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2NE1 “Falling in Love” – Kpop Music Monday

July 16, 2013


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TOUCH ME OVER HERE TOUCH ME TOUCH ME OVER THERE! Over where? I’m not sure. The video isn’t showing us. If you haven’t seen 2NE1’s “Falling in Love” yet, you can check it out here and let us know the answer to CL’s riddle:

Ok: thoughts on the video? Did anyone find it a bit lacklustre in comparison to other 2NE1 videos? I didn’t feel any bambaratatata. The song’s fun and all, but the video just feels a bit uninspired. One of the things that we discussed amongst ourselves but didn’t include in our video is that we’re rather disappointed in this video. It’s rather boring. It points here and there to talk about, sure, but it was overall flat and…meh. I remember YG videos being something special, something different. Look at “I Am the Best.” Look at “Fantastic Baby.” Those were two amazing videos with exceptional sets. Things looked so different. You couldn’t stop talking about them. YG artists sang over bizarre, alien, colorful landscapes. GD is still doing that with his videos, but CL’s “The Baddest Female” and now “Falling in Love” are depicting North American urban culture, and I’ve seen that my entire life, so it bores me. There’s nothing special about it. YG created its own world before, rather than borrowing from someone else’s, and I’m finding it hard to be interested in these videos. It’s better to just play the music and turn the video off.

Another thing: I can’t really remember the last time Park Bom looked, umm, happy? We mentioned it in “Please Don’t Cry,” how she doesn’t really have any facial expressions, but now it really stuck out. Look at CL and Dara smiling and laughing and looking like they’re having fun. Park Bom doesn’t look like she’s ever enjoying herself. She looks like she’s singing a ballad about the death of a boyfriend rather than singing happily about falling in love. No?

Here’s something else, less a comment on the video and more about a trend in Kpop: I only noticed this at the end of my 5th watching of the video, but did anyone see anything special about anyone’s hair in this video? No? How about the fact that Minzy’s hair is pink. Still not special? See, THAT’S what’s surprising. It took me a while to register the fact, which is saying something about Kpop. Back when Miss A came out and Jia’s hair was pink, I remember people being very surprised about it. Now, everybody’s dying their hair, and it’s nothing special. Dyed hair is common now, and it’s just not a talking point anymore if someone dyes their hair.

Anyhow, we still are totally digging the song, even if the video’s a bit of a letdown. If you like it as much as we do, make sure you pick it up in iTunes. And, lastly, it’s felt a bit lonely for Fangurilla lately, with all the girl bands. She wanted to sing a song for you in the bloopers, and so she did. Check em out here!



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