In case you didn’t know, we were recently in Toronto for three weeks for our summer vacation. Oh, how we missed Canada! Funny thing is, when we were in Canada, we missed Korea as well. We felt kinda homesick, in a reverse homesick kinda twisted way. Luckily for us, since we were in Toronto there were two different Koreatowns for us to visit to get our fix for Korean culture. Around Bloor and Christie you will find Koreatown #1, where the street signs actually say “Koreatown” above the street signs. There you’ll find lots to hold you over: many Korean restaurants with Korean food and Korean bbq, Korean Noraebangs with Korean songs, and Korean supermarkets with Korean groceries. They even have the ding-dong bells at their restaurants, which – by the way – every restaurant needs to get, regardless of if they’re Korean or not. It’s surprising the rest of the world hasn’t adopted the ding-dong bell yet.

The second Koreatown in Toronto is lesser known, located around Yonge and Finch, but it’s actually where we spend most of our time. We like it there more. In fact, our favorite Korean restaurant in Canada is there: the Oh Geul Boh Geul, right on Yonge and Churchill. It’s located at 5320 Yonge Street, so find it on Google Maps and go there now! To this date, we’ve eaten lots and lots of Mul Neng Myeon, and Oh Geul Boh Geul’s version of it is better than anything we’ve had in Korea, hands down. You’ll be amazed. Also, Simon worked at a Hagwon in that area for two years, and going to the Oh Geul Boh Geul played a big part in how he got so interested in Korea, in case you didn’t know. Spending so much time in North York really hooked us into Korean culture, and from there, it was only a matter of time before we moved to Korea and started making Kpop music videos.

So, if you’re coming to Korea, and want to experience a bit of it beforehand so that you know what you’re in for, or if you’re from Korea and coming to Canada and feel a bit homesick, you should definitely check out Toronto’s Koreatowns. We made a video of the two of them just to show you around a bit. Hope you like it! Unfortunately, there’s only so much we can do in the video, so we surely missed out on some places. If you know of anywhere else in Koreatown to recommend, please let us know! Supposedly there’s a Korean Super-Duper Market in North York, but we’ve never been.

And thanks to [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for the Korean subtitle translations!

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  2. WOW!!! Thank you guise a lot for the Oh Geul Boh Geul recommandation! I went to Toronto last week-end since it was a 3 days week-end in Quebec and I tried a few places (fancy and not so fancy), and this was hands down my favorite. I loved loved loved the Mul Neng Myeon even though it was my first time tasting it. We had some Kam Pong Gi, SoonDooBoo Jjigae and LA kalbi, everything was delicious.

    Now, I have to move to Toronto…

  3. Is there an etude house store in KoreaTown? :)

  4. Just wondering if anyone knows where I can purchase a hanbok? I need it for a school project :) thanks! :)

  5. I’m from Toronto. I’m waiting foa Korean town to develop in Udine, Italy.

  6. anyone know a place to buy a traditional hanbok in or near t.o.?

  7. Hey Simon and Martina! Just wanted to thank you for the tips – I recently moved to North York and went to Oh Geul Boh Geul on your recommendation. We really enjoyed it and plan on going often!

    Have you guys ever been to the Harvest Festival they hold in North York?

  8. Where can we get Kpop Stuff from?

  9. Hi Eatyourkimchi ! I am living in Guelph Ontario, one hour away from Toronto. I am desperately looking for BB Cream such as Skin 79 or Etude House. Do you happen to know any store in Toronto carries that brands of BB Cream :D ? Thanks you very much.

  10. luckkyyyy
    i cant find any korea towns here in Chicago

  11.  the morning glory in christie st is gone now….. :(

  12. I just went with a friend to the Finch Koreatown yesterday, and it was a bit disappointing to find there was only Morning Glory that sold kpop stuff. :c
    We’re planning to go to the other one – are there any stores that sell *slighty* cheaper CDs?

  13. I went to Toronto and wanted to check out the places you guys mentionned but sadly i didnt have enough time to :( Hopefully next time, any good k-pop places in montreal?

    • I live in montreal so i can surely highly recommend u some good korean places kawaii asian places~ are chinatown is the legit of kpop merch..they have at least 3 shop that sales kpop merch.. one store call Studio A wich is the biggest kpop store in chinatown. some of the cds are 25$+ but if u know how to bargain well he even might let you to 15$-;)and also they have diff merch as kpop shirt badges acessories..an other store call A+ is also fill with kpop cds but smaller and the price are cheaper. We have a “mall” ish fill with etude product as well:)

  14. where is morning glory in Toronto? Like what’s the address?

    • CALLING ALL CANADIANS!!! Teen Top will be having a concert in Toronto at the Sony center for performing arts, if we are able to reach AT LEAST $150,000 for tickets!! PLEASE if any of you Canadians wish to see Teen Top in Canada, buy your TICKET NOW!! Please tell your friends and other KPOP/Teen top fans!! If this campaign is a success the concert will be on APRIL 3rd 2014 at 7:00pm. I wish to see you all there! Here is the link to the site where you can buy tickets: http://krowdpop.com/campaigns/teen-top-toronto/

  15. Hi Simon and Martinaaa! i love you guys :D but i was wondering if you knew of nay places that sold kpop merch in toronto? thanks :D

    • I didnt remember the exact store but there is about 2 or 3 stores on Bloor Str “Korean Town”, as a matter of fact im going to toronto tomorrow. I will check it out and let you know later :)

      • So you commented on this a year ago, but I’m wondering if you have the names of any of the kpop merch stores you were talking about in Koreatown? I’m desperate to get some Christmas presents for friends but online merch won’t get here in time :( Please let me know :)

  16. I am looking for  a hanbok for my 6 yr old son….is there a shop in koreatown that sells them?

  17. Where can I purchase a kimchi starter jar (known as a Master jar). This has an “S” tube inside for the allowing the gases from the kimchi to escape and not allowing bacteria to grow. Any supplier welcome in Toronto.

  18. i go to the one on christie like at least once every month (most likely more) i cannot leave until i go to a noraebang and eat (usually at roll house or katchi)

  19. You guys’ videos are always so entertaining and I love how aesthetically appealing they are, both in terms of visual and music. Always a delight to watch :D

  20. is there any kpop dance class around korea town here in toronto? I so want to learn. And if they have, any estimates on how much? Thanks…

  21. Can I have the address of Morning Glory ?? Please .

  22. there is a huge korean community in LA. :D there is also a koreantown there too. Its like a whole boulevard dedicated to korean stuff. some streets actually don’t have english names on them D: you have to order food in koeran because almost all the restaurants there speak korean. we ended up ordering like “uhhh number 3 please” or just pointing at it cuz we didn’t know how to say it LOL. a lot of stuff isn’t actually tourist-like. its more of a legit community with doctor offices, chiropractors, supermarkets and stuff. there were of course a couple of things there that were tourist-y but yes….its was a whole bunch of fun tho :D

  23. omgawwwd i totally miss morning glory!!! they had the cutest supplies!!!!!!!!!! but it was non too cheap…

  24. Thanks for the tip on Oh Geul Boh Geul!  We had been going to another place right down the street from it but it is now closed so we were without a regular Korean place.  I tried “The Owl” or whatever that place is called right by OGBG but wasn’t that impressed.  I’ll be heading back to Toronto next weekend so hopefully we can hit it.  On Sunday we are going to an all you can eat Korean BBQ place that my fiancee and her friends all love but I’ve never been there.

  25. Morning Glory! Oh, how I would blow my money at that store. Nearby is a Persian area where my (Perisan) parents and I often go to shop and get some authentic food from the home land but I would always have to make them stop by the Morning Glory to get my fix of cute pencils and stationary. I have since stopped buying from there – I’ve learned to appreciate quality and functionality over cuteness (those darn pencils would always break on me!) but Morning Glory will always have a special place in my heart… (tear)

  26. Hey Simon and Martina! I really enjoy your videos and I really like this one…next month I’m driving 5 hours to Toronto (I live in Ohio) to audition for JYP Entertainment at Toronto Korean Centre and I’m definitely gonna try and visit korea town..I had no idea toronto had one until I seen this video( i’ve only heard of chinatown before) I just love korea and the culture! I really wish I could move to south korea but I only have a degree in healthcare (administration) and it seems as though most forgeiners get jobs teaching english so I don’t know if I would be able to find a job there unless its teaching. Is it common for foreigners to have jobs in healthcare also or is my only option at teaching? Just wondering ^_^

  27. I just realized, my friend was talking about a good karaoke place there, and my other friend lives there, and another found a neat grocery store there, and…
    X___X now I really feel like going even though I don't go out too much in the first place.
    Thanks for your recommendations~ looking forward to it!
    One question though: what does Oh Geul Boh Geul mean?

  28. is there anyplaces in toronto where I can find kpop merch??? like Kpop CD's, Posters, shirts, lightsticks or any of that stuff?
    It would be dissapointing If I went to toronto and didn't find any there :(
    (I'm all the way from the Ajax area :| )

  29. I've been living in Toronto(around Yonge&Sheppard) for almost 8 years now and i gotta say the Koreatown we have around here isn't that great compared to those in other big cities… The one at christie is too old and the finch koreatown is too small!!!! But still, the restaurants are pretty good… Have you guys tried the Bookchangdong tofu place??? It's AWESOME!!!!!!

  30. Hi, this is really awesome. I'm a Korean girl living in Victoria now and I appreciate that you guys are doing this.

  31. thanks to you i found out there was a korea town in Toronto. my sister and i love korea entertainment but we only knew of Chinatown, so that's where we went. We're planning on going to Korea town this weekend, so thank you .

  32. Hi guys.
    Thank you to introduce korea to world and i really enjoy your podcast since may.
    Now i am staying in New York from Vancouver and will visit Toronto.
    Have a great time in Korea and See you later if we have a chance to meet.
    I am actually living in BUPYEONG near your hometown.

  33. Seriously… I HAD to sign up for this website just to leave you guys a comment… seriously… you guys rock!!! I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed seeing my good ole' Korean Towns both in Bloor(the oldie) and North York! Wait, are you guys Torontonians? My youthhood was /pretty much spent on Yonge and Finch(Yes, at the Noraebang there) so yeah watching ur video made me so proud, you know? I will be coming in and out pretty much everyday from now on and so make sure you guys stay healthy and produce as much as you guys can, alrite?
    Have a grrrreat Chu-Seok holiday!!!

  34. lol i went to christie to shop some groceries with my family few weeks ago! I wish I could go to Korea too i went there 2 yrs ago but yaa i miss being there XD

  35. I'm just arrived in Italy from Korea and I miss it!!! I miss hangeul in the streets!!!! I'd want a Koreatown in Italy me too!!!

  36. >> Supposedly there’s a Korean Super-Duper Market in North York,

    Yes, it's called Galleria SM and is located slightly north of Yonge/Steeles @ 7171 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON

    I was there just earlier today actually :)

  37. Hi there, I'm Korean, but now I live in vancouver. I've watched many interesting video. however I'm wondering what equipment did you use when you record videos. Can you let me know that is camcorder or DSLR

  38. i saw u guys on tv and visited your site–
    lol and i think its fantastic^^
    props to your guys sense of humour^ ………and guess what im eating now!?

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