TOUCH ME OVER HERE TOUCH ME TOUCH ME OVER THERE! Over where? I’m not sure. The video isn’t showing us. If you haven’t seen 2NE1’s “Falling in Love” yet, you can check it out here and let us know the answer to CL’s riddle:


Ok: thoughts on the video? Did anyone find it a bit lacklustre in comparison to other 2NE1 videos? I didn’t feel any bambaratatata. The song’s fun and all, but the video just feels a bit uninspired. One of the things that we discussed amongst ourselves but didn’t include in our video is that we’re rather disappointed in this video. It’s rather boring. It points here and there to talk about, sure, but it was overall flat and…meh. I remember YG videos being something special, something different. Look at “I Am the Best.” Look at “Fantastic Baby.” Those were two amazing videos with exceptional sets. Things looked so different. You couldn’t stop talking about them. YG artists sang over bizarre, alien, colorful landscapes. GD is still doing that with his videos, but CL’s “The Baddest Female” and now “Falling in Love” are depicting North American urban culture, and I’ve seen that my entire life, so it bores me. There’s nothing special about it. YG created its own world before, rather than borrowing from someone else’s, and I’m finding it hard to be interested in these videos. It’s better to just play the music and turn the video off.

Another thing: I can’t really remember the last time Park Bom looked, umm, happy? We mentioned it in “Please Don’t Cry,” how she doesn’t really have any facial expressions, but now it really stuck out. Look at CL and Dara smiling and laughing and looking like they’re having fun. Park Bom doesn’t look like she’s ever enjoying herself. She looks like she’s singing a ballad about the death of a boyfriend rather than singing happily about falling in love. No?

Here’s something else, less a comment on the video and more about a trend in Kpop: I only noticed this at the end of my 5th watching of the video, but did anyone see anything special about anyone’s hair in this video? No? How about the fact that Minzy’s hair is pink. Still not special? See, THAT’S what’s surprising. It took me a while to register the fact, which is saying something about Kpop. Back when Miss A came out and Jia’s hair was pink, I remember people being very surprised about it. Now, everybody’s dying their hair, and it’s nothing special. Dyed hair is common now, and it’s just not a talking point anymore if someone dyes their hair.

Anyhow, we still are totally digging the song, even if the video’s a bit of a letdown. If you like it as much as we do, make sure you pick it up in iTunes. And, lastly, it’s felt a bit lonely for Fangurilla lately, with all the girl bands. She wanted to sing a song for you in the bloopers, and so she did. Check em out here!


  1. simon+meems = sosososo cute :’D
    plus simon u got some skills with dat basketball spinning

  2. The butt dancing these days, Girl’s Day, BESTie, 2NE1, 4minute and others….
    Onto something more IMPORTANT! EAT YOUR KIMCHI EXO’S WORLF DRAMA VERSION IS HERE!!!!! Review the video and judge how SM-like it is… REVIEW! AND INFINITE AND B.A.P’S UPCOMING ‘HURRICANE’!!!!!!

  3. Did anyone else think of this seeing Simon getting thwacked in the head with the basketball over and over?


  4. When I saw Fanman’s part I found myself thinking: what does Walker Texas ranger do over there?…Then I understood…he’s the most manly man ever…AND A TRUE MAN ADMITS HE LIKES KPOP!!!! XD

  5. I know! I didn’t find them like “OMG THEY’RE SO HOT!!!” My reaction was like “Oh curly hair”

  6. Your little “dance break” had me in tears.

  7. I want to see Simon and Martina review a US pop song, if for no other reason than to see what English score they would get.

  8. I’m kind of bummed that Minzy wore a wig for this one, since she looked so gorgeous with her hair dyed purple. (Though the IATB hair was also a wig in the video…) Girl can rock wigs, that’s for sure, but when it’s her own hair that’s coloured I love it even more!

    Also, Jia DID look hot with pink hair. It’s unreal.

  9. Hi! Who won the 4minute fart-wafting dance name contest? I don’t see any mention of it anywhere. Also….

    Heyyyy Leigh!

  10. I want a “you so nasty” hat………

  11. While I didn’t really enjoy the 2NE1 song, this KMM was legendary! There were several reasons but Martina, you were extremely brilliant and clever, not to mention hilarious, with FAN MAN! I laughed very hard at that scene. The bloopers were great, would have been funny to see the blue screen superposition on Simon as well as the plain shots, does the blue in his blend away as well?

    I didn’t get a chance in the K-Indie comments (great segment btw), to say “Simon, I’m proud of you buddy – high five!” for kicking your crush on a certain addictive game. Well done sir, well done.

  12. About the part in your journal where you say that Park Bom’s face doesn’t look so happy in this video… When you have a face full of filler it’s no wonder that your facial muscles are kind of giving up. Personally, I don’t like what has happened to her over the past few years; her voice is amazing, but the fact that everytime I see her now she looks more and more like a non-animate wax-doll. That was one of the reasons why I couldn’t really enjoy this MV, I felt sad whenever I saw her face.

    About the song… to me it’s a bit brainless. I can’t really get a hold of it too well. Even though it’s supposed to be reggae and whatnot,, to me, it’s just a smash of different styles that don’t really grasp me. Sure, it sticks into your head with the “Touch me over here” part, but that’s about it. I’m hoping to see better songs from them than the latest ones they have delivered…

    Loved this week’s KMM though! :) Keep up the good work guise!

    • Even before her debut in 2NE1, like when she was in Hyorii’s video, I thought Bom’s face was a little ,,, stuck? So it makes me wonder if the issue isn’t the PS so much, but that the PS really doesn’t likely help… Or did she have PS back then also?

      Ah, I love her silly personality though. It never shines through into their videos, sadly, but I really do like her! I think her makeup in this MV was just so heavy and aging that it really didn’t help matters! ^^;

  13. o mg i waited to this kpop Monday like forever!!!!!!!!:-)

  14. I vote for 2ne1 because ,there’s LEE SOO HYUK and HONG JONG HYUN

  15. Guise, I don’t know if you didn’t notice or if you just didn’t talk about it but I found it really interesting their shout out to their previous songs “the club is getting Ugly I Don’t Care, Can’t Nobody stop the Fire let the haters sit and stare”. Pretty clever, I thought (:

  16. Simon, you’re a gem, hahahahahaha
    And why the fan war :( Let’s all get along.
    And to answer all the questions in your blog post after the review: Yes, I feel the same way. It’s still a nice song though.
    And I really like Junsu’s song, so yes fan guerrilla, I will vote for him <3

  17. Yo! Dog … Where do I score me one of those “Ooh! You So Nasty” Hats?

  18. Now that the drama version is out, can you repeat EXO’s Wolf?

  19. Molson…really? LOL

    And thank you Simon for the cat belly attack, I feel better know I’m not the only one who does that. :)

  20. Is it me or is your page on FB non existing anymore? O_o

  21. Too bad CL did that rap waaay before 4Minute’s MV………..kekeke did i ruin it for u Simon??

  22. FAN MAN IS FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!! That was so great! Another epic character. I am watching this all over again.

  23. LOL Fanman! We’ll be seeing more of him right?
    For the showdown, I vote for Sistar~

  24. Wait.
    So no one is gonna talk about the fact that they had Park Bom wearing a cape????

  25. I like 2en1 but …….. I vote for sister where do we vote ?

  26. its the boy from dating agency cyrano right?!!!!!! he is so cute ooooooooo <3

  27. Wasn’t that the actor Hong Jong Hyun from the kdrama “Dating Agency: Cyrano” one of the guys – the one playing basketball in leather pants?


  29. Did anyone realize that the guy in leather pants was moojin from dating agency cyrano?

  30. This was probably one of the more funny Music Mondays I’ve seen in a long time. Don’t read it wrong, and don’t hate. I love Simon and Martina’s Music Mondays, and yes their MMs are funny, but this one was MYYYYYY choice for funniest MM in a while. Much love—->cause that’s how I roll. :P

  31. Your comments were so spot on this week and I give you a massive round of applause for not being afraid to criticize!!

    My opinion:
    I completely agree that while the song is a nice summery jam the video was dull. Yea they had nice clothes at some parts and I really liked how happy they looked at the beginning, plus CL and Minzy are really blossoming into beautiful women, but the dance, filming and most of all setting were so poorly done. Bom looks cute in short dresses but she can’t dance for shizz in those things. Props for trying but it just makes her look lazy when they restrict her like that. Also Dara’s hair was rather pitiful >.< though I think her bridge was my favourite part of the song. It is like in UGLY, her part is my fave too. CL's rap didn't fit, though it was nice on its own it seemed like they could have just put that scene into the Baddest Female MV and cut it from this one..

    Anyway honestly this song has already dropped off my radar. It just lacked the something special that I always looked forward to from 2NE1 songs. This song joins the long list of lacklustre comebacks we've experienced so far in 2013. Hopefully they haven't lied about showing us the classic 2NE1 in their next release.

    Meanwhile I vote for SISTAR, because the MV was more coherent and just better put together, and hope to see an awesome review of Junsu singing about an incredible man in short shorts and no shirt …. uh… I mean… that girl with the camera…..

    • Honey, K-Pop is all looks; talent is a bonus. I hate to say it, but there are times when I hang my head in shame when I see how badly some of these groups do because they’re just pretty models who can barely carry a tune.

      *ahem* Dara’s bejeweled eyebrows have actually been getting some negative press. Seems like YG is barking up the appropriation tree again, because that’s a bindi and there are some people who don’t like that she’s wearing it in a summer themed video that has nothing to do with Indian culture. I didn’t care for it, but if YG didn’t learn with CL’s video, they’re never going to learn -_- It’s a shame too, because everyone keeps focusing on it instead of focusing on the fact that she actually looks her age for once. Rawr!!

      *double ahem* You could be my twin, because that’s exactly how I feel about Minzy. Amber has a boyish charm about her that the YG stylists seem to want to recreate in Minzy, but that ain’t happening; Minzy is too girly for all that. I honestly think that the girls look their best during the Can’t Nobody promotions; especially Minzy and CL (Yes, I might be a little biased because that is one of my favorite 2NE1 songs, but :P). The video’s group shots have to be my favorite ones, because they look (somewhat) normal and like they’re comfortable in their own skin. They look real good, yo!!! I wonder what happened to the person who dressed them for that vid? Probably fired for not making them look edgy enough XD Wait, I had a point somewhere in here… Oh yeah!! Minzy and dem ugly patterned pants. They need to go. Like forreal, yo. You’re right that they don’t flatter her figure *at all*. In this video, she’s in track pants and a midriff, so I suppose that’s a step up but dem stylists need to get it together because my baby is suffering!!!

  32. Nailed it, i lol’d so much xD

  33. Omg I loved the Fanman!!!! Bear with beer can lol

  34. They’re coming back next week anyway. There’s loads of chances for bap to get reviewed. They’re apparently doing a 3 title songs comeback. I can see why eyk skipped that bap vid.

  35. This was a great MM, and will add a little more to my fanart… why fanart, why do you take so long to complete!

    I can just imagine a 30 second battle between fanman and fangurilla… ooooh, it’s so naaasty!

  36. Did anyone else feel a bit uneasy seeing Minzy’s golden starbucks cup in the beginning? Like it’s a bit out of place? She’s looking all classy with her gold collared sweater, and pretty throne, and tray, and platter, and…. golden- plastic STARBUCKS CUP?

    I mean, maybe they were low on money from the rest of her decor…and got that cup where they got their lackluster camera man.

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