Now that I look at the final edit of the Music Monday, I’m not sure if I made my point clearly enough with 2NE1’s video. Doing videos on the internet means you have to compete with limited attention spans, so you gotta get to your point as soon as you can before people drift off. People have longer attention spans when they’re reading blog posts, though, so I can get a bit more in depth here, I think:

Here’s what I was trying to get at: 2NE1’s video poses a bit of a conundrum for me, and I’m not sure if it’s the core message that poses the conflict or if it’s just that they didn’t get enough time in their video to flesh out the argument. From what I saw, the video in a nutshell suggests “virtual world = bad, real world = good.” Connect more with the real world around you than the virtual world on your phone. My point, though, is this: 2NE1 exists in the virtual world. You view them on your phones and on your laptops and iPads. You don’t know them in real life. You’re lucky if you can see them in concert. There’s nothing real to you about 2NE1, by their definition of real vs virtual, that is.

2NE1’s virtual world is so much more colorful and vivid than Dara’s real monotonous world – both in color and pattern, so Dara’s boyfriend plugs into Virtual Paradise. But…but…real life is better, right? Is that what 2NE1’s getting at? If that’s the case, then isn’t the way the Virtual Paradise is described a lot like how Kpop is described? It’s so much more vivid and colorful. People look different. They speak a different language. They live in a different world. Their music sounds different. And gotdamn they’re so much prettier than we are. Kpop is the virtual paradise. Your life around you is the real world.

Kpop isn’t only a genre of music. I’d argue that it isn’t a genre to begin with, the way Rock and Folk and Electronica are genres, because Kpop has no consistent sound to it. Kpop is more of an aesthetic than a genre. Kpop is more often music for eyes than it is for ears. And the music for eyes that Kpop makes is, for many people outside of Korea, a version of Virtual Paradise.

So, I’m not really sure how 2NE1 can reconcile their video’s message with their careers. Are 2NE1 saying “don’t drink that poison! I just saved you! Here: drink OUR poison instead!” I don’t want to think that 2NE1’s saying that. It’s like us here at Eatyourkimchi saying “get off the internet! YouTube sucks!” when our careers are on the internet.

My basic argument is that I don’t agree with what 2NE1 are posing as opposites. The dichotomy between real world and virtual paradise doesn’t exist. Nothing is virtual. Everything around us is a part of our real lives, and seeking distractions is a part of human existence. If we don’t do it online, we do it in books. If we don’t do it in books we do it in play. If we don’t do it in play we do it in our minds as we walk and think. We do it when we listen to other people’s stories when they talk to us. It’s exceptionally challenging to be in the moment, when so much of what we do depends on things not in our immediate vicinity.

We’re built to think about things outside of us. We’re all escapists in one form or another. Sure, our current world makes it easier for us to do so, by giving us interesting pictures and videos to look at much more easily than it would be for us to conjure them up in the aether of our thoughts. To argue against distraction isn’t going to get us anywhere. I welcome distraction, and so I’m not really agreeing with 2NE1 here.

I will find a middle ground with them, though. Hey: maybe they’re not arguing against all distraction and “virtual paradises” altogether. They might not be arguing against the dichotomy; maybe they’re just arguing for moderation, which is something I can agree with. Don’t check your phone constantly when we’re talking face to face, please. Most people can’t carry on two conversations at once, and talking on your phone makes you suck at talking in person. Unless you’re the rare exception that can keep up with both conversations, in which I don’t mind, but I haven’t yet met someone who can do justice to both at once. Technology’s doing so much to help us connect with others away from us that we’re forgetting how to connect to people in front of us.

Aw hell. That’s too much to talk about in one blog post, but at least I could talk about it more here than I could in the video! I’ll leave it at this: I know we sometimes talk about deep stuff on Kpop Music Monday, like we did in the Cleansing Cream review, the Grasshopper Song review, and now, in a small way, this review. Can we do this for every Kpop Music Monday? No. A lot of kpop videos are very superficial and empty. Some videos use symbolism, but not in any ways that convey messages that interest us. I won’t care about love songs from people that have been singing about love for less time than I’ve been married, because I don’t think that their messages can contribute anything of value to me. Maybe they can be of interest to others. Sorry that we can’t help in that way. The same way some people can read illuminati symbolism into videos, we’re also not interested in those kinds of analyses, because they bore us.

This video, though, had a message that we found stimulating, so we dealt with it more than we did with other, personally less interesting videos. I hope you found this somewhat interesting as well, I hope! Let us know your thoughts and what you take away from it. Are 2NE1 raging against their own careers? Or is there another way to view their hostility towards Virtual Paradise?

Another opinion we need of you, to fan the flames of Fanwar (the Struggle is real!) let us know what comeback you liked more. We can’t agree amongst ourselves. Whose side do you agree with?

On a less serious note: here’s more footage of Spudgy and Meemers being freaking cute as hell!


Aaaand, just in case some people want the 2NEmum video on its own, we made a separate video for it as well. Check it out here if you’re interested :D

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  1. aw seeing spudgy wait at the door made me feel so sad T^T

  2. I just tought that the video was the remake of TOTAL RECALL!!!!

  3. Hmm… I’m surprised that the English wasn’t harped on.

  4. I personally LOVE the acoustic (unplugged) version of Come Back Home that is on the album. It’s my favorite song of the bunch. I don’t mind at all that they incorporated part of it into the music video.

  5. Now all I can think of whenever I hear this song is Spudgy waiting at the door for you guise lol

  6. “There’s nothing real to you about 2NE1″
    I don´t agree, their music is real to us.

    WHY 2NE1 VS GG? WHY S&M WHY????

  8. If someone here didn’t understand the MV, go watch Total Recall and you will get it x) ! If you did understand the MV, go watch Total Recall because it’s good anyway !
    So, I really liked this song but mostly for the Kazoo (Kazoo, I just love to say that with the London accent, it’s brilliant) part because this is 2NE1’s attitude for me.

    Talking now about THE BATTLE ! So I’ve always like 2NE1 even if I disliked some song but I NEVER liked SNSD and I hated everything I heard from them. But seriously, Mr. Mr. is one of the best K-pop song I’ve heard in a while. Disco vibe, cool electro, awesome voices, the bridge has some ballz. I was really pleased to hear something like that in K-pop and, to be honest, I didn’t think it could come from SNSD.
    So what was better, 2NE1’s Come Back Home or SNSD’s Mr Mr ? 2NE1’s MV wins. Of course. Who could possibly argue ? But coming to the music, SNSD’s is definitely more Kpopish so I would go for them this time even if I really like Come Back Home. The only problem for me is that there are really good parts but too many weak ones in this one.

  9. Your shirt Martina… I want it (@_@”)

    Seriously though, I’ve lived enough of what’s in the Forgot My Phone video to be fed up with that kind of behaviour. It’s just lame when the picture is more important than the sight. People at concerts not even raising their eyes to look at the stage as they’re too concerned about how stable their camera is, so as to have better ‘proof’ that they were there. These things are that with which people construct their lives as others see it and, to an extreme, this ‘curating’ becomes more important and validating than having lived that time in the first place. It’s a lot more common than it should be and my takeaway from the MV was just that: don’t forsake the sight for the picture.

  10. This just didn’t do that much for me. I seems way too much like the stuff I hear here in American and that bored me enough that I became REALLY interested in KPop.
    That’s why it didn’t really surprise me that it did so well over here on the Billboard 200. I’m a fan of GaIn and think she’s one of the sexiest women alive…but the group, I don’t dislike them, I’m just not finding anything to be really excited about.

  11. If we’re talking “Come Back Home” V “Mr Mr” I think SNSD won hands down. It’s a better song imo. But I have to admit that I think 2NE1’s album is a lot stronger than SNSD’s ep. Particularly liking Crush at the mo.

  12. I don’t know I like it but I am more of a fan of simplicity. I like when just the suggestion of something is able to convey a message. The message was blaring, it was a strong message, but just not my thing on a personal level. I prefer less fancy and elaborate sets. Either way, it was a good music video and the song was decent enough.

    Also, I know that SNSD and 2NE1 are both kpop groups but I don’t see them as similar enough to be compared. Their songs do not even share the concept, nor do they share the same mood. Not every song needs to be compared just because they come out at the same time. They’re not even within the same company.

  13. I agree with you guys 100% on the video being contradicting. For international fans, myself included, the internet is the ONLY way to get access to K-Pop. I probably wouldn’t be into K-Pop like I am now if not for the internet. How else can I watch K-Pop MVs and performances and TV Shows and get access to the music? Not to mention EYK videos! :D I definitely agree with the exoticness of K-Pop videos and South Korea and foreign appeal of it. I’m interested in different cultures and countries around the world and want to learn more. I’m used to my area and my country and all. Getting to experience something new, different and fresh (at least to someone who’s not from Korea) is an amazing experience. :)

  14. I think they’re saying that something like this shouldn’t happen in the future. We shouldn’t let this happen to people. As our society gets even more advanced, we have to remember that there is a world outside that we cannot forget, even if they do have things like a virtual paradise. Programmed things have no physical feelings like humans; they’re just machines. They might have machines and virtual worlds in the future, but that’s artificial and nothing like REAL human interaction, no matter how real it might seem.

  15. I get Simon’s point, but to me 2NE1 isn’t just in the ‘virtual’ world. You can go to concerts, fan meet/greets, buy CD’s/DVD’s, IRL to oogle the photos and artwork.Or, share the awesomeness while hanging with friends, at school during lunch, chillin’ over the weekend, or shocking everyone at a party with a kickass dance track that leave them wondering who sings it, etc. So in destroying that world, it pushes people to interact and connect on a level that most of us older fans remember, and for me it’s a bit nostalgic.

  16. And all I can say is heck, Meemers is HUGE! o_O

  17. I was calmly agreeing with all the points in the video when all of a sudden anger filled me. SHERLOCK SEASON FOUR COMING BACK IN 2016!!!! I DON’T THINK I CAN SURVIVE THIS HIATUS. I’VE WAITED TWO YEARS BEFORE FOR SEASON THREE. WHAT ARE MOFFAT AND GAITISS TRYING TO DO THE SHERLOCKIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I liked the song, but still i didn’t LOVE it. Did love the video though, very cool.
    2ne1 has been my fav group for a long time, but I totally agree with martina in that I wasn’t really into their more recent songs.
    love CL’s solo songs though.. DAYUMN.

  19. Come Back Home reminds me a lot of Adam Lambert’s Never Close Our Eyes but less coherent and even more over the top.

  20. The music video reminds me of the matrix, but now you’ve mentioned the online/phone world it does make sense. Do you think in the near future we’ll be so involved with our cyber lives that we won’t talk to anyone in real life? Hmm makes me wonder. On a less deep note; omg spudgey and meemers are so adorable! Spudgey looked so happy when you came back home, his little tail wagging, I can’t contain my cuteness feels!!! x3

  21. Martina? What is written on your shirt? Tattooed but …?

  22. Just wanted to know your take on both albums?? which do you prefer??? what songs would you have chosen as the title songs instead of the ones releases??

  23. frankly speaking I don’t follow 2ne1 or have any interesting in the group, It could be because I come to Kpop after they had a major hit and one of the members has not so good reputation so i wasn’t never interesting in looking them up, I don’t listen to their music or watch their MV including this CBH MV. However, this comeback i heard great things about the three songs, crush, happy, and bch from their fans. I first watched 2ne1 cbh was Inkigayo comeback stage wasn’t impressed me at all… i actually thought, so this was what they have been bragging about…the performance was a total mess, on the same Music show, Girls’ Generation also has their comeback, it was good. they also performed 2 songs, I would said Girls’ Generation comeback leave more impression on me, it’s pleasure to the ears and eyes with their voice and dance, the choreography was great and the members are absolutely gorgeous. Their ballad song was also good.

  24. I think the video concept for come back home was great compared to SNSD Mr.Mr. mv.I think the song for both is good but ill have to choose 2ne1.

  25. Actually I think what YG meant is not to stay away from gadget, well it’s similar. I noticed that every time I ate dinner outside, I will see many family instead of interacting with each other, everyone was using gadgets. And tbh my family communicates with each other on the phone instead of talking to each other even though we’re in the same place. As u can see in the MV, even though the guy is with Dara, he still went to the virtual world and interact with “virtual dara” instead of real dara. It shows that people prefer interacting on the virtual world(phone, internet etc) instead of in real life. The guy can do all those sweet lovely things with real dara but instead he choose to interact with “virtual dara”. I think the message is YG wants family to interact with other physically and not through gadgets. After I watchrd the MV and understanding the MV on my point of view, I stopped interacting with my family through phone and started to interact with them more in real life. It’s really a big lesson to me.

    And tbh I prefer 2NE1 comeback. SNSD is good but it just didn’t blow my mind. The song is catchy but not really interested for me. I prefer I Got A Boy tbh. While 2NE1, the MV blowed my mind and the songs literally stuck in my head for days especially Dara’s part “come baby baby come come baby” *ehem dara is not so innocent after all ehem wanting us to “cum”* All the songs in 2NE1 new album all so good and I think it’s probably the best album for this year for now. I’m not being biased but the way SM handled SNSD for this comeback kinda ruined it. A sone friend of mine told me about it and I feel bad actually. So I prefer 2NE1.

  26. For a moment there, after I read the second paragraph, I was afraid that I wouldn’t like what you were about to say. Fortunately, that was not the case at all, and for that brief prejudice on my behalf, I apologize. I perfectly understand the way you used that contradiction to strengthen your point and it was beautifully executed.

    If I were to base my understanding of this video on the perception that it wants to emphasize the real and the virtual worlds as completely different entities, one as good and the other as bad, your analysis is flawless. I really don’t have anything to add, I agree with everything you said. However, I can think of a couple more reasons why YG chose this concept for 2NE1’s video, one of them a lot more symbolic and praiseworthy than the other.

    I’ll start with the more simplistic one. There are currently quite a few scenarios that are appealing to the mainstream audience. YG producers took advantage of one of them that seems to be trending these days, which is this ‘anarchist turned hero’ concept. Freedom fighters trying to save a world that is hypnotized by the system, but at the same time finding themselves struggling with the temptation, ’cause evidently, in order to spread their message as widely as possible, they have to go online, where most of the people are, which is the big irony. However, like zombies and vampires. this scenario is purely fantastic. We like to watch them play out on screen, but they don’t pose a real threat to our normal lives. If doing something ‘cool’ was the sole purpose the producers had when picking this concept, they clearly failed, ’cause the message contradicts their whole careers and existences. Either they are part of the problem in their own POV, or they illustrated a situation that applies nowhere in our reality.

    Another scenario is the one I wish they attempted to portray in this video. The creators of this MV acknowledge the virtual world does overlap with the real one, they relate to one another in such a powerful way that they bonded into a more complex reality. It is the natural order of things. Our feelings and emotions are undeniably parts of real existence. That being said, happiness is individually subjective, it only exists in our own perception of things, it’s not palpable, it’s not floating around, but nevertheless, it’s real and our search for it exceeds beyond any physical limit. You can be in the happiest, realest place on earth, like Disneyland (it’s not even remotely the happiest place in the world for me, I’m just trying to make a point) and still feeling like your imagination can easily top that experience. Some people, though, don’t seem to want to accept that what’s in front of them may be less than they need in order to be fulfilled. They are stuck and take the easy way out, which is to blame technology for ruining the people around them, instead of accepting that others have found different ways to feel joy and follow their example to use technology as a tool in finding what they are actually looking for. There are people similar to them. Maybe in some cases they aren’t in their surroundings, but still exist and even if the online portals are virtual, they connect you to real people, some maybe closer that you might think.
    Dara’s character in particular is symbolic of this type of behavior. She and her boyfriend are obviously incompatible. They don’t seem able to make each other happy, but she’s too comfortable not being alone and is afraid to let go. He, on the other hand, tries to escape his miserable life and after some failed attempts with alcohol and pills, finds a better way through the virtual world. In consequence of ignoring the facts and failing to understand what he’s going through, she tries to save him by destroying that ‘virtual paradise’ alongside Bom, CL and Minzy.

    The thing is, as we see in the last frame on the screen, no real change has occurred in the real world. It still looks the same and the virtual is still there, on the screen, exactly where it should be. That scene, for me, concludes the mystery behind the reason for choosing this concept. I think this is what the producers were all about. They wanted to emphasize that too much energy is wasted on trying to fight this system, when we should actually embrace it, use it responsibly to our benefits and live our real lives in full awareness of our constantly evolving society, as well as our personal state of mind. Evolution is based on foundation. We build and improve things based on already proven knowledge and most of the times it works. All we have is part of our existence and instead of wasting our efforts on demolishing things for personal lack of understanding, we should look at the bigger picture and improve it the best way we can.

    Anyway, this is more or less what I took from this video and if it was the intended approach, I think it’s pretty ballsy. Now to address the poll, I must say even though it doesn’t follow a constant path, 2NE1’s album definitely stands out between every other K-pop release so far. It’s a bit of an unfair comparison between 2NE1 and SNSD though. Each of them is the best at what they set to achieve, but I’d pick 2NE1 every time.

  27. One would have assume that because the article was about 2ne1 that 2ne1 would win the poll….. not so much!

  28. 8 votes difference across nearly 16K votes that’s a virtual tie. I’m torn as to who has the best comeback. I’m biased, 2NE1 wins, but just. Mr Mr is great, Come Back Home is why I love 2NE1. 2NE1 (and CL) had 4 okay songs in a row, SNSD last song was a mess IMHO. 2NE1 had a longer streak, SNSD a greater pit to dig out of.

  29. 2NE1 come back hom mv youtube Kpop ranking 1 , happy mv 3.. psy 2.snsd.4
    2NE1 come back hom mv youtube Kpop ranking 1 , happy mv 3.. psy 2.snsd.4
    2NE1 come back hom mv youtube Kpop ranking 1 , happy mv 3.. psy 2.snsd.4..

  30. 2NE1 come back hom mv youtube Kpop ranking 1 , happy mv 3.. psy 2.snsd.4
    2NE1 come back hom mv youtube Kpop ranking 1 , happy mv 3.. psy 2.snsd.4
    2NE1 come back hom mv youtube Kpop ranking 1 , happy mv 3.. psy 2.snsd.4

  31. 2NE1 come back hom mv youtube Kpop ranking 1 , happy mv 3.. psy 2.snsd.4
    2NE1 come back hom mv youtube Kpop ranking 1 , happy mv 3.. psy 2.snsd.4
    2NE1 come back hom mv youtube Kpop ranking 1 , happy mv 3.. psy 2.snsd.4

  32. i love this review and your insight on the video is great :’D (andalsohowcouldgirlsgeneration’svideoevencomparetothisqualityofvideoandmeaning.forreal.thiswasthebest2ne1videoEVER.)
    although i kinda have to disagree on the acoustic part i loved it :D i noticed that in the acoustic part, CL is wearing animal-print clothing and her hair looks like an animal mane. they also put her up against a background of palm tree leaves at one point. then she gets plugged into the digital device – i don’t even know if that holds significance, but just the idea of a very natural, wild animal being plugged into something so manmade seemed interesting to me.

  33. I feel bad for doing this to 2NE1, but this time SNSD won in my books. I have always loved both groups, but I was more on 2NE1’s side. I feel like I am alone here, but I didnt.. really.. enjoy …. their comeback :c ! The song Come Back Home is too inconsistent to me, although the video is great! I honestly think Happy is a better song, but it is not really a song I want to hear on replay all day! Mr. Mr. was not as great a video, but the song is addicting. SNSD did a fabulous job not only on Mr. Mr., but the rest of their new songs as well! I have not heard such great music like this from in a while, but on 2NE1’s part, I am still waiting for something really great! I loved the video guys and Martina: Orange Caramel MV is finally out and it is phenomenal! Hope you guys like it too!

    • Inconsistent because maybe you just want a straightforward pop song and dont want to be hassled about the meaning of a song.

      • No, not for that reason. I mean sound wise. Throughout the video it seemed like I was listening to 3 different songs at moments. It was too much for me I guess! The meaning is nice though. I didnt really grasp it until Simon and Martina explained!

    • I totally agree with you! I thought I was the only one that wasn’t impressed with 2NE1s comeback this time. I don’t usually listen to Girls Generation, so I was surprised that I like Mr Mr so much! Thanks for posting this, now I feel a little less guilty…

  34. Well, I like Mr Mr best as a song, but CRUSH is truly great the whole way through. Also, 2NE1’s video was so great, but I was so mad at how uneven the screentime was in SNSD’s that it ruined the enjoyment I had.

  35. ahahaa, luv how you slid in your addiction for Sherlock!! ;)

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