TOUCH ME OVER HERE TOUCH ME TOUCH ME OVER THERE! Over where? I’m not sure. The video isn’t showing us. If you haven’t seen 2NE1′s “Falling in Love” yet, you can check it out here and let us know the answer to CL’s riddle:


Ok: thoughts on the video? Did anyone find it a bit lacklustre in comparison to other 2NE1 videos? I didn’t feel any bambaratatata. The song’s fun and all, but the video just feels a bit uninspired. One of the things that we discussed amongst ourselves but didn’t include in our video is that we’re rather disappointed in this video. It’s rather boring. It points here and there to talk about, sure, but it was overall flat and…meh. I remember YG videos being something special, something different. Look at “I Am the Best.” Look at “Fantastic Baby.” Those were two amazing videos with exceptional sets. Things looked so different. You couldn’t stop talking about them. YG artists sang over bizarre, alien, colorful landscapes. GD is still doing that with his videos, but CL’s “The Baddest Female” and now “Falling in Love” are depicting North American urban culture, and I’ve seen that my entire life, so it bores me. There’s nothing special about it. YG created its own world before, rather than borrowing from someone else’s, and I’m finding it hard to be interested in these videos. It’s better to just play the music and turn the video off.

Another thing: I can’t really remember the last time Park Bom looked, umm, happy? We mentioned it in “Please Don’t Cry,” how she doesn’t really have any facial expressions, but now it really stuck out. Look at CL and Dara smiling and laughing and looking like they’re having fun. Park Bom doesn’t look like she’s ever enjoying herself. She looks like she’s singing a ballad about the death of a boyfriend rather than singing happily about falling in love. No?

Here’s something else, less a comment on the video and more about a trend in Kpop: I only noticed this at the end of my 5th watching of the video, but did anyone see anything special about anyone’s hair in this video? No? How about the fact that Minzy’s hair is pink. Still not special? See, THAT’S what’s surprising. It took me a while to register the fact, which is saying something about Kpop. Back when Miss A came out and Jia’s hair was pink, I remember people being very surprised about it. Now, everybody’s dying their hair, and it’s nothing special. Dyed hair is common now, and it’s just not a talking point anymore if someone dyes their hair.

Anyhow, we still are totally digging the song, even if the video’s a bit of a letdown. If you like it as much as we do, make sure you pick it up in iTunes. And, lastly, it’s felt a bit lonely for Fangurilla lately, with all the girl bands. She wanted to sing a song for you in the bloopers, and so she did. Check em out here!


  1. i thought that 2ne1 was amazing, better then you’s uninspired is not the word to use

  2. I just want to say that I think YG isnt focusing on 2NE1 anymore since there are gazillions of traineees there now…

  3. 2NE1 ❤❤❤❤

  4. LOL i feel like Simon and Martina have to be too critical with 2NE1 now because their viewers always accuse them of being YG-biased haha just kiddin’

    Somebody said it’ll be weird to see some crazy-funky video in a light/fun song i totally agree because loool that would be too bizzare for a summer theme MV. Why does it have to be uberly special when it can be just simple? It’s about Falling In Love i just wish you guys pointed out how the girls’ bright smiles, how happy they look checking out boys (because that’s new to 2NE1) was the highlight of the video it’s about ‘Falling In Love’ not how badass they are XD

    This is just their first release. The “Very 2NE1″ you’re expecting will come back soon, just keep ‘falling in love’ with this MV for now..

  5. Does anyone else think that Bom with blue contacts (like around 1:30) looks like Nancy Ajram? o.O

  6. I vote sistar!!

  7. I absolutely love to listen to music by 2NE1 – one of my favorite KPop bands by far!

  8. I still say that they don’t know anything about YG, since their beggining they depicted north american urban culture, but since Big Bang and thanks to G-Dragon search for experimenting musically the entire label went more pop, deal with it, they are going back to their roots, to the reason it was made YG popular in Korea and even before Big Bang/2NE1 was born.

  9. Normally, I would say 2ne1 over sistar all the way but “Loving You” MV is much more natural and… summery? So 1 vote for sistar.

  10. CL first performed that rap over a year ago during an “I Love You” performance on Inkigayo. How would that be an insult to 4minute’s “Is It Poppin’?” when they just released that song this year? Plus, CL references past 2NE1 songs like “In the Club”, “Ugly”, “I Don’t Care”, “Can’t Nobody”, and “Fire”.

    Here’s the link :

    Vote up please so people can get the facts! :D

  11. next time say my name pls!!!!


  13. Very interesting perspective from you guys. Yes no leather pants for b-ball.

  14. FANMAN!!!!! :D

  15. OMG XD funniest bloopers ever XDXDXD

  16. LOL I loved this, love the fan man segment. Love you guys.

  17. Just wanna say, I think your videos just keep getting better and funnier! Having staff to help you out is really making a difference, both to the quality of the editing (not that you guys weren’t good at it, but now there’s obviously more time to do more with it) and the skits you’re coming up with. FAN MANNNN!

    Ok, gonna go get a Nasty cap now.

  18. simon+meems = sosososo cute :’D
    plus simon u got some skills with dat basketball spinning

  19. 2NE1

  20. So much wrong in this vid. And props cost a mad fortune!! That huge car didn’t need to be there (considering we only saw the hood! Anybody know the make of that car?) and the only interesting scenes (Im a girl peeps) was the man candy and the dancing. I think YG
    could’ve saved a whole lot of money on this vid, or at least used it to make the vid a bit more believable. I don’t feel touched anywhere really ( I mean that in the most unisexual way possible……)

  21. The butt dancing these days, Girl’s Day, BESTie, 2NE1, 4minute and others….
    Onto something more IMPORTANT! EAT YOUR KIMCHI EXO’S WORLF DRAMA VERSION IS HERE!!!!! Review the video and judge how SM-like it is… REVIEW! AND INFINITE AND B.A.P’S UPCOMING ‘HURRICANE’!!!!!!

  22. Fan Man looks so much like hulk hogan it’s not even funny

  23. Thomas KingoKpopdemos Lingard

    Love the Fan Man segment, truley for us guys who love KPOP and aren’t afraid to admit it, also since you channeled your inner Hulk Hogan it gives us “older” guys even more pride in our love for KPOP… now here’s a bear eating a beer!!!
    I personally love this song and the video is okay, i give props to YG for actually getting the lip movement to synch with the song (thats what, 3 in a row now? congrats on the hire of that new video editor). My only complaint would be why is Dara always featured so poorly in the videos? she is one of the more beautiful women in KPOP yet she is rarely featured in the videos and usually is wearing crazy clothes (although nothing will ever match CL’s 3D unicorn dress) although its nice to see she is finally coming out of her shell and starting to wear some nice dresses.
    Nice NMM and I pretty much agree with your review of this video, Thanx for sharing with us.

    • That 3D unicorn dress will forever make me wanna slap YG’s stylist team >_> And I’m so with you on Dara; girl is hot stuff, but she’s always looks like she’s trying to be 18, no 28. I’m actually glad YG’s stylists got it right some of the time in this video, because girl looked smoking with her hair down in that dress on the temple set. Now if only we could get rid of that bindi…

  24. I only followed Bigbang before, but perhaps the unnoticed pink hair due to GD changed his hair color(s) almost in every performance, and sometime twice in one show. People got used with it.

  25. omg fan man is brilliant!!! Totally reminds me of a reaction video to this song I saw :D. Glad there’s a “fan” to react to the girl groups now hehehe.

  26. Park Bom looks emotionless because of surgeries which damaged her facial nerves. Just saying.

  27. “Touch me over here (shoulders) and touch me over there (hair).” At least this is what she was doing to herself. Hey!…maybe this was a reminder to self video! ;) oooohhh so NASTY!

  28. Did anyone else notice Hong Jong-hyun? He was one of the backup guys in the video. He plays Moo-jin in the kdrama Dating Agency:Cyrano. I really hope I’m not the only one who watches that. lol.

  29. Hi guys! I wrote a comment yesterday but for some reason it didn’t post. Hmm. Oh well. Anyway, did you guys pick a winner for the ‘name the fart-wafting dance’? I don’t see any mention of it.

    Heyyyyyyy Leigh! <3

  30. Sistar!!!! they’really more natural although it costs a lot of budget….

  31. I really like the song, but I can’t decide about the video. I like the happy, summer-y feeling, but I’m missing the oozing confidence and badassness from I Am the Best. This becomes too much like any other girl group video where looking sexy and watching hot boys is the only thing that matters, and I’ve always felt that 2ne1 was different from that, you know?

    Fan Man! I finally have a role model as a fanboy xD You have to make him and Fanguerrilla meet at some point!

    I vote for Sistar, easy choice! Lots of things are happening in it, which makes it really fun to watch! :D

  32. I’m increasing my vocabulary every week :D

  33. lol I actually kind of like how the line with the Fire referenced all their fairly good title songs. ;)

    I vote SiSTAR.

    • I saw a dog last week that looked exactly like a white non-dyed Spudgy and I thought how boring it was….. :(

      Doesn’t it hurt to do Fanguerrilla’s voice? I’ve wondered that for a while. When I try and do a gravelly voice it hurts like anything. Wouldn’t want you to strain your voice or anything. :(

  34. martina needs to shave like literally she might be growing a mustach#

  35. Emily

    Did anyone else think of this seeing Simon getting thwacked in the head with the basketball over and over?


  36. Hey guys, we finally can watch Exo’s Wolf drama ver.! Will you review it?
    Btw. Luhan is prettier than this girl, it’s sad..
    (I don’t give the link to MV, coz I thunk it’d be spam ^^’)

  37. anyone who also thinks that Dara is looking dangerously skinny lately…

  38. i can’t believe no one mentioned the voice at the beginning of the mv. “la dada rilly macker” …. yeah. you know the one.

    i thought it sounded exactly like simon. seriously. i had to check my other tabs for any other eyk videos.

    • me too!! I was hoping simon was going to do his version in this week’s kpop monday. and it kinda sounds like “let’s uh really make a mess”?

  39. I’m replaying the video and the bloopers just to see Simon get hit in the head with a basketball multiple times. Lmao XD. Jk- you’re hilarious, Simon! The Fan Man segment is great!

  40. *hears crickets chirp and realises she is the only person who imagined a skit with Fan-gurilla and Fan-man falling in love….*

  41. Ahh yeah Fan Man!

  42. YES AS A GUY I TOTALLY AGREE THOSE GUYS SUCKED BALLS AT BBALL. Ah it feels nice being represented for once. :D

  43. Marzia Matalone

    When I saw Fanman’s part I found myself thinking: what does Walker Texas ranger do over there?…Then I understood…he’s the most manly man ever…AND A TRUE MAN ADMITS HE LIKES KPOP!!!! XD

  44. Your little “dance break” had me in tears.

  45. Fan Man is Awesooome! Martina look like the Pringles Man. ^_^v

  46. Jennifer Miller


  47. I thought of the same thing when I saw HJH and LSH haha. And I just remembered “Bromance” by Chester See and NigaHiga. Although I spazzed a lot more than Simon and Martina …errr…Fanguerilla and Fan Man with how 2ne1 is chilling out and simply enjoying themselves.

  48. Love the new hat! Most get it!

  49. lol I love your interpretation of their dance lol although it was actually one of my favorite moves in the video, your interpretation isn’t bad. Made it so much more dorky!!!..and made me love it more.


    Best line EVAR to take out of context. I’M LOVING IT WITH MY EVERYTHING!!!!

  51. I love it!!!! but instead of commenting on this week’s kmm. Let me say Congratulations on how much you have improve in your work. You started as amateurs and are becoming more and more professionals by the day. Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration =)

  52. When will I be able to purchase that hat?!? I need it to live!!!

  53. I want to see Simon and Martina review a US pop song, if for no other reason than to see what English score they would get.

  54. Mehh I didn’t like Falling in Love. After the brilliance that was I Love You, it just…fell short. YG’s songs are all starting to sound the same >.<

  55. I didn’t really like the song or the mv, but I loved your review of it! FanMan is fantastic! And I laughed so hard at that last second. So true…

  56. I love this song! The video…not really.

  57. In regards to Park Bom, correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t she had plastic surgery? I mean it’s not so much just the way she looks but the movements of her face are a lot less natural. Look at her smile in Fire (space version) and Clap Your Hands. And then look at her try to emote in this video. I think the emotion is there…. But on the inside haha :o

  58. so where to vote about that 2ne1 vs. sistar thingy? I couldn’t seem to find it!! LOL

  59. I think that the guys were playing Basketball bad because 2NE1 was dancing!
    Lee Soo Hyuk!! was in one of their videos again! <3

  60. I would get Simon’s hat. lol

  61. Simon, I MUST HAVE THAT HAT!!!! ^_^ are you all selling any???

  62. Hi! Who won the 4minute fart-wafting dance name contest? I don’t see any mention of it anywhere. Also….

    Heyyyy Leigh!

  63. I think nobody’s surprised by Minzy’s pink hair because we’ve seen her hair dyed before, for one, and 2ne1 is known for their crazy hair (especially Dara). And nothing against Minzy, but Jia looked HOT with pink hair, this coming from a female.

    • I’m kind of bummed that Minzy wore a wig for this one, since she looked so gorgeous with her hair dyed purple. (Though the IATB hair was also a wig in the video…) Girl can rock wigs, that’s for sure, but when it’s her own hair that’s coloured I love it even more!

      Also, Jia DID look hot with pink hair. It’s unreal.

  64. kawaii_candie

    I want a “you so nasty” hat………

  65. My honest opinion about the beach mv is sistar

  66. I totally agree with this video review! Yay! I do agree that the video seems a bit uninspiring. I was kind of disappointed that they were dancing at a fake beach set. Like COME ON… YG, are you running out of money or something??? Or maybe they’re saving up money for the next epic single. I’m looking forward to their next single in August!!!

  67. Cyber_3

    While I didn’t really enjoy the 2NE1 song, this KMM was legendary! There were several reasons but Martina, you were extremely brilliant and clever, not to mention hilarious, with FAN MAN! I laughed very hard at that scene. The bloopers were great, would have been funny to see the blue screen superposition on Simon as well as the plain shots, does the blue in his blend away as well?

    I didn’t get a chance in the K-Indie comments (great segment btw), to say “Simon, I’m proud of you buddy – high five!” for kicking your crush on a certain addictive game. Well done sir, well done.

  68. About the part in your journal where you say that Park Bom’s face doesn’t look so happy in this video… When you have a face full of filler it’s no wonder that your facial muscles are kind of giving up. Personally, I don’t like what has happened to her over the past few years; her voice is amazing, but the fact that everytime I see her now she looks more and more like a non-animate wax-doll. That was one of the reasons why I couldn’t really enjoy this MV, I felt sad whenever I saw her face.

    About the song… to me it’s a bit brainless. I can’t really get a hold of it too well. Even though it’s supposed to be reggae and whatnot,, to me, it’s just a smash of different styles that don’t really grasp me. Sure, it sticks into your head with the “Touch me over here” part, but that’s about it. I’m hoping to see better songs from them than the latest ones they have delivered…

    Loved this week’s KMM though! :) Keep up the good work guise!

    • Even before her debut in 2NE1, like when she was in Hyorii’s video, I thought Bom’s face was a little ,,, stuck? So it makes me wonder if the issue isn’t the PS so much, but that the PS really doesn’t likely help… Or did she have PS back then also?

      Ah, I love her silly personality though. It never shines through into their videos, sadly, but I really do like her! I think her makeup in this MV was just so heavy and aging that it really didn’t help matters! ^^;

  69. I would love an EYK shirt that says ” ‘CAUSE REAL MEN ADMIT WHEN THEY LIKE KPOP”. As a real man, I approve this message.

  70. o mg i waited to this kpop Monday like forever!!!!!!!!:-)


  72. I vote for 2ne1 because ,there’s LEE SOO HYUK and HONG JONG HYUN

  73. Denise

    Guise, I don’t know if you didn’t notice or if you just didn’t talk about it but I found it really interesting their shout out to their previous songs “the club is getting Ugly I Don’t Care, Can’t Nobody stop the Fire let the haters sit and stare”. Pretty clever, I thought (:

    • They mention it specifically. Did you watch the video?

      • They didn’t actually mention that, though. They just said something about 4minute. It does deserve to be pointed out.

        • Uhm yes, Simon did at 4:18 right after the 5 out of 5 english score. He says quote “But did anybody else notice that subtle jab they took at 4minute? Oh yes. She says at the end of her first verse ‘can’t nobody stop the fire let the haters sit and stare’. She says it as cool as that also. Now does that remind you of anybody?”. Then he jokes about a 4minute/2ne1 fan war. So he literally said what you say they didn’t actually mention.

        • Perhaps you are having trouble understanding what I and Denise are trying to say. At no time in this video did Simon quote the ENTIRE English line (which contains: In The Club/Ugly/I Don’t Care/Can’t Nobody/Fire), and at no point did he mention that these are titles of 2NE1 songs. He did pull a clip out of a 4minute video, though, involving people staring at a fire…. Sure, those of us who follow 2NE1 have no trouble recognizing the song names in that line, but everyone else might not pick up on the clever wording if they aren’t fans, or have never listened to 2NE1, and are just watching the KMM review. People do watch KMM for the hilarity, whether or not they know the artist/video/song being reviewed, so it’s really not that much of a stretch to assume there might be some viewers who missed the ACTUAL significance of the lyrics. It was smart writing, and it was worth some acknowledgement.

        • Literati Tempo

          I’m pretty sure they know it’s not a jab at 4Minute but turning it into fanwar joke is better than saying they listed all of their songs again. 2NE1 has done this in almost all of their lead singles it’s nothing new.

      • Denise

        They say it’s a jab on 4minute as a joke, they don’t mention what I said. Did you read my comment?

  74. Simon, you’re a gem, hahahahahaha
    And why the fan war :( Let’s all get along.
    And to answer all the questions in your blog post after the review: Yes, I feel the same way. It’s still a nice song though.
    And I really like Junsu’s song, so yes fan guerrilla, I will vote for him <3

  75. Yo! Dog … Where do I score me one of those “Ooh! You So Nasty” Hats?

  76. Now that the drama version is out, can you repeat EXO’s Wolf?

  77. Junsu in the background XDDDDD

  78. Molson…really? LOL

    And thank you Simon for the cat belly attack, I feel better know I’m not the only one who does that. :)

  79. Is it me or is your page on FB non existing anymore? O_o

  80. Too bad CL did that rap waaay before 4Minute’s MV………..kekeke did i ruin it for u Simon??

  81. FAN MAN IS FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!! That was so great! Another epic character. I am watching this all over again.

  82. LOL Fanman! We’ll be seeing more of him right?
    For the showdown, I vote for Sistar~

  83. Krista Gibbs-Castillo
    Krista Gibbs-Castillo

    So no one is gonna talk about the fact that they had Park Bom wearing a cape????

  84. I like 2en1 but …….. I vote for sister where do we vote ?

  85. its the boy from dating agency cyrano right?!!!!!! he is so cute ooooooooo <3

  86. …I LOVE THE HAT SIMON!!!!!!

  87. I was cracking up so bad when FanMan came out I had to pause the video and calm down xD

  88. Wasn’t that the actor Hong Jong Hyun from the kdrama “Dating Agency: Cyrano” one of the guys – the one playing basketball in leather pants?


  90. Park Bom has lymph node condition that make it difficult to make facial expressions. She also has undergone two(?) facial surgeries to reduce swelling of lymph nodes, which may have made it worse. So please show some understanding.

  91. Did anyone realize that the guy in leather pants was moojin from dating agency cyrano?

  92. This was probably one of the more funny Music Mondays I’ve seen in a long time. Don’t read it wrong, and don’t hate. I love Simon and Martina’s Music Mondays, and yes their MMs are funny, but this one was MYYYYYY choice for funniest MM in a while. Much love—->cause that’s how I roll. :P

  93. Your comments were so spot on this week and I give you a massive round of applause for not being afraid to criticize!!

    My opinion:
    I completely agree that while the song is a nice summery jam the video was dull. Yea they had nice clothes at some parts and I really liked how happy they looked at the beginning, plus CL and Minzy are really blossoming into beautiful women, but the dance, filming and most of all setting were so poorly done. Bom looks cute in short dresses but she can’t dance for shizz in those things. Props for trying but it just makes her look lazy when they restrict her like that. Also Dara’s hair was rather pitiful >.< though I think her bridge was my favourite part of the song. It is like in UGLY, her part is my fave too. CL's rap didn't fit, though it was nice on its own it seemed like they could have just put that scene into the Baddest Female MV and cut it from this one..

    Anyway honestly this song has already dropped off my radar. It just lacked the something special that I always looked forward to from 2NE1 songs. This song joins the long list of lacklustre comebacks we've experienced so far in 2013. Hopefully they haven't lied about showing us the classic 2NE1 in their next release.

    Meanwhile I vote for SISTAR, because the MV was more coherent and just better put together, and hope to see an awesome review of Junsu singing about an incredible man in short shorts and no shirt …. uh… I mean… that girl with the camera…..

    • I agree with your opinion ^^ I honestly don’t think that Bom really can’t dance, but you’re right that those dresses aggravate the problem (whatever that may). As for Dara’s blonde hair, it’s fine as long as they keep it straight and down; those pig tales were ugly. I honestly think that YG’s stylists have a vendetta against her and Minzy. I mean, Dara looks pretty good in a lot of whatever they toss her in, but if they dressed her better (read – her age), she would look drop dead gorgeous (like she did on the temple set). As for Minzy, it seems like they’re trying to make her look like a tomboy with the short hair and never letting her wear anything exceptionally girly. The problem with that is that she looks better with long hair than short hair (although she was killing that pink bob) and that some of the clothes they toss at her make her look really bad. If the YG stylists got a darn clue, they wouldn’t have everyone and their mother picking at 2NE1 for their looks.

      • I agree!! For all that they wear fancy clothes, they seem to pick the wrong fancy clothes for Dara and Minzy sometimes. Minzy is really beautiful but I wish they’d stop putting her in crazy pants. She and CL both have stronger legs than the average kpop female and yet the stylists keep making Minzy wear crazy patterned tight pants, which make her legs look even bigger. This is really superficial I guess but it just draws the eye away from how beautiful she is. Like I would say CL and Minzy have equal looks but CL looks super gorgeous in this MV because she is dressed well and given nice hair while Minzy is made to look the same as always, slightly boyish. Nothing wrong with boyish except Minzy is no Amber. She seems to naturally like being more feminine/sexy and yet she never gets to show it. Even putting her in some nice shorts would make her more feminine for this MV… and also more appropriate because who wears pants to the beach >.<

        Yea Dara was beautiful in the temple scene, spot-on style minus the weird bejeweled eyebrows.

        Probably people are going to hate on me for these superficial comments but I just think these girls are way more beautiful than their stylists let them show. It is like they became known as "talent over looks" and now that they are acquiring the looks YG is trying to hide it smh.

        • Josh Chinnery

          Honey, K-Pop is all looks; talent is a bonus. I hate to say it, but there are times when I hang my head in shame when I see how badly some of these groups do because they’re just pretty models who can barely carry a tune.

          *ahem* Dara’s bejeweled eyebrows have actually been getting some negative press. Seems like YG is barking up the appropriation tree again, because that’s a bindi and there are some people who don’t like that she’s wearing it in a summer themed video that has nothing to do with Indian culture. I didn’t care for it, but if YG didn’t learn with CL’s video, they’re never going to learn -_- It’s a shame too, because everyone keeps focusing on it instead of focusing on the fact that she actually looks her age for once. Rawr!!

          *double ahem* You could be my twin, because that’s exactly how I feel about Minzy. Amber has a boyish charm about her that the YG stylists seem to want to recreate in Minzy, but that ain’t happening; Minzy is too girly for all that. I honestly think that the girls look their best during the Can’t Nobody promotions; especially Minzy and CL (Yes, I might be a little biased because that is one of my favorite 2NE1 songs, but :P). The video’s group shots have to be my favorite ones, because they look (somewhat) normal and like they’re comfortable in their own skin. They look real good, yo!!! I wonder what happened to the person who dressed them for that vid? Probably fired for not making them look edgy enough XD Wait, I had a point somewhere in here… Oh yeah!! Minzy and dem ugly patterned pants. They need to go. Like forreal, yo. You’re right that they don’t flatter her figure *at all*. In this video, she’s in track pants and a midriff, so I suppose that’s a step up but dem stylists need to get it together because my baby is suffering!!!

  94. Nailed it, i lol’d so much xD

  95. Omg I loved the Fanman!!!! Bear with beer can lol

  96. My vote is for Sistar, I actually like Lovin u more than 2NE1′s Falling in love….and YES, PLEASE review JUNSUUUUU!!!! Fangurilla is the best!!! hahahaha…..Fanman was quite good too…….

  97. This was a great MM, and will add a little more to my fanart… why fanart, why do you take so long to complete!

    I can just imagine a 30 second battle between fanman and fangurilla… ooooh, it’s so naaasty!

  98. i love FAN MAN!!!!

  99. Did anyone else feel a bit uneasy seeing Minzy’s golden starbucks cup in the beginning? Like it’s a bit out of place? She’s looking all classy with her gold collared sweater, and pretty throne, and tray, and platter, and…. golden- plastic STARBUCKS CUP?

    I mean, maybe they were low on money from the rest of her decor…and got that cup where they got their lackluster camera man.

  100. First of all, I want that Keep Calm and be a Nasty shirt is it in the T-shirt store? Second, you should be giving those hats away as a giveaway lol. Third of all, I know this is totally off topic but did anybody catch EXO’s Drama Version of Wolf? Lastly, loved the 4Minute jab lol

  101. lol the 4minute part and as much as i love 2ne1 the sistar video was on a real beach…so my vote goes to sistar

  102. PunkyPrincess92

    the cap Simon is wearing is so cool!!
    ahahaha oh my gosh Fan Man is AWESOME!!!

    i liked this song! it was nice!
    the video was ‘meh’ and the part where they play rock-paper-scissors at the beginning of the mv with such smiles on their faces was kinda awkward for me to watch!!

  103. Oh man, guise, there was just so much win in this week’s KMM! Freaking love Fan Man, the Irish jigging, the hidden bromance. Kick butt as always! Now off to follow the commands of Fangurilla and vote for Junsu ;)

  104. All I can think is that I would find it hard to fake happiness if I were Park Bom. Like, imagine all of the chocolate they don’t get to eat D;

  105. I seriously spit laughed all over my computer at that “instantly pregnant” remark by Fanguerilla lol. Good sh*t.

  106. I loved the smiling in this MV. It seemed like the girls were actually having fun. As for Park Bom, I think plastic surgery has pretty much taken away her ability to show emotions on her face. Has anyone ever seen her with a full smile, upper teeth showing?

  107. yes to fan man!!! :D :D
    can fanman and fangurrlia meet!! :D

  108. Yay 2NE1! I have to admit, I went into giggling fangirl mode when those gorgeous guys suddenly appeared. *fans self* At first, I thought that dude was EXO’s Chanyeol. But for those who are curious, it’s Lee Soo Hyuk and Hong Jong Hyun. BROMANCE FTW.

    Anyways, I applaud the reggae sound. But you’re right, it’s a bit telling that it was only an ok video when I focused more on the guys and the fashion (Mary Katrantzou!) than 2NE1. And I think you guys were kidding about the 4minute jab? Because if that was on purpose, O_O Wow, well done 2NE1.

  109. btw guys i was expecting a video reaction for B.A.P Coffee Shop :)

  110. I was under the impression that the “Can’t nobody stop the fire” line was referring to the 2ne1 songs “Can’t Nobody” and “Fire” lol. And I’m pretty sure the song was written before 4minute’s song came out. Not trying to be mean, just saying :3

  111. Am I the only one who doesn’t like the dancing in this video? Minzy and CL are the only ones that looked good doing it, imo; Bom and Dara looked extremely awkward trying to do it (I suppose it was the fact that Bom’s wearing a short short dress and Dara’s wearing a pencil skirt). They look better in their live performances, but I still don’t like it XD

    *ahem* I don’t like this song. The reggae elements get drowned out by the heavy bass and other electronic hip hop elements, CL’s raps totally kills the atmosphere Minzy’s verses set, Bom’s voice overpowers the beat (which is a shame because she isn’t screaming her part out for once XD), and Dara’s part is buried under so much studio trickery it sounds like they took her part from another song. It is catchy and fits the summer vibe that they were going for, but there are just way too many things keeping me from liking it. If they had to release this song, I’d prefer they just give it to Minzy (I’d even forgive CL hopping on the beat for a quick rap, but something less intense than this).

    Anyway… I really like the new segment (Martina, you are awesome as a Hulk Hogen impersonator) and my vote goes for Sistar. They went to an actual beach :3

    • MTE. When they first introduced the song they were all like “It’s reggae!” Um no 2NE1 has done a reggae version of ‘I don’t care’ and THAT sounds like reggae. This sounds almost exactly the same as most hip hop songs and that tut tut-tut-tut tut tut beat isn’t helping. I agree with you on the awkwardness of the dance too.

      • I like the live reggae version of Lonely more than I liked the reggae version of I Don’t Care, but you’re right; those remixes were definitely reggae. This song song sounds like Teddy was making a hip hop beat, but YG forced him to redo it because of how bad CL’s solo was doing XD

    • I agree, for some reason… I don’t like CL’s rap parts in this song. If “Falling in Love” took the rap parts out, I think I’d like it a lot more. This is weird because normally CL’s parts of my favorite! lol.. odd, but the only part I seem to like is the chorus.. sigh.
      Guess I’ll wait for their new song in August!

      • CL is my home girl. I *always* love her raps. ALWAYS!!! Even that ratchet mess that was the Baddest Female; I loved with all my heart (against my better judgement, but we all know that love ain’t always rational XD). So I was torn when I first heard this song. Her rap fit the version of this song that they used as an intro for the ILY comeback stage last year (when it didn’t have all the reggae sounds mixed in), but it sounded so out of place here. When CL raps, she does it with intensity and sass. While the sass could have helped her here, the intensity didn’t. I’d rather the rap not be on this track, but if it had to be, she should have dialed back her intensity.

    • I really wish the choreographer and Dara’s stylist had talked at least a little bit. I feel like I would’ve enjoyed their outfits and their dance a lot more if they had just gone with like more casual beach wear for all of them. Instead Dara looks like she’s a math teacher about to go to Mars…or something.

      • Preach, honey!! I couldn’t stand what anybody was wearing except CL; she looked like was actually going to the beach, *not* dance on a beach set. I swear that 2NE1′s stylists really are out to get them. I’m actually sure that if they did them up right, this dance would not have looked so awkward XD

    • I actually thought the song is a dub steppish-reggae. It’s not as great as their previous ones but it’s still good and catchy. :)

  112. My Vote is 100% to SISTAR ♥ Not just because i am a Star1 but because the loving you video make me feel like i was actually in the video :) it was really cute and fun and makes me want to go to the beach.

  113. Honestly the funniest part of the video was the last few seconds. “FANFIC WORTHY”

  114. FAN MAN!!!!!!!!! *wah dies from laughter*

  115. FanMan would be great without the accent…

  116. 5 out of 5? What about the “that’s what a queen do”? it sounds so weird!

    • It’s slang. I think I’ve heard Simon say that he lets that slide since it’s slang and it makes sense when you’re speaking in slang..

    • Caribes said it right. There’s a difference between slang and totally awkward engrish. 2NE1 can afford to do these types of slang because they are really comfortable in the use of the English language. They know which ones are understandable, acceptable and, more importantly, appropriate for the material.

      Remember, kpop is not grammar school. The reason why we point out to kpop’s use of english is because sometimes the language is used without reverence to grammar, diction and pronunciation.

  117. I’m saddened that you guys chose 2ne1 because I preferred coffee shop to be reviewed ( I was also hoping for some parodying and funny skits about coffee shop because you guys always know how to make me lol). I still love that you guys didn’t sugercoat anything after seeing online how some blackjacks behave. The only interesting thing I found out about the video is that the wall Dara is dancing in front of was inspired by a famous mural in Argentina.

    Great job as always S&M!

  118. Kristin@Blood, Sweat and Books
    Kristin@Blood, Sweat and Books

    I have to say I wasn’t really a fan of this video. It felt lifeless and didn’t match the song well.

  119. The song is super catchy, i was singing it whole week! I understand it how youf feel about the video, i got really bored too. But they look amazing thats for sure. I hope next video will be better, yg told that it will be very 2ne1 :D
    It was an amazing review guys, i was watching it in a beach cafe and i laughed so hard that my firends warned me that everyone is looking at me x) but i dont care that pfft :p
    And i loved junsu’s new song so you can review him next week, you know, if you want it no pressure ;;;)

  120. thisisjustforfunval

    My vote in the showdown is Sistar, they were on an actual beach not the backdrop for a themed high school dance XD

    Great review guys, Martina you were the prettiest Hulk Hogan impersonator evaaaa and I agree with Fangurilla, JUNSU! It’s just gold.

    Oh Simon! My cat allows me to do raspberries on her belly as well. I however do no enjoy the mouthful of fur, since she is ten times fluffier than Meemers.

  121. Is it me or did simon drop the F-bomb in the bloopers during the fan-man part and it didn’t get bleeped out?

  122. Stephanie Dubuque

    I love the addition of Fan Man! Maybe have FM and Seungrilla go together on a fan date? Also love how Simon stayed in char in the bloopers made it more amusing then normal!

  123. My vote goes to SISTAR! :D

    I agree, the video was pretty boring. The only thing I found exciting about it was that the 2 guys were in the drama “White Christmas” and I was like “I know them!!” hahaha
    LOL! Your dancing!!! XD I couldn’t help but laugh when I first saw that dance in the music video too

  124. 1. Ahhhh, I love FAN MAN. So… MANLY.
    2. Thank you so much for mentioning Dara’s crap stylist and that weirdo dance that came out of nowhere.
    3. Did anyone else notice that weird ripping/velcro sound every 5 seconds or so? It was way distracting and I kept wondering if they were tearing their tight dresses -.-
    4. My disappointment with this video actually just makes me look forward to the next one more, because YG specifically stated that their next MV would be going back to the style they’re more known for.

  125. I was laughing hard at the basketball comments, I hadn’t really noticed that. I totally do now, then Fan Man showed up and all the water I was drinking spewed out. LMAO.

  126. Fangurilla, you just made me look up this song in soooo long!!! lol!!


    I don’t know about the production value of the video but I just enjoy them dancing, looking awesome, and having fun which it looks that way to me. I love the song!! :)

    • Whoa mama, it has been a while since I’ve heard from Missy XD I must agree that this song pretty much goes in line with what I think about Junsu :3

  127. It would be a bit weird to have some funky crazy video for a song thats supposed to be relaxed, laid back and summer-time happy. It isn’t a beat stomper so the video isn’t a crazy alien dress up party.
    I think the colours and gold match the summer theme and I’m sorry but where else have you seen gold painted living nearly naked man statues?
    No where… thats right!

    Also I think Bom looked about as happy as she has in any 2NE1 video.

    • Ya a crazy mv or whatever wouldn’t really fit. I thought the mv was fun and I enjoyed seeing the hot model guys~ lee soo Hyuk has been in a 2ne1 mv before. It hurts, and he was also in gd’s Michigo. They are best friends and he recently started hanging out with cl. Hong Jong hyun is also friends with lee soo Hyuk and they were together in the special drama white Christmas and vampire idol.

      The only thing I was disappointed about the mv is that the beach scene looked fake and the mv did no justice to the dance. But I loved the gold and white theme and basically all the gold lol. I also loved how the girls were having fun~ so I’m pretty satisfied overall and I can’t wait for the next single and mv which is said to be very 2ne1 style.

    • It can be laid back all it wants and it will still lack that unfness that is so unique to 2NE1. What S&M mean by all those crazy things lacking in the video doesn’t mean they actually expected those things, but that unf factor that 2NE1 had always managed to have in their material. UNF doesn’t necessarily have to be aggressive or strong, but compelling. Their ballads had that unf factor, and this didn’t.

    • It Hurts was a ballad song that still looked weird but very cool. This song is fun and the video didn’t do a great job of capturing that feeling.

  128. All I can say is that Fan Man is the Boss, like, seriously.

  129. as much as i am not really a fan of Sistar and i love way more 2NE1 and their song, video wise, my vote goes for Sistar.

  130. Fanguerilla vs FanMan!! Make it happen~! XD

  131. I’m surprised about what you guys said about the music videos! I personally was getting bored with the videos, because even though there were all in these epic settings, they still all felt the same when compered other YG videos. It was getting to the point where YG had a white box, like SM and their oddly lite (lite? lit? light? English, why are you doing this to me!) room. I’m just glad that they are doing something new. It may not be perfect, but I think it’s great that they are freshening things up!

  132. P.S. Simon, I want that hat. Will it be in the store? :O

  133. Sascha_Wong

    I died from Fan Man. Absolutely hilarious!

  134. You guise, the video you put up at the end isn’t the bloopers but the MV again! :)

  135. FAN MAN!!!! That was awesome!!! For some reason, it felt like you were channeling Amanda Bynes in “She’s the Man”. And that “Here’s a bear eating a beer!!!” was BRILLIANT!!! And yes, the Junsu must win!!!

  136. Except that 2NE1 performed a snippet of the rap part on Inkygayo which had the whole “let them haters sit and stare” back when they released I Love You… Far before 4minute… But anyway, I’m sure you know that. XD

    News says they’re having the same team work on their next video; I am not looking forward to that if it’s as blah as this one. But I DO LOVE the song! And Minzy really glows in this vid!

    • No news said that the person who did the dance is the same but for the mv seo hyun seung is directing it and he’s the one that did fantastic baby I am the best and I love you. He basically directed all the wacky yg music videos like crayon, heartbreaker, fire, and many more. We still don’t know who directed this music video.

      • Ah! Thanks for clearing that up for me! I guess I read it, like, while I was dying from this heat, and therefore misunderstood it! XD

      • If they give 2NE1 another dance like this, then no thank you >_>

        • Zainlovesmusic

          I loved the dance live and in the practice video. It’s simple and fits the song really well. Whoever filmed the mv didn’t do it justice. So ya I’m looking forward to see their other dance with a very 2ne1 song.

  137. the song is daebak but the dance looks kinda akward :P and yeah the camerman seemed kinda confused to me. I wish they woud have hired the people who did Lee Hi’s “Rose” that was awesome

  138. haruchi

    I love Fan Man! :D The bg is also awesome! haha
    But um yeah… I guess 2NE1 is trying to target to the US market. PSY conquered the world with his mv so I don’t see why the change…

  139. Aww Baby’s fought hard for Coffe Shop to be in the top 3, I thought you guys would review them :( But I love 2NE1′s song so…

    • They’re coming back next week anyway. There’s loads of chances for bap to get reviewed. They’re apparently doing a 3 title songs comeback. I can see why eyk skipped that bap vid.

  140. Hah! Fan Man was Fan-Man-Tastic! I loved the BEAR EATING A BEER!
    Was anyone else going bonkers over Bom’s partial lip-synching? The others pull it off, from what I saw; there are scenes where the singer is singing, which should be synched. Then, other scenes are there to show off hot expressions or what-have-you, and the mouth will be closed. Whyfor half-synch, Bommie?

  141. Its official, we need a Fan Man Vs Fan Guerrilla battle

  142. I agree about the lackluster video, but the song is great! good summer fun!

    Now forgive me for this non-2NE1 related comment, but DID YOU SEE THE DRAMA VERSION FOR EXO’s WOLF??? A-wooooo~~~~

    • omg do not get me started on that!
      i donno if i could bare to watch Simon and Martina review it

      • Oh snickerdoodles that drama version was horrendous. I’m glad they reviewed the dance version.

        • the only good thing that came from the drama version is that it showcased a little bit about xoxo’s obviously better songs. i want people to listen to black pearl and heart attack, awesomely produced by the way.

          oh an luhan’s acting wasn’t half bad considering he is an idol not a rookie actor. and kai’s too. that guy could look sizzling wearing a giant paper bag as clothing.

        • My thoughts exactly! I think it was meant to be more involved but they made a lot of cuts (Kai’s love story for example, probably to spare the most insane of Kai’s fans from harming themselves). As a Luhan stan you know I loved it! But, sorry again–I know we’re here to discuss 2NE1 XD

        • gosh i wanna talk about it so much but this just isn’t the place.
          but before i go…
          PARKOUR >:T

        • Josh Chinnery

          I thought the parkour was one of the better parts of the video. And I think featuring some of the better songs in the video was counter productive because it shows how weak Wolf is. I honestly wish they promoted Black Pearl or one of the RnB mid-tempos; Black Pear is a superior dubstep/pop song and dem RnB numbers would have lit fangirl hearts on fiya!!

        • hahaha i agree about promoting Black Pearl (I honestly thought it was watching a MV for Black Pearl or Heart Attack instead of Wolf so I kept rechecking the video title >_:T yes it was cool but since I’m more about logic in kpop videos, it just looked a little silly to me…

          BUT CAN WE PLEASE GO TO THE EXO THREAD AND CONTINUE THERE omg i dont wanna be banned for this D’:

        • Josh Chinnery

          Logic? K-Pop? They *can* co-exist? Well, I’ll be damned… XD In all seriousness, it did look silly but so did that awkward opening scene with opening scene with Kris (otherwise known as man with no emotions other than slight dissapproval and sometimes known as man as man who is ridiculously taller than 98% of his bandmates).

  143. LMAOO….I’m going to admit that I not only screamed eww but also squirmed away at the motion of Simon throwing ball sweat at the camera.. Makes me kinda happy that I wasn’t watching it in 3D, LoL!!!

    Things I loved about this KMM:
    1. Fan Man has the prettiest eye makeup, ever!
    2. Nothing’s more manly that Chuck Norris, beers, a shark, and a cutey-pie kitty cat.
    3.Simon’s cap = Me like-y and me want-y!!!

    • I’m pretty sure she was going for Hulk Hogan, not Chuck Norris, but Chuck would have been even more manly. XD

      • No, I know Fan Man was Hulk Hogan’s way prettier younger brother! But the indestructible Sir Norris was graced ever so manly on the wall next to a can of Canadian Light with a face that seemed to read, “Disagree with his K-pop observations, I dare you, punk….and don’t touch my beer” LoL.

    • Don’t forget Taeman in the lower right corner. Taeman may be the manliest of them all.

  144. Everytime I see blonde Dara, she reminds me of Luna Lovegood!

  145. I still notice when people color their hair. I remember that I was surpised at seeing A-JAX’s “Hot game” because they were one of the first videos I saw with people dying their hair. It has always stood out to me since I have colored hair myself ^^ I really like the fact that it is getting trendy in K-pop ^^

  146. Emilie

    In the bloopers, that was the most adorable Spudgey tummy touching EVER!

  147. Mafalda Panda Do Mar

    Can you please talk about palstic surgery in Korea in yout TL:DR? Since there’s been a lot of talk about Bom’s face and body…

  148. I would agree and say that the video was lackluster, but their smiles seemed genuine and they all seemed genuinely happy.

  149. Guys, Where did your ‘Keep calm and get your NASTY on’? its looks great

    • We got it in a fanmail package last Friday :D

    • That was the shirt I sent in. So happy that it came in handy to take care of the blue shirt on a blue screen issue.
      That shirt was made to reference the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA. During a game of the 2012 playoffs, coach Popovich called a timeout and told the players “I want some nasty!”, the microphones picked it up and a catch phrase was born. I got it at a local grocery store here in San Antonio, probably pretty hard to find outside of here.

  150. I get what Simon and Martina are saying about the recent 2ne1 videos (CL’s solo project and the Falling in Love video) being very American looking. But I wonder if it is just YG trying to make a transition to the US market? I know they were planning on debuting 2ne1 in the US, making some music with Will.i.am. Maybe they are trying to make videos that more compatible with American?

    • Oh and how come nobody has mentioned Park Bom’s dresses yet? The YG stylist really needs to put her in something else. She looks a little too much like a drag queen.

      • what bothers me most about those dresses is that bom is a capable dancer; the dance practice video for falling in love clearly showed that. however in videos and on stage, those dresses of hers severely limit her motion so she comes off looking like mediocre.

    • If they get rid of what make them unique just to enter the US market, it’s very sad and I’m afraid it won’t even work! If they debute there, I hope they do it as themselves.

      • I agree, but I applaud 2ne1 and YG trying to get American culture. When Girls Generation debuted in the US, I KNEW they would fail. There are too many members. American’s would never go for it. Other groups tried coming to the US, and it felt forced. And after the debuted in the US, their old music was too foreign. Like BoA. I remember they had a hype building video of her career building up to her US debut. Watching all the videos I just was thinking about how an American that wasn’t into kpop would then think BoA was lame. Having something that an American could watch in Korean and still can relate to is important to release before debuting.

        That said, I hope 2ne1 doesn’t try to change too much. I think if they do, it will feel weird. They have a style, unlike most kpop groups. They should stick to it.

        • Amber Christon

          I think 2ne1′s original style with songs like I AM THE BEST and Can’t Nobody would suit North American audiences nicely. Being a California girl and living here my whole life, I can honestly say Americans love their divas/girl groups (think TLC and Destiny’s Child). 2NE1 is an awesome combination of 4 amazingly talented women singing about female empowerment. That would work over here, if they produced more songs in English like Can’t Nobody or at least had the chorus in English. I loved I LOVE YOU, and the video was awesome, but the language barrier wouldn’t help them win over Americans.

          Since they’re already working with Will.i.am. , I think if they stick to their roots, they could find success over here. But who know how much longer Bom and Dara are going to want to stay with the group. It looks like CL wants a solo career, and maybe Dara and Bom want to settle down and get married? IDK, they look bored to me, especially Bom like Simon said.

    • eh. I donno. I’m beyond bored with some American stuff, and I think that’s what got me into kpop a year ago. Just seeing something that was so different than what I already see here.
      I guess it’s smart to do that sort of transition, but I think it’s gonna get real boring real quick :/

    • Based off Black Eyed Peas’ most recent single, I hope to God that 2NE1 stops working with him.

  151. LOL simon’s nasty hat and shirt

  152. I’m glad that FanGurilla has some competition in the “k-pop-fan-shows” category. FanMan made my day :D
    And I saw you there, TaeMan. Lurking in the corner. DON’T THINK YOU WENT UNNOTICED!
    The review was, of course, great. As usual. XD Keep up the good work eatyourkimchi! Hwaiting!

  153. I want more Fangurilla~! I miss her catch phrase, “I’m not ugly; I’m exotic!” But hilarious to see a new addition with Martina’s FanMan! xDDDD

  154. Was the subtle 4minute diss not made up last year though? As in when she rapped for the intro for their inkigayo stage it was a reference to their songs…or am I missing something?

  155. Yg has said that the next song 2ne1 releases will be ‘very 2ne1′ so don’t worry :D

  156. Excellent job done guys. I loved it from the start til the end

  157. FanMan is my spirit animal!

  158. I didn’t think the guys in the video were that hot at all x] and I am a straight girl! I was blown away by Minzy’s look. She looked gorgeous.

  159. Oh,oh can I please ask a question????
    Oh, and thanks a lot for the video.
    My question is where does Simon buy his t-shirts?? They’re soooo funny! ¨
    Oh, and I’m going to buy your shirts as soon as I get some money! I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time!
    Oooooh, you so nasty >_<

  160. Touch over here, touch me touch me over there……It’s a pretty good song to be honest

  161. Fan Man martina looks like hulk hogan. A super cute hulkhogann

  162. The first thing that came in my mind while watching the mv was basically the awkward basketball clothes. Leather pants and and a no shirt taeyang in the making.

  163. I want that snap back Simon!!!!

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