has the same DSL speed as in 2002 which means like maximum 2K with no prospective improvement at the moment (which makes people rightfully furious)… Ridiculous.
    Prices for your internet connection range from 20€/month (limited traffic) to 50€/month (unlimited – best choice IMO).

  52. in america home internet speeds are all about how much you’re willing to pay for it and what’s available in your area. i have time warner cable and we pay $80 for internet that is pretty much as fast as you describe in internet in korea being. it’s about the fastest internet available and most other serivces dont even come close. my parents live in a rural area and every time we visit i insist that their internet is broken b/c it is sooooo slow.

  53. Internet in Canada has been slowly getting better, but is quickly rising in cost. Though it is possible to get something above average and affordable, you’ll have to fight tooth and nail for it. My download times run about 10 minutes max for movies and games, and I hardly ever have Youtube buffering on me anymore. I honestly had no idea to what extent Korean internet was restricted… I’ll start counting my blessings I think haha

    Also: Loving your new looks :3 and I just have a certain place in my heart for all things rockabilly. V is for Victory Rolls!

  54. Sorry if this is too geeky, but if you download Virtual Box from Oracle (free) you can run that Active X Windows 95 junk inside your Mac or modern Windows PC just like an app.

    Modern PCs normally have a processor feature called “Virtualization” (Intel VT-x) turned on in the bios. When using Virtual Box you have no real slow down whatsoever running an old Windows inside another operating system.

    Too geeky or useful?

    For network speeds, my net is so broken I get 1Mb/s from my ADSL. BUT I also have DC-HSDPA on my phone and that gives me 25Mb/s. So basically through my phone I get 25 times the speed of my wired connection.

    I’m sure someone is going to tell me up is down and down is up because it sure as heck feels like it. Why can my phone beat my wire?!?!?

  55. I’m Korean livin in Korea now, suck fxxk activeX I hate it!! Now in Korea many companies don’t want to invest their money to protect clients information and comfort but don’t wanna be responsible for that and let client to watch out your information by ur selves! Also many companies don’t design their website not by web standard and that make mac users can’t go many sites,
    that’s totally insane

  56. Emily M

    I live in semi-rural Japan (no Akihabara toys here) and my internet has never blocked me from anything other than America-only services (Pandora, it has been YEARS. Get on that!) so I suppose the only downside is that the speed is mediocre… when I am plugged in to the ethernet.

    When I’m not plugged in, I have no internet access.

    All I can do is laugh when people talk about the wonders of Japanese internet… I couldn’t even get free wi-fi in Starbucks until a few months ago.

  57. I got one of those fancy letters too. Olleh wae!?

    • I actually went to KT yesterday to speak with them. I asked them what they’re doing about the fact that they gave away my information. They said they’re changing the home page. I said “yes, but what are you doing for me?” They said they’re going to fix the homepage. I said “but, since my information is lost now, can I get some free shit yo?” and they say “nahhh son.” And that was that.

  58. wooow buti find many comment from netizenbuzz that they just download (the drama or anything else) that’s mean ilegally download right ?and doon’t korea have their own youtube website like pann ? or naver ?

  59. Arrh. I couldn’t help shaking my head. All of this is so stupid! Way to embrace globalisation, Korea!
    The problem with registration forms also happened to me in Japan and it was so frustrating. It just hasn’t dawned on them that not everyone in their country is Korean or just basically doing the things they should be doing in a perfect world but which they don’t do because this is reality.
    DRAMAS ARE BLOCKED?? Wait. I am currently re-mapping of all of my future with this new information…

    Internet in Malaysia is good, but slow as hell. I often use my phone rather than my laptop for
    something because 3G is actually quicker. It takes ages for videos and
    livestreams to launch. Not to mention a lot of videos are unavailable.
    Japan’s was faster but EXPENSIVE and a lot of stuff was copyrighted.
    It’s much better in France, to be honest. I have no complains about my home country.

    Question. Martina, how do you watch your dramas? On TV, with no subtitles?
    Question 2. What’s VPN??? If you can’t tell I’m not the most technology-savvy 22 year old out there.

  60. Interesting video on the internet in SK, but you raised my curiosity when you talked about registration numbers. I’m assuming these are like US social security numbers, but it seems like you use them for more things. I was watching this drama the other day where this girl was getting married to a guy her mother didn’t like and her mother asked for her fiancé and his parents registration numbers and I made a o.O face. In the US, if a stranger asks for your SSN, we usually run the other way, but it seemed like a totally normal thing to this girl. Just wondering if you could shed some more light on Korean registration numbers. Thanks.

  61. HokiPoki1213

    Working for a university, it makes me ultra sad that the generation of kids that are starting their studies don’t even know basic internet skills- pop-up blockers, clearing the cache, hell- even bloody knowing what browser they are using! They were practically raised on computers, and most likely never knew what dial-up was!
    *cries in corner*

    And yes, Australian internet sucks. I live there and wholeheartedly agree with that statement. Doesn’t help that our current Prime Minister is more concerned with bringing back Knight and Dame titles than the issue that the copper wires used for our internets are deteriorating. :-/

  62. I am currently living in Korea, and I had no idea about the “Cinderella” law. I was walking home one night from the bus terminal, after midnight, and 4 of my middle school students were walking with a soccer ball. When I asked them where they were going, they said to play soccer…so…that law can’t be that effective. Or that law could just be for Seoul and on my tiny island they don’t enforce those kind of things.

    On another note, my theory for why Final Fantasy 14 isn’t allowed in Korea is because it’s Japanese. Say what you want, but Korea still has a HUGE issue with Japan and all things Japanese. If it was just them cracking down on online gaming then you wouldn’t be able to play LoL, Starcraft, or WoW. I know my students play LoL like crazy, Starcraft is still huge here, and I play WoW every day. But…Blizzard isn’t Japanese…so I think that’s why it’s okay. Just a theory, but after hearing every student from grade 3 to grade 8 say they hate Japan more than once, and the looks I get from the other teachers when I say I am visiting Japan…I’m going to say it’s because Final Fantasy is Japanese.

    • The Cinderella law only applies to internet gaming.
      You might be right about it being Japanese, BUT, using C&M I have no problems connecting to it… so I really doubt that is the problem. Though I know KT has the login IP blocked, all you have to do is bypass the login IP and it is accessible.

    • There actually was an era when Japanese cultural-everything had to be “illegally” imported and translated because it was banned. The days! But that ended over a decade ago, so FF won’t be banned just because it’s Japanese. FF 14 is simply not serviced in Korea.

  63. Oh gosh! This makes my mind confuzzled! How can Korea be so advanced in some things and so basic in other things!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!

  64. Internet in Australia is horrendously slow. It’s actually painful.

  65. I live in the US. My hometown is an hour outside NYC and is basically a
    suburb of NYC, given the number of commuters in to the city. At home, I
    have pretty great internet, apart from a room above the garage that the
    router has trouble reaching. However, I got to school in a more rural
    part of my state. a giant school. THE state school. the intet provided
    on campus, annoyiing to set up, but remarkably reliable. I live in an
    apartment, literally so close to campus, it should be called off campus.
    I am next to a dorm building and across the street from a class
    building.That nice strong internet? Can’t connect to it at all. My
    building has free wifi and I use my own router, but it conks out alot or
    gets really slow. IT gets hard to watch youtube without constant
    buffers. it’s usually ok, but I have noticed a suspicious trend. During
    the day when people are out at work or class, the internet is fairly
    reliable. in the evenings, it gets a bit spotty, by 11 it’s no use. I
    suspect PORN. Who wouldn’t? There are a large number of frat bros and
    sorority hos in my building (they clearly missed the 24 hour quiet hours
    part of the lease. or the no smoking inside (youd think people would
    think to extend this to weed), and the reminders to be respectful (THE
    IN FACT UPSTAIRS)). I’m not saying all people in greek life are like
    this, just the disrespectful assholes who live in my building.Anyways,
    these people are probably just finishing their homework or their 12th
    beer or their preppy sports activities, and want to “blow off a little
    steam”. Sounds right to me.

    In Japan, I didn’t have the most
    fantastic internet. I was there for a month in the summer and I was
    using the hotel’s internet through ethernet and wireless. It wasn’t
    super. IT really was average and kind of slow, but there were probably
    alot of guests eating up the bandwidth.I was also in a slightly older
    area in tokyo that was not really a tourist trap (though it was charming
    in its own way :D)

    How does the Spudgey feel about activeX? Does Meemers worry about the security of his many bank accounts and his cell phone provider? Or do they both just want treats and rubs?

  66. Also if you have a Mac, you don’t have to buy a PC just to use windows. You can either partition your harddrive and install windows on a second partition so you can dual boot or you can get VMware or Virtualbox so you can install windows via a virtual machine. With a virtual machine you can have different versions of windows on your computer and just load them when you need them.

  67. As a web developer “internet Explorer 6″ is a trigger word (phrase).

    I’ve read somewhere (sorry I don’t have a link) that Korea and Japan, with the exception of video games, don’t like to focus on software. They feel that hardware is better than software. With hardware, you are actually making something tangible with your hands. Which is why they have top electronics companies but their software may be lacking.

    When you work in tech, sometimes it is really hard to get the stakeholders to understand why certain changes need to be made or why things shouldn’t be done. Stakeholders can be the product manager, the client or the top managers in the company. So it is not always the programmers fault as to why something is not working or isn’t user friendly. They were not allowed to make the change because it might have been out of the scope of the project, cost too much or will take too long to implement.

    I found this link but this wasn’t the original location of the information, but it does have similar info:


  68. I’m living in Korea right now and it is seriously irritating that I can’t do any banking or online shopping because I have a Mac. The man at the bank insists that I buy a Windows OS computer and he asks me if I purchased one every single time I go to the bank. I also can relate viewing issues regarding the HWP files. My hope is that, since Apple products are becoming more popular, there will be a change in how the banking is done (at least).

  69. Martina’s rapid eye blinking in response to the topic of pornography = HILARIOUS!!
    (I would have a similar response haha)
    If everyone could refrain from mentioning the difficulties of Korean internet to my mom, that’d be spectacular…. it took her 2 years to understand the basics of email. FML.

  70. Amy Le

    LOL. I live in Australia but the internet at my house is fast and I don’t have restrictions. btw You can also order Dominos and have it delivered.

  71. My dad actually works for a computer security company that has a lot of Korean, Japanese and Chinese customers just to name a few. He says that he HATES dealing with the Korean internets because of all the stuff that is blocked and outdated, making it difficult to do his job. When I asked if he could just get around those firewalls using his mad hacker skillz he told he that no, he couldn’t. He is a fairly skilled hacker and IT guy (he taught me to get around my high school’s firewall) but he can not crack the Korean firewalls.Maybe that’s because Korea is full of awesome security guys, or maybe he doesn’t want to go to a Korean jail, but either way, it takes forever for my dad to get his job done while dealing with the Korean internet. However, his customers always take him out for soju and donuts afterwards so it’s all good.

  72. I live in australia. Our copper lines were designed for telegrams.

  73. Here in the States, some companies are rolling out fiber in select markets. Google has their own service in 3 cities with plans to expand. Verizon is doing their own thing. AT&T also has their service that I think is being brought into my city so maybe I’ll get to experience that sweet, sweet sensation of LIMITLESS SPEED!

  74. thisisjustforfunval

    Sounds like S. Korean internet has huge stock in Microsoft ;)

    I can’t use PC’s or PC based technology. When I do, at some point I always reach a level of wanting to smash them into itty bitty pieces and then steam rolling them for good measure to insure it’s complete demise. Probably the same feeling you have doing internet banking in Korea.

  75. Here in the U.S. we can order Dominos online, but you never have to put in information like your real id# and name to match. You just make a user account, and where the billing info goes you can put the name on your credit or debit card to order food and address. so all you really need as a new user name, password, and email to start an account.

  76. One word: IP blocking software.

    But can we please just talk about Korean website designing?!?!

    (For example, any Korean website you can find. Try going on naver.com or daum.net or any Korean website you can think of)

    I’m Korean. I can read, write, and speak Korean. But as a Korean who lives in Canada and is immersed in everything English, it is a headache and a half to navigate through a Korean website. They are disgustingly busy and half the services on half the websites require login (which, I may add, require either a Korean ID number or an alien registration number or I have to send in a scanned image of my foreign ID… WHAT?!?!). On google’s homepage, it lets me do what I want to do… search. If i need other services like mail and google+ and calendar and whatever, it lets me do that if i click any of the smaller hidden buttons up top. If I go to Naver, I’m so overloaded with buttons and links and ads and pictures it makes me not want to be there.

    I hear it’s because Korean web developers and users in general are still using old version of internet explorer and they’re using outdated korean web designing platforms. WHATEVER, THEY SUCK.

    But on the reverse, my Korean family and friends hate using foreign websites because there’s not ENOUGH information and they have to navigate through too much to find something they want… -_____-;;; Korea’s web users have been desensitized to information overload or something. lol


  78. My Internet speed is pretty decent… I live in Rhode Island, USA. But, it’s my damn computer that isn’t. Dude, I have a Windows Vista. It was released SEVEN years ago! SEVEN. This darn desktop computer is so old the memory on it is almost full. Yeah. So, my Internet is quite speedy if you aren’t on my old desktop computer.

  79. Richard Hollingsworth

    Korea runs off Windows XP and have not updated, come April, oops! Korea is #2 for viruses, just behind China. A VPN service can get you by some of the firewall issues, but that slows things down.

  80. Here in Uruguay we’re always complaining about our internet speed (but we tend to complain about everything). Other than that we have no blocked websites, the only problem is with Vevo, that doesn’t allow us to watch a single thing because it seems we live in Narnia.

  81. so there goes my question of dramas out of the window…well i will still ask how do you watch dramas or do you guys have tivo?

  82. when I lived in Korea I was soooo upset I couldn’t watch hulu or my Korean dramas. Also, I tried to sign up for a Daum, gmarket, and Naver account back when I was still there but there were a lot of websites that wouldn’t allow me to make an account with my alien registration number. Maybe it has changed now since there are more foreigners but I couldn’t do anything back in the day.

  83. Active X explains so much why i just gave up trying to use my computer in seoul..i just used left it off. for the entire month and used my phone and then came home and got a $500USD Bill. -.-
    On the other hand i can totally agree with everyone else and their parents & internet issues. It is very annoying.. I just told my mom not to bother learning the internets that it will ruin her life and suck her into another world. like it has with me.
    And She says the same thing as your parents my mom says we have “yahoo” as well.

  84. From what I remember, I went onto a website that wasn’t American and my malware blocked me saying that I was going to get a virus from it and that it was an unsafe website. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe they’re trying to do the same thing as South Korea, blocking foreign websites.

    You know how the younger generations are the ones that are more tech savvy, well my sister’s PC just got upgraded by my aunt who just learned about them some months ago. Talk about a kick in your tech ego.

  85. I live in China right now and as everyone probably knows the internet is heavily censored – Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter…it’s all banned. I have a VPN which lets me visit these sites, the only problem is my internet is soooo slow and the VPN just slows it down even more. First world problems ;)
    Back home in the UK I think the internet is fairly good, depends on whereabouts you live really (i.e. if you’re in the countryside you’re less likely to have a good internet connection than if you were in the city).

  86. Simon and Martina, I guess I’m not clear what you are referring to. Are you saying if you live in Korea and do business there online you run into problems, i.e., have a bank account with a Korean bank, etc.? The reason I’m asking is because I was there for 2 weeks in April of 2012 and traveled from Seoul to Gyenonju to Busan and then to Jeju Island and I was able to e-mail, check my American bank accounts, look at Facebook and download pictures there for my family to see. I’m pretty sure I looked at You Tube videos as well. That’s why I’m so shocked by this. I was able to do everything I normally did back in the US. What am I missing?

    • We were able to set up our bank accounts just fine, both our personal accounts and our company account, but…don’t get me started on how difficult it is to actually DO stuff with these bank accounts here. Oh lordy…

  87. Isabel Ruby

    living in japan, the only problem i’ve had with the internet [aside from the Hulu/vpn blocked site issue] has been filling out order forms. the address format in Japan is veeeeeeery different from America, and while putting in my address here is no problem [copy/paste the relevant sections ooohhhhh yeaaahhhh], it’s the same format for your credit card address. all my cards are american! they link to my home address in the US! i can’t figure out how to rearrange that into the japanese format [or if it's even acceptable]…. luckily POD is a viable option here :P

  88. Mac users in Korea? Dirty traitors, all of them!
    Also, you should do a tutorial for using VPN, and post it on the Korean version of YouTube, because @#$% da police!

  89. the internet speed in Indonesia was soooo slooooow. its sucks. i have to wait for 10 minutes buffering a 3 minutes video! and i have to wait all day (or days) for downloading movies or game (illegally *sorry* ._.) Thanks to IDM and torrent, it helps. And the internet access in Indonesia is still not evenly spread throughout the country, but if you visiting a big city or a famous tourist spot, you can access the internet if your phone signal is strong enough to access it. but not all connections here were slow, its depends on what connection you’re connect to. my college has the fastest internet in Indonesia (1mbps :v), but the file sharing sites are blocked. but in public access, you can access everything (i think), and even its blocked, theres still a way to access it. but netflix is not available yet. but you can download or watch drama or tv series from other sites. and my home connection speed is just 0.38 mbps….
    sorry for my bad english, still learn it hahaha

  90. I used to live in Germany and something that drove me insane was that you could NOT get to the US’s google site (.com). Even if you typed in Google.com you been redirected to google.de. There was no way around it. And when you used the .de it would only show German websites. Germany made it veeeerrry difficult to get to anything from America (even though they did have the German equivalent..it wasn’t the same always)
    Another thing, the German youtube was controlled by GEMA. When a new music video would come out on youtube you couldn’t watch it for weeks until GEMA reviewed the video and made sure it was appropriate.

  91. I would actually say the whole “Korean internet is very insular” comments would be accurate for China as well. As a current American expat living and working in China, there is a significant divide between the “Chinese internet” (sites which are monitored, but not restricted frequently) and the “global internet” (sites which may be blocked, censored, or restricted). It makes it incredibly difficult to do business here because most foreign companies are using sites like Google for a variety of different reasons. VPNs are not cute way to circumvent copyright laws like in the US or Europe; they’re a necessity for doing basic personal and commercial business. I just don’t understand why countries so intent on engaging with “Western” markets make it so difficult to engage in online commerce.

  92. sootyxsnowpetal

    Sounds very similar to the internet situation in China, except they actually outright block the foreign sites instead of severely crippling the internet access to them hahaha. I would say that the social media sites and phone apps they use there are arguably better than their English, global counterparts (typical “take the idea, improve on it with our stamp of approval”) except with the problem you guys mentioned for apps being in Korean – that these apps/websites are only in Chinese and not very foreigner friendly.
    Also, I don’t know about the VPN services out there, but the ones I’ve been using have been college-affiliated and while they’ve got me through to the blocked sites in China, Youtube and other video-sharing sites were still noticeably slower than video sites not blocked. Is this a common thing? I must say that it’s a bit frustrating not being able to watch the subbed videos I like watching on a normal basis.
    Having grown up with internet in the States, though, I can’t say that I have anything to complain about. Yes, Korean internet is ridiculously fast, but having never experienced it, I’m probably not going to complain about internet here. Online shopping and banking (thank you, Amazon, Ebay, Bank of America, etc) is safe and relatively simple to do, given that you do a quick look over the seller’s ratings, etc. And Amazon Prime! I’m seriously trolling my college’s email system and creating new college emails each semester to prolong my Prime access. I had friends who were impacted by the Target fraud earlier this year and their banks canceled then reissued them a new debit/credit card that they used within the week. Bank of America does a nice job with the sitekey recognition and insta-log out for idle time over 10 minutes, which is a nice feature. While I can’t say that the internet here is the best or even perfect or 100% efficient, I must say that it sounds like it isn’t nearly as bad for foreigners to come and access internet features here.
    Is free Wifi a thing in Korea? I really got spoiled from the free Wifi access in all our cafes, bookstores, libraries, schools, stores, malls, parks, etc that makes having limited data not that big of a deal. I know it’s virtually impossible to get free, working Wifi in China and in my last trip to Japan, public Wifi was only available with a password with a phone company or something, which meant no Wifi for tourists.

  93. 1) I think this just highlights just how much Korea struggles with globalization i.e. understanding that the Internet is much bigger than just Naver and Daum. And that to really compete internationally and to lure more foreign business, they are going to have to make changes to their Internet.
    2) I actually had some of my blog posts translated (initially without my permission) and then posted on a Korean fan site (initially uncredited as well) and because I don’t speak Korean, I have no way of knowing how to navigate the sight and say: hey peeps, I am flattered you want to read what I write, but realize that it’s me…and I have a blog…So it was really frustrating to have to wade through a site that I couldn’t even comment on because of all the Korean ID log in stuff etc.
    3) The Internet was originally designed to be neutral and free and easy to navigate, but then huge corporations stepped in (which is why the Active X and Internet Explorer foundations for Korean Internet happened) and basically the Internet became a giant cash cow for large corporations. And hence all the policing – large corporations and business deals trying to protect their monetary interest. I do understand Internet policing for child pornography because of the huge problem it is and its links to the human sex trafficking industry.
    4) Part of the problem with net neutrality is that the big corporations are run by an older generation that has no idea how to market the Internet. And they therefore want to try and control something that can’t really be controlled. I think that a lot of the large corporations don’t really understand the Internet and they think that by controlling things in such a tight-fisted way is actually going to get them what they want. But it won’t.
    5) I think another big problem with the Internet internationally is the DMCA. I believe that copyright is important, but I don’t think the DMCA handles it appropriately. And I think they don’t understand piracy. Sure, there is a lot of illegal DLing happening, but the question for me is why? Part of the problem is availability. A lot of these companies don’t understand international demand for their product. They just don’t understand that in this increasingly globalized world, we are not just consumers of our own domestic product and that there is a HUGE market for legal, online content availability. It’s the same with DVD region coding, which is primarily to protect box office profit. A lot of these “security measures” are outdated and are easily over-ridden. There has also been some research to show that people who pirate more are actually greater consumers that those who don’t. Please don’t misunderstand me, I believe in purchasing things legally and making sure artists etc. get their money (and I try and promote them when I see things that link to purchasing things legally), but sometimes it is actually impossible for things to be purchased legally. And that is part of the problem. With insular Internet platforms, it actually also often prohibits legal purchasing, or things like throttling Youtube which prohibit necessary exposure to an international fanbase. And then there are things like GEMA in Germany where it is illegal to watch legal Youtube videos – so you have to watch an illegal version of any Youtube video if you want to watch it. At least many more Korean labels are realizing that there is a HUGE international fanbase for Korean entertainment product, and they’ve been doing a lot more to cater to them.

    • mrmr_

      so…those companies are run by old fogeys who can’t update their internet?

      • It’s not so much not being able to update their Internet, but a complete failure to understand their market. Large cable companies are still trying to get people to subscribe instead of moving to Internet streaming. The Internet is the where it’s at. Except that when people pass legislation that choke holds the Internet, they will literally kill it. It needs to be much freer than it is.

    • Exactly right. It’s been proven before that given the chance to actually pay a reasonable amount for something legal that people actually will! But people are forced to download things illegally because those companies are not catering to an international market. It’s difficult in Australia and Korea to watch the things I want to watch but I’d be happy to pay a subscription or pay per episode to watch what I want easily and legally.

      • And that’s what I don’t get about the major corporations. It’s like they refuse to acknowledge we live in a globalized world, and that for the most part, we’re actually all decent human beings here on the Internet. Like for example, I’ve been watching Empress Ki on Hulu here in the U.S. because they’ve been showing there. I like to watch shows with nice picture quality, and while 2 minutes of ads can be annoying, I use the time to check FB or Instagram or something. Now Hulu and MBC America (who’ve been providing the subs etc.) are embroiled in some sort of argument (again) and now they’re deleting all the Empress Ki episodes from Hulu in three days. It’s like they don’t want us to use legal options. And my landlady pays for cable, but MBC America don’t seem to be broadcasting on the cable station in our area. So I am just annoyed!

  94. Ever tried TOR? (a VPN service)

  95. Ever tried TOR? (a VPN)

  96. hahaha for real omg, my HT comes into my room and wants to look something up on my computer, and she see’s Firefox up, down-icons it, and opens up Explore. And then anytime she clicks on a link, it opens a new window and…and..ughh.
    Also, when the internet guy came to set up internet in my apartment, I had opened the internet for him (Firefox), and he just sort of stared at it blankly, closed it and found Explorer and used that…
    Anytime I use youtube in a lesson, students are like “Waaaahhhh youtube!!!”
    I want to know how people watch videos here…Naver??

  97. DAMN IT!!!!!! No way am I going to get my husband to go to Korea now…NO PORN!!!! Ridiculous!

  98. Have you thought of downloading an Internet unblocker (eg Hola?) I’m guessing that would help with some of the issues you’re having (although I don’t know about restrictions)

  99. Loving the comparison with Australian Internet. Hating the fact that Australian Internet won’t improve for the next decade…

    Delayedgram – Exclusively for Australians Only.

  100. Wow, that sounds much worse that I thought it would be…Korea keep fighting! Well, at least it’s not as bad as China’s situation. Chinese internet is also very insular and hindered. Let me try my best to share what I know. The internet is slow and extremely slow outside major cities. Much like how you described the Korean internet, the Chinese use many of their own websites. Chinese don’t really use google or yahoo, they use 百度 (baidu) to do many things like yahoo answers, google maps, wikipedia, etc. Baidu will never be as good as Google in my mind, though. Baidu is like Naver. In China, parts of wikipedia are blocked, and google, youtube, google documents and drive, etc. are all blocked. They use 人人网 (renren) instead of Facebook; 微博 (weibo) instead of Twitter; and 优酷 (youku) and 土豆 (tudou) instead of youtube. All of these websites are monitored by the government. The internet in China is very in convenient and often emails are blocked and services simply don’t work. China is not exactly apple friendly either. VPN and proxy servers are another thing. Big names of VPNs are often blocked, and because the internet speed is already slow, one should best find a VPN in Asia.

    The Chinese internet also has many other restrictions. Porn is also illegal in China. And I just found out in order to prevent online gaming addiction in children, China’s government like a strict parent has a law in which children cannot use internet games during the night so that they will sleep. Interestingly enough, I have friend who is a visiting scholar to the US from China, and she told me today now her children often complain because they cannot use Chinese online games during the day because they are blocked during the night in China, which is the day in the US. (The Irony!) They don’t speak the best English, besides being more used to Chinese games.

    However, in contrast to China. Hong Kong and Taiwan can use google, Facebook, and youtube, etc. Taiwan and Hong Kong also boast very fast internet, well, at least in comparison to the US and Canada. I find that my friends from Taiwan use Facebook more than most Americans. They find it strange that some Americans don’t have Facebook; in fact, many of my friends, when they met me, almost asked for my Facebook even before even asking my name. They love to post almost everything and anything, often posting pictures of food and/or scenery daily if not more often. Taiwanese love to eat! I also recently read an article that Taiwan has a country with one of the highest penetrations in the world. Everyone has Facebook!

    • oh! thats what youku and todou are??
      i used to stream movies on those websites and never knew like..what exactly i was on. lol just that it was chinese and had all the movies i wanted to watch >_<

  101. Awww Simon I am so sorry about your Final Fantasy XIV sad =[ Is all console to internet gaming like that blocked? I though Korea was really big for internet games like Diabolo? And Martina I love your GDragon hair <3

  102. I remember trying to register on Cyworld a while ago and I totally get the ActiveX issue! hahahaha

    When Martina mentioned Simon’s new hair, I instantly remembered a few foreign bloggers who live/lived in Korea talking about how hard it is to find hairdressers who actually do what you ask them to do to your hair. How do you two keep such cool hairstyles there?

  103. when i clicked on this video, i thought “i live in korea! but i have no idea what they’re talking about!!! WAT??”
    but as i watched i was like “ohhhhhhhhhh yes. thats very true.”
    i never realized this never happened anyplace else O_O

  104. So how do Korean people get their porn fix?

  105. I fix computers for a veterinary center in the US. We’ve recently discovered 200+ computers still secretly running XP that no one bothered to tell the Tech department about – because they’re so computer illiterate. Now it’s a mad scramble. It sucks. Worst of all is that some of our vet-specific utilities – we’re talking giant microscopes etc. that goes thousands of dollars – only run on XP. What now? There’s nothing we can do if 1. people aren’t making products for the newer systems and 2. the people upstairs refuse to pay to upgrade. -shrug-

    Internet Explorer 6 and 7 are literally some of the worst browsers ever security-wise. Adding activeX doesn’t do much to stop the problem, especially when you consider how long activeX has been out… to be honest, I’m surprised it took this long for someone to steal everyone’s info, and the fact that it’s 40% of the population does not surprise me either. ActiveX as a security measure, I’m sorry to say, is kind of a joke. I know of it mostly for media files, not for security measures. Honestly, anything can and will be hacked given enough time, which is why the main line of defense is to constantly update it – which apparently Korea has not been doing. I wouldn’t be surprised if the hacker did this out of spite or as a means to get attention to the internet problem. 40% of the population is ridiculous. If they did do it to steal, they only need to take like $10 from each person and skip every poor one and they’d be set for life. In that way, I guess it’s better that it’s half the population. Maybe you guys can rest easy xDD

    Activex seems to be just another way to try and force Koreans to use only Korean products. Instead of banning other computers, simply make them so hard to use you’d be insane not to buy something from one of Korea’s tech companies. That approach is definitely going to backfire, though. It already is. It stifles growth, and you’re never going to stop people from getting their hands on what they want. Korea seems to want to keep its money funneling back into Korean companies, but that’s just not what’s going to happen… and it has the unfortunate effect of preventing those companies from going international as easily and expanding Korea’s trade opportunities and consumer base. Hm.

  106. This sucks so much. Korea can go really over the top sometimes…

  107. I can’t say a thing about the korean internet, but korean websites are not always easy to figure out when you don’t read korean (compared to japanese websites, which are usually full of little symbols and logos to help you understand). Some korean blogs, you can’t highlight part of the text to do the good ol’ copy-paste trick with Google Translate or just google the word or the address (korean traveling blogs are the best… so many pictures!).

  108. Hi I am going to Seoul in July and I wondering if I would be able to use my laptop there or what I what have to do if i wanted to use it there.

  109. I can’t imagine my life as the tech rep for my family if I had ActiveX on top of what’s going on already. I am however seeing some random ActiveX things here in the US as well. We’ve had to update our software several times both on the PC and before my Mac got a bath in coffee. My step-dad already threw a computer out a window (that is not hyperbole, he launched it out a window) he’d go into a homicidal rage if he had those issues as well.
    As for the form issues, I wonder how long it will be before they get with the program? I’d like to think that with enough customer complaints, things will be changed.
    I play League of Legends and I know for a fact it’s available on an Asian server and played in Korea. (Heechul plays if you’re curious and I think A-Pink and EXO both have members that play) I wonder if there’s some sort of cut-off for age that allows that to happen or if they just shut off the server access. Anyone know??

  110. I don’t know anything about the internet here, just know that my parents have internet through the cable company (Charter) and thats it. Im not much of a computer nerd or anything but I know the basic stuff about computers and yeah that is where my computer terminology ends. But I do know that going through the cable company is faster than going through the phone company. We have smart phones and IPhones and Androids here I have an Android but don’t have the internet on it since I only use my cell for calling and texting. We have porn here too, but Im sure you have to pay for it and its restricted, but Im sure somehow, someway people can hack into it and watch it here. XD you can watch porn on your extended cable tv channels here, (disgusting by the way). But anywho, just wanted to mention that I just sent a care package to Simon and Martina so please watch for it, it should be in an UGG Australia box. Even though Im from the USA i’m sending it in an Australia box lol I got some UGG boots for the next winter even though I already had to break them in here not too long ago. Oh also still wondering about the FireFighters there in South Korea.

  111. Question: You mentioned that Korea really doesnt have access to YouTube and if so its super slowwwwww….Is that on purpose because I know KBS tv has jumped onto the YouTube sensation and uploading all sorts of tv/drama and of course not just KBS but do koreans not actively know or go to youtube? and what about Google…I am a google maniac!!

  112. Well, well, well. It seemes, the most technologically advanced country has mayor flaws in it’s internet systems. FInaly i can boast about the amazing IT related stuff going on in my country! Estonia is one of the many technologically advanced countries in the world, why is that? Because our online banking is the safest there is, you can even connect to your bank trough your phone, all you need is a banking card and a code card, which is used to log in to your private account. Also you can load money to your buss(train, tramm, trolley) card trough internet, the payment is simple and the money loads on to your card in a second. You can also pay your taxes, pay for buss tickets, sign contracts and peptitions and have your driving papers solely on your id card. Even foreigners will be able to get themselves non permanent Estonian ID cards, if they come to live here for a year, and other countries bank cards will work in our systems. Our internet is also pretty fast, and 4G internet conection is to die for.

    If that isn’t awesome enough, you can open up a business in mere minutes and gain sponsors, on the internet! Estonia is tought to be the new Silicon Valley thanks to our many invention based businesses. When all in all Estonia is a pretty bleak and dull country, we pride ourselves in our technologically advancments.

    But our fridges are in the stone age. Like the rest of World.

    • Our 4G service is horrible because if you’re lucky you can get in really large cities and on top of that you need a 4G ready phone and only very few people have one because for example the 4G phones from Samsung cost 100€ more than the non-4G phones and that is a load. But we can also pay for train and bus tickets over our bank account (over phone) in some cases. I can’t because I live in a small city. (I’m from Germany)

  113. I live in Germany and the internet isn’t as restricted as the internet in south korea. BUT we have many laws like GEMA and because of that I can’t watch any “official music video” or any audio track on YouTube and other popular sites (for example Grooveshark) except they are speeded up (which sounds horrible) or I have to use a VPN (which I always do because I’m a music freak). While I was in France for two weeks (because of an exchange programm) I was really happy I could listen to music all day long without any restrictions and that saved my life because I haven’t had any music on my laptop. Also Pandora radio (due to GEMA), Netflix (no services in Germany) and parts of Viki (k-drama fans will know ;) ) aren’t available here so that makes me really sad.

  114. C. Snoopy

    I live in the States and well my internet is okay. Its not fast and its no slow. I’m from California and I use Time Warner Cable internet, the speed is good, its just that it is always disconnecting!! Especially from my computer..I have a lenovo latptop and my roommates have dell and asus and every time the internet is disconnecting me, mine is the only computer thats having problems..I dont know why this happens but it makes me sad T.T

  115. Missouri, USA. Internet here has been speeding up amazingly fast..So speed wise its not an issue plus rocking the internet through my phone is just as fast as if I am home..I do use security software that sounds the alarm for any website that can harm me..I have Windows 8 and I use Kapersky security…..but it is the internet so there is always security risks from all those nerdy hackers… Mainly identity theft is huge in the area with people stealing or making fraudulent credit cards / debit cards..they have machines and tricky tape on the gas pump atms that copy your cards and they remake and reuse….and the next thing you know (if you arent checking your banking every 10mins) a huge $2000.00 bill from Best Buy from like 2 states away…OMG!..Banks have said that its mainly the fault of the stores and the cashiers they do not ask for ID..so any tom dick or harry can swipe a card and they don’t ask!!!

  116. LongClawTiger

    I can understand the slow down of international sites in order to promote the local guy. That happens in many parts of the US as well. But the security stuff and lack of cross platform programs is ridiculous. Two possibilities, cheap companies or lazy programmers telling their bosses it can’t be done when they know darn well it can be. Probably both.

    As for speeds here, it depends on the part of town you are in. If you live anywhere close to the University, your speeds are going to suck. Too many people trying to use all the bandwidth and the ISPs are too cheap to do any serious upgrades. If you live on the edge of town, again slow speeds because the ISPs are too cheap to build any real infrastructure out there. If you live somewhere in between, WHEEEEEEEE! High speed internet and everything works.

  117. I’m from Germany and normally it’s no problem to quickly open a YouTube video. However, due to copyright infringement a lot of official music videos now are blocked… :(

  118. Interesting video ! Now let’s go play some FFXIV !

  119. I’m from the US and I had my info leaked in the Target Hack. They had to pay for 1 year of ID theft protection for everyone affected. That is standard. We regularly have our info hacked/leaked in the US, I have encountered this problem at least 3 times in the past 8 years. Personally, I don’t worry about it too much and just keep an eye on my accounts, and re-order credit cards when necessary. You can also obtain a credit report once per year for free here.

    BTW I have Fiber Optic internet 75/35mbps so its pretty damn fast.

    There is a definite dichotomy for site savviness here. The government websites/hardware tends to be older while the private sector tends to be more up-to-date. However, if you hack the government they will HUNT YOU DOWN, whereas the private sector takes longer (even with FBI help).

  120. Cyber_3

    Well, I live in Canada but I am one of the fortunate few that is with a local telecommunications co-op, never sold to Bell. The ISP office is 3 houses away from me and even on DSL I can stream pretty much anything in 720HD while surfing and with mild torrenting in the background. I rarely have buffering or whatnot unless I get too greedy and open (I’m not kidding) over 50 tabs in firefox. Then I just open another firefox window and it’s all fine again. They’ve installed fibre to my front yard and will be hooking up to the house in the spring, I can’t imagine what to even do with faster service…….heh. Over March break I was in TO at my sister’s using their wifi on my phone just for weather and man…….sooooooooo slow, and my brother in law is an ipad developper, I would go mad at those speeds.

    As for IT at banks, I can speak to that some, though my experience isn’t super recent. I actually was the main person involved with the internet banking security at a major bank when this stuff was fresh. That bank had an entire floor of people dedicated to security for all banking technologies. I can tell you that (at least in Canada) that the internet banking is pretty damned secure from hacking. Hacking. I’m going to say that again: from hacking. What people don’t realize is that when it comes to bank security, hacking is the LEAST of your worries. There are so so so so soooooooo many other ways of getting the information or access that are waaaayyyyyyy easier than hacking. Seriously, most bank fraud is internal and you will never hear about it in the news, they just suck up the monetary losses rather than the reputation loss. Also, a lot of banking information is obtained through “social engineering”, rather than hacking. Besides being lazy, people are actually embarrassed to look like their don’t trust a potential partner so they leave their passwords, phones, and computers way too open to being accessed. Even if the Active-X is riddled with security holes, chances are that this Korean “hacked” data was obtained by a person getting access to a computer they should have access to, or someone bringing work home that was lazy about a keydrive that ended with the data being stolen. It just sounds cool (and more secure) to say it was “hackers”. If you’ve watched season 3 of Sherlock, you know that security access is easy to obtain if you are charming.

    To give you an example: Which is easier to illegally access: someone’s password that is required to be “smart” that will lock up on you after 3 failed tries or a 4-digit phone code that you can try infinite times until you get it right?
    Another example: Which is easier to illegally access: an encrypted tunnel that has a key code that changes every 4 seconds which a code so big that it would take you 5 days of 5 rooms of computers to crack, or casually borrowing someone’s phone and using their “saved” passwords? (never EVAR save your passwords to your computer or phone!!!!)

    Now some banks are thinking of getting people to tie an e-mail address to their online banking access (likely for meta data gathering and advertising – not for security as they say) – I say: “Are you freaking kidding me?!!!!!!” E-mail is insecure (unless you encrypt it, which the banks won’t) and your account is much more vulnerable to interception, open to viewing at your ISP or through a good sniffer or war drive if your wifi is open, virus attacks, and password breaking, why open this security hole? If my bank enforces this e-mail association, I am disabling my online banking, even if I have to move my account to another bank. Just something for you Nasties to watch out for.

    This was a great TL;DR, I had no idea of the hoops you had to jump through for the internet transactions that I take for granted are point and click. Why was the shot size/perspective so jumpy this time? Were you trying to fit hand gestures in? It was very distracting. While I know that it is edited for errors, I like that TL;DR is a one-shot thing ;) because it makes it easier to focus on you and your words, rather than the background. By the way, why don’t you put in the animated Spudgy any more? Guess when he would appear was always a fun part of these videos for me. My son really loved him too, he didn’t really get the “humping part”, he just thought it was cute. When I watch older TL;DRs, I always realize that he has been missing for a year or so…..so sad……

  121. Half of youtube is blocked in Germany because this music rights mafia called GEMA seems to own the rights to every piece of music out there and they make Youtube block anything that is suspected of having any of “their” music in it. Internet speed varies extremly depending on where you live and whether the 21st century has arrived in your corner of the country but it’s generally ok. There is no Netflix, but that is not Germany’s fault and I heard that it might change soon. I’m still glad I emigrated :P

  122. I use this program called the Hola unblocker and it basically tricks sites into thinking you’re from a different country, so I get British netflix in the US. I’m not sure if it works against Korean blocks, but it is pretty awesome.

  123. I heard that there was free wifi pretty much everywhere in Seoul.. however when I visited Korea my phone wouldn’t connect to the wifi around the city :( My friends told me it was because I had a foreign phone.. It was slightly depressing :((((

  124. Do not trust Internet Explorer in the UK, far too slow. Google Chrome is the only one that’s that decent. Depends also on the type of computer evidently… Otherwise online shopping etc generally fine, just don’t trust Halifax and co as regards actually getting money out of your account or doing various transactions. Every now and then it decides it won’t let you…

  125. what if i moved to korea and brought my own laptop (pc windows 8), with my own word and stuff?

  126. Yehet ^^ I have been forever immortalized in this video XDDD My YouTube name is seriously better tho lol~ (Zelle13 Forever9 OT12 Hallyu~ hehehe) This is copied from my YT comment just in case anyone wants to discuss on Disqus (OHORAT XD) or can answer my question at the end ^^
    But ugh can I just complain a bit more about the Philippines? Internet speed sucks here. My plan is 3mbps which is already considered quite fast and cheap as it costs about 25USD a month for unli access, but faster speeds will either come with a 15gb or 35gb monthly cap (and you pay ridiculous amounts if you surpass that) or it’ll be insaaaaaaaaanely expensive for a Philippine lifestyle (which is cheap xp) I think it’s also more expensive compared to other countries’ internet providers with the same speed. 10mbps unli is almost 100USD a month while 100mbps is around 400USD. They come with free HD digital cable subscriptions (not many channels below 55mbps tho), but does that make it worth it? I dunno.. We also don’t have Hulu or Netflix or any of that goodness. But at least we don’t have to download a whole bunch of crapware for “safe” online banking…
    Is it also true that wifi is free everywhere in Seoul? I’ve heard it from some people, just never knew to what scale it’s true, or if it even is lol

  127. Here in Turkey, prime minister blocked twitter because people were not talking good stuff about them. President just said that they were going to block it,and by the end of the night, it got blocked. But people got so frustrated about it, the next day tweeting broke the daily record. It was pretty hilarious no one cared about twitter is being blocked. Even the president tweeted stuff that day(supossedly illegal)
    My parents opened up twitter accounts a few days ago to see ‘what is with this twitter’
    So that is how blocking works in this country, it doesnt work lol.

    • Oh man, I keep hearing more and more about this. Today I guess they went and systematically attempted to block Youtube to prevent the spread of the corruption recordings. Though it seemed it was still taking the ISPs time to ban the site, so obviously everyone could still connect, and by now there are probably enough people who know how to use a VPN client.

      • Yeah they blocked youtube today. There are a lot people who knows how to use a VPN, people just cant leave their habits. I still can connect to youtube. So there is no major blocking i think. I hope it all ends this sunday when the elections are over, its a mess here right now, they are even closing the major tv channels.

    • My coworker told me about this few days ago. Funny how people are not going crazy over it. In US, when govt introduced a bill to censor stuff (SOPA/PIPA) and entire internet blew up. It never passed.

      And now, corporations are threatening free and open internet… Funny how things work here in America. It’s not the govt but corporations that does what governments do in other countries.

  128. I live at Latvia and we are 4th fastest! We can access most of stuff, but some USA sites are not avaliable here and some youtube videos are not allowed here~!

  129. First post here! I just had to since internet in Korea is such a disaster. (As for my background I live in the states, my parents live in Korea)
    ActiveX is such a problem in Korea it has pretty much discouraged me from a lot of online shopping / banking in Korea entirely. Compared to the States where I live and die by Amazon.com transactions, I simply cannot forgive Korea’s unintuitiveness when it comes to online transactions. Not only that, the fact that you need your 주민등록번호 (Korean Registration Number) to make an email account is rather ridiculous.
    A lot of issues you talked about, ActiveX, slow Youtube, censoring etc., are the result of the big internet conglomerates controlling internet traffic, content, and lobbying for policies in Korea. For a country that so openly boasts about how tech-savvy we are and how fast our internet is, it is such a shame how restrictive it is. No wonder talented companies like Nexon have jumped ship and now are headquartered in Japan.

    Funny thing about .hwp files. Apparently Hangul was better than MS Word back in the day, but they had some financial troubles and were bought by MS. They were able to crowd-fund their company out of MS in a year or so, but by then MS Word had taken all of Hangul’s technologies. I can’t comment too much on Hangul since I don’t work in Korea, but my impression is that MS Word had been terrible in supporting the Korean language (like Spell-check), so people preferred Hangul as a document-editor tool (also as you probably know – in Korea if your superior is using certain software, you better just use what he’s using).

    Oh. And I’m pretty sure most of the hackings are done by the Chinese. At least – that’s how it’s usually reported.

  130. Your broken internet TL;DR broke my internet. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

  131. The only problem that I had in Korea when I visited 9 months ago is that there was almost NO places where they offered free wifi! I brought my phone with me (without the SIM) so that I could still access the internet, but I had trouble finding places where I could use the internet, save for a relative’s house or the few cafes that had free wifi


  132. I live in the US and I’ve never run into a site or service that was blocked. :/ I mean yeah, sometimes my Malware Bytes software comes up all LOL NO THIS WEBSITE IS BLOCKED FOR YOUR SECURITY and I’m like, heh thanks but you’re blocking GOOGLE. -_- Or sometimes Youtube blocks videos that ‘aren’t available in your country’ and that can be gotten around with a proxy of whatever country the video is in. XD

    Our internet is pretty fast, though I don’t know HOW fast Korea’s actually is, in order to compare. We have Comcast’s highest speed internet they have, though I don’t remember what it’s called. Whenever it goes the tiniest bit slow, everyone in the house flips out. We’re all serious netizens here. XD

    Our home internet is awesome, but a couple years ago when we stayed in Florida at a resort, the wifi was HORRIBLE. It barely connected and felt like it was back to the ages of dial up. ‘GET OFF THE INTERNET, I WANNA USE THE PHONE!’ *Waves cane menacingly* Or whenever we travel and stay at hotels, their wifi is usually horrible too. That seems to be the case for anywhere that offers free wifi. Around here, we have a lot of fast food places like McDonald’s, Burger King and Chik-Fil-A that offer free wifi. So you can internets while you stuff your face! :D

    • Mariam Watt

      I think we in the USA are blissfully ignorant of how fast internet can potentially be. Which is great- I think we are happier that way. I mean, at least no more dial-up?

  133. There are a crapload of things that are blocked here, including things like AsianFanfics and Tumblr (though I’m not sure if it’s the country or the specific wifi company that’s blocking them).
    I avoid dealing with that by changing my IP address whenever I want to go on those sites through a program called HotSpot Shield. So if you want to play Final Fantasy and do all the other stuff, you can through that program.

  134. In N.Ireland, we don’t have the fastest internet speed, but in 2006 we were the first country in Europe to have 100% Broadband coverage *woo* *internets party*

    Your online banking sounds like a nightmare! I literally went to my bank and said “I want online banking” and they were like “Okay, put your card in the machine.” *5 seconds later* “Done! We’ll post your login details this week.” And that was it! My Bank (Santander) were super quick to report any unusual activity – I paid for something from Rakuten in Japan and they sent me a letter being like: “ZOMG THERE WAS A CREDIT CARD FEE TRANSACTION IN ROPPONGI – WAS THIS YOU?” and I was like “Yep.” and they were like “Oh, okay.” Internet shopping (Y)

    I don’t think any sites here are blocked – except all the good ones we used to watch movies which were shut down and then the entire internet were up in arms over censorship laws, but I found new sites so, it’s all good :3

  135. So you guys said that you can’t watch Korean dramas in Korea because of the internet ㅇ_ㅇ….what exactly do you mean? You can’t stream it or you can’t download it?

    • I’m assuming both which makes sense since they need viewers so they want people to watch it on TV.

    • In SK, sites like dramafever is blocked and netflix does not do business in SK. To watch any Korean program in SK on internet, you have to visit the official site for it. Problem is, to access those, you need alien registration number, which you cannot get it as a short term tourist! (Long term legal aliens like English teachers can get alien registration number so that’s not a problem, but then you still have to pay for it.)

      • So let’s say I have an alien registration number and attempt to use these sites will they have english subs? That’s the whole reason for watching it on other sites but if they won’t let me watch it with english subs what’s the point? I can barely understand what they say :(

    • probably because the main subbing sites (viki, dramafever) don’t have licenses for SK. When I was in Korea, I was able to watch on other sites easily enough.

  136. I’ve been curious since that time you went to Japan, guys. If porn is blocked, how do Koreans still watch it?
    Do they rent it on DVDs? LOL Seriously, how can you get porn if you live in Korea?

  137. Just use hotspot shield and have fun :D unblocks everything

  138. Here in dubai, our home broadband’s download speed is usually from 8mbps up to 100mbps. We have a lot of blocked sites especially PORN sites. Communications through VOIP was banned before, like yahoo messenger, skype, line, whatsapp & kakaotalk. You cant open their websites. But security is pretty lax because you can still use it if you have in on your phone.

    Facetime is also banned here. When you buy an iPhone here, facetime is not installed.

    torrent sites are also banned, but it depends on your ISP.

  139. I think I read somewhere that the banks were actually hacked by Chinese hackers

  140. I live in Florida and the only real issues I have is the fact that DSL is pretty much the only thing you can get around most places. I’m lucky that my father lives in a fiber optic zone, but when I go anywhere else, I practically start rioting with the slow speeds XD

    • Mariam Watt

      I’m in Miami and the only option is cable modem- (is that the same thing? all I know is that I don’t have a phone jack and the router runs off the little metal screw that I associate with the TV). Comcast is the scourge of my existence.

      • Not the same thing, but I’ve heard people with similar experiences. Cable Internet is moderately better than DSL (the speeds are faster and the connection is more stable), but if you want the good good, you better be prepared to sell your first born child. And sweetie, I don’t even have Comcast, and I wouldn’t be sad if they suddenly closed or got bought up >_>

  141. NO PORN?

    Does this mean that there are Korean men that don’t watch porn?

    • If they don’t have a VPN, they download it rather than streaming it, like most non-Korean people do these days. That’s why you hear about K-pop idols joking about their strangely named folders on their computers that are actually full of porn.

  142. discombobulated, yes?

    In America, internet is extremely expensive. EXTREMELY. The speed is fine, it’s not lightning quick but I don’t have a problem with that. What I do have a problem with is that my server keeps kicking me off of wifi for absolutely no reason(?)
    In India, for our server you had to pay extra if you used up too many somethings(?) in a certain amount of time. Really annoying.

  143. the only problem that I’ve had with the internet at my school is that you can’t use snapchat anymore! it used to work and then we came back from spring break and nope! not any more :((

  144. NO PORN?

  145. Damn my internet seems like the holy grail compaired to koreas even though now whenever I sign into youtube it takes what seems like forever to load but I’m pretty sure it’s faster than korea’s.

  146. Mariam Watt

    American internet- I’ve never had blazing speed, so I don’t know what I’m missing, and I’m OK with the speed I’ve got. What I’m not OK with is the PRICE! It is insanely expensive here. And since most cities are monopolized by just one or mayyyybe 2 cable companies that sell internet, it’s really hard to find alternatives. You just have to suck it up and pay through the nose for so-so speeds and no net neutrality.

    • How expensive is it? I mean, (this is a rough equivalent in $ btw) I have a pre-paid phone and I get unlimited internet and texting for $19 a month, I think our Internet and phone costs $30 a month. Or is that expensive and I just think it’s reasonable? o.O

  147. Not-Really-Normal^__~

    I live in a REALLY rural area in Maine and our internet is so extremely slow that we can barley do anything on it. Even in my small school where we need the internet to do much of our work we have to reboot it a few times everyday and it’s still really slow.

  148. Holy Blue Jesus. Guys, I think you have seriously saved my life when you mentioned that ActiveX thing.
    Long story short, today I went into a website called UWay to finish my application to a Korean University, but when I entered my card information to pay the fee, a screen popped up. In English it said ActiveX followed by a bunch of Korean. While I could read the words, I didn’t understand what they meant and translators were no help at all. After three hours of trying every possible way to pay my fee, I gave up and decided to see today’s TLDR. What do you know? KOREA’S BROKEN INTERNET~! Yay! Lol
    Anyway, Thank you guys so flipping much for doing this. Hopefully I can install ActiveX and pay my friggin fee!!! You two saved my life (and mood) with this!
    I love you. O.O

    • Good luck with your application!

      • Thanks Sachimi! :)
        I applied for the spring term last time but because I was home schooled and graduated before I should have, the transcripts looked weird and I didn’t get accepted T^T

        But this time, I got the transcripts from the people who administered the test and they gave me a certified copy of my award to send in. HOPEFULLY, I’ll be getting accepted this time! Lol

        • That’s great! I would have graduated before my time if I had been allowed to. I would have loved to go to university outside the States. Again, good luck!

  149. Lindsey Miller

    I’ve run into so many of these problems. I still haven’t figured out how to get my online banking account onto my phone app for NH bank. Also it seems to be some sort of archaic idea that all that active x programs you have to download for your online banking plus the security programs somehow makes it safer then say online banking in the U.S. . I explained the online banking system in the U.S. to a couple Koreans, they so far believe that the extra security programs make online making safer then in the U.S. Even though Internet Explorer 6 probably has some of the most security holes in it, ever. Also those certificates you need to start online banking, GAH.

    Also Korean Taxi Drivers seriously need to update their GPSs, currently I live in Jochiwon which recently has been absorbed into the new special area – Sejong City. And I will tell you the Taxi Drivers can’t identify half of the addresses in their GPSs, they just don’t show up, according to their GPSs Jochiwon is still a barren wasteland. I understand that Jochiwon has been built up almost entirely within 10 years but please – updates.

    In regards to Dominos, Dominos addresses also have a huge problem, For instance my friend who lives down the street from me can get Dominos delivered to them but I can’t get it delivered to my building. They tell me its because I’m not on my route, even though I’m down the street. This is because when you go online to order or order online you have to enter your zip? code first and then it looks up the address for you. Why can’t I just type it in D: Also why don’t online food ordering places like Dominos here accept Debit Cards? Why only Korean credit cards? Probably to help out more Korean businesses?

    Finally Korean websites in themselves are confusing and most of the times not very foreigner friendly. Their layouts are full and cluttered. Using the Korean Gmarket took me a bit to figure out, and I still haven’t figured out Aladdin quite yet for buying books I’m interested in.

    My google maps app on my phone kinda works here? I used it to find the Eat your Kimchi Studio during the open house shop a few months ago. It worked but it was about a block away from where it actually was. I had to wander a bit haha.

    I had to add this, but since I started teaching in Korea I will say the Hangul word press .hwp files are my true enemy. Especially when I have to work on documents for my school at home, I constantly have to save into different formats to switch between my work and home computers. I thought about downloading it but…nahhhh

    VPNs are my best friend here in Korea.

    • I urge you to do your banking any place other than NH. They have terrible history of security breaches, which includes being the Korean side virus vector that caused Korean Internet shut down about a year ago. Its nickname is “hacking bank” and it even has a page dedicated to it troubles here(it’s in Korean, maybe you can have your friend read it for you):


      • Talking about insularity, I live in a country town, and you can only find NH bank here everywhere (maybe there’s one other non-NH bank but it isn’t common), just because it’s the farmer co-op bank and being in a farming town, that’s all you get. I can go on forever and ever about how silly internet banking here is and the ever annoying Active X software. When the one time I did profess I’m an IE hater because of all the silly things I need to install, all my Korean colleagues talk in fear about ‘phishing’ and hacking and stuff.

        I’m an Australian and we may have very slow internet, but I have no qualm to say at least back home, I’ve never gotten told that my details were compromised (twice, the bank thing and the KT thing) via online, that is. When I showed my colleague that how simple internet banking is at home, they were shocked by the simplicity. Nor they can believe that our internet shopping (I love my ASOS and bookdepository) were that simple. It’s their reaction to how simple things can be and still be safe was priceless. It looks to me that they had this security (and certain pride) that their internet banking and shopping were heaps safer than say in Australia simply because there’re more complicated steps in their banking or accessing a certain website.

        I admit that I’m a Google addict, despite me being fluent in Korean, I still refuse to use Daum maps. I know Google maps isn’t as great here, but I’m still using it for public transport guide (but you have to type in Korean to get it to work) simply because Google is a whole lot more user intuitive than Daum and Naver ever will. I’ve even downloaded an IE extension for Google just so I can access work-related stuff. I’m not going click on the blue E symbol on my desktop ever!!

        Thank you for even reading my rant.

        • Hey, I’m a bank employee in Australia, and I feel really happy from your comment. I recently did the MasterCard pay tag project and now users can just pay via contact less NFC. Our bank is also moving to MS Windows 8.1 in middle of this year… Apparently being first in the world so… Maybe all banks are a bit slow…

          I don’t mean just banks, I ordered pizza tonight from dominos and it’s so easy and amazing… There’s even a live update clock that tracks ur pizza delivery… And custom pizzassss yummy

  150. I thought I hated my moody internet but now I love it

    It’s fast when it wants to be but then it decides to not even load the page
    I wouldn’t trade it though since it lets me do what I want to do when I want to

    Funny story my friend tried downloading a movie once and got a letter in the mail saying if she did it again she would get arrested

  151. Here in germany my parents have pretty fast internet, they live more or less in the countryside.
    I live in a big city and my internetspeed sucks greatly.
    There aren’t any bans except for some websites when they’ve done something illegal.
    But on YouTube I can’t watch a lot of videos, for example on SM’s YouTube Channel,
    they just give me an error message ‘No, this video is not available in your country!’
    Apparently because germany didn’t sign a contract or something to pay the artists.

  152. I’m not living in Korea but I still manage to have issues with the Korean Internet. xD
    Ever tried ordering flight tickets from Asiana online via their English website? Yeah, it’s English, but the site is still based in Korea, so all the Korean security rules apply. I worked on it for like 2 hours to even GET to the Payment-Page (I also have to mention that the pop-ups that tell you what to do are in Korean. Very clever Asiana, very clever, foreigners will totally understand. You’re lucky I do understand some Korean). Like, it killed off my computer (I had the blue screen of death) and then I resorted to calling the German ticket office but the number on the website wasn’t even correct (I resorted calling their airport staff and the man was very confused cause the number for the ticket office they had was different).

    So after 2 hours I finally get onto the payment page with Internet Explorer…….. and then the page keeps rejecting my credit card…
    Another hour of frustration, then I downloaded some plug-in for Google Chrome and I was finally able to pay. Like seriously, I just wanted a goddamn flight ticket… KOREA!!

    As for issues I have in my country…. more than half of all Youtube videos are blocked in Germany. Why’s that? Because Google and the German federal institution that is responsible for protecting artists’ rights cannot reach an agreement. Here, if you want to publicly broadcast copyrighted music, you have to pay a fee to that institution. Youtube used to have a special contract with them, but when it ran out in 2009, after Google had bought Youtube, Google was like “We ain’t paying that, it’s not our fault that our users upload copyrighted material.” So now, basically every music video on any official channel of any artist (including the official channels of most Kpop-Agencies) is blocked in Germany. Cause you know, Youtube makes money with the things official channels upload. And if that video has copyrighted music in it then Youtube would have to pay for it – it’s public broadcasting and they make money. They don’t even care that it’s the copyright holder who personally uploads it.

    So yeah if you want to watch Kpop-MVs or anything like that in Germany, you have to either wait for someone to reupload it (reuploads on private channels work… oddly enough. Doesn’t make any sense to me), or you have to use a proxy-plugin to unblock the videos. :/

  153. Super weird. I don’t think I’d like to live without Google, hulu, and netflix. And I don’t like the idea of being blocked from sites. Interestingly, that makes me way less interested in spending any long amount of time in Korea. You shouldn’t have to install security software to online bank. That’s just poppycock. They need to get on their game.

  154. Simon… Why did you do this to me? To us, to the nasties?! You forgot THE best reference in the whole world! It’s just absurd, unbelievable, and in the very least making me uncomfortable in soooooo many places! And, before Martina comes to murder me, I’M STILL A CHILD, YOU WOULD GET ARRESTED IN SOOOOOO MANY WAYS. (P.S you’re my ultimate bias)

    BACK TO THE SUBJECT. *clears throat*

    I really didn’t want to admit it at first, but I’m sorry, it’s undeniable. How could you forget I lost my pants? How can you, litterally, write this; “loooooose their miiiinds?” Without realizing the crime you committed? Before you start defending yourself, sure, it was ‘I lost my pants’ originally, but in the song they acctually say ‘I lost my mind’!!!!

    Martina noona, fellow V.I.P, Key fan, and nicknamed ducky, please beat some sanity into him. Or dye his hair blue so Spudgy hyung can have his revenge once again. Offering him to Meemers as a personal scratchy climb to the top thingy (totally the right term) is an option. A simple solution is to throw him out of the house, leaving him all alone with the yellow dust.

    P.S I as a fellow exotic also have to thank Fangurilla for showing me how to be proud of myself and have more confidence, you are the best.

    P.S again. You know when you were in Sweden on IKEA? I acctually saw you, but didn’t have the guts to say hi. Though I did shout ‘Eatyourkimchi for life’ but in Swedish..

    P.S again again. (too lazy to google what it’s acctually called) Sorry for my crappy English, I just started learning it two years ago so bare with me. And sorry if I was to comfortable with honorifics, it just didn’t feel right to wrtote it any other way, and the ones I should use, oppa and unnie are too…. Ugh…


  155. Alexandria ^^

    I’ve never had a problem with Australia’s Internet speeds but that’s only because I’m used to that level :P. My computer is getting old though so when it’s gone in for repairs or to be cleaned out, it would come back and the Internet and everything was so fast! It was awesome. I know some companies are better than others in regards to plans and general connection issues and stuff though.

    We used to be with Bigpond/Telestra when I first got Internet. Don’t remember the details but I remember 10 episodes of Bleach and a bit of YouTube was enough to reach the plan limit and slow my Internet down, then we’d get charged extra at certain MB intervals over that limit, a couple of times the bill was up around $1000 which was absolutely ridiculous. Now with Optus the Internet is unlimited, has wifi, we get free local and national landline calls, and despite being on the Internet WAY MORE now, the bill is only like $115~

    Sometimes the Internet cuts out but turning the modem off then back on solves that every time. ^^

  156. Quang Le

    Well, I live in the states in the beautiful paradise that is Southern California.

    Our internet isn’t Korean fast but it’s pretty decent and it has no restrictions! Then again, ours come from people who barge into your rooms.

  157. i actually dont really have any complains about internet here in singapore. granted its not super fast, but still fast enough to watch youtube with no buffering, load websites quickly and i have yet to come across a website that was banned here. banking here is all web or app based, no extra charges. the security for banking here uses a token issued by the bank (a physical device that u have to collect from the bank) and it issues u a new set of security numbers when u need to log in.

  158. Ash3070

    Actually, my mum works in a bank in the business side of things. The business website side of the bank is set up in a way that you can only use internet explorer. If they tried to update it, it’d apparently take months and they’d lose millions. I’m from Ireland btw :) x x x

  159. ok so i have skt too and got my cell last november. I recently actually moved to a new job and place. An old coworker moved into my old apartment and got my mail from skt and told me to update address. He thought it was a bill but now im sure it was that letter you got.

    So what should i do? Should i even update my info with skt? Should i change banks?? ahhhh help! Simon, Martina what are you guys doing about it?

  160. The whole hack thing… eugh… I hate when such things happen. We had an incident like that several months back, except the hackers didn’t enter our benks, they came to the majority of the city’s health documents…

    OK, I know what you think, that’s not so bad now is it? WRONG. Shortly before this occured, our local newspaper (95% or so of Swedish newspapers are local, we don’t really have national newspapers), reported that a major rental housing business checked the health of everyone it rented for. So, let’s say you had a handicap, then you’d be redlisted. If you were prone to alcohol, you’d be redlisted. If you had other issues, you’d be out of luck. People went ballistic, because we have “rights” to be treated equally, and when this came out it just added to the pain.

    Also, this is alarming as we use a personal registration number for all citizens. I know this kind of thing is banned in Germany, as it does allow the government to keep track on people, but we have it for everything as an ID qualitfication. The whole incident above was generally a major breach in security.

    Anyway, on to better stuff…

    Internet is generally very good here, though it depends on where you live. If you, like me, live in one of the major cities it is more than fine. You get to choose which speed you want, and pay for the speed, so if you’re not an avid internet nerd, you can choose a slower connection that works well for loading most sites without hazard, for a very low cost. If you, more like me, has an unhealthy obsession over the Internet, you can choose a faster connection, and the real hardcore can get it very fast. We have some of the most connected people in the world, and Sweden did work early to improve the Internet all accross the country, so that did pay off.

    The only exception to this is being out in nowhere… this is something i generally experience twice a year. My friend’s family has a summer cottage that we visit during midsummer (Swedish national fastivity) and New Year. This place id deprived even from cellphone connections, so it’s hard to even call someone. This is generally because the cottage is located on an island, that is connected by bridge, and the area pretty much only expects 1/3 of the population to live there all year round.

    Any other problems?

    Not really, sure we have downloadlaws as per April 1 2009. We aren’t technically allowed to share copyrighted material (not that many people care), and there are no real blockades, so surf all you want. Let’s put it like this, I’ve actually read the laws regarding what you can say and what you can write in this country, and it is quite slow to update as every new lawchange requires at least 8 years to pass. This leads to some problems, as Internet hate is getting more and more common, and causes a lot of problems. How can we deal with it? We can’t.

    All computers are, unless a crime is involved, personal and our own. Without a crime, no one but you has the right to see what you are up to. This also causes more and more conflicts, as eg. the US through most of the social media, has the rights to check what we do. Something no one likes.

    Oh, and one more thing. Our security police do get to check on our online activities… this is something I personally don’t mind, seeing their job is to keep the nation safe. I learnt quite recently, when the Massacre in Norway occured, that even us smaller nations are far from safe in every situation. With something like the Internet you kind of get how fast things can go as well.

    In general, apart from some small things, th Internet here is great. Maybe it doesn’t have the Korea speed, but it is reasonably fast, safe and free… but like I said, it is up to you how you want it.

  161. Ash3070

    I assumed that porn was blocked because the Korean government doesn’t want a Korean porn industry to develop O.O I had no idea that it was related to a murder. Was there a sexual aspect to this murder or something? It seems like a rather strange leap to make…x x x

  162. Speaking of gaming, how powerful are the PCs in PC Bangs? Does anyone know the specs of one or give me examples? Or at least the settings that games are played at?

  163. I live in NY, but not in the city and we have problems with the internet all the time ( not big ones though). The connection at home gets slow or sometimes we loose it for some minutes. There is 3G almost everywhere we go, we just have to stop if we are in the car and we need to get something fast so we don’t loose it in the middle of download. When it comes to wifi there is free in some places and at others like my college you must register the computer and is very fast. (You can also become friends from people that work at different establishments and get their passwords :P )
    Now, when you go to the city, that’s when it is awesome. You have 4G all the time ( at least I do) and is very fast, is amazing! :D

  164. In Poland there is huge diffrence between internet in cities and in small towns or villages, but only time when i saw banned website was while using school’s wi-fi (school banned yt, becouse people where downloading movies and music).

  165. Oh the irony of not being able to watch Kdramas while on vacation in Korea because you got hooked on Kdramas while in your home country.

    I love netflix and huluplus (netflix more, cause no commercials…seriously i’m paying more than i do for netfix for less content and commercials). How do you guys watch North American and other English speaking shows in SK? I know you just watched Sherlock so there has to be some way.

  166. oh well, here in Brazil i pay something like R$ 70 (+- 30 USD) per month for 600mpb. I didn’t see any restrictions but sometimes when it’s raining my conection goes to hell – literally – that’s pretty awful. When we talk about bankline, my bank uses his own security program, I can’t login without it so I didn’t had any problems with that too.

  167. my country also has one of the fastest internets and we also don’t have any restrictions or any programs we have to install to use internet bank. I so wanted to go to South korea and now i atleast know the internet heaven has some flaws ;D

  168. Wait soooo….. over 20 million people’s information got stolen ? And seeing as of 2012 the population of Korea was 50 million…. that means that 40% of the countries population has had their info stolen…. just from their banks?!

    • It’s happened multiple times actually *sigh* over the years *double sigh* so everybody is like, again? Seriously? … and get back with their lives. I for one didn’t even check if my data was leaked or not. I get spam texts and calls anyway. (which is why I don’t take calls from unknown callers, unless I’m waiting for a delivery.)

  169. I’m tired of re-writing, I commented 2 time and they disappeared. Simon and Martina do you know why this is happening?

    • Sometimes it takes disqus a bit to catch up if several people are commenting at the same time. Also the website has been going through some changes recently and ever so often a glitch appears. Did your comment ever reappear?

  170. I live in the States. Google started this super fast internet service called Google Fiber. It’s pretty expensive compared to what my family usually pays for internet ($120/month for internet + tv OR $70/month for internet only) but it’s suppose to provide 1000 mbps. I think you talked about this already (or not) but how fast is Korean internet and how much do you pay for it?

  171. lady_kire

    @Simon and Martina, South Korea is no longer the fastest internet the world. Currently Hong Kong is on top with the fastest internet, with 75.06 mbps. South Korea is at 51.24 mbps meaning it’s 4th in the world. Singapore is 2nd with 58.25 mbps, and Romania is 3rd with 57.38 mbps.

    Source: (this site can also show different cities internet speeds)

    • Yep, we have really good internet here in Romania and absolutely no restrictions hehe :) I can do internet banking easily from home or phone, download anything (piracy is booming) or watch movies online (yes, entire movies folks and at a pretty good resolution) and TV series or Korean dramas (hurray!). I don’t know about the safety of my information though, but so far my banking information has not been compromised (although we do have a town in the south that is known as “Hackerville” among law enforcement officials around the world, article here: http://www.wired.com/magazine/2011/01/ff_hackerville_romania/ ).

      • lady_kire

        I’m kind of envious. I’m from Canada and downloading sometimes takes a while. Oh and I hate buffering when it comes to videos. The number of times my youtube videos decrease it’s quality over poor internet speed, lags, doesn’t load, gets annoying.

  172. Drama shows are blocked? Really? I don’t know… When I was visiting mine seemed to work just fine. Maybe I just got lucky xD Makes sense that they try to block Google/Apple though, seeing as they have Samsung…

    Internet in Greece is pretty average in every regard, but 3G is not only mega expensive but also hella slow and glitchy. To combat that, the vast majority of cafes and restaurants have free WiFi (and that’s where you’ll find a Greek, if not at home). And when I say free I actually mean FREE. Not like in the UK when some place would advertise “Free WiFi hotspot!” and you had to be signed up to some paid-for service to access it…

  173. @simonandmartina:disqus a

  174. Superengageradhästundernät

    I’ve been searching for somethings that’s blocked, here in Sweden, but I can’t really find anything! Maybe there is alot of blocket things and we just don’t know what terrible country we are living in…
    Idk how the security works cause I’ve never really heard of people who got their ID stolen. I’m sure it happens though it’s just that it’s sooooo seldom…
    But the thing that I think is anoying is that the 4G is sooooooooooo expensive, and it’s not only the 4G the 3G is also really expensive, so expensive that I only use 0.5 gb/month on my phone. There is like one coffée shop I know in my thown that has free internet GAAAAH so annoyiiiing

  175. @simonandmartina:disqus Final Fantasy 14 isn’t blocked… I’m actually playing it. If you are using KT, you probably can’t connect, but I’m using C&M. If you do have a problem, download softether VPN client. Connect to a random japanese ip. Sign in. close the vpn, then press play. Only the login has trouble for KT internet users. (i suggest connecting to random korean ips though, and find one that works, cause then the update files will download MUCH faster)

  176. On your comment about the one creepy killer having porn, thus porn makes for creepy killers, a variation on that happened with the US and Comic Books back in the 1950′s. At the time, most juveniles read comics, which meant that most juvenile delinquents read comics, which meant Batman and Tales From The Crypt caused all juvenile crime. The terms to look up are “Wertham Witch Hunt” and Comics Authority Code”.

  177. Final Fantasy 14 isn’t blocked… I’m actually playing it. If you are using KT, you probably can’t connect, but I’m using C&M.
    If you do have a problem, download softether VPN client. Connect to a random japanese ip. Sign in. close the vpn, then press play. Only the login has trouble for KT internet users

  178. As far as I know korean programmers are quite bad. I think the problem here might be an english. As a programmer you need to read a lot documentations written in english. And there is also a problem with hierarchy in Korea. You just can’t say to senior programmer that he is wrong which will probably lead to some inefficient coding resulting for example in security vulnerability. Korean games look all so good and I really love the style but it is always destroyed by bugs and bad software engineering (I’m a big fan of Ragnarok Online which is korean btw). And some korean webpages are really scary. I just hate when some webpage is only working in Internet Explorer D:

    Do you think that as a webdeveloper from Europe with a little experience in korean language (1 year of learning korean at this moment) I have some chance of earning money in Korea?

    • mrmr_

      Programming is entirely in english….

    • If you want to join a Korean company, you pretty much need to be fluent in Korean. Also, as a foreigner, they have to prove that you would be better than ANYONE who has Korean citizenship that is applying for the position in order to hire you and sponsor your visa. Consider the job market is pretty bad in Korea right now. Essentially, it’d be extremely difficult for you. I think that isn’t as harsh if you are a permanent resident (such as being in Korea on a spousal visa) You would have a hard time without being fluent and without a lot of experience. It’s part of why I want to go to grad school in Korea, to get a foot in the door and maybe intern at a company (but I’m not overly fond of the conditions engineers/programmers are put through in Korea so I’m not sure if I’d want to actually work there… maybe idk)

    • Omg! I’ve played Ragnarok Online ( -cough-privateservers-cough- ) since 2003. It’s a wonderful game. Where do you play?

    • I think your best chance would to be working freelance… but how much money you can make definitely depends on so many things. If you were actually living in Korea you’d need to be a visa, but if you weren’t part of a company that would be really hard to get.

      I think you are definitely right about the hierarchy causing problems in this area.

    • I think that Korea needs to open up with the world. Bugs like that, they can work with an American or European programmers to fix for them. If only Korean are willing to work with American and European programmer, we would have some of the best bug free game in the world to play T_T

  179. I live in Dubai, and here they are trying to be a smart government (because of the upcoming Expo 2020). That means everything has an app, police and schools too.

    As for the internet, Porn, gambling, dating (even games), and religiously offensive websites are blocked. Skype was block previously (Because you can have Cypersex, like that is the only reason I will use Skype), flickr was also blocked (because it contains nude pictures). Facetime and bbm voice are blocked too because they don’t want us to talk for free (Saying it can lead to Cypersex).

    As for the price (1Mpbs=$71/per month) which is expensive. I pay $50 each month to use the internet on my phone (it sucks!!)

  180. I have a question, I will be travelling to South Korea soon and as Simon mentioned if we can’t use google maps what can we use to navigate around the city we can’t keep finding tourist information desk for everything. Also if we want to pay for flights for e.g.Jeju Island and book hotels etc how would we do it if we have to download the software you have mentioned, is there anyway around it. Sorry for bombarding you with questions but I really need to know thank you.

    • Ok, there are some apps that you can download on an android device that will make navigating on foot a lot easier, because you can see exactly where you are. The downside to that is the fact that most of the places on thise maps are written in Korean. What I did when I came here for vacation back in 2012 was, I printed out a map of Seoul and I circled all of the places I wanted to visit. I found that sometimes if I got a little lost, (like walking in the wrong direction) it was easier for me to walk into a little corner store, and just ask “where is this?” While pointing at a specific place on the map. A little old fashioned, yes, but it works. Now, as for booking flights and hotels, you’re going to want to do that before you come to visit. It’ll save you a major headache later on. I hope this helps you.

      • could you please suggest some android apps for navigation?

        • Sarah Borrink

          Sure. There is My Tracks. It’s my favorite app for navigating around Korea whenever I go out. Most of the streets on this app are written with English letters along with some of the major buildings. Unfortunately, with this app, you can’t preset a desination, but it will keep track of where you have been. That way, heaven forbid you get lost, you can find your way back. If you are staying in Seoul, there is a Subway Navigation App. Unlike MyTracks, this app lets you put in the subway station you’re at, and the one you’re trying to get to. The app will then tell you which lines to transfer on (if needed) and it will estimate how long it will take for you to get to you destination, or at least the subway nearest to it.

        • wintermelody

          thank you ! ^^

        • If you can read Korean, download Naver Maps. Works much better than Google Maps. If you can’t, you can still use a subway app. Search “Seoul subway” and download the app called “Subway” made by Broong Inc. It has an English version. There are a few English apps for the subway, but this one works really well for giving you straightforward information, like when the last train will be, where the bathrooms are in the station, etc.

        • wintermelody

          thank you ^^

      • Thank you so much :)

  181. This was a great video. It made me laugh and of course I learned something I wouldn’t not have known about Korea. Thanks ya’ll!

  182. I lived in Korea until a few months ago and I agree with this totally…every time I needed to do something related with my school I needed to go to a PCBang or get a computer borrowed because of the whole “only windows 7 or less”…about watching movies and TV online….I kinda used proxies he-he-he….about your stolen ID (scaryyyy) I wish I knew which is your bank, this is terrible, I hope it works out for you.

  183. Finland is also a top country in like Internet penetration and stuff. I think we rank quite high in Internet Readiness Index etc. Below Korea though. Anyway, when I was living in Korea I was sooo frustrated about these stupid restrictions they have. Probably the most frustrating thing is that you have to use the frikkin IE to get most of the Korean websites to run properly -_- IE is the worst, slowest and most not secure browser ever and I just do not understand why Koreans haven’t taken it seriously to move to faster and safer browsers. Hmmm I remember that my Netflix actually worked with “MediaHint” plugin installed for Chrome. Many Europeans use it to remove country restrictions (because we get like awfully small selection otherwise… stupid Finnish copyright laws *grumble*) and I am pretty sure it worked in Korea as well. Pretty much the only good thing about Internet in Korea is that it is so fast like you said. Ohhh those countless romantic nights with my boyfriend… spent playing LoL :D hahaha

  184. I’m in Canada! We are with the cursed company Bell!, we recently upgraded to 25/5 MB internet, yeah, that’s considered decent here

  185. I haaaaaate internet in Korea. And yet I love it too. Yes, it’s super fast; yes it’s practically everywhere. It’s just… I think my computer hates Korean internet. Because sometimes it’ll just stop working (Window 8 machine right here) randomly. No explanation. Just… poof! The same with my iPod Touch. The computer is American, the iPod Korean. Yet they’re both equally frustrating, the iPod sometimes more.

    As for the whole no Netflix/Hulu/Dramafever/Viki/Pandora thing? VPNs, man. Those things are a gift from God, I swear. I’ve been using Spotflux, and it lets me use everything. I have been a very happy person ever since. Because I missed Pandora and Viki So. Damn. Much.

    The thing with YouTube has been on and off. For the longest time, it would take aaaaaaaages for YT vids to load. Now.. it’s instant. I honestly don’t know why. I’m pretty sure it happened before I got Spotflux. So, yeah. I’m still confused about that. Though I will not question it.

    • “It’s just… I think my computer hates Korean internet. Because sometimes it’ll just stop working (Window 8 machine right here) randomly”

      This might actually have something to do with your machine, rather than your Internet connection. Lots of people have had issues with wireless connections randomly dropping or just plain not working on Windows 8.

      • That would explain a lot. Though I hope it’s Windows 8, and not my computer, ‘cuz my computer is brand new. And I’d have a lot of complaints about that. But that doesn’t explain why my iPod Touch connection is so bad.

        • Josh Chinnery

          Sometimes my iPod Touch drops connections too, but that’s probably because I’ve dropped *it* so many times XD

        • …Okay, I do admit to having abused my Touch a little too much… It’s missing parts of the screen and got massive cracks. XD And I wonder why it acts funky sometimes…

        • Josh Chinnery

          Lawlz… Mine has a cracked screen and missing parts too XD

  186. I live in Ireland, we have 120MB of internet speed at home. It’s fast but it’s so slow at night and it’s annoying because I’m a night owl.

  187. Here in Finland I’ve got a nice 50/10Mb fiber connection included in student housing price and it actually works that fast all the time, with no buffering or anything. Also no bans of anything else than Thepiratebay website and some alleged child porn websites. Could get a 100/10 connection too for just 10€/month, but this is plenty fast enough. I think some of the universities offer their students up to 1 Gb connections now, so things are mostly nice.

    • And also about the banking services, they just work on all the platforms, except Danske Bank, because Danish bastardos want to use Java. Ordering stuff online is also quite nice and haven’t had any problems with forms and such, as things tend to be coded in HTML with less and less of things like Flash mixed in.

  188. Erika Kalkofen

    I think I’ll stick to American internet. It can be really fast or slow depending on who your provider is, so just pick a good one. And we have online and mobile app banking that is awesome. No restrictions as far as I know.
    I lived in Japan for a year and I used to experience really slow internet every night at like 11pm and later. When I asked someone, they told me the government lowers the speeds at night to get people to sleep so they are more productive? Probably just a crazy rumor, but there was definitely someone behind it. And you can get deported for illegally downloading anything…not fun. Plus, you have to use a Japanese smartphone (foreign ones don’t work) and you can’t find wifi anywhere! (unlike all the cafes in Korea or restaurants in the US which have wifi)

  189. KATHyphenTUN

    Simon! come play League of Legends :3

    • I’d like to, but I know it’s already too late. People are too good at that game. I’d just start playing and get destroyed. No thank you!

      • KATHyphenTUN

        Hahaha It’s never too late! You just need someone to show you the ropes! ;)
        You don’t have to be good to have fun!!

      • If you want to play a new MOBA, Blizzard is coming out with one called Heroes of the Storm. Since it’s new, you’ll be on a mostly level playing field (those with experience playing MOBAs like League and those who played Heroes from alpha will have an edge). Then you can get sucked into the Blizzard world like me. :P heh heh heh

      • No problem actually. Just play at the US server and you’ll be fine XD If people you match-up with seems to do too well (as you level up), just make a new account and start over :P

  190. I live in Romania. Our internet speed is fast and we don’t have any restrictions. Also a plus, our laws are really permissive, so piracy is really HUGE here :)))

  191. not sure how it is in korea, but we have cable, dsl, satellite – so many options! recently there have been places implementing fiberoptics. its supposed to be super fast – but it goes out all the time. according to reviews at least. we love fast. me and hubby are both gamers (whoop whoop. any league of legends fans?) but when it slows down, we don’t mind because at least during a storm, it doesn’t cut out. which is important for us when we’re in the middle of doing something.

    so far our speed we find to be reasonable with the price. we get 50mbps + cable (i think we have 300+ channels….) for 120-130 a month. if it goes up any more than that then we’ll probably down grade or find something else, but so far for us it’s been reliable which is more important for us.

    being in the U.S. we just have NSA and IRS down our backs daily. i’ll joke when talking on the phone or emailing people saying “look out, nsa is reading our convo. lets say hi!” ha. yea. it feels similar to being on lock down.

    sorry i write essays. i’m much more comfortable with written word than verbal. then again, i’m sure if i was able to video tape and edit my “ums and uhs” out in daily life i’d be considered an amazing speaker.

  192. Kate Allan

    Simon should grow a big mustache to go with his new hair style, and he would look like an awesome old-timey boxer.

  193. Hector Ahmed Hernandez

    One thing I found weird was trying to get a .kr for a domain name is a little weird..

  194. Here in good ol’ NY, internet is okay…if you are on at the right time….late afternoon to evening the internet slows down cause so many people are on all the time! But Google is rolling out Google Fiber but it is only in select places. It has internet speeds up to 1GB i hear…..gosh i wish i had that!!!!

  195. Can you talk about funerals in South Korea? And if family members pay fees to store the cremated bodies in a Columbarium?

    • Omg yes! This would be a very interesting topic! I know different religions here have different ceremonies, but are they any country standard ceremonies? Or they are different religions in Korea, so what kind of funerals do they have? I’d love to see this in a TL;DR! :D

    • Richard Hollingsworth

      My mother in-law died last month. We did a christian ceremony in a Korea funeral home for 48 straight hours (me, the American relative, got to spend time in the “Love Motel” to get some real sleep), then transported by hearse and bus to a central crematorium (think of EYK’s wedding hall TL’DR except larger) then to a memorial park. Cost is 350000W for 15 years and can be renewed for another 10 years (resident rates, more expensive if from outside that township). The funeral offered both traditional Korean funerals and christian style. The christian style was overall Korean Traditional, but with western influences. Less wailing and crying and more worshiping.

    • omg lol i was going to ask about funerals in korea as well read my mind. Adding to that there is also a culture difference in koreans and americans when it comes to funeral. In the U.S we dont give any money during the funeral unless the family is really poor and they give about $100-150. In Korea it is kind of a given that whenever a guest attends a funeral that they have to give money. It’s usually like $100-500 depends on how much you know them too.

    • Actually in my country, we have the funerals for 3 days. People come to visit the deceased’s family and give condolences. Usually the deceased’s family would not cook during the funeral, because they are either too sad to think of food or busy with the visitors, so some of the neighbors or close friends would cook for them and the visitors during that time.
      As for the deceased we NEVER cremate the body (it is disrespectful to cause any harm to the corpse). The body of the deceased is washed and then they put some kind of perfume on and then the naked body is wrap in a white cloth that looks like a towel to cover it. After that, the body is take to a large place where men gather and pray for the deceased, then they take the body and bury it (No coffin). No woman is allowed to go to the burial or a cemetery (Don’t know the exact reason why, maybe because we are an emotional creature).

      • That’s sad to me that the woman isn’t allowed to go to the burial/cemetery. I would hate not to be able to get one last goodbye in. :(

      • I honestly don’t get the whole “women are emotional creatures” thing… Anger is an emotion too, and so is pride in my opinion. Not that all men are angry and prideful… But not all women are constantly sad either;

  196. I’d say YouTube loading slow would drive me up the wall… but it takes FOREVER to load at my school, and on my old laptop, even AFTER we got FibreOp (which is fast on this computer, just not on the old one) I think I’m getting used to things being blocked as well… Pretty much anything even remotely entertaining (and in some cases, actually educational) is blocked at my school, which makes it hard to do research orz (Nova Scotian nasty here^^)

  197. In Czech Republic speed depends on your provider, some are crappy, some not. I have fairly good provider, we have internet and TV from him – 58/46 Mb/s and it cost about 65 000 won. 8D Goverment dont block pages, but some providers block p2p sites, which sucks for their users. 8D

  198. PunkyPrincess92

    this was seriously interesting to know!!
    now i’m not SO jealous of the Korean Internet!! i mean i kinda am cos of the speed, but hey i can live with mine! at least i can go on whatever the hell i want!

    not surprised at Korea mostly using Daum and Naver but i’m kinda surprised of the YT part!

  199. *sigh* It’s not the failure of Active X, but the failure of the various companies to update their systems. Here in the USA, Windows XP is about to expire. However, 98% of all ATMs are still using Windows XP. And the banks and companies running these systems have known about it for years and years. Rather than spend the money to upgrade, they are now paying Microsoft money to keep them alive (when they could have spent the money ages ago to prepare and change). Until it is a crisis, many of these companies refuse to invest in a change.

    • Sounds like Congress…

    • mrmr_

      what about microsoft abolish XP without them knowing lol

      • They knew well in advance, because every operating system Microsoft makes has a limited lifespan. After a certain period of time, they will stop supporting that particular operating system (in this case, Windows XP recently). Everyone knows well in advance that this will happen, and it only directly effects ongoing usage, as there will no longer be updates. Windows XP itself will still work fine, it just won’t be as safe to use.

    • Part of my job is sending documents to a government agency. The main one is massive (10K page). We send it on a CD/DVD with a special XML that lists the contents. The tool that generates the XML file requires Office 2003/Windows XP. They are starting to fix the tool, but here is the kicker; the new version requires Office 2010 64. It will not work at all with Office 2010 32. I know this because I may have been the only beta tester that it ever had (they apparently can’t install the tool to beta test it because of their security requirements, I don’t know if they were planning to send it untested or not). i don’t know what to do when we next upgrade our Office.
      The new tool still hasn’t been released, so our IT basically said you can keep your XP machine, but it can’t access the internet. Thankfully, it can access our network.

      • I must admit that the earlier Office programs were the best. We had Office 2003 in my high school/middle school until maybe about 3 years ago. To me everything was easier to work with in office 2003. The 2010 layout just makes me feel lost. However I tested office 360 for a month and really liked what they did with the program. Allot of our school computers still have XP on them and preferably I prefer that just because I know the computer can’t handle Windows 7 and having computer screens that are from 2000-2005 big bulky glary dell screens

        • MS in its infinite wisdom decided to improve MS Office by making it harder to use and easier to screw up. There are way too many things to talk about. (e.g., the way it handles numbering and indentation is awful and illogical).
          I’m an Office Expert (literally – I’ve got the certificate & everything) and it made my life more difficult. I can’t imagine how normal people react to all the problems it caused. I’ve adapted, but I also had to download a totally separate program just so I could give my users a custom toolbar for their templates. And there are just a lot of workarounds that you shouldn’t need to do.
          This is a prime example of something that should never have been done. It defaults to reduce the dpi to 220 (sometimes 96, but typically 220). A reduction in quality should never be the default. A user should be able to make it their default, but shouldn’t have to fight a battle to keep it from happening to every single one of their documents.
          This is how i explain MS Office to my guys. “Office 2007 is crap; Office 2010 is less crap.” “Why is it crap?” “Because the programmers at MS have never actually used their product, and they don’t work with people who do and will tell them “this makes no sense, why are you doing it that way? Don’t you care that you are going to screw up people’s documents? convince me that this won’t make your users lives a living hell.”

  200. I have a question, How do you keep in contact with your families? Is it hard to do and does skype for example work?

    I live in Germany and the internet isn´t that bad. My father works in the IT field so he is constantly working on it just for fun so we have quite a fast one at home (don´t know if that is considered fast or not…). Outside i actually have wuite a fast one on my handy for example too, but i think that depends with which company you have a contract with. For example my father and me often go to football games and his internet does´t work inside the stadium but mine works perfectly well. Another cool thing is that in the inside of the city you have free internet for 30 minutes and right now they are working on it so that people will always have free wifi as long as they stay inside the city which is pretty cool because i was in NYC one time and whenever we entered a new shop i had to register new and it was pretty annoying.

    And YAY! I don´t like Apple (so i don´t use it) so it would be easier for me :)

  201. It’s wierd you’re saying that Canada has a shitty internet because I found it pretty good. Maybe it’s different in Québec? I don’t know if outside the province of Québec is the same,but here we’ve got different prices for different internet speed. For exemple, I’ll pay more to get the faster internet connection and illimited download. They don’t have that kind of services elsewhere?

  202. My video ironically stopped loading during the video…


    also i am applying for yonsei, and even outside of korea, their website to register is unusable if you’re not using a microsoft computer! i tried 3 different types of browsers on my mac and none worked!!

    also i haven’t noticed any issues with my internet in japan! i had to switch torrent clients (from utorrent to deluge) to keep my speeds up but other than that i haven’t had any issues~

    what do koreans use other than youtube? in japan it’s nico nico but youtube has also become a huge success in japan
    do korean internet services not have a law against throttling (or do they just ignore it)?

    also they may have lots of security but it’s extremely outdated and basically useless! you can have norton installed 10 times but if it’s a version from 5 years ago, it’s like having the kid who was picked last in PE as a bouncer lol

  204. This could totally be a deal breaker for me if there was ever a possibility of staying in Korea for a long period of time. I don’t think I could take not being able to easily use things such as google maps and apple related products…..Maybe they will get better with that?

  205. chrstr

    Sweden is also on top when it comes to Internet and no restrictions when it comes to content or sites we want to visit. I got 100/100Mbit and pay 300kr (about 45$) and absolute no data caps. Can pay all my bills using only my thumb… oh, and my phone.

    And remember that Japan has both porn and Final Fantasy and thanks to Rule #34 you get them both at the same time :P

    • Jealous!!! Your internet sounds awesome!

    • I have 30/4mbit here in the States, no limits on data that we know of, and it’s going to be $40/mo soon. The only thing I can complain about is that occasionally the internet dies for the area ( I live in the middle of nowhere, srsly ). Oh, and I guess sharing it with 5 other people gets annoying occasionally. Only once so far did we have a problem in that area, and it was someone torrenting with ALL THE BANDWIDTH EVER. lmao

    • meanwhile…here..in my country (indonesia) the average speed for download (at home) is about….100kbps an pay about 20$. there fast internet (kinda expensive, depends on quota&speed) but whenever u go to small city and countryside. say goodbye to fast internet. very slloowwwwww hahaha. envy you.

  206. Martina your hair looks really cool only bleached! I have a beige/medium skin (a bit yellowish?) that when I bleached mine to dye the tips blue it was almost the same color as my skin.. Needless to say I looked so terrible ._.
    Are you thinking of changing the pink any time soon?

  207. I work in Quebec, Canada and the software I need to do my work only work with Internet explorer and an ooooold crappy java… this is so wrong guys, and guess what? I work for the government!

  208. Harriet Roozle Andrew

    Here in the UK, the internet is OK so long as you’ve got a good provider and aren’t sharing with loads of people, (I swear, University dorm internet made me want to cry. They restricted downloads and wouldn’t even let me watch certain anime, Rosario +Vampire Capu 2 for example.)

    • Oh! I heard there’s a porn ban in the UK as well, and supposedly that the guy who was running the internet porn ban had a giant child porn library, or something like that?

      • Harriet Roozle Andrew

        I don’t know about that, there was some speculation last year, but major porn sites haven’t been blocked. I know that SKY have blocked a number of torrent and stream sites though. Which meant that when my computer decided to die and had to be restored to factory settings, I had to use proxies to get back all of the software I’d lost.

      • i don’t remember the specifics but i believe it was a certain type of porn, like simulated rape
        i think it was passed but got overturned??

      • There is currently no porn ban in the UK, the current Prime Minister (supposedly to reduce the amount of child pornography and to stop young kids accidentally accessing porn) has proposed a system where by internet service providers block adult content by default and users have to opt out of the block with there ISP. However this proposal was widely unpopular with both ISP companies and internet users so as of now has not been implemented, however it may be in the future (but as it stands I think it’s unlikely).

      • I just did some research for you and it’s not banned.

        No problem by the way.

  209. Oh some current events, Turkey just banned Twitter. Yay for DNS numbers thought, people can still access it, including the party who banned it and bunch of government officials.

  210. I’ve been studying in Finland for 3 years now (I’m originally from Hungary), and I sadly had to realize on my first that even though the internet is relatively fast (54Mb/s) and free (!!!) basically all torrent sites are banned by 99% of the internet providers, especially by the one that has a contract with the student housing company that owns 3000 student apartments our city… Thank god for the proxies ;)

  211. Wow, after watching this I am pretty grateful for my internet back at home in Austria. It’s like the SLOWEST SNAILTEMPO connection, but I never experienced any hacking of accounts or leaking of information like how you showed us. But as a macuser now being in Korea.. I do get a bit annoyed at how Korea basically tells me to install Internet Explorer on my Mac and I’m just like ‘Uhm. NO?’ so no online shopping for me ._.

  212. Lise Karlstand Berkerud
    Lise Karlstand Berkerud

    Stolen ID isn’t good at all. The ID is very important. Now I kind of got a bit scared of the system. They should fix it.

  213. Hugh says about the active x thing is “f-ing annoying” and “Japan has the best porn in the world”. Not really sure he needed to say the second part. He also says he pays for stuff online with his phone rather than his laptop because it’s easier. But yes he hates a lot of things about Korean internet.

    I find Korean internet so insular. They use Naver to search for everything, it’s like this mini internet within the internet. So many Koreans come to Australia and don’t understand when people say “google it” or “I was googling blah blah”. Shouldn’t sentences like that be taught in English classes?!

    Korean web comics are all on Naver. I find it really weird that these web comics don’t have their own url, you have to go into Naver to view them. Even if they have English as well, the website is completely in Korean. Even clicking back and forth, those buttons are in Korean… it’s so difficult for anyone that isn’t fluent in Korea. I just think that if these cartoonists are going to all this trouble to make these comics and even putting English, why not have your own site and url as well? I think there is a really different way of thinking.

    But besides from all that crap stuff, I am enjoying fast Korean internet. Even YouTube is way faster than Australia.

    • Google has slowly taken over many people’s internet habits….So much that we don’t even realize it! I feel like cartoonists would benefit from personal urls and have more exposure.

    • in japan google has become a verb (to google like in english – ググる) but japanese people use yahoo lol

    • Mariam Watt

      A politician running on a platform of getting rid of active x? Awesome!
      I wonder what the US equivalent would be- back in the 90s I totally (had I been old enough) would have voted for anyone who would get rid of “Clippy” the demonic omnipresent MS Office “assistant.”
      I can just imagine his last words: “You look like you’re digging a grave? Is this a business grave or a personal grave?”

    • I live in Los Angeles and all my Korean friends still search on Naver and sometimes will ask why they can’t find things… I tell them to google it.

      • I’ve had a similar experience with Korean friends who struggle to Google things. They often just switch back to Naver.

      • Yeah and there ends up being a lot of wrong information. Especially in the Australian working holiday and student community, someone might look something up on naver but it will just be someone’s naver blog saying the wrong thing. For example there is this ridiculous rumour that if you get this certain vaccination needed for rural work all your children will be born disabled or you can’t have kids for years – ridiculous like that. It’s just a very normal vaccine that anyone working in agriculture needs. Unfortunately so many Koreans believe it because none have just googled the official websites about it.

        Naver is great for searching for things about Korea and Koreans… but it’s very limited for other stuff.

    • True true. The other day, I had to do some research about the Seoul Fashion Week which also targets foreigners but it was so hard to get more than just basic information on Google. But when I used Naver, there were so many sites about it which is great except I couldn’t really understand all the Korean… Meh.

      And I really hate the fact I can’t open some files or websites just because I use a Mac. How am I supposed to work like this ㅠㅠ

    • I think Naver pays the cartoonists to have their work shown on their site exclusively, like how cartoons get syndicated on newspapers. Besides, with Naver commanding such a large market share in Korean internet, people have a gatekeeper problem where your website doesn’t ever get discovered by other people unless it is featured/linked via popular sites like Naver. So cartoonists can come up with their own website, but chances of success is really low, and so it’s almost always better to get stable paycheck from companies like Naver. Naver brings most number of audience anyway, so it’s also the best route to get your work discovered and become popular.

      • Yeah I was aware of that, it’s just strange to also have English translations but within a Korean site and expect English speakers to be okay with navigating a Korean site. And then once people do become popular, why they aren’t owning their own site and getting more international readers as well as having a Naver blog. Though, I think one of those reasons is because of copyright and what Naver then technically owns… which I think is a pretty big downside to getting popularity quickly. My publishing company kinda advised me to not do anything on Naver. For me, I’m used to how insular Korea is, but I do get surprised at people not thinking about international markets.

    • well, naver is almost as old as google so maybe they just got used to it and now can’t change just because the rest of the world uses it
      If they ask what’s google you can just tell them that it’s the equivalent of naver on the western world and that’s it. It’s easy

  214. I think you guys never mentioned it but ActiveX started to get used because south korea passed a law in late 90s essentially mandating for it to be used. in the past few years there was a bylaw created but to be able to use anything else than ActiveX is still a huge pain in the ass and just not worth the trouble for most.

  215. Eddie

    Yeah like the new hair simon! and Martina are you coming your’s blonde or just haven’t dyed it pink yet? :D

  216. Leanne Cain

    Oh my god, I get surprise visits from my parents and grandparents every single time they buy a new electronic and need help. They thought it would be a great idea to all get iPhones this year when they stopped playing with their iPods two years ago out of frustration.
    “Why is my data so high on my phone bill?”
    “Sign in to Wifi, grandma. Your password is your name, remember when I set all of this up with you?”
    “What’s the Wifi?”
    “The thing that lets you connect to the internet wirelessly.”
    “Oh, Leanne, I just don’t have a single clue what you mean, do you have time to come over?”

    So basically with activeX in my life I would murder my family.

    • Funny related story: I was visiting my parents in Pickering and asked them what their wifi password is.
      “Do you mean my Yahoo?”
      “No. I mean, your wifi. How is your iPhone connected to the internet”
      “It is connected to Yahoo”

      • Mariam Watt

        My mother is the last remaining customer of America Online. We tried to explain to her, over and over, that she doesn’t need to launch it to connect to the internet anymore. “It’s DSL mom, we’re always connected to the internet!” Nope. You can always tell when she’s online because you hear “You’ve got Mail!” My dad has to put it on every computer or else she can’t do the only 2 things she uses the internet for: email chains and reading the Drudge Report.

        • lmaoooo @the email chains!!!

        • Sara Suzanne Berg

          It took me 3 years to get my mom to stop using AOL.
          It wasn’t until she got a smart phone and a brand new windows 8 computer (because the fire burned down her old one) that she FINALLY stopped using it (beginning on 2013).
          She now has a gmail account. ^^ She can even send me messages on kakao talk (man was I worried about that before I moved to Korea lol)

      • I can beat that. My mom reset her computer to factory defaults. Lost everything (My brother set her computer up and gave her Admin rights after I said not to) The next time I visited, I created a new Admin Acct “Ask Karen First” – she has to call me if anything requires admin rights. ;)
        I also told her that the Internet was no longer “The Blue E” and it was now the “Orange fireball” ;)

      • my mom thinks i can do everything on the internet. she saw me accessing my bank account online and asked me to access hers too because she wanted to check something.

        “i cant do that!”
        “you just did on your account isnt it? i give you my bank account number…”
        “no i cant do that, you need to get a security pass from the bank first.”
        “because, anybody who knows your account number can access it, that’s why!”

        another time she told me a friend of hers bought a new tv and need to register for warranty online but doesnt know how, asked me to do it for her online.

        “what’s the URL to the warranty page?”
        “what is URL?”
        “the address or the website.”
        “this is the address of the shop she bought it from.”
        “no! the address to the website on the internet”
        “i dont know”
        “what is the brand of the tv?”
        (i did some googling)
        “what is the model and serial number?”
        “i don’t know, but she gave me the receipt”
        “there’s no serial number!”

        i gave up trying to explain to her about “high tech” stuff.

      • My parents don’t use the internet. My dad, however, uses Word to write this Vietnamese book thing. But anyway, it took me and my older brother about a year to teach him how to use Word. Every time they want something, they just go to me. Which gets really annoying really fast.

        I had to teach him how to double click. He knows to click twice, it’s just he clicks too slow so it’s just 2 single clicks.I had to teach him the tab button instead of pushing space like 10 times.

        Oh man. Parents huh? Lol

        • LOL My mother does the same “double click” thing! It’s so frustrating XD Also, she doesn’t keep her hand on the mouse while surfing. She clicks something and retreats her hand. Then she clicks again and retreats… every single time!! I can’t help but yell at her “OMG mom, the mouse is not on fire!! It’s ok if you keep touching it!”

    • Sounds just like my grandma. I even wrote the steps down on a piece of paper one by one in words that could understand and she would get all frustrated and ask me come over and fix it.

    • LongClawTiger

      I have given up trying to support my parent’s internet issues over the phone. Now I just tell them not to bother telling me the details. I will be over in 15 minutes and see for myself.

    • my mum had just got a new smart phone and she didn’t know how to answer incoming calls for a week

    • You can get plugins for most of the modern browsers that emulate active x. I’ve never had to try one personally, but you could just find one with the better reviews

  217. Bianca Peccioli Nonaka
    Bianca Peccioli Nonaka

    Brazil has the most virus “contaminated” computers in the world. Our internet is painfully slow and we are kindly and nicely “monitored” in what we access by our government (and it seems like the NSA people like to do the same … Hi NSA! it is sunny and warm here in my city – check IP – despite being fall).
    Rarely, on the other hand I have experienced not being able to access a website because of location. We also hold the ranking position as far as Internet prices go.
    About having our numbers, ids etc stolen, is unfortunately as frequent as my nose breathing air … Sad but true …

    • Jessica May Matheson

      I lived in Brazil, and I made my host parents angry for leaving the internet on over night because I was trying to watch anime, which took literally hours just for one episode… I had to find other things to do.. Luckily I lived in the south (Santa Caterina), but when I walked into the banks I felt so scared with the armored trucks and security/ police wearing body armour and carrying AK 47s…

      • Bianca Peccioli Nonaka
        Bianca Peccioli Nonaka

        I also live in Santa Catarina, Jessica. As for security, I feel it is more fearsome that ciminals have hightech weapons and the actual police does not. the armoured truck you saw was probably a paid security truck. When did you live in Brazil, and in which city of Santa Catarina did you leave in?

        • Jessica May Matheson
          Jessica May Matheson

          Que legal!!!! I lived in Joinville for a year (2009-2010). Ah for me, in Canada we don’t have that kind of security at all. ATM machines are really open and public- absolutely no police officers around- maybe security cameras. So when there were the armoured police it felt scary and intimidating because, well, they’re needed. But I couldn’t help but think of what if there was a confrontation or so? I thankfully was never robbed or had any scary encounters in Brazil- I even went to the favellas in Rio de Janeiro and walked around at night in Joinville. What city are you from???

        • Bianca Peccioli Nonaka
          Bianca Peccioli Nonaka

          Joinville is so close by … In case of confrontation, unfortunately, there would be some bullets flying around. Brazil’s problem with security is much deeper than that alone … I’m from Curitiba, but now I live in Florianópolis …

  218. Simon you look good with your new hairstyle! :D

    The internet thing:
    - I live in Denmark and well I do have bog problems with the internet.. Not all the time, but sometimes I can’t even load a youtube video that is under a minute long -.-
    With that said, we don’t have any restrictions here.. So Final Fantasy for us! xD
    The only thing that irritates me is Java… Java is not compatible with Google Chrome or with Safari… And yeah I use those two… So if I want to look at my bank I need to use Safari.. and wait for like a million years before I can LOG IN… Then another million years before I am actually in… -.-

    • Java is actually really slow for everyone… I have no idea why it’s used so much XD

      • It’s just everyone else that I know don’t have the same problems.. Sometimes I have to refresh my browser like 5 times before it even wants to pop up so I can click run xD
        I hate java.. Someone invent something else please xD

  219. All I have to say is $40 for 12mb of internet, that is just plain expensive.

  220. Alexis Dominique San Agustin

    When my mom and I came to Korea last October 2013, Youtube was working fine for both of us, my youtube account automatically changed settings in Korean ._.

    and really? Cinderella Law?

  221. I live in Korea and the online banking sucks so much!!!!! Seriously.. I have been here for four years and there has been NO improvement! Although I am seeing more delivery sites being user friendly lately but there are still the ones that my husband cant log into because he has 20+ letters in his name…. super frustrating. Have you tried the new site yogiyo? Its amazing.. no foreigner card needed and buddaejiggae to your door in 10min without having to call anyone. ha!

  222. Marina

    Wow, I didn’t know about all those restrictions on Korean Internet. I’d always envy how it’s fast and awesome comparing to Brazilian one, which’s super-duper slow and expensive. (Like 70USD/Month for a 3MB download speed)

    But just yesterday our government approved a law that guarantees neutrality to Brazilian internet. So now I can see the bright side and I’m impressed! ;O

  223. Funny thing is my interent sucks so I can’t watch the video. OH school internets..how awesome you are…

  224. Martina your hair omg. it’s not…pink..well there’s no law that says your hair must be pink but it feels like you just broke an unwritten law.

  225. Dana

    wow, that’s some crazy stuff, i’m really shocked by the prevalence of activeX in korea! frankly i forgot that thing even exists anymore, haha. here in london, UK our speeds are great, i’ve got 120mb broadband and am about to get upgraded to 150. the only issue is that some websites are blocked by the govt including pirate bay etc. luckily proxies abound :)

  226. Martina love your new hair :)

  227. Akira Miyashi

    Simon do look cute now with the new hairstyle! :D

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