What’s up, 2NE1? Your songs are pretty sad as of late. Whatever happened to the bombastic fantastic elastic 2NE1 we originally knew and grew to love? One of our first Kpop Music Mondays we ever reviewed was 2NE1’s “Can’t Nobody,” and we thought that the song was so fun and funky and we wanted to dance and life was beautiful and everything was happy and great…and then we got the video for “It Hurts.” Oh. Kinda sad. And then we got Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry,” which was miserable. And now we get 2NE1’s “Lonely” which is also sad. Why, 2NE1? WHY?!?!

2NE1, do you need a hug? We miss your fun and spunky ways. Tell you what: you should come over to our new apartment. It’ll be fun! We’ve got board games like Cranium and our dog is blue. He likes girls more than guys as well, so he’ll be pretty snuggly with you all. And he’s blue! Maybe, maybe you can even be in one of our videos? We’d have lots of fun! Anyhow, we know you’re probably too busy for that, but, hopefully you’ll soon stop doing sad songs and make us shake our butts some more. 2NE1, FIGHTING!

Back to talking about the video: is it a coincidence that YG’s two latest videos by Big Bang and 2NE1 involve excessive walking through weird scenarios? In Big Bang’s “Love Song” they walk through some scary bizarre exploded gas station supermarket in Europe. Now 2NE1 walk through some bizarre cityscape, and end up in a room where it you see a huge sign for the Lonely Supermarket through the window, the lights constantly flicker, and it snows indoors. P.S. is that the same snow machine from Big Bang’s “Love Song” video? Maybe. P.P.S we’d like to have a snow machine in our apartment. Ohhh the possibilities!

2NE1's Lonely, Flaxton

Flaxton St, from 2NE1's "Lonely"

Another question: where are they? We asked this when we did our review, but we didn’t really go into all of the points. We tried looking at the signs, and this was the cleanest street sign we could get. Anyone know where there is a Flaxton that leads into water? We looked on Google Maps but got bored and couldn’t investigate it any further. We’re starting to feel like these YG walking videos are just grabbing a bunch of stuff from garage sales and putting them in their vids. They give off an ambience and vibe, sure, but the signs can’t be taken literally (or else we’d have to believe that Big Bang’s “Love Song” was filmed close to a cathedral in Prague).

We’ll stop rambling now. Anyhow, yay this was the first Kpop Music Monday we filmed in our new apartment! What do you think so far? We realized that the name of this week’s edition of Music Mondays was a bit bizarre, but we thought it suited the fact that we’re filming in a new location as well. Ah. We’ll put up an apartment tour probably in a couple of weeks or so. We can’t film it this weekend, because we’re going to Japan for a couple of days on the weekend and won’t have a chance to film it before we have to film for our next Kpop Music Mondays.

B2ST Fiction and Fact Album

B2ST Fiction and Fact Album

And now for the winners of our B2ST contest: We decided to give away two copies of B2ST’s new album for our favorite names for B2ST’s dance in Fiction. Thanks for all the submissions, everyone. There were tons of awesome answers, and it was really difficult to read through thousands of entries (uhhhhh) but we decided to stick with Spaghetti Legs by Enni Närvälä on Facebook, and the Procrastination Dance by ItsMaiyaMoo on YouTube. Woohoo! If you are either of these two people please send us an email and we’ll mail you a copy of the album! For those of you who didn’t win, we’d still recommend getting the album by clicking on the picture here. It’s an awesome album, and it ships overseas as well! Yay!

  1. Hey guys check out my entry to 2NE1’s Lonely Cover Contest. This is not something I have ever done, in fact it’s the first video I have ever made let alone uploaded, yikes. Unlike you guys, who make superior videos and are hilarious and incredible. Let me know what you think of my translation of the lyrics. Yay, for first time video … KPop ….. covers … of stuff ..yay!

  2. Lol umm if I remember correctly Dara or Bom was scared of dogs xD

  3. i really like your kitchen…
    nice apartment..

  4. Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Why do you have to make me choose! I LOOOOOOOVE YG Family!!!!!! 
    I still like BIGBANG more so anyway 2ne1 doesn’t have a car falling from the sky at the end of the mv

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    BIGBANGanyway 2ne1 doesn’t have a car falling from the sky at the end of the mv

  5. Oh yeah and your new place looks super cute!

  6. Lol at the lonely in the room part Martina is so Emo lol. Lmao at Martina tripping.  Don’t worry even my Father sometimes will trip over his toes too lol (he’s in his mid 50’s lol). I love going 85 somewhere lol. Could you imagine? That’s like Speed Racer! And as for the poll that’s so hard but I’m gonna go with Big Bang only cause at the end there’s the cool car that comes crashing out of nowhere. 

  7. omg. spudgy is sooooooo CUTE. He is blue. XDDD

    Love Song vs. Lonely



  8. Definitely 2ne1… I wanted some color in the MV but not too much color, and lonely did it right… and by any chance, one director did both MVs?

  9. Big bang!!!

    Guys the new aparment looks amazing ^^b… I saw City Hunter’s on your pc xD… thanks for this vid

  10. Ahhhh, Spudgy is SO cute when he is sleeping.  Especially the part where Simon is crying himself to sleep.  

    Martina, that dress is awesome!  So cute!

  11. omg.. there is a Flaxton st in F.T. Island’s MV of Hello Hello

  12. BigBang of course! 

    I loved how spudgy was snuggled behind your knees in bed.  My Aussie/collie does the same.

  13. Wanna see Tonight by Jay Park next week !!!

  14. New Apartment FTW!

    And I was wondering if anyone else noticed the “SLAVES!” posters in the background. So funny! I mean, slaves are not funny. Just the posters about slaves. I mean… oh never mind.

    And Big Bang’s “Love Song”. If only for the last scene which was epic.

  15. Is Simon, like, sitting in a chair or something? Cause he looks shorter than Martina. I was hoping he didnt have to strecht his legs anymore in the new apartament >< (sorry for bad english)

  16. Your new apartment looks so spacious! But Simon looks a little disproportional, hahahaha. It looks like Martina is taller than him :p

  17. Big Bang’s Love Song obviously. Random signs from… Prague? And an exploding vehicle that only half of the band member seem to acknowledge? I guess cool guys don’t look at explosions (I’m looking at you, TOP). 

  18. 2NE1 had a very interesting set i liked it better than, the post apocalyptic set big bang had, so my vote is 2NE1

  19. Martina, I love that you have The Road in your hands in the apartment scene. Very fitting. Surprisingly, it’s one of my favorites too (despite the fact that it’s sooo depressing!)

  20. I love the new place! so much more spacious i bet! Great review as always.

  21. Judging from this video, your new place looks amazing! Love the kitchen :D Big Bang’s “Love Song” has my vote!

  22. This is wayyyyy to difficult ><
    But may be Love Song XD

  23. Spudgy is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cut at the end , when he is sleeping!

  24. BIG BANG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  26. BigBang all the way. No question.

  27. So biased here… but Love Song ALL THE WAY.

  28. Yay! Your new apartment ^^ It looks nice ^^b  And Spudgy walking around ^^ Because I was so happy about that video I bite my tongue.. T-T
    Actually I really don’t like 2ne1 MV but I so much love song!

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