This almost got reviewed last week, because so many people voted for it almost instantly, but it just narrowly didn’t make it to first place. This week, though, it was head and shoulders above everyone else’s video. Assah! We get to review 2NE1′s “I Love You”. Check it out here if you haven’t already:


So, we talked about a bunch of stuff in the video, but there were a few things we cut out of our script for fear of making the video too long. Let’s talk about them here:

The outfits in this video. Remember when I ripped into f(x)’s wardrobe stylist for their horrible mismatched tacky designer clothing? This 2NE1 video is an example of how to do funky clothing correctly. They’re making use of interesting clothing, that – yes – you may not necessarily wear yourself (I’m looking at you CL with your leather hight waist underpants and fishnet stocking in the snow and on a train) but STILL they look really fabulous, and their clothing and accessories match! It’s like funky meets couture clothing, without looking cluttered. I know some people won’t like their outfits, and hey, we all have different opinions, but if I had to chose someone to dress me, i’d pick 2NE1’s stylist any day.

Also, Park Bom loves her knee. She hugs it a lot.

Another thing: is it just us or do 2NE1 have really simple song titles? I Love You, Hate You, It Hurts, Go Away. We could be reaching here, but there seems to be a pattern of simplicity here, like they’re interested in just hitting on those basic emotionally charged themes. We didn’t flesh this idea out much, but we had made a song for the jerky part just in case we did (because we like making cheesy covers of Kpop songs). Check it out here!

Lastly, if you’re digging the song as much as we are, pick it up over on iTunes. Oh! And if you’re here to see who won the ZE:A Limited Edition CDs from when we did our Interview with ZE:A, we announce them in the bloopers below! They’re right at the end of the bloopers, and we took screenshots of the winning answers for once, so…yeah! Check out if you won, or just watch it to see Simon be nastier than usual, YOU NASTY PEOPLE YOU!


  1. 2NE1 IS COMING BACK!!!!
    *fangirl explosion

  2. This was full of absolutely HILARIOUS Simon awesomeness!

  3. The mouth and the words probably doesnt match cuz i think they sang in japanese version which happened in monster too! i saw the japanese version of monster. PERFECT. the mouth and the words were so synchronized together! I was ridiculed by it though since it means YG puts more effort into japanese production1

  4. Lol You guys are hilarious!!!, Soyongdorichyeo!

  5. I was disturbed with the dubbing too, glad you mentioned it. And the tarantallegra part was just awesome. My sis laughed really hard when I showed the part where Simon was in the shower, but I think she was just enjoying seeing someone almost drowning in a shower(she is a creep >.>).

    P.S.I think the entertainer companies are staring to make attempts to win you guys over. First, it was the that big “Simon” sign by SMEnt (I think it was SM, sorry if I’m wrong).
    And now YG is trying to get Martina by luring her with ‘Bull-O-Jerky’.
    Personally I think YG is winning in this one. Sorry Simon, but free food every day beats out a giant sign, even if it has your name on it.

  6. LOL, you know when Simon and Martina are secretly supporting PSY to win when you see the obvious vote of support in the background: “Vote for PSY.”

    I agree. PSY’s mv is such a delight to watch – would really love to hear your thoughts on it.

  7. martina we have bullo jerky everday! i really wanna vote for this one because it caught me so off guard. buy so un dorito is just so epic….. im torn.. please keep finding these hidden treasures in these songs.i dont eat meat… so i wanna go with the dorito. buts just baller to have bull jerky over the regualr beef! hahah! like do people actually eat bull meat? its probably expensive to have it everyday. and martina even got a shout out….. i think im gonna go with… AHHH SO DIFFICULT!… i guess… i dunno their both so preposterous! -_____- i guess exclaming that youre a dorito is a little more hilarious. im going with team dorito! … toughest decision ive had to make since changing my major in college

  8. SO voting for PSY! xDDD
    thanks guys!

  9. and no link to PSY???? xD

  10. Hope next time will be BAP No Mercy xD

  11. Shinee like hands down win with Soy un Dorito


  13. martina your hair looks really nice,love the way you done it x

  14. Vote for CL’s smexy Bull-O Jerkayyy 

  15. Definitely voting for Doritos! 

  16. Cute Taeminnie :”Soy un dorito!!!!!!!” =D 

  17. Soy un Dorito!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. SOY UN DORITO !!!!! :D arriba las taemints !! ;;^^;;

  19. shinee!!!
    i can’t believe shinee didn’t win!


  21. I really love this 2NE1 video. It’s so artsy and fashionable and sexy! These ladies are killer. Killer ladies! Like killer bees except…. ladies… GET IT!?…. yah….

    And I would like to vote for Taemin! Dang man! First Infinite gets the total cold shoulder because of effing Big Bang (I am STILL not over that) and now Super Junior wins over Shinee? I feel like this blog has flipped upside down or something. Me no like.

  22. Definitely Taemin’s Doritos. DEFINITELY.

  23. Obviously Taemin’s doritos.

  24. Martina has great hair and Simon looks like Snape in a wardrobe. b(^.~)d

  25. Taeminnnnnn (though I’d most likely steal the bag and inhale before he got there. :D)

  26. Fingers crossed that you’ll do get to review PSY next week. Oppa Gangnam Style. /dances/ The entire album is awesome, I must add.

  27. When Taemin is involved, it means I vote for Doritos.

  28. soy un dorito :)

  29. oh and by the way this was hands down THE BEST KPOP MUSIC MONDAY EVER!!! i loved and appreciated how much you put into planning the funny sequences in the shower and snape thing and the jerky dance and the toilet bit and simon dancing which i will have nightmares about tonight. i really really really truly enjoyed this weeks music monday video. thank you guys so much for making me laugh so hard. oh Martina, your body looked smokin’ hot in the black outfit you were wearing for the jerky bit. seriously. flaunt it!!!!! <3

  30. omg martina please do an open the happy video on how you did your hair!!! please please please please please ill be ur best friend! ill give you a unicorn pony and we can feed it lucky charms and braid its mane and put ribbons in it and you can name it anything you want and ill make a pouch to put spudgy in so that when you ride the unicorn pony you can bring spudgy with you and simon can take a cab lol just kidding he can ride on the unicorn pony too and ill bring my unicorn pony too and we can have unicorn pony tea parties and omg my brain is exploding with cute ideas. but my point is can you do a tutorial on your hair? <3

  31. Soy un Dorito!!! SHINee!! …..oh by the way I tought I was the only one who noticed the sync issue but according to Blackjacks it’s probably because 2NE1 will release this song in japanese and like 4 days ago YG said that they will release “I Love You” english version….considering that filming mv’s it’s expensive probably the lip sync was weird…

  32. Soy un dorito! I vote for SHINee in case you didn’t notice :)

  33. Ooh! I love you makeup and hair Martina!!!! <3 Oh, also, I vote for Taemin's SEXY Doritos!!!!! ^.^

  34. Bull-o Jerky!!! (only cuz i like beef jerky better lol) ah but yeah i so noticed the problem with the lip syncing I WAS ANGRY!!!!!! lol ahhh and omg i saw Gangnam style by psy when it was posted on AKP and lol i love it .. though what does it mean? i haven’t looked up the lyrics recently because too much school and work but i did try when i first saw the MV but no translations were up yet O.o but i hope it wins next music monday because it’s absolutely awesome!!! lol

  35. Simon, what took you so long to turn off the water?!

  36. Taemin’s soy un dorito!!! and his Russian peacock strut wins every time.

    I vote for the Dorito himself~ pfft. (TAEMIN AWW!!)

  38. 4:55 !!! Snape from Harry Potter! XDD

  39. Taemin’s doritos ALL THE WAY! SOY UN DORITO! <3

  40. Taaaaeeeemmmmiiiinnnn Soyong doricheo!!!!

  41. Taaaaaeeeemmmmiiiiiinnnnn Soyong doricheo

  42. soy un dorito all the way!!!

  43. I vote for Taemin, because that was so funny :DD And Simon did a really great job xD

  44. Do your neighbors think you guise are crazy? lol

  45. Sorry 2ne1, but Soy un Dorito!! I’M SO CURIOUS, YEAH~~~!!

  46. Doritos…

  47. i love doritos a little bit more than jerky. so, SOY UN DORITO

  48. Jerky!

    And yes I voted for Psy. Can’t wait for you to review it.

  49. the singing the same song in our heads at the same time thing happened a LOT when my sis and I first listened to Mirotic by TVXQ ( ^o^)

  50. I vote jerky! Since I don’t like doritos or jerky so imma just vote for the sexier one, lol :P

  51. Taemin’s Dorito, lol.

    Plus Ill vote for Psy, u guys are desperate!!

    2NE1 STYLIST IS VERY SMART PEOPLE..#somtimes..hhahaha.
    i’m in love with this song since i listen their teaser. And when the MV coming out…i just jhgbdtaffhcjcn #can’t dscribe into a words…
    this song is totally cool . ^0^

  53. omg it’s so evil … Cl against Taemin’s SOY UN DORITOOOOOO- I won’t vote ><

  54. I didn’t get the whole jerky thing, so I rewatched the video, and heck, you’re right – she says ‘And we have Bull-O-Jerky everyday’?!
    O.O *BLOW YOUR MIND* bewp bewp bewp bewp

  55. loving martinas hair in this!!!!!

  56. Martina, those eyelashes are awesome! ^^

  57. doritos are good…sorry CL but i dont eat jerky

  58. I love doritos!!! i vote for shinee!!

  59. I’m gonna have to go for Taemin and his doritos, because I love CL and I love Taemin, and I love doritos, but I don”t even remotely like jerky.

  60. OMG Simoooon!! That image was so strong that the trauma will reach my grandchildren!

  61. Taemin’s Doritos any day :)


  62. hhahahaha :)) Ok Simon I’ll vote for PSY.
    Martina you’re GREAT! Love you!!!
    I vote for CL sexyness.. ^^

  63. watched MM w/ my mom for the first time and we’re laughing together *precious moments. ok cut the cheesyness* i guess you have a new fan *high five*
    CL’s dance… butchered! haha
    i vote for BULL-O JERKY — coz i sing it like that :]

  64. Is that you Snape???????

  65. oh i’d eat Taemin’s doritos ANY day ;D

  66. Hey Guise…the lighting on this video is REALLY nice. (not that it isn’t usually) But there’s something about this particular vid that gives both of you a nice skin-glow….and the surrounding color is very saturated, or rather…intense & sharp. Nicely Done.

  67. I noticed the mouths not synchronizing too! Also in PSY’s MV there’s a part (at 1:11) where he doesn’t sing op op op op in the chorus but his mouth moves to it. I think someone in YG should be fired or hire more people to check for that sort of thing.

  68. Bad dubbing explained:
    2NE1 was filming videos for the Korea, Japanese and English versions of this song at the same time. They used the right scenes but the wrong shots so they put the Korean audio over the Japanese or English lipsyncing.
    the UGLY video was also filmed for both the Korean and Japanese versions at the same time.
    They need to pay more attention!

  69. the song sync singing thing happens to my brother and I all the time

    martina you almost beat CL with the dance lol… and… oh God i might die… the turtle neck is hot in that suit

  70. Soy un Dorito!
    I know I absolutely love 2NE1 and CL is my idol, normally I’d blindly side with them, but…
    I hate jerky of any sort
    and I’m vegetarian just turned vegan, so the vegetarian doritos are the much better option

  71. thisisjustforfunval

    This is so wrong, I start singing Jang Woo Young’s Sexy Lady and picture PSY instead.

    This MM was perfectly hilarious. Junsu flying out the wand slayed me.

  72. soy un dorito….Yeah. I hate jerky and her sexy dance wouldn’t it make me want it anymore. lol. I loved your review. Never noticed the dubbing mistakes. .watched it again.. wow. i will notice all the mistakes in all future kpop videos.


  74. Definitely Soy un Dorito!!! FTW

  75. I vote for “soy un dorito!!!!!” actually , that is my best part of the song jeje

  76. lol at the subliminal not so sublimininal message about psy

  77. i choose taemins doritos anyday!!!!!

  78. IDK if you guys knew that scene with CL and her jerky is very similar to a scene from Beyonce’s music video for Dance for me…http://youtu.be/PGc9n6BiWXA I hope you guys share your option on that.

  79. I love the squeaky sound when Simon dances ever so raunchy haha I died of laughter. Soy un Dorito! >< hahaha

  80. Seeing Simon in a leotard. Not a sight I need to see again.
    Never the less, when it went from Martina to Simon dancing. I wasn’t expecting that.

  81. Alejandra Arias Sevilla

    Probably the reason they were in the light house and the train was because they were set for a date but were left hanging… and that’s were the phone calls come in. Since their date didn’t come they tried to contact them and since that didn’t work either they were sad and gloomy. (Sorry for my English)

  82. The lighthouse has always been a symbol for solitude. Like someone said in an earlier post, the lighthouse is usually operated by a single person. Also, notice that CL is on the deck of the lighthouse–the lamp is lit, and she’s seeking out her lover. Maybe not like “OMG WHERE IS HE?” but like she wants to know what his emotions are. Where is he in the relationship? As for the train, it could symbolize the journey of a relationship and by being on it alone, it’s like you’re going through it alone (in a one-sided relationship). Still fits with the song! :D

  83. Don’t think your use of the “Tarantallegra” spell went unnoticed, Simon! I cracked up when you said it. Another great video you guys. Jerky every day! I say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah! =) As for my vote, I’m gonna go with Shinee. I’ve always loved Doritos and that line is really awesome. Plus, Bull Jerky’s just not my type of Jerky. Thanks again Simon and Martina! I really hope Psy wins for next week’s KMM. That song is just way too catchy and the dance is too. As soon as I heard it I couldn’t get it out of my head. The one thing that bothered me was probably Hyuna’s lack of visible eyebrows. But anyways, I hope you have a wonderful day!

  84. Taemin’s Doritos!!! yusssss:3

  85. This is 2NE1′s first time employing “trot” singing technique in their song. You should mention it because many Koreans think this may be a game changer marrying trot music and electronic music. It is said that 2NE1 members were initially very reluctant to sing in trot style which is considered to belong to older generation. But Minzy who were raised by her grandmother who constantly sang trot songs liked it and persuaded other members. I just read this in a Korean newspaper, not sure if it is true.

  86. SHINee!!!! i like bull o jerky but i feel like the soy un dorito is just ten times cooler!!! I LUV MEXICAN!!!!! YA!

  87. Shinee’s Doritos win for me!!

  88. omg i love 2ne1 but i have to choose soy un dorito lol

  89. Bwahaha this morning (before I saw your video), I was attempting to sing CL’s lines in her sexy-catsuit part, and it came out as “bowl of jerky” so now that’s what I always say. You guys have Bull-O jerky, but that’s cool too.

  90. From the making the girls are filming three video in 3 languages. On top of the missed dead line promised. A couple of times. Guess it’s too rushed and they couldn’t deliver lol. I vote for 2ne1 because I still get goosebumps when I see a half naked shinee album

  91. LOVE my 2NE1′s go Queens

  92. I go with Taemin’s “Soy un Doritos”

  93. A vote for Bull Jerky.

    Why? Because Bull Jerky has 82% fewer carbs and 46.666666666666666666666666666667% fewer calories then Soy un Doritos.

  94. so sad i didnt win.. better luck next time XP

  95. Them Doritos. o3o

  96. i vote for doritos, but i prefer the blue ones. the red ones dont taste as good as the blue ones.

  97. MARTINA I LOVE YOUR HAIIIIIIIRRRR XD and…who wouldnt want taemin’s doritos….i vote for so yon doritos :D

  98. Well lighthouse owners are meant to be the “loneliest people in the world” (I’m basing this off an episode of the Simpsons, so who knows how reliable that is), so being by a lighthouse kind of matches the loneliness theme… Kind of. As for being in a train…. Who knows?
    I liked your very very very unsubtle Psy promotion. Hopefully you’ll be doing Psy next week! Although I think Batoost comes out soon.

  99. I don;t know if you guys say it too, but all I can see is VOTE FOR PSY!

  100. I love watching your videos! they always brighten my day :D

  101. I DIG THIS SONG! I never liked a 2ne1 song after Go Away! This one is awesome!

  102. I’d eat Taemin’s doritos!

  103. Jerky or Doritos, that is the question.
    SOY UN DORITO!!!!!! xD

  104. Soy un Dorito! because I mean come on it’s Taemin….. <3

  105. Paparazzi’s lip sync was worse though… That one even made me sad…

  106. My thing about the bad dubbing/lip syncing…….Is that maybe they weren’t supposed to be full out singing the song in that setting…Like it’s supposed to be like they’re singing to themselves…Not sure if that really makes any sense, but it’s an idea. Either way I blame YG/people editing or filming and whatnot, and not 2ne1. Not because I’m biased..(okay maybe a little) but because you would think the people filming would notice…Like they would tell them to do it better…………………….But when it comes down to it, at least they sing well live. Maybe that’s why they can’t lip sync. xD

  107. it’s funny (or is it) cause i actually really don’t like the video. i love the song. but the video… mmmmeeeeeh :/// actually, i don’t like it so much that at first watching/listening it got me to the point of not liking the song. sometimes a video can kill a song uh.

    anyway my vote goes to SOY UN DORITO for sure.

  108. DORITOS! Just bc Simon has imprinted it in our brains :P

  109. I must admit “Soy un dorito” rules!!!!!

  110. I have to say that I was disappointed with this song. I felt like it built up to a point and was just about to go somewhere, and suddenly fell off. Really like it otherwise, and I’m not really a fan of their specific style and taste.

  111. this is the first 2NE1 song that I like and I really can’t stand watching the vid cause od the horrible lipsynching. I think it’s done on purpose…idk WHY though

  112. Thanks for going harder on 2NE1′s English than you usually would for other bands. YG is top notch, so anything less than perfect from them shouldn’t get a perfect score. Rating 2NE1 against themselves is awesome. :D

  113. I like doritos…Well, they do say that you are what you eat–Soy un Dorito! My spanish teacher would be proud. XD

  114. Soy Un Dorito!!

  115. You know that phrase “I could just eat you up” well I’m taemin was a dorito i would eat him up…because he’s cute and adorable…but then I’d feel bad for eating him =)

  116. For this one I like dorito

  117. my love for taemin has over come my love for beef jerky… sorry… bull-o-jerky.

  118. CL’s Bull jerky XDDDD Omg i think this is one of my favorite Kpop music monday’s XD I swear i feel the same about the song getting stuck in your head lol cause i listen to it like a few times a day cause it won’t get out of my head XDDD

  119. Im heartbroken :’( i wanted zea’s album sooo baad

  120. CLs jerky just sounds so dirrrty hahahaaha, hardcore 2ne1 fan voting for taemins doritos now lol

  121. I vote for SHINee and their doritos. Sorry CL, it’s not doing it for me….

  122. Martina mimic the opposite side of the Dara’s hairstyle… mirror effect?

    2) Park Bom’s face color compared to her knee color at like 1:35 is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT…can’t…..unsee it…
    3) love the fisherman away at sea skit….hilarious!

  124. i love 2ne1 but i think SOY UN DORITO sound’s way better

  125. I’d vote for CL’s bull-o jerky any day and every day!!!!

  126. soy un dorito!! :D
    This video was soo awesome :D It was so funny :)
    I didn’t win the zea cd o well xD It was just not meant to be xD

  127. Nova Scotia represent :)…Have you ever been to Nova Scotia? I am not too far away from Peggy’s Cove in Annapolis Royal. Had to watch it twice to make sure that is what you said lol…Oh and never let Simon wear them tights again lol

  128. OMG. review gangnam style please. i’m dying to see simon’s reaction

    • Yeah they really have to do that one
      It’s the first video I’ve gotten my friend to watch all the way through in a long time(like SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong long time) and that she’s like the whole video and song for

  129. Yea Taemin! SOY UN DORITOOOOOO!

  130. irritablevowel

    Love that Spudgy is your patronus. Disagree on the English score because docking points for cheesiness of lyrics would mean that most English language pop songs would get a score of 4. It’s a pop song, pablum goes with the territory.

  131. soy un dorito! your bull-o jerky dance was traumatizing…

  132. Lol ur guys r funny too bad I didn’t win I fell sad :(

  133. Oh my XD the wizard part killed me XD first Spudgy as patron and then Junsu’s Tarantallegra xDD

  134. As a vegetarian, and a huuuuuge shawol, I’m gonna have to go with Taemin’s Doritos. Jerky doesn’t do much for me, and Taemin definitely does. Mmmmm….

  135. I vote for Soy un Dorito (I just don’t like beef jerky… urk)

  136. I thought you would be more worried about lochness monsters than Kraken :D

  137. Oppa Gangnam Style! aahhh psy has to win that video was tooo epic. finally someone having fun with their music!

  138. Soy un Dorito any day of the week!

  139. Soy un Dorito!!!! SHINee!

    I loved this video and the skits. Bull-o Jerky everyday!

  140. I’d say I Am the Best has a pretty simple message too :)

  141. I hope you’ll review this song !! Seriously when I first saw Gangnam Style dance, I thought Psy should have taken Simon as extra like Yoo Jaeseok XD

  142. I seriously love how you manage to include Junsu is more than half of your videos somehow. Too awesome! This is the first 2ne1 song that I could actually stomach and it is very catchy. I LOVE the jerky part. I try so hard to memorize the true lyrics of a song that I stopped hearing those odd combinations anymore. *is eating jerky XD*

  143. I vote for taemin! soy un dorito

  144. Soy un Dorito!

  145. Wow, it really must be your video-editing experience. I totally missed the sync issue, though now I can see what you mean. I just didn’t notice it.

    I didn’t notice the “jerky” part either and I must’ve watched the video 5 times or more.

    Love the Tarantallegra reference by the way. Brilliant on so many levels.

    Also, FWIW, I thought CL looked great in that black turtleneck. I normally don’t go for turtlenecks, but I thought it really matched the scene. But that’s just me.

    Vote: a really tough one. I have to abstain. Both are great choices.

    P.S. I am surprised you didn’t mention anything about Dara’s new look. Personally I love it, but it was one of the things that stood out the most too in my opinion.


    • Congratulations! Uhm, I’m not sure where they want you to contact them, but there’s a contact page on the header of the site, to the left of the pink T-Shirt button that you could start at. Hope that helps!

  147. Cant i vote for Junsu’s PICKLES? DX

    I feel bad, i think im the only person who doesnt like this song DX

  148. yey! now for Psy!!!

  149. lol love this song glad it got chosen woot woot

  150. Thank goodness I wasn’t the only one driven utterly insane by the dubbing!! I actually kept thinking it was my computer lagging at first, but after reloading the video about 7 times, i finally gave in to the fact that it was the video.

  151. 1. *CRIES* I didn’t wiiiin!!! T^T
    2. LOL’d so hard at the CL impersonation. XD

  152. bigbangfosho

    xD this is one of the best episodes <3 i the skits were hilarious, especially the fisherman one xDD I choked on a cookie. and I totally didn't hear the bull of jerky until I listened to it right after xD I'm never unhearing that

  153. PunkyPrincess92

    SOY UN DORITO ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hahaha Tarantallegra!!
    i found that beginning part of their mv awkward to watch cos of that sentence!! like what the heck are you on about CL??
    also i totally wanna see PSY too for next week!!

  154. Lol fisherman and wizards! :) The spudgy and tarantallegra, I love It! I agree the only thing I didn’t like was the bad dubbing of the audio :( I hate turtlenecks too! Fashion no no , no? I vote for CL’S Bull O Jerkey!!

  155. OMG I am SOOOO glad I wasn’t the only one bothered by the bad dubbing. It was glaring and I could not stay “in” the video because the weird off-sync-ing (yes I made a new word!) was so distracting. Otherwise an awesome video. And I’d totally eat that bull jerky! (As long as it’s not, you know, rocky mountain oyster bull jerky. Ewww.)

  156. Jules catchthatkdrama

    Hunh. I didn’t see it as a problem with the dubbing, so much as it was with 2NE1 not enunciating properly (or at all, in some cases) in order to look sexy and pouty. And, you know, they do that really well, but… to me, they sort of look like they don’t know the lyrics to their own song. (sorry, 2NE1; I still love your music, I swear!)

    Anyway, thank you for the fantastic video! :)

  157. i really love that brown wig, what brand is it?

  158. Martina! Your make-up is AMAZING~ Soooooooooooo great!

  159. *falls off chair at Martina’s bull-o jerky dance*

    omg…can’t breathe…

  160. and i LOVE THE VOTE FOR PSY THING! Best music video as of now? YES TOTALLY. Psy killed it man. Everyone go vote for PSY! XD

  161. OMG as a blackjack, i totally agree with the english part, it’s just…awkward :P But i loved your review for this! And i don’t like doritos plus i’ve never tried jerky so this is a hard on :P But imma vote for CL’s jerky cause it’s sexy ;) *ang*

  162. Was I the only one who thought that Dara and Minzy could’ve been kidnapped by those people with umbrellas? They looked pretty suspicious to me…

  163. tarantallegra! haha! my fav part.

  164. really love your hair style and make up martina ^^

  165. Okay. It’s done. My duty to make 2NE1 for KMM is done. Perfectly accomplished! Now i have to vote like crazy
    this whole damn week for one and only PSY!!! :))

  166. CL’s turkey jerkeyy!!
    maybe she should endorse that instead of beer.

  167. I keep randomly saying “Bring it back!” xD

  168. Soy Un Dorito~ Taemin’s doritos all the way

  169. For some reason, I have this overwhelming urge to vote for Psy over and over again. What is this madness?

    I adore your 2NE1 inspired look for the video, Martina~♥

    I’m actually going to vote for the showdown this time. I just couldn’t choose last week. D:
    Soy un DORITO!

  170. Dara is in love with Snape in a Jedi costume? xD Loved it guise! I also was confused by the beginning but I think it was meant to be a poetic intro thing…:/

  171. Martina, I will totally sign your turtleneck petition. HAAAAAAAATE THEM. HATE.

  172. ooooh. i smell subliminal messagessss…

  173. The Potter parody~…… AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

  174. HAHAHA Simon’s patronus is SPUDGY. Totally cute :D :D :D

  175. I had to pause before watching. Your computer wallpaper is awesome! Everyone should vote for PSY!

  176. YAAY I’ve been waiting for this !

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