Now that I look at the final edit of the Music Monday, I’m not sure if I made my point clearly enough with 2NE1′s video. Doing videos on the internet means you have to compete with limited attention spans, so you gotta get to your point as soon as you can before people drift off. People have longer attention spans when they’re reading blog posts, though, so I can get a bit more in depth here, I think:

Here’s what I was trying to get at: 2NE1′s video poses a bit of a conundrum for me, and I’m not sure if it’s the core message that poses the conflict or if it’s just that they didn’t get enough time in their video to flesh out the argument. From what I saw, the video in a nutshell suggests “virtual world = bad, real world = good.” Connect more with the real world around you than the virtual world on your phone. My point, though, is this: 2NE1 exists in the virtual world. You view them on your phones and on your laptops and iPads. You don’t know them in real life. You’re lucky if you can see them in concert. There’s nothing real to you about 2NE1, by their definition of real vs virtual, that is.

2NE1′s virtual world is so much more colorful and vivid than Dara’s real monotonous world – both in color and pattern, so Dara’s boyfriend plugs into Virtual Paradise. But…but…real life is better, right? Is that what 2NE1′s getting at? If that’s the case, then isn’t the way the Virtual Paradise is described a lot like how Kpop is described? It’s so much more vivid and colorful. People look different. They speak a different language. They live in a different world. Their music sounds different. And gotdamn they’re so much prettier than we are. Kpop is the virtual paradise. Your life around you is the real world.

Kpop isn’t only a genre of music. I’d argue that it isn’t a genre to begin with, the way Rock and Folk and Electronica are genres, because Kpop has no consistent sound to it. Kpop is more of an aesthetic than a genre. Kpop is more often music for eyes than it is for ears. And the music for eyes that Kpop makes is, for many people outside of Korea, a version of Virtual Paradise.

So, I’m not really sure how 2NE1 can reconcile their video’s message with their careers. Are 2NE1 saying “don’t drink that poison! I just saved you! Here: drink OUR poison instead!” I don’t want to think that 2NE1′s saying that. It’s like us here at Eatyourkimchi saying “get off the internet! YouTube sucks!” when our careers are on the internet.

My basic argument is that I don’t agree with what 2NE1 are posing as opposites. The dichotomy between real world and virtual paradise doesn’t exist. Nothing is virtual. Everything around us is a part of our real lives, and seeking distractions is a part of human existence. If we don’t do it online, we do it in books. If we don’t do it in books we do it in play. If we don’t do it in play we do it in our minds as we walk and think. We do it when we listen to other people’s stories when they talk to us. It’s exceptionally challenging to be in the moment, when so much of what we do depends on things not in our immediate vicinity.

We’re built to think about things outside of us. We’re all escapists in one form or another. Sure, our current world makes it easier for us to do so, by giving us interesting pictures and videos to look at much more easily than it would be for us to conjure them up in the aether of our thoughts. To argue against distraction isn’t going to get us anywhere. I welcome distraction, and so I’m not really agreeing with 2NE1 here.

I will find a middle ground with them, though. Hey: maybe they’re not arguing against all distraction and “virtual paradises” altogether. They might not be arguing against the dichotomy; maybe they’re just arguing for moderation, which is something I can agree with. Don’t check your phone constantly when we’re talking face to face, please. Most people can’t carry on two conversations at once, and talking on your phone makes you suck at talking in person. Unless you’re the rare exception that can keep up with both conversations, in which I don’t mind, but I haven’t yet met someone who can do justice to both at once. Technology’s doing so much to help us connect with others away from us that we’re forgetting how to connect to people in front of us.

Aw hell. That’s too much to talk about in one blog post, but at least I could talk about it more here than I could in the video! I’ll leave it at this: I know we sometimes talk about deep stuff on Kpop Music Monday, like we did in the Cleansing Cream review, the Grasshopper Song review, and now, in a small way, this review. Can we do this for every Kpop Music Monday? No. A lot of kpop videos are very superficial and empty. Some videos use symbolism, but not in any ways that convey messages that interest us. I won’t care about love songs from people that have been singing about love for less time than I’ve been married, because I don’t think that their messages can contribute anything of value to me. Maybe they can be of interest to others. Sorry that we can’t help in that way. The same way some people can read illuminati symbolism into videos, we’re also not interested in those kinds of analyses, because they bore us.

This video, though, had a message that we found stimulating, so we dealt with it more than we did with other, personally less interesting videos. I hope you found this somewhat interesting as well, I hope! Let us know your thoughts and what you take away from it. Are 2NE1 raging against their own careers? Or is there another way to view their hostility towards Virtual Paradise?

Another opinion we need of you, to fan the flames of Fanwar (the Struggle is real!) let us know what comeback you liked more. We can’t agree amongst ourselves. Whose side do you agree with?

On a less serious note: here’s more footage of Spudgy and Meemers being freaking cute as hell!


Aaaand, just in case some people want the 2NEmum video on its own, we made a separate video for it as well. Check it out here if you’re interested :D

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  1. I just tought that the video was the remake of TOTAL RECALL!!!!

  2. 2ne1 is the best in the world

  3. Wishy

    Hmm… I’m surprised that the English wasn’t harped on.

  4. I personally LOVE the acoustic (unplugged) version of Come Back Home that is on the album. It’s my favorite song of the bunch. I don’t mind at all that they incorporated part of it into the music video.

  5. Now all I can think of whenever I hear this song is Spudgy waiting at the door for you guise lol

  6. “There’s nothing real to you about 2NE1″
    I don´t agree, their music is real to us.

    WHY 2NE1 VS GG? WHY S&M WHY????

  8. Simon Gheeraert

    If someone here didn’t understand the MV, go watch Total Recall and you will get it x) ! If you did understand the MV, go watch Total Recall because it’s good anyway !
    So, I really liked this song but mostly for the Kazoo (Kazoo, I just love to say that with the London accent, it’s brilliant) part because this is 2NE1′s attitude for me.

    Talking now about THE BATTLE ! So I’ve always like 2NE1 even if I disliked some song but I NEVER liked SNSD and I hated everything I heard from them. But seriously, Mr. Mr. is one of the best K-pop song I’ve heard in a while. Disco vibe, cool electro, awesome voices, the bridge has some ballz. I was really pleased to hear something like that in K-pop and, to be honest, I didn’t think it could come from SNSD.
    So what was better, 2NE1′s Come Back Home or SNSD’s Mr Mr ? 2NE1′s MV wins. Of course. Who could possibly argue ? But coming to the music, SNSD’s is definitely more Kpopish so I would go for them this time even if I really like Come Back Home. The only problem for me is that there are really good parts but too many weak ones in this one.

  9. Your shirt Martina… I want it (@_@”)

    Seriously though, I’ve lived enough of what’s in the Forgot My Phone video to be fed up with that kind of behaviour. It’s just lame when the picture is more important than the sight. People at concerts not even raising their eyes to look at the stage as they’re too concerned about how stable their camera is, so as to have better ‘proof’ that they were there. These things are that with which people construct their lives as others see it and, to an extreme, this ‘curating’ becomes more important and validating than having lived that time in the first place. It’s a lot more common than it should be and my takeaway from the MV was just that: don’t forsake the sight for the picture.

  10. This just didn’t do that much for me. I seems way too much like the stuff I hear here in American and that bored me enough that I became REALLY interested in KPop.
    That’s why it didn’t really surprise me that it did so well over here on the Billboard 200. I’m a fan of GaIn and think she’s one of the sexiest women alive…but the group, I don’t dislike them, I’m just not finding anything to be really excited about.

  11. SNSD all the way!

  12. If we’re talking “Come Back Home” V “Mr Mr” I think SNSD won hands down. It’s a better song imo. But I have to admit that I think 2NE1′s album is a lot stronger than SNSD’s ep. Particularly liking Crush at the mo.

  13. I don’t know I like it but I am more of a fan of simplicity. I like when just the suggestion of something is able to convey a message. The message was blaring, it was a strong message, but just not my thing on a personal level. I prefer less fancy and elaborate sets. Either way, it was a good music video and the song was decent enough.

    Also, I know that SNSD and 2NE1 are both kpop groups but I don’t see them as similar enough to be compared. Their songs do not even share the concept, nor do they share the same mood. Not every song needs to be compared just because they come out at the same time. They’re not even within the same company.

  14. I agree with you guys 100% on the video being contradicting. For international fans, myself included, the internet is the ONLY way to get access to K-Pop. I probably wouldn’t be into K-Pop like I am now if not for the internet. How else can I watch K-Pop MVs and performances and TV Shows and get access to the music? Not to mention EYK videos! :D I definitely agree with the exoticness of K-Pop videos and South Korea and foreign appeal of it. I’m interested in different cultures and countries around the world and want to learn more. I’m used to my area and my country and all. Getting to experience something new, different and fresh (at least to someone who’s not from Korea) is an amazing experience. :)

  15. Jiang Mei

    I think they’re saying that something like this shouldn’t happen in the future. We shouldn’t let this happen to people. As our society gets even more advanced, we have to remember that there is a world outside that we cannot forget, even if they do have things like a virtual paradise. Programmed things have no physical feelings like humans; they’re just machines. They might have machines and virtual worlds in the future, but that’s artificial and nothing like REAL human interaction, no matter how real it might seem.

  16. I get Simon’s point, but to me 2NE1 isn’t just in the ‘virtual’ world. You can go to concerts, fan meet/greets, buy CD’s/DVD’s, IRL to oogle the photos and artwork.Or, share the awesomeness while hanging with friends, at school during lunch, chillin’ over the weekend, or shocking everyone at a party with a kickass dance track that leave them wondering who sings it, etc. So in destroying that world, it pushes people to interact and connect on a level that most of us older fans remember, and for me it’s a bit nostalgic.

  17. And all I can say is heck, Meemers is HUGE! o_O

  18. I was calmly agreeing with all the points in the video when all of a sudden anger filled me. SHERLOCK SEASON FOUR COMING BACK IN 2016!!!! I DON’T THINK I CAN SURVIVE THIS HIATUS. I’VE WAITED TWO YEARS BEFORE FOR SEASON THREE. WHAT ARE MOFFAT AND GAITISS TRYING TO DO THE SHERLOCKIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I liked the song, but still i didn’t LOVE it. Did love the video though, very cool.
    2ne1 has been my fav group for a long time, but I totally agree with martina in that I wasn’t really into their more recent songs.
    love CL’s solo songs though.. DAYUMN.

  20. Come Back Home reminds me a lot of Adam Lambert’s Never Close Our Eyes but less coherent and even more over the top.

  21. Cosmic Cat

    The music video reminds me of the matrix, but now you’ve mentioned the online/phone world it does make sense. Do you think in the near future we’ll be so involved with our cyber lives that we won’t talk to anyone in real life? Hmm makes me wonder. On a less deep note; omg spudgey and meemers are so adorable! Spudgey looked so happy when you came back home, his little tail wagging, I can’t contain my cuteness feels!!! x3

  22. Martina? What is written on your shirt? Tattooed but …?

  23. Just wanted to know your take on both albums?? which do you prefer??? what songs would you have chosen as the title songs instead of the ones releases??

  24. 2NE1 for the win

  25. frankly speaking I don’t follow 2ne1 or have any interesting in the group, It could be because I come to Kpop after they had a major hit and one of the members has not so good reputation so i wasn’t never interesting in looking them up, I don’t listen to their music or watch their MV including this CBH MV. However, this comeback i heard great things about the three songs, crush, happy, and bch from their fans. I first watched 2ne1 cbh was Inkigayo comeback stage wasn’t impressed me at all… i actually thought, so this was what they have been bragging about…the performance was a total mess, on the same Music show, Girls’ Generation also has their comeback, it was good. they also performed 2 songs, I would said Girls’ Generation comeback leave more impression on me, it’s pleasure to the ears and eyes with their voice and dance, the choreography was great and the members are absolutely gorgeous. Their ballad song was also good.

    • I feel the same way. I’m also a newbie with Kpop. So far 2NE1 hasn’t impressed me. Specially because I don’t like their heavy productions and use of autotune on songs. But their fans assume that I just hate them.

  26. I think the video concept for come back home was great compared to SNSD Mr.Mr. mv.I think the song for both is good but ill have to choose 2ne1.

  27. Actually I think what YG meant is not to stay away from gadget, well it’s similar. I noticed that every time I ate dinner outside, I will see many family instead of interacting with each other, everyone was using gadgets. And tbh my family communicates with each other on the phone instead of talking to each other even though we’re in the same place. As u can see in the MV, even though the guy is with Dara, he still went to the virtual world and interact with “virtual dara” instead of real dara. It shows that people prefer interacting on the virtual world(phone, internet etc) instead of in real life. The guy can do all those sweet lovely things with real dara but instead he choose to interact with “virtual dara”. I think the message is YG wants family to interact with other physically and not through gadgets. After I watchrd the MV and understanding the MV on my point of view, I stopped interacting with my family through phone and started to interact with them more in real life. It’s really a big lesson to me.

    And tbh I prefer 2NE1 comeback. SNSD is good but it just didn’t blow my mind. The song is catchy but not really interested for me. I prefer I Got A Boy tbh. While 2NE1, the MV blowed my mind and the songs literally stuck in my head for days especially Dara’s part “come baby baby come come baby” *ehem dara is not so innocent after all ehem wanting us to “cum”* All the songs in 2NE1 new album all so good and I think it’s probably the best album for this year for now. I’m not being biased but the way SM handled SNSD for this comeback kinda ruined it. A sone friend of mine told me about it and I feel bad actually. So I prefer 2NE1.

  28. For a moment there, after I read the second paragraph, I was afraid that I wouldn’t like what you were about to say. Fortunately, that was not the case at all, and for that brief prejudice on my behalf, I apologize. I perfectly understand the way you used that contradiction to strengthen your point and it was beautifully executed.

    If I were to base my understanding of this video on the perception that it wants to emphasize the real and the virtual worlds as completely different entities, one as good and the other as bad, your analysis is flawless. I really don’t have anything to add, I agree with everything you said. However, I can think of a couple more reasons why YG chose this concept for 2NE1′s video, one of them a lot more symbolic and praiseworthy than the other.

    I’ll start with the more simplistic one. There are currently quite a few scenarios that are appealing to the mainstream audience. YG producers took advantage of one of them that seems to be trending these days, which is this ‘anarchist turned hero’ concept. Freedom fighters trying to save a world that is hypnotized by the system, but at the same time finding themselves struggling with the temptation, ’cause evidently, in order to spread their message as widely as possible, they have to go online, where most of the people are, which is the big irony. However, like zombies and vampires. this scenario is purely fantastic. We like to watch them play out on screen, but they don’t pose a real threat to our normal lives. If doing something ‘cool’ was the sole purpose the producers had when picking this concept, they clearly failed, ’cause the message contradicts their whole careers and existences. Either they are part of the problem in their own POV, or they illustrated a situation that applies nowhere in our reality.

    Another scenario is the one I wish they attempted to portray in this video. The creators of this MV acknowledge the virtual world does overlap with the real one, they relate to one another in such a powerful way that they bonded into a more complex reality. It is the natural order of things. Our feelings and emotions are undeniably parts of real existence. That being said, happiness is individually subjective, it only exists in our own perception of things, it’s not palpable, it’s not floating around, but nevertheless, it’s real and our search for it exceeds beyond any physical limit. You can be in the happiest, realest place on earth, like Disneyland (it’s not even remotely the happiest place in the world for me, I’m just trying to make a point) and still feeling like your imagination can easily top that experience. Some people, though, don’t seem to want to accept that what’s in front of them may be less than they need in order to be fulfilled. They are stuck and take the easy way out, which is to blame technology for ruining the people around them, instead of accepting that others have found different ways to feel joy and follow their example to use technology as a tool in finding what they are actually looking for. There are people similar to them. Maybe in some cases they aren’t in their surroundings, but still exist and even if the online portals are virtual, they connect you to real people, some maybe closer that you might think.
    Dara’s character in particular is symbolic of this type of behavior. She and her boyfriend are obviously incompatible. They don’t seem able to make each other happy, but she’s too comfortable not being alone and is afraid to let go. He, on the other hand, tries to escape his miserable life and after some failed attempts with alcohol and pills, finds a better way through the virtual world. In consequence of ignoring the facts and failing to understand what he’s going through, she tries to save him by destroying that ‘virtual paradise’ alongside Bom, CL and Minzy.

    The thing is, as we see in the last frame on the screen, no real change has occurred in the real world. It still looks the same and the virtual is still there, on the screen, exactly where it should be. That scene, for me, concludes the mystery behind the reason for choosing this concept. I think this is what the producers were all about. They wanted to emphasize that too much energy is wasted on trying to fight this system, when we should actually embrace it, use it responsibly to our benefits and live our real lives in full awareness of our constantly evolving society, as well as our personal state of mind. Evolution is based on foundation. We build and improve things based on already proven knowledge and most of the times it works. All we have is part of our existence and instead of wasting our efforts on demolishing things for personal lack of understanding, we should look at the bigger picture and improve it the best way we can.

    Anyway, this is more or less what I took from this video and if it was the intended approach, I think it’s pretty ballsy. Now to address the poll, I must say even though it doesn’t follow a constant path, 2NE1′s album definitely stands out between every other K-pop release so far. It’s a bit of an unfair comparison between 2NE1 and SNSD though. Each of them is the best at what they set to achieve, but I’d pick 2NE1 every time.

  29. One would have assume that because the article was about 2ne1 that 2ne1 would win the poll….. not so much!

  30. Richard Hollingsworth

    8 votes difference across nearly 16K votes that’s a virtual tie. I’m torn as to who has the best comeback. I’m biased, 2NE1 wins, but just. Mr Mr is great, Come Back Home is why I love 2NE1. 2NE1 (and CL) had 4 okay songs in a row, SNSD last song was a mess IMHO. 2NE1 had a longer streak, SNSD a greater pit to dig out of.

  31. 2NE1 come back hom mv youtube Kpop ranking 1 , happy mv 3.. psy 2.snsd.4
    2NE1 come back hom mv youtube Kpop ranking 1 , happy mv 3.. psy 2.snsd.4
    2NE1 come back hom mv youtube Kpop ranking 1 , happy mv 3.. psy 2.snsd.4..

  32. 2NE1 come back hom mv youtube Kpop ranking 1 , happy mv 3.. psy 2.snsd.4
    2NE1 come back hom mv youtube Kpop ranking 1 , happy mv 3.. psy 2.snsd.4
    2NE1 come back hom mv youtube Kpop ranking 1 , happy mv 3.. psy 2.snsd.4

  33. 2NE1 come back hom mv youtube Kpop ranking 1 , happy mv 3.. psy 2.snsd.4
    2NE1 come back hom mv youtube Kpop ranking 1 , happy mv 3.. psy 2.snsd.4
    2NE1 come back hom mv youtube Kpop ranking 1 , happy mv 3.. psy 2.snsd.4

  34. i love this review and your insight on the video is great :’D (andalsohowcouldgirlsgeneration’svideoevencomparetothisqualityofvideoandmeaning.forreal.thiswasthebest2ne1videoEVER.)
    although i kinda have to disagree on the acoustic part i loved it :D i noticed that in the acoustic part, CL is wearing animal-print clothing and her hair looks like an animal mane. they also put her up against a background of palm tree leaves at one point. then she gets plugged into the digital device – i don’t even know if that holds significance, but just the idea of a very natural, wild animal being plugged into something so manmade seemed interesting to me.

  35. I feel bad for doing this to 2NE1, but this time SNSD won in my books. I have always loved both groups, but I was more on 2NE1′s side. I feel like I am alone here, but I didnt.. really.. enjoy …. their comeback :c ! The song Come Back Home is too inconsistent to me, although the video is great! I honestly think Happy is a better song, but it is not really a song I want to hear on replay all day! Mr. Mr. was not as great a video, but the song is addicting. SNSD did a fabulous job not only on Mr. Mr., but the rest of their new songs as well! I have not heard such great music like this from in a while, but on 2NE1′s part, I am still waiting for something really great! I loved the video guys and Martina: Orange Caramel MV is finally out and it is phenomenal! Hope you guys like it too!

    • I totally agree with you! I thought I was the only one that wasn’t impressed with 2NE1s comeback this time. I don’t usually listen to Girls Generation, so I was surprised that I like Mr Mr so much! Thanks for posting this, now I feel a little less guilty…

    • Inconsistent because maybe you just want a straightforward pop song and dont want to be hassled about the meaning of a song.

      • No, not for that reason. I mean sound wise. Throughout the video it seemed like I was listening to 3 different songs at moments. It was too much for me I guess! The meaning is nice though. I didnt really grasp it until Simon and Martina explained!

  36. Well, I like Mr Mr best as a song, but CRUSH is truly great the whole way through. Also, 2NE1′s video was so great, but I was so mad at how uneven the screentime was in SNSD’s that it ruined the enjoyment I had.

  37. Neither. Orange Caramel FTW!

  38. Cara Rose

    ahahaa, luv how you slid in your addiction for Sherlock!! ;)

  39. Tam

    Aw shiz Girls’ Generation is beating 2NE1 on the poll. D:
    As for the break in the song with CL rapping from the unplugged version…AT LEAST IT WAS CLASSIER THAN GG’s “I Got a Boy”, because the breaks in “I Got a Boy” were just…cringe-worthy and NOT CLASSY.
    I happened to really enjoy the placement of the unplugged segment. It sounded pretty nice to me…I love the cello part with the guitar. <3
    I also thought "Mr. Mr." was not even that catchy. Being 2NE1-biased, I really truly honestly tried to listen with a fair ear…but even the very beginning of "Come Back Home" had me intrigued with those notes on the marimba or whatever that instrument was. I was pretty hooked from that, while I can't even remember what "Mr. Mr." sounds like, and I watched it at least five or six times in a row.

  40. I loved “Come Back Home”! It was so good, although i do agree that the acoustic was kinda random. However 2Ne1 Trumps Girls Generation BIG TIME!!!!!!

  41. Video wise, 2NE1 but song wise SNSD. Its SNSD. Its always SNSD because the song sells not the video. But who won Youtube video music awards? SNSD. Sorry 2NE1 but SNSD is QUEEN!!!!

  42. i didn’t really like this song, I don’t know why :(

  43. highlight of the music monday: the spudgy+meemers song!!

  44. AgentMidnight

    I adore both SNSD and 2ne1, but I have to say, 2ne1 had a better comeback.

    SNSD’s Mr.Mr. was pretty good, the video not so much. Their album was okay, but my personal favorite song was Soul, which was a Korean remake of a Chinese song. Goodbye and Wait A Minute were the better tracks on the album.

    2ne1 came back with Come Back Home, an okay song (in my opinion) and great video. But their album had amazing songs like Crush, MTBD, and Gotta Be You. Especially after the not-so-great singles in 2013, their album was the best thing we could’ve gotten.

  45. Macaroni and cheese … Lol

  46. I loved 2NE1′s MV, it may have been chaotic but it was also extremely visually pleasing.

    What I interpreted from this video is that the real world dara & the rest of 2ne1 are isolated from those who use technology every waking minute to feel happy in the dystopia they live in. 2NE1 enters the virtual realm to see what its like, and hate it’s overindulgence and so they destroy it. I don’t think 2NE1′s saying “technology is bad” but to use it in moderation as y’all have said. 2NE1 in the song wants real human connection, to “come back home”, for people to stop overdoing one thing.

  47. I loved 2NE1′s comeback, and I was genuinely surprised that not everyone liked it, at least a little. At first the kazoo bit threw me but I loved the reggae, strong melodies and chord sequences and altogether it was a really interesting and original song, even compared to their other songs. It was more mature and I wondered if “Come Back Home” could have been a call to Blackjacks to come back home to mama 2NE1 as well? Anyway I loved it and the video only made me love it more.

    The sci-fi theme pleasantly surprised me considering the reggae, but I thought it was a nice twist which suited the song and was a suitably developed, large scale and different concept for 2NE1 since Missing You etc, whilst also tying in nicely with All Or Nothing. The production values really helped, the money was worth it for the movie epic-ness and it was much more pleasant to watch, personally, than SNSD’s MV, which was ordinary at best. I don’t know if it was because of the data losses but SNSD’s MV was underwhelming for me, I’m not a SONE but I expected something really awesome after a year and Mr Mr didn’t deliver that, whereas 2NE1 did. I really wanted to like Mr Mr, if only to support SNSD and K-Pop, but it was just meh for me. All the points I liked (e.g. suits, cuff dance and concept) were OK but could have been so much better. The song also was meh, good, but not ground-breaking and while I know IGAB was too much, it was at least more interesting. I don’t think Mr Mr will be a notable page in SNSD’s history whereas I think Come Back Home will.

    As for the meaning of this video, I think YG said it was about immersion in the digital world and overusing phones and stuff, but TBH I don’t think they would have thought about the meaning so much as to consider Simon’s point above. I think they were just trying to make a good video with a clear message and hint of symbolism, as opposed to genuinely trying to make a statement about changing things. Such is K-Pop. I appreciated it though, and it’s a relatively non-cliché concept which made the love lyrics more meaningful, far-reaching and accessible.

    The album I didn’t love at first, but it’s really grown on me. I hated Crush at first but then I also hated IATB at first, so there you go; I love it now, especially those English lines they take turns on. All the other songs I like either some or a lot; they all have very particular identities, in terms of genre and what they are for 2NE1, and the whole album is overall very varied, there’s a song for everyone. It is perhaps lacking a little cohesion, I think their 2nd mini album with IATB, Hate You, Go Away and Ugly was better, if only because they were all awesome songs with individuality AND consistency, but still, a great listen and worth the wait.

    Also, 2NE1′s styling and fashion was amazing as usual, don’t even need to discuss it, and while I anticipated SNSD vs 2NE1 I agree that there’s no real use comparing; they are different in purpose and concept and so they don’t aim for the same things in K-Pop. SNSD doesn’t need to have ground-breaking music or concepts and 2NE1 doesn’t need to have perfectly synchronised ground-breaking choreography. I personally like 2NE1 more if only because I found them first; I love that the members are SO differentiated and that there are so FEW (which I absolutely didn’t appreciate when I first found them and K-Pop, I appreciate it a lot more now).

    Sorry for long comment, loved Meemers’ voice and the lipsynching quotes! :D

  48. My interpretation of the MV was that the virtual paradise was a place where people who are (terminally) ill go to, to forget their disease and live happily and painless untill they die. And you know how a lot of people are, those kind of things are ok, as long it doens’t affect them. Now, Dara (in the beginning) might also be thinking that the virtual paradise is good, but Dara’s boyfriend suddenly is one of those people who are dying and wants to escape the pain (I’m thinking this ’cause there’s a scene where they’re sitting at the table and he’s crushing pills with a spoon. Those pills might be painkillers and the fact that he’s crushing them may stand for him being sick of taking pain medicine and being sick). She first accepts his choice, but seeing him lying there makes her sad and angry. The other 3 members have experienced similar losses and the 4 of them decide to destroy this virtual paradise. Now, some of you who are reading this might think, “why would they want to destroy that? It’s kinda a good idea”. Simple, the people who choose to die in this virtual world might be happy, but the people left behind are, well, left behind. The virtual paradise is advertised as a happy and good thing for everyone, but the truth is that the people left behind are still hurting just as much as when natural death occurs, maybe even more. The fact that these people choose to die in virtual happiness might give the people left behind a feeling of being robbed from their last moments together. Destoying the virtual paradise might come across as “you can’t die happily”, but it can also be seen as giving the people a last few precious moments together. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into this :D

    And about the comebacks, I personally like 2NE1′s comeback more, ’cause when I listen to both songs, 2NE1 has a lot more parts that were stuck in my head after only one listen (like the kazoo breakdown and the “come back ho~me”). SNSD’s song just didn’t do it for me. Also, when I heard that 2NE1 title song was gonna be called “Come Back Home”, the first thing I thought about was Seo Taiji and Boys’ “Come Back Home” and with papa YG being part of Seo Taiji and Boys I was expecting a lot and became really excited for this comeback (despite Seo Taeji being from before my time :p). And when I heard that SNSD’s song was going to be called “Mr.Mr”, the first thing I thought about was the boyband Mr.Mr. … I obviously was not the only one who thought that and, well, we all know what happened after that, so yeah (Sidenote, I like Mr.Mr’s Mr.Mr more than SNSD’s Mr.Mr, just putting that out there as well :p). On top of that, I feel that 2NE1′s song has a much deeper meaning and has a lot more raw emotion put into the vocals. Just listening to the song makes me all nostalgic and sad. I get the same feeling as when I reminisce about the past and how good it was and how I’d do anything to go back, but that’s just me. Yup, that was it. But apart from all that, 2NE1 FIGHTING!!! SNSD FIGHTING!!!

  49. I prefer SNSD’s song but 2ne1′s video. Then again, I’m kind of ambivalent towards both groups beyond, like, three or four songs that they’ve released.

    That said, I actually really enjoyed this MM because of the point you made about the virtual reality. I normally prefer light humour to meta stuff, but this time I really appreciated it. (Possibly because I have a philosophy exam tomorrow.)

    Also… is it just me, or is the lip sync a YG thing? I remember people complaining about TOP and Lee Hi’s lip syncing in MVs before… maybe they’ve been taking tips from them XD

  50. For the battle of the comebacks… I’m just going to compare Mr Mr and Come Back Home since I haven’t heard SNSD’s album, ok?
    For me, Girls’ Generation had a boring comeback. They’re all wearing suits. Sure, it looks ok, but I’d rather seen costumes for each and one of the girls, like in I Got A Boy! Those were much more interesting to look at! And nurses..? I don’t know, but I don’t like the idea of sexy nurses in short skirts and… well, everything is pink. Ok, it’s SNSD’s color,but still, it’s so girlish. I hoped they would look a bit more mature, even if they’re *Girls’* Generation. And the song felt like a bad entry for Eurovision Song Contest from Sweden or something. xD I’ve never liked when they make the song, um, higher? before it ends like Mr Mr does. If it hadn’t that kind of ending, I might have enjoyed it more than I did.

    2NE1 had a difficult story in their video and it wasn’t before Mr YG told us the plot before I understood it all. But, the song is great in my ears (except that they put CL’s rap from the unplugged version in it – why?? It just made me confused and I don’t like it at all). The effects are great and so are the costumes. I really like the song, but the video… Ah, just read my other comment, I’m too lazy to write it all again. Or copy and paste. xD
    So, 2NE1 win!

  51. (I thought just like you, Simon, I didn’t like that they put CL’s rap part in the middle all of a sudden either!)

    I don’t think 2NE1 is telling everyone to spend less time watching their videos, I think they want to send a message to people to make them aware that it’s not suitable to check your phone all the time. And I know what they mean, it’s like you’re not there and like they just forgot about you because they found something more interesting than you. That feeling sucks. :c
    But I can’t help feeling that not everything in this MV is 100% new material as people are saying? I get vibes from GD’s “A Boy”, Bigbang’s “Fantastic Baby” and 2NE1′s “Ugly” when I saw the metal-thingy over CL’s eyes, the homemade bombs and all the heads/busts (you know, like sculptures) in the “come baby baby come”-part, and also the spray can reminded me of “Ugly”. Am I the only one? The digital effects and the song itself are awesome though!

  52. I’ve been watching your vids for about a year now, and I think by far this has been the most interesting and intelligent discussion I’ve seen from you guys. Not saying I was doubting your intelligence before, please don’t get me wrong. It’s just that with this we can really get into a discussion of social behavior in the 21st century, where as before the discussion might have been of whether or not we like the dance or actual song vs vid. You know what I mean? Anyways, thx for being honest with us and taking the time to discuss your full opinions about this vid and what it means in our society and what 2NE1 is trying to say.

  53. Holy crap~ It’s a dead heat, 50-50 for 2NE1 & GG!!! Whoa~

  54. …I am so conflicted about the poll. I personally like 2ne1 better as a band and I liked their song better, but at the same time, I think Girls’ Generation had a better comeback compared to their recent songs. So which do I vote for? The better song or the better comeback? >.<

  55. SHERLOCK! :O I even love you more for that reference. <3

  56. I preferred Soshi’s song but 2ne1′s video. Don’t get me wrong I really like the song, it’s just that the whole album is excellent and I prefer most of the other songs on the album to ‘Come Back Home’. I wish they’d have chosen a song with a bit more punch as their title track like ‘Crush’. But that’s just me. I really like the mood and the story for the MV. It’s really interesting and there can be so many interpretations of it. Although, I’ve been playing a lot of video games and watching a lot of films about ‘overthrowing the system’ recently so that might be why I’m in the mood for it :P
    At first I was fairly unimpressed with ‘Mr Mr’, but it’s really grown on my the more I’ve listened to it. It reminds me of their Japanese stuff which I love. But the MV is …. but the live performances make up for it ^^.
    So I’m not voting ^^. For me, both are on equal footing. But I really enjoyed both comebacks, it’s just a shame that some fans have to go too far with the whole ‘fanwar’ thing. I’m thinking of just deleting my accounts on other kpop websites and just living here :P Much more peaceful.

  57. I like 2NE1′s “Come Back Home” way better than SNSD’s “I Got a Boy”. For me, “I Got a Boy” was a song with ADHD. The song had what 5 different genres of music as if the song itself kept losing interest. Where as “Come Back Home” was able to mix their favorite element of reggae with their distinct Kpop sound into a powerful song. This song works unlike “I Got a Boy”.

    South Korea has one of the faster internet in the world which mean more people are addicted to the world wide web than in real world. I love how 2NE1 talks about real world issues from being accepted by the way you are in “Ugly” to stop being plug into the fake world and live in the real one with “Come Back Home”. Despite the bad lip sync, this MV and song are awesome.

  58. Jane Patterson-McGuire

    FYI, Mr YG himself did an interview explaining what he was going for with the video: http://omonatheydidnt.livejournal.com/12810675.html (translation) which was about the importance of the human touch and real-life interactions instead of just virtual ones.

    Can I vote for NELL for best comeback instead? I was underwhelmed by both 2NE1 and GG’s title tracks.

  59. I prefer Girls’ Generation’s comeback! :)

  60. I think the message was: don’t run away from real problems- problems with REAL plp. That guy left his lover for virtual paradise, perhaps virtual, perfect Dara. I wouldnt see video as simple as a warning against virtual life- it’s more a memorandum about keeping our relationships as real as possible, letting our beloved to be close. Lot’s of songs on this album are about break-up- maybe the message is to work on your relationships (and I do not mean love only) instead of cutting them and choosing easier, safer way- a “virtual” or superficial ones? Eh, does it make an sense? :)

  61. I prefer 2ne1. :)

  62. I prefer SNSD’s comeback. Mr.Mr. is not my favorite song by them but it’s grown on me, while Come Back Home… I’m not digging it. The verses are okay but the dubstep kazoo parts totally ruined this song for me.

    As for the MV, I’m not a big fan of futuristic videos but I liked the scenes with Dara and her boyfriend and the message in general. It can be interpreted in different ways, my first impression was that it says “No matter how appealing it is and how much better than the real life it seems, be careful not to get absorbed by the virtual paradise because by comforting yourself this way you may hurt/neglect the ones who love you.” But I like other commenters’ interpretations too.
    Since you mentioned that “I forgot my phone” vide: have you seen Yoo Se Yoon’s Kka TTok? http://youtu.be/2S_y_xlmp6c It addresses the problem of addiction to Kakao Talk but in a hilarious way.

    Lastly, regarding the deep vs. superficial vs. sappy Kpop thing you mentioned in the blog post: as much as I like, for example, BEG’s Cleansing Cream or Sunny Hill’s Pray, Kpop has never been a place for me to look for deep stuff. What I liked about Kpop when I first found it, was that the songs were super fun. There are also plenty of sad/love songs in Kpop that I like because most of the time it’s all about the sound. Of course I’m always happy to find lyrics/message that I like but it’s never the priority.

  63. I want to know what Martina’s shirt says D:

  64. I actually have to pick 2NE1 for this one.
    I didn’t really like the random different-genre sections, but I liked the song (and ESPECIALLY the video) better than SNSD. It’s not that SNSD’s song was bad, but I watched the video, listened to it, and didn’t even finish it because I didn’t think it was that entertaining. It just didn’t catch me. But 2NE1′s video captivated me.

    So, 2NE1. Yep.

  65. The thing I love about 2NE1 is that everything they due is unique to their group. Even though their 2013 comeback was lacking something, it was still uniquely 2NE1. I consider these ladies artists, not just idols. I think Blackjacks have the highest expectations with this group because their 2009 material was just so amazing! While this isn’t up to par with their old material, I think this is definitely the 2NE1 we’ve been waiting for…and let ‘s be real, we can’t expect these girls to not want to experiment with new sounds and styles! It’s a part of growing up as artists, creators, and performers.

    I don’t want to leave SNSD hanging because I genuinely like Mr.Mr. It’s a fun song and they’ve got really good vocals! I love that they expressed sexy in such a mature way and didn’t show a lot of skin. However, in my eyes, they are a bit cookie-cutter and as stated below, aren’t seen as artists as much as idols.

    All in all, my vote goes to 2NE1! <3

  66. That is one very disgruntled looking cat.

  67. Kpop has a raging boner for trap music lately.

  68. Actually I really liked the sudden acoustic rap part from CL, it felt very different and emotional at the same time for me. I can’t quite explain it, but it felt like there was so much rage(not in a bad way) going on in the song and the drop allowed me to kind of ‘calm down’(?) and think a little bit while watching.

    Also, when I first watched the mv, it felt more like propaganda from the govt/entertainment world rather than virtual vs real world to me. I felt like Virtual Paradise was slowly brainwashing people into mundane personalities, and that 2NE1 wants to remove that by destroying the system and bring life, creativity and individuality back into the people.

    Then again, after reading the comments and watching the review, everyone provided different messages which all made sense to me too, but I kind of like that everyone thinks of the video differently (and its so interesting to see different POVs here).

    And with regards to 2NE1 vs SNSD, I definitely thought the mv from 2NE1 was a lot greater than SNSD, but the dance from SNSD was way more powerful. I had high expectations after hearing that YG participated in the choreography for Come Back Home, but it was a bit of a let down after I saw the performance from their SBS Inkigayo stage. However, I like 2NE1 more so this may come off biased (I’m sorry I tried to be objective!).

    Yup, so here’s my take!

  69. I like #2NE1 better. The Quality, the Vibe, their creative minds, and the money that they spend with the MV’s they are producing is off the chain. YG is well known for trolling but the outcome of it is just extraordinary!! Quality is always better.

  70. I liked 2NE1′s comeback best, Mr. Mr. was okay, but I wish the whole song had sounded more like the trailer/dance break part. The other songs, other than Goodbye, was meh. I liked all the songs from Crush, my favourite is Happy.

  71. This was an interesting take on the MV. I haven’t seen the “I forgot my phone” video you guys mentioned but I think I’ll have to check it out. The whole modern society/modern technology theme is paramount in the British series “Black Mirror” – it’s so harrowing and bleak but I really recommend it. There are only 6 episodes all together! If you think about we really are dominated by black mirrors everywhere we go.

    • Oh I remember watching that. The Charlie Brooker thing, right? It was so interesting yet difficult to watch (especially the first episode). I never saw the second series, but now you’ve jogged my memory I might just go back and watch it :)

  72. Do you think the poll results are skewed because those who would vote for 2NE1 over Girls’ Generation are more likely to watch this Kpop Music Monday?

  73. To be honest I thought the ‘All or Nothing’ teasers are the album teasers, so I was expecting like space warriors with light sabers saving the world kinda thingy for the MV..But I was still blown away by the whole movie in an MV thing that they did.

    I think the concept exaggerates the ill effects of being too disconnected from the outside world, so much so that the reality starts to be a dystopia after all the neglect as opposed to the virtual utopia. I think the video is just reminding us to keep a balance. There’s no way YG’s gonna stop selling perfection in the form of BigBang and 2NE1 soon right, right?

    Or maybe, he’s telling us that not all pretty things are good for you. Come back, not everyone live in such perfect world and to get real. A jab at SM music box/world or Kpop in general? The jab at Kpop would work, if we assume that YG doesn’t see itself as Kpop. Something more than the typical Kpop perhaps? That said, 2NE1′s comeback is definitely better. It’s different, and brave. GG is still GG, can’t imagine how different they can be in terms of sound and image, so it’s like a continuation of where they left off previously. As for 2NE1, it’s a whole different package altogether.


  74. I’m pretty sure they’re talking about moderate use of the “virtual paradise” and not get too distracted that we lose connection to reality. The real world is always cruel. It’ll never be as colorful and flashy as most Kpop videos, but that doesn’t mean that we have to get away from the struggles that we have in our personal lives. Take for example Dara’s boyfriend in the MV. In one way or another, there’s something wrong with him. It could be a sickness or it could be the slow death of their love. It could be both for all I know. We see him crushing his pills, shaving his head, and thinking about doing sweet moments with Dara in the virtual paradise while she is left alone in the real world, crying. Her boyfriend got too distracted to even face his conflicts that she can’t take it anymore. So she decided to pull the plug (whether or not he died is another argument). I guess pulling the plug symbolizes the end of their relationship. If you’re not man enough to face your conflicts, then you’re not good enough to have a relationship.

    In the end, the virtual world is neither good or bad. It depends on how we use it and how much time we waste towards it. For me, the MV tells about making a balance between both worlds. Distractions are ok but let’s not completely lose our touch to reality.

  75. VOTE FOR 2NE1!!!! <3

  76. Did anyone else notice that the “kazoo” part of this song seems to have been copied directly from the backing track of “Falling in Love”?

    • Now that you mention it, it does sound alike! It’s just a bit darker in Come Back Home. I think you got a point there!

      • I’d love to think that 2NE1 is doing some critical meta-commentary on their own music… that “Come Back Home” is the autumn of the summer flirtation that began in their “Falling in Love” video… but likely they just recycled the sound. Shrug.

        • Ooh, it’s like your making up a story with the songs here, I like it! Yeah, two persons met in the summertime and now it just isn’t working anymore..! <3 I like your thoughts, haha!
          However, I feel like the couple in CBH has known each other for a very long time, you know like for several years. This wasn't just a summer flirt. :P
          BUT, as I said(wrote), I like your thoughts! ^^

  77. Gina-gina Maye

    i cant decide which is my favorite part, Martina’s lip reading or 2NEMum…

    but my vote goes for 2NE1, definitely prefer their sound. and I Love You is one of my favorites of all kpop ^^

    i just came to korea 3 weeks ago!!! im teaching in bundang ^^
    i walked by the nasty studio my first weekend ^^; i hope i can see the eyk crew around one day!
    (actually the day i arrived i saw G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Seungri in customs at the airport!! when my heart stopped beating too loud to hear my own thoughts i was thinking, ‘welp, nothing left to see , my work here is done , might as well get back on a plane home’ *brushes off hands*)
    i just wanted to comment that because your apartment door unlock sounds the same as mine! :3 (or maybe they’re all the same here, idk yet haha)

  78. Yeah – I think Spudgy mimes better than 2NE1 – that’s shockingly bad…

  79. I think the real world in this video is so bleak and depressing because everyone is hanging out in the Virtual Paradise. I can imagine that this would happen if you were too spend all of your time in Virtual reality the whole system would fall apart. Also, I think being in the virtual paradise too long will make you sick, possibly paraplegic. I think Dara’s boyfriends right arm was lame and she was probably trying to convince him to gtfo but he just looks at her with disdain. I can imagine if you’re only connected to a saline solution, your muscles will just atrophy.
    So that is all pretty scary since some people in these current times are constantly online or playing video games. My brother being one who all he does is play video games. He doesn’t seem to have any goals or thoughts about the future. -_-

  80. SNSD takes the cake for me this time. Partly because I’m SM biased and a long time fan, partly because my fanboy friends dont make it any easy to not love them and because I actually prefer Mr.Mr over Come Back Home.

    The thing with kpop, for me anyway, is that I love and listen to it because it’s something I cant usually find in western music. If western artists could pull of bouncy, fun, poppy tunes with catchy tunes and beats then heck, I’d listen to it. Especially since its in my native language. They wouldnt even have to be cute or attractive (in my eyes anyway) for me to listen to them; I’m here for the music (but of course being handsome or incredibly pretty doesnt hurt).
    Mr.Mr is the kind of song that I find myself randomly singing in the middle of class or conversation and my friends will get the reference and be like ‘Ah, I see what you did there’. Its catchy and it clicks, and will stick in the heads of those who fall victim to your ‘singing’. From the ‘Mr Mr’ in the chorus to the ‘oh oh ooahhh’s in between, someone will definitely get it.
    Along with its, I guess repititious yet structured sound and beat, its hard to miss.

    I usually love 2ne1 too, Falling In Love was structured in a way that it was catchy with the beginning of each verse and the chorus consistent, and Do You Love Me was also a hit between my social group. These songs, I can recall, were the ones that we would find ourselves randomly singing too, and even pretending to be 2ne1 HAHA!
    Come Back Home would be one that we’d also jam to but I think we’d be left a little melancholic lollll..
    (I’m rambling again ahhh)

    Anywho, I’m obviously rooting for Girls Generation

  81. i used to be one of 2ne1′s best and biggest fans untill they tottaly insulted all muslim by being so racist against them :( i mean you guys are christian would you accept to have the bible’s words as background song for mtbd cl’s song i don’t think so …. all we asked is cl and yg to take the quran off and apollogies to muslims being rasist is not what kpop àbout :’(

    • mihuru

      I don’t think CL or YG were being racist against Muslims. And since CL only wrote the lyrics to that song she might not even know that there is Quran in the song. They’re probably just ignorant about your religion and how important the Quran is to you. If there really is Quran in the song (people say there is and there isn’t so I dunno for sure), I don’t think they put it there so that they could purposefully insult Muslims. They’re just ignorant and they should have done research on it. I hope YG does make a statement about it and apologizes.

    • I don’t think CL is racist against Muslims. She’s a very open-minded person who values all cultures. And for her to be racist would be wrong for her to be since she is Catholic. Now if the Qu’raan is in the background of “MTBD,” then of course, you have every right to be offended, but the way a lot of you Muslims handled the situation was wrong and out of control. You guys are making it seem like she is a completely disrespectful person.

      Harassing her on her social media outlets and being even more disrespectful isn’t going to get an apology. If you guys want an apology, try and make it a bit more known in a more organized manner so that YG can make a statement and apologize.

      I think they can edit the song, but as for taking the song off of album that have already gone out over the world, that’s not possible. Why was it that you guys discovered the Qu’raan verses in her song too little to late (a week after the album had officially dropped?)?

    • Blueberries

      Bible is used in many songs and seriously there wouldn’t have been much problem with it, only religious fanatics would have took it offensively. Religion isn’t just took as seriously in most Christian countries.

      Anyway, nothing is yet confirmed. Using Quran in my opinion isn’t racistic (it doesn’t discriminate race) but can be considered as religiously offensive and I hope Teddy and CL didn’t really use it or didn’t know there origins of it.

    • I heard a comparison of MTBD and a boy reading/singing the Quran, and yes it does sound very alike. However, I can’t hear a single word in CL’s song, so I don’t know if they just copied the melody or had someone to sing it for them.
      But I don’t think it’s ok to wish CL to death and threaten her on social media as I’ve heard people been saying. That’s not fair to her and I don’t think she, or anyone from YG, ment to hurt anyone.
      I might not fully understand everyone because I’m not at all religious, but I can understand why some people feel offended. But please guys, be angry in a respectful way. Would you tell CL to go kill herself if she was standing in front of you? Probably not.
      (And I’m not speaking only to you, but to everyone who feel offended and/or has been bashing CL)

  82. sunnyhill

    Actually the “kazoo part”-music genre is called “trap”.

  83. When I first saw this MV I thought it was inspired by the movie ‘Elysium’. There are a lot of parallels between those two stories, nope?

  84. Keishini Balakrishnan

    I personally love both 2ne1 and snsd but the winner of this comeback has to be 2ne1 as crush is such a solid album and the effort that has gone behind making it is absolutely reflected in the music.

  85. Keishini Balakrishnan

    Wow this was really thought provoking to me. It didn’t cross my mind thst 2ne1 is a part of the virtual world and that it is a big part of my virtual world . But as you said there is no such thing as a virtual world and that everything is a part of real life. However , I’m sure 2ne1 made this mv without realising that they are a part of the virtual world which deviates from the video’s message but what is important is that we pay attention to what they actually meant to convey and that is stop being detached from people mainly family and friends because you’re too engrossed with the pleasures the latest technology has to offer.

  86. Dina Panda-Chan Kitiara

    i’m in love with ur song again!!!! u make the best paradise ever!!! pure epicness!!!^^

  87. yanagiba yusuke22

    im sorry if im not sensitive or wat… im tearing when i heard this song…n if anybody know abt the missing flight early saturday…this song is just like hope of relatives/friends to the missing flight for the passengers to come back home safely… #praymh370

  88. What about no fans wars we are all one kpop family!? However since you asked my pick is Girls Generation.

  89. SNSD. I like the song better.

  90. Meemers…Stellar Sea Lion….I see no difference.

  91. I m satisfied simply because you mentioned oh the irony.. a well budgeted video with editing problems
    and someone explain me (since I don’t know much of editing) this thing with lip synchronizing is it because of exclusively bad editing or is it that the agencies blackmail their kpop idols to sing with the mouth close? cause I have seen this thing way too many times in kpop videos. is it some kind of trend? to show the minimum effort for the maximum effect ?

  92. Honestly i think people are overthinking the whole thing…to me it looks like they came up with an idea about this virtual world and just smashed a whole bunch of illuminati symbols and flashy lights… you could have come up with equally deep and profound story about f. eks. Mr. Mr… nothing really special with the video..just my opinion…

  93. Its clear to me which is the better song… Spudgy and Meemers ftw! Seriously, SO freaking cute.

  94. I listened too their album a lot before the mv came out so first when I heard come back home It was a bit meh to me. But the virtual story they put behind it and made me imagine with all the cool effects and very pretty looks made me like the song, even to love it. Sure, when it co es to their profit, us diving into kpop as a virtual world is very convenient and good for them. So if we actually listened to them they would suffer loss in a large or small scale. And they still wanted to say what was bad in out society even though they are the very benefactors. I think that’s cool but 2 faced a little. To me it’s like saying ‘too much internet and forum friends and long hours spent on YouTube is wrong but if you’ll do it anyway why not watch me.’
    Not meaning to offend or start discussion wars…i’m just saying how I feel about the message ofthew song.
    ALSO everyone seems to be ignoring Happy, their 2nd video. It has I think a better message. YG posted a video before the album came out and one dude said that this song genuinely made him happy. So I was looking forward to it a lot. And when I started listening to the song the sound of it was nice so I was like yeeeaaah, happy song. And then they said ‘I hope you’re happy cuz I’m not happy’ so I’m thinking wtf, the review dude must have had something wrong with his soul if this made him happy. Then I looked at the lyrics, since I don’t Korean, and then I understood. With that message in mind the video was still over the top HOWEVER it did make me happy.
    Considering all the above this comeback doesn’t really stand out for me from the previous comeback. The buzz around it is kind of the same and they always deliver something very good. Songs that ppl didn’t like I loved those, too and tbh I’m still listening to them. So yeah. Nothing groundbreaking, just different again.

  95. Honestly i think people are overthinking the whole thing…to me it looks like they came up with an idea about this virtual world and just smashed a whole bunch of illuminati symbols and flashy lights… you could have come up with equally deep and profound story about f. eks. Mr. Mr… nothing really special with the video..just my opinion…

  96. Lise Karlstand Berkerud
    Lise Karlstand Berkerud

    I prefer 2ne1 over Girls Generation. Girls Generation never made something I liked, no bash, no hate.

  97. My vote goes to SNSD. I liked the video for Come Back Home and the song’s grown on me, but ultimately, I like the song and video of Mr.Mr. more. However, I really liked Crush and MTBD. I would probably pick one of those over SNSD if I wasn’t so biased OTL At least I’m honest~ lol But regardless, there’s really good competition this time around and I’m curious to see who comes out on top. It won’t matter much tho seeing as they’re all doing well and the girls are all friends regardless ^^ No hate, Black Jacks. I love 2NE1 too (Daraaaa <3) SNSD's just my first love so I'm a SONE forever XDD

  98. Since you mentionned Jennifer Lawrence in the bloopers, remember what she said about the Hunger Games movies? That people who go and see the movies put themselves is the same position as the Games spectators in the story. One of the point of the saga is to denonciate the way people just look at others’ struggle and suffering as entertainment, but we’re encouraged to do just the same. We understand the message, we get that it’s sick to watch teens killing each other, but from the safe side of the screen we still do it and we enjoy it. To me it’s the kind of paradox that we have here.

    This video is far to be the first fiction to deal with this issue. I really doubt it would discourage anyone to spend time on the internet or being entertained. I don’t even think it’s supposed to influence the viewers. I see it as an actual projection in a future, which is probably not that far, where escaping reality for a perfectly controlled dream is possible, and the drifts that could come out of this. And I think it’s really well done.

    You said the song was a mishmash of songs, I kind of agree, but it disturbs me much less than fin Falling In Love, because I hear this song as the soundtrack of the video. There is a vocal-focused part that matches the despair of a girl abandonned by her boyfriend, then a strong electro sound to illustrate the transition between the flesh and bone world and the technological/chemical virtual world, and the song booms with the struggle of 2NE1 against the “paradise” (where they set everything on fire like their good old selves). I would have done without the “come baby baby come” part, but apart from that I think the song serves the video amazingly.

    Long story short, not only 2NE1 gets my vote on your poll, but they definitely blew my mind. I freaking loved this movie.

  99. Mainy Åkerman

    I think Girls’ Generation’s song was better. 2NE1 definitely won in the music video department, however. Still, their song didn’t really grab me like Mr. Mr. did. And even then Mr. Mr. wasn’t exceptional. Certainly not horrible or anything! Just wasn’t as catchy as it could have been, but I still find myself humming the chorus throughout the day, so it’s good enough. The nostalgia won me over. Sorry, 2NE1! :( Their last song I liked was “I Love You”. The only Come Back Home I like is this one here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFt5H0oZWvM Very different from 2NE1′s, hehehe.

    By the way, Simon and Martina, have you noticed how many songs are coming out called Lonely? Ugh. Or even how many KPOP songs are called Lonely, period? It’s like…Gosh, can they not think of better song titles? I don’t understand… :C At this rate, we’ll being seeing a KPOP song called Wrecking Ball or Adore You in a few months. Ugh.

  100. Blueberries

    I think this pic fits here perfectly: http://ha-ha-pics.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/back-in-times-people-reading-newspapers-in-train.jpg

    Is “virtual world” meaning internet, smartphones and other eletronic media’s that bad or different what we used to have? Surely we don’t need to go out so much but it’s so much easier to connect with people via internet and find other people to talk to. When I was in middle school and we didn’t have internet (there was life before internet??!!) I mostly just read books everyday. I didn’t have friend in my school nor my neighborhood so I was really lonely. Now I have many close friends, but currently they live all over my country and I can’t see them often eye-to-eye. But I can talk with them daily with skype, facebook etc without worrying about phone bill. Also from forums and stuff I can find lot of new people around the world to discuss about things that I’m intrested in and when you are intrested in something like kpop, well in North Europe you don’t find many people who share the same intrest with you but in internet you will find people who you can relate to.

  101. I spent most of the video trying to figure out “TATTOOED BUT…….”

  102. I have a slightly different interpretation of the video/song, probably because my view is biased due to personal experiences. I NEVER thought I’d be revealing this on the Internet (and much less EYK of all places, considering it’s so happy) but I’ve suffered from depression for a very long time. Now, it’s manifested itself in many different ways, to different degrees of severity (that’s a story for another day, little kiddies) so I guess you could say that I’ve been there, done that. Because it’s so emotionally exhausting, with depression comes a high degree of escapism – it’s not that you feel ‘sad’, it’s that you LITERALLY do. not. feel. You live in a world entirely different from your own because that’s the only way that you can deal with it all. So basically, you live in a “virtual world” because it’s so much ‘brighter’ than the bleakness of the “real world” (as shown in the video). But the truth of the matter is that you’re fooling yourself and it’s not all that great – you’re trapped in a ‘utopia’ which is actually not happy at all because it’s fake happiness (I interpreted this from the scene of them all in white suits eating together like in some sort of classy prison). Needless to say, all of this is terrifying for someone close to you who’s on the outside, looking in because they can do nothing but sit there and wait for you and plead for you to ‘come back’. Of course, the truth is that genuine happiness can only be obtained by battling through the hard times, too, with your loved ones at your side to help you. So I think what the girls are saying is basically to GTFO your escapism and face your problems head on, with the ones you love.

    I hope I explained that well… Just my interpretation that makes sense to me, though you might think it’s entirely wrong. And if that’s the case then the message is probably all about drugs, because, you know, drugs are always a plausible interpretation of symbolism.

    • Skye Walker

      I TOTALLY get you. I’ve suffered from depression too but in a small scale, I’d say. However I have a family member that suffers from severe depression, suicidal tendencies and all, and it’s exacly like that: you feel powerless and the only thing you can do is to plead them to come back home, as you put it. Very interesting interpretation!

      • Yeah, exactly :) Sometimes it hurts more to see how you’re hurting others than having depression itself and sometimes it becomes counter-productive, but I think that both you and those around you have to learn how to deal with it for the moment and get through it by being each other’s pillar of supprt.
        Thank you! I do try X)

    • María José Alejandra Valencia

      It also is hard for a person with depression to reach out for help (i would know). When you’re in a state like that, you just want to be left alone to die, and sometimes, the only goal we have is to be alone and don’t worry about anything and not know anything, and we want to be in our “virtual paradise”. I realize that at some point imma have to deal with all that, but right now i need to be left alone and just disappear.
      Right now, i’m coming back home

      • Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. But although it seems scary to reach out, it often really helps because only then can people really understand what you’re feeling when they haven’t experienced it themselves and thus offer you the support you need. For me, urges to reach out to specific people come in little spurts. At those points, I always try to take advantage of the situation and give myself that little nudge to get myself to open up to said person and it’s done me a world of good. I really hope for the best for you, too :)

    • I feel you so much right now. I had a dark period in my life and tbh my virtual reality was kpop. It was my way of escaping and running away from life to a ‘happier place.’ But every so often I’d have to face to real world and it was so stressing/terrifying. In the end, I got up and I faced it. I still love kpop and enjoy it but I no longer use it as a way to run away from reality. And now I have a friend who’s very depressed but she’s on another continent so all I can do is beg her to not kill herself and face life head on.

      • You’re really brave :) I don’t even know you and I’m proud of you! Glad to hear that you’re better and I really hope that you can help your friend through it, too.

        • Thanks :) I don’t know what to do with my friend though. She says she’s going to meet her boyfriend, then say goodbye and kill herself. At this point and everything she’s been through (her past is really not a happy one), I wonder if it’s kinder to let her kill herself :(

    • Thank you for sharing this! It really touched me, because I have as well suffered from depression for many years. I got well about a year ago, and it saddens me to now realize how hard it was for my friends and family.
      It’s important when you don’t really feel that much to reach out to real people close to you, and not in gloomy dark places where you can lick and salt your wounds instead of talking about them to people who actually love you.

      • Aw, I’m glad :) And I’m even more glad to hear that you’re ok now! It sucks to realise what had been going on around you whilst you were absorbed in your own world, but the point is that it’s over now, and that’s all in the past :) I’m sure they’re just beyond grateful that you’re ok and that you got through it. I end up always trying to show the people who support me how grateful I am for them because I feel like nothing is ever enough to do so xD

  103. Urg, you HAD to go and put Girls’ Generation and 2NE1 against each other the one time I love both their comebacks equally. I voted 2NE1 only because I fell in love with the acoustic version of Come Back Home. I honestly didn’t really care too much for the synth breakdown, so I was glad they had an acoustic without it. If they hadn’t, I would have voted Girls’ Generation. So yeah.

    As for the message, I saw it more in the context of a relationship, though the way you described it also makes sense. I guess it’s meant to be interpreted in different ways? Either way, I’m very happy to get a more serious and thoughtful review for once. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I feel like too many MVs are trying to be deep and serious, but fall short. either from lack of experience, or they present it the wrong way.

  104. Hey just watched your reaction video and it was great.
    Okay I personally agree with you regarding the message on the video since that’s what YG Ent. also explained but then like what you said what are they expecting the viewers to do now. It really is worth an argument and I would like if Simon and Martina will create a segment were people will be asked for their views on MV’s with deeper meaning other than just the usual love and brokenhearted plot..that would be great. Hehehe.
    Thank you guys

  105. I know people are going to hate me for saying this, but I just really don’t care for 2ne1 or their comeback. It’s not that I don’t think they are wonderful, beautiful, talented people (please don’t think i’m saying that at all, you don’t understand… they are!!), but they’re just not my thing.. but I was also underwhelmed by SNSD’s song as well. It’s a nice song, and I definitely like it more than 2ne1′s song… so I suppose they win by default in my book. /sigh.
    Orange Caramel’s song on the other hand…. better not disappoint. (;

  106. Akira Miyashi

    Does Spudgy have cataract? o.o I see that his left eye has a milky sheet covering the bottom half of it..:(

  107. I really enjoyed this song as their comeback. I feel like 2ne1 has fallen into an unfortunate situation where people are expecting from them power songs like I am the Best and Fire, they expect them to come back with catchy tunes that make us dance and are not allowing them to move onto better things. For the mv however, I agreed totally with Simon, that was exactly what I was thinking as I watched the video. But I really like the video, just because it was different from the kpop norm. And I think 2ne1 had a better comeback than snsd.

  108. María José Alejandra Valencia

    I’d say 2NE1
    since i the album came out, i’ve been listening to it nonstop, and the video only served to further my obsession.
    About SNSD, i actually liked I got a boy, but their songs since then have been kind of…. disappointing. 2013 was just so disappointing for kpop! anyway, i appreciated Mr Mr, but i’m not particularly taken by it

    • Cecilia Avila

      I actually liked I Got A Boy a lot more that MR.MR.

      I know IGAB wasn’t necessarily a good song, but boy was it fun and catchy. I listen to it ALL the time. I find both the video and song for IGAB more entertaining than MR.MR.

  109. Oh boy, did Simon’s verse on the exoticism of Korea ever strike a chord… I often escape in the Kpop and Kdrama world when mine is boring. But I am also capable of enjoying my life to the fullest, thank God! It can be difficult to find the balance. I avoid tumblr and fansites except for a couple because the loss of the time for me is not worth it. I’d rather spend it listening to the music and watching live performances and laughing my ass off on variety shows (I just started EXO’s showtime and it is amazing. Guise, I’m officially an Exotic…).
    But of course everybody spends their time the way they want. What is your Kpop experience, fellow Nasties?

    I want to add this:
    “The dichotomy between real world and virtual paradise doesn’t exist. Nothing is virtual. Everything around us is a part of our real lives, and seeking distractions is a part of human existence. If we don’t do it online, we do it in books. If we don’t do it in books we do it in play. If we don’t do it in play we do it in our minds as we walk and think. We do it when we listen to other people’s stories when they talk to us. It’s exceptionally challenging to be in the moment, when so much of what we do depends on things not in our immediate vicinity.”
    I’ve been thinking that for a very long time and that is why I’m very skeptical of the general criticism of virtual worlds. Art, games, stories, they are all virtual, they come from our imagination or the imagination of other people. And in my opinion, they contribute to make life amazing. I couldn’t live without music. I just couldn’t. Everybody has their own little virutal paradise…

    Simon, the more I read your blog posts, the more I find things we have in common!

    • Good points about ‘virtual paradises’ it’s true, I often am hanging out online and on the comment section on this EYK website since I don’t know anyone who likes kpop/korean culture like I do. But I think the danger is is when your own ‘virtual paradise’ takes over every other aspect of your lives. Like there are people in the gaming culture especially who would rather go raiding than go hang out with friends. So either they need better friends or something is wrong and the gaming is taking over their lives. I’ve seen youtube videos where players had their accounts hacked and lost everything. It was a bit of a wake up call like “what have I been doing with my life..” since they are putting 8+ hours of their lives just playing a game. Well it’s a discussion that can go round and round. But yes, people will always try and distract themselves with some form of entertainment, I believe.

  110. Cecilia Avila

    I have never been a fan of SNSD, their style of music just isn’t my cup of tea. But I had recently started getting into some of their songs, the more mature stuff like Galaxy Supernova and Genie I think are great! So I was really looking forward to their comeback. It would be their first comeback I would be a part of and was hoping it would be what opened me up to their music. So I was expecting a lot from it since they are such a huge and well liked group. I was looking forward to fallowing a new group. However, their comeback to me was very disappointing. Their songs were good, but they weren’t anything special. They seemed generic to me, and nothing at the level of what a top tier girl group would be putting out. I was hoping the video would be redemption since the concept seemed so interesting from the teasers. But again, a huge let down. It was a pretty generic video that wasn’t really well made.

    On the other hand, I’ve been listening to 2NE1;s whole album everyday, from beginning to end. No, I don’t like the songs as much as I did their older songs, but I still like them and still really enjoy listening to them. I felt both videos where great as well. And as far as the message in Come Back Home goes…. I don’t think its THAT literal. It can be, but it could also be associated with other situations. It felt more like, “the grass is always greener” type message over all.

  111. I agree with you on how people are spending too much time in the “virtual paradise” by being too much on their phones, computers, or whatever device they’re using. I’m not gonna say that I don’t do it, but I try to be polite and don’t do it when I’m talking with my friends or something (unless I’m doing research or something for homework). But if we’re all silent or I’m all alone then I’ll check my stuff (I’m not a good conversation starter and I’m really shy when it comes to speaking but i do my best ^^’). However, I have notice from my classmates that they are constantly checking their phones when we are in class; there are classes where you can use our computers to take notes (I prefer pen and paper though) and I sometimes notice students checking their Facebook or whatnot, last week I think someone was watching a movie or something in class. When I notice that I just think to myself “dude, you’re in class. At least have some respect for the teacher/TA/guest lecturer.”

  112. I didn’t really like come back home because of the weird bit where CL goes all nasal and techno. I did like MR MR but I tend to get weary of Girls gens songs faster and their music video was weird. Plus I like 2ne1 more as a group and I can actually tell members apart. SO I don’t think I can pick lol

  113. I’m a sone and a blackjack so choosing one over the other is hard when they are so different. I prefer 2ne1′s video and even though I like Come Back Home more than their last yrs releases I think I would have to go with GG. It was much better than IGAB (even though I actually liked that song) and so so so much better than The Boys. They are one of the first girl groups I listened to when I first began listening to kpop and there’s just something about them that I’ve always liked. Besides I also want to see 2ne1 go back to some of their old style b/c I’m not a fan of their newer stuff.

  114. Aphrielle Rodriguez

    is the poll broken?
    2ne1 is stuck on 1999.

  115. Victor Ha

    Hmm… what a perplexing decision over choosing 2NE1 or SNSD. I do like them both, but I do have more likings toward SNSD.

    2NE1′s video had great cinematography(I could easily analyze the plot of the video and possibly do an essay (curse AP English) and organization (as the budget was about $500,000), but I did not like the song nor much of the other songs on 2NE1′s new album (I liked “Happy” more) as they are not my aesthetic. What also irked me is the lip-syncing that has bothered me since “I Love You” and “Missing You”.

    I could see why some people would say that Girls’ Generation’s music video and song for “Mr. Mr.” was a bit typical for them, but honestly, they never fail to impress me. This may sound biased considering that I am a hardcore SONE (I am a Blackjack as well), but I agree with what Simon had said that “Mr. Mr.” is a turning point to K-Pop’s appeal to me (I am not ashamed to admit that I liked “I Got A Boy”). What SM did though is that Girls’ Generation’s comeback seemed rushed because of the re-filming due to data loss, which may explain the editing of filters, resolutions, and flares that were too long that somewhat had me see less of Girls’ Generation and the plot.

    It’s a bit 50/50 for my choice in terms of the two music videos and the songs. But, I’m more leaning toward Girls’ Generation overall because I’m not liking the direction 2NE1 is going for.

    P.S. Great K-pop Music Monday Eatyourkimchi! I loved Spudgy’s and Meemer’s skit. ~ From Orange Region of #USNasties

  116. Oh common, simon and Martina- surely you’ve seen the matrix, read some Phillip k dick or dabbled in cyberpunk.

  117. The Pool Owner has made her choice…So this is a 2NE1 winner pre declared poll. Ridicolous.. Actually, The results dont refresh/change, even more ridicolous

  118. I enjoyed this K-Pop Monday more than usual! I think it’s the fact that there was actually something to discuss about the music video? I do agree that K-Pop is an exotic alternate universe that many people have become attached to. The same thing with K-dramas, we watch them to peek into a different entertaining world. Although these worlds are mostly fictional. By the way I loved the Spudgy Comeback Home!!! So cute!

  119. Aphrielle Rodriguez

    i think i can think of a meaning of this mv.

    in a land full of sadness and sorrow,technology they call ”virtual paradise” was used to retain some type of happiness.

    daras boyfriend seemed to be depressed/sickness there for doing the virtual paradise,she cries because she’s lonely and that now she’s in the corner while he is in a little fake happy place,and thats the only joy he has,not her.

    therefore 2ne1 try to makeup a cure to get rid of it.(cl hitting the power box to turn off ad)

    i guess the potion stuff didn’t work,therefor just going in and breaking the whole place down,and having dara rip off the tecno things @ his head to get the guy to come back to real life.

    therefore the ”COME BACK HOME” means they want you to come back to the real world,and never live in a place so happy that its dark.

    ”WHY WHY,TOO FAR AWAY”was to show that he’s so distant even though he is right there.

    the breakdown/tecno is used to show what you see in this world,full of fake everything even the people. so they are the saviors.the ending was the virtual place disappearing. you can see 2ne1 in the virtual gear in order to wreck the place.

    wow a lot of typing……tell me what you thought it meant(before you searched it)

    unless you can tell me what you thought it was same as mine.

  120. Aphrielle Rodriguez

    not to be a jerk,but NEVER EVER,don’t even joke,about the ”illuminati” thing,it’s spreading around,and its untrue.

  121. Oh yeah~ HORRIBLE lipsynch of YG in full power! Lmao
    Seriously, when you read 2ne1′s lips I doubled laughing! ;D

  122. Aphrielle Rodriguez

    this was my first time hearing spudgy bark and i think the voice they gave him fits really well.

  123. I usually like 2ne1′s songs, but this time snsd’s song won for me. It seemed more cohesive, and the sexy suit concept was a refreshing change.

  124. I personally thought-as well as many others in these comments- that the video was depicting the idea of a place that is ideal and happy but that can never be real distracting you from the goodness that is already yours, and showing that this is something that is very destructive and sadly prevalent in our society today. The media, the distraction with the largest effect on people today has lead people to push away their relationships to merely view ideas and images of perfection.

  125. I actually really liked both songs but the whole kazoo break-down thing ruined 2NE1′s song for me. If that was left out of it, I probably would’ve loved it a lot more than I do. So, my vote goes to Girls’ Generation, whose song has no part that ruins it for me (even if the editing in the video’s extremely annoying)

  126. Hmm… You guys went ultra deep on us this week. And I’m really glad; not only did I find this song all around great, but the video leveled it up in a way (kind of like how G-Dragon leveled up the meaning of That XX with the accompanying video for that).

    Protip – So for those of you who care, I’m going to answer the showdown question now, instead of at the end of my comment like I usually do. Why? Because it goes hand in hand with my thoughts of this Music Monday.

    Now that all the hype has died down and we can really judge both bodies of work from 2NE1 and SNSD, I think the clear winner of this showdown is 2NE1. Not only did they come out with a solid body of work that stands on it’s own and not on it’s title tracks (even though Come Back Home and Gotta Be You are extremely good), but the video for Come Back Home is amazingly crafted and offers a message you rarely see in K-Pop. Based upon last year’s output from 2NE1, one would be very quick to say that this group has lived past it’s prime and it’s time for YG to let these girls go their separate ways. I’m not gonna lie, I was definitely one of them. Falling in Love, Do You Love Me, and Missing You were decent songs, but I didn’t want decent songs from 2NE1; I can get decent songs from any K-Pop or western pop act. 2NE1 have a very solid and distinct image (in fact, I think they and BIGBANG are one of the most well rounded groups in K-Pop), but last year’s output from them was incredibly anybody. Falling in Love sounds like a shoddily put together b-side solo that the producers give to a member because they know that it can sell based upon the member’s brand. Do You Love Me was more energetic and closer to the 2NE1 brand sound that we’re used too, but it ultimately just doesn’t leave an impression (in fact, it comes off as a second rate rip-off of their better up-tempos). Missing You was the strongest of the three songs (and really, I was thirsty for a song 2NE1 song that I was glad this song came out), but the switch at the chorus was so typical of the 9290342 Korean ballads that released as album fillers and OST tracks (yeah, I just went there :P); I literally felt like the verses were wasted on them. When YG finally announced this album (and the accompanying mess that is so typical of his b/s), I was really over this group. I just wanted him to focus on WINNER (who still don’t have a new debut date), Akdong Musician (they ain’t gettin’ no debut till 2030), and his SNSD-But-Not-SNSD girl group who have yet to be named (I have no [shady] comments for this), but when I finally got my hands on this album (2NE1 was one of my first K-Pop groups, they will always have a place in my heart), I was pleasantly surprised.

    Crush is a culmination of everything 2NE1 has done before, with a generous application of that new car smell that we just can’t get enough of. Yes, I totally just used new car smell to describe this album; deal with it. One could easily dismiss this album, because this is all stuff we’ve heard from 2NE1 before, but there is a distinct evolution in their sound. To use an extremely over quoted cliche: 2NE1 are back, and they’re better than ever!! Crush is IATB on drugs. Come Back Home is reggae-tinged electronic hip hop done right (I will never stop shading Falling in Love, do you hear me :P). Gotta Be You is reminiscent of tracks like Hate You and I’m Busy (not in lyrical content, but structure; chill verses with soaring choruses). If I Were You and Good to You are leveled up versions of Lonely and It Hurts. Mental Breakdown is bonkers; CL has definitely atoned for the sin that is the Baddest Female (yes, I did love that song, but I recognize that it’s a hot mess :P). Baby I Miss You is like I Don’t Care 2.0, but a lil bit more happy. The only weak tracks of the album are Happy and Scream, but only because they seem so… old (literal in the case of Scream and metaphorically in the case of Happy, but many speculate this song could have been recorded in 2012). What Crush is at it’s core is 2NE1 doing what has worked for them in the past, with just enough newness to keep Blackjacks happy. And that is it’s greatest downfall. This album is strong, yes, but it panders way too much to Blackjacks. 2NE1 are effectively staying in the comfortable bubble that they’ve created, and while that works well for me and the 239042 Blackjacks out there who were thirsty for new material, it doesn’t work for casual fans and those who want an evolution in 2NE1′s sound. And while I do think that this is a very solid album from K-Pop’s most fierce foursome (how many times have I said that XD), YG should have skipped the garbage last year and released this. I feel as though I’ve already experienced this album through the six digital singles released these past two years, and that we should be gearing up for an entirely new body of work. That sounds selfish as fuck (it *is* selfish as fuck, and I honestly do not expect any more new music from 2NE1 as a group this year), but… My feels, yo XD

    *double ahem* So now that I’ve ranted your faces off about the album, allow me to zero in on Come Back Home. The song is like a mashup of 2NE1′s most vulnerable moments with a spoolfull of their more fierce ones (that breakdown, anybody), and a dash of reggae charm in case we weren’t already hooked in. I can’t exactly call this a ballad, even though it’s got that feel to it. The girls are lamenting about a past love and urging him to “come back home” to them. The video wins to me purely because they not only related the original message of the song to it, *but* they added on it!! The message of the video is kind of basic (and a bit overdone, if you ask me), but it is decently executed (even though there were a few hiccups along the way, but meh; take the good with the bad, eh). In my personal and (not so humble) opinion, I feel like 2NE1 are saying that this “virtual paradise” that we escape into (whether it be books, Tumblr, K-pop, etc) needs to be regulated so that it doesn’t take over our minds and affect our perception of reality. In the video, Dara and her boyfriend’s relationship is pretty much non-existent because he’d rather be in the virtual paradise and it’s clear that there are lots of people who feel this way by the drabness feel of the city. To be honest, it’d be extremely counterproductive of 2NE1 to advocate that we completely log out of our various virtual paradises, because their livelihoods are basically one big virtual paradise (being one of the biggest groups in the K-Pop machine). And like you guys said above, even if we cut ourselves off from the various paradises that exist online like the K-Pop machine, we’d still find them in books and our imagination. TL;DR – 2NE1 don’t want you to stop logging into your personal virtual paradise (they’d lose lots of money that way), they want you to do it *less*.

    Anyway, this was a great video this week ^^ A nice balance of the funny and the serious, and if anyone was any kind of confused, the blog post clarified your entire point. I loved the 2NEMum video (SPUDGY AND MEEMERS ARE SOOOOOO CUTE!!! THEY JUST MAKE ME WANNA 983205U09QWEJFOIASJGDLK;ASDJGPOIAWUGHH489THAPOGNA;LKSDJGHOAPSHGALS;DFJALEFHIOW4HQ98-HA) and Martina threatening Dara was all kinds of hilarious! Possessive women, while kind of attractive, can be really scary when they wanna be XD

  127. Hey guys,

    I don’t agree with your opinion at all. That being said, this doesn’t mean I’m bashing you. Just puttin’ that out there :)

    Firstly, I know that international Kpop fans make a good portion of their fans, but personally (and I repeat, PERSONALLY), I don’t think that KPop companies should be catering to us at all (except for special occasions, such as an overseas concert). Kpop is pop for the Korean people (that is, people living in Korea and/or that culture), and addresses that specific culture. I find that it is more attractive for foreigners to embrace that almost-exotic culture anyways.

    Secondly, even if we look past that and say that Kpop is for everyone, I do not agree that this is a stupid move for YG to “push away” their international Kpop fans. The message of this video is to encourage a healthy lifestyle, and to not be so attached to this “unhealthy addiction to a fantasy world,” whatever this “fantasy world” may be. This should still include the rabid crazy overseas Kpop fans (not saying that EVERY overseas Kpop fan is one of these). There are still many international fans that are obsessive with Kpop, and so called Korean culture. They are so obsessed, that they talk down their own culture and say that Korean culture is always better. They even try to speak in random, broken Korean (this is not including people who genuinely want to learn the language). The nickname for these people are Koreaboos (like weeaboos, or crazy otakus, for the Japanese/anime equivalents). I think this MV addresses people like these obsessive Koreaboos – people with an unhealthy addiction to their fantasy world. I don’t think it pertains to a regular, international Kpop fan.

    So regardless of who this video is addressing, I think it is a relatively good message. My opinion about the video itself is that they either should’ve put more clips with a beautiful, good, real life world (like the I Forgot My Phone video), or they should have made it obvious that the bland, real life world is how the boyfriend perceives it to be. Or both. Because the feel I got from this is that the real world is boring.

    And those are my two cents :)

    Oh yeah, LOVED that Spudgy and Meemers version of the MV!
    Is that really all Spudgy does when you guys leave?! D:

    • Koreaboos? Did you just make that up? I don’t think that’s a thing.

      • No, I did not make that up. It’s derived from the original weeaboo, for people who fetishized Japanese culture. Just do a quick Google search of “koreaboo” alone, and you will see many results about it.

        And it is definitely a thing. I’ve seen some “horror stories” of koreaboos trying to “convert” people to listen to Kpop by talking about how much better Korean culture is, and how America sucks, and speaking random Korean (like “saranghaeyo”, “unnie”, “oppa”, etc.) to people who had absolutely no interest or idea about Kpop or the Korean language.

        Also, this isn’t just a Korean/K-Pop thing. It’s very prevalent in people who obsess over Japanese anime. Mostly, its just Korea and Japan, because of the influence of Kpop and anime, but I’m sure there are “weeaboos” for other respective countries/cultures

        • Is running around speaking random Korean really any different than the random English that’s thrown into the Kpop songs themselves that’re being listened to? That double standard. If someone wants to regal over Korean culture over their own then let them. For them, Korean culture probably really is m ore ideal than what their own is. I’ve had some pretty intense “weeaboo” friends before and I know they’d never go on and on about it to anyone but close acquaintances or friends (in which case it’s no hold barred, strap yourself in for some intense anime skewed cultural learning), so I’d be questioning the kind of people these “horror stories” are coming from more than the person trying to “convert people to Kpop”.

          I did meet a few “Americaboos” on my trip to Japan, which was pretty interesting. And most people are aware that Marina from Marina and the Diamonds is also infatuated with the kind of American glamour seen in Hollywood.

        • Yes, actually, it is different. Just the difference that Kpop uses random English words and American pop rarely uses random words from other languages already hints a difference. Now, I am speaking from the perspective of knowledge from Hong Kong Cantonese and some Japanese. Both of these languages use random English sprinkled in their normal English. (An example would be using the English words “friend” or “timing”, respectively, for the same meaning.) This has become a regular part of the language. However, in my North American background, the only times I’ve heard “kawaii” or “saranghaeyo” or other words would be from someone who is parodying a situation, someone who genuinely knows the respective language, or has a bit of an obsession with the respective culture. On the flipside, I’ve heard of people who really do get annoyed with the random English in their songs.
          I apologize; I’m finding it hard to convey my point. Just from both an Asian and Western background, I feel that it is not a double standard, because of the cultures themselves. Is it a form of conformity on this side to say NO to random other language lines? Possibly. All we can say at this point is that it is culturally strange. Personally, I believe that it may be a form of rudeness (depending on the situation), because you’re saying something to someone that they don’t understand, which may confuse and frustrate them, whereas in Asian languages with English sprinkled in them, it might be a common term. I would like to reassert also, that this is my opinion.

          I am also coming from a perspective of having obsessed over at least two different cultures different from the main one I’ve grown up in. Firstly, I was once a weeaboo. It was an unhealthy obsession. I started thinking Japan was really better. However, I also realized that Japanese culture has its own strengths and weaknesses (e.g. everyone is expected to be polite at he expense of a possible lack of emotional conveyance, acceptance, and display). I started thinking later on that the Chinese/Hong Kong culture was much better than the North American one, but soon later also saw its weaknesses. My point is that every culture (not country or government, mind you) is not really any better or worse than another. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses.
          Also, the point of the terms is to signify those who are -unhealthily- obsessed, which is the main point of my first comment. There can be phases of obsession of interests in any given person’s life. The dangerous part is when a person begins to give up the world around them because their -perceived- world seems to be better, which was somewhat shown in the 2NE1 MV. Regretfully, they didn’t show much of a good world, which was my main complaint of the video, but certainly, it shows that the world could have been beautiful and warm if he actually spent time with his girlfriend. Remember, those horror stories are possibly fake, but there truly are some very mentally ill people who find their outlet in their “fantasy world”, and sometimes, their mental illness can cause them to do regretable things.

          Again, this is not EVERYONE, and I do not speak for EVERY weeaboo or koreaboo or etc. I am merely conveying my opinion based on my experiences. I get a feeling that you may feel a bit offended from my comments, and I apologize for that if that is truly the case. I do not mean any offense at all, to you, nor any Kpop or anime fan. Again, my point is that the MV is addressing those who are unhealthily obsessed with their respective fantasy world, and I was using Koreaboos so specifically in my original point because S&M brought up pushing away Kpop fans with the MV in their review. This of course, does not include an average Kpop fan who balances both daily life and their interest in Korean pop. (I’m a Kpop fan, too, after all :D That’s why I’m here.)

        • Blueberries

          Well rest of my country already is Americanboo’s, all music, tv-shows, everything is from America and US is so glorified. I don’t see why koreanboo or weaboo are that bad in side of that, especially when there is only small group who likes those things.

        • I was addressing Koreaboos specifically only because Simon and Martina mentioned that the MV was pushing away Kpop fans. I stated that my opinion was that the video wash pushing people who have an unhealthy obsession with a fantasy world, and that may include insane Kpop fans that just so happened to be called koreaboos. The group I’m really highlighting is more the “sasaeng”s of the international scene. There are some seriously mental ill people who happen to use Kpop as their outlet (Kpop as an example only).

          The point is when someone has an -unhealthy- obsession, not a strong interest.

      • Nope, it’s a thing. Unfortunately.

  128. I really like this song except for that hideous part with that “dirty sounding kazoo”. That part just ruined it for me. On the other hand SNSD had an interesting chorus which I wish 2NE1 had been genius enough to use in their song. So although I’m not a fan of SNSD, I have to say that SNSD had a better comeback. I think they stepped it up with their comeback while 2NE1 left me a little disappointed. And I did not like the MV. I find futuristic themes and too much technology in movies and music videos boring.

    • Aphrielle Rodriguez

      I liked the tecno breakdown,it separate the 2 worlds.
      i like both songs,but i think 2ne1 was a bit better on the videos like martina said
      it was very interesting,but i didn’t find snsd’s too popping to the eye(even with all the colors)
      it didn’t really have a story to conflict about.
      other then that its nice to heres other peoples sides of things,

      • Come back home had so much potential (it could have been my favourite 2NE1 song yet) but that part kazoo part is the most hideous thing I’ve ever heard. Oh and 2NE1′s video is better but it’s my least favourite 2NE! MV. I usually find that their MVs pull me in even when I don’t like the song at first (Hurt, I Am The Best, I Love You) but this MV had too much going on for me. It looked like a mashup between I Am The Best and Fire (space version). The colours in the MV were great though. I didn’t like SNSD’s MV except for the dance part~ it looked poorly filmed and I doubt that was the look they were going for.

        • Aphrielle Rodriguez
          Aphrielle Rodriguez

          at least you have a GOOD reason for not liking some parts,unlike some people.
          i heard that snsd had a problem with clips,like someone lost a few,so it was in more pressure.
          and the effects in the real world were amazing,dim,but not too dim.
          on youtube everyone is saying the effects people should go to hollywood for movie effects.
          1 question:do you like dubstep?if not.why?

        • Haha thank you and no I don’t like dubstep. I like organic sounds best…and dubstep just sounds like electronic music on a scratched CD. It took me a while to get into electronic but now I can appreciate it. I think I’m too old to get into new genres.

        • Aphrielle Rodriguez
          Aphrielle Rodriguez

          ahhh i get it now,well i am still pretty young,so i was kinda forced to like the music around me,not the bad ones,i refuse.(ex:gas pedal)
          not really into the twerking either,so I’m gonna stick it clean and stay on kpop.

        • I’ve been listening to Come Back Home a lot more and I’m starting to like it more. I blame the 2NEmum version for getting it stuck in my head.

        • Aphrielle Rodriguez
          Aphrielle Rodriguez

          lolXD i know how you feel
          meemers part get me.
          so you’ve been listening to come back home and your starting to like it more.
          even the breakdown?

        • Yes…I’m liking the song much much more…and even the breakdown. ^.^

        • Aphrielle Rodriguez
          Aphrielle Rodriguez


        • Yeah, you’re too old to love the kazoo parts. Understandable enough that you can’t appreciate it.

        • Eat my shorts.

  129. thisisjustforfunval

    Guys, soon you will be going through the mega Sherlock withdrawals and find yourself watching all the episodes over and over again, managing in only making your addiction worse…or it could just be me…nah it’ll grow it exponentially

  130. Baby Don't Kill My Vibe (파리)

    To be honest, I was a bit underwhelmed by both groups this time around. Here’s why (in my own opinion, of course):

    My issue with 2NE1 is this: While I love their concept, I feel like what I hear from them is the same thing that I hear on the radio here in the USA. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but more so like an eye opener. I had to ask myself this: is this REALLY that different than what plays on the radio here? Sure, they’re AMAZING but if I wanted to listen to R&B, I would just go listen to someone who is already defined at that particular sound (i.e. Destiny’s Child). This song had a cool vibe but in terms of which song I would have preferred to hear for their comeback, I definitely would have chosen “Crush”, which is the FIERCE 2NE1 that sets them apart from other girl groups… CBH was great to watch and I LOVED the theme of the video but the song doesn’t have the replay factor for me. AAAAAAAAAAND my other pet peeve was that I wanted at least SOME choreography in the video… there was none. At all. For girls who are known to SLAY their dancing, I was expecting at least SOMETHING. Even during the live performances, I felt it was a bit underwhelming. This album will go down as a classic 2NE1 album (it was AMAZING), but I felt that this song was a bit weaker than expected from them.

    My issue with GG is this: I feel like they don’t take enough risks…This song in particular was a bad follow up to IGAB (super risky but also made people PAY attention to GG) and The Boys (released in multiple languages to ATTEMPT to appeal to their large, international fan-base) to me. As much as I wasn’t too fond of the lyrics in each of those songs, the BEAT made up for the fact that the lyrics were crazy. And the choreography was powerful. For Mr. Mr., I was expecting the same beat that plays during the dance break to occur for the duration of the song. Instead, it became a mid-tempo electronic pop/r&b song which is nice but it also sounded like something that could have been released on their Run Devil Run album in the past. And the one EPIC part of the video (i.e. that amazing suit-and-tie dance break) was cut SUPER short (I think it lasted less than 15 seconds lol). I ended up having to go watch the live performances just to SEE if there was ANYTHING missing (and sure enough, there was). Had they added in the ENTIRE dance break, the video would have been MUCH better. I know SM lost the footage (side eye >_>) but even so, the editing was ALL OVER THE PLACE. While I can always appreciate ANY TIME SM allows the girls to step out of their “boxes,” this video almost had me WISHING they had a box set so that I could focus on them as a whole instead of the super awkward camera work.

    I’m a SONE and a Blackjack of course, but I’m also an objective fan of each respective group. In terms of albums, I don’t really think it’s fair to compare them because SNSD gave us a MINI album, while 2NE1′s is full-length.

    Overall: I prefer SNSD’s song and 2NE1′s music video.

    • I’m the same. like you too I also thought snsd would come back with this awesome song and choreography. the song is somewhat slower so naturally the dance is too but the choreography for Mr Mr wasn’t great. Even though I think Mr Mr is a better song than IGAB it hasn’t had the same appeal. The Boys and IGAB had a cool beat with cool choreography which was something Mr Mr was lacking so I feel less ppl are interested despite them being so popular. Just look at the views for the video. The same could be said for 2ne1′s song too. I like snsd’s song better but 2ne1′s video was a lot better.

  131. When Mr.Mr. first came out, I was totally excited and thankful they were out of that weird Gotta Boy phase (bc ngl /hated/ it. Then, 2ne1 came out with Crush and was TOTALLY blown away. I kinda didnt like the reggae/dubstep feel at first bc a lot of american artists are doing it rn, but i’ve really grown to like it. Go 2ne1!

  132. Aphrielle Rodriguez

    i think i can think of a meaning of this mv.

    in a land full of sadness and sorrow,technology they call ”virtual paradise” was used to retain some type of happiness.
    daras boyfriend seemed to be depressed there for doing the virtual paradise,she cries because she’s lonely and that now she’s in the corner while he is in a little fake happy place,and thats the only joy he has,not her.
    therefore 2ne1 try to makeup a cure to get rid of it.(cl hitting the power box to turn off ad)
    i guess the potion stuff didn’t work,therefor just going in and breaking the whole place down,and having dara rip off the tecno things @ his head to get the guy to come back to real life.
    therefore the ”COME BACK HOME” means they want you to come back to the real world,and never live in a place so happy that its dark.
    ”WHY WHY,TOO FAR AWAY”was to show that he’s so distant even though he is right there.
    the breakdown/tecno is used to show what you see in this world,full of fake happiness.so they are the saviors.the ending was the virtual place disappearing. you can see 2ne1 in the virtual gear in order to wreck the place.

    wow a lot of typing……tell me what you thought it meant(before you searched it)
    unless you can tell me what you thought it was same as mine.

  133. SNSD song MR.MR is pretty catchy after a couple listens and 2NE1 Come Back Home took me a couple listens too, but i like the reggae feel they have been doing, specially in this song. The vibes are opposites but it makes for a better competition.
    I don’t think you can really compete with a group that hasn’t had a full album in 4 years, but then again these are the two main girl groups out in kpop right now.The mini-album that girls generation was ehh i listened to it but didnt really fall in love with any songs. On the other hand 2ne1 album…i love it. Sure they may have more sappy songs but why not WHO CARES they’re back (and those songs were good too), and hey at least they gave us CRUSH <- that was 2ne1 original feel rigth thar.
    Now if i compare MV's i think any one could see the difference in production value. I MEAN REALLY SM? why choose a parking lot to dance in -_- anyways i just think 2ne1 did better.And for SONES out there i did like their comeback it's just i just feel like Sm just threw the mini album together and said here you guys go now lets go promote it.

  134. The thing I got from 2Ne1 ‘s video was that the virtual world was seemingly perfect, drawing people in, and leaving behind a crappy world. I’ve seen this happen to some of my friends. Be it kpop or drugs, or whatever you want to use, instead of working to improve their lives they use that as a substitute, unaware of the world crashing around them.

    I used to be that way too, with reading, dramas, etc. By society’s standards I did nothing wrong, but one day I realized that instead of working to make my own life better, I used other things to ignore it.
    This creates a vicious cycle-you use something to escape your crappy life, then your life gets worse, so then you use it more. Until your willing to wake up and face reality, nothing will improve.

    That’s what this video made me think of. Not condoning the virtual world necessarily, but condoning how we as people can use such mediums to avoid-and therefore lose-our own lives.

  135. Well 2NE1 and SNSD have different styles… In case of Come Back Home’s video… I really like it the spotlight is cool and have a message but go to a explanation of Mr. Mr.’s video they have an interesting spotlight too. I love both songs but I’m in love with Mr. Mr. I can say both groups are great and Come Back Home in unplugged ver is better than the original.

  136. I have to say I liked Mr. Mr. but I didn’t.. loved it. I think the video and the live performances made me like it more but the song alone didn’t impress me that much at first. I already know it’s an SM thing to release awesooome MV teasers and then when it comes out it’s just the same as every damn time, but I was kinda hoping that this time around i’d be different with all that cool outffits and because the medical concept could have had a creepy plot or something. I felt like it was just a buch of random shots mixed together with very bad editing skills. On the other hand, I was sooo impressed with 2NE1′s comeback! The whole album was exactly what I was expecting to hear from them. It reminded me of the good “I’m the best” old days. The video did confuse me a bit but it was cool nonetheless. Being said that, I’m happy that both goups came back with their old styles, tbh it’s been a while since I felt this excited about the kpop scene <3 I can already picture the end of the year shows are going to be AWESOME this year o/

  137. I think the message of the video was created to somehow coincide with the song lyrics but in a more plot-driven way. They could have went with a million other plot-lines but they had a big budget so they tried to utilize that as much as possible by going big with amazing & interesting CGI. By doing this, they’re probably hoping this will differentiate them from other KPOP videos. Point is, I don’t think the purpose of the video was to convey their opinion on Virtual vs. real, but only to create a visually interesting video which plot works with the lyrics. (ex: home = reality). Nobody can be really sure of the thought process behind creating the story but I doubt they viewed the video as complex as you guys did.

    However, I am curious on what the member’s opinion on the subject is. You guys described KPOP as somewhat a virtual paradise for some people (which I definitely agreed with). I wonder if 2ne1 are has or aware of that kind of mentality.

    On the topic of comebacks, I’ll have to go with 2ne1. I personally enjoyed Mr.Mr song more than Come back Home….but a worth of the band is more than just their music. Especially with KPOP, you have to taken into account the aesthetic, talent, and stage presence… I feel that 2ne1 has continued to keep me more interested with their personas, looks, songs and overall performance than Girl’s Generation (base from both live performances + MV). Both band have their own style but I feel 2ne1 has greater range and versatily than G.G that I , personally, find more appealing.

  138. Wonderland Mad T Party

    I didn’t really like the song as much as I was hoping to, however the video was awesome, and I was especially pleased with that fire explosion at the end, in true 2NE1 fashion XD

  139. Graciela Ivonne

    i did like 2ne1′s video more, but because i listen to music more than i watch music videos, i must say that snsd surpassed my expectations with mr.mr. i haven’t really liked their past couple songs so they really impressed me this time around.

  140. i am not really into both songs but i am going with 2ne1 because i’ve always been a fan. anyways, on a side note, i noticed that the video’s concept ( the sci-fi plot and graphics especially during the chorus part) have a Black Eyed Peas influence. not surprising because 2ne1 and will.i.a.m are pretty close and they did some collaboration. i feel that they did a great job applying his concept into this MV.

  141. Is Spudgy blind in his left eye, if he is poor guy :( His part was funny though lol

  142. I though the video was about drugs and the virtual paradise was like a metaphor , and like getting high he escape from reality but idk .it would be certanitly strange if the message of the video is just “dont spend time on the internet”

  143. I definitely liked 2NE1′s video and song more! I was expecting something better from SNSD. Although I liked the song, it wasn’t what I expected from them and I liked the video but it wasn’t very impressive (but I mean its SM… I wasn’t expecting much from the video tbh). While when I first heard 2NE1′s song I was super impressed! It sounds different and mature but it doesn’t fall too far from the usual 2NE1 sound, and the MV was incredible! I think there are deeper meanings in there…. idk! Also the whole album is really good! And the performance for Crush is amazing! Martina if you miss their powerful days watch that perf!! Anyways I love and support both groups but 2NE1 took this one for me.

  144. To me I don’t think 2ne1 was telling their fans to get off the internet. (lol i’m pretty sure yg would disagree as well) I think 2ne1 was telling their lovers to get out of the virtual world and spend time with them. I can relate because I had a boyfriend who liked playing xbox and he would talk to the people on there. He basically live on xbox, playstation, and the internet (if you were wondering why I dated him is because he had a good personality and he also had a interest for anime like I do). I would always ask him hey lets go out lets do couple things or I would come over and he would not leave his devices alone so we can have a decent conversation. So I believe 2ne1′s message is for couples to actually spend time with each other physically instead of living life virtually.

  145. I have to go with SNSD for this one. I didn’t like either of the videos, SNSD’s being boring and while 2NE1′s was a great video it’s theme and story line is cliche and overdone. So that left just the songs to decide by. I’m a fan of both, but SNSD’s definitely has me tapping my fingers along with the beat more often than 2NE1s does.

  146. Ooh, “From: YG” talked about the (intended) concept behind the video: http://www.yg-life.com/archives/28671?lang=en

    What I got from the video was that if you’re going to enjoy the virtual world, enjoy it in moderation and remember to smell the roses versus what I got from the YG blog is that people are starting to get way too deep at a young age and that’ll become detrimental to society as a whole in the long run. Which they’re both something to be concerned about because it’s so freaking true. I thought Simon’s point about video was mad extreme until ‘moderation’ was mentioned. I think the video HAD to be extreme to get their message across. Not everyone watching the video has the consciousness to analyse it in-depth like, oh I don’t know, a couple of English middle/high school teachers :p

    BUT MAN I AGREE WITH THE MESSAGE NONETHELESS I’d be out with my friends and it’s like a rotary system where they’d would try to subtly text their boo. CAN’T YOUR BOO WAIT YOU SAW THEM YESTERDAY I HAVEN’T SEEN YOU IN MONTHS I mean, I can understanding checking your phone when a message pops up because what if it’s semi-important, I’m not that heartless. But I can’t stand it when they carry out a full-blown conversation when you’re out with someone you’ve already scheduled your time for. So. Rude. It’s a major pet peeve :)

    I’m a bit torn btwn 2NE1 and SNSD tbh. I was super hyped for 2NE1′s comeback since they haven’t put out an actual album, mini or full in YEARS (kpop time) and their title tracks are one I dance to when I’m in the car. While I appreciate the lengths they went to to put out a kick-ass video, I kept mentally rolling my eyes to the poor lipsyncing. It was really distracting and I almost want to throw mouldy food at EYK for point this out to me lol It’s so distracting! I haven’t heard SNSD’s entire album yet, but I loved the teaser when it came out. I was so pumped. BUT THE VIDEO. The teaser and the sound was so edgy, but the actual video… wasn’t. I wasn’t unhappy with the video but the song and the video just lacked something. Not sure what. But my biases were gorgeous and hot so I kinda just forgot about it and let it go. Hurray for short attention spans!

  147. I prefer 2NE1′s comeback. And I am a SONEjack, but SNSD’s comeback was rather generic and boring and the MV didn’t do it justice. Sadly, that’s not SME’s fault, but the comeback seemed rather rushed. I would’ve preferred for SME to delay and focus on TVXQ and rethink a better concept and re-film rather than have rushed to get SNSD’s stuff out there. I liked the song, and only one or two more songs max off of their album. I was pretty underwhelmed by it. The most interesting song on there was already used for a Chinese promotion thing (for a game or something). And I’d say why I found it “boring.” The ladies wearing suits thing is not something amazing or different. Other females in K-POP have done it before. Most recently, KARA (as five) did it last year with “Damaged Lady.” So SME choosing this concept for them is just…”Meh.” Nurses are cliche too, but I felt that SME could’ve gone off of that a bit more. “Mr.Mr.” itself is not a bad song. Quite the contrary, but it’s rather underwhelming compared to 2011 and 2013.

    Meanwhile, 2NE1′s “Come Back Home,” was a good mix of what the girls wanted to focus on “heartbreak and love,” while staying true to their 2NE1-nature. “Come Back Home” was something that you could immediately recognize, “Ah, this is definitely something with the true 2NE1 stamp” on it which is what Blackjacks in particular needed. 2NE1′s 2013 comebacks were comebacks where a lot of Blackjacks were scratching their heads wondering “Is this the same 2NE1 I fell in love with in 2009?” 2NE1′s album showcased their maturity as a group. They could discuss real problems and issues and love and heartbreak, but at the same time keep their powerful, kick-ass concept that was missing last year.

    • Cecilia Avila

      I am so glad to see someone else wasn’t that amazed by the suit and hat outfits. Everyone seems to be swooning over them. But for one, it has been done MANY times before, so its not new like you said. And two, it wasn’t done very well. They don’t look attractive at all. Although I am a huge fan of the concept because it can look really sexy in a powerful way. They just don’t look good in it. I think it just looks like the cheap version of it? Skinny jeans, boots, a blazer and a hat. KARA also came to mind when I first saw it and thought of how much better they did it.

      • Yeah, I just kept scratching my head looking at the comments when people were saying “OMG SOSHI IN SUITS, HOW AMAZING AND DIFFERENT IS THAT?!~” And I was just like, “It’s not.” And the worst part about it that sadly that was the best part of the video.

        The jeans ruined it for me. If they were going to go with that, they should’ve gone all out: Suit, tie, and nice slacks. Maybe even heels. SME has got money to spend on them. They’re a multi-million dollar company. If they had put a little more effort into those outfits, it actually could’ve turned out well. And if they were worried about their budget for SNSD, do what 2NE1 does and have the girls themselves all come together for a concept like that and match it and get their own clothes.

        KARA did do it better. But then I get depressed thinking about KARA because the member who even attracted me to KARA is on to bigger and better things.

        • Cecilia Avila
          Cecilia Avila

          The jeans are what did it most for me to. They don’t look good on them. I think its the silhouette it gives them.

        • The jeans to me make it seem like they’re still trying to give nods to “Gee.” And I’m over it. It’s five years later SME. Let’s move on. SNSD needs to move on from that.

      • Haha i personally find them amazing and really sexy . And i think that those outfits fit them well :) But to everyone their own !

        • Cecilia Avila
          Cecilia Avila

          This isn’t the look I was referring to, nor is it the one Nove_REMIX is referring to. The white suit one you have in your picture is actually really nice, and I prefer it to the other one. The one we are referring to is the one in the video with the hats and the skinny jeans, the one during the “dance break”. They wore it for their first live performance I think.

  148. The lip synchronicity is *so* very off that I have to believe it was entirely intentional. Symbolic of the disconnect in communication with the people around you – which is so ironic because that’s all people do these days. Everyone feels compelled to communicate every little detail of their day, or what they’re feeling, or their opinion on what’s around them. But how much of everything people post and blog and tweet and update is actually in sync with themselves and the people around them? So much talking, how much actual processing and listening and thinking?

    Or maybe I’m reading too deeply into it. :)

    • Lool no it’s just a YG thing!:P Lee hi and BB has the same problem!xD

      • I disagree on BB, honestly – the one you see it the most with is TOP, and some of that (thinking rather specifically of “Fantastic Baby”) is because of editing. They mix frames of him not singing at all with some where he lip syncs with let’s say, “not much enthusiasm” (I’m sure he thinks it’s a character choice…?) and you end up with it just looking like he’s out of sync. But meanwhile, Taeyang in the same MV waaaaaaay overdoes the lip synching (seriously, the first “Fantastic Baby” he lip syncs in that close shot I bust out laughing almost every time), and he’s perfectly on cue, so… I don’t necessarily agree.

        But I DO know what you’re saying, and why the argument can be made! :)

        Lee Hi I admittedly haven’t watched enough of to be able to rebut there, and I’m not one of those fans who just blindly defend things because it’s this group or that label. ;)

      • But 2NE1 minus Bom doesn’t have this problem. It looks intentional.

      • Aphrielle Rodriguez

        well actually,T..O.P played a character that didn’t exist in this world,as a mysterious prince jumping frames.
        pictures don’t move,and if they DO move in your house….gtfo.
        but i think staying as still as possible was a good idea for a prince in a picture.

        • True, but there were some frames on the throne as well, during the last line of his rap that were spliced in where he wasn’t lip synching at all – so it wasn’t as clear as in picture vs out of picture.
          Regardless, it didn’t bother me much anyway.

          ryuuseisoul mentioned below, about the video being slightly slowed down, and I remember seeing another review actually mention that, that it was possibly recorded at a different speed. The only times it’s really that noticeable though, is when they are within the virtual world; and when Dara is alone and obviously depressed and dealing with the issue of the boy in her apartment. When they are like, lying on the table plugging into the virtual world etc, I see no issues with their lip synching. So the idea still works, I think – a disconnect in virtual reality, and a disconnect in their relationship.

          On a completely different tangent, I still am not sure how I feel about CL’s spoken bit from the unplugged version in this video. Not that I don’t appreciate the verse itself and what it does for that moment in the video (SOLIDARITY) – but I was already so used to the song without it, it still sort of throws me every time it comes up.

        • Aphrielle Rodriguez
          Aphrielle Rodriguez

          i understand the conclusion,agreed

    • I agree with this. It was so off and jarring that I was trying to focus on their lips to see if they were actually lipsyncing it. It seems like it was filmed in a different speed, and either slowed down or sped up in the MV or something, because the frames for the video feel different.

    • Jane Patterson-McGuire

      They were recording in slo-mo, and have to match up lip syncing from that, which is ridiculously hard. And I don’t think really necessary. I like your interpretation, though. :)

  149. kawaii_candie

    omg, meemers is so fat… lol. he’s like as big as spudgy now. lol.

    great one guise!

  150. Although I do think the video has a lot to do with technology, I thought it was more about how you can’t live in a kind of “fantasy land” and ignore how everything is falling apart in real life. People go to the virtual world because it feels their lives are somehow out of control or worse than the virtual world, and if you don’t use it right you just let your real life go to shambles and only live in the virtual world. But what 2NE1′s video shows is that this is unsustainable. Not only is it all a lie, and not only will the world fall apart if you don’t pay attention, but you yourself become vulnerable and susceptible to being “unplugged” and dying or losing what made your life good in the first place.

  151. Okay seriously you guys need to start doing more of your own horrific overdubs for k-pop videos. Comedic GOLD. I was busting up laughing at that segment of the lip syncs.

  152. The Spudgy and Meemers duet is too cute!!! And the showdown just reignited the biggest girl group fan war battle now…but I have to say I like both songs equally.

  153. bigbangfosho

    Your animals are so…darling. That’s honestly the only word I could come up with omg what era am I living in

  154. I really like this song for the most part, like Martina I couldn’t stand the “sappier” 2NE1, it was really cheesy and just weird seeing them like that. But honestly, I HATE Dara’s kazoo breakdown! It grates on my ears and just feels so weird and unnecessary in a song that flows so well for the rest of it. I personally prefer SNSD’s “Mr. Mr” because it’s such an overall banging song and the kazoo part kills “Come Back Home” for me. It would have been a lot harder to pick had it not been there.
    As for the video, I got the message for the most part, but can I just say that (and this may be me being nitpicky) I really don’t like that YG had to go out and explain the meaning of the music video in an interview. I think that the video should be able to stand for itself and should be open to interpretation by viewers. And this video is pretty easy to follow and I think it is a good message. I don’t think that they are trying to undermine their careers for the most part, I think it’s a call for moderation, and a good one at that. But what you guys said is true, they made the “real” world look so boring, so that in itself, to me, undermines the message more than 2NE1′s career living on the internet.
    Also though, and I’m a bit surprised you guys didn’t mention this, but then again you do work under a time constraint, can we please talk about the wackest most boring revolt ever?! Why is CL spray painting everything? She isn’t even writing messages or graffiti, just lines. Is she supposed to be disrupting the perfection? But the virtual world is already so colourful. Why does Minzy just shove a shopping cart full of Molotov cocktails in some random direction? Not only is it incredibly dangerous, I’m pretty sure it’s kind of ineffective so far as Molotov cocktails go. And why, in a technological virtual world are they still using Molotov cocktails and baseball bats? Why is Bom singing to the people? I personally thought she was a part of the regime and meant to brainwash people. And why does Dara fail at starting a food fight? Finally, where did that random army come from?! How did they whip up a massive resistance so quickly? While the message comes across pretty clearly in the end, I think the more than anything this video would have benefited from more time to flesh out the plot and the message even more.

  155. I think the message that 2ne1 was trying to covey was that people are constantly attached to their phones and other electronic devices that it seems as if the real world is monotonous, and that’s why they showed the real world in the video to be kind of lacking color and not that appealing; I also think that the video was too short for the message t e clear but I was left with the impression that the. video will have a part 2.

  156. The first time that I saw 2ne1s video I got chill and I love it. I was really trying to figure out what was the message. At the end I ended up thinking about how we live. yes we have advanced so much in technology and lets be real if we have a phone we have it at all time, sometimes we feel nervous if we don’t have it with us. We sometimes forget how to even talk to other people bc we decide that texting is way easier we don’t take the time to actually have a full conversation with people see their reaction to what we r saying or how they feel. Maybe in their mv is telling us yes sometimes the virtual world looks more appealing to us but at the same time its just that, we will never get to live it and we need to face reality and if it sucks try to make the best out of it make, maybe this will also encourage us to do something about how messed up this world is and do some good. Thats my opinion either way I vote for 2ne1 even my dad liked the mv and he never really like my music hehehe

  157. I liked the concept of the video, exactly to make an interesting counterpoint about this “abandonment”, not cliché for another love, but by an illusion. It is as powerful as “I’m the best.” Showing that changes, even drastic, can be realized.

  158. I thought that t meaning for 2ne1 video was that you should not only spend your life living and wanting a life that you only have in your mind, but make that life real, and don’t just ignore the people you love. That’s s why they used the virtual paradise, that showed the world the guy wanted, but never made it real.

  159. 2NE1 for sure. I don’t hate on SNSD but I just like 2NE1′s music and style more. They bring the hype , they bring the energy, the attitude and the fierceness.

  160. 2NE1 had an amazing video! They got my vote!

  161. i gotta be one of the very rare that was so sO underwhelmed by this ong and comeback. man i was expecting so much for their comeback and… meh… it just… slipped on me. i didn’t feel anything. it’s not like it’s a bad song but… this isn’t my cup of tea and thing. this isn’t what i wanted from them. i actually really dislike that weird chorus, it ruins the song for me. i, way, much more love it as the unplugged version.
    i feel so sad tbh. i wanted to be thrilled and excited and overly happy with their new cd but… it just didn’t do it for me. sure the mv is nice, lot of money spend on it, and pretty wisely and in a clever way, i guess. (not like Infinite with their very meh Destiny mv. and i say this as a true fan). but as time passes, i realize how unimportant a mv is. for me. a mv doesn’t do the song. it can fool us. in the good or bad way. like make us feel/think a song is better or less good than what it really is. but well, in the end i don’t watch a song, so.
    anyway, to conclude it as much as i am not a snsd fan (at all, actually) i surprisingly really enjoyed and still enjoying their Mr.Mr song, and album. so, i’m sorry 2NE1, i love you girls but my vote goes for snsd this time.

    • I’m one of the few who feels the same way. It’s not that the album was bad or anything, it just wasn’t to my personal tastes. I liked the Unplugged version of Come Back Home, Scream, and Gotta Be You, but even those don’t come close to their older songs for me. When their last full album came out a few years ago, I literally loved every single song but one. I was hoping to have similar feels here, so understandably I was disappointed. lol. Anyway, I think this MV made Come Back Home a way cooler song, and I love deep MVs like this. As for SNSD, Mr.Mr is a great song, but the video did it no justice except with the brief dance cuts in the suits and fedoras.

  162. Like Martina mentioned, I couldn’t focus on the MV at all the first time I watched it because of that awful lip syncing and sound matching or whatever you call it orz I got so irritated like how can they miss something like that? I didn’t fancy the incorporation of the unplugged version in the original version either.

    Watching it again, my interpretation is slightly different? I think the main point is that people shouldn’t turn to virtual worlds when they’re having problems in the real world. I’ve met many people, on-line, who told me that Kpop, gaming, virtual worlds, etc are their “getaway” from real life problems. Their “escape” to reality, if you must. They said it’s better than taking drugs or something lol and I guess sleep isn’t an option for them either. The guy, in the MV, used to have a good relationship with Dara. Something strained that and instead of fixing the problem with her, he runs away to the virtual world. Dara’s left there waiting and looking annoyed~

    Anyways.. I actually prefer “Crush” more than “Come Back Home” just because the swaggy sass in the song is so catchy. If it was Crush vs Mr. Mr. I would’ve chosen 2NE1, hands down. Other than that, I don’t know because I like GG’s comeback as well D: D:

  163. I liked how 2NE1 had a different direction then came back with a fierce concept for their full album. Sure they do badass right but you can’t have badass all the damn time
    I personally really like the song and mv, and loved CL’s slower rap part after the first chorus. Mr.Mr is good and the GG ladies look gorgeous as hell but I’m going with 2NE1. Much more of a comeback with a bang and it feels like they own their song more, not own as in OOOH YOU JUST GOT OWNED but as in they have more ownership over it, it’s 2NE1′s. With Mr.Mr, it just sounded like the typical SM song that a foreign composer made, then they injected korean words to make it korean (and I still agree with SooZee on the lyrics).
    I think that they put in this virtual paradise thing to go along more with the lyrics of “come back home,” asking the guy to come back home from the virtual paradise, rather than sending a societal message to the public to stop using technology so much, at all. The virtual paradise was just part of the plot bc the guy wasn’t coming back home from it. You’re thinking too deep into this Simon :P
    Spudgy was too cute waiting for you ^_____________^ Meems is so big now :O

  164. Natsu W.

    Honestly, I didn’t quite like 2NE1′s comeback song that much. I enjoyed the MV but the song felt really off to me because it kept switching back and forth from a light ballad-like tune to dropping the bass with dubstep. I found SNSD’s comeback song a lot better since it was catchy and it didn’t continuously change its tone although I didn’t exactly find the MV to my liking.

  165. 4:55 HOLY CRAP!!! SHERLOCK SEASON 3 IS OUT?????????????
    how come i can’t find it???????????????? WHAT THE CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. Mariam Watt

    Oh God, the Spudgey video was so funny.

  167. so does that mean you guys really like Crush?
    Thats all sass right there

  168. Wow, so I think both comebacks are great, but unique in their own way. Personally I enjoyed SNSD more because I can listen to the song on repeat AND watch the video a 1000 times, whereas for 2ne1 I can listen to the song forever, but the video isn’t really killing it for me. As for concept, I love SNSD’s stage presence and delivery, even though I only saw one 2ne1 comeback stage compared to 4 of GG’s, SNSD seemed to command the stage more for me and 2ne1 wasn’t as memorable.

    • I couldnt agree with you more. 2ne1′s stage is kinda meh for you because they’re somewhat constricted in a small stage, they’re suited for a much bigger stage. Hahah

  169. drykabioni

    Ok now shirt aside, I really like 2NE1′s comeback more, it’s not their best, I even like “Crush” more than “Come Back Home”, but “Mr.Mr.” it’s so generic and boring, and the MV is not interesting at all. It’s sad because SNSD have some talented girls there, but SM just don’t care since people buy whatever they release. Fans sometimes try to protect their idols by accepting whatever their company gives them to sing, and that’s not the way to help them to evolve and express.

    • So right. I felt the same with Shinee last comeback, Everybody. It sucks but has done well in the charts, because it was a Shinee’s song. They can do so much better. And I heard that Jonghyun can write songs. Why don’t they let him release his songs more often?

      • drykabioni

        I’m a Cassiopeia, TVXQ is there for ten years now, and only now Yunho actually have a composed song on an album. When they were 5 all of them could write, especially Jaejoong and Yoochun, and SM used a few songs, but they could have used more. If you look at how many self composed songs JYJ released now, and how many songs composed by them SM used back them, it’s a shame. Such a powerful company, but no creative freedom. SM is always the best in gather and training the best ones out there, but not really good at managing them.

      • Jane Patterson-McGuire

        Actually, the “single” from misconceptions of us, Selene 6.23 is Jonghyun’s, though it wasn’t a promoted single, and he did the lyrics for Symptoms (which I wish had been the title track from Everybody) and Obsession (way back in the day), and IU just did one of his songs. ‘떠나지 못해 (Sleepless Night)’, which is one of my favorite songs from Misconceptions of Me, was actually written by Max of TVXQ. Which is to say, I think SM is starting to figure out to let their idols be artists, though probably slower for the girls (though Goodbye Summer on f(x)’s Pink Tape was written by Amber. Not promoted, though.)

    • I would like to also add that I like 2ne1′s comeback coz it got people talking about the “music” and not really how pretty the girls are like what other groups are banking on.

  170. Allison Merkel

    I vote for Orange Caramel. 2NE1 and SNSD both just felt meh after a few listens (But Generation’s suit outfits are still amazing #suckerforfedoras )

    • drykabioni

      Yeah I have to agree about the suits, I love Fedoras too, from everything going on in this world I don’t know why fedoras suffers so much hate U_U!!! Still didn’t listen to Orange Caramel’s new song, but from the teasers I hope it’s going to be hilarious!!

      • Allison Merkel

        They haven’t even released the song but I have a great feeling about this release. And yes the Fedora/Trilby hate is sad. Especially when the Tumblr community thinks okay to generalize the bad side of Bronies and older MRAs then shame anyone who wants wear fashionably headgear. >_<

  171. i interpreted that the video’s editing was done on purpose to show that the world is out of sync and that virtual paradise is messed up.

    also, i posted this before on the actual kpop charts page for the video, but here’s my interpretation of the video:

    the video obviously takes place in a dystopian future where cities are crumbling (note the tower in the background in the opening that is askew), maybe because of overcrowding. a virtual reality simulation called virtual paradise is being advertised as an escape from the current situation and everyone has logged into it. dara and her boyfriend/husband/whatever live in the real world and see an advertisement for virtual paradise. since dara’s boyfriend is crippled (notice his other arm when he’s crushing the pills, which i assume are pain meds; it’s hanging straight down, as if he can’t use it at all. his arm appears like this when he’s shaving his head too), he goes into the virtual world to escape his pain and his reality, and he leaves dara.

    at the same time, cl, bom, and minzy are attempting to dismantle virtual paradise and get people back into the real world to face and fix their problems rather than avoid them. they’re developing cyber weapons in their lab that will let them do this and cl is going in the streets and disconnecting virtual paradise, disabling any more people from logging into the system. dara disconnects her boyfriend (which maybe kills him) and then joins up with the other girls. they enter the virtual world to set off their weapons and get the message out to the people already logged on that they should wake up.

    this is were you have to pay attention to the details like the hairstyles and the time outside. whenever it’s night and whenever you see minzy with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, bom with bangs, and dara with blue hair, they’re in the virtual world. at the dinner (which takes place in the virtual world as evidenced by their hair), bom distracts them with a performance while cl, minzy, and dara infiltrate and set off their weapons, killing the virtual people (and maybe killing them in real life).

    then, when they’re all lying on the tables with the visors, they’re going deeper into the virtual reality to spread their message to everyone. this is where the breakdown comes into play. the breakdown is the message they’re sending to everyone in virtual paradise telling them to wake up and “come back home.” if you notice, almost the same footage is shown when the breakdown happens, showing that it’s pretty much the same message they’re sending out. everyone in the virtual world hears their message and hears the truth of the situation and join up with the girls and they all rebel against the system. eventually, virtual paradise collapses (shown by the virtual reality in flames and then breaking apart at the end) and then goes completely offline, and everyone wakes up.

    • A brilliant and beautiful analysis! I also thought that the message was to not use the virtual world to escape all of your problems, but rather to go out in the real world and fix the problems/make the “paradise” you want into a reality.
      When videos like this come out, I always wonder what the actual message that the video writers and directors intended is. It’d be really cool to find out if your awesome analysis is exactly what they were going for.

    • The lip out of synch ist just…a YG thing!lol For some unknown reasons, YG singers almost don’t open their lips while filming MVs. The worst is Lee hi. Then come 2ne1. And finally BB and Se7en since they have more practice!lol

    • So…. it’s The Matrix, the Musical? :)

  172. First Martina I LOVE your sweater! And the 2en1 video remember me the movie “matrix”, don’t you think that too? They have similar thematic.

  173. drykabioni

    Tattooed but Employed kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  174. I love both groups but with this comeback i choose Girls Generation Mr. Mr. than 2NE1 Come Back Home. I’m still waiting for another I Am The Best type of song from 2NE1. With Mr. Mr. when i first heard it i really liked it that as i keep listening to it and watch the live performance i love it even more and more.

  175. Loved the Seo Taiji & The Boys nostalgia to this song, and actually though that the virtual reality message was quite awesome. Why? Because in talking about a relationship, someone who checks out to be in a virtual reality is a heartache. Be that checking out into being a workaholic, an obsessive gamer, or into their band making it big. So it’s a metaphor? Sometimes metaphors just work for me, I dunno… ;)

  176. Amyaco

    I got a slightly different message when I watched “Come Back Home”, actually. I didn’t see this as much as a critique on society’s dependence on technological distractions, but instead as calling out a common problem in many romantic relationships. So often people are looking for an unattainable ideal and, as a result, neglect or abandon the relationship they already have because of its flaws. In this video, it takes the form of a technological wonderland, but I think it can have other real-world manifestations in addition to spending too much time on virtual media. Some of these distractions in search of an unattainable ideal can be more serious such as unfaithfulness, alcoholism, pornography, or drug addiction. I think this message really fits with the title and chorus of the song, “Come Back Home”– a desperate and really heartfelt plea for a partner to come back to a relationship and to focus on what really matters and on improving and fixing a relationship instead of turning away to other methods of escape. So yeah, that’s my take on it. :)

    • Ahhhh ok I’m gonna watch it again with your explanation in mind!:P

    • María José Alejandra Valencia


    • Aphrielle Rodriguez

      i think i can think of a meaning of this mv.

      in a land full of sadness and sorrow,technology they call ”virtual paradise” was used to retain some type of happiness.

      daras boyfriend seemed to be depressed/sickness there for doing the virtual paradise,she cries because she’s lonely and that now she’s in the corner while he is in a little fake happy place,and thats the only joy he has,not her.

      therefore 2ne1 try to makeup a cure to get rid of it.(cl hitting the power box to turn off ad)

      i guess the potion stuff didn’t work,therefor just going in and breaking the whole place down,and having dara rip off the tecno things @ his head to get the guy to come back to real life.

      therefore the ”COME BACK HOME” means they want you to come back to the real world,and never live in a place so happy that its dark.

      ”WHY WHY,TOO FAR AWAY”was to show that he’s so distant even though he is right there.

      the breakdown/tecno is used to show what you see in this world,full of fake everything even the people. so they are the saviors.the ending was the virtual place disappearing. you can see 2ne1 in the virtual gear in order to wreck the place.

      wow a lot of typing……tell me what you thought it meant(before you searched it)

      unless you can tell me what you thought it was same as mine.

    • Sasha Phierce

      Wow.. it’s true…

  177. Ok i honestly love both songs MrMr and Come Back Home so i can’t pick one so easily i’m honestly a fan of both. BUT as albums as a whole i like more songs of of 2NE1′s Abum then i did SNSD’s so i kinda think i’ll have to go with 2NE1… this time

  178. First off, I have to agree with Simon on that 2NE1 did comment on a lot of people in modern society do spend more time on their phone and technology than with other people. However, I will disagree with the fact that they’re trying to get more people to spend time in “real life”, but rather that they’re just making commentary on the fact and trying to open more people’s eyes to the fact. I feel like they just want a balance between both virtual and real worlds.

    Second, aaahhhhh why is this the fan war edition?? (Although it couldn’t be helped, literally I saw way too much SNSD vs 2NE1, like, everywhere) I loved SNSD’s dances in their M/V, but some of the plot stuff, like mentioned last time, was edited out, which made me sad, but the song was great. I really loved 2NE1′s M/V and song, though (and I disagree with the inclusion of CL’s acoustic rap bit, it was nice to hear her rapping to such a mellow tone), so I’m gonna have to go with 2NE1. I will agree with Martina on the fact that I really miss 2NE1′s more powerful concepts (I feel like once a K-pop group has gotten a good following with their initial concept, they start to just follow a more cookie-cutter mold, or at least lean towards it more, like BAP (but I’m still a Baby ;AA;)) and while this was more like their older style, I want to see them going back to it more!

    Third, loved your lip-syncing, Martina :D

  179. 2NE1 came back with not only the album of the year, but the best k-pop album of all-time for a female idol group, and it’s only March.

  180. I believe that 2en1′s message is not that people should not be visit virtual worlds such as youtube, e.t.c. I believe the message that they are trying to send is that we spend a HUGE amount of time on these virtual worlds. No one calls or writes each other anymore. Its all about the texting, facebook, email, skype, e.t.c We are slowly starting to lose the human touch. We as society can still visit the virtual world as long as we realize that there is more to life than that.

  181. Tam

    Eeeeeyyyyy 2NE1. It actually had a message. It was a freaking MOVIE, guys. :D And like Simon and Martina said…DAMNNNN the sets and stuff. <3 <3 <3 This was such an amazing M/V.

  182. The video really completed the 2ne1 experience for me. When I first listened to the album CBH felt a little flat to me, kinda missing a story/message beside the whole sad love story thingy, I mean 2ne1 can firemurder and the like!

    The mv had me confused as well I mean yes kpop is a virtual wonderland to me so I deducted 2ne1 were telling me to stop youtube and the like^^
    But understanding they tried to transport that people nowadays prefer to connect via whats app, or such, really gave me some thing to appreciate.
    I am the kind of person to go out and meet my friends acctually meeting them and savoring that expearience instead of beeing glued to a screen the whole night. Life is about Quality time, and people granting you this should appreciated and recieve the same! Sony Ericson non-Smartphone for the win!

  183. hapagirl

    Slightly torn because as much as I like Mr.Mr. video was lacking while I had the opposite feeling with Come Back Home. So I’m sticking with which song I’ve had on repeat more and that’s Mr. Mr. I wish they had gone with Crush even though I totally understand why they went with this song. They could dig deeper with this song than with the rest.
    Also Simon I have a feeling Chanyeol totally agrees with you on that part about having Dara as a girlfriend. And poor Spudgy and Meemers, they were so distraught over being left alone they had to write a song.

  184. unicornsgalaxy

    I almost started crying when Spudgy was singing… and then Meemer’s part came on and I started laughing! Definitely one of your best songs!!!

  185. pfff, this made me laugh louder than i should have at 8:43 pm (the yum and i farted parts kicking me repeatedly.). And yeah that SL soloy acutsic part was part of the unplugged version, which didn’t bother me as much as it seemed to anyone else.

    i have to go with 2ne1, and while i always try to listen to all comebacks, even of groups I dislike, I only enjoyed the first few seconds of Mr.Mr., after that, the voices and tones of their singing I did not like. But that’s just me. Also, I really seem to see GG more focused on the look at me form, and I was really happy to see a more (but not long enough) Plot driven mv.

    Also, I think it is about moderation, Many people spend hours upon hours on the virtual world, especially trying to get away from their problems, but you simply can not do that. You have to face your problems eventually.

  186. 2NE1 has a better MV. But I just love SNSD song, it’s easy listening and get more and more addicting.
    SNSD choreo is totally awesome. The song is really made for performing purpose. SNSD +1 (Simon, I’m with you *wink* *wink*)

  187. I have to say, I was super excited for SNSD’s come back. Their teasers and everything looked so cool compared to 2NE1′s, however when the videos came out I knew right away who I liked more. 2NE1. SNSD did an amazing thing with their limitation of box sets (thanks SM) and really made the most with what they had but I just felt unimpressed. 100% personal thought but I feel like SNSD is more “look at me” than 2NE1. Doesn’t apply to every situation but for this comeback…that’s just what I felt. In 2NE1′s MV I never felt like they over showed their faces, like they wanted to be cute, or that they where locked in a box. I LOVED both songs but 2NE1 just had a better video. 2NE1 just has that sassiness that SNSD can never reproduce, they will forever be cute and sweet while 2NE1 looks badass and has more of a club feel to it that I feel like more people can get behind.

    • I agree completely. To be honest, the reason for it is that it all comes down to their inidividual styles. Technically speaking, I know that 2NE1 are “idols”, but I actually view them as “artists”. The reason being that they often come out with songs that deal with the heavier and/or more real issues of life, as opposed to just being all about love. It also helps that CL gets involved with the production of the song and they’re all very involved with their concepts. It’s also a YG thing for me, too – his artists genuinely have talent.

      One the other hand, I can’t view SNSD as anything other than idols, in which case it’s their job to go “look at me!” I’m linking you to an article by NB on what happened when Sooyoung said they wanted to be known as artists:


      Basically, they were completely ridiculed. And whilst I feel bad for them, I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t have the same reaction. The thing is, people always compare 2NE1 and SNSD, but I don’t think we should because I feel like they’re two completely different groups, with completely different purposes.

      • I think I can see where you’re coming from.

        I had completely different expectations from SNSD and 2NE1′s comebacks, even though I like the music that each group produces. I was especially looking forward to seeing the dance for MrMr, and in the end I was disappointed because it wasn’t as iconic and fun as I had hoped it would be. On the flip side, I wasn’t even expecting a dance for “Come Back Home”, and it probably wouldn’t have been a factor in how much I liked the song. 2NE1′s music has such a different style, and a different purpose, that it requires a different style of presentation anyway.

        I could be totally wrong about this, but SNSD’s image seems to be very carefully regulated so that it’s harder for them to appear as artists. Yuri, Sooyoung, Tiffany, Jessica, and Seohyun have all done some song writing for their albums, but SMEnt. seems to be more focussed on presenting them as a cohesive and well-polished unit than as autonomous musical talents. Even while showcasing three of SNSD’s strongest vocals TaeTiSeo came off as a well-polished unit that didn’t allow the ladies to express much individuality. Their most popular songs come with iconic dances and concepts (e.g., Genie’s military blazers) that require them to appear uniform. SM strayed from this idea a little with “I Got A Boy”, where each girl had her own unique outfit, but MrMr has them dressed identically like in most of their previous promotions. However, this is a pretty strategic way to market a girl group with 9 members, since displaying 9 vastly different and unique personalities might be confusing or off-putting to people who are just starting to get to know the group. And it truly is a feat to make that many performers look uniform. Meanwhile, the CL, Minzy, Dara and Park Bom of 2NE1 each have individualized costumes, vocals, and roles when it comes to their music, and the fact that their dances aren’t in perfect synch is less important since, instead, we expect each of them to contribute their individual flavour to the performance. Maybe the way that SM markets SNSD doesn’t detract from how skilled we think they are, but how inherently musically talented we think they are.

        • SarahMcloven

          I was disappointed with both dances (or 2NE1′s lack of) that went with the songs. I agree that I hoped SNSD would have a powerful and memorable dance like with I got a boy but I was left uninterested. And I shouldn’t be surprised, YG isn’t as big on daces as SM but I was hoping for some badass dubstep breakdown and body rolls when Come Back Home came out.

          Oh well, both songs are great and will be put on my Itunes for endless listening. :3

        • All I can say is:
          *bows down to ultimate worldy wisdom*
          I think you definitely hit the nail on the head there! :)

      • thanks for the article, I think you described it better then me :p

      • Found this funny, I think artist is a pretentious label in and of itself, however I see neither as artists. If you’re comparing them, perhaps, but there is a whole world of musicians who do almost everything independently and write from their souls. I notice in Kpop that if one writes/composes one song out of 50 they seem to deserve a trophy. They’re a music group, and I would not really consider them really that monumental in the grand scheme of things. In Kpop there’s just a “well as idols they are the most artsy” mentality, but I wouldn’t stay that mentality should promote them to be artists at all. Artsy, sure, artist? I wouldn’t say so.

        Artist is an uppity word anyway, so I guess I understand what you mean in the “Kpop Idol world” but we wouldn’t even put them on the same level of other non-idols in kgroups, would we?

        • I see where you’re coming from, and to be honest I think the two differing opinions come from our own interpretations of the word “artist”. I think what you would define as being an “artist”, I would define as being a genuine “musician”, which is something I don’t agree Kpop idols are.

          Whilst I whole-heartedly agree that, in the grand scheme of things, idols have nothing on musicians, I also actively try to accept them as people who love music too, and who have talent, though it’s often oppressed by their companies. Sure, maybe they have a tonne of support from their companies (and that’s something I kind of resent) but I don’t think that that means we can immediately look down on them as people lacking in musical skills, if you see what I mean. I don’t agree that they should be revered just because they wrote the lyrics to one song, but I’m grateful that they’re attempting to do even just that, more so when they actually compose the song.

          When it comes down to it, I guess idols aren’t even supposed to be musicians, in a sense. I’ve always viewed them more as people who sing, dance and perform well (well… most of the time) but who don’t necessarily have the skills to actually compose and produce their own songs. But then again, I guess that’s also often the case for big artists with big production companies all over the world. I’m just appreciative that YG doesn’t stick his idols into the “idol cookie-cutter mould” – he seems to let them have their say a bit. Basically, what I always try to remember is that ok, I respect musicians (who are usually indie artists) for what they do more than what idols/big artists do, and am more likely to view them having musical talent. But I’m trying not to disregard idols/big artists, as I’ve come to understand that many of them probably do possess talent and skills, but they have to abide by a contract that oppresses this. Am I making any sense at all here? xD

  188. I preferred 2ne1′s ‘Come Back Home,’ but not by much. I seriously think they would have done better coming back with ‘Gotta Be You’ or ‘Crush.’ BTW, where is the 2NEMum option? That’s who had the better comeback lol

  189. I am a sone, and I loved SNSD’s song MrMr, but unfortunately the video was ……… I loved both 2ne1′s come back home song AND video, so I’m gonna vote for 2ne1 for the better comeback. :P

  190. For me the message of this video is don’t give up on the real world and life even if they suck.

  191. thisisjustforfunval

    The kazoo part is actually the part of the song that kind of ruins the song for me. Overall I really like the song, but I really dislike that interjection in the song. It feels like I’m listening to three different songs.

    I like your interpretation of escaping the cyber world would mean actually escaping all our technological devices, thus the world of kpop. Which is interesting since I know for Big Bang world tour at least Samsung was the sponsor. Hmmm.

    Love, love, the Spudgy/Meems song!

    • unicornsgalaxy

      is that part of the album song too? I liked it except for that. It’s like they took a really pretty song and then just….blech. Like when there your CD gets a scratch and skip, skip, skip play same part 3 times then move on to the rest of the song.. yeah like that. (whew, I saved myself there! I almost horribly dated myself by talking about scratched records!).

      • thisisjustforfunval

        >_< Yup, it's sadly apart of the song on the album also.
        Lol, I was think of using a scratched record metaphor as well, but decided against it.

      • Yes it is. The acoustic version doesn’t have that part obviously and so it flows much better, but for the concept the video is going with that trap drop beat was linked.

        I mean Dubstep sounds like it was an accident at first too. I didn’t believe that it was a real musical style at first when my friends got really into it.

    • Interestingly enough, I think the kazoo part has people on both sides of the spectrum; some people like it and some people hate it. I personally love it and agree with Simon and Martina. Without it, I probably would have questioned whether I was listening to 2NE1 or not.

  192. Krista Gibbs-Castillo
    Krista Gibbs-Castillo

    Interesting blog post. I didn’t think of it that way exactly. I thought originally that the boyfriend was bored with his life and sought the virtual world to make it more interesting? Colorful? Not quite sure how to word it really. And that the members of 2NE1 were trying to help Dara out by destroying the virtual world and in effect, saving her real world (saving her relationship with homeboy by taking away the thing that’s distracting him from their relationship). Maybe I didn’t look too deeply into the video. *Kanye shrug*
    Anyway, love you guise! ^_^v

  193. I believe the acoustic bit is from the unplugged version of the song..
    Which I actually preference to the studio version (personal preference).

    I totally loved this MV.. but I’m still getting used some of to the songs & the “kazoo” part >.<"
    (SNSD's album was more of what I'm used to, though I don't listen to girl groups much anyway)
    If I had to pick a better MV, I'd pick 2NE1, but if I had to pick a song more my style, I'd pick SNSD

  194. I’m actually SM biased, but 2NE1 won this for sure.

  195. tatiana lopes

    OMG you guys almost made me cry with the Spudgy and Memeers “Come Back Home”.
    Between SNSD and 2ne1, I gotta say 2ne1, just because the album has more songs that I like than SNSD one. Come back Home is not my favourite (that’d be Gotta Be You) and I agree with Martina it still isn’t as fierce as we’re used to. But I made my peace that we’re never gonna have another music as good as I Am The Best.

  196. I’m so torn! Can’t we just like both comebacks equally and call it a day? But I guess my deciding factor would be how I was immediately drawn to Mr. Mr. whereas I wasn’t crazy about Come Back Home until I saw the video and that gave it a deeper understanding.

  197. Becky Strickland

    i thought it had something to do with drug addiction and recovery because the guy was crushing pills and Dara was sad cause she was dealing with loosing her boyfriend to his addiction, but then the virtual world was more of visual representation of the struggles an it looked cooler than just a video of a guy on drugs and his girl being sad and all.

  198. damn, pitting blackjacks against soshis. Simon and Martina wanna see blood.

  199. Hahaha! Martina sure has some crazy eyes going on.

    I am staying out of the fanwar edition and will just observe.

    • It funny though, although he thought it was boring, I think he understood the message better. They live in a world where there is no lie to the reality, because the virtual world has sucked everything out of it

  200. Thanks for your interpretation guise! When I watched the video I just saw all of the frustration that comes with having a gamer boyfriend who TOTALLY IGNORES DARA for hours on end so she has to go into the game with her girls and mess it up! Whew, that hit hooooome.
    PS Martina I loved the “YOU STAY AWAY FROM DARA” voice lol

  201. YES! I was waiting for this to be reviewed, thank you so much guys<3 I really like and missed your deep/long review of songs. I think the plot of the video was very broad (and very good) and it was portrayed a bit vague, I don't know, I feel like it was too much information to get in a few time. Maybe the could've done a longer video or an extended version? Anyhow, the whole effects in the vid were glorious, the budget for the video was clearly showing haha. And I agree with that acoustic segment of the song, it doesn't go well with this version of the song.

  202. I actually haven’t gotten the chance to watch your video review yet, but I read your blog post and find what you’re saying very interesting! I would probably give 2NE1 the benefit of the doubt and assume they’re talking about using the “virtual world” in moderation. Dara’s partner gets so sucked into the world its become an addiction, he does nothing else, so now its time for some fierce ladies to step up and mess with shizz. Haha.

    Though actually when I watched this video I felt like it was more a depiction of what society will be like in the future if we don’t take a step back from our virtual realities. It reminded me of Brave New World, where everyone is on happy pills so that they stay subdued and don’t question anything or fight the system. Has the internet become our happy pills? Is the man trying to keep us calmly herding by draining our brains with virtual fluffs? Are they reading our minds right now–WHERE’S MY TIN FOIL HAT?

    But really, I guess I saw it as their stance on the side of rebellion. Fight the dystopian future and what not. But again, your point comes back up. Does that mean they’re denouncing the system that they’re actually a part of? I think I need to go think about that some more. And at the end of the day, I’m giving them props for actually making us think and generate interesting

    Once again, good points EYK! Now to actually watch your vid, haha.

  203. I just voted for best comeback, and holy cow! It’s like woah~
    I honestly had to listen to Girls’ Generation’s ‘Mr.Mr’ a couple more times to like it, and with 2NE1′s ‘Come Back Home’ it absolutely blew me away. Maybe because of the video(?)…meh. I still love both songs :) But yeah, that’s my opinion. ^^

  204. revsoulx3

    I think maybe the message isn’t to throw away the virtual world entirely, but to not be consumed by it.

  205. Umm, did anyone notice in the very first scene that N Seoul Tower is about to collapse??

  206. The Spudgy and Meemers song was brilliant!! I absolutely loved it. if it was them vs. SNSD, I might go with them. But I wasn’t super thrilled with 2ne1′s song. No offense to them, they obviously worked hard on it, but it just isn’t my style. Should be interesting to see who wins, though! Let’s keep this competition friendly, Nasties! ^_^ Only slap-fights, right?

  207. The Spudgy and Meemers MV at the end was great LOL wasn’t expecting that last banjun where Meemers ate all of your plants.

  208. Although I’m a Blackjack… I like SNSD’s comeback better. It was totally raising the bar for SNSD, while 2NE1′s comeback was kinda meh. Like… I liked it, but it’s not as cool as their older music. I’m sorry, Blackjacks! DON’T KILL MEEEEEEEE. TT______TT

    • Just dont try to hide from the truth that you were never a blackjack in the first place. You might just have been a casual fan.

      • I guess I was really a SONE, but didn’t wanna accept it. :P No, but seriously, 2NE1 will always be my favorite girl group. :3

        • Lol, you’re contradicting yourself. Let’s just say that you’re under the shelter of the umbrella which is called “to each his own”. Ahah

  209. I think the point of it was because people live in the virtual world the real world is suffering hence the monotone real world if people came back to the real world once in a while people could change it and make it just as colorful as the virtual world they live in. Even though everything around us is real there are people who solely exist online and because of that their relationships with people around them suffer. I also don’t think the music video was long enough to get points across I feel like this song and video could have had many.

  210. Oh, gosh. I never thought I would say this, but I think SNSD had a better comeback. I don’t like the 2NE1 song or video at all. The song is a tad annoying, and the video bored me. The video for SNSD might have been boring too, but at least I liked the song.

    • lady_kire

      I felt the same about 2NE1′s song and mv. I really felt the chorus (i think it’s the chorus) was just annoying to continuously hear the words come back home.
      As much as I love studying technology and its effects on society, politics, and everything, this video was extremely boring. If they want to do this concept of society being engrossed in tech, that’s fine. But add something interesting like humanity becoming cybermen, or ppl trapped in the virtual world and their physical bodies and minds become dead. This is a better extreme then what I remember seeing in the mv.

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