TOUCH ME OVER HERE TOUCH ME TOUCH ME OVER THERE! Over where? I’m not sure. The video isn’t showing us. If you haven’t seen 2NE1’s “Falling in Love” yet, you can check it out here and let us know the answer to CL’s riddle:


Ok: thoughts on the video? Did anyone find it a bit lacklustre in comparison to other 2NE1 videos? I didn’t feel any bambaratatata. The song’s fun and all, but the video just feels a bit uninspired. One of the things that we discussed amongst ourselves but didn’t include in our video is that we’re rather disappointed in this video. It’s rather boring. It points here and there to talk about, sure, but it was overall flat and…meh. I remember YG videos being something special, something different. Look at “I Am the Best.” Look at “Fantastic Baby.” Those were two amazing videos with exceptional sets. Things looked so different. You couldn’t stop talking about them. YG artists sang over bizarre, alien, colorful landscapes. GD is still doing that with his videos, but CL’s “The Baddest Female” and now “Falling in Love” are depicting North American urban culture, and I’ve seen that my entire life, so it bores me. There’s nothing special about it. YG created its own world before, rather than borrowing from someone else’s, and I’m finding it hard to be interested in these videos. It’s better to just play the music and turn the video off.

Another thing: I can’t really remember the last time Park Bom looked, umm, happy? We mentioned it in “Please Don’t Cry,” how she doesn’t really have any facial expressions, but now it really stuck out. Look at CL and Dara smiling and laughing and looking like they’re having fun. Park Bom doesn’t look like she’s ever enjoying herself. She looks like she’s singing a ballad about the death of a boyfriend rather than singing happily about falling in love. No?

Here’s something else, less a comment on the video and more about a trend in Kpop: I only noticed this at the end of my 5th watching of the video, but did anyone see anything special about anyone’s hair in this video? No? How about the fact that Minzy’s hair is pink. Still not special? See, THAT’S what’s surprising. It took me a while to register the fact, which is saying something about Kpop. Back when Miss A came out and Jia’s hair was pink, I remember people being very surprised about it. Now, everybody’s dying their hair, and it’s nothing special. Dyed hair is common now, and it’s just not a talking point anymore if someone dyes their hair.

Anyhow, we still are totally digging the song, even if the video’s a bit of a letdown. If you like it as much as we do, make sure you pick it up in iTunes. And, lastly, it’s felt a bit lonely for Fangurilla lately, with all the girl bands. She wanted to sing a song for you in the bloopers, and so she did. Check em out here!


  1. kgjadkjsald

    i thought that 2ne1 was amazing, better then you’s uninspired is not the word to use

  2. I just want to say that I think YG isnt focusing on 2NE1 anymore since there are gazillions of traineees there now…

  3. 2NE1 ❤❤❤❤

  4. LOL i feel like Simon and Martina have to be too critical with 2NE1 now because their viewers always accuse them of being YG-biased haha just kiddin’

    Somebody said it’ll be weird to see some crazy-funky video in a light/fun song i totally agree because loool that would be too bizzare for a summer theme MV. Why does it have to be uberly special when it can be just simple? It’s about Falling In Love i just wish you guys pointed out how the girls’ bright smiles, how happy they look checking out boys (because that’s new to 2NE1) was the highlight of the video it’s about ‘Falling In Love’ not how badass they are XD

    This is just their first release. The “Very 2NE1″ you’re expecting will come back soon, just keep ‘falling in love’ with this MV for now..

  5. Heather Dugas

    Does anyone else think that Bom with blue contacts (like around 1:30) looks like Nancy Ajram? o.O

  6. Paige Anctil

    I vote sistar!!

  7. Katanagatari

    I absolutely love to listen to music by 2NE1 – one of my favorite KPop bands by far!

  8. I still say that they don’t know anything about YG, since their beggining they depicted north american urban culture, but since Big Bang and thanks to G-Dragon search for experimenting musically the entire label went more pop, deal with it, they are going back to their roots, to the reason it was made YG popular in Korea and even before Big Bang/2NE1 was born.

  9. Normally, I would say 2ne1 over sistar all the way but “Loving You” MV is much more natural and… summery? So 1 vote for sistar.

  10. AshPotash

    CL first performed that rap over a year ago during an “I Love You” performance on Inkigayo. How would that be an insult to 4minute’s “Is It Poppin’?” when they just released that song this year? Plus, CL references past 2NE1 songs like “In the Club”, “Ugly”, “I Don’t Care”, “Can’t Nobody”, and “Fire”.

    Here’s the link :

    Vote up please so people can get the facts! :D

  11. next time say my name pls!!!!

  12. B2StSHAwoL_21


  13. Very interesting perspective from you guys. Yes no leather pants for b-ball.

  14. ryansgirl050400

    FANMAN!!!!! :D

  15. Maria Zhao

    OMG XD funniest bloopers ever XDXDXD

  16. tweetpandora

    LOL I loved this, love the fan man segment. Love you guys.

  17. Just wanna say, I think your videos just keep getting better and funnier! Having staff to help you out is really making a difference, both to the quality of the editing (not that you guys weren’t good at it, but now there’s obviously more time to do more with it) and the skits you’re coming up with. FAN MANNNN!

    Ok, gonna go get a Nasty cap now.

  18. urbzak1018

    simon+meems = sosososo cute :’D
    plus simon u got some skills with dat basketball spinning

  19. Angelica Johnson


  20. MissCocoBelle

    So much wrong in this vid. And props cost a mad fortune!! That huge car didn’t need to be there (considering we only saw the hood! Anybody know the make of that car?) and the only interesting scenes (Im a girl peeps) was the man candy and the dancing. I think YG
    could’ve saved a whole lot of money on this vid, or at least used it to make the vid a bit more believable. I don’t feel touched anywhere really ( I mean that in the most unisexual way possible……)

  21. The butt dancing these days, Girl’s Day, BESTie, 2NE1, 4minute and others….
    Onto something more IMPORTANT! EAT YOUR KIMCHI EXO’S WORLF DRAMA VERSION IS HERE!!!!! Review the video and judge how SM-like it is… REVIEW! AND INFINITE AND B.A.P’S UPCOMING ‘HURRICANE’!!!!!!

  22. Sara Suzanne Berg

    Fan Man looks so much like hulk hogan it’s not even funny

  23. Thomas KingoKpopdemos Lingard

    Love the Fan Man segment, truley for us guys who love KPOP and aren’t afraid to admit it, also since you channeled your inner Hulk Hogan it gives us “older” guys even more pride in our love for KPOP… now here’s a bear eating a beer!!!
    I personally love this song and the video is okay, i give props to YG for actually getting the lip movement to synch with the song (thats what, 3 in a row now? congrats on the hire of that new video editor). My only complaint would be why is Dara always featured so poorly in the videos? she is one of the more beautiful women in KPOP yet she is rarely featured in the videos and usually is wearing crazy clothes (although nothing will ever match CL’s 3D unicorn dress) although its nice to see she is finally coming out of her shell and starting to wear some nice dresses.
    Nice NMM and I pretty much agree with your review of this video, Thanx for sharing with us.

    • Josh Chinnery

      That 3D unicorn dress will forever make me wanna slap YG’s stylist team >_> And I’m so with you on Dara; girl is hot stuff, but she’s always looks like she’s trying to be 18, no 28. I’m actually glad YG’s stylists got it right some of the time in this video, because girl looked smoking with her hair down in that dress on the temple set. Now if only we could get rid of that bindi…

  24. I only followed Bigbang before, but perhaps the unnoticed pink hair due to GD changed his hair color(s) almost in every performance, and sometime twice in one show. People got used with it.

  25. omg fan man is brilliant!!! Totally reminds me of a reaction video to this song I saw :D. Glad there’s a “fan” to react to the girl groups now hehehe.

  26. Park Bom looks emotionless because of surgeries which damaged her facial nerves. Just saying.

  27. I'm Nichole

    “Touch me over here (shoulders) and touch me over there (hair).” At least this is what she was doing to herself. Hey!…maybe this was a reminder to self video! ;) oooohhh so NASTY!

  28. seoulpuppet

    Did anyone else notice Hong Jong-hyun? He was one of the backup guys in the video. He plays Moo-jin in the kdrama Dating Agency:Cyrano. I really hope I’m not the only one who watches that. lol.

  29. Hi guys! I wrote a comment yesterday but for some reason it didn’t post. Hmm. Oh well. Anyway, did you guys pick a winner for the ‘name the fart-wafting dance’? I don’t see any mention of it.

    Heyyyyyyy Leigh! <3

  30. Rocco Ooi

    Sistar!!!! they’really more natural although it costs a lot of budget….

  31. Freddie Engberg

    I really like the song, but I can’t decide about the video. I like the happy, summer-y feeling, but I’m missing the oozing confidence and badassness from I Am the Best. This becomes too much like any other girl group video where looking sexy and watching hot boys is the only thing that matters, and I’ve always felt that 2ne1 was different from that, you know?

    Fan Man! I finally have a role model as a fanboy xD You have to make him and Fanguerrilla meet at some point!

    I vote for Sistar, easy choice! Lots of things are happening in it, which makes it really fun to watch! :D

  32. Kriti Kujur

    I’m increasing my vocabulary every week :D

  33. Cairistiona

    lol I actually kind of like how the line with the Fire referenced all their fairly good title songs. ;)

    I vote SiSTAR.

    • Cairistiona

      I saw a dog last week that looked exactly like a white non-dyed Spudgy and I thought how boring it was….. :(

      Doesn’t it hurt to do Fanguerrilla’s voice? I’ve wondered that for a while. When I try and do a gravelly voice it hurts like anything. Wouldn’t want you to strain your voice or anything. :(

  34. martina needs to shave like literally she might be growing a mustach#

  35. Emily

    Did anyone else think of this seeing Simon getting thwacked in the head with the basketball over and over?


  36. Hey guys, we finally can watch Exo’s Wolf drama ver.! Will you review it?
    Btw. Luhan is prettier than this girl, it’s sad..
    (I don’t give the link to MV, coz I thunk it’d be spam ^^’)

  37. Krystina Wong

    anyone who also thinks that Dara is looking dangerously skinny lately…

  38. i can’t believe no one mentioned the voice at the beginning of the mv. “la dada rilly macker” …. yeah. you know the one.

    i thought it sounded exactly like simon. seriously. i had to check my other tabs for any other eyk videos.

    • me too!! I was hoping simon was going to do his version in this week’s kpop monday. and it kinda sounds like “let’s uh really make a mess”?

  39. I’m replaying the video and the bloopers just to see Simon get hit in the head with a basketball multiple times. Lmao XD. Jk- you’re hilarious, Simon! The Fan Man segment is great!

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